The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 22, 1944
Page 6
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v PAGE J3IX. BLYTHEVILLE (AUK,) COUIUEH NEWS long Io Oppose Wisbar Monday Pair >V'II Clash In Feature Tag March , At Legion Arena The long anticipated meeting ot Johnny (Tiger) Long: and Gus Wis- bar Is soon to become a reality, and what a" break for the local wrestling fans 1 Promoter: Mike Meroney an- nptmces flint tlie two smooth work- Ing, clever giants will head another .all-sta'r lag match Monday night for tils weekly Ung presentation* at the' American Legion nrena. . , \ The matchmaker has teamed Long with BuckLawson, while Wis- bar. draws the Arab ace, Emll Ba- •duli as his partner In the stnr- stitdded show. For the' opening matches, that will 1 have. Ihe usual half-hour time llinit nnd single fall only, Long and Wisbar will tie up In one. leaving' Lawson and Badui to settle the 'other between Ihcm. \ Fails Seek Mafch Ever since Wisbar reliirncd to the ring, after ti long layoff to work lir defense plants, Die funs have Hoped for a match with ellher Joe Welch, younger of the famed Welch brothers, or Long. When Qus first reappeared here an attempt was made by the mtitchmnker to book Welch and Wisbar, just as many customers had openly requested. Bui, just about the lime that Ihiiigs were beginning to shape up so as to bring in Welch for Wisbar, the young brother wns daugeroiis- lv Injured .In n match • with lied Rbb'crts. His head split wide open m a fall out of the ring in Ken- lucky, Joe wns rushed Immediately to a hospital. Doctors now fear that Joe n111''never climb through the ropes as n competitor agnln. Then Long came back to tlie territory after n long and" successful slay lu the East. Immediately, the promoter" wns beseiged with requests to throw the Tiger and the blond Nazi fugitive Into the ring, preferably in n Ing match—Hits popular choice with most local ring subjects. Always ready io heed to reasonable demands from the customers, Alike stVirted planning lo mulch the two. He was successful in' working :thc schedule to bring them here Monday night. Match A Natural The meeting between Long nnd Wifibar—as ivell ns the entire program—looks like one of those often heard of and little seen "na- 'turals". On the surface, the match Appears' to have everything from ' fun to firecracker; from dirt to dynamite; from tap to TNT. In short, this is the match the customers have been waiting for. "Thcic seems to be litllc choice bBtncen Ihe two. They arc strlk- Irigly mnny ways. Both arc tall, slim with long, powerful legs which they use to good advantage. Both arc fust, elusive and brilliantly clever, without attompled: flash. Both prefer llic scientific phase of the game and usually slick fo the art as long as the' foes leave off i>>e ro'.igii stuff. Both cnn let down Ihe bars with abated abandon once thcyother makes a false move and starts roughing. "Tiger" will have a slight weight artvanlaee. But Wisbar otfsels U with probable superior speed afoot. Partners Are Large Lawson and Badur slack up as ideal' opponents, to sny nothing of partners in the prospective spectacular watch. They, too, nr e comparable In physical makeup, stvle and skill. In sharp contrast to 'the other pair of enemies In the tag program, Buck and Emll are large Bulky, not too fast—though (uius- ually sklllcd-and have n yen to Big Rqd, Celebration IKNCJ1 CiClNGS ON Ur. James Thomson Prolhro, vho forsook the dental chair lo icconic a prominent, biiscball plny- nnd lalcr a successful manager, is kindled with enthusiasm of green, fresh rookie ns the 1014 Southern Association gels rendy to >ry off the lid, . . There nrc overal reasons for this pep and energy, llnscd with optimism. . . The eminent "Doc" by nature Is uiylhlng but a "sour puss" type. . He manages to get ft lot of un out of baseball. . . 