The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, March 29, 1948
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS M *'>! THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AMU SOUTHEAST MISSOURI YOI* XL.V—NO. 4 Blythevillf Courier Blythevllle Daily New* Mississippi Valley Leader Blythevllle Herald Bl,YTHKVILI,B. ARKANSAS, MONDAY, MARCH 29, 1948 TWELVE PAGES Baruch Scores 'Scuttle and Run' Policy for Nation Congress It Urged j.; To Revive Draft and Inaugurate UMT WASHINGTON. March ». (U.P.l —Bernard M. Baruch today urgec Congress to'reverse a "scuttle and run" policy adopted at the end o the war by reviving the draft anc creating universal military training In a statement to the Senat Armed Services Committee, th elder statesman linked those meas ures with a demand tor an economl and Industrial mobilization plan. "We now lace the necessity of re tracing at least partly those steps of scuttle and run which were taken' Immediately after the shooting ended." h« said. "That too hurried demobilization was born of the desire to bring our young men back home and of the belief that the mere cessation of hostilities meant peace and ol the hope lhat the United Nations would become effective Immediately." he said." "We have learned that making peace brings Its own ordeals and trials. There is nothing ' automatic about it." Contending that the way to prevent war is to strengthen national •ecurily, Baruch recommended: 1. Prompt adoption of UltaT. He »»U It was "valuable in the menial and physical disciplines it will teach." 2. Rehabilitation of all youths with mental defects, as part of a XJMT proirram. 3. Immediate re-enactment of the draft. 4. Immediate adoption of "a total p]» n for Industrial and eco- UJomlc. mobilization to (hat uni- ffrrMl (raininr rests upon a solidly grounded pyramid of total preparedness." 5. Assignment "of an agency to walch the Impact of partial mo- billiatlon of the national economy. Baruch expressed doubt that the •ix-month ITMT training period proposed In the administration's plan would be long enough. Ar»'thing less than a .year would be "worse than nothing," he said. He »aid that with or without unl- rersai training there shoulcl be a "ready-to-go Elan tor lull mbbilia- Zomplete Count Is Important In School Census Superintendent r>f Schools W. B Nicholson announced today that he current school census will close Wednesday and urged parents of school-age children who have not seen enumerated to contact hU office U) complete the survey. Records to date show that the census is as yet Incomplete, Mr. Nicholson said. He also asked persons knowing of children not included in the census to date to contact htm and said that a census- taker will be sent to call on them. Mr. Nicholson said that listing of all school-aee children in the cm- lent census is important because the state largely bases its appropriations to school districts on the basis o.f their enumeration. This means, he pointed out, that a "very large parl" of the revenue of the Blytheville district will receive in the next two years will be determined by the number ol school-age children residing in it iw. "We appeal to air parents who have children of school age to cooperate and assist us In completing our records," he said. Russian A-Bomb Scheme Rejected Four-Nation Board Within UN Terms Plan "Unrealistic" By Robert Manninr (United Press Staff Correspondent) LAKE SUCCESS, N. Y., Mar. 29. (UP)—A four-nation committee today denounced Russia's proposals for International control of atomic energy as "completely unrealistic' and called on the United Nations to scrap them without further discussion. Great Britain, France, China and Canada said in a joint report that the Russian plan for an atomic j control agency would give an ag- ' gressor nation "the opportunity to acquire an overwhelming militarv supremacy" through illegal atomic activities; The report criticized the Kremlin for insisting thai the first step toward world ^.atomic security must be the scraping of all A-bombs—a of our nation I move aimed at America's stockpile That plan he suggested, should of <» tom| c weapons. ' ••• ' - The proposal was known to have the emphatic backing of the United ibcr of_tne UN plan (or a Include P r >c* industrial controls wage,, ntrols; stockpiles Lewis Subpenaed In Probe of UMW Soft Coal Strike Union Head Receive* Order After