The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 28, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 28, 1950
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLT'IVKVII.T.E (ARK.) COURIER NEW! FRIDAY, JULY 28,1950 Hoover Tells Nation. How to Aid FBI in Curbing Saboteurs in U.S. Bj Jttk Adum WASHINGTON, July 2«. CAP) — J. Edgar Hoover told Amtricins today how. In stven ways, they can help the FBI curb saboteurs and other domestic enemies In the present military emergency. The first and most important saf miRlit be Incomplete or only* partially ficcurat*. By drawing conclusions based on insufficient el i- dence grave injustices might result to innocent persons, 1>0 Not ln»Mll|tite! "5. Once you have reported yinir information, to the FBI, do not en- tions, This can best be.done by trained investigators who have access to data acquirer! over the years oti individuals engaged in subversive activities. "6. Be alert. The greatest defenders asainst saboUige nre the loyal American workmen who are producing the materials and weapon* tor our defense. They can be the sentinels of defense in every walk of like. Identity Not Easy "7. The lorces which are most anxious to weaken our internal security are not always easy to Identify. Communists have beep trained In deceit and secretly work toward the clay when they hope to replace our American way of life with Communist, dictatorship. They utll- step- call the FBI quickly with uny I deavor to make private invf.stlea information you m»y have. " "" "—' "" J — - "" Hoover emphasized that his FBI Is not interested In malicious gossip tx idle rumors, nor In "what > person thinks." But, he said, it. mist specifically wants facts on actions "which undermine internal security." President Truman called on the, American public, last Monday to channel any Information on spjing, sabotage or other subversive activities to the FBI. Like the While House, the FBI cautioned against private attempts to investigate evidence of such activity, saying it should be left to the highly organized FBI machinery which !i set up for that purpose. FBI Has Agents | Te FBI has long had special agents in each of its SI field offices assigned to the specific task of sifting and relating such evidence, with the Washington headquarters jerving as a clearing house. The Hoover statement noted that a close system of cooperation between the federal bureau and lav: enforcement agencies throughout the nation I* already functioning iji this field. "The .internal security cf the United State* can be assured," the director asserted, "with the cooperation, aid and assistance ol every law-abiding person In our nation." FBI Ne»r as Telephone For the general public, he made these suggestions: "1. The FBI Is as near to you a.i your telephone. The first page of every telephone book in the country list* the nearest office' of the FBI. You can communicate with the FBI by telephone, letter or call at your nearest office. , "2. Feel free to furnish all facts in your possession. Many times a small bit of information might furnish the data we are seeking. If you have any Information o( sabotage, espionage, or subversive activities, contact the FBI. "3. The FBI U Interested in receiving facts;, we are not interested in what a person thinks, but what he does which'undermines our internal security. Avoid reporting malicious gossip or Idle rumors. "4. Do not circulate rumow about subversive activities, or draw conclusions from Information you furnish the FBI. The date you pos- Negro Misses Chair; Justice Is Criticized LAUREL. Miss,. July 2». l/n — Willie McOee missed a date with an electric chair yesterday. And the Mississippi judge who sentenced him three times for rap- Ing a white woman criticized the stay of execution by a U.S. Supreme Court Justice. Circuit Court Judge F. Burkitl Collins, In a prepared statement, declared here yesterday he knew of "no law or precedent" for the action of Justice Harold Burton of the U.S. Supreme Court In (ranting the stay Wednesday. He said he had been asked repeatedly by what authority Justice Burton acted. In Cleveland, Miss.. Gov. Fielding Wright angrily termed the Civil ize cleverly camouflaged move- Rights Congress of New York, merits, such as some peace groups which sent delegates (^Mississippi Rocket to Zoom Over Atlantic In Repeat of Monday's Firing and civil rights organizations achieve their sinister purpose. 1 ;. While they as individuals arc difficult to Identify—the Communist, party line is clear. Its (trsl concern is the advancement of Soviet Russia and the Godless Communist cause. It Is important to learn to know, the enemies ol the American way of life. 1 * HE THAT RUNS MAY READ—The blggo* Ten Commandment! in flw world an laid oat fa tn*w white stones on a mountainside near Murphy, Tenn. Each letter ia taller than a man, *s you eaa an by oomparuon to the people «t left of the Tenth Commandment. More than 15,000 j expected to visit the unusual shrine during* late summer and fan. LONG RANGE PRO VINO GROUND, Cocon, Fla., July'28. W>(— Another two-stage rocket will zoom out over the Atlantic here tomorrow in a repeat performance of Monday's firing. The rocket will be fired on a horizontal course at 7 a.m. (EST). Information obtained