The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1956 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1956
Page 5
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^WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18, 1958 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE j Improved Beauty for Pemiseot Bayou — And Fish! Vdunfeer Workers — All Fishermen — Do Heavy Work Pemiseot Citizens Work On New Fishing Area By H. . 1. YEAGER STEELE — With the organization of the Pemiseot Bayou Fishing Club three weeks ago and the start of reclamation work Saturday, the hope of the .past quarter of century that it would be made a state supervised fishing lake starts to become a reality. ! Inspection by District Supervisor Edgar .Allen of, Cape Gira'rdeau, Don May, Pemiseot County agent, and Lavon Penrod, New Madrid County agent, of the Pemiseot Bayou area last Friday, gave approval and assurance of state supervision and assistance in stocking a one-fourth mile .long rearing pond with fingerlings. Fingerlings, when they reach the proper size, •will be transferred to a three and one-half mile long lake adjoining and' below the rearing pond. The big lake, as soon as ready, will stocked with "rescue" fish, under supervision of agents of Missouri's Wildlife and Conservation Commission. "Rescue" Ilsh are the desirable fish seined from holes near Mississippi levees when flood waters recede. Such specie as channel cat, bass, crappie, blue gill .and brim will be transferred to ' the lake while "rough" fish such as carp, buffalo, and shad will be given to anyone wanting them for food. .Don May, Pemiseot agent, came to this county the first of the year and resides in Caruthersville. He will have charge of the state's cooperation in the project and will be assisted by district and state officials of the commission. May, supported by Commissioner Allen, pointed out that serious responsibility and care are required in keeping out "rough" fish which rob and destroy the desirable fish. : Under State Law The reclaimed bayou will come under state laws, but improvement and promotion will be in the hands of the Pemiseot Bayou club. The area to be included in Pemi- seot Bayou lake is being surveyed and it will be engineered to gain best results. The county drag line and several bulldozers owned by farmers will be on the scene this week. Their work will be done at a minimum cost or as a donation. Unwanted trees and growth along the banks are being felled by power saws and given to those who want it for firewood or burned. Levees or banks will outline (he lake which in" some instances will be perhaps 600 or more .feet wide. Its length will be near four miles. • A 20-foot easement has been signed by all property owners bordering the lake which will be sod- PROPOSED BUDCfET OF EXPENDITURES TOGETHER WITH TAX LEVY FOR FISCAL YEAR BEGINNING JULY 1, 1957, TO AND INCLUDING JUNE 30, 1958 ••• The BoaTd of Directors of Burdette School District No. S5 of Mississippi County, Arkansas in compliance with the requirements of Act 403 of 1951 and of Amendment 40 to the Constitution of the State of Arfcuuu, have prepared, approved, and hereby make public the proposed budget of expenditure! together with ttoe tu rate u follow*: •. , General Control, $1,000; Instruction; 148,000: Operation of School ' Buildings, $7,660; Maintenance of School Plant and Equipment, $1,250; Auxiliary Agencies (Including transportation) j.$»,»00;Tlxed Charge*,- $3,000;. Capital .Outliy, $3,MO; 'Debt Service, $10,500. To provide for'the foregoing proposed budget of expenditures the Board of Directors proposes a tax levy of 45 mills. This tax levy Includes the present continuing levy for the retirement of present In debtedness. GIVEN thla nth day of January, IflM •••.-•- • . BOARD OF DIRECTORS, Burdette School District No. 35 ; of <Mt«»ls»lppl County/Arkansas. C. F. TOMFlCmS, President, H. D. JUMPER, Secretary. i ( ' . .' . . ' 1/4* ded and made a convenience for fishermen as well .as to protest property owners from having crop land flooded. A 12-inch, 100 feet deep well was completed Monday by the Lawr-. ence Irrigation Co., of Steele, at the upper end of the lake. It will be equipped with a pump supplying about 1,800 gallons per minute. Gives Lease Ralph Hall, in addition to the easement, gave a lease for an area-in his barn lot for the well.' -V. L. Bl'ackwell, who has a considerable length .of land, adjoining, .will allow the public to use without charge a desirable park. He has allowed picnickers to use the park for many years, and has seeded it, in blue grass and kept the trees and grounds in fine condition. . ., it appears that without exception property owners along the lake are determined to offer something interesting and worthy to make the Pemiseot Bayou fishing lake a success. Support from other communities over the county is also coming in. The lake is less than two miles north and west of Steele, accessible by improved