The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 15, 1938 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 15, 1938
Page 8
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS ^Veteran Greek Sulxiues Nazenan; Perkins'. Opponent Kicks Self With an officer stationed nt each comer of the ring to prevent ft jjossible recurrence of (lie rtot thai marked Mike Nazeriun's last appearance here, "Dynamite" Joe plllma'n, veteran Greek grap- p!er, slammed the big Armenian lo submission in two straight (alls after losing the first (it tfie Legion arena here last night.- Nnzerian was furious mid singed ft scene with Dillman and Referee Mike Meroney after the lust fall, finally being dfreeicci to leave the ring X>y Commissioner Nelll Reed. He was escorted to his dressing room by Areli IJndsey, deputy sheriff. llie colorful Armenian took Hie first fall after n rough tl minutes, using the front crotch and tally slam to plu rwiman. Coming out for the second foil ttic two wrestled and cuffed each other about the ring for nine minutes before Dill-, man grabbed Nawrlem's tinkles nnd' wlihled him nrouhd with a "merry- go-round"' until he was dizzy, then took the fall with a body pin. Another 11 'minutes was required for DJllmnn to inke tlie finnl full with a body pin. Art Perkins of Detroit won a surprise verdict over Ted Bell in the opening match, taking (he second Today's Puzzle ! Just who is who in this picture Is debatable, but then, the gentle im at wrestling wn.s ever iluis. Lockrd hi Ibis prel'/.cl-llke embrace are Jimmy F/mdns. on .shoulders, and Sandor Sxabo, with head between Ixindos' le^s. At least we are led to believe they are Jimmy'.-!. Loiulos ivou this bout, which look place In Los Angeles. . There are three different and distinct pairs of towns which care lor each other like a registered, full blcod bulldog adores a beautiful, well sroomed Persian pussycat . . . They nrc Blytheville and Carulhersvilte; Jonesboro and Paragould; Newport and Batesvllle; The competition Is keenest between Jonesboro and Paragould, but, there is no love lost between »,T,.I n,i j i n ..... ,, ----------- uuli » "•!<•• is no love losi Bet and third Jails consecutively. Per- thc 0 ,, 1D1 . two sets wlu ^ kins appeared lo be somewhat out- j ec o)<, out of the circuit the lines cassed by he curley headed Bell snoul(l be drawn lighter between who wo tlie fi ~ ....... who won tlie first in 15 minutes with, kangaroo kicks and body pin. The most effective hold employed by (he "Detroit Whirlwind" was the flying head scissors with which he took Uie second fall i» eight minutes, .it .was while attempting to elude this same hold that Bell kicked himself in (lie chin with his knee, enabling Perkins to full on him and gain the decision. At the' lime Bell was going strong and apparently was ready to take the Detroiter's nieasure. He hod Perkins . scurrying' for J the , ropes repeatedly and was apparently ready for an easy vicloi-y.-. , The ie Bucket By J. P. Friend Dopi LUCKY BREAK—Credit Ihe Blytheville Giants with their first break of the new year ... It came with the opening date of HIE coining 1938 baseball season . . . By all rights'; of the game the Giants were '-not entitled lo the first game, this year . . . They pried off the lid In '37 with the Osceola. Indians at Walker Purk . . . Incidentally winning, thanks to some stout hearted relief work by Thomas Pilllis, the Wnbbasekn, Arkansas string beau . . . So, nc- Blyllieville nnd Cariilliersvlllc . . The Pilots have a score lo settle . .'. Yon will recall how the weak, hilling Giants nosed out thc MiJi- sourians, despite n dlirerence or more than forty points in the batting averages . . . They culled it luck, pure and adulterated ... It Is still a sore .spot with them, one not so easily brushed aside ... I Imvc a sneaking suspicion that they shall exert nn extra amount of effort and energy to even matters . . . Jonesboro nnd Paragoiild have been "that .way" for ''blows nnd stretches" . . .To make things worse the Rebels snapped a W-Baiiie losing streak last summer at (lie expense of the Craighead county Giants AND THAT LOSS PROBABLY COST THE JONESBORO CLUB THE PENNANT . . . Ot course, that memory warms ^ the cockels of every Jonesboro hjenrt . . . Newport and Bfttesville Vmve an emulation nil (heir o«'n. 