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Elyria, Ohio
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SIBERIAN LEADERS DAUGHTER IS WED LYRIA'S BEST MOVIES MUSIC AND TOAST WILL BE ADB- EP TO MEETJKG FEATURING PR. JOHN HOFFMAN, COL- LEOE PRESIDENT JUfervatfous for over fifty have bftn made for the annual bapqvet of the Lorain County Ohio Wesleyan Alumni association meeting which Witt be hfeld Monday evening in the banquet room of the First Methodist church, after which the follow- program will be presented: Toasts, Dr. W. B. Winters, toastmaster.

Praer, Rev. W. C. Endly. After a season of good fellowship about the tables, college tongs an? stories, the following persons wjli responded to the toasts: "My Alma Mater," Re 1 Song, "It is 1he O.

W. of which we sing to 1 "Monnett Hall," Mrs. Albert Horn Monnett Song ''Delaware the Olden Times," A J. Cnrren. Song, "Delaware." "Why I am Interested in 0.

If," Mrs. Dagar. Soar, "On the way to Delaware," E. W. Wright.

Address, Dr. John W. Hoffman Song. "Atild Lang Syne" Benediction. The Colson Manufacturing Co.

gave a banquet to their employees who had been with them for two years or more in the Cnamoer of Commerce rooms last night After a banquet F. W. Colson addressed the employees and briefly outlined the history the company up to iffesent time and the prospects which it held for the future. The object of tie meeting was to create an industrial association within this company which would be composed members elected by the employees and representatives' of the management of the company which would consider all questions and conditions of mutual interest to both parties. This plan met with the approval of all present and was unanimously adopted.

There were over 60 present at the dinner. Mrs. W. R. Orttm.

Mrs. William B. Qrton was before her marriage, on November 4, Miss Dorothy Evelyn Graves, daughter of Major General and Mrs. WiHiain S. Graves.

Her marriage to Major William R. Orton was solemnized at St. Margaret's church in Washington. Major Orton is new stationed in the war department. The bride's father is commanding the American Expeditionary Forces in lers last evening at the dinner served for the regular monthly meeting of the Mission Study club of the First Congregational church.

The hostesses were Mrs. Davies, Mrs TV ill Miss Hattie Smith an-1 the Blisses Elizabeth and Lucy Freese. Following the six o'clock dinner served, the program was taken up which consisted of the study of the second half of the club topic; "The Gospel of the Working World." loom and entertained them with and stones while the older' ones were having their games the dining rooms Old and young aaeni- cd about afcke in actions until luncheon was announced. The evening AMERICAN Big, Clam and Airy LAST TIME TODAY was one of must enjoyment to all. TIFTY GUESTS ENJOY CmCLE MEETING The meeting held insterday after-1 noon at the home of Mrs.

A. Mel( ton on Fourteenth street, was at-' tended by about fifty members ind I friends of Circle No. 8 of the First Methodist church. The program included piano selections by Miss Fern Campbell and Mrs. Steve Verry; Mrs.

Fred Sheldon and Mrs W. B. N. Hawk gave readings and Rev Dr "Winters talk-: ed en Red Cross -work. The hostess served light refresh- meats.

YOUNG WOMEN'S CLASS WILL HOLD MONTHLY MEETING The members of the Young Women's class of the First "Methodist church will hold their regular mating on Tuesday evening, February 4, at 5:30 o'clock in the Sunday school room. The snppcr will he at six IE the church basement, in of Mrs. Simpkins- Members bring thimbles MES. P. M.

STEVENS WILL ESTEBTAEf FRANKLIN ASS'N. The members of the Franklin School Parent-Teachers' be en! tertamed at the home of their president, Mrs. F. Stevens, on Fifth street, on Tuesday afternoon of next Week, the hours being from two to five o'clock and the occasion will be (the annual social meeting of the association. A discussion of the work of this club will be held; also the latest re- Quesi, which they have gladly accepted, that of making and providing fifty scrap books for soldiers.


TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY THURSDAY THE GREAT VICTORY, WILSON OR THE KAISER, OR THE FALL OF THE HOHENZOLLERNS, DREAMLAND THEATRE, NEXT TUES. MISSION STUDY CIVB MEMBERS ENJOY MEETING Covers were laid for mem- EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETS MONDAY The members of the executive committee of the Civic cjub will meet Monday 3rd at o'clocteiat the Mrs S- iE. Hitt, on Third street, for a business session. 3HERD P4RTY IS ANOTHER SUCCESS The third" of the scries of church parties was held at the "United Presbyterian chiirch last night. Program and refreshments were in charge of the young women led by Mrs.

R. I. Henderson. Miss Drake took the children into the promary McKINLEY ASSOCIATION MEETS MONDAY. Miss Conover, secretary of the LOIN DREAM IN TOSEIIIS (Continued from Page One) local Y.

