The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 15, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 15, 1934
Page 2
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iAGE FOUR •LYTHEVILLK, (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS QIE BLYTHfiVILLE COURIER NEWS rex OOTJRIEH NEWS oo P»BZJSH«R» 0. R, BABCOCK, Bdltor a W HAIKK8 Advwtwnn Bole Nations] Advertising .wpn-ftnutlvw: Arkansas Datllei, Inc., Nvic York, CAlcigo, UtrcH Bt Loula, DalUt, Iii"=fca city, Memphlj. Pubilihed Every Aitemoon EX;CDI Entered 65 second utiss milter »V tlic post onicc <it BiythevlU*. Arkansas, under act of Congress, October S, 1917. Served DT in* UnlN'J Vrwu By carrier in me city or BlvtncvVUe, ISO per leek or f6.50 per year In advance. By mail within a rntllus of 60 mile*. 13.00 pet Vi-.\r. fl.6<l fw tin months, 85« for three monliu, •)>• mall lu postal tonea two to tin, uicJu»lv«, »6.50 IXT year, lu zones seven one eight, «10.00 Oci' year, payable In The Boo^s Children Choose L/5t/<7//y Best ^or Them Mother knows best about most things, hut nol necessarily about Ihe hooks her children should rend. This blunt statement is made in (he current issue uf The Parents' Magazine. Us author, Josellc Ki'ank, makes it as a result of tonu experience in the Child Study Association; and this experience leads her lo lay down n very simple common sense rule aljoiil books for children. No bock, she fi\ys, is a good book for a child if it fails lo interest him. Conversely, if il does interest him if vory likely is a good book—for him; nUliiuiKli (he child next door might not like it al all. * ¥ » One of our liltle failings is our casy-goinj; habil of assuming thai all children arc pretty much alike in (heir tnstcK. We don't make that mistake with adults; we are ready enough to admil that one man may like Hie works of S. S. Van Diue while his neighbor prefers Sinclair Lewis. Bui \ve take it for grunted that all children will like Ihe same thing. Furthermore, we jump to the. conclusion lhal they will like Uie books we ourselves; liked as children. We were enthralled, for instaiia;, by the Henly books; therefore junior will eat them up, and if he doesn't, there must be something wrong wilh him. Many a father has actually been horrified lo discover that such a book as "Kim" bored his sun to distraction, while "Iviinhoe"—which the father himself never could endure—is swallowed whole wilh great avidity. * * * As u matter of 1'acl, Ihe parent's responsibility in regard lo the books his children read is ;i good deal less than we sometimes .suppose. About all tlic father or mother can do is sue lo il that good books arc available to Ihe youngsters. Then: are many mansions in the realm of literature; provide tin: children with the key, turn them loose—and let them .siiUlo where they choose. Children are great ones li; recognize shams and lo detect the second-rale. Ordinarily, :l child will instinctively prefer ;i good book lu a poov one. We do our part when we put Ihe food books before him. If lie goe.s !ilic;id juul like.s what lie choosc.s to like, jiislciirl of wliaL wu. ihiiili IK; oiiflil to like, there's precious liltlu we (.'An tlu iiboul il. CiiUon. Fear oj Policemen A Brooklyn man was having it liol argument with two other men on ii .sired corner Hie other day. A ptiliw- man mine up ;iml prepared lo :it-l Hie p;tr( of peacemaker. Tliu Brooklyn nutii took fright, turned HIU! ran. The policeman called lo him lo slop, got .suspicions when tlic IIIHII doubled his speed, and linally drew his revolver iincl fired al him, wounding him severely. Then it lunied out lhal the man INK! done nothing wrong. 