'and it Is no hatched up affair, either ... It has been going on year after year nnd gelling no smaller fnst ... So it looks like n hot time in the bnse- ball towns every day and night . . . The cash customers will just hate that, I'm sure ... HOMING—Bennle Tale, the only Blytlieville product to ever really make good in the big leagues, is moving close to home ... it was announced that the former Blytheville catcher lias signed to manage the Chicks Play At Manila Gym Tonight The Blytheylllc high school Chicfcasaws will meet Ihe Manila Lions in a basketball game at Manila tonight. '1 he Chlekasaws recently defeated the Lions b'y an 11-point margin but llic Manila quintet flashed considerable form and is expected to give the Chicks a close light tonight on Its home court. Both teams are generally regarded as among the strongest In Ihe county and must be reckoned with in (he approaching county tournament. League and later to the Cubs In the National League . . . Qucll- urnlz, who was manager, rates the local club one of the best Independent clubs he ever saw . . . He had besides himself at first and Tate catching. "Woody" Woodson, now an ofllclal of the Carathers- vllle club, second, Kitty Wlckham, third, Spencer Wood, who later went to the Yankees for one year, retired and is now n successful and prominent physician at New Orleans, shortstop; Joe Klein, Al Sigleiv and tile brilliant Prank Thrasher in tlie oiitlleld . . . His pitching staff was composed of Monroe, Slim Brewer, Lefty Crowe Frank Hackenbrough and Harmo Minn tree Arkansas string beau , . . So, nc- age me Mayflekl, Ky., club in the cording to the custom generally \ Kitty League . . .Local fans of adhered to in baseball circles it was Blytbeville's turn to open In a foreign park . . . Since Caruth- ersvllle and Blytheville were close ersvme ana uiyinevme were close l"i. ms start here in 10; together, and were "naturals" to °- E - "Dutch" Quellmalx -meet since ihcy had finished 1-2, pride to the Interesting nnd successful career of Tnite . got his start here in 1023' He Dutch got him from ' , Mobile they were paired off . . . Then through' (lie friendship of Herman came the "break" . . . Caruth- ! Brankle . . . Bennic was an In- ersville has \vrestling scheduled for fielder (hen, playing mostly at Thursday nights, and since it was lll 'rd . . . One day at Cape Glr- ' , their purpose to usher in the liew campaign under the arcs, "Woody" ember 18, But they already —.... »,i>j in. vyupc oir- arclenu Dutch needed a catcher ^..,»jju,5[, unvii:i tnn rtn^>, wuuuy * • • Beiiiiie spoke up nnd told Woodson, acting for the Pilots, him he would catch, so behind the made nn agreement with Fred S., bat. he went—to stay . . From tRcck) Saliba to transfer Tlviirs-j the start he made BOOI! BIH day's game ,10 Walker Park . . .Dutch says that Peck Monroe who The two teams then- tangle at the h «<l been with the Yankees really Southeast Missouri metropolis Fri-: "made" Tnte its a catcher' day night, which will be April 29. i'cck corrected a few faults siicli . . . Like a true scout "Woody" as jumping nrouml behind the did his good deed for that day. . . . Plate, and Talc, nn excellent ob- RIVALS— Prom thc lay of the server, caught the hang of it and land it looks as if there is going ' to be a.tot of keen rivalry on dis- .—• ".m u A ! r1L!!l tS - SUmmerK "\ Norliicast ent team lie was sold to Memphis'to use the sun's "ray's as the'main Arkansas ucague baseball circles!nnd from tliere lo the American source of power After one Mlnatree had a trial with the Pittsburgh Pirates . Brewer knocked around Ir minor league ball for several years, and was n pretty fair country pitcher, too ... N. F. Knight was president of the club and other prominent business men and lead- era backed the organization. PATIENCE — They say tlmt "patience lias Us reward", but so fnr It hasn't panned out with the Blytheville high school officials In their search for another big home game ,this fall . . . They felt sure that Greenwood, Miss., would wanl to renew tlielr two year contract but the Greenwood basses have ignored thc suggestion . . . Then Tuscnloosa. Ala., was approached lo /111 the open date which Is Nov. Yarbro Wins Girls Title And Gosneil Boys In 4-HMeet MANILA, Ark., Pel). 