Refusal To Appear Voluntarily WASHINGTON, March 29. (UP) —John I*. Lewis-today was subpe- naed 19' appear before a presidential fact-finding board Investigating the soft coal strike, but there was no indication whether he would obey the summons. Two deputy U. S. marshals served (he subpena after the United Mine Workers president defiantly refused to apirear voluntarily before the board. Lewis based his refusal OH grounds that neither he nor his union hnd violated the Tall-Hartley labor law. The board WRS set up under the new labor act In a move that paves the way for the government to obtain a court injunction requiring Lewis to call off the two-week strike. The subjena requires Lewis to ap- cnr before the board at 1 p.m. CST today. It Is enforcible by federal court order. If such an order is issued ana Lewis Ignores ft, he would be subject to contempt. He lost a similar battle last year when he was convicted of contempt (or refusing to obey a court order to call off a previous strike. The deputy marshals appeared at United Mine Workers headquarters at 10:15 a.m.—shortly after Lewis announced he would not appear before the fact-finding group. After 11 a.m., the deputies were taken to Lewis' office. A few minutes later they left—smiling. If Lewis refuses to obey the summons, the board will ask tlie Justice Department to obtain a court order against him. A public hearing In Federal District Court would have to be held before It could Issue an order compelling Lewis' appearance. Such a hearing could be held tomorrow if necessary. IT Lewis refused to obey the court order, he would be held In contempt. CUes Lack of Jurisdiction The United Mine Workers president told the board it had no power under the Tart-Hartley labor act to intervene in the miners' dispute over pensions. In a letter to Federal Judge Sherman Minton, chairman of the three- man board,^Lewis gave two reasons for being "disinclined" to attend the sessions of the board. "K. The la^: No. action has been SINGLE COPIM Spring Finery Put Under Wraps As Cold Wave Follows Storms By llnll«4 Frew U. 8. weather forecasters predicted that temperature* will climb bo- day Irom unseasonable lows that forced nic*l Easter paraderc to hldt their Spring finery under heavy wraps yesterday, Showers were forecast for many Eastern lorallltoi and the Ohio River was rising toward flood stage at Cincinnati u raln-iwollm trlbutarlw emptied Into the bis stream. , *— —-— . Many highways and roads closed In the area. The Ohio was exacted to crest today at 51 feet, one foot over flood stage. Hiver experts said Cincinnati Blytheville Hat Low Of Thirty-Two Degrees Jn Blythevllle the temperature dropped to a low of 32 degrees Sunday morning and dipped to 38 this morning nrtci 1 reaching a high of 54 degrees yesterday. Pair and warmer weather was predicted by the U S, Weather Bureau In Little nock for Arkansas tonight with Tuesday partly clomly. tin church fund $5,000. t\»W Sec r-.if.ut Only 15,000 worshipers, Instead of the expected 100.000, attended the famed pageant near Law-ton, Okla., of the lite, dealh and resurrection or Christ. President Truman and his family passed up sunrise services and attended church later In the day. Easter was a day or mourning at Coatesvllle, lud. There were no sunrise services, mid no egc-rolllng festivities for the children. The finery Conlesville residents Easier was worn to hospitals anc was in some danger from floods because two small streams East anil West of the city were jiouring crests into the Ohio. The Indianapolis weather bumiu also warned thnt "moderate" Hoods would occur during the next four or five days on the White and Wab- nsh Rivers, two other Ohio River tributaries. The chilly weather cut attendance at many of the Easter sunrise services and other special ccreniO' nlcs. But not at EfTingham, III., where more than 400 members of the First Baptist Church wore overalls and gingham dresses as their Easter outfits. The money they saved went to the congregation's fund for a new church. The Rev. William A'. Gray, who proposed the Idea, said it netted had bought for by towns|>cople mortuaries where lay the' victims of disalrous tornado Hint struck there and In surrounding towns Friday. Storm Victim. Burled Fourteen persons wore killed unil nearly 100 Injured In Conlcsvl'lli alone. Six others died In neiirb towns. The first of Coalcsville's 14 