11 cleftnltc- y is part ot him. . . Why. he avows he luid n rcnl good time vhcn managing the linplcss Phillies ip Quaker ivny, nntl boy, Hint's stretching one's enthusiasm pretty hin, if you ask me. . . "Doc" Is- I't particularly hepped up over the pennant, chances of his Mcm- ihis Chicks. . . Frankly, he doesn't know what Ihe future holds lor the "rock and sock". Arab Is the heavier The colorfu by some 10 pounds, scaling 225 to 215 for the former Naval connnnndo Instructor. Both nerc winners on last Monday's card. Badui snapped the winning streak of Long in a slam- bam match that packed ample fireworks and delighted the fans despite the, fact that their favorite Long, was on the losing end, Lawson, making a comeback nfter two-week layoff due to a sevee head injury, came from behind to defeat Bad Buddy Knox In the deciding of a three-fall match i, p of ,, the ' coin wl " decide Ihr «rst preliminary . match that goc. on promptly at 8:15. , Size No Handicap KANSAS CITY, Kan. (UP)-rfc Ralph Unkcnholz, a machine gun iier stationed at Camp Hobinson ' Ark, , m , e b t things in a big wayl The lS-year old prn-ntc first class Is only 5 fee 3 inches tall and weighs less thai 125 pounds, but he has four exper medals for pudency w| , h ^^ 'ijjJSi^iii^'' i-rjiiumj and poii-cr/iil, M.m <)' IV u, rtnicriuis jric.iTcsf r icHu celebrates, Z7II, birlhd.iy at Kentucky farm of baimicl * Ills owner. r.,,. HidiMe' ' lite. DOPE BUCKET Bi J. P. FRIEND the Tribe. one else. Neither does any- But ho has seen enough Io come out with Ihe bold statement that the Chicks won't hold up the league ere the curtain rings down In September. ('LEASED WITH SI'lUIT He confessed he was pleased with the general spirit "that prevails among tho kids nnd veterans alike in his wigwam. '. . They all have been working Hkc Trojans to get In shape, which has been a big job 1 the face of regular generous gifts from Jupiter Pluvious, the weathei guy. . . "Doc" traces much of Yanks Shanghai Councilman Who Came Out To Play Catch I'"''" 1 Lal '" ed 'em all. He was " y J,!» U J lY 1 , . NBA bpurls l.dllor a bit sore the first night hut In ATLANTIC CITY.-As the fm-lhlgh glee. Wasn't he back in Me morlal bard or someone wrote, some ' thick of things? are torn to fame, others achieve I Photographers snapited Gas Bta- fmiic and some have finne thrust lion Proprietor Larncd JillliiB a 30- (link cl a car at a station next to ' j the armory In which Yanks toiled Indoors, U made a different sort • t f , caicmng squa / ' form. The vi< | ' ed's gas com / slunl clever the |x>p to a redheaded youngster Don Friend (no relation of mine), who, he predicts, has n bright baseball future in store, barring accidents. . . Just turned 17, tall mid powerful with large sure hands, the Illinois strawberry blond hns a remarkable eye for the ball and can cover ground like one of Bnrrmm & Bailey's huge circus tents. "Doc" reports. . . Friend did not get to show his \vnrcs lo some 1500 GI personnel, officers and civilians at Ihe Blylhevlllc Army Air 'Field Thursday because of ri sore arm hut ho sal on the bench part of the time with an ear tuned to what "Doc" had to say about the activity nnd action on the playing field. - . . The kid hns the right spirit. ... He wants to mnke good nnd is Bivtns out. EDITOR 1100STS KID David liloom. sports editor of the Commercial Appeal, is one ot Friend's strongest boosters. . . So is Joe Hare, the vet who granted the Fliers only two hils during his five-mnlng tenue on the mound, • . . Dave -says Don has the stuff; is one of Ihe best young prospects he has seen in ninny years of typewriter pounding. . . whether he Is ready for Southern Association baseball, e vcn In war times Is u matter to be decided in time. . . Bloom isn't worried about his fielding. but is undecided about the stick side nf the attack vl/. that No. 2, the "coivc" ball. . . Hare, who has seen service 'with Portland n the Pacific Coast League, renewal acquaintances with Joe Whitley, the county game warden who spent many years on tiic const, and prnls- ?d Friend. . . "Ho look's like a natural', but may not be ready for the Southern", . ..' Mickey 6'Nell the miming 45-year old catcher who rates as one of the oldest active players in organized baseball, ilso is sold on young Friend and believes that the dependable Buster Chatham will steady him enough to piny Ihls year. FKEI,S AT 1IOMB. "Doc" snld he