W. will give a talk! this sort, of thought was when I Monday afternoon at the meeting of was boarding in Leipsic. I was the'McKinley School Parent-Teach- asleep, and seemed to be standing era' Association which will be at'QW C. H. track abom the home of Mrs.

S. S. BassiL 0 ati mi1 from the town. A man with 415 Park avenue. a hght cap, no coat and light gray Arrangements have been made or trousers sat OQ the track He seem care of the children Ted to be drunk A 88861 11 tt ain the so children may permitted to thoroughly en-; kl ed but badly hurt.

I told TAILLEUR HAT OF BROWN BEAVEH 1AJl UU.U-LJ A VV.IA riti TM gram 116313 landlady in the morning vre tumbles as needlework will hear of a railroad accident a feature of the afternoon. MISS STEWART ENTERTAINS IX HONOR OP SOLDIER BOYS The home of Miss Jean Stewart on East Broad street, last evening Was tbft ftf i iiuau taiuc 111 nuuae was lue seen, of a delightful party mlliar Right away started when she entertained a company of 3okiDg asking when he was go- mends in honor of Will Bruoe and! in to try to stop another tram. "So Harry Hainill of AirheTst, recently'you're the man who got knocked o5 returned from service before night. And that night in paper there was an account of just such an accident "About a month later I was in a neighboring town and sat talking with a bunch of young fellows. A man came in whose face The features of the evening were luncheon, games, dancing and a musical program.

Taose in attendance were Mr and ilra. Wessell, Messrs. Jack, William and Arthur Bruce, CTrnstina Bruce, Mrs. Thomas Bruce, Harry Humer and Misses Jane Happer and Mae Glover, al of Amherst, and Alexander Stewart of Elyria. CHRISTIAN EADEAVOR WEEK BIS OBSERVED HERE Nest week in Elyria will be observed the annual Christian Endeavor week, when the young people of the church will be in charge of the track," I said.

"Yes," he answered, "what do jou know about it," I told him I saw it happen, and described every detail When I had finished he asked me where I was standing, then I told him I had seen it dream." In many respects "Wm. KHble's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" is the most Important of the season's productions. In the first place it serves to exploit the masterpieces of two of Europe's noted artists, i Ralph Bruntfg elaborate painting- entitled "The Celestial City" and Hartz Venon's picture of the New Orleans slave mart, and secondly it has brought back into prominence the memories of that grand old Harriet Beecher Stowe, and I serv es to reveal the beautiful lessons really to tie learned by careful attention. Second to the Holy Book does Uncle Tom's Cabin rank as a sacred instructor The pulpit has endorsed kind's support, while the Board of Edit as a moral teacher worthy of man- ucation in many of the large cities hasj i encouraged scholars in witnessing the as easily us those of not 84 many years ago I Is a known tact Mr. Wm.

H. Kibble possesses original version of Mra, Stowe's story and thai It has been unanimously accepted by the press, pulpit and of America and England. The Kibbla revival will be 'brought to the Theatre for one night only--Wed. Feb, 5. Seat sale Tuesday.

Church of Christ Penny Supper Saturday, Feb. 1, 4:30 to 7 p. m. RACING STRAIN Cotdwtjn Pictures worthy dramatization of the atory that was instrumental in making country free and happy. Like a poorly composed book, there are many of Uncle Toms Caom now beinj forced the Pub- he under embossed covering, which are detrimental to the greatest degree.

BAXXON'S THEATRE TOMORROW They are usuall short-lived for the AND MONDAY i people of today are not to be hood- "Christian Endeavor Week" will be observed by the Y. P. S. E. the First Congregational church, beginning Sunday morning when the If you have a chic tailored suit or ol the swagger top coats affected by smart women this season you must have a hat that "matches." Fox tha woman who can not wear the severe stiff brimmed sailor hat there many little odd shaped tailhur hats which will be becoming.

Pictured is a drooping brimmed hat of brown beaver. A large soft bow of brown 4 --ain ribbon is placed effectively a-t the front. by the pastor. At the First Congregational church in the morning the young people "will march in a body and Rev. J.

H. Grant will talk on the subject of Endeavor. At the Second Congregational church Rev. Flammer will address tie C. society of that church, who will have charge of the service program.

