The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on October 18, 1960 · Page 6
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 6

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 18, 1960
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Three Keglers Roll Over 600 In GI League The G.T. League had another hoi night of bowling,' last Wednesday v.iK'ii three more int'ii made Ihe cclccl class of 600 ur belter. The) ivvre led by Charlie D'Agostino who had hiyh Ihrcc game total L'f 013 with llic high Kiime of 221. Next was Gerald Alwood who hail n 515 (olal will) 21S ami for the Ihiixl M-i'jiight week, Merve Hayes hil COO with a 6US lolnl wilh a 337 Same included. On a pieceecling week, which iv;is nol included for some reason 31! Hie bowling stores of last week. Ihe McKHvce's team had a high Same of 1132 will] a Ihrcc game lolal of IIICG fur a high for the year so far. Include;! iti thai 3166 scries were a i63 scries by Hayes arid a K3'2 series by Did; Person sic. Howling ag;iinsl them, Joe Mnscalo posted a fine 6.30 series bul in a losing cause. Another fine series was also hil Mint week by Charles Muscato, of Jlorricc Trucking, who hil a 638 series. As was said before, this G.I. League shows some of the best bowling in a long lime. High Single By Merve Hayes 237 C. D'AgiiSlino · 221 G. Atwood 218 High Triple By C. D'Agoslmo 61! G. Atwood 615 M. Hayes 608 High Team Single No. S Team 1091. High Team Triple No. 8 Team 3050 Standings Team 3'oints Emersons Auction 20 No. 8 Team 1714 Surplus Outlet 17 Morrice Trucking · 17 JIcElwee's 16 White's Oarage 15 1 Eddie's Cafe \1\'i Pepsi-Cola J TUESDAY, OCTOBER is, i960 BENNETT HARDWARE CO. Holcomb, N.Y. In By 10 ... Out By 5 1-Day Service MERCURY CLEANKRS Mill St. -- Canandaigua John C. JOHNSON Funeral Home, Inc. ·17 N. Main St. Phone 243 The GENESEE Feeling! Sparldlng And ' Gold Naturally 3/ore Refreshing!. ·m^MaB^BHHBMHH Right up your alley Next time you bowl, take a break for the beer that's right up your alley--cool off with a quick, frosty Genesee! H A A G DISTRIBUTING CO., Manchester, N.Y. ARROWHEAD JUNIOR GIRLS High Single By Donna Jloss 14S High 2-games By Donna Ross 247 High Team Single AVce Moderns (78 Hig'i Team 2-Games Wee Moderns nil SUmllngs Team W T. Strikers 8 I Chain G a n g it l Twllighlcrs 6 .1 Alley Cats 5 4 Strikeltes s 4 Northwestern Mutual 5 4 Wee .Modems 5 4 4 Aces - 4 5 Ivy Leaguers 1 S Alley Oops 3 « Bloomers 4 2 7 Rollins Kcucls 0 HARVESTER High Single By Roy Fuller 322 Ilish Triple By Roy Fuller 5«t High Team Single Toomeys Tigers ' . S97 High Team Triple Toomeys Tigers 2955 Standings. Team W L Ken's Farm Service 17 .1 Toomeys Tigers 16 4 Davidson's Shoes 12 * Mercury Cleaners 12 X Canandaigua Motors 11 » West Side F.leclric 10 10 Rogers Dozers 9 H Aldrich Imp. X 1Z Gulvin's Excavators 7 n NY ARC 7 11 (iWF Homes Corps * 14 P i C Foods 5 15 HOLCOMB MERCHANTS High Single By Don Busby MS High Triple By Don Busby M4 High Team Single Rayhurns Cleaners 30*5 High Team Triple flayburns Cleaners J94! Standing* Team W L Hawkins Gulf Service H * Locust Lawn 14 « W.N. Clark Co. 12 X Caves Lumljer Co. lOJ.