The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 15, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 15, 1937
Page 3
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FEBRUARY 16, 1937 Wits THE HE How Do You Vote on President Roosevelt's Court Proposal? President Roosevelt, the Congress, and various stale Icglslaturer live In Ihe lasl (our years pn.iF.rtl legislation embracing 1LYTHEV1LLB, (XRK.y. COURIER NKffl (Continued From page One) I nd thereby thrown fiscal estl- mtes Into confusion, llullincatlan Arraigned . Under their protecting arm Ihe Itnity' holding companies have op- Irated a sltdown strike ngnlnst •lie government.. refusing for np- l;afds of a year to render any Ibed'lence whatever to the public ItUlty holding company law. They liave stayed loans lo localities to Irovlde work for unemployed and liubllc power supplies for eom- liunltles. They • have embarrassed and larassed public, works such as (he I'VA. Several laws are now mil- I fled in some or many districts. I Long ago Ihe'lower courts were •orbldden to set aside state laws Ixeept by a three-judge court, •mi one judge can and does set Islde tlie act of Congress. The Iiwyer's writ, is more powerful l';an Die iwople's government. It is agalmt this background of «(.•! that President Roosevelt's 1 reposals must be weighed. They lo' not propose to destroy the •ourls or to depiive them of jurls- •iicllon. They pro)xxse a bloo( •ransfiLslon and a refonn of pro- •edure In the interest of avoiding delay and slopping irresponsible use of process. Tn llhe light of existing nbusc, liid defects, one may not reason Ibly Question .the moderation d I Is proposals. TOMORROW: Frederick stincl.lield, president of ' nierltjii Bar Association, fpresent aiKumcnls againsl siilent's proposal. II Ihe will Hie J'lay Finds Place In Demonstration Clnh Home Plan .. IlKlr Ideas lealing wllh certain economic and .social problems The U. S, Supreme Court ruled ihal many »f ' measures vere unconstitutional. In some oases illie decision w-ns nimli by 5-to-l vote of Ihe court. Measures declared unconstitutional by Ihe court have included he National Industrial Recovery Act, I lie Agricultural Adjustment Act, the CiittTcy Coal Act, (he first Railway Pension Act, the Mu- Bankruptcy Act. and the New York Hlali! Minimum Wage . The court will soon pass upon Ihe Social Security Art. the WaJ- ier I/.ibor Act. and the Public Utilities Holding Act. Tills statement Is merely to present the record, and Ihe next pan if Ihe record is that: The president believes the November elections pave him a man- late lo continue his New Deal program. The supreme court, as now constituted, presents a harrier ii;;ainst .. lype of leglslallon that has been prescnlcd and Is |>cmlln;i, the lourt holding that it ts unconstitutional. The president proposes to change the complexion of the court hrough power which would be dunned him by Congress lo appoint six additional supreme court justices. This is the vital point at issue in (he president's proposed revision of Ihe federal Judiciary system. What Is your opinion on Hits o.uc-sllon? The Courier News Is taking u poll of this clly to learn Ihe popular sentiment. Several hundred newspapers In other communities are taking similar polls, In a national referendum to show what the people think. Use the ballot below to cast your vote on Ihe Issue —Ihe most important question of the year. EOITOll. Courier News. l-oniior Counly fi Dios at A place to play and relax ts a liart of' the home plan of many Idisslssippi County Home Demon- Itratlon club women, according lo Coleman, county home dem• nstration agent. Each home dem- Instralion club has appointed ' a •ecrcational leader for herclubnnd Ihis leader has accumulated va- • ious types of games which include ItiUloar games, contests, indoor lames, and-games for rallies and I'lcnlcs. 