15.—T5ie cll- mux of the North Mississippi county 4-H Club basketball tournament was reached here late Saturday night before a packed audience by four teams who battled every Inch of the way for first place. The Yur- IH'O and HJflck Water- sextet went on the court with Mack Water girls slightly the favorites, but Whittle of Yarbro, sliarpshootlng forvwwt, chalked'up a. total of seventeen points, The final score was 30 to 20; In Yarbro'.s favor. The Gosneil girls were awadrcd third place by defeating Brown Spur girls. The score in this crime was 22 lo 19. In the boys division Gosneil completely upset pre-tourney expcctR- tlons t>y cllnchlmr first place in their battle with Yarbro. The score was 20 to II with Hall of Oosnell making 8 points and Johnson of Yarbro tailing with fi 'points. The ending of the first quarter was a 5-all score with Gosneil taking tlie lead In the second, 10 lo i, Oosnell continued their climb with the score at Ihc third quarter 10 to 9. In the fourth quarter (he Gosneil boys proved their superiority, keep- ine Yarbro lo second place. Third place was awarded to Black Water boys who completely and decisively swamped Brown Spur boys with the runaway score of 35 to 15. After Ihe games officials elected an all 4-H club first team and second team from among the players.' An official said that sportsmanship was stressed in this selection as well ns the Individual's ability. The girls first team Is. as follows: "Whittle, Yarbro; Cole, Black Water; Forest. Lone Oak, forwards; Billings. Black Water; Greer, Gosneil; Glen of Brown Spur as guurds. Fttr the second leflm Tlirelkald of Brown Spur, Whittle of Yarbro and Bnrgett of Black .Water, forwards; Olden of Yarbro, Griffin of Slmdy Grove, and Bevel of Gosneil, guards. ' in the boys division Whitney of Black Walcr and Stiles of Yarbro were selected ns forwards on the first team. Neisthelmer of Gosneil was adjudged center and Bunch of Gosneil and Hall Mark of Gosneil as guards. In the second team Fowler of Brown Spur was selected' center with Scoll of Black Water and Holland of Yarbro picked ns guards and Davis of Lone Oak and Cattleman of Black Water as. forwards'. Dyess Cagers Capture Trio oi Hoop Battle; . 'DYESS, Ark., Feb. 12. — Dyess basketball teams ,won t,hree victories yesterday; The '• junior boys team playing Whitton here on the Dyess court scored 30-5. The boys and girls senior teams defeated Parkin, nt Parkin with, a score of, boys, 17-7, and girls winning 11-14. The PAYOFF had a game booked . . . Conch Joe Dlldy has contacted almost every school In the -state but "no hits" . . , His latest move is a letter lo Ben Epstein, siwrts editor of the Arkansas Gazette, to broadcast the appeal . . . will play anybody, but must have Ihe game here ... Unless ijower sources are dis- - •• • . . mid ujic covered, inhabitants of the earth. year with the powerful independ-,at some future time, will be forced ent team ' IS THIS EASY ROLLIN', TASTY TOBACCO," SAYS BURL TATUM... '"\7"OU know nometJiing, Ab?" Burl J. Talum (left) s»ys."!lidin' Uie old range isn't half as lonesome when you've got a cool, mellow Prince Albert 'makinV cipircttc a-goinV "Don't I knowit,Burl," AbHudlcins (right) cornea tact. "Prince Albert I" a good friend o' mine. U treats my tongue right, and it draws perfect. fin« roll-your- own ci(«rette» m every 2-OE. tin of Prince Albert. Ctpjrtlbl. IMS Whutao Sa'tm, N. C. In fact, P. A. makes * fellow feel he's right.witn the world," "Sure enough," Bruce Galbrnith («nfcr) put* in. "It's one 'makinV tobacco that rings the bell everywhere, I understand it's as popular in the big cities as il is out here on Ihe prairies." (Plenty popular with pipe- amotera everywhere too!) PRINCE ALBERT THE NATIONAL JOY SMOtft - BY'JERRY BROiVDFIKI.D NKA Service Sports Wriler NEW YORK, Feb. 14. — Frite Crlsler's leavlno the Ivy-clad, hal- oweri