The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 16, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT Flat Lake Kuniishccl Duck Huntiiif; Near Cily l.ini its in Days Gone By. fin niul lold Die larmer mnvor n vrcpnt visit here of being i'pllct of duty. Slid AlnnR an Mini Wlmi were known us "ll/imlx" Kiulii ix' explained for HIP ijenc- IH of I lip .vounifcr BeneriUion nml JicsO comers. A Ifonril wns n ]nmii>- s|mn i-onli'iiiHlun made of » log, (!«(,' oui, u-lik'ii was n.vd for liiiriln:', lot's and oilier Ill-Ism our wlmi wm< Ki:i<Ls~!illtkt'(l nloiu; un Ui lie wus HY i,. M. noss Heinlniscins on happening conditions nlicuu '21 yojirs when llu [uniu-r editor i)f Daily Courier nuue vlllc. FKECKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS I CAM JUST SEE TW N CROWDS CAUUl.'G .-OK VO'J IK J THE SAME WITH KIIJOWcw ..THE ROOTERS CHEERIIK3...PEN- hJANTS Y<W/iW3...EVERYBODY SHOUTING YOUR NAME. 1 I,. M. IIOSS OHO, Hie Hlytho- prompl.s many inquirii-.s :• u d rr-acrions from (Jiff JHVS- em readn>; of i Ii i A |) ti i> e r. iiiiniy of whom hiivi- i;ni miss- rd fin issue sine i- l huso l 't» s «l llnii, lime. wlii'ti imKratimi wns hf-;\vy from jn.-my .section' of In- liinrtj H was fi(f|iK-inly charged of them thiil they came lie-re as Ihe les.'OT of two evils None was so short sighted as Io rcfcnl Ihi' accusalion. bin .sonu- (iid lltlle tulkiiii; until I lie fclatul ol limitation had run. Vlrijil Meets Wlls Nobody ever charged Whs llavh of beiiit: an ^miuri'iii. but U'(V re-member when Vireil Circcnc came lo town and mcl Mayor Wils, who served his constituents faithfully anil well. Wils was onl in Flat lake duck hmuinn. Vhjill I'nd, Just arrived from Indium, tile Mule nl hooppuli-.s and pump>.ins. He made Inimiry us to where Jic might find the honorable nmy- nr. Boinv direclcd lo Flat lake, which then extended almost lo (lie northern city Minim, he sot out, to locale Wils and secure the mayor'* blessing and consent lo hunt; out 111', shintde. His direction was go norlh, folUnvins ihe "Lizard." That v,-as an unknown aniitial lo Virgil, mull it was ]ininl(-d nut, by f. newcomer who was equally nn- fnmlil.ii K'illi the misnomer.. However he followed what \vu.s said to be Ihe Lbnrd fur oul into Ihi' deep swamp, sighting Wlls. similar to tho tall sycamore of Ills native Wabash, wcdscd in a stump hole, but disconcerted, because a .slump hole lo Wils was nothing to bother about. Virgil haded Ihe mayor, askinR who he was, nnd. receiving a reply that lie was tlie mayor. They met with a Bieetini! that has grown more fixed as the days have passed. The mayor gave Hie new law- >er his blessing mid invited him cd to Hie mayor Introduced the new lawyer and asked him to make n few remarks. That Is one tiling vii-Ril never dodged, ami lie proceeded to yive. the mayor aboul- the stoutest dressing down any mayor ever received on shorl no- lice fie talked of the mild streets mid snakes romlns in town nl frequent inicrvnis. then wound up by centering his fire on the bi" mud hole "r[»lit in front of (lie postolfici!." He ton how deep (he mud wns and that to make lhiii»s more unpleasant for traffic the sack of cement to crystal!/? j,, u,', I'.iid and writer , m ii] drivim; llirougl, the hole was ;i phvsiea'l ! !" P i° f ^" Uy - Wils «ni'lainert" ihal of eemen't ? f"l° sld '*" Ik onD snck merged. He C wn.s° plnd''^!^ ^'ad nnt Iwen lost, and informed the IK* comer that if ]„, WOI , M ^ !„, ", sl "«mM- would soon come wment l-oiui lln'f "!'"' i>ntl " lc tK-sinfrifn ...... ' ,_ lt : ] s '- ^"hc 'I' 1 . Virgil is yet ilollowirn: a "li/iml JCT.