funerals was held yesterday for Mrs. Julia Lnwrcnce. Friends and relatives served Sunday meals tor ninny or the persons who were Icrt homeless. The Contesvllle schoolhouse was not touched by the twister and children were sent to school today while their parents picked oyer the rubble of their shuttered homes to salvage personal possessions. Tlie storm area which created the 'toniadoi'S moved out over the Atlnn- tfc ocean yesterrtiiy. tful first It had A final fling. H scl ofT a twister that damaged 12 homes and Injured several persons at Kite, Ga. It also whipped high winds across Statcn Soviets Impose More Pressure On Three Nations Propaganda Blaitt Aimed at Italy, Iran And Scandinavia 'LONDON, Mar. ». (UP»-Russl« today launched a new pri-.-aure drive against, scnmtlnnvln. nan and llnly and produced a sharp Hrlthh foreign ofrice denial (hut Britain had entered Into any military arrangements with Norwny. The foreign office spokesman denied that my British arrangement had been marie with Norway foi the standardization or Norwegian arms and dismissed us completely unfounded im allrentlon by iKvestla thnt Norway had Ir-it.spd' Icrrllorj lo Ili'llnin for the establishment of mllHnry bases. Izvestin hurl alleged thiil Brltah anil the United States already hiu reached an ngrccmoui with Norway "fnr-renchliifi mcnsurc.'i" am Island, N. Y,, and daws at Stapleton. blew out win- for specifically mentioned nn agree mom. to Mandiu-rUzc nrmtt tinct lease Norwegian buses. nispiitchcs from Moscow, mean u'hlle. Indicated (lint ncgotlndoii; for R treaty with Finland wen drawing l o a close. One report carried by (he British radio, sale trenty talks had been concluded. Thc altRck against Sweden was carried In the Soviet nrmy newspaper Red Star anrt by nndlo Moscow. It snlrt Ihnl n "war psychosis" was being created In Sweden "Just as In the United Stntcs." tobid Dog KilUd In Osceolo After Child Is Bitten O6CDOLA, Ark,, March J»~C!ty Marshall Jake Tlirelklll today warned Osceola dos owner* that their dons mini be kejil under observation «nrl murt b» iniioculalert with antl- «b!(* shot* or be kilted. The officer* warning cam* aH« I »'«« found that a stray dog which bll Larry Jo« Spencer, two-and- on«-hal(-yc»r-old son of Mr, and Mrs. V. D. Spencer of Oisceola, »'a» 'ftbld. Tlie child WM blllwi Thursday while pliiying In front of his parents' home. The dog, termed a stray by Mr. Threlklll, was killed and 1U head sent to stale laborulorle* for examination. Mr. Threlklll was notified Saturday that tha dor was i-Bbld, . Rabl« Innoculalions wer* given ll>« child by an Osceoln phynlcion Immediately alter the state laboratory's report and Lurry Joe w»s reported today by his father u In "satisfactory" condition. Mr, Tlirolklll said this was the first oase of rubles to be reported In Osceola in the past five or six years. He warned thai dogs in Osceoln must l« innoculnted and kepi under control by their owners or the anl- mnls will be killed In order to prevent nn outbreak of rabies such Is belli)! cutiibntteri currailly Memphis and Shelby County. ' in According to was obtaining Red Star, Sweden large mimtxis o f with a sland-by Industrial mobilization plan. Sen. Owen Brewstcr of Maine said that neit time the nation won't have "a year or two to fumble •round." ,•. Brewster said his Senate War In- 'vestigatlng committee may 'have ready this week its report on indus- tial mobilization. It is expected to recommend that Congress -prepare In advance by adopting legislation to convert the nation's, industry quickly from peace to war production. But he said the administration wilt have plans. Republican , House and Senate appeared to be to recommend specific leaders, 'In bolh the __ control, ...._._ tKUf''ot Great Britain .Introduced the! -four-nation proposal to the 11 nations of the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission- Miles' said the Kremlin's counterproposals to the American atomic plan would provide at best' only "a feeble scheme of control." The British spokesman proposed complete and final rejection of the Russian proposals on these principal grounds: 1. They would not prevent the taken b< Mifi. this writer o; rkers, as such' ir the United tWiicri"woul3 are biased and preju- in honor should not fall within the purview of the oppressive .stale statute under which you seek to function. "2. Prejudice. Two members of your