^ Vh Howes Shell 10 10 The Veranda 1» 10 Holcomb I.G.A. JO 10 Raybums Cleaners »14 W/4 Lord Bros. » 11 Baylor t Sons 1 11 Bennett Hardware Co. t 12 Rennet Fur Farm 4 U INTER CITY LEAGUE High Single By Hiley Taylor 215 High Triple By Riley Taylor High Team Single Montesaho's 1050 High Team Triple jlontesano's 2M7 Standings Team · Points Royles Sporting Goods IS Harts Insurance 1.1 D L Paint Store 11 Vecchis Bakery 32 Red Top Inn TJ J[ i J Diner 12 Motitesanos 10 Don Howards » Coca Cola I Sain Cozy Comer » Furdies Express 4 11 asonic 1 581 Venetian Way, winner ot UN 14SO Kentucky Derby, wax JMR-- chased ai · yearling in IIS* f»r $10,500. Everything's c f e a n t r in · Lennox-equipped horn*: curtains, floors,rugs, upholstery, clolhet. Exclusive Linfloi filler Iraps up to 70JJ of »tr- borne house dust. You «ave real money on denning bills --ind^ou do less hous»«otk! Come in and ask absut lh» Lennox Easy Pay Plan C«m in *f Ph»n« Ur a FREE ARROWHEAD BANTAM BOYS S t o r e k e e p e r s were Luclllf Brigjs, Jim Craine, Sylria Busb Phyllis Blair, · Dorothy Flunk* Charlotte Thicker, Bea Black Marlcne Meltan, Cle Sheppardson Bob Wade Jr. and "Butch" Pine HiKli Single Hy Jim Calalfamo lo5 Hisli 2-Ciamcs Hy Jim Calalfamo 273 High Team Single Vecchi's 735 High Team 2-CJamcs Vecchi's mo Standings Team w L Monlesano's 7 2 Vecchi's I! ,1 Wild Cats S 4 Spntnicks S 4 Vicki Marie 5 4 Black Hawks 4'^ 41,5 Cole and ftacs 4 ' s Canali's Glass Shop .1 I! ^Rockets 3 B Eagles 2i,i 6[a MTE-CAP LEAGUK High Singfe By Ernie Cummin^s 222 High Triple By Ernie Ciimmings 574 High Team Single Frases Bros. ]Q38 High Team Triple Frasca Bros. 2955 Slandlngj Team . w L Frasca Brothers 24 1 Hiv'x Barber Shop IS 9 . Ontario Bottle Gas ISJj 9^ Daily Messenger 15 10 Roger Bros. is 10 Overhead Doors 13 12 V.F.W. 7414 101 J 141', Shepard-Forcl 10 15 Jenkins Motors X^ 16^ Tost Office 8 17 Crystal Beach 8 17 Kgglestori Esso S'^ J9i£ OH'I, LKAGUE High Single By Jones High Triple By Prilchard High Team Single Finns High Team Triple Stinardos · Standings Tfam w Finns j2 Stuiardo.f n Farnsworlhs ]| Holcomb 10 Iversens 10 Standi^hs g Prestons R Hooks 7 Coca-Cola 4 R«l Jacket Sales 3 Hanisos j Ninos Barber Shop 1 12 5 Bowling Briefs The Syracuse Women's Bowling Association is giving a Testimonial Dinner and Dance^ to honor Mrs. Alberta Crowe, President of lh« W.I.B.C., at the Hotel Onoiwia fta, Syracuse, N.Y., on Saturday Octoter 29; I960. Those desir i n g reservations ·hould direct their request to Miss Margaret Hughes, Ticket Chairman, SOO Bellevue Avenue, Syracuse, N.Y. Tickels for the Diimer- Dance are J6.00 per person. VA MIXED LEAGUE High Single By Ernie Cumminjs Wamen: M. Brown High Ti-ip!e By Kraie Cummings Women: M. Brown High Team Single Untouchables High Team Triple Cornels * i Standings Team -\\r Untouchables jo Missers s K-T-Did 7 Never-Wasers 6 Bombers 5J Cornels 4 Jokers 4 AppIe-fCnockers 2; A. K. C. LEAGUE High Single By James Nicholson High Triple By James Nicholson High Team Single Cooper's Garage High Team Triple Cooper's Garage Standings Team Marlins Gulf Coopers Garage Pickering Hotel Crystal Beach Kennedys Plaza Toggery Sommers Motors Geneccos I.G.A. Hometown Reslaiirant Tloseland