1A magic corner for play or rest My be found in almost, any room If the house from the cellar to the Illle. suggests Miss June Donahue, Ixtensipn siwcialist in cpminunitv iclivitles. University "cTf Arkansas 1 ege of Agriciill<ire. "A cbmfovL- .ble,. easy. ; chair in the: kitehen here - (he-hoiLse-wife. can read In lier. free moments may soon become •/.social, center for the household. Kaeli member of the family needs Iilybiyn- private place to keep toys l.iid games, radio, or a book-shelf. • ays'Miss .Donahue: ' I Finds 'Borrowed oo Dear; I.Joseph Krchmnr. above, lives on [borrowed time and thinks pci- I hops the interest i? loo high. I Thi'se years ago Dr. Clnude S I Beck, Clcvelnr.J surgeon, tonh I the only chance of saving Krcli- ImaiS'lifr. ernflcd :> -I'lrrl- I from Krchmnr s arm lo h>. I heart, checked angina por-lon; I by the novel operation. Krci-- IniJir. slill not stro:.g enfnioh • | work at his trade of "dV 5ing. is on relic! vuh -.<• . I three children..biiki 01 •ii'ily, isn't so sure IK- .. lucky. Fill Out. ami Send In This Ballot Supreme Court Poll Ed i I or: Klythevillc Connor News, BlythcvilLe, Ark. President Roosevelt has asked Congress to pass a law providing that when a federal judge who lias been a judge 10 years or more reaches the age of 70 and docs not retire \yithin six months thereafter, the president shall appoint ari additional judge to his court. This law, under present conditions, would require the president to add six justices to Ihe United States Supreme Court. My vote on this proposal is registered here: I am in favor./. V I Ufa against of the plan \ / the plan NOTE: MARK AN X TO 1ND1CATK YOUR VOTE Daugh-. tor's Home in Joncsboro W. I!, "Doc" Soiubm-o, 73, ri resilient of. Mississippi county for mure than a hiilf centmy, died Friday nlglil al Hie home of his daughier, Mrs. Chesler Scarhor- iKh. near .lonesbcro. . Kmicrnl services were held lilts alti'inon al Ihe Huntlnglon Avenue Methodist church at .fones- wllh the puslor, the. ncv. If. U. llievlns. officiating. Inlermcnt was made al O.iklawii cemetery at Jone.sboro. Mr. Hcaiboro was acllve In pnl- ilics dm-iiig 1]| S long residence In this comity. Ih; was elected county and pi olrale clerk and later servril us county assessor, in about 1023-24. He attempted to stage a political comeback In I9:ta when he was un unsuccessful can- dldute for county and probate clerk. He had made his home for tho past several years with his daughter. Mr. Bciirboro Is survived hy lits I daughter, two sisters, Mrs. Jessie - Uayne of Coffman, Tex. and Mre. V, K. Wheeler of Louisville, Ky., Isht gnuidchlldrcn and several lieccs anil nephews. utilize them In the building of the red blood cells. If Ihe child's teeth be^ln (n ilc- ca.y it is a sign that more fivsli and raw vegelnblee ure needca in the diet lu furnish vllaniln c, say.-. Miss Conanl, llealtliy Icelh, healthy bones, a healthy boily and a good ills|K)sllion are' tbe result of a weli-balniiced diei. .sliejleclaies Name ; „.'...-...;. Address Man Finds Uncle/ and Aunt .After 40 Years MANILA, -Ark., were many . cases Feb. 15.—Tiierc during the rc- it' flood in which families, fore- id Id leave 'their homes on sliort notice and hy the quickest means ivailablc, were separated. But one resident of .this city, located tin uncle"aml an aunt Ihal lie had not seen ur heard - from since he was nine years old—more than 40 rears ago. , For years Arthur Clark, carpenter and painter, had believed his mcle. Henry Clark, and lit? aiml, Mrs. Molly Wilson, whom he last saw in Como. Tenn., in 1893, to be. dead. But during the flood, when 'radio slnlions were broadcasting Inquiries about the whereabouts of persons in Hie flooded What Diseases Do Piles Cause? Dr.