-IIIII wits |)n\ [mad.' when ho w(-nl. lo llu tiiiiitiiil- ui-onnds. Wlls used io /ivrnkc tin- natives ill all hours of Die ilny and ntidiL iiy popping his bit, ivhlp uvi'i- .weml y«k<: of tiuns|iiiriins nil Ihe freiijhl li|y- thi'villc reriuiri'd frrjui li.iriicjil. finiliiiK Ills neuro melody, "livery-' body tnlkiiiK nliout Koini; lo hi-u-' veil uinl uoltiK Ihi'ie." -Kiliii riinoihrnniii) Is luithorily for the slnlcmrnl that one of his teainslers. while hauling cotum to HlyJieviJIc' \vllli lour din miili-s. li>.st a ri-ur wln'i-l from hi;; wa^on lint! die ,,iu,| VI-K.S sn dr-r-ji tin: Iti^s v.':i.s not nollred un'.ll his ulleii- llon wns culled lo u, iifii-i- wlik'li hi- Mu|)|«il and could 1101 ai/iiln shut. In I)K).S<" i)ny» fjovernmeni land mid ))i> had for [he nskiiu; Iwo miles north of Kentucky avenue, 'Jill (lit- land remained uiie.lahncd tinlll iniicli JII-OXI P ».-K.S had been made in drainage for Ihe region, incrang" nayoii extended it;!i the town between Walnut and Davi.s avenue. In rainy scn- ••ions, which were more frequenl than now, It. tifu-n oanked nearly ID Ihe present county jail. Whcrfi the Amoricnn' l.e({!on 1ml now i>!iuxl.s would swim (i linrse dur- ii"-' tliosi! times, Many were forced Dial .stream, which Included Ihe. that hii-eiiin. hlch Included tho Jie-.i- editor, whose hlgli Uont.s were insiiffieient for any other roiuu. Several sea.soiis dm-jiiy Die \vin- ter cot I on pickers near Yarbro floated tin tubs between the cotton rows in which to place the coltoii. Colton was" picked until •srly in the sprint; many and frequently the price wns so Ihe landowner donated the crop to thi! pickers, the fee for Kicking belncf atout wlitit Ihe. p.aiiiors would tic able to really for it. ' Tho American legion Armistice day cek-hration, whc-n airplanes 3ew low in Blytheville, recalls the nisi, plane ever lo fly in this city. ' in Chamber of Commerce and i- Courier promolc'd the affair (I secured a flyer who bronchi : plane lo town oil n Saturday and gave a demonstration widen was witnessed by the .second largest. croi> ever to c-ongreenlc here ''he largest, crowd wn.s during the World War, on what was termed fani: Day." Several car loads of war tanks were loutintj the country by tipln (o promote further •Ilooverhing." tnhing our s-iiRar in ...AMD 1 CAW S«? -»6L» RUSHING O-JTOM THE riELR,QSTriK'<5 IWT YOOR POSITION AHD CALUNC5 SIGNAL'S...THE BALL IS PASSRD { BACK T6 YaJ...Yoo RUKI,,,GUYS TRY Tb TACkLE You, Bur <! SEE ALL! I CAN SEE OtlS GUY IM VOL"? WAY...1H6 SAFETY MAN,' HE DIVES AT You AND MISSSS AKID You Go OVER THE GOAL R3R A TOUCHDOWN ? I CAN SEE IT ALL JUST AS PLAIN.'.' Shirtless Wasliinir(oii in [fifltng n^HRIongwl punt ill histovy? ltwasoiu> I of US yanls, made by Harry Halien- liorsl, pre^nl taskethall ami baseball i-oacli :il l.oimiaim State, when he played fur liltle ll'akc Hon>sl in IHlfl. Tli'r iiuiU o.'iinr.' iliii'ing \Vako Forest's ;!iii»Ki! rliis^je ivilirNurtlj r;iroli;i;i Stale •riianki:i'.'ing Day. ' N'oi-il; (ViroliiKi iwl jiu.lic-il liic Ixill to Wake Anvil's si:<-»,ieh lim-. i,ut lost ii o; , nii-i;(l«M'; s|>ii'sl tli:il ciil'i'ii i! ft.~> yiijjj? in u/, air. uuri'-y. .Stall-sat'elv man, loiiflicd Hi/ ., A I;;,!! as it rolled t,a toward Oio ffmil lini-. . ^ for a Kjiii-liilowii, live J-;,I-(|L ; Jjcyoin! fa. (!o;tl rooms. It was so lar«e Dial it was, deccssary lo borrow a 15-foot f.'oss-cul saw from a manufacturer of .saws in Cincinnati. W fth ivhfrb the u-re «. ; ,. s jan-cd UIK! 11 (at .sawed off. The cut was transported 10 Hl.vthc-viJle on u flai j rar \>y I In: ,J. i,, c. \- E. milroad l«'iihoui. i-harKi>, and stood against llu- will) of Ihe John:; building on llu- 1-i-lseo riKliL of way for months until arrangements were made | with :i stale department, in Lit- 11-: liock to lake over Ihe monster K was shipped lo that city and ii, iircoiinis w;i.s in Die relic- depnriment of the stale house, ft I «o\ild do credit to the Wg tree I country of California. This was only one of the !m " my v . liyA re . wneil to in the early days which I ^avp ihe town the title of "Wonder City." Another "stunt" which ' the Courier editor promoted was dial of growing corn in this sec- iiion. Little was grown in isn. About 25 bushels were procured and given away, to all wiio agreed lo plant, and cultivate it. a 'pint lo ihe man, Unre ears to Ix.