'He was a law- abiding citizen with nothing on his conseicncc. He .simply (jot panicky al Hie .sijjlil of a cop and couldn't control his impulse lo cut and run. ft would almost be worth while to know whelhei- thi.s man, as a child, was ordered lo Lie good on Hie theory (liiU tin; policeman would xel him if lut mijibelwved. Certainly, lhat kind of treatment must leavo man}' an adult wilh a subconscious but strung fear of I lie man in uniform. I lie One-House Legislature Now Hint Senator Morris' ])]:m loi 1 n onc- lioiiie li'el.slixUirc lias beet, ratified by tlie voids or Ncbras-ku, n similar |>r(>i»sal' Is bc- ini? in-|;i'il by .Scnaloi'-clrcl. McGovorn of Cali- foniin. At the hearl of tliu Noiris iiliin i.s Llic; idea of milking legislation n tusk for experts. Nebraska's legislators will be sufficiently well jxild lo enable tlicm lo sliidy leeisJulion and slate liovmimcnl tlie ycnr i-oiincl. Also, llic r.y,Mcm ol killing compromises between ujiiier :iu<[ lower houses will become non-existent. No one who tins n p llncw:cd (lie liiirly-linrly ol mi avcriiBe stale legislative session call doubt dial tremendous luitiraveiiiriit is ixtssiulc. In Missouri, tlie legislature meets once every two years, Is besieged by lobbyists, covered with an iivalanclie of proposed legislation ami usually adjourns ill wild confusion. This is not ilein- ocnicy. H is monocracy. In tlicory, :il Icab!. the Morris plan Is sound. If il works out as planned, tfie law-making biniich of NeljTii.ska's government will be conducted by men of the best lyp?, wilh a con- (iiuiins mid coherent idea of Hie state's legislative retiuircmeius. Tlinl will be sonictln'iif; new under tlic American sun. —St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Nnturc endowed man willi eiiougli brain sub- .stante to peimit liin; t« develop menially for 11 million years. —Prof. Temple Fsiy, 'I'dnplc UnlvcreHy. Pliliailelphiu. • • » If I were certain 1 could help my iicoplc by Icuvlne. I would. But 1 HIII n Nalioiinl Socialist IlBlitcr. —Kclch BWion IiudwiB Mueller. * * • H i* (he liistory of foolball in American uuiversilics lhat alumni nnd friends mistake Midi occasions as upiwrUmilirs for display:!)!; undue hilarity lliroueli drlnkhie. — Dcnn James F. liroussartl, of Loiiikhina stale Uiilvcnily. » * » lnsU-a<l of our-, lln-rc'are a dozen Sarajevo* in Europe. —Dr. Oscar Jas^i, of Obcrlin Colk-sc, TIJUHSDAV, NOVUMBKK -15, SIDE GLAJNCES By (;^)rge Uark *&J&VGS®&\W t(S^f^jf--iTT .'/ vV£Ss±jr.3a>»'.'— (V I .'IV "Here y'are—a pair wilhonl a crack i in em. THIS CURIOUS WORLD BF C Ferguson OUT OUR WAY Bv Williams SUNFLOWERS AR/S DESCENDAMrS OF Roses. GENERAL SHERMAN. PAMOUS CIVIL _ GENE12AL, WAS A. MINE COOK DURING THE DAYS OF THE CALIFORNIA GOLD RUSK. IN WHiCM LINDBERGH'S SPIRIT or ST. LOOK RETURNED TO AMERICA, AFTER. THE FAMOUS MOM-STOP FLIGHT, SERA/eS AS A SUMMER COTTAGE/ HK«i\ HI-JIIB TOKAV IVIuu CH.1HI.IJS JIOItDI^.V. , t . ,,,,rr,T (cir 'll.c Illuii,, |» ',' oull j <iruit n.i.v ni.ituiiKU. IIUMM,,, ,|,,|.IO}» SIDM'.V CU1KK. (|,, 1H ,,,» rrlniliiuloulhl. lo »oU'e Ibe uiurclvr. Hl'nll-ll Jlllll lll'CI, lllVL'tttiuullny [| lr i.ffarr. uf VUAKK II. U,fJ'lM f. iicullli) utiij iinmiloeiii, fulluivlim IJK> urrr*l ur on Itntiuaiur rlultii|i )l; lu fji' Clillili?