The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO . BLYTJIEVJLLE, (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS* Society Calendar Thursday I Mrs.'M. O Usrcy is having the Mid-Week Bridge' club. ( The Young Matrons Bridge flub: is meeting with Mrs. W. 0. Ills- i ginson. I Mrs. Otto KochtitAy is having i the Thursday Luncheon club. The auxiliary cf the American Legion will meet at the home- of Mrs. O.- W. McCulchc-u v.Kh ?>lrs. J. F. Lentl also hostess.' Tlse women of tlic First Christian eliurcli will raccv at the church for special prayer s'.Vvicos. The: 'Bible class or the First Methodis: church is at the'church fit 1 p. m. for i 1 . biisi- nc-ss meeting. Mrs. Bernard Gcoeh Is h.ivins the Tuesday Lunriuon club. The.Entra Nous'e club ulll meet yith Mrs. Thurmaii Cicnu-iu'. ti'fsi Carrol Blakcmorc will be hostess to the Matinee Brid-;e cluo. The';new Wednesday Bitdge club will meet witli Mrs. JRoiCOL- Cialton. ThelDeiphians will meet at tile Hotel Noble. . The. pro-Easier v.-cck of prayer will be cbtirved al the Firat Christian cJrjrch with special services nt 3 P. M, When Skies Aren't Blue Club Has Ciuosls . ... Mrs Oicar Bailey was hostess to I the new Tuesday Bridge club nn:l| Mc-sdames Mabel Watts. Marvin Chanpsllc, Jess White and Thurman Clemens yesterday atternoon. The 'Easter.-ruotlf was emphasis- ed in the delicious rcfrl-ihmr-nls of pear salad, clwcss balls colored and shaped like Easier [eggs as were the dyed esss. pctato chips-'. and toffee. , : '.-'^:.l_ . V .; •':'. ' Mrs. Sj'm;"Maiialt ,wcn the 1 club prize, aJ.rnaj'onnriUe .bowl, uncl'lfcc ouest ayiiidj n Back bowl,.\vcnl to. Mrs. Whitiv ;;;.;'•;':•'-': -.- '•:• •• •• ••• .. Thls'ctub'will.not .•'•meet next •week. A';;;':••':'•••:',';;. '-" ' . '•-, Club titti^-:—--^--'-^'' : ~^' f ' . Mcmb?™?«fT"ttiq'.-Tiic4flaj'' Cou J tract ctObl-aml' MesiSpiea 'John W. - Snyder fiid'lFniniworlh •: B'.nck' v.'cru Eiiesls 'of^ Kirs':; Ejioii W.iK!iby;thls week. "HL- ; .V=".^v' 1 ' : ' ' '' :: '';.. In the intefcsihg - card games Mrs. M. A. WabSOvon":: th:';ilub prize, hosiery,* a ndHijsh' ainuifj .the.. BUcsts wcnlHtoi&Irs: 5 . Snyder .v.'bo. received- baqipc?iicrj : -.';-••' :• ':.-•. The hoslcss •served a "delicious £3lad..coiuf.j with .coffee, nr-lnhliny Meet: In the Delphian ir.ccling today, at (he,.. Hotel Ncblc, Mrs. E. D. Dickey jr.,..led In n prosram on "German' and Early French Painting." Following ths 'resume 'en Hutch painting, dealt with in a pruviau: j Bits of News Mostly Personal nr.'JO.VN ?.WOY J\~".\ So,.ico \Uilcr G:.',y skies r.o !cn_;:r ,1 s:j- nal for dreariness. Rather in nou- Mr:;. Eva McCiillough has arrived hcure: frujn Lubbock, Texas, where she Is otnployed. She was called here Iweause of Hie r?rious illness of her grandson, Don Alan, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. E. McCullough who Is now mprovlng. ili A,. Lynch Is expected to re- tiirn .Thursday from Miniieaixilis, Minn., where he has bc.?n attending n mcefllnt; ot the presidents, vice presidents and secretaries ot state Bankers associations in the middle states. Mrs. Thomas W. Miller returned to her home In, IlaUlcsiniri;, Miss., ufl,;r .''iiC'iulli!,; sevcfalj weeks r} cr f as the finest of Mr.i and 'Mrs. Samuel F. Norrij-'iutd; al ijextc-r,' Mo!, with another sister, Mrs, . Hugh Nelson' Thompson' and family- While al :ncxler she also visited In Muldiin.