felt very much at home in Mississippi Comity. . . tie recalled that during- his . younger days lie worked with the U. S. Engineers at Osceola. . . "They have some mighty good people there," lie snld. . . They were certainly good to me. . . Of course, there arc some oxccplions", he remark- ed.ns he winked at his old friends, Ben and Guy Butler, up,from Osccola for Die game. . , Prothero recalled several games lie played when the Engineers in Ihis section, one In particular that oldtlmers will long remcilibcr. . . It was between Blylhcville and Osceola and nearly led to bloodshed. "Doc" and "Dutch" Quelhnallz swapped yarns all during the game. ... In Hie Introduction of "Dutch" to Bloom "Doc" remarked with a twinkle In his eye, "Dave. I want you to know "Dutch" ^Quellmaltz. tee is n guy who could field with :he best of them, but he couldn't nit with four bats. If he could Roorbacks Have Seasoned Squad 13 Lettcrmen To Be 'Available For 1944 Arkansas U. Team FAYETTEVfLLE, Ark., April 22. ---Thirteen lettoiiiien from the 1S43 Rawjrback football aggregation will foe available as u nucleus for Ihe 1944 sciuad, barring a change In the draft situation. Three others who were members of lust season's .squad nnd a couple of promising players who arrived ttm Into for football last fall participated in spring training and will be available next season. Lcttormcn scheduled to return arc Earl Wheeler and Curl Ixn Jackson, centers; Loon Pcnse, who played center, guard or tackle; Hob Cope nntl Henry Ford, guards; Jim Young nnd Charles Johnson, tackles; William Brown, guard or (tickle; Alton Baldwin, lioxie nankin mid Liunar Uingler, ends; Ben Jones, who played end or backficld; and Marvin Lindsey, Iwck. Sijuadiium expected to return are Thoinns King, tackle or guard; Melvln McGalia, end; nnd Joe CeJitenfo backllcld. Will Collie, center, nrnvcd too tulc for duly lust season but made » good showing lit center lu sprint; workuiils. Prank Sclnimch.vk, a basketball star, also nrrivi'rt" too late for football but showed promise ns a biickficld mini in spring training. Prank's brother, Mike, another cage lettennan, who arrived too laic for fool bull, also showed up well in spring practice, playing at end. However, his return is doubtful, as he will linvo a try at the dmtt coining up soon. Meanwhile, Coach Glen Hose h keeping hij ringers crossed and is milking no predictions. "Hnvlng only recently returned cl ' s slarlcd^wiiujing 'cm in. Council- gas station—and no gas. from the Army, I lack the necessary I information lo form an opinion on probable stars for next year," he said. He added the belter Inlcrcol- leKiale football provides excellent tiainilii; lor the Army, saylnjr: "It Is my belief that football supplies Uiu test ]>ejicctime training for combat, duty in tlfc Army and should be given all irasilblo support." SA'CUHDAY, APRIL 22, 19-M U]xm them. .Clnudc Lurried year-old council-) num and gas sta j tlon proprietor of Plejisaiilvllle, N J., luid It. dumped! over him, nnd! Is having n heck: of a time trying 1 to wrlitcle out; from under it. When tho Yankees pitched camp nnd begun' spring training In A tliin tic City, Councilman Lar- ncd wns reminded Claude Larncil of his more youlliful diiys when lie plnycd a bit, In the Cardinal chain. He hadn't caught since lie was behind tho bat far Trcnlcm five years ago, felt the urge lo gel out and do a litlle limbering up with the toys, Huskies, he heard Joe McCarthy needed players, especially catchers. "The player shortage being what it is," .said Councilman Larncd to Jmn.s-clf, "I'll Just help out n little behind ,thc bat for n spoil." He >;ot an Atlantic City sports-writing friend to ask Manager McCarthy il it would be all right. COUNCILMAN' UNWANTED "Hell no," responded Joe. "If I open the gates I'll luivc every screwball in the country ganging up on us." The sports wrilcr pleaded. McCarthy relented. After all, the New Yorks were going to work in Atlantic City, and he wanted to get along. So Councilman Lamed showed up , fur a little game of catch. Tliu pilcli- of n composite. The gns station proprietor at work and In the catching squat