- nni] in-foniiiitiilvi] t,j n tilrl c'lilltu Jl.vnv mm:eg. •Mil' duj Iiilluxliif U'anlen; ili-tllli Callus tltv* ol iiol^uiiUi^. Orlri U-nriM 71ori]>-u k:nl %lklii-u rhv niiiirliiirril at Al.Un: I.OIl'I'O.V. lircllj null ihu'iiiEtlojrJ. li c rull . tr<,iu» A lire mill KI;.V.VI:TM M(IOM-:, niT[i»c.« it,c prilr nl kill, li.^ >li>riltit, iiinl tlii-y nrr urim!,.,!. Jills. III.AXCIIK M.VI.O.VI:. r u i iiiiuin ants. i:.\ru,xi (m,i I;AIII. JtAC'I.Vi:, Uritellvr In her fiiu,loj. In, if tn'i'ii Hr:in.|iln|;, l k luontt.'il N'o." she snld In a weak voice. | "I waul lo know," JH> t What was ins uaiucv" I "who this I'etcr Maluiio lal [„ tho Cathay residence," Orlll mid llk'rktr KO to llic JKI- irl iiln-ri- Miirjr llrlKBK. IH.U fciioiin ni> Slrlln Mlifllc)-. l> Mflj. lup, The;- II, J (:ilA!ll,r.s CISIIKIl. ,,,,(,.11',,,,, li,. t i,i. M>VI tilt OX IVI'J'H Tlti: STOIIV CIUKJ'KU XXXVIJ ijMHUKIfS voice rose belligerently. "Co on!" lie said. "Come clean — u-liu u-a.s dial fricucl?" "All I know," llic girl mid. "is that it was someone \vlio wiui called l''rank." "Vou'ro lying," rislic-r Mil lier. "You know more tban tliat. Who was Oi.-u friend ?" "Just l-'rant;." Her eyes refused lu meet those of Uic attorney. "\Vbo . . . was . . . lliat . . . tricridV" l-'ishcr said with slow in- sistuneo. fc'iie raised her eyes so liis. said desperately. "I can lell you this much. Ijut lie tali] me tliat lie'd find me and kill mo if I ever toll! nny- "Never iiilail llial," Fisher sail "What is H you're going to lell me?" "I can tell you," slio said, "that (•'rank lived at Ilkci view." "Tliat l:e llveil In rtivcrviciv;" "Yes." "How do you ku'j'.vV" "liccaiisc of llic telephone calls." •' "Whai telephone calls?" "A telephone cal! that tlie man put Uiroucli from my room here- in lilt- hotel." v ""'lien did Le [ml U iiiro:!;ii?" "Just last night." "Ami lie called cliia irerson In IlivervjewY" "Yes." "Do you know Ihe number?" "Yes." she said in ji voice that was almost Inaudible. "What was that nuir.hcr?" "The number," siic said, "was llic number of Mr. Calbay's resilience. I took occasion to look It up In the book. Then after I found it out I got. frightened. I llioughl lhat perhaps it was somelliins lhal was a lot more serious tliau I bad at first lliouglil. I didn't know what to do. 1 was comincnclUE lo gel 3113. piclous of tbls man." "He didn't continue lo go uudcr trie nnmo ol Cathay after yon found out about tlio impersonation?" Fisher asked. ".Malune." slic satd "His lirsl name'f" "I'cte." "Who clso did lie eall besides 1'Vanli? Did lie seem to have any oilier person lierc In Hie city ihat ho was re]K>rtliig to?" "Yes." -;. "Who was Ifi" "A woman." "Who was llic woman?" "I iliiiil;," slic said, "it was liis "What >vas lier lirst name?" "Her Ill-it namu was Illanche." Sli« gave a sign, dropped (orw-.inl fn Hie i-liair and put her bauds lo lier face. Tlie lawyer continued Ills aggros slve cross- examination. "Wlicrc did Ilils woman live 1 ;" lie asked. "1 ilcui'l know," slie jsaicl. • "None of thai." lie told tn-r, "or U'a uoina to be )usl loo bad." She dropped tier Inuuls Iroin hei face. Jumped lo lier feet, screamed at biiu. "I don't know! I don't know! I don't know! I lell you 1 dou'l know! Don't you stand lliero and tell mo I lie:" l-'islier stepped forward, heavy liAnil on her sliontder, bcr back into tlic cliav. "Sil dowu." be said, "and loll uic where tills woman lives," Tlic girl pre-isod her lips together In stony silence. "Wlih I'rniik HIIFS, Hi? •>t, !ml . four," she said. "\\ r as Ihcrc any cunv<:r,s;i!