-Mo.v as the gu.;st of : Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Morris. During her (.lay she was the miesl of hon or at a •number. of. affairs. • i: •; iW. B. Tanner is expected to return today from points of Louisiana ami Mississippi where .ho .attended lo business for a week. Bert Lynch jr.. is expected to arrive home (lie last of the week to spend the Easter holidays with his parents. He Is a student nt the University ol Missouri, Columbia. Mr. and Mrs. p. E. Coolcy molor- I «l to Conway, Ark., today accompanying Miss Winifred Goodrich Billy Coolcy, Noble Gill and R. N Hill jr., .students of Hcndrix-Hen- dcrson college's who have been ial home for several days vacation. Mrs. W. D. Chamblln jr., who I; ill Irom pneumonia,-Is belter today. • • • Misses Carolyn 'Haley, Kathryn :Grear, Vlclan Holland, 'nnd hci houhCEiicst, Miss Una. Boyles. o .Dardanelles Ark., arc returning'ti IScarcy. Ark., ' tcday where 'they an •students, 'at Galloway colbge ulte: .{•.spending the spring holidays here John :Bearden, ot Leachville. at tended to business here tcday. Mrs. C;-B. Driver, .o? . Osceola shopped- here today.... ••: ..-• Mrs. J. E. Crilz is .III. al. tin family residence: on West Ash st. Sallle Mathls.. daughter \ of M.r and Mrs. -IX'N 1 ! Mathls,- : is"liel(c ,., _,. , ,. , , today. She has been seriously ill iv^lh filtrd lires, belts, scarf col- {tom scal ., et . fcver ,, or , : ^ ilais and everything. . .! weeks :• 1 Gat cf li;e ueive-st is a fiticri sis-l Ml^jes N'cll Iljrrls : danctle raincoat in a wide strip.!i cross Mary L WEDNESDAY.-'.APRIL 1, 193k Wl ™-lf ;"4 • .}:> News of the Blytheville Schools Junior High The 7A1 boys nnd girls are h.iv- B an attendance contest. There will be a party nt the end of the contest fcr the one's that win. If the elrls win It will be ft party at Fcrrrst Moore's house and if the boys [he party be at \Mvgaret ot iwo rather bright chaiani manner, you dc-Iy the elial-|tcftcr tlusi the other. It Is smarl-l] nst evening. •- .Taylor and Jimnita Smith motored < to Osceohs £? to be true colors in yo'.ir riiincoat. u:,i- br.'lla ami galoshes cr vnbb.'ra. Bri'.li! bhie ii the newest color ly ntlcd. with raised w.iislline and Mrs. Sam Thomas spent yester- a snug boll to emphasize lhe fact. ( | a> . in M cm ,,i ns Tlieie is n say red, white ami bine Miss Nell-Harris and and her mother. Pauline Fowler's home. Miss Hughes, our home room leachcr is s]»n- sorlna the party The boys arc ahead of lhe girls now. bul the girls are trying hard to .win. The lAl'gr'aiip of Junior High are having n regular day called day on 'J'nursdny. Thcy have committees for different things to clean up and make the room neat. • The 8A1 class had a program Friday 20 on neatness. Chairman, Floretta nankins; Nealness of lhe Rcom by Frunkie Booker; Neatness of the Home, Thelma Tale; Neatness' of the Person, James Gill; •.Nealness of the School Ground, J. W.i Purtle. Tlic '7A1 class, of Miss Hugh's rcom had a clean-up Thursday at lhe si»lling prrlort. We cleaned the pictures, washed the board, dusted the erasers ' and cleaned lhe desks out. On Friday, March 27lh a magican came to Junior High school and Lint on a program ot magic tricks. The admission was 15 cents. The school got half of the money made and ara giving the money to the P. T. A-..of Junior High and put 57.40 on-'some, world books purchased by the schooL ' attractive magazine rack. The children appreciate It very much. Tha''JA and 3B are making a. garden. ' as one of their spring projects. A letter from; tho children in the first grade. Central Ward school. to the Marilyn Hatchery.. "Dear Mr. Btaylock: want to thank you for us visit your hatchery. me aiuuy ^ji pii.iuLi.3 ,»5.,n .,,,. , ,;.,,, c 1 p-vinllv George W. Dillahunty dise'.i.'sir.r. | -. L -,',.; rules' of the portraits by.Hclbeln. . ; ~ : ^ u " Tho nexl program will ba en ' , '•French .Falnling from Pcueiin to | ". ev f r Vl ' ;ri ' l ' u ' v Delacroix." I v -" lr ' CIlcs of '':»""-'0' lhe Ircsh sprlns Breikfast Given. Mrs. A. C. Haley was hostess lo a waffle treaktast yesterda" c.