The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 15, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 15, 1937
Page 6
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SIX BLri'HgyrLLE, (ARK.)' COURIER The Old'Gciit's Bearing I)own - - By Kreii7 f • '-.-...' • ': ' • '• ' - ' • 'r 1 ". - : . •' ' _ [ '• l)yk<s Ready foi 21 si Yeai; 'Fiiscli, Giovo, , -• Gosliu Giul foi Bal lie HV ItlCliAlil) iUrOANN NKA Sri-Ire Sports Wilier Tltrie,marche.s on. bill u dozen Or more big leagiie ball, pl ni'i! slnbborniy refusing io keep fit']) with It. The/UIMagpIns' Infant .son. Jo '.rph, was disturbing the peace nnil (he neighbor.'; wflli his sniniwts while the Fellers of van Meter 'la:, were wishing they had a Imy when some of Ihcsc • undent gentlemen took ii|i baseball u.s n ni- etr Now, ntlcr nil this lime, instead or laying Ihflr weary bones In n .Morris cliulr "and reading bedllim '.slorles to the grandchildren, they continue. 10 piny, and well. Hi game or Ihclr youth. Pit and 40, Jimmy Dykes, who I >lncd the. Athletics In 1011, Is gelling ready for his 2lsl American ..League, campaign.. Is Jimmy KOlng to ploy third base agnin for Ills .Willie Six? "Sure, and .why not?" asks Jimmy, "it'll take a good man to put me on the bench.' Rising 39, Fmnkle Frisch Is looking forward:to his 19th cnm- li.ifgn.Tbe Cardinal manager played 03 games lust jeni und he'll be out -there on second ' icfts0 ' 1 llonn was laid on roi appendicitis Oils wlntei, was dangci ously ill, nnd hn t expected Dlay unlll (lie ciminign h \\eii under way, * • « Grove I fad', IMchm Lefty Grove Is 37 (ind lias tolled 18 years in organized baseball, bin his: ami is still hot with the lire of youth Last jcai lie won n Catnes for the Red Sox and fu the second consecutive season led American League pikheis in eain- cd-rmi averages with 2.81. Like wine and memories, Cioosc Ooslin, loo gelt bettci «iti, ngc Thirty six siimmcis soling and 17 \eais In the big show the old Wild Goose of (he Polemic is still flapping hu, uiiigs defiantlj In (ho face of Falhei Time Last jeai lie hit i4 homers and led his Tigci laminates in MIIIS bitted In with 125 Then theie is ancient Jess Halnes old enough to be Bob Pel lei's fatliei J.rss 44 this summei, lias been In Imeljnll 24 jenrs Last Kea'on he pitched in 25 game? foi tlje CniUlnnls The otlici diu he »psJ complaining tlml iliey dIJnt give him enough «oik - Back In 1921, a good lookinp >mi<ig nglit-handei flighted Hue management of the Biouns vulh Ills spbed ami cuucs His mine was Clmiley Root Ltiit yeni he tolled In 13 E imcs foi the Cubs Caving many Root pitches to hlusterj Onbby HaitneU who has seen n E encra lion grow up In Chicago since he ttenl to wort ti, Elc 10 Jcnrs Gabby carries his 1C jems as I'racefully us his gUne nnct Inst season caught 121 gmies „„ baited 307. Botlomlcj fioln E Strong Walle Hojt the B 0) Wonder of 1919 Is no longei a boy, hilt lie Is still a «omtei Thirty-eight, yenis old and 22 sears In base- bill. Hojl pitched In 22 gnmes ]«st sear nnd led the Pirate hurleis in carned-nm average with 260 Jim Bottomley lasl ve'ir got to tliiuking that 37 jeais of age and 15 seais of woik weie enough *o he upped and quit the browns in nnd season Bui, he came back a •• ••-— few davs latei and wen! on to set lennmi a new major league flist bise- mcns fielding record with eight unassisted donble-plnvs Some of the other old gandci aie Luke Seucll 36 who caught 128 games for the White Ro\ in his I6lh campaign. KiH Cuylei J7 who played 144 games and batted 32fi ,„ I,L, 10th >eai, E,irl \Vhlteliill, 37 now of Cleveland who won 14 panics foi Wnihmg- lou in his IGtn >eai a -cl O«ie BWege, 3G, who. In his IBlh cam Ha By ry