walls of Princeton for the justling. mldwestcrn atmosphere of Michigan would be a wise move on ils part even if thc athletic directorship were not in the oiling. Gridiron success, as everyone should be willing to agree, runs 'n cycles. In 1935, Old Nassau had an un- jlemlshed season of nine victories. Tiie Tiger has since lilt the skids, slowly but surely. In '30 it won four. ,ost two. and tied two. Last season it won four and lost four. And prospects for 1938 do not 'iidicate an undefeated season by any means. Michigan, on the other hand, is TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1938 MICHIGAN'S MAN Leaving his post at Princeton to I take over the head football' coaching job at Michigan, Her-j bert O. (Fritz) Crlsler replaces] Harry Kipke.who was dismissed! by the Wolverines late last falti It was understood that Crlsler? would also assume the position ns director of athletics sometime within the next three years, j due for n rise after four years of wallowing in the tootball doldrums. In 1934-'35-'3G. they were battered from pillar to ixist. but the Wolverines started to snap out of it in '31, Tiiey won four and lost four, which practically made Harry Kipke's Inst season at Ann Arbor a howling success. Fritz Crisler will have a veteran Michigan team with which lo work next fall. And Michigan is just about due. The North Texas Twins Deliner and Elmer Brown are twins. Delmer (he looks like Elmer) is one-fourth of North Texas State Teachers' crack relay (earn. Elmer i he looks like Delmer) is another fourth. Only two people can tell them apart at first glance. The two are Delmer and Elmer Brown. The only others who can make a good stab at it are Elaine and Wayne Hideout, also twins, and the other half of this colorful relay quartet which currently Is one of the giddiest things in the world for sports writers to flifiire out. Somehow, twins can tell twins apart. Last spring, while returning home from the Penn Relays, nel- mer and Elmer Brown stopped in Kuoxville to cat. Elmer puttered around the car a btt while Delms-r went inside [he restaurant and sal down. A moment later. Delmer left to wash' his hands.' ! i • In came -Elmer. He sat down opposite to ivliere Delmer had been sitting. The waitress returned and, just a bit puzzletl, moved the 'silver and napkin over in front of him. Bat for Eacli Other Then Elmer decided lo wash his hands. He left the (able. A few seconds later Deltncr returned and sat down where he originally had been sealed. The distracted waitress came back, shitted the table service again and .then burst out wltli, "Now then,'young nitin ... if you'll make up your mind just where you'll sit I'll take 'your order!" Delmer and Elmer broad jump In addition (o running .on tiie medley relay team. No one could tell the difference, so Delmer once jumped for Elmer in a dual meet with the University of Texas. He won second place for Elmer, but wns very careful not to do better. He had saved first place for himself. Once Delmer wns sick for a. Avcck and Elmer went to all his classes for him. Fortunately, they were course. 1 ; he wasn't taking at the time, so he was able to doubW up. Elmer went so far as to take three examinations for Ills brother, and insists he did better than Delmer himself could have done. Mrs. Mai lie Fnye Haygood was hostess to a lingerie showr in Honor of Mrs. Clark Frame, who, before her recent marriage was Ml';<! Madge Turner, nt Ihe Jfay- 50Od home near Braggadocio Sunday. The guests played bingo and '"i"r games ami were served a salad course. Those attending were Mrs. Clelous Bailey, of Blylheville, Mrs. Handel Mend ana Miss Nfaxlne Penny, or Cartilliersville, Misses Alice, and Eluth McDaniol. Mrs. Al Jordan, Mrs. Connie Frame nnd Mrs Clay I-ewis jr. * * * i Mrs. Dan Poi Us jr. and daughter. Damictte, of ix>panto. Ark., are Siiests of her iinrents, Mr. ami *•.<;. A. W. Jordan this week. Mrs. Portis was guest of honor at .1 orldge luncheon in Hie home of ier sister, Mrs. James Ha/el of Slkeston Monday afternoon, others from here who attended were Mrs. A. W. Jordan and Mrs. Dewnrt Smith. J. W. Reno and J. !f. smith at- ( tended the timernl of S. E. Jutlen in Caruthersvilte Sunday. Mrs. John McClure left Tuesday for St. Louis, where her daughter. 