|j,rj about ineditlne or skkuts:, or um. son 1 .'" nut "C,'o on." the lawyer said, wailing." "I told you 1 don't kii'jw," she said doggedly. You're either going lo tell us said 'or you're going lo go to Interrupted, bis "No," she about liijuy: understand. said. '"J'lirsy iliut yrju c I'clo woijhl s:iy, you do wlim I suggested. Frank;' and ihen l-Yank ivouli] evidcnr: y say 'yes or no' nnd Pete would pay 'Wlie-re's ilio parly wo were lal),-, ing aliont yesterday'.' 1 and Ftnii't would make some rc-|dy, uri'l Hun I'ele wuuld say 'Do v.ju tliink that any suspicion has been ar'jiis.'dr or something like dial. Tlie crci- vei'salioiis were jusi like thai, rm not Irving lo tell you e.v:ici> nji.u tbcy were because 1 ciiu'i iouieni- lior. hut II was something like thai —tlitnss that no one could ini'lr-i-. slaml thai bad been llbtcnini; In." Kisser scowled at her moodily'. "I'm wondering K y.m'rc. lr .,|ij a; . Hi's truth aboin thii." lie s.-ii'i "Ves." BUG sal,! in n „„,„ „, ;.„,,„ lhat nidlcaicd all of tin resMaiii.,, J mid left lier "I-,,, lom,,,. vou n j / tnit.-i about ovcrythi,,.. ,, ou .. , .V doesn't stand 10 reason tint thev'd 1 lot mo in on Uiclr secrets. If tl'iev f bad I d probably ) lavo been killed *' by this time." v, "Ami wliat-haiipciied to I'clqr' Ilio allorncy asked. : "Ho left. Tlicre were some lele- jilirme calls lhat came in late Ins'. iiiBbt uml one curly ibis inoriiiiiV, and J'eto called Frank at Ina Catbay rcEldence ami said. 'I'vo doiio ' my part of il. Now it's up to yon to do yours.' or something like that ami Ihen he packed his suitcase." i "Now, did lliese telephone calli \ luko place from yoivr room lierc?"^ Pislicr asked. \ "Some of them did." "How about Die others?" > "They were from oilier plao:.;. i 1'cle. didn't seem lo n-aul to eall f from any one telephone loo urucli. i We'd bo out to dinner In restau-) rants ami lie'd put in calls from Hie resiauranls. Or sometime lie'il slop in drug stores and put thrau^li Hie calls." "Are you liqldlii:; out .inttiiin^ on us?" asked Fislifr. "Is" ihere auylbing clso llial you know ilmi you uav&'A lold us?" "I've told you every single tliing.-M wliero lliat woman lived." Pislier, jail." "1 think." lllccker "ive may bo able to . Crid' whirled nnd clumped baud on tlie publisher's arm. "Keep out of il." lie said. "Uo on," Kisber said, staring steadily at Stella Modeler. "You've got your clinncc—either take it or leave it." "I've already lolil you," Klie Eaid, "J don't k;icnv." Fisher si rode nero-s Ihe rooni to Hie teleplionc. jerked the rccclrcr off tlic, hook willi an air of brisk finality. "f want," he said, "lo talk with police headquarters." girl gave, a liair scream, stared at him with eyes- tliai were fully, "and when Pete iind= it"oui • wide and round. lie's solnc to kill me " "Out on Uln, street." she