The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 27, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 27, 1948
Page 9
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SATURDAY, MARCH 27,1948 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople ?AO1 AD? SO YOU ARE A MftSOR LBA&Ot SCOOT.TOD/^*-I'A\ RCTUJKHl-iS PROA\ TOCSOi VlH&*E X SOCD A SOUNG SLOe&ER WrtO OOGWT to HIT .5OO THIS VCAR/ [WTO Tt-(e APPAlACHIAtJ LEA&Ue ihJ TVOO VIEEI«?-~ I'LL. MP-.K& VOU A. *IOO 86T He AtKVT OLD BOY'S UPPSK, PLATE- FELL DOT IM LmcoJn-Doug/as Auditor Has 703rd Birthday STELLACOON, Wash. UP) — George Hull, onfi of the few persons still living who heard the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates, celebrated his 103rd birthday at Wes- By lone Sandbcrg Shriber DISTRIBUTED BY NEA SERVICE. INC. xxx at the'j" A NN '" Rusjl said qtlictly * " do hospital, which has boon Hull's; ( / ou think I'm trying to kill home since he was 92, gave him ft y° 11 birthday parly. I! Hi s Kray eyes held her prisoner Hull wa.v bom at Champaign,' i and while she looked into his eyes I she wasn't able to tell the truth. j Rush's eyes had always seemed | to her to be so direct, so honest; i how could his eyes remain the I same when everything else about ihim had changed? \ "Do you?" he demanded relenl- MERCEDES, Tex. (up) — The itessiy. Mercedes Chamber of Commerce ; "I '. . ," Despairingly she said, is growing cotton this year. j "Rush, I don't know." The chamber bought 45 acres as ! a site for the Rio Grande Valley' Livestock Show, only to find It couldn't get a building put up in jfetne for l!.s 1046 show. So members decided to postpone building for n few months while 111. He keeps up with the world by reading the daily newspapers. Cotton Growing So/res Building Problem they put the land into cotton. Proceeds from the cotton will go towards payings for the building. U.S. Treasury Surplus Highest in History WASHINGTON, Mar. 27. (UP) — The Trasury surplus soared past *T,000.000.000 today—the highest,'in history. The surplus on March 24 reached »7.163,095,565.17. the treasury daily statement disclosed yesterday. Tile new high compared with $3.037,264,056.68 sujrplus a year ago. The administration has estimated the surplus will be »7,500.000,0t» for the fiscal year ending June 30. Some fiscal experts say it will be much higher. Fried Chicken... Crappie Dinner -BEER- 7 Days a Week! Blanchard's Cafe Portageville, Mo. Owned Bv Stanley Keller "Well, that's -that. You don't know." His voice was bitter. She said slowly, helplessly, "Rush, do you-—do you honestly believe that I'm—that—" It was no use. She couldn't say it. He drew a deep breath and said, "I think you've been ill, Ann. ] think you're not strong yet. You've been under a severe strain—several severe strains." He turnec and walked to a window, stooc i there looking out. "Can't we leave it at that?" She shook her heao. She struggled>to speak. "Rush, believe me, 1 didn't turn the gas on. I didn't. 1 * He turned back to' her, his face inscrutable, and when he spok he might have been a professo speaking to a student, a psychia trist speaking to a patient, so me chnnicnl was his voice, j "HoW do you know?" he said. "I —just know. That's all." * * * TJE came back to her then, tool her hands in his. "Ann," h said seriously, "will you pleas try to look at it from rny point o view? It isn't that I don't want t believe you; certainly I'd prefe that than to think— But the nigh Rinda found you in your roon with the gas on. the doors an windows closed after I'd purpose ly left them open— You see. Ann that was a pretty strong scdativ gave you before I left you that ght and sometimes sedatives af- :ct people queer ly. You could •we got chilled—you could have ot up and lighted the gas—" "I didn't! I didn'tl" "Maybe you think you didn't, ut perhaps the pill had taken old enough that you weren't ac- lally conscious of what you were oing." "Did I go out into the ball and lose your door too?" she asked, cornfully. "My door?" He made no at- empt to conceal his astonishment, 'The last thing you said to me vas that you'd: leave both doors pen. So if I wanted anything 1 ould call.** She felt v » tear run own her cheek and she brushed it it angrily. "But Rinda had to jammer oh your door to rouse ou! How do you explain that?" The rcliel on his face was starling. "Pete's sake, darling, has that een preying on your mind? I closed it myself. I read for awhile ind there was a draft on me so when 1 got ready to turn off the light I looked in to see how jou r bre—** "And was I awake?" He shook his head. "No, you were dozing. I asked you if you wanted anything and you just murmured something. So I told you I was going to close my door on account of the draft." "Are you saying that I actually answered you?" The incredulity in her voice was almost insulting but Hush paid no attention. He snid steadily: "I didn't soy that. You just made a sleepy sort of sound and I didn't want to you wide lawake. Look, Ann, 1 know you've been going through a private hell