Grayson By Nestcll King Lcvinsky, face buried in resin, Is 22-ycav-old Bob Ne.strelVf tentli knockout victim in II starls us n professional. George ulak is the referee. Nestell dropped Levlnsky' four limrs and blackcnec his eyes before finishing the Chicago'veteran. In Los Angeles will n right Io the jaw with only 17 seconds of Hie Icnth nnd final rouiv The newest heavyweight, find Is a former Holly woo high school student and Bnkcrsflclil cowhnml. pnlgil with Washington, led both iiiuitslops and third bisemen in fielding. After 24 years In baseball, u , u Ten-y, manager of the Giants says he is stepping from first base in fa\oi of >oung Johmn McCarthy But don t be too sure You can t leach an old dog new tricks -^specially if a 1" the trick of sitting back and taking it easy Maybe President Roosevelt wll have to get a law passed to ge nd of baseball's old men Father Time and joulhfnl rivals appir- enlly cant do it alone Will hold Conmy Caj^c Tourney At Os'cola, Fob. 26-27 The Mfefcinn! county hlah school basketball tournament. Io be held at Osceola. has been posliHined a week and will be held on Friday, Fob. 26. and Saturday, Feb. 27. The tournament was onginnlly scheduled for Friday and Saturday of this week, 'it was postponed because many schools were forced to abandon basketball ac- llvilies because gymnasiuiiB were used to house flood refugees and other conditions, incident to flood and high water fights, caused basketball lo be practically halted throughout the county. Blythcvtlle cagers are stil. • without a local court lo practice on and have been' forced lo journey to other places to get work-! outs and meet, other (cams Egg Auction Expands On Business Growth WOOSTER, O (UP)—The '° resume practice lately.' "'""1 Woostcr egg auction, first institution of Its kind ui this part of the country, is moving Into new qiiar- t""» ( because 'of e\pandmg business. Work has begim on a building Inch will be the new home ol the Twenty thousand men are en market Suice Its iS lart li> 1932, the gaged in mole trapping in r"l nictton ho.s shown a 20 per cent land The average catch h 4 party uicrense In, business. >ml vveekh ' M In the scar eildtrig-iOct 1, practice sevslon games in order to resume practice lately. The parrots, tortoises, reptllrp, and birds of pity, are found to be the longest-liv'etl' inmates of lhc London 7.00. To Organize Booster Club On Thursday A "booster" club, which will live for it-s object Ihe - furlher- ncc of this year's athletic pro- ram in the senior and junior ligh schools, will be organized al meeting nt llic city hall here 'hursday night at 7:30 o'clock., The club will be made lip' of Itizens who are Interested iri'thc, icvclopment of various sports . lu he schools nnd Us purpose wi.u'b* o cooperate, vvllh school, auinorl- les In carrying oiil'-, illuns: 'for 1 imatci'ir sportingi events and; pro-' idlng additional ''facilities -for ithletics. A number of merchants and justness men interested In the •ehool's athletic program, are ex- icctcd to form the :cHil>, but tile nbcrship'is not restricted anil Is sponsors -liave urged that "all :ilizens who lire'Interested in this work attend the ^heeling. Nisbctt-Is'Iiere To Confer . School .Orricials James L. NLsbett. captain and, fullback of the 1030. football tea'nU at the University - of Alabama,! Tnscalcosa. arrived here today.., to| confer with local -'school autborir lies regarding his application 'for the position of head coach''al Blylhevllle high school. Nisbell is one of many applicants for the position now held by Carney Laslie. who becomes assistant coach nt Virginia Military Institute in the next few months. Nlsbelt is generally regarded ns one of the leading candidates for the job. NEW YORK. — Championship:) are hardest to defend In towllng nnil gulf. Johnny Murphy realiws (Ills'as IIP prepares for another Amerl:an Howling Congress Iniiinnnir-ui nn 28 new altrys In a New' York' nmiory. March 10 lo April 30. Murphy, 22-year-old pin boy, fni- trged v,'llh tlii> nll-eventa UHe a vear ago in his native Indianajio- s. 