board diced and serve." Lewis charged thnt board members Publisher Mark Ethridge of Louisville and George W. Taylor of the University of Pennsylvania were the "prejudiced and biased" members. Winners Named In Essay Contest Osceola Girl Takes Award for Pupils Attending High Schc 'Mississippi Counl v winners Iti'ji state-wide Malaria control i contest which' closed March 10.' announced, W. O. Stlni diversion of atomic fuel and materials from peaceful to uses. 2. They would provide no effective means for detecting clandestine leaning more toward President Tru- activities In the field of atomic en- man's draft requesl than toward' e T gy nn request for universal training. Marshall on Way To Columbia to Head Delegation BOGOTA. Colombia. March 29 (UP)—Secretary of state George C Marshall was expected to arrive about noon today at the head of a 90-member delegation. Marshall will be the last chief delegate to arrive at the Inter-American conference. The United States is breaking all Jpecedcnt by sending three members »y. the President's cabinet. Besides Marshall. Secretary of Commerce W. Avcrill Harriman and Secretary of Treasury John W. Snyder will be Present. The other American governments have interpreted the decision as a sign that the U.S. considers the conference of first importance. AH chief delegates were received early in the afternoon by Colombian Foreign Minister Laureano Gomez. Later thc delegates will oe Introduced to President Mariano Ospina Perez. The conference will begin officially at 4 p.m. tomorrow, when the President gives his address of welcome. the part of nations or individuals. 3. The v would not provide for any "prompt, and effective" enforcement action If and when violations were detected. Even,as Lewis' refusal was dls- other closed, n federal marshal left with illegal I " subpena to serve on Lewis. About -100,000 miners were idle In the nation's soft coal fields and coal stocks were dwindling. Railroads were laying off workers and cutting. Reef Cross Roll Call h Far Short of Goal High Court Invalidates New York Publishing Law WASHINGTON, Mar. 29. (UP) — The Supreme Court, In a. S to 3 split, todny invalidated an 1884 New York "indecency" law prohibiting sale or publciations devoted to "deeds of bloodshed, lust or crime." Justice Stanley F. Reed said hi the majority opinion that. th c law violated thc Constitutional right of free expression. - Justice Felix Frankfurter j n a dissenting opinion, said thnt the ruling strikes down similar laws In 19 other states. He was Joined by Justices Roberl H. Jackson and Harold H. Burlom. The ruling" reversed a conviction of Murray Winters, New York book store owner. A lower court found Winters guilty of possessing 2,000 copies of a magazine he intended to sell and which contained stories and 'pictures owned by thc law. Contributions for the Red Cross financial campaign In North Mississippi county reached a total otj ;' *S.510.23 today, according u, chair- 8 man J. L. Gunn. j ^ Mrs w. D. Cobb. chairman for ward 2, made an additional report Yugoslavs Protest Presence of U.S. Planes WASHINGTON. March 29. (UP) —Yugoslavia has complained lo Ihe United states about alleged flighis of American planes over its territory, the state Department disclosed today. The department indicated that the protest would be rejected by this of ' New York Stocks 4264.50, and Charlie Brogdon,' . 2 p. m. Slock* chairman of Dogwood Ridge com-1 Anaconda Copper munlty. reported a $61 total to date. Beth Steel Chairman Gunn called solicitors' Chrysler fcaentlon to the fact that less Gen Electric .. •nan three days remained In the ~ drive and North Mississippi County is still short $3,33023 In reaching Its quota. B Quakes Shake California SAN FRANCISCO, Mar 29. (UP) ' °' le ' 0t Gen Motors Montgomery Ward n, tedav n c • ?• f' c "" :c ° > ' aeA No y riPm? 'California. «nv nr ?£ *£ i'" 8 "P° rt<1<i f «ny of the shocks. N Y Central Int Harvester North Am Aviation Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum '.'... i- [ Studebaker , Standard of N J.... Texas Corp U S Steel '.'.'.,.'.'.'.'.'' 