Canandaigua F.xpress Emerson Produce 255' 158 433 770 2273 3 s 6 fii,j 229 598 J096 3157 Toinls |fi 14 13 i:i The percentage of winning favorites is up to 34 per cent while 67 per cent of the public choices hive finished in the money. THE DAILY MESSENGER, CANANDAIGUA, 1 N.Y. Bailg A R E A BOWLING NEWS n r - r T vr. i T ' ( H n l l y MosFnnp-pr Pholo) BELLhS -- Among the most enthusiastic the Finger Lakes area are these members of the Cook Coffee Co. team..From left to right they arc: Helen Hoiden, Joyce Case, Faye Brocklcbanlt, Margie Bills and Joyce Simms. ARROWHEAD BOMISUK LKAGUE Three teams turned, in some fine scores for three, stacking up as follows: lloffiis Electric, 1020 . 102:i - 937, tor 3000: Verge Welch 1058 -1052 - S8S for 23%; and Cummings Electric, 1004 - Oil i 913 /or 29S4. High Single By Jim Johnson 228 High Triple By Jim Johnson 5S7 High Team Single Surge Dairy Kquip. 1097 High Team Triple Jloffils Eleelric 31)00 Standings Team Poinls Vanccs \'-i Way House Is Verge Welch 14 Harvard Tree Surgeons 13Ji JI fc J Diner 12 Moffits Elecl. 11 Angelt Heating ]01' 2 Colonial Inn in Ryans Gumdrops 8 JIalioncys Barbers 7 Surge D.iirv Equip. 7 Village Hoiel 6 Cuinmings Klect. 6 BANTAM LEAGUE High Single By Sandy Smilh 151 High Two By Michele Block 268 High Team Single Kiv's 713 High Team Two Riv's 1366 Standings Team Poinls Rivs S Wolcolt Dairy 8 Strikers 6 East Siders 3 Gutter B.itls 2 Arrowhead 0 P.M. LEAGUE High Single By Dillman High Triple By Callow li«h Team Single · Beavers ligh Team Triple Beavers Standings Team W Heavers 17', Imps 15 Jokers 1-1 Toollipicks 12 Argyles 9! Misfils -1 Switches Made In 3-City League Last season's champs in the Tri- Cily League, Bob's Restaurant, must have decided after losing four points last week t h a t il was lime lo either fish or cut bait, if they didn't want to drop way down in the 'standings. To demonstrate t h a t (hey could still topple the pins, (hey look three ol four points away from the league leaders. Mercury Cleaners. Tied in second place wilh Bob's, is the Scguin-Gosper t e a m , who look three poinls away from Sisson's Shell. Cnlri's Builders, bowling Sam's had hcaleu their last three opponents by taking all four poinls. Cu- Iri's won, 31,4 poinls lo one-half, to bring (hem into a tie with Sam's Corner boys. Royal Cafe, after losing their first game io Crowe's Flying "A" by one pin, ol their dander up and look the second with a !)02 game. But Crowe's came right back and look- Ihe match by three points. Merrill Hose, which shows improvement weekly, lost the first genie to Canali's Glass, (116 lo 1.016 opened up and took Ihe second l,D.i8 lo 1,001. Canali 'came right back wilh a MOHAWK MAIDEN* ligh Single By Klsic Fredrii-fcs hgh Triple By Elsie Kredricks ligh Team Single Ginghamlown ligh Team 'IViplo Howes Shell Standings ream · Bovenzi-Crudelc Sen'. Harvard Tree Surgeons Howes Shell Service, Brown-Hoy! Inc. Caruso's Restaurant Try Fine Producls Cinghamlnwn Rest. Eggicston's Esso (ienccco's IGA GLF Crickets Scciirily Tnist Co. P k C Food M a r k e t 208 510 597 2331 L ·l W. 9 10 12' 20" 1G5 411 S02 1,015 game for a folal nf 3,032, fiood for three poinls, even