from tomorrow's launching will be compared with that gained Monday. At that time a captured V-2 whistled eastward at 2,700 miles an hour. When It h«d gone eight and t a half miles up and fifteen miles I out. the 14-ton German rocket released a 70-pound missile which may have attained a speed of 5,000 I miles an hour. Its performance Is I a military secret. The sninller rocket, known as a WAG Corporal,'; is a scientific rather than military weapon. The V-2 rocket, brought to this country from Germany, reached an altitude of 52.800 feet In 83 seconds. When It descended to 20,000 feet. It was exploded by remote control. The debris fell Into the sea 48 miles offshore. Tomorrow's firing will conclude the present test program known as PSC Okays Helena Gas Firm's Sale LITTLE ROCK, July 28. (>T) — The Arkansas Public Service Commission has authorized sale of the gas distribution ..system at Helena. The system will'be purchased by Midsoulh Gas Company from Arkansas Power and Light Company and will be converted from manufactured gas Lo natural gas. The transfer and conversion is part of Midsouth's over-all plan to furnish natural gas to some 40 Kasl Arkansas communities not now served. Midsoulh applied Rb Washington yesterday (or Federal Power Commission approval of its plans, which already have been approved by the Arkansas Public Service Commission. The Helena was the latest to receive PSC approval. seek executive clemency for the TT-year-old Negro, as "the slimiest, filthiest group I ever had to deal with." He charged "the Civil Rights Congress cares nothing for Willie Mc- ee. It has a planned program (o destroy the judicial system of each and every stale." The governor told a .civic club audience he was "sick and tired" of Interference In the McGee case. He added lhat he had received 15,334 letters and telegrams from nations all over the world. Including Communist China and Czechoslovakia, "demanding that I free McGee. M Wr.ght said he had studied the case "and I know he is guilty." Truman Has Bill for Medal Of Honor for Heroic Youth WASHINPTON, July 28. </T*j—President Truman has before him a bill creating a medal of honor for heroic youngsters under 18. . Rep. Chelf (D-Ky,>, the author, said two awards wilt be made annually for bravery in saving life and two for outstanding public service. Chelf said it Ss the first time thai Congress has authorized medals to civilians of any age in peacetime. For the military, the Medal of Honor Is the nation's highest award for valor in the face of the enemy. The Chelf bill, sent to the White House after House approval yesterday, authorizes the governors of each state to nominate at least two candidates each year. The U.S. attorney general will then submit names of the outstanding four to Congress. The medals will be awarded by the President. The Shinkolobwe uranium deposits in the BelfjUn Congo were, discovered In 191fi. Former Killed; Hit by Train STAMPS, Ark.. July 28. (ypj—Joe Moses, about 48, LaFayette . County farmer, was killed by a Cotton Belt train two miles east of Buckner yesterday. The train crew said he was silting on the rails, apparently asleep and thnt they did not see him In time to stop. Columbia County coroner F'red Lewis ruled his death accidental. His only survivor is hi* wife. Funeral services will be held today at Shlloh Baptist Church, north of Stamp*. IX THE PROBATE COUIlT FOR , THE CHICKASAWHA THSTKHJT OF MISSISSIPl'I COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTRR OF THE ESTATE OF MATT IE L. RICHARDS, DECEASED NOTICE TO CKEl>ITOKS Last known address ol the decedent: Blytheville. Arkansas. Dale of death, July 15, 1950. The undersigned wa.s appointed Administrator of the estate of the above named decedent, Mattle L, Richards on the 20 day nf July, 1950. All pers'ms having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned within six' (6) months of the date of the first publication of this notice, or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefits in this estate. This nolice is published trie 21st day of July, 1D50. ' : Jesse Taylor, Administrator c/o Holland and Taylor Attys. Horum Building, Blyiheviile, Arkansas T21-28 Sub Was British OTTAWA, July 28'. (AD — The British admiralty said yesterday that a submarine seen off Newfoundland's coast Jtil 10 was the British submarine Astute. Canadian sources had speculated thai the underwater craft might have oeen Russian. DO YOUR FEET BURN? la (he summe who are on the hours during ti the soles of the their arches hi •time many people r feet quite, a lew e day, sufTer with r feet burning and rting, and, if they j "bumper. 1 * The United SUUs and governments have signed an agreement for mutual guided mlxsU* tests. The base Is at Cape Canaveral near Cocoa and the testing area extends over the Bahamas inlands. , ri> Arkansas Solons Oppose River Bill WASHINGTON. July 2S. (&) — Both Arkansas senators, McClellim and Fulbrlght, yesterday opposed t Republican - sponsored amendment which would have slashed river, harbor and flood control spending 0 per cent (or fiscal 1951. The amendment was defeated. McCJellan voted against It. Fulbright was absent, but was announced as against. have corns, Oh, My! 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