of your own but ] think you're causing a lot of il yourself. You're making no attempt to discipline your imagination. After all, there's no proof of anything. You say the wax was there yet no one else saw it None of the maids saw it and there wu no wax missing from th« eup- boaVris." She looked at Mm quickly and he siiid, "Of course 1 checked. Did you think I wouldn't? I'm not denying you got the letter from Wyoming but it would be a big help it we could It." KKECJtLES it HIS FRIENDS By Soral Support "Her father runs a drugstore across th« street, but ho cut off her ice cream—so she comes in here ^nd hurts my business!" BOYS. IP VOU WIN THe CHAMPiOfJsmp JL HEREBY PROCtAlM.AS MAYOR* Of* SHADYSlDE , THAT THC" . TOWN WILL &e fouft«/ «T COULDN'T have made that man up," she pointed out. "And Sam Blandicig said h« ilid live in Cheyenne." "Oh. Yes. Yes, Sam said thai." He seemed suddenly to become vague and she decided mournfully thai no one at any lime had Rot in touch with anyone In Wyoming.. Slip-tried a new tack. "When I tried to teM Sam Hlanding—why did you try so hard to stop me? Why was that, Rush?" "Well, jumping Jupiter," he said helplessly. "Arm, do you have the slightest notion of what a murder investigation would be like? Do you have any idea what you and Laurie and Gay would have to go through? Of course I tried lo stop you." He got up and begem again to pace the floor. "Ann, you've got to get the whole Idea out of your head. Tommy's death was an accident—and I know you nlwayi wound the clock. Hcver- heless Tommy's death was an accident. So was Luke's." *T said I'd come by the bridge," she reminded him. "Sure. Sure, 1 know you did. But any ot us might have used it. ^ Lt was—well, I guess, maybe your number wasn't up yet, Person- lly," h« said slowly, **1 blame myself for most of this/ "You . . . ?" He nodded morosely. "Do you remember when T came" to your room after Hi* bridge collapsed?" "Yes." "Well, I was so upset— 90 horrified by the whole thing—and every time 1 stopped to think that it might have been you—what PKISCILLA'S POP Way of All Women AL VERMEER close call it was . . He paused BOB MALONE Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 Steel OU Barrel Racks Anj Size T. L MABRY 42) MISSOURI ST. PH. 3621 c Remember ROTHROCK'S For PRESCRIPTIONS Phone 4451 FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION ^ee Estimates - S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. • Phone 3646 a>d2515 TWENTY MILLION (?ART>ENS The Government has asked for that amount— it is the answer to higher and higher food prices. Raise your own food! We hav« complete stocks of garden seed. Order now! HELP CONSERVE FOR OTHERS—WITH A GARDEN OF YOUR OWN! Paul Byrum Seed Store has the most complete stock of garden nnd field seed between Memphis and St. Ixnils, as well as all kinds of plants in season. Make this your headquarters whenever you buy high-germination seed! SEE US ABOUT YOUR GARDEN SEED NOW! WE ARE READY TO SERVE YOU PAUL BYRUM "The Seed Store" 1M-120 East Main St. Blytheville, Arkansas Planting Seed Soybeans. Corn. Cnttnn Seed, Sudan, Oals, I.esptdeja, Alfalfa, Pasture Mixtures, I.awn Grasses A Other Field Seed. See Us For Your Requirements Blytheville Soybean Corporation 856 J'hones 857 Handled With Care from (he time jour family'* clulhci reach us—to the lime they arc returned to you immaculately clean, they get the best of care. Fabric, color nnd design play a part In determining the methods and ingredients we use in cleaning. Our re- sulls satisfy! Dial 4474-4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS 220 North Second Street // was frightful!' Ctmvds pus/iing and thoying <ff every counter!, poor ; VIC FLINT Kip Has » Hunch By MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE hid a little chat with Merk Arbell yserf to see if I could succeed here Growl hid failed. SOUNDS LIKE GOOD REASONING. AR6ELL. KUl FATS KfHXtOH, INI, WOULD I HAVE LET IN HIS POCKET DOCUMENT STATING OWEO«M*50.000? IM W«(tV YOU NWN'T COM! BACK TO live HERE AT TUf CUB, KIP. WE AU MI55 WO. f NO, MERK. MOW THAI MY BROTHER ROCKY IS DEAD. I'M THflOU&M WITH THIS SORT OF LIFE. All THE GUARDS AT THE ACf VMM CLUB SEEM TO UKE Vni MOM I LOOK AT TMIt SIOJATUW, TMt LfM I THINK II'» REALLY KOCKV'i " WASH TtJBRS Yep, That Was .1. P. By LESLIE TURNEH and shook his head and then said wretchedly, "1 think I pul the idea in your head, Ann. God forgive me, I think 1 did." .(To Be Continued) NOW, IOOK WOT SOU'UE DIP TO MR. KCOWTZ'S PMMTIN'.VOU MEDDUN* GIT OUTER HERE BEFORE -WU WRKK 1H' ] • PL&CE *N' 1 LOse Wt TEMPER. 1 .'. J HO, BUT -WERE W» AN OLD GENTLEMAN W<0 PtWT ENOUGH M 1HM WIBO HOOK 1WH THE SINKS,,,. KCKWTz! SOU WJSTA rASSEo >€R LUNWOR GO»rpOW< TITS1EP5 RED RYDER Princess Remembers FRED BARMAN LOOK OUT, CRABROCK' NOW.RED RYDER. FIREFLY. GIV'E YOU GOLD DUST-REWARD TOR OOiK5<5 AWAY WITH E\)IL CHIEF, PINK CVOUD, AVAMY AOOUS AGO. ALLEY OOI> When the Desert Hloomed By V. BOOTS ANT) HER BUDDIES Ac;ain?. By EDGAR MARTIN V.

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