in a Yankee uni- vice-prcsldenl of Lai n- 'inpatiy considered the . Jvcr publicity, dispatched j the pictures to dealers throughout '''- the country. Councilman lamed who was perfectly contented minding his own business in Plcasantvlllc on March 12 was a national character on March 13. WANTS TO BK HIIMSIXF And ns the dnys rolled on, McCarthy was Impressed. Here wns a blamed sight teller catcher than lie could pick anywhere and, with Dickey about lo be Inducted Hill and Rollie Heimlcy on the Ihe Uupperts need a, backstop like inairzy needs dotes. But meanwhile Councilman Laru- ed's lawmaking was piling up and Ws yas station was going on ttic locks. Councilman Larncd wanted to go homo, but couldn't let the mighty Yankees down when they went on their recent road trip. lie is on the honis of a dilemma, and it's worse llian a sjuy silling on two tacks simultaneously. Besides, the Yankees won't let him go. They've practically Shanghaied him. Councilman Larncd started out, lo help the Yankees and the Yankees may wind up having to .help him. When help comes to the Yankees anil Councilman Lamed finally makes his escape, there- may be no WRESTLING leg,on Hut, Monday, April 24, 8:15 p. m . Seats On Sale at' (he Lgion Arena Every Monday from 6 p. m. on. TAG MATCH' tONG & LAWSON WISBAR'S, BADUI 2 30-min. Preliminaries TIGER LONG GUSWiSBAR B,UCK LAWSON EMIL'BADUI mve hit just n litjlc bit he would have been In tile majors. He was' n fancy Dan around first base." TKU.S ON SEW "Doe" had a lot of fun Idling a '•cccnt happening In Memphis, "As you know," he started, "we "ought the major part of stock in Ihe Memphis club anil had to (|II on a bank lo help as out. For some reason or another, they got a little JUlcry and called us to take out some insurance. That called for n physical examination in view of iiy M years. Well, naturally. I went to tin- Insurance doctor for (lie checkup. When he got around to putting (hat thing on my chest to listen to my heart 1 slopped him. Listen, Doc. I says, you can pass that up. Anybody who manages the Philadelphia Phillies three years and comes out alive hts heart is bound to be all right." Pros Outlaw Post-Season Grid Contests PHILADELPHIA, April 22. (UP)-The National Professional Football League has outlawed post-season games by member teams after Ihe championship Is decided. However, individual players will be allowed .sonic leeway. y Players, according to the new ruling, will be permitted lo play in one post-season game. But only with the permission of the commissioner. No more than two players of any one learn may play In such games. In line with this, Ihe league decreed thai the selection of any all- league or all-opponent teams arc out. The league also voted against an eastern headquarters yesterday. It delcatcd a resolution thai the main ollice be located in New York for a five-year period every other five years. Rookie's Homer Good For Record Cleveland Outfielder Poles Longest Hit In Win Over Detroit By UnltiMl Press A Cleveland rookie outfielder, Pat Scercy, is credited willi the longest lell-ficld homer ever hit at the Cleveland Municipal Stadium. Sccrey's four-bagger, which cli- nm.vcd Cleveland's 7 to 4 victory over the Detroit. Tigers, hit the top deck of the stadium, a distance of 3GO feet. illic Reynolds, making his first 1014 start lor the Indians, won the tie with the help of Joe Heving who took over in the eighth. The St. Louis Browns, sparked by Mike ICreevich, won their {fourth straight game, defeating the Chicago White Sox 5 to 3. Krcevlch, who hit his first home run in two years in the first Inning, came back for a second round Giants spoiled n homc-op- for the Brooklyn Dodgers they squeezed out a 3 to 2 York en ing ivlicn win. Ace Adams, the busiest relief pitcher in the game, slarlcd for the Giants ami won his first victory. The Ciiielmmti Reds took their tliir dgainc in four starts, downing Ihe Pirates 4 to 2. Ray Mueller hit a homer for the Red's. Tlie St. Ixniis Cardinals blanked the Chicago cubs 4 to 0. The game was a pitching duel between Card pitcher Harry Brcchecn and veteran Paul Derringer of the Cubs until