'Hie record-breaking Manhattan enlry list includes more ehani- plnns nnd cx-champlons thtln there are .sitdo;vn slrikers In Flint, --all sharpened nn for a whack al (he $120,0(10 in prl/ra. • The' Falls City lli-hru .five-man orew will make an earnest effort to; diipllcale lhc performance which gave Inillaimpolls Its second crown In l!)3fi. ' "• \ Kiilwankee, which holds three of the four all-time congress records—all-events, doubles, and flve- incn—Is to be reinrsenled by .snch <IK Hunk Mnrlnu, match gdnie. '<ifiif: Oil X.imkor. holder of the "all-time all-events mark; Charley Daw. erstwhile doubles ruler, and Frank Tienkovlc. who copped the cloutile.s on successive yearK paired with Daw and then /tinker. * • • Itinmy Bloiiii] Tnkf.s Another Whirl • Chicago's delegation ts to. be headed by Jimmy niouln and Adolph Carlson. lllouln is making his first appearance in a national tournament in 10 years, niouin, now 4G, retired after acquiring every worth-while tide and defeating kegltrs like Jimmy Smith, Joe Falcaro, Mort Lindsey, and Joe Schribner. He bagged the all- evcnls in PilLsburgh in 1909. ' Mort Luby, editor of the Bowlers Journal, considers Carlson, a plclure kegler, tops among the reigning luminaries. Carlson is a former niillonal nmlcli same champion and led in A. 13. C. averages for 10 years.. Ora Mayer Is coining all the r-3 ! ' i"' ; '.r"-;f!"'i-';"?-v~-j'r".t-'"i l J'.j7r- fffji^'f. rv, wp^frntn'Ran'Ff8hMfH''-Hc'look-' nnd "premier -c'lmYtt'^* 5 *"' the all-events nl Syracuse two Two other former champions yrars ago. nre wllh (he I'oller array OttO' filrlri, (nrnur all-evenls I They are Ertddle Volel, winner and national match champion, will of the singles at Toledo In IfPO Uimbmlund Hugh Slewart, all-events vfc- lor In Detroit In ll):)2. who has many perfect scores lo his credit. Stewart, called (he Ilunmn Ice- MONDAY, FEBRUARY. 15, spon- Llnd- shoot with I he Wooster learn of R(. ixinis. Lambert was one of [he Kors of Col. Charles A. bergh's flieht lo Paris. SI. Louis powessf.s anolher smashing player in noy Holmes. Hfrmann UnctcTtaker Iram recently eslsblWied on all-time league record of 3791 pins. Holmes was hlsli wUh 792, which included ti 300 score In his final blast. '(Skani! Mercuilo nnd Jne Bodls are foremast among the Inrge the large number carrying Ihe Cleveland banner. Macurlo, a former pin boy. hus Ihe highest league average In ihe liuul. flodls and Carlson are running a dead heat for high average for (he lasl 12 years. » • • (.'(nrinnall leaded for Rig Oauifs Cincinnati lias produced champions In every division, and only oiie of them will miss the TO!) renewal of (lie We; show. Tile absentee will lie Isddie Wel- Irrinan. who learned wiih Al Dal- ker lo eupinre. Ihe doubles leadership In IBlfl. Wi'llerman was killed by a hlt-aud-run driver v.lille returning home fiom league piny. . nalker is a member of the Potter Shoe team, many times champion, of, the famous Hamilton County League, the [Ihlncluiul's berg, is regarded us (he finest mutch player in and around Cincinnati. 