-j)> cially complimenting iu-r G^u--iHcr. Miss Carolyn, who attend:; Giilb- v,-ay college • at- -Searcy, Ark., anti who hiks'been at .home .for th: spring holiday. Other guests -.vcre Misses Vivhr. Holland andjKathryn Grcnr n:iS oii'se guest. vn ,uni, mine to the ni » red, white uncl blue oi (lie jersey her parents. [scarf; take, your pick! And Mr. and Mrs.' Randolph Smilh « ,,,v- H.V.'M" "" "**, 1 ^ Cill - a vvllltc ' Or all ""' c r ^»'iied from several days so inn 1 .... IK \><, blue p.irajol with tins rnuidt coat! visit in Osceoh MylM .13 this jand fairly pranco along, grateful | Mrs. Godfrey'White of CXccola r.iiii for glvhi- you such ajwas the guest of Mr.'and Mrs A' •xciiic Ice loikiiij so nice, i Conway today. j Miss Jane Buck, who attends St. j Mary's at Memphis, is spending the ; Easier holidays at home. | Kenneth Brewer, son of Mr. am! . Mrs. Prank Brewer, has returned ( frc.m St. Bernard hospital at borow here he underwent an op?r- 1JV \\'V r Mnrv-vvi-i- .1-1 " -ation three weeks ago. lie is much ----, . .'iiuh.v\b.\ mediately QOCS lo three no Irninp.jimproved. - -- -v-.,-.-.-- —--., Mi;:., ^-"tlary Ancrira.u llrW S c I.CD-UC • S::ppn.;in 5 . however, (hat South | Mr. and Mrs Harry W Hitne< Wna Bjjyles-.tot. pai-:.-inelie-. Ari:.. Th" is !r.n f;nr.l nitlclc on tlie hrki two Milan t.p.ub s and the are.'and son, Harry jr reutrne-l ves- students rat T thc sarni .school, ar.Jj''o el-.ib fcrcin-;. We have review-. kin- nn- 1 (jucm of diamonds, nnrtllcrday from a vHl in Has'.ln'-s an-1 Miss Winifred/ Goccirlch, \.t,o ;U-p- '-<"<• ->'- : '-;-m an;l giv-n the ex-, •">-«:) I'-cKI tlin M?. king nnd two: Lincoln. Neb Mrs Hallos' and so') tends Heudrix'-' Convray.; <;"!''-; *•• w- aur reader.-, r.-.ay be : ""'.til spades anil tbe Jack and four • went up Uvo months aro and Mr Ark. .'' • -' :.-.,..- ! l! ;uy in.o:-r.ieii on this convention 01 diamonds. Insteail o! respond-i Haines motored there "two "We Irttlng "We have 18 .baby chicks In our school. Wo lake good, care of Ihem. . : "They are growing [fast." "From the children in the 1A group, Central Ward school." fn tlio 5A BiMdc Hi? following pupils made the highest average for the month of March: Language, Elizabeth Baxter, Spelling, Susie Childs. Arithmetic, and Geography, More Kochlitzky, History and Reading, Buddy Terry, Penmanship, Colemun Stevens and Mary Catherine Dillahunty, Music, Elizabeth Baxter. The "boys and girls in Miss Outlaw's rcom are having a very interesting health contest. Week before last lost week the the third third grade won ar.d fourth . grades .tied, and so far this week they have tied. During the contest three boys have quit drinking coffee for which we are all very proud. We are very happy lo have Paul Sanford, Margaret Elfrank, 3 aulln? Haulum, Claudine Hillis, Virginia Gldham, Marie Peek and Bette Thrasher. Elolse Ramey. Molly Guard, Helen Stabbs are absent this week, be- caur,? of illness. The following pupils made splendid reports March 20, 1931 in their reading club: Arthur Patterson, Tcssle frcne Livingston, Beatrice- Tacker. Robert Lovelace. : The B squaic club plan to go on a number of nature hikes durlns tho months of April and May. Paline Pasley has returned to (he 4A room after, a recent tonsil- cc-tomy operation. '"-Katherinc Laveriy has returned to the 4A room alter an illness ot several wseks. Irving Osbornc made li splendid report March 25, 1931 on lhe "Pyramids of Egypt". The 5B grade is very glad to Junior. arid High Institutions WilM Compete Here.