the eigth inning when Marion hit a St. Louis homer. The Cards tallied three more in the ninth. .The •Philadelphia-Boston game was postponed. When going to sea, red salmon float tail first. More than 100 years old, an apple tree.'in Vancouver,-Wash,, still bears. • - Yesterday's Resulls NATIONAL I.UAGUJ! • New York 3, Brooklyn 2. St. Louis •), Chlcara 0. Cincinnati 4, Pittsburgh 2. Philadelphia c.t Boston, postponed, rain. AMEItlCAN LEAGUE St. Louis 5, Chicago 3. Cleveland 7, Detroit 4. Washington at New York, |x>sl- poned, rain. Boston at Philadelphia, postponed, rain. Today's Games NATIONAL LKAGDK New York at Brooklyn. St. Louis at Chicago. Philadelphia at Boston. Only games scheduled. AMKItlOAN !.HA(iUi: Washington at Nc v York. Boston at Phllud Iphia. Detroit at Cleveland. Chicago at si. 1/mi.s. Tlie human body contains 11 gallons of water. CHIGKASAW West Mala Near Zlst St. Bat. iliri! 12:45; Sun. slirti IM Night shows 5:45 Except Monday, ovens 6:45 Continuous showi Sit. tnt Hon. Lasl Tinit Toilny Double Feuture "BOSS OF HANGTOWN MESA" ivitli Johnny Mack lirowa and I-'H/xy KlligikC and "I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE" with James r.llison .t Frances Dec : "Don Witislow (if the Coast Guard" Comedy Sunday and Monday "BEYOND THE BLUE HORIZON" (In Technicolor) with Dimiliiy I,um»ur, Jack Haley, &. Itidiard Denning Universal News Comedy tripper The in llic ninth. other American League Bailies, Boston at Philadelphia and Washington at New York, mere, postponed.- , | In the/National League, the New Two Chicago tennis, the Bears and one vote. the Cardinals, and the Detroit Lions combined to block the resolution by FOR SALE: 800 Bui Raisoy Seed Soybeans from sfuic eerlificil. breeder. Riilsoy is Ihc only variety grown on my furm in the last four years. 50 Tons Alfalfa Hay 3-3 Yr. Old Mules « rukcu to H. C, KKAPPENBEiiGER Phone 562 RITZ THFATRF MANILA, IV II*. I n L A I IV t ARKANSAS Sunday & Monday—April 23 & 24 Sunday Matinee at 1 P. M, THE WAR DEPARTMENT Preienli "THE MEMPHI Sc/ecfof/ Short & Arkansas State Certified D. & P. L. No. 14 PLANTING SE $125 Per Ton ALSO D. & P. L. NO. 12 ALFALFA HAY ROSELAND GIN CO. Roseland, Ark. Baseball Standings NATIONAL I.KAGVK ' W. L. New York St. Louis 3 Cincinnati 3 Brooklyn PhiliKlelphin Chicago . ,,. Pittslftirgh . JJoston . Pet. 1.000 1.000 .750. .500 .333 .250 .000 .000 AMHKICAN LEAGUE W. L. St. Louis 4 Q Uoston , 2 I Chicago: ; i l Philadelphia i i Washington i j Cleveland ".. [ j New York 12 Detroit u <j im MV .500 .500 .500 .500 .333 .000 British newspapers have cut their per consumption to nbout one- sixth of the pre-war total. NEW THEATRE Manila's Finest Shows Nightly ut 6:30 MATINEES Saturday & Sunday at 1 Salimluy "SUNDOWN KID' A Republic Western Serial »t Sliorf Swim-day OWL SHOW "DRUMS OF FU MANCHU" ' iviill Henry Br.nulrm Selected Shorts Sunday and Monday 'HIS BUTLER'S SISTER' with Dcunim Diirliln I'ox News & Short SUNDAY T1IKOUG11 TIIUKSDiU' ! KAC'H WEEK WILL BE SHOWN 24 I'idures of Local Service Hoys New Group Each Sunday to Run f| 5 Days Each Open 7:15 Show Starts 7:30 ! |i Adm. Always 12c and 30o ™ "SrjIMKE DUAL" No. 101683 Minnesota Slate Champion 1912, Senior Hoar. Pig All American Champion, 1913, Senior Boar I'lg FOR SALE A few choice FALL BOARS sired by SQUARE DEAL, Thick, smooth and well grown out, with plenty of quality. JOE T. CAGLE S. Hwy. 61—Phone 3390— Rt. 2, Blytheville DRS. NIES & NIES OSTfOPATH/C PHYSICIANS RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY (fXCPPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic «4 Main Blytherille, Ark. Phone 2921 Last Time Today 'Sons of the Pioneers' with Hoy Knjtcrs & Gco. "Guliby" Tin; LAST CIIAPTKI!: "The Ailvcntiircsfi of Sniilin* Jack" Saturday MIDNITE SHOW Victim 7 wild Tom Comv:iy & Jean U rooks Slinrls , . Sunday and Monday ?'& •4£*.\ t «< *f *«<* U*»-I«M™*.W--•—'"f THE SHOCKING TRUTH ABOUT THE JAPS! —in the picture 1 that makes you enough 1,4111 Or, S iool Screen flay b, EHMfl lAVfRljPl<l Paramount News Coined)- Let Us Help SAVE YOUR EYES! 209 W. Main St. Phone 29lf

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