34 1-2 33 7-8 SR 1-2 34 7-8 53 1-2 53 4-8 13 7-8 80 5-8 12 25 1-4 9 7-8 16 l-« 17 7-R 74 1-8 5* 4 3-8 72 1-1 , by government order, the use of coal on passenger and freight trains. Along with his attacks on Ethridge and Taylor, Lewis swung out for the first time at Cyrus S. Chlng, federal mediation director. He said that Chlng was "In attendance" with the board. He called Ching "a truly remarkable man who sees through the eyes of the United States Rubber Company." Chlng is a former official of the U. S. Rubber Company. county malaria control supervisor. Ann Mnjoch, .daughter of Miss Mr. and Mrs- D. V. Ma loch of Osceola, was winner in the white high Tribunal Affirms Jonesboro Case i Election it Ordered On Occupation military planes In Biilaln HIM! tho U. S. Sweden was not receiving heavy bombers, Red Star sMd, be- ciuise "hi the evenl of war they will offer Ihclr atr bases to American heavy bombers." The article charged U. Gen. Helgo Jung, commander In chief of the Swedish armed forces, with stirring up a win- psychosis as a basis for demands for large mill- Ury appropriations. ' New Yugoslav Troops Train Fort Smith $1,000 and-i them to one year (n Jail. The couple, was sanlencerl intenclng aflcr , _ ....... „„„ _,„,, ........... _.i.,n.,.i winner in the j being found guilty of"«iauH " w ithi w'aVd' said 7haTV.rWTroon« B and" 300 1 ^vision was [ Intent _to kill. They were accused of ,,.._ „ ... „_... , ... . school division. George Ropp. son of Mrs. :o. W. I firing four shots "at HaUorT^Rus" of Kcrner of Blythevllle. He Is an i Fort Smith before bmtlng him -....i- i -t.,... ,,- e , ]Cfl{| w , th a p(sio) Qn lhc In the Yugoslav Zone Jlist live miles from the heart of Trieste. Italian refugees esc.ij;!ug north- eighth-grade student in Blytheville | about Hi Junior High School. ••• j night of Kcllog Morton, Harrison Negro. Rust ^ nt ,., cu ,.,,„,, lne couplc High School studenl was named | called him from his home on thc winner in the Negro high school I pretext thai he was wanted by his division. Lizzie Harris, student at I employer, Mrs. Winters' husband Aug. 19, 1947. testified that the couple the Mississippi County Training School al Armorel, was winner In Nes slon. By Mrs. Winters said thai Rusl had — ...... u .,.., „„-, iiunit,i n, Blued In TCinovlnp hfir furniture the Negro elementary school dlvi- i from her home without her consent . , wmnlng the county contest. these four became eligible to win arated. she »nd her husband ln another oplnlop. the Supreme - „ --- -- ..... . cash awards which will be given I Court In effect ordered after judging in the stale compe- ----- ""' ' " tltion has been completed. The "Malaria and it's Control" Victim of Accident Buried in Leachville Graveside services for O. V. Lulling, 22, of Grider, who died in Scoltsvillc, Ky., Thursday night, were conducted at 11 o'clock this morning in Leachville by the Rev. E. H. Hall, pastor of the Leachville Methodist Church. Mr. Lalting. who wns employed by the Dixie Tank and Bridge Company of Memphis, and another workman, A. W. Wnlker of Memphis, were found dead In the cab of a trailer truck in Scotlsville Friday morning. Cause of the deaths Is undetermined. Mr. Latting had gone to Scolts- villc wilh a crew of workmen to erect a water storage lank. He had been employed by the Memphis construction firm only a short while. He Is survived by his mothei. Mrs. Victoria Justus of Grider; two brothers, Herschel Latting of Benton Harbor. Mich., and O. R. Latting of Osceola: and three sisters Mrs. Lcona-McDaniels and Mrs. Marie Thesmnr of Leachville and Rcba Latting of Grider. Swift Funeral Home of Osceola was In charge of arrangements. Weather mediate election In Jonesboro on an ordinance setting up an occupation .... lux. Tlie decision affirmed a Cralg- essnys written by three students head Circuit Court decree ordering have been submitted for final Judg- . City Clerk John Carr Cobb to cer- Ing, along with those from other | Ufy to the election commission all Arkansas' counties, to a group of | signatures on a petition feeeklnn thc three judges in Little Rock. referendum. The caw was filed by Thomns W. Burress as a anil taxpayer after Cobb declined to certify the names. The Supreme Courl ordered an Immediate mn date rather than waiting the usi Cash awards will be $M. $25 and $10, in each division, with a set of encyclopedias given to the school of the first prize winner in each division. First-place winners In each divl- .