The Courier News from ,  on January 18, 1956 · Page 2
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The Courier News from , · Page 2

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Wednesday, January 18, 1956
Page 2
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PACT TWO BLYTHEYILLE (ARK.) COURIER KEWg New Ford Stock Shows Early Gain For Purchasers NEW YORK (AP) — The thousands of persons over the country who managed to get a portion of the new Ford Motor shares had an immediate profit today. — ~ * Even before managers of the huge underwriting had closed the books on the offering, the stock was selling at a premium of more than $5 a share. In the over-the- counter market this morning, the And Stock Markets- New York Cotton (12:M q»«Utions> Mar . . 3404 3426 3378 May 3340 3358 3309 J.uly 3210 3240 3188 Q^ 3039_3flM—302.7_ New Orleans Cotton Mar 3399 3418 3373 May 3340 3357 3315 July 3211 3236 3188 Oct 3040 3057 3024 Chicago Wheat 3419 3418 3355 3234 3057 209% Mar .... 209 May .... 20854 Chicago Corn Mar May . 129 129Vs . 132% 133% 208'/i 205% 128 132 shares were quoted at $70 bid, $70.25 asked. Dealers said trading was fairly active; Limited buying and selling of the stock started late yesterday immediately after clearance by the Securities and Exchange ( Commission of- the 10,200,000-share offering at a price of $64.50 a share. Joke Ward Dies At Age of 81 J. A. (Jake) Ward, a retired C*- ceola carpenter and .a resident of this area for-50 years, died »t one thirty yesterday morning. He was 81. ' Survijing are his wife, Mrs. Maudle MOore; two sons, E. D. Ward of osceola and E. B. Ward of Flint, Mich.; and a daughter, Mrs. Alfred Turner of Osceola. Also surviving are' nine grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren. funeral services. Rev. O. B. Moore of First Christian Church officiating, were to be conducted at 3:30 this afternoon in the Swift Pun- era! Home chapel. Burial will be in Erman Ometery. Mrs. Wiison's Rites Tomorrow Chicago Soybeans 1 Jan .... 242'/2 243 241 yj Mar ;... 244% 245Vi 244 'May .... 247 2M%- 2«y, July ..-.. 246'/i 247 245% 209 206% 1283 133^ 242Vi that the ford company naa cum- plied with legal requirements by making a full disclosure concerning the stock and the firm's financial position. That was the last step necessary before trading could begin. . Know by Now Most investors know by now how much of the stock they'll get—if any. Thousands have been" allotted, no" more than 10 or 20 shares and many will get less than 10. Blyth & Co., principal underwriter esti- that Ford will have between 250,000 and 500,000 stockholder: when the offering is completed. The shares will trade in the over- 245 2«V 4 New York Stocks "A T and T ............. --- — ; Amer Tobacco ............ 81 Anaconda Copper ......... . 693-8 •Bath Steel ... ............ 1573-8 Chrysler . ................ 82 •Gen Electric ,..'. ........... 55 Qen Motors .'. ............. 447-8 .. ............. .Montgomery Ward. ...... .. 90 1-8 N Y Central ....... . ...... 425-8 Republic -Steel ...... , ..... 46 1-2 Radio . ...:.. ............ 44 1-4 Socony Vacuum ..... i..'. .. 64 3-8 Studebaker ..... . ....... .. 9 7-8 Standard of N J .......... 149 1-4 .Te*as Corp ... ............ '125 1-2 Bears ................... 33 7-8 U S Steel ................. 55 Livestock NATIONA LSTOCKYARDS, March 1, when they will move to the New York Stock Exchange. Ford also plans to list-them several regional exchanges and may eventually apply for listing on Canadian and European ex. 180 7-sJ changes. The sale will bring in $657,900, 000 Underwriters and investment dealers will claim $15,300,000— $1.50 a - share—in discounts anc commissions, leaving $642,600,000 for the Ford Foundation, which is HI., «AA1U«A JjO.HJL,a.I nr^LJO, -til., W—USDA—Hogs 13,000; fairly active; barrows, and gilts mostly steady with yesterday's average; some strength oh 150-170 Ib; sows steady to 26 higher; bulk mixed V. S. Nos. 1, 2 and 3, 180-230 Ib 11.50-12.00; moderate numbers mostly Nos. 1 and,2 grade 12.10-25; around 350 head Nos. 1 and 2, around 200-225 Ib 12.50; ' mixed grade 230-270 Ib 10.50-11.75; few JTO-300 Ib 10.00-15;, 140-110 Ib 10.5011.50: sows 450- Ib down 9.00-5; heavier .sows 8.25-75; boars over 250 Ib 8.75-6.50; lighter weights 7.00. few 7.50. Cattle 3.700, calves 500; some early activity on heifers,. mixed the-counter market around 6J. who died Sunday at Memphis Baptist Hospital, will be held at 2 p.m. tomorrow at Clear Lake Baptist Church. Arrangements, as announced Monday, have not been changed. Pallbearers will be James-Lunsford, Donald