- delivered to the f Courier at harvest, lime. The display caused much comment and j larlcd the diversification pro, jvam here. Today's Markets New York Cotton NI-:W YOliK, Nw. 10 lUI'J — CV.tlrai clD'fii ?lf;,ay. open lush low (!lri!ic Dec Jan. Miirel Mily • Illly Oct. I2J9 12-15 1245 mi 1212 12-10 1245 1245 12J! !2!2 IMS 12:18 I23B IV.'A 123 ii 1241! V.Mli 1237 1208 The 20-lon staluc of c;corge Washington without n shirt, shown here nn plilcast in the nation's' capital for 93 years, Hits found a restin» ' " C1rcellnl '8 h . Ihnii 120.000. delivered in Washington, hi 1841. A , . shocked when Ihe i.nveillng showed Uic of the Smithsonian Tnslllutior,. British sculptor.. it, cost more great assemblage First Clti/.en Canaries Seek Canada Homes MONTREAL, <UI>) - E lg ht hundred German canaries ar? looking tor homes in Canada. Traveling first class, they have arrived on t::e freighter, Cheinnlix, from der- many. Capt. E . W ei S es said Ihe | long voyage and rough waw> tiitl not seem to bother them. Spots closed steady at 1235. mj- changed. i\vw Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 1G. iljp) —'Hie ration market held firm today, unchanged to two points Icii'er. Pirnuic-ss was atlrihuled to improved conditions in the dry Kood.s market, disposiiioii of many Iradei-s to buy even on small recession.':, and better comiunntloj) figures. open hi»!i 1231 123-1 1239 !2:ift I24T 12-11 1247 1247 /Sinn-lean Telephone and, Consolidated Gas issues, fealured a ituielsr slock market session lo- liay. American Telephone, .sold heavily, was UK- mnsi. aoiive issue. H dropped in 101 i-t:, oil •> ^i-8 points, a new low for tho year and 21 1-8 points under Hie liieli of tlie year. A.. T. and T. . Anaconda Cupper Beth. Sieel Chrysler Cilies Service .. Coca' Cola Gen. Am. Tank • Clen. Electric l!J :f-R Gen. Motors :m :t-.i Int. Harvester .,. Montgomery Ward N. V'. Central Chicago Corn open high tow cl f,-2 i-.j M :i-a 112 1-4 ft) 5-R 8-t v-x .);, ;i .|, 104 1-2 10 fl-s 28 1-8 35 .-j,.; 11-2 148 ] -2 :)7 Horse Slum- Aided riiviui'ii ffl'. I.OUIS. lUI't — Of DulilJ may not hr- nraciii-;i| io pull r:l «aj,-ons. but lie is vmtli a prell l«;nny io members of t| U : si. I ouf I-ire nennrtjiiom. The fire fi»ii| ers' pension fund was incicas-d I S:i9,100 by the Mniio,,:,, j o -f Know here. ' UCc Jan March i May | July jOc; 121.1 12111 Spols closrd sle.idj' ,-ii changed. low 1227 1235 1240 1239 1236 1207 12fil close 1230 123C 1242 1241 1238 1208 , iL'l- Kickard Pliillips Pet. .. Radio ftiinnions Hods Standard of N. Texas Co U. S. Steel ... U. S. Smelt ins in 1-4 2fl 1-8 . 15 3-4 . !> 5-8 . Hi 1-2 . : 1-2 . M 1-2 21 3-4 , 34 .1-4 117 1-4 . n 3-1 last Time Today] .Alat, 2:30, 10-25c iS'ife 6:45—I0-35c LKR TRACY ;tn,l ItlCI.KN MACK in iff. Wheat DROP KID' Paramount Variety-— ,-,, j (' lOSlTlff StOCk after (he fashion of a careless noman senator. Aflcr resting 'in'a shed for years, ii was to the Smithsonian, nnd finally relegated to ito new hiding place, Head Courier News Want Ada. ] NEW YORK, Nov. 11. (UP) — iSlrenglh in aviation issues and i weakness in utilities, notably opc-n high low close ncc 100 1-8 101 1-2 ICO 1-8 ICO !