„„ slon will be given travel expenses [ 15 days. o.ut, nn, uc givcii irwvei expenses: to Little Rock where they will be ] awarded their prizes by Gov. Ben Lane v April 14. The'essay contest has been spon- Russlan-made tanks have been moved Into the Yugoslav zone of the Trieste Free Territory. I look a pholographer nnd went Into the bills near Ccrcvntlnl, the only place In the allied area offering a free, and safe view of the valley. We didn't see the 300 tnnks and didn't count 5,000 troops, hut we snw 1.000 men engaged In fool drill, mortar instruction and Infantry field Indies. The whole valley area obviously had been restricted ror maneuvers, for henvy mnchincguns were firing directly ncravi two roods nnd into the Adriatic Sea bfyontl. By Ihe sound ol their lire, the machlnqgunncrs must have been green troops. Instead of controlled burst,*, of five or six rounds, they heated the gun barrel with 15 to 20 rounds, at R burst, Compared wilh United States training, the Yugoslav procedure Is rugged. For the four hours we watched, Mnrshal Tito's troops were Riven no visible break or rest period. Export Controb May Be Vested With ERP's Boss Mvndt Amendment ' Wini Support of HouM,Committoo WASHINGTON, March M,- (U.P.)—The Houne Foreign Affairs Committee today ' backed an amendment that would empower the foreign aid administrator to halt «x. port* to non-Marghall Plan na- lions., The amendment was proposed by Rep. Karl E. Mundt, It, S. D./ who said it woiilrj give the administrator virtual' veto power over the secretary of commerce. The secreUry of commerce now has power to control export* Th» ' committee agreed to support the amendment at a meeting called before the House was Kheduled t» acl on amendments lo the "tinilg ' packBge" foreign aid bill. Meanwhile, Rep. Albert J. Eniel R.. Mich., an Influential member of the House, said Ihe United Bute* help rebuild Europe If only to' Insure strong allta in event of war with Russia. Engel said he once was cool to the Idea of more billions for foreign ' aid. Bui he said he hid changed. hl» mind because it "approachea the Impossible" for Into country to win a war with Russia without European ' bases c.nd support. "While Ihere are many other rea- soiu which may and have been given lo Justify a foreign aid program," he said. "I am here Isaslnl my support primarily upon the ground of national defense." Engo], who In chairman fat »' House subcommittee on Army:appropriations, made hLs statement M the House took up amendmenti t# the «,'J06,«000,000 global foreign «Jd bill. Passage of the measure waa * considered likely by Wednesday. The House foreign Affalr« committee wan called together two' hours before the House aeailon ta decide which amendment* to jup- port and .which li oppoe*. The bill include* the »6,300.000.000 European' recovery program. I • Re(>. Karl v */Mundt, R, ». D ; asked the oommlllee'lo endorte hi» plan to U* 1 into the aid bill » Q*V control on shipment* to RjjjBla'-ead " her niteintM. "...' '• i *.*'',>•* ' Muiidt'i amendment would fiv»' the ERP administrator a veto over*'to expott "war potential" material to Communist countrlev The'Commerce and Stale departments now have the final MJ-KJ, The committee a)«o was aafced *e t«k« a stand on a proposal by Rep.' John M. Vory«, R., o., to add another (210,000,000 to the bill to help out Jnpan, Korea, and the Ryu-' Jcyu Islands. " jr The bill already carries funds not only for European aid—u originally envisioned in the Marshall plan with the" theft "of "ciothui'g'^froin i Greece " ntt Turkey, economic and 24 Defendants Are Arraigned North Mississippi Circuit Court Term Gets Under Way Five cases were disposed of, 33 Jurors were empaneled anrt 24 rte- remtniils were arraigned this morning In the opening se.sslon of a criminal term or lhc Chlcktuinwha District or Mississippi County Circuit Court In the Court House here. Two fines were assessed, one ciwe was cnullnueri by agreement, another wo* dismissed and • bond rorrclture was declared. A sixth wns continued ror sentencing Eleven (loft-miaul., entered pleas or not utility and II pleaded guilty this morning. Judge Charles W. Ughl of Paragould, who It pro.ilrt- •«g"thls term, ordered all Munlcl- PjlOourl 'appeal cases set for Iriai tijfcs major portion of'the morning s Session'waj laken 'up In the empaneling of petit Jurors »nrl Jiulge Lritht'j! charge to them. No grand Jury has been called. I . JZ.W Fine Impiiwd Letoy Perry, Negro, wan fined $250 '>ls morning after he charged his ple» or not guilty, entered at the last term of court on an nssault wilh Intenl to kill charge, to