Howard, J. A. Haynes, Jr., John Haynes, Wayne Taylor and Floyd Smith. Brazil Extends State of Siege BIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (#) — The chamber of Deputies voted 14763 last night to approve a second 30-day, extension in a state of siege for Brazil. Under the new act; the modified martial law would continue until Feb. 26. It must be approved also by the Senate. The state, of siege was proclaimed selling the stock Asia Farmers Meet 3 :i- MOSCOW Ul — Young farmers from Siberia and Central Asia are arriving. for a Kremlin conference on the Soviet Union's ambitious drive to-'put unused and virgin lands hi the east under grain-crops, Komsomol Pravda, the Soviet youth paper, announced yesterday. yearlings and. light steer yearlings, prices of which steady to strong:, spots unevenly higher; little done on mature steers; scattering commercial and good yearlings 16.0018.50; other classes all steady but cows slow; utility and commercial cows 11.00-12.50 but very little over 12.00; canners and cutters 8.0010.50; occasional sales light canners 6.50-1.50; utility and commercial bulls 12.50-14.50; canners and cutters mostly 10.00-12.00;. good and choice vealers 22.00-28.00; high choice and prime sparingly 29.0032.00*; commercial to good kinds 15.00-22.00. SUITS (Continued from Page 1) final agreement was reached with Central Metals' on May li, 1954. Buildings were constructed during 1954-with the funds paid in/by subscriptions and a loan of $126,000. Central Metals located in Blytheville and is operating, employing some 200 employes "to the great benefit of the merchants of Blythe- vilie and to this defendant" the complaints asserted. Leases Building Blytheville Co. alleged It had fulfilled its part of the agreement and that the defendants had not. Under the location agreement, Central Metals leases the property from the Blytheville Co. Returns on .the lease go to retire the loan, negotiated to make up the difference between pledges 'and total cots of $261,109.57. Central Metals -has an option in 10 years to purchase the property or renew the lease. Stated' intention of the BIythevllIe 'Co. is to repay the pledges after the bank loan is retired. TEEN PRESIDENT — Mary Sue Bennett, daughter 'of Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Bennett of Joiner, has been named president of thf Joiner Teen Town Club for 1956. A junior at Shawnee' -High School, Miss Bennett is a" member of the school paper staff and is on the basketball team.' Other officers are Wayne LaKue, vice president, and Mary Lloyd,Ei' ' ' ' This is the way to bake a cake Let electricity take over the job. Your automatic electric rang* cooks without watching-leaves you free to play with the kidi or attend a meeting. All over the house, electricity U ready to help at the flip of a twitch; give you time for other things. And whether it's washing the dishes, doing the laundry or cleaning a rug, electric servants do the job in half the time. Electricity works for so low a price that it's today's biggest bargain. And your electric company it constantly working to keep it that way. Ark-Mo Power Co. Town provides youngsters of. the area a place to meet and .dance and' is open each Wednesday night, in the Legion Hut at Joiner. • .- originally to prevent the Supreme Court from considering President Joao Cafe Wilho's petition that he be returned to office. The government of Caretaker President Nereu Ramos, who took over when Gate had a heart attack, charged Cafe was involved in a plot to prevent the inauguration of President-elect Juscelino Kubltschek. Dell Gets 'Great Books' Library Dell High School's library has been.selected to receive one of (he 1.600. sets of Great Books of the Western World being distributed through a selection committee .of the American Library Association. Produced by the Encyclopaedia Britannlca In collaboration with th'e University of Chicago, the celebrated 54-volume work includes the unique idea-index, the Syntopi- con. , ' The set encompasses 443 works by 74 authors and spans Western thought from Homer and the Bible to the 20th Century. It totals 32,000 pages, comprises 26,000,000 words. Editorial preparation occupied 100 scholars eight years and cost $2,000,000. Test Pilot Killed .LOS ALAMITOS, Calif, {fl — A est pilot, I ttie" ^w Ue ^ J , rp. te , Charles H. Kesler, 35, was killed yesterday when his F4D Skyray crashed while attempting an emergency landing at the naval air station here. Kesler was a native of Pecos, Tex. No Dice OKLAHOMA CITY (#1 — Harold Loving, a convicted gambler, .has i filed suit against Police Chief Roy ' Bergman