county roads. The old bayou bed branches to the city limits of Steele, but only those who know the story connect it with the few miles of the bayou •where water stands the year around except in drouths. Previous Attempts The old bayou was miles in length, but clearing o£ land and drainage makes it now fine crop land. There have been previous attempts to stock the bayou with edible fish, but the present .plan of forming a lake is greater and far reaching. Officers of Pemiseot Bayou Pish- ing Club are Duke Still, president; W i 1 c e Curtner, vice-president; Ralph Hall, secretary; Nat Nunnery and H. L. Yeager, publicity. . Clearing Area For New Fishing Club Project Jerry Hamra is chairman of the Finance Committee. A board of fifteen • directors serves the club which already has about 300. members. • It is a public project and there is no restriction of membership. The cost of the well and other first expenses was underwritten by several persons interested in get ting the project started at thl favorable season. STARR GAZING By BETTVE NELLE STARR Corier Newt SUB Correipondeot Thomas Watson, the first "tele- hone man," was born on this date n 1854. He was assistant to Alexander Graham Bell during the ear- y experiments and later did a lot o make the telephone practical or everyday use. ' Lt. Wilks, U. S. N., discovered he Antarctic Continent on Jan. 19. 840. John Buskin died on Jan. 20, 900. Stonewall Jackson was born on Jan. 21, 1824. The first Kiwanis Club was organized in Detroit on Jan. .21, 1915. Queen Victoria died on Jan. 22, 901. "Lame Duck" Amendment was ratified on Jan. 23, 1933. Gold was discovered in California on Jan. 24, 1848. You're an old-timer it you can remember when the only bath tub in town was at the barber shop. If you'd like to do like your 'II The Australian slang for nose is boko, in case you're ever in Australia. I hope — and don't you — that the engagement of Grace Kelly and Prince Fanier HI will be a short one, but I'm afraid not. You kinda get fed up reading about those glamorous weddings which usually go on the rocks be:ore the wedding bouquet withers away. So I wish they'd "get it over with" before a young man's fancy turns, as that's what happens, you enow, in the spring. Ah! April in Monaco. .__„ grandma did, plant i uld oned single hyacinths in regular glasses sold for the purpose of raising hyacinths in water, and 'randma wouldn't have thought of anything but rain water from the old rain barrel to keep the water (she said) sweet. Keep them in a cool dark place for 3 or 4 weeks and then in a sunny window. It's a misry to be born, a pain to live, a trouble to die — so what? Man is an animal that makes bargains; no other animal does this, one dog does not change a bone with another. The origin of the expression, "the other fellow's pasture always seems greener" was derived from his: "The crop always seems bet- «r in our neighbor's field, and our neighbor's cow gives more milk." Some speeches are like a bad tooth; the longer it takes to draw it out, the more it hurts. The road to ruin is always kept n good repair. Conversation isn't a lost art, it simply has been made practical by oeing turned into salesmanship. Most of the trouble is produced by those who don't produce anything else. Gold goes in at any gate except heaven's. The fellow who bears no cross deserves no crown. An old English rhyme: "When I did well, I heard it never; •When I did ill, I heard it ever." In Prance, it is bad .form to ever take salt or pepper when dining out. It's considered as an insinuation that the cook has not seasoned the food property and you know, those 50 million Frenchmen couldn't oe lar wrong. There's one in every crowd. The woman who always arrives late. She manages to come uvsmiling, ever notice that. Not so with those who are waiting on her. Oh brother! If she only knew the topic of the conversation before she came. Remember the old saying? "A leap year is never a good sheep year." The Ladies of the Methodist Church in Luxora have compiled and had printed, a useful little cook book. One was presented to me as a gift, so I hated (you know how that goes) to ask the price of it, but I believe I overheard someone say it was only a dollar. I picked one of the recipes at random and here it is: Chicken Loaf 1 hen "cool[ed~aSa chipped " 1 cup of bread crumb* 4 eggs well beaten 2 cups cooked rice I teaspoon paprika '-/2 cup chopped pimento 1 pint of rich chicken broth . Salt and pepper to taste. Mix all together and form, into a loaf. Bake slowly in oven until firm and a rich brown in color, ' This sounded good to me to us* at my next bridge luncheon. By the way I note the. recipe came from Mrs. Lerri Stanford ol Luxora ^and she's a cook (and musician) out of this world. LIFE "T (MoIe) (Mac) 'JOanieis-Williams Ins. 106 S. Second St. \ Phones 3-3548 - 2-2747 % Blytheville, Arkansas Liability & Auto ^ COMPLETE %. 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