stnllly of aggravated assault. He was accused or the. shooting of W. o. Young last year. Mrs. Mamie Berry of 'Blytrfevllle waa fined $10 after pleading guilty to n charge of petit larceny brought her last June In connection ! The the filed sorcd by the Arkansas Farm Bu- | real, Federation an rt the Malaria . Control Division of Iht state Board of Health. Judges in Mississippi County com- pe tit Ion were John Mayes, county supervisor of schools; Mrs. Anna- had contended thul for referendum was late, contained forged slg- belle Fill. and Kcilh here. county health nurse: Bilbrey, county agenl Franco Deplores Spain's Exclusion from ERP MADRID. March 29. 'UP)—Generalissimo Francisco Franco, speaking on the ninth annivcrsarv of the CMdusion from the plan for rehabilitation of Western Europe. Franco spoke from the balcony of his residence to 4.360 carlet.sbclons- Ing to Falangist youth organization.-!. He referred emotionally to fhc "glorious victories" of thc civil war, an reaffirmed thc falangist stand sgamst Communism. natures and did nol list thc names of 15 per cent of the qualified electors. The Supreme Courl found thai the petition contained «K> signatures while only 283 were needed. Third Attempt Made On U.S. Consul's Life WINDSOR. Out., Mnr. 20. (UP) —Authorities today blamed thc \>.s- oroiis crackdown on Communist bonier traffic by u. S. Consul John Dankhoad for a third attempt on his life last night. An assailant leaped from behind bushes and tired Iwo shots at Bank- occupation of Madrid in the Span- h«d „ he drove up to h" ™tair~ ish civil-war, today deplored Spainv •--- •• - w sumlr - $285,000.000 Needed to Solve Highway Problem LITl'LE ROCK, Arit.. Mar. 39.— 'UP)—Gov. Ben Laney estimated today that It would cost $285,000.000 to blacktop all gravel roads and put nil other Arkansas highways Into tip-top condition. He made [he .stnlenienl while en- [crlnlnlng- a social science from the Little Rock Junior College. The governor estimated that It would cost $50.000.000 to blacktop the 6.000 miles of gravel roads, $35.000,000 for necessary bridge work and $100.000,000 for repairs and reconstruction on thc primary concrete system. Laney challenged anyone lo solve ban residence Tlie bullets lodged harmlessly In thc rear door pincl of his car and Ihe assailant ficd. , . „ — Sgt. William fYascr of the Royal j lllc road problem without raising Canadian Mounted Police said the ! additional money. Consul for Ihe last several months "I'll resign and let him have my hnd been cracking down on all np- Job If he cnn show me how lo solve plications ror entry Into the u. s. In a move to keep out Communist agents. Arkansas forecast: Fair and! warmer tonight. Tuesday, partly cloudy nnd mild. Minimum this morning—38. Maximum yesterday—54. Minimum Sunday morning—33. Maximum Saturday—45. Sunset today—6:19. Sunrise tomorrow—5:50. Precipitation, 48 hours to 7 a.m. lodny —none. Total since Jan. 1—17.29. Mean temperature (midway be- Iwcr.n high and low)—46. Normal mean for March—51.S. * This Date Last Year Minimum this morning—3S. Blytheville's Junior Red Cross Sends 81 Gift Boxes to Needy in Other Lands . , ,--,r., , boxcs <I<*li"ed for drcn In some other land, school eh -^,, \n foreign countries The boxes bear thc words "Greel- lefl Saturday.,aftcrnooii hig.s from the American Jnnlnr Red with the blessings of tlrt. 1 ^hild^'j'; ,Cross," and arc »• '-MRC'' . '-rough of Ulythevillc, Armorel, f..W'Ynrbrt l ' 1>/1 ' e Nnlto '"<l C! • ( r» FII..? which >. and the Junior Ret." ;','° |)ily * ""iPP- Reii- Delia Purtle, chairman of grade .schools. Cross. Muss the Junior Red Cross drive, explained that each year school children fill regulation boxe.s with pencils, paper, toilet soap, toothbrushes and Precipitation, Jan. 1 to Ihls date tooth paste, maybe a comb. a. wash- 4.$«. cloth, and a, tojr for tht needy thil- I sending lh« gilt*. „ expense. 1 ; Irom ithls country to I heir destination. • Alter the children have completely filled a box they enclose a card telling who tilled the box and the address. The card also bears a place , ,, for acknowledgement of receipt, and | June 31. Four applicants In each often personal letters- expressing gratitude and thanks come lo those the problem withoul more money." thc governor declared. State Plans Contest For Teen-Age Drivers LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. March 29. 