to recover 406 dice seized in a raid by officers. Power Officials To Attend Meet Seven officials of the Pemiscot- Dunklin Electric Cooperative will attend the annual meeting of the National Rural Electrification Association in St. Louis, Jan. 23 through 36. Pemiacot - Dunklin Coop serves rural areas of pemiscot, Duriklin and part of New Madrid Counties. Malting the trip wiU be' T. R. Cole ST., Pascola, president; E. C. Speer, Braggadocio, vice president; O. A. Knight, Portageville, secretary treasurer; J. M. Zarecor, Bisco, directOK D. C. Andrews, Seriath, Director, E. A. Pfiggel, Portageville, 'director; and Carl A. Williams, Hayti, manager. Iron Plotters Are Executed TEHRAN, Iran l#> — A firing squad executed four leading members of the Fedayan Islam.organi- zation today for plotting against Iranian government. Among them was the Moslem sect's leader Navab Safavi. - ., . ,,', The four were charged also with encouraging armed revolt against Shah Mohammed Reza .pahlevi. All were tried secretly. . Stole Report Deadline Near * Arkansas employers were advised today they must. Jile 1955 quarterly wage and contribution reports by Jan. 31 if they are to receive the benefits of the experience rating provisions of the law. The announcement was made to all employers subject to the Employment Security Act by BSD Administrator James L. Bland. State law provides: "On and after April 1, 1955, no employer shall be given a rate of less than 2'.7 per cent unless and'until all contribution and wage reports due for all quarters have been filed, in accordance, with the regulations of the Commissioner (of Labor)." Bland said that even though an employer may be otherwise qualified for experience rating, unless all of his quarterly contribution and wage reports through the quarter ending Deo. 31, 19S5, are filed by Jan. 31, his rate will be 2.7 per cent effective April 1 through March 31. Autos Damaged ; An accident dealing .extensive damage to two cars was reported-by city police yesterday. A 1955 Chrysler driven by A. H. Webb, of Steele, sideswiped a 1954 The"others"' were~Mozaffar All j Oldsmobile driven by Harvey How- ..i~t.~,4,. «,>,« t>-,o^ fn L-m TsrAmmr 3rd, ol 817 oiarh- Zulghadr, who tried to kill Premier Hussein Ala Nov. 17: Chalil Tahmas Sebi, who' assassinated former Premier All Razmara;. and Mohammed Vuhedi. ard, of 817 The accident occurred at Cherry and Lake, the police report said, when Webb made a left turn in front of Howard. Silver dollars have not been g ea( j courier News Classified Ad? minted since" 1925. . BOMBAY (Continued from Page 1) riots they staged last Nov. SI, twelve persons were killed and 2M wounded. The Communists quickly Jumped into the fray. The party's general secretary, Ajoy Ghosh, charged in a press statement that "in defiance of all democratic principles, an undemocratic setup is being imposed on Bombay primarily at the dictates of big business." Among the foreign visitors restricted to their downtown hotels was U. S. evangelist Billy Oraham, who arrived here last night bjr plane to begin an Indian tour. •• "We have seen no violence," Graham reported, by telephone ' from the waterfront Taj Mahal Hotel, "but we have'not been outside the hotel'Since we came., "We are waiting now to confer with our advisers here, but ther* is no thought of canceling my public meeting here Friday." Despite the rioting, Indian and foreign Christians were on hand at the airport to greet the visiting evangelist. , singing hymns and decking him witirgarlands. New'Address . " DALLAS (Si'— Hotelmah Connd N. Hilton yesterday got a timely new address for the plush IB-rriil- lion ; dollar 1,001-room Statler Hilton which is being opened here this week. The entrance of the 20-story structure, which covers almost, an entire'" block, is at 1914 Commerce but Mayor R. L. Thornton officially designated the hotel's address 'at 1956 Commerce to coincide with the year of the opening. America's « •>.the genuine taste of Coca-Cola, unchanged through 70 years. So frequently imitated-yet its distinctive goodness has never been matched. No wonder people buy more Coca-Cola than all other nationally-known soft drinks combined. A SECRET BLEND of no- ture's finest refreshers gives Coke that special something the whole world lovej. Coca-Cola is the quolit drink -pure, wholesome, refreshing. 12 Bottle Carton 50c rim Deposit Take home several cartons today lOTTlID UNDER AUTHORITY OFTHI COCA-COLA COMPANY IV COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF BLYTHEVILLE *, TW COCA-COU MMMMT •Cot." k . ntMml

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