'Carl'A. Bniimgailner. who won (he world solo championship In 1023, Is a Cincinnati candidate. Members of Ihe Plalg Opticians, who captured ihe five-man number In Columbus In l!i:(3. are scattered nround the various loops, hut nil nrc headed for New York. « » v SlioIWfll's Heron! Score Durable 1-arry Shoiwrll of Covlngton, Ky., Just ncroM the river from Cincinnati, hammered 774 in the, singles In Cleveland in 1030. This still stands us the highesl ever recorded In A. B. C. compelltion. II Is not likely to be" bettered in Now York nor for u long lime to come. Hal Stewart., a ineinlwr of the Jefferson Clolhiers of itoyton, whpn thtU team corraled the flve- inan .title in 1932, now belongs to the Cincinnati fraternity. Bart Cook, a member of the American team which won lhc title in the International play in Stockholm in 1929, is to compete for this formidable crew. There's be some high rolling on old Broadway. Ira Irl Tublis . . . thinking 1 no doubt, thai those tropical doilies won't lie so hot at loivi . .. where the Hide Kansan will roach football next fall. . . after two years af Miami University. "IF YOU'RE our of $HAPt:JAYj(d«ibimonrt T W ''l BRING YOU WANTED Government Loan Cotton Phone Ifi7 APPLEBAUM BROS. j COTTON CO. tn\f Wig. BIjlhcTlUe. Art the original WINTER BEER in Bottles ! «HD WEATHER | TIED ME IN KNOT*/ •TIJ. I DlSCOVEREP \ ITJCOTWARMTH4NP/ \PEP.UNBEND AND TO J\^^\ji It's The Hottest Thing That Ever Hit Town! There are no two ways about it. For pep, for warmth andV downright flavor, Falsraff Winter Beer has what it takes to-'... 1 take you! Don't delay. Order today. Keep a case in yoiuv,* home. It's the beer that's making warm friends every-. where. Ask aboutthehandy six-bottle"take'me-home"bags. T/)e Choicest Product of the Br Toothbrush Introduced ; In France 160 Years Ago PARIS (UP)—Dentists and public health officials will celebrate an event of first class Importance this year, the IGOth anniversaiy 11 of the Introduction of the tooth-1 brush into France. So far, no proposals for pubji'c^'demonstrations or fetes have been proposed, nevertheless tlinnks will be offered In certain circles. : ' ; -,'.'' In 1177. one year after the out- .bre.ik of Hie American Revolution, the sdcjal rcvoliillon of brushing teeth came to' Prance. It was introduced at'the court, of Versailles by an English doctor. It met numerous enemies. .Knives and forks slill were n rarity in those days and most "gentlemen" kept their teeth healthy by picking up n chop joint ami gnawing away at the, bone. Consulting savoiy tales of those days, Frenchmen are firmly agreed that looth- bnishe-s were an Innovation. I.ou Gchrlfr of lhc Yankrcs ... Iron Man about lovm mnv . . . lights ii|> al a New Vcrk banquet . . . where he irlls the folks that he Is as coort as his remarkable legs ... vvhich nuver flit btltfr, Play Billiards! Wholesome Kerrrallon Moderately Priced BIylheville Recreation Center 316 W. Main. - Form*r Horn* ol Bell's Pharmacy (1ARNEH APl'Ufl'bN MAHVIN to lie married in June -'June seems a long- way : off. But it's right around the cornei 1 when you consider all the'things Mary, must have by then. Linens .. . clothes v. . furniture . . . kitchen utensils . . . silverware. Goodness! But Mary—and her Mother—are wise. They're going to cut shopping time in half. Already Mary has started to study adverisements in the newspaper. She's finding out who sells what—and for how much. She's making up her mind which are'the most important items—and which can wait until after the wedding. She's learning brand, names, new and old... following trends in furnishings a'dn fashions. In short, Mary is developing a real knowledge of )niy- ingv Learn ta read the advertisements in this newspaper. Year-in, year-out, you'll find that they simplify your shopping .... make your dollars go farther . . . give you hotter values and greater satisfaction with all your purchases.

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