1UP>— Thf Arkansas Safety Coun- ct' y.tfrfjMl May 29 as Ihe dale for H .<v.,-v,1de teen-age driving contest."'' * Conlestnnls will be winners of seven district meets May 22. The .stste \vMnier wi'l niter nntkmcl coniui><•!!(>!! at Memphis. Tenn. June 21. The roiitest Is open to nil holders of resrutnr drivers licenses who have not reached their 19lh birthday ny police district will he selected for early competition after rilline out an exientlv* application blank. Ihe Montgomery Ward Store here. A disturbing Ihe peace charge appealed from Municipal Court by Mrs. C. F. Hodge was continued by ngrcemcnl and a prrjury charge against Goldln King of Lenchvlllc wns dismissed on motion of the prosecuting nllorney. Tlie following entered pleas of gullly: Jewell Oates and Je«e Plccman of Lenchvllle, charged with grand larceny; H. D. Dennett of Clear Lske, forgery and uttering; Alfred Thomas, burglary'; Willie Jefferson, Blylhcvllle Negro, burglary; Kenneth Hampton of Leachvllle, grand Inrccny; AUrert Flnlcy of Leachville. pcllt larceny; E. C. Sanders, overdrrtfling; Cnge Fcathcrslone, Jesse Lee Bolden and Robert JUIytncvillc Negroes, burglary. Pleading not guilty were: Claude Smlthwick of Scnath, Mo., obtaining money under false proteins; L&w.nrd Morris of Dell, rape; Vcr- non Lee Davis or Leachville, grand larceny; Phillip Klmbro, Blythe- vllle. Negro, burglary; Vernon Ray of Dlylhcvlllc, rape; Eugene Shaw of Blythcvllle. grand larceny; Jessie I,ce Hill, Blytheville Negro, receiving stolen property. / Thc following waived fortnnl arraignment but entered picas of not gullly: Ray Scott of Osceoln, embezzlement; L. S. Carson and Wallace Carson of Blythevllle. assault to rob; James Wells, Blytheville Negro, grand Inrccny; nnd James Thomas and John Lewis, Blytheville Negroes, grnnd larceny. Tlie court declared a forfellure of bond in thc cnse of Basil Baker, charged with lorgery. An alias warrant was Issued for Ihe defendant and bondsmen In the case for the next term of court and they were ordered to show cause why judgment should not be entered against them. Jury Tanel Selected i Thc following were selected as • petit Jurors Ihls morning; Russell Orcenway and R. B. Crawford, Jr.. of Dell, L. T. Ellis of Clear Lake, Aubrey Bowling of Promised Land, Norman Bailey, W. li. Bryant, W. G. Brown, Everett Kc-nnctt. Dan Mlnlrth, Joe Morgan, Earl J. Fields, nil of Leachville: anj U. T. Barnes. J. M. Cleveland, George H. Hamilton, Loy H, Welch. L. G. Thompson, Jr.. Hoy 'Walton, J. F. McCalln,.John C. McHaney 111 Hermon Carlton, Ernest Roe, James Nierstheimer, John F. Thro, Frank Wagner. U I,. Ward Jr., Elza Wheel- military aid to China, and'for th« United Nations Children Fund. As passed by the Senale earlier Ihe relief measure carried only th« »5,300.000.000 provided ,for the fir«* 12 months' aid to 16 nations partlc-. Ijmllng in the Marshall plan. . ''^ House leaders of bolh parlies fora- saw no real fight to block the mea»- ure, predicting at the outside 1M negative votes. They hoped to clean up amendments and push the measure lo passage Wednesday. Then It must go to * conference committee to Iron out difference* between tha House »nd Senate versions. Railroad Unions Meet to Discuss Board's Offerings CLEVELAND, March 29. (UJ>) _ Top officials of three railroad brotherhoods meet here Wednesday to decide whether to accept a Presidential Emergency Board's Fa?« recommendations that fell short of their demands. If rejected, the three unions' M5,- 000 members are prepared to strike after April 26—an alternative that appeared a distinct possibility today. They have already filed a ttrik* notice and are exempted from th* Tall-Hartley Act. Meanwhile, two other brotherhoods that comprise the five operating rail unions, planned to meet here today and the nation's carriers may be presented with olher demands after thai session. cr. B. G. Grant and M of Blyth«vtll«. Hadley Hays, American Sergeant Wounded in Trieste TRIESTE, March X. (UP)—Ai» American Army sergeant was "mysteriously shot" by unknown assailants late last night in an army mesa in downtown Trieste, Italian newspapers reported today. Soybeans (Price* f. •, fc. open high low 1:J9 357* MO »T.4 3»ob New York Cotton May July Oct. Dec. Mar, 34S7 3468 3178 31 IS Ms* tow 1:JO 3S2» 3*7 KM 3W7 MSI Mtf JIM 31*. JIB 3120 310B 3115 JIM U« IW

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