though the smoke eaters bowled the three games close to the 3,000 mark. Hart's Insurance, not lo be outdone, went lo work on Thomas- S'hillips ilolors and look all four poinls. Wilfred Crougli, who rolled a high single 250 scratch and a 614 three-game scratch tola], made him move into Ihe lop spot in the singles and Iriple department. Joe Delforlc wilh 303-205 and 21-i for a 612 lotal and Richard Cutri wilh 174-191 \atxl 232 for a 500 scratch lolal impressed their colleagues and (heir foes. TR1-CITY LEAGUE (Adams) High Single By Wilfred Craugh , 259 High Triple By Wilfred Craugh 614 High Team Single Hart's Insurance 1000 High Team Triple Harl's Insurance 3103 Standings Team Poinls Mercury-Cleaners 17 Bob's Restaurant 15 Segfiin's-Ciospcr 35 Poinls 141$. 11 13 32 12 11 10 9 9 «!j 4 3 Survtyl Herendeen Bros. Shortsville, N.Y. Phont 5564 Princeton w o n Ihe ISfiO Ivy eaguc lacrosse championship for ic fourth straight season. KVtlE CEHTER HULINGS BICYCLE SHOP New; and Used _ SCHWINN - COLUMBIA Parts -- Accessories -- Repairs Phone -- 2567-R Bristol St. -- Rear Wesleyan Church ARROWHEAD KED LACKKT LEAGUE High Single By Vcm llumsey 210 High Triple By Richard Knopf 540 High Team Single Fellows Esso 072 High Team Tripo Fellows Esso 2845 Standings Team W L Haag Genesce 36 4 Fellows Esso 35 5 McLoulh Jt Rohan 12 S Howard Farm F.qnip. 12 8 Wallers Shoe Slore 10 10 Bur 's Taping 10 11) Lakeview Dairy 3 31 VanBrookcr's R W 9 U G.L.F. - Holcomb 0 H Sam's T.V. }i 12 Carver Homes 6 1-1 Kiwanis Blue 4 16 P A R K W A Y PLA/.V LADIES CLASSIC SOO Series ID-U-liO Marie Trumhull 350 Lee Marschke 521 Florence SpitUl SIC Wai da Miller SOfi Gen Brown 505 Mae Goldslein jQl High Single By Marie Trnmbnll 200 High Triple By Jan Phillips ' 351. High Team Single Uenby Vcnd-rlles · 817 High Team Triple Arrowhead Lanes · 23S2 Standings Team w L Arrowhead tanes 17 3 Denfiy Vend-ctles 13 7 Wild Irish Rose 13 7 Gulf Service 31 !) Finn Aulo Supply "* 10 10 Pontius g j j Greenwood on Ihe lake 8 12 Redfield Team 0 20 Sam's On 'Hie Corner !4',i Cutri Builders 14'j Merrill Hose l.T,$ Crowe Flying A Sta. \V,'-, Canali Glass Slrap 13 " Davidson Supplies 12 Hart Insurance It , Thomas-Phillips 10 Haag Dislrib. Co. 9 Sisson Shell Sla. 7 Royal Cafe 3 CCLYER'S RECREATIONAL MIXED High Single By Mayor .Underbill 214 Mary J. Commisso 191 High Triple By Chas. Mililcllo 567 Mary J. Commisso 50S llisn Team Single BVD's " 776 High Team Triple Hypos OTJ ' Standings Team \\' L Hypos 3 i .BVD's 3 i 11 R s i Jenny Four 3 j Pick Me Cps i 3 Goof Balls i n Lneky Slrikes l ^ Newcomers i 3 STUAUT SHAW C A V E S Lumber - MiHivork Phone 111 Holcomb, N.Y. HOLCOAIB IGA S T O J{ E Piolcomb, N.Y. Hinds Radiator Service CLEAN and REPAIR PICK-UP and DELIVERY 7]/ Years Experience Warlimanship Guiirtmlccd 23 Main St. Holcomb, N.Y. Phone 11 02 ARROWHEAD CHEROKEE CHICKS High Single By Kale Culrl . 197 High Triple By Carol mil.: ,. / 500 High Team Single ' v - Cuddebaclcs' · gjj High Team Triple Cuddebacks - 3350 Standlnjs Team . , ,W L American Legion Aux. U l Shaddocks . 18 2 Cuddcbacks 14. s · Kennedys V 13 7 Hometown lieslaur. 12 g Brennc'rs . 