Throughout the week, the societies of both churones will hold meetings both social and religious, com the anniversary of the 8 years of this wonderfully helpful organization. The meetings -will include cottage prayer services, musical programs and the birthday anniversary observance, morning prjacnmg service, and be addressed by the pastor on "Christion Work as a Career." Monday evening at 6:30 the society holds its anniversary supper, with after-dinner songs, fun and toasts. Tuesday evening, Mr. and Mrs Grant will have the society as guests at their home, 130 Harrison street Thursday evening at 7:30, a combined Church and Christian Endeavor program on the theme: "The Good Things and the Still Better Things in Christian will be presented. Friday evening conies the County Union Social and Supper, rounding out a busy and profitame week in a union of forces and enthusiasm of EYRIA HIGH BADLY DEFEATS) BY FAST SANDUSKY TEAM WALLOPED TO THE TUNE OP 36 TO BOYS OUTCLASSED The fast Sandusky five walloped our boys last night to thi' tune of 36 to 16.

The defeat was i ot due so much to Elyria's bad playing as it was to Sandusky 5 good playing. This year Sandusky onp of the teams ever developed in the Little Big Six and the Elvria boys hope to see them defeat Loraixi Last night's game was full of pep from start to finish and the members of both tearas were pretty well Ured out at the blow of the whistle. Elyria's team work good but Sanuusky came to the front suth a rapid-fire method of play that one coald tell almost from the start that she had the game cindied. In spate of the fact that they were greatly out-played, our boys fought their best until the enr 1 of the game and Sandusky will admit tnat they were not such oasj outcome of the game because it spoils their chances at the championship. Nevertheless they jvre going to put a week hard work tho coming week because Rayen High of Youngstown is going to in- the precincts of this beautiful city ne-st Friday and they hope to send them home with the small end of the score.

In last night's game, Bates, Baker and Savage starred for Elyria and Krnst and Mullhauser for -idusky. The baskets for Elyria were made by Savage 2, Barker 2, Baker 1, Bates for Sandusky, by Ernst 8, final Mullhauser 4, Nichols-on 3, Thomas from the flocr. Savage shot 0119 f'orn a foul end Ernst 4. The lineup: Snndnsky Elyria Mullbauser Ernst, Capt Bates Nicholson Capt Fverett Savage i ViAA rTtTi ft the various joung people's societies Picking as might DO expected. Tho er.

i Thomas Substitutions--Koppes for Bark- Nicholson for Thomas, Keller for of Lorain countv lioys were rather downcast over tho CHAS. HENXINGS, Prop. All American Cooking MENU Special Sunday Dinner, Feb. 9. Home Made Chicken Noodle Soup Friccasse of Chicken with Biscuits Breaded Veal Cutlets Cream Sauce Pnme Ribs of Beef, Brown Gravy Roast Loin of Pork, Apple Sauce Baked Ham, Wine Sauce Short Ribs Beef.

Brown Potatoes Assorted Cold Meats, Potato Salad VEGETABLES Mashed Potatoes Creamed Carrots Cold Slaw Chocolate Padding SPECIALS TO ORDER Planked Sirloin Steak Porterhouse Steak Chops Veal Cfcopa Liberty Steak SANDWICHES Club Sandwich Baked Ham Sandwich Roast Pork Sandwich Liberty Steak Sandwich DESSERTS Cream Custard Rice Padding Baked Apple Stewed Prunes Burns Home Made Pies Bttston Baked Beana Genuine Chili Con Came Oysters We serve the best matg ia Lorain County. We can't serve a perfect square meal because we use round and oval plates. and Forks Furnished Free. Open From 5 m. to 2:30 a.

m. Madam Redmond tella your past, present and advises for future by the science of palmistry. 248 BROAD STREET. ELYRIA, OHIO Phone 9.0Y You win see these stars their latest pictures at the Bannon Theatre only- Bannon's Theatre Newly Decorated and Thoroughly Ventilated MARY PICKFORD GERALDINE FARRAR MAE MARSH MADGE KENNEDY THEDA BARA VIRGINIA PEARSON MABEL NORMAND ANITA STEWART ANNETTE KELLERMAN GLADYS BROCKWELL JANE and KATHERINE LEE PEGGY HYLAND MME. PETROVA CHARLES CHAPLIN GEORGE WALSH TOM MOORE WILL RODGERS WILLIAM'FARNUM TOM MIX NORMA TALMADQE i 111 LAST TIME TODAY TOMORROW AND MONDAY Locked in a death struggle they fell 50 feet, but the best They're off! The Girl Wins Love--the Horse Wins a man won.

SEE the greatest fight ever filmed-- Fortune. It's a Goldwyn Picture. TOMMK -IN- Fame and Fortune 1 1 Swift as a bullet, breath-taking in its daring, tremendous in its climax i MAE MARSH in The Racing Strain A Romance of the Bluegrass. By Tex Charwate. Directed by Emmett J.

Flynn. TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY He roamed the plains for years seeking a girl he had never seen. William Fox Presents WILLIAM FARNUM In Zane Grey's Greatest Story The Rainbow Trail Sequel to "Riders of the Purple Sage." inmiiiiiHi Bannon's Theatre is Operated Independently, Has no Connection with any Other Theatre in the City..

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