said. "Evidently." t'isher said, , she Enid, raising her eyes mourn-'. "922 Kasl Elm strcel." The attorney spoke suavely Into Ibo telephone. "N'evcr miuil," ho Bald. "I wanted to try ami find out about a parking Itig I received, uu! I guess I bad better call In person." Ho dropped the jecclvcr, back ou Us book and turned lo the girl. "Tuat's better," he said. "Mow I want you to understand one tiling. If you bold out on me on anyilii/ig-—I doii't care how little It is or now trivial It is—you're going lo go rigbl to jail. Do you understand thai?" "Yes," she said, "1 do uow." ifiiiik that this man, 1'ele, wouldn't stop at murder?" "He wouldn't stop at anything, sl,2 said. "Why did you keep o him 1 .'" "1 don't know," slJo said was some fascination Ibat be had for inc. I don't know what it wa:;. Something lhat pulled me to him. It was an allraclion at UiEt and after Hint it was fear." {To l!c Continued) in the ll check mcc in II, next ffi 1.1K c* n n cause then the doctor may find [)• „ • i Sfafi<ifirc disease in il.s earliest Ktascs. |WirtClf>ry S iHaClSflCS Of course, many doctois uhu Sh<JV/ Cleveland Upturn Hie rase: lias contributed br B cly to tin. .vorWs rich varic'y of novvcrs. M iU ,y of om- moat popular HOT,™ ol today Have descended horn tnc rose family mid founded families of lliclr own. NtiX'C; To nha( animal is Iliu 'J'iiMiKiiii,-in , v ,,lf rcr»(i:il? ;o nndc'r the irisiirunce systems take tl'.elr wort: conscientious-. CLEVELAND. (Ui'i -Clcvelaiui'.s Says Insurance Spoils Link Between Doctor and Patient ly and try to study llieir pviticnts. , , . . lint, if llic people who fiivor sirt:-! lcw clly cllrcctw > : - J li - 1 IIUUI.~.OL,. , insurance could prudiice ||g-j E ' 10lV ' s ' <l-'i>|:Hc dcgn-essinn, 5&.~><fi • nrcs lo show Unit the insurance. : more i!cr,->;;ns living I,ere tlnn In: doctor.s have <ielecled a great many i IFI3H. It shows also additional n^iv more cu-scs of Bright's, lu-1 businesses, fc'.vEi- residence and ol- I icrculosi.s or cancer tluin are ;le-Uici- vacancies Umn two years a-^o ! leck'd by doclor.s in tins country, j Observatiojis uud- fjy workers, i .licir argnmrnlii \voi:Ul lie bctu-v. luctuviViiij; lo A. !•'.. I'irvliii, i,iunii';v:,-1 On llic other hand, llic offices i of tlu: Clevclanil Directory Cam-j of insurance clot tors are so crontl-{11:1117. included: I cd with people who have numerous [ A trend away from "doubling up" I nrinor illnc.s.sT.s thnt the doclor.s in houses. Bartmtler.s niHl Ixwers UK listed in tlie ii!".v (lircclory lor Hit first time in years. ••Beverages" is nuxl lo "Uiblcs." in til? claiailiKi seo- w compani-js show with New Dual or lion. Several n ™"-s bcsl ,,,„,, Ea ,, lc HAH- 1 MADE IT i THAT TIME! I'LL MAKE IT ACROSS THIS RIVER, VET/ Till* is Ihr MTiind wf thfcr arli- ih-s by Ur. Hslihriii Rivinr; ||n: mcdli-dl nrvifr.ssion's vicw|iuint nn Ihn ((iicslion of sii ancc. fivcn msiir- lack the limn ncce.ssary lo find Longer lists of names oil all kinds I wedtli diseases of .serious nature in their of payrolls. early stages. ' An improved public morak 1 . EUGENE. Ore. (DPI — A collection of early American relics or display today at tlie art department included Chelsea cifnw, mtil- bDiiy (ic.sign. luster finisji. a, "mo!. nair"piu - lic.'r. a bhte cartlien druir !or meat plnliers. homespun fabrics, a Docly's lurgc hoop-.styl' ; wedtling gown \vorn in 1&29; :• L - l:c double .siiawl over UJO year; , and 'A liu'gc. white .silv-. sliawl Kven lo liiivt Ky 1)11. MOItKIS I ISlluriN l:dilur t .Inuricil of Jl,r .