—— • ,// ., Students from 11 Junior .and senior hipjh schools of. Misiissippi,;^ county will participate in-.ths an-.-,; mi2l literary meet to be held 'here.,; Saturday In conjunction vfith -the ;;8 track meet. . - . ' - t rj All'sohools of the "county-i have\.g btcn divided into two divisions-,vilh 3 S the larger schools - mceling .:-her-2 • ^ and the schools having grammar :/ v ( l have Myrtle Golf enter this group, j grades only meeting at Osceola'gn - Rebecca Banks is confined to her bed for a complete rest cure. We are very sorry to hear ol this misfortune. - Carl Hughes of the 6B class is absent from school this week because of illness. Jessie Livingston is also missing because of trouble witli her eyes. \ . , - -Nina Wilson has r^tufhed.-'-'fti school after a week's visit in Conway. • . . Yesterday, as an experiment,' the cozy reading nook in our room Wcl same arithmetic test was given to have about eighty-five books' be-. '" """ "" '' •""--''sides the magazines. The children have donated the books to the The 3^ SiTTi Who, Who r °- -!*«?' «?»SJiE^ contest in their home room. Thcsi \\ere tho winners:-Girls—Miss 8A1. Josephine Johnson, I'reltlest, Elma Uanglcy; Biggest flirt, Floretta Hankins; most stiidloiis, Colleen Holland; best athlete, Lliclllc r \'yrone: most talented, Carmen Lewis. Boys-Shlck of Junior High—llenrv We also lia\'i! a- flowjr' ccniest on in oiir room. The boy or girl who brings the prettiest plant to school between now am! Easter Prize. We have six ants in our rooni noiv arc coming in each II be so glad to have The 8A1 class had two plays in assembly on Good English. Char- Willmgham, Collier, Floretta T.inkins. Hires, Thelma Tale, Zelma Shearer, John Arnold. The home room program Monday was on "Duty". There were reports given by Frances Little, Mary Borum, Doris Dobyns. Jesselyn Blo- mcycr, Marylyn Burnette, Louise Young and Mrs. Stickinon. We arc very glad lo have Billy - \Ve are so glad that those who have been back in school. Sudbury School Lura Davis brightened the first Blade room this -.veck with a lovely pelted plant, a white hyacinth in full bloom. IB class welcomes Nancy Arnold , , i='.e remind yu'.i ll:nt this bid , ! rl '"' ; ce between a suit and a iiojl.wlien auginontcd air service b™- " ' ' ' tended the .luncheon f.nci le'a in' ['"'•" Sou;h lias u chance in show , Its.i than an ace and a kin?, must! Memphis yailerclay in'honor of.thc i i ' 1 ' f u " > 1Tcl! d«larat:or.s. jr..-pond to \\:t two club forcing hid . i:iah Airpnrl Given Boost national president, Mrs. Rob::' 1 . • 1- lupv.Mis m tlip fc-llowiiv; *"'"' lxvo diamonds. 6'outh IK-:/ : SALT LAKR CITY, Utah. (UP) Lincoln Hoyoi.'-'.oI-'Dbueliss, Arij., I South' han.1 that Koutii his. !i ' :0 ' lVS ' lls flrst '''"'.'' ek'Clarnlion cfj—Salt L:ike City, already ono of were guests of lhe Memphis ch-ip'.cr.! si:er.3tli in clubs v.ltrn he ::nV.-:s' L '™ »» trump. Norlh realizes thatitlu- mcst Important airports in the The luncheon at the lio'.el Pen-i his t-.vo club torring bid, but awin I""'' wil1 l)0 failed u;»n "to make ni nation, will increar,-> its scoiic Ap-il body, where Mrs. Hoyal mart; r,n '" :—..... in v..-i»-^ >. -.-., - . . larldreis, vfiis followed fi-lth a dedicatory csrcmony o! the ncv.- 111'!' po'e at the criminal courts buiH-' ing and a 'tea given at the home o: j Mrs. W. C. T. P.erlin. j , Mrs. Hoyal has tr.c leartcrship o! ; th™ largest women's patriotic or- : ganization in the world. ! tc '"••acic wilh withcu'. In EC-.:!!:' lnnm the fo'.Iov* •;•• I--.T.