12 g Ontario Co. Journal 11 9 Shepard - Ford ' » II Wallers Shoe Store 5 15 Gcneccos IGA 4 15 Hawks Trailers 3 17 Chrysler Five 0 20 T LEAGUE High Single By Fran Zimmerman 181 High Triple By Mary Colgiove 4S9 High Team Single Dead Emlers 667 Uijh Team Triple Dead Enders 1915 Standings Team i oinls four Corners 20 Dead Enders 13 Bombers 15 High Spots H C B's n Quartet 9 West Tinders 8 Tail 'finders 7 LAKERS LEAGUE High Single By Jim-Crane . 253 High Triple By Jim Hoose C17 lli.qh Team Single Genesce . ' 10M Hish Team Triple Getiesee 3M7 Other high totals and games were rolled hy Jim Crane -- 607, .lim Hoosc'-- 24G, Harry Cuiiniii"- h a m -- 234-602. Standings Team w L · Plaza Toggery 17 7 GLF 8 Buffalo 17 7 Genesee 16 S Cardulla Turkey Fm. 15 9 Aloquiu .13 n Johnson Furniture 1.1 U Winsliip Pharmacy 1] IS · Clark's Restaurant 11 I.I Zornow's' 3ft 14 Wayne Drugs 9- 15 f'tLF - Gorham 7 17 Benliam Elevalor 5 19 LADIES PAPOOSE High -Single By , Barbara Skyner 192 High Triple By Gladys Hinds 493 Barbara Skyner .494 High Team Single 1 · Alger Laundromat 803 High Team Triple Alger Laundromat 2300 Standings Team w L Records Dairy 17 5 Eddie's Cafe " J7 8 Winship Pharmacy 3d 3 Seneca Dairy ' ifi ft Alger Laundromat 35 D Hook Electric J3 10 Hinds R a d i a t o r 12 ]3 Cook Coffee Co. 11 14 Haa« Distributing s ](j Chuck's Garage 9 16 Sehrader Bros. 8 17 Burkc's. Trailer Jlart 4 23 ARROWHEAD -· ' MANCHESTEn High Single By B. Lankford ·- · High 'ftiple By 0. Lush High Team 'Single Abbolls Jlofel High Team Triple Abbolls Jlolel Standings Teal » 1. George's -Abbott's Motel · Ike's Restaurant Manchester Hotel Lisai's Restaurant P «.- B Market Volpe's Barbers Angeline's' Rofrig. . Liberty's Hardware Manion's Grill Frederick's Sen-. Sta. Scliaefer-Halsfcad .TOMAHAWK TRIX Higii Single By Barbara Sharp High Triple By Florence Hailing ' High Team Single · Daily' Messenger . Hisli Team Triple Daily Messenger Standings Team \y JIanehesler Hole] i-i Holcomb IGA 14 GWK Homes i^ VanBrookcr's R W 13 Lisais' R e s t a u r a n t 13 \Volcolf Farm Dairy 13 Johnson Funenil Itm. 11 Lakeview Dairy H Daily Messenger 10 Alan Magno Ford 9 Seneca News 8 Ionia Garage K Farnsu-orlh ilolors 7 Wallers Garage 7 Tele's Oasis .; Stticca Dairy Bar 4 22! 510 1033 2339 Points 14 13 13 13 - 1 1 11 9 9- 201 513 573 2451 5 5 7 7 7 j S 10 H 12 12 IS 13 JG 35 Support Merchants Who Arc Helping To Malic]aij!iia and Ontario County The Una-ling Copt ltd of Nciv V»rA- Stitle Toi Quality Mails and Groceries . . . TWIiV - CITIFS IGA S U P K R i M A House cC r0.000 F J N N ' S A n l n Parts (ienlcr CANALI'S ' Glass Shop AUTO GLASS Phone 1538 7 Latayetle Ave Cdgz 'Cleanest aiul Quiches? Jay-N-Eee Foundries Corp. 28 Lake SI. -- Can»ndaijiua Sl;ilii's H 37 S. rn.iin S(. -- Canandaigua Where Bowlers Like To Eat Ladies and Men's HOWLING SHOES SHADDOCK'S SHOK ST S. ^lain SI. -- Canandaigua WiNSHIP PHARMACY Sonlh Main Slreet Canandaigua, N.Y. GO Ontario St. Cdga. U IS GOOD...and One sip and you'll taslc the difference. The whole bodied flavor and creamy richness of our Grade A Homogenized m i l k will make a hit with everyone. Try some now -- wo deliver. , YOU NEED A MILK BREAK

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