\t,rerjcaii i^lcdiral Assoriiition, and ,,r l|y. Uic He-Mill M-.iR.wim- MJinc kind of .sichnr.--s in- .Miiiince In Ilife, country lie-ly admit tliiu none ,>[ tin syt.tjiH;! in H.SC abroad would do line. o, r - rra- *on I.s that Americans like i , duxisc Uicir own doctors. Many .systems of sicki,.-..., i r ,- Miraiicc in [orcisn ciiunn-ii.s do :iot iicnnit a mm, choo-,- n, c ;loclor he wants. ,\|tcr ; ,Ii, the link bcUrcn cloc'lor and p,i;i:m (5 one of Ihe most inilmat, of im- uan relationships. One reason uhy Amiruii,: Uot- lors have been opixisin- s; ;( t, ra ,,_ Irol over modiciue la Ihr lik-liho-jd it will Imcrlerc vviili tin, ,),.[•. sonal rclahoii-sbip Amciican clnclore ar- n- llie service lbe y h;, vl , i HTn .0 U.M American |x-oj)l nc.v, and death rates aiv loiv as. if not lower than most of \\w UM B ,. CT \nHii. world. An iim\sti S ati OT ) made by ihc Rmran ol j of trie AuiTiian Mi-chea) lion revc.ilnl dial llieic a «»'. )'"op]p n, i| K . g,,,| ( really Millcnii s [, un , [,, tk cal care. .sucii systems in (orciRii c<,iir,uie.s i.s far below the avcraji: can in this tomitry. In mast of systeins a doctor gels a list of about moo to 1500 persons, wlion, in- posed t,, look alter. He nii'cli a peiMji, each year In addition, in many countries, \ tv car- lies on liis prh-alr practice. Now. doctors are unlv human! t'y the very i,aline of Hie ciiriini- slatu-cs. tin-re i., „ lr, S 'irl«'.y to give lets attention („ those «hu come umlr-r the insurance .sy.stcni than ID lho:, : «hu a,,, directly responsible u> Ihe ciuctor for pay-, ment. ' 't'lii: Cirriinins .s;,y tliat Instir- suicc servicT i.s .s;-eoncl cia.s,s. that the: leading doclors will noL do (Ins kind <,[ practice. l-'or Ihis rea.son it | s Irciiiit-nllj' Imuiil Hint, even paitent.-, v -|m arc OUK liOAKDlNG HOUSE EGAD, BOYS- . , on sickni'ss InsmaiKc li.sts . Ui an mil.sltlo doc-ior ami pay yo ice, u-licn they seriously wrong Witll iinylliini; i.s Ou ;1 of ivinu ,sick- it :is recently Av.ocia- e 11 \V. 11 The tyinu up ni .siclaics;, insurance wilh iiiu'inployinviit invdiaiici: countries lias multiplied in Nome 111' 1 <'Vils llfinrlldnli.sly. It lia.s cil iialieul.s to OIIH L . to their <lcx- lor.s rciKakdly lor minor illness;-:* lo gel iheir mic-mpluvinciil. VOUR SPARE •DOLL^Vfe TORj .^OM&X ON "THE TIME PAY "PACE V\OWSt J LA-NO CRfX©, cSOtS'ON THE TRACK i : /V3/\\N /—H/NW, I'LL. 0( f LET YOU KNOW iwe J\ I "D/XYS I'LL "RUN HINN. C A.NT3 YOU WILL } YOURSELVES l>v AJier/: UKE TH" V PLUG T BET 1O ONi- 1 HE NEVER TH X AN' 'NEXT I VAEM5.TO OP lOvtOlk ill-.- op;vjiol u, M V .^.,. uranci- K On- ln,-i ,.,, u t'n- . " medical , ,r.. |- ( . m i ; •plity ic-Km-rs aiiiont: i):',suns wl'u are insmvil (i,an iniiuna liiyyrj "11'' are lint insilli'O. Arlualiy. lle-l-:; i>> i-eiilly no mine sicknt'M- Ilian' liter:- «,is i) -ore. ' I i'o-.- v.iio promoE'; .sirkiu-ss In-' mriinc; 1 in iln.s cjuniry insist (lt;il • illvre h a;, L>:iviH)lai<c in having Mic, ' V:il!r:il s;e II," dwlur n'.iin. In'- WE ABOUND TO IN ONE OP TiAtIA CIRCUS HORSE STfxTUE "POSiNC' ACTS/ MA.ND OF CUUREMCY. HOOPLA =

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