--. : true deci.iral'&'u •[-"' '"i-ol and hearts. L-'i ti;' -,j.i:'n thr.t East and Wia aiwiij-j i c'.ab 1 trumi1 - A -' his hand is h.'ttrr mitedi Uvrcn San rFaneisco and Chicav'o to piav no trump than cither ot I will go into effect- From then en '" 1 ' : ' 1A i' ;rf - llc endeavors to plus the airport will handle mall three ' r lc ln tilc wer ' k fllit 0[ hls ' (imcs a da >'- !;lrtllfr r ' 1!d l>itis three diamonds. - ----- - Tiie first time that r.c bid diamonds, i'. was an arbitrary Daughfcr liorn. ; s_i.j Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Seal anno'.inei- j 11—!i-C-s tho birth of a dnUghter early today i D-A-K-S-J at the Blythcyillc hD-;;it.i?. Thf. I C—S-5-:;.; baby, who has not been^.i iKi weighs eight pounds. ' s—j-i ;..'.. * ' •' I iI-5-r, Ilauio Erilcrlaincrs : R—Q-J-S-i-2 Arc Given a. Party. ! U—K-S-3-3 Fifteen of the entertainers whij frequently broadcast ever KL3S- were guests of Mr, and Mrs. \Vil- • Hani Trotter hsl evening for 7. i party given at lhe broaficasiir.?; eludk). A "conecrl" was given as the c.\ .'! S;.-M cntertainmcnl ar.d Ittcr. dtliclsiis! maiLc an ALL XOUTII •1.) S.-J-I II—(J-IO-G-3 Tl—K-S-l-2 C'-«-S-J Oil <|iicen. btii because he is forcr-d lo rc - : keep the bidding open and three S—.[-I H—10-f Harrison nnd Jack McHaney back i'"^.^ scho °l alter an illness of D mothers visited 3A grade this week: Mrs. Patrick, Mrs- Perry, and Mrs. Florman. These visits are always appreciated by Icachcrs after their illness from scarlet fe- '*'' ver for 3 weeks. I Tnrc Jane Branson has been on the honor roll every time since she has been in junior high. Frances Little , .. has been on the honor roll every i pupns. lime except, one since she has been I The I'upils of the 4H grade arc In junior high. I Ecrr > : to lose Doyle Coo who is, __^___ I n;oving to Louisiana. | ft , fit/ j i We are greatly pleased to havoi L,enilUl }V(tr(t \ Amy Ruth Morris on the honor roll j i this month. ] Mrs. White, nick s -mother, has | Thoso who have been neither nb- prcscnlcd th= ^A room with an! rent nor lardy since midterm arc: the BB and 6.\ classes.: The .'.fol- owing pupils had perfect papers: 6A—Norma Cro«-, Rosa Lje Holt, Jerry Harrington. Gtorge .G.rear, Robert Lovelaca and Lloyd .Hogan. OB-Arlhur Patterson,-Edward Davis, Hugh Purvis Orrcll and T, C. Hooper. There"have'been more, students staying home from school during the last school month than any oilier month this school year. Leah Saturday, April 11. Wilson, Osceoh, Shavnee. Lu?> .*** ora, Manila, Dell. Burdttte, Armor-; el, Yarbro, Gosnell and -Whilton , will send approximately TC3 -stu-' ,V dents for the : ID literary events"., which Include: history,, geography^'.'' spelling, health study, science, ar- itmetic. declamation, piano, hoy's ^ vdic^, girl's voice, school. .chorus,.' ' reading,, numbers, nature sludi', silent reading, oral reading ancj .'" language. .""V' No pupils shall pirlic.ipate ' iri' : ' more than on? individual event in athletics or in more than cnp lit- 1 " t> erary event except cliorus. Sdiool •-'•£ districts shall be rcpr'esenlcd 'as ; a •''_= u-hola and not by separate echools;'• ;'3 according to restrictions announced' 1 ' "jsir by the. county department c( cclu-'- >*F cation Which sponsors the rncet.' : ''•'•'• ! * Frances Parsley, Earl Hood, Pauline j Davis and Marguerite Tankcrsley each were absent one entire waek. Charles Wood and Dixie English each missed four days. We arc pleased that all are back in school, except Pauline Davis who will be in school scon. The reason for their staying at homo was sick- ' Ekrdn j Tom Lyess (if - Pontolor. Miss. ..... TOWN AGENT I'.I.UE LAWS PRESTON, fda . (UPI—Preston's "blue laws" which prevent the showing of moving pictures on Sunday arc scheduled for repeal if tho cty council observes. the wish of the majority. A petition rc- nuesting repeal and bearing the was the giiesl .cf Hamp Austin Fri T ,.,.sl day. . -v:;:Harvey Hargetl and family tpant . ,fi the week-end in Blytheviib \vlth",' relatives. . -• .. .