-•) May 0!) S-4 100 1-2 69 1-4 M 1- expanse of lioltom country, local-j her of Commerce offices but, it ed near Mnnllu. The idea of the. [was found to be too much of a Courier was that a cut. irom this j good thing and no method could l.reai tree .should Brace^tlie Cham-:tic devised to gel lhe ml into Ihe imale Hie crowd except by acres and our memory fails us on (ho number of acres. Hut the airplane day was second "i greatness. After tin- flyer compiled his engagement tlie laic A. C. Lunge induced him to remain over Sunday, promising to pny him SM for a irijj ii)) in Hio «ir. II was an event fill trip nnd later others paid SS each for what cost Mr. Lange s:)5. Thousands of people irom fifty miles alioitt thanked the Chamber of Commerce for their first view of mi airplane, nnd Blytlicvlllc received uniold advertising as a re- .ailt. More splendid advcrlisiiiK was received by Blylhcvllle when ihe Courier promoted "culthiR the largest cypress Irce in (his viisi Most Coughs Demand Creomulsion non'i let Iheni yet a strangle hold. t-s. g ht t |, em qujekly. Crcomul- fion combines 1 helps iti one. Powerful but harmless, pleasant to take. No narcotics. Your o»n ilriig- S'st is authorized lo refund vour money on the spot if your coii 8 h or cold is 1,01 relieved | >v Crcomul- sio " ' -Adv. -I lances At New Low Prices! COLONIAL PERCOLAIOR HIGH-BOy PATTERN Makes perfect drip coffee nutomaticolly —the water drips ns it heats. 7cupcapac- ity. Panelled Body and Spout. Chromium Pls:c. LOW.BOY WAFFLE MAKER Bakes Eolilcn brown vvnfflcj cxnctly to your tnstc. Hcflt indicotor tells when to pour batter. Patentee expansion hinge allows batvcr to rniie. Beautifully finished in Chromium Plate. $7.95 $5.95 HUBBARD HARDWARE ^ Announcing the Organization of The Blytheville School Band Knrollinc/ Students from JUNIOR A N D SENIOR HIGH SCHOOLS AND SOME GRADK SCHOOL STUDENTS (VROU1> ANT) INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION ON AU, HAND JNSTHIWKNT.S AT iMODKKATE 1'RICKR The Blytheville School Baud is now in tho process of organization and all those- intorostnd in Ifaniimr Io |>lay any IJafiil inslnunciU should make immediate, a> - The Rantl will lie conducled liy M r . |{, I.. .Morris, for (he past live years connected with Iho Blythcville .schools. JD addition to his duties here Mr. Morris org« nixed lh c Canithersvillrj Hand 2 years ajro which has developed into a splendid musical orj;aiii-«ilion of 75 members. Those (lcsi)-in(j to enroll in the #/////,(- villc School Hand should leave their 'tame at Superintendent McClnrkin'st office, show you real luxury in a HAUT SOFIA PFNER & MA1?X Angola Suits "35 THIS fabric, developed •f in the Tlnrl ScliafTnci' vt Miirx research laboratories, has (Im sol't feel anil line colon,ig O t" a flannel combined with the weai-infr fiualilics of it _ worsted. It is woven »l yarns \\-iih a silky siirfflre and a stoiil worsted core. Fine needlework a n (l authentic style make IL a snil tht: mosl ex|ipn.sivo lailor IIKOS Id talk abonl. \V(sell it al a pric,. all can aflord Io ); i v NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO. Friday & Saturday MAT. & ?;iTE—lOc - 25c Bob n "The Gallant business" Also "Adventures of Hie Newsrccl Cameraman" Saturday Only Malincc & Night—lOc - 2,i Speed was his god—^ love, his haven of victory! u picdire (hat Livings hack \ividly Hie glamor and romance of tho golden ago when the Cimin loured the land. A Circus Picture With a Western Wallop Cartoon Serial—"Tho Wnlf Dorr" \Vi(h Rin Tin Tin. Jr. Sunday - Matinee 2-.SO—10c - 25c PAUL LUKAS V.-YNNE GEBSOISt ERIC UNDEi\ Dorothy Apploby John Dtmow Anita louiss Sam Hardv TIM ^UlSms -^*.«*S5^*U4 A B. F. ZcWman Produciicn cii/^ctcd by Kud Ncu,Ti,3nii. P.-tie.ilid by C«d l^ A UNIV£»SAl. flCTUiiti Cometly—"Rural Romeos" Novcltv Rce! I,ast Episotle of "The Uct Uiilcr" \vilb IJuck Jones Cartoon Sunday - Monday MATINEE & NITE—10c-35r| Hollywood's Doors Wen Wide Open ... So Thcj| Coultl Throw Her Out! You haven't laughed like tliall in yours! . . . There's ftnij excitement, nclion, suayitm —ancl more fun! '365 NIGHTS IN > A FOX Picture with JAMBS DUNN. AUCI! FAY!) iMichcIl ami Dmani and Joh:i Hradrord Paramount Xcws Color Classic "Little Dutcli Mill" Musical Short with Jack [,|tllc

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