3eue, will undergo treatment at Ihe Shrlncr's hosptial for infantile paralysis. • Miv-and - Mrs. Fred stotts nnd laushter, Gyndalyn. and Major jrlflln, -of. Lake city,. 1 and Mrs. A. J.'Outline, of-Black;. Oak. Ark., spent Sunday with Mrs. Ruth Lawhon mid Miss Eunice Gulhrie. Mrs. Cnroiyn Russell left yesterday afternoon for .1 visit wild her mother, Mrs. Ed Crlce. in Detroit Mich. Mrs. Jerry Holly and Miss Eunice r.uthrie were in Memphis lust week. Mr. and Mrs. Baxter Southern ire expected home the latter part of tills week from Pt. Myers. Fla., where they have been visiting Mr. Southern's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Southern, who are spending the winter there. Mary sue "Tucker, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Cleo Tucker, Is sick .his week. Mrs. Grace Jones returned Sunday from a visit with her son. A. T. Ashcraft. and family of ijlbourn. Australia's Birthrate Up SYDNEY (UP) —Australia's birth rale during the last complete fiscal year was 17.13 per thousand, he highest since 1931. A total of 58,108 marriages advanced tha rmrrlage rale to 8.68 per thousand, compared with 5.9G in 1931. IT COSTS LESS- To Ic.t us KEEP your 'jcar in shape than it does to repair it after it has broken down. Increase the value of your car and LET US KEEP IT IN A-l CONDITION. COMPLETELY New and Modern Auto Repair Shop We Can Meet Your Every Automobile Need All Work "Guaranteed LEE MOTOR SALES, he. OWsmobilc & G.M.C. Trucks & Trailers „ Sales and Service E. Main Si. phone 329 Steele-Cooter Society—Personal (Size oi Brain Believed Unchanged Through Ages DENVEll (UP)— AHlKJiigh man may be getting taller and more portly limn lie WHS 30,000 years ago. Ills brain Is no larger, according to Dr. Hnlfili Ltnton, pro- lessor of tinlhropology nl Columbia University, who Is conducting a Icclure lour. "The only change we can discover is that beUcr food and better medical care arc making us taller, but our brain is the same si/fi ns Dial of our primitive ancestors,'' Dr. Unton said. 'Die reason we know more tlian our ancestors did lies In the lad that there is more around us to learn, he said. Union believes there Is no Intelligent? difference various races. Nearsighted Pupils In Sight-Saving Clas£i SCHENECTADY, N. Y. (UP) — Ullra - modern indirect lighting fixtures and a plioto-electrlc cell tliat regulates Ihc Intensity of lialit In the room have been installed In u Riverside school classroom for near-sighted students. Textbooks with large type, paper with a green stnlnce, special chalk and toft lead pencils nlso arc provided for. pupils in Dip slglit-savfiifi; class. SJxtceii -itii- dents are registered. Have some ?,s4, 2\C anil 2x8 Iwelve :md fourteen feet luiiif cypress for *;ile at i»2.50 per thousand ileliv- i-rfd in islyllifvllle. Ttie Sahara desert, lias der-p do- 1 pressions uniflng fioi;i C(i to 230 ! feel below sea level. <•;. <:. 1'iione 797 DRIVING ISA PLEASURE WHEN YOU HAVE A We Will Install A New Ford Radio In Your Car for Only $41,00 Easy Terms COME IN NOW - - ONLY A PEW LEFT PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Slh & Walnut Phone 810 AHEAD OF THE REST! 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Robsit Brer een ptayh m ,,ndh i« Also selected shorts Admission Ufalmee, 10 C & 2Gc Admission Night 16<r i 3«c Weds. - Thurs. starring KATHARINE HEPBURN * ROGIRS Coming Soon: HAPPY LANDING 'HIE HURRICANE ROXY Admission Always l«o * z«c Show fvtry nljht. Matinees *•>(• day, Saturday & Sunday Only. Friday A Sunday Matinees atari p.m. Saturday Uominnoa* fln K from 1 to 11:30 p.m. Night shows start 6:45 p.m. GAIL PATRICK . Constance Colllw Andrea Leeds . Samuel S, Hinds Lucille Ball Directed by Gregory it Civa : Produced bf Ptndro 5. Herman ': icncn fl>r <>r ttaitit friknl irj /niton, Vtlllir tKO-MBIO P:lMt Also Paramount News & "forkj* Cartoon.' 1 Admission Matinee lOe & 2So Admission Night I6c & 36°e Tue.-Wed.-Thur, PAL RIGHTS! Z Adnlls Admitted for Price of 1

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