-. . Mr. Harlsfieid had as his guests... 28 Sunday Melvin Cock and family .pi', Gosnell. Mr. and Sirs. D. R. Stare lo!t ... Sunday for Mississippi wrier? they;-. will spend two weeks visiting r?la-. : lives. - ., Tip Mangiu:) spent the v.'ee-k-eni • wilh friends at Number Nine. . Miss Wyonla Ford returned from. Burdctte after visiting relitives there for tile past three weeks. ! Porter Smith and family were".. giiesls of Tom Hart Sunday. signatures of a majority of the town's population was submitted. Spain captured Gibralter Holten spent Sunday 'at' ' Trashy Lane as the guest of Mrs./. Earl Hill. ; Norman Nichols was tho guest ol ,' from'W. T. Norton Sunday. the Moors in 1492 and held it until it was taken by'the Brilish flcel j A now law 1ms made Enslisii tliei'.' under Admiral George Rcoke dur-|cflical language cf all Pliilipnlua"* ing the Spanish Succession in 170-1. Uomis and their records. '' ''' . .j_t" -•: fandwichcs ar.d drinks v:ere served. cV.ibi. North's SOVTH S-A-K-Q H—A-K-J-3 R-10-G C—A-K-7-J tlaml .1 •, sufficient sticn^i aibitrary ca!l ol ; no trump and goes to four hearts. j Sniiih two clubs. North's mini-, skfmatmiior elaoi shrdl cmtwypmb i mum ics.pon.5c ef two di.imoiuis,• Ti-o writer suggests now that Eo::th two no trump and North endeavors to i:'.i:g liie wtak •T-t-t !n his pailnei's hand His hnnrl contains a foui-c;<rcl Miit d by quc-cn-10. therefor? heJMiil and no (rump, and then ii shew this suit by bidding'pin various North hands so that I IV.icc henrts. This suits ScuthV tl:-..y may Ixcome thoroughly " lo I iir.nd very we'.l and he goes to lour, mlliar with this ecnvriuion. our readers seloct various Soulh hands containinic cicht pi-obablc liicks in which South a choice 1 ln-twcen luo suits or Ix-twcen a l»o hand T — as a :" tui; :::.\dcd is ;. minor ;>• ror.d tfiat'xi-.V'oni.- ci'n'.aitis an J a :•• t'iT eli ui'.. 1:^ MR. hxE ftfRR OF YAXOO , .'ACKSON. Miss.. (UP)—A. Tin? Eurr is the name of a candidate for i .T.i;a icsu-nd . slate ii-plslatiifiS' ftom'Ytooo" CCiun-JKo:iih fr::. c.,; !>',_ and his friends arc nir.ning him j thins; hi- pa; Uie platform that "he'll stick." ! sec and king cf riiamond'i an.1 im- : he iiai four clubs headed with the \ sv.Ucci to their game. I c '"' 5 ' ; The writer nishos to slate that ] Hanrl JI | while he (ices not, advocate i\'j\'0:ir? to Soulh's Uvo chu^two club aibilrary forcing bid. he ^ ti.1. Nor'.h inusl bid two i feels tliat thr..<c who are interoMed s. S'.);;lh then shows his j in l-.-Lirninp; hnw to play conir.ict. I ricclr.vatlon by bidding i s-l'.ould familiali?e themselves wlthi ,i:p. NorthV, pi^ier ix'-jal cf tl-.e various systems and trifr. ;:>cr c;:'j hold 1= ir.c jsronf.- '•- ircon ciubs—no: hec.iiis;] rr!,-;-. for th;mselves theone best 1 .*.>.?--: PRE-EASTER SALE! Begins Thursday We linvc a most Impressive Collection of Dominating' Styles and Values in I3CE11E1 Fentiiring four groups— S19-!>5 ?1/17h values tpJ/iiiu S22.50 <n(\ln values f510,/J 512.75 valuivs Sixes M All the nuw Novelty Straws and Hraid?. Shipment bought especially for this sale. Price range 81 to $4,95 Novelty and Si-Kn-'l'ill'ick Arch Support Shoes in' Klark. Sea Sand and Keptilc. Fitted in widths AAA to KK15. Hosiery to match. §5 and §6 New Economy Shop I'hone !).il-W Next Hnor In Parkhurst'ri

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