- A. J. Marls, chief of staff of the world famous Thornton & Minor clinic says: "Piles are the direct cause of thousands of cases of functional troubles of stomach live-, kidneys and heart. Chronic constipation,. colitis, neuritis, loss of memory, loss of vigor nnd R general tired feeling are often relieved when rectal troubles are cured." If you have Plies or other recta; I'tsortters do not fool yourself, because serious complications, Including cancer, develop from what may appear today as a minor affliction. Write today to Thornton Minor Clinic, Suite 2519, 026 ifcOee Street, Kansas City, Mo., tor a free copy of a new ilUis- Iraled book which explains Piles vnd other rectal diseases Sand which tells about the successful methods used by the world's old- Est rectal Institution, where more than 47,000 men and women have secured permanent relief from their rectal troubles without needless surgery, dangerous anaesthetics or hospltalizalion. Correspondence confidential and literature Is iiiailcd under plain wrapper. —Adv. DOS •cas.- Mr. Clark began a ir his relatives. A letter senrcl to Ihe postmaster al Olcason,. Tenn brought word that his uncle, uov 84 years old. is living at Cpttttgi Grove, Tcim.. and his aunt, 80. i living at Ridgcly.. He wrote- U lliem and a few days ago rcceivw the first word from his 'uncle sine he left Tennessee over 10. yeai ago. : • • ; I The Editor's Letter Box' Human lltghl* ITo Hie wlltoi 1 :] Mr. Chief .Justice Hughes revealed a lot when he said, "The constitution is what the judges my It Is," President. Roosevelt was probably right when he said, "Our trouble Is not wllh Ihe constllu- tlon Liul In Us lnlerj)retntlon." If Ihe salvation of one hundred nhd twenly-live million peoplts depend upon he color of the constitution and nine men can change the color by the application of u Itllle, pulnt nl will we will .simply harkt'ii buck to || 1( > days of kings, mid vnssalls. Such a condition In boasted democracy Is absurd. The (rouble Is that our .supreme court Is composed of men eminent In their profession, They wero THREB down upholstered „ „ from bunds In (he Homo nemou- sliiilliin cluii in NIW Lllwrly since full. Mr:,. .1, W. Niughl.KAVO tho demonstration l<> her club riiovv- IIIK mi, iiilnidlve upholstered eluili 1 New- Liberty. Club -Members'-. Turn. Barrels Into Chairs than two Mtlcli, llii'ii liii-n and sUtch ..„ r.s nnulo tut Vr vm \ t ri'll. 'I'hLs Is nu tillrnc- llnlsli, however the cord lln- Ish Is moi'e artistic, which 1.1 iiinde by liastiiiii Ihe cord bclwcrii Ihe wains on (In; right side of thu uUi'lnl. Tim vunl should Ijo iveiyil wllh ijlns tii|H> or a rmi- nMinu Ijliis hmtcrln), il tukes less nwlerliil |r it Is put .in plain wllh ii p||n,,| nl ffj 0 u to ft Inclie.s wide ul the Ijottom. A giithi'ivtl Jlmince reuchlnic tmm , ct'iilrr tionp or sent, lo 'tho lloor |s eiis'y (o make and II Li also ni'llslle. Mfiisiire lhi< .veal mill cut, Ihe lop timl ' Sew these for Ilie living room which could tie made by [hi' expenditure ov iiii!ii;liii; fnr: " 1 barrel. • ' , 1(1 ^;el l l 1 ws l ' ,, 1(1 yni'ils cord for piping, l!i yards bins tape, • , ti Ibs. cotton or moss or fur fov mlillin; Hie barrel mi all sides,' S llnui' sacks or 4 yards of heavy unbleached muslin to tuck over the inuhllnii of cotton, I box of tacks m nails NKOKSSAUY TOOLS: " Sftw, hammer. brace, and ML i ; 'oa MAKING A Women of Coinily Leani lo.Conibiil Dielary Diseases Feeding (hcli- families Int. health vo.s Die demonstration carried oil )y 53 Home Demonstration' cluh I'omen of Mississippi county rtur- 193C. according lo Miss Colenan, coiinly home demonstration igent. Diets containing the ncces- *ary minerals niul vltninlns to pre- •cnt and correct dietary deficiency liseases were adopted in tlie-ie iflincs. The mast prevalent dietary defl- :ioncy disease in Arkansas accord- US to Miss Gerlnido 1!. Consul, extension nutritionist, University of Arkansas College of Agriculture. Ls pellagra. Tiiis Is caused by luck of such foods as milk, lean meat, eggs, ere™ leafy vegetables, ami bread. 'Hie particular vitamins which prevent, tills disease are found In liberal amounts in foods, while '•"ast is used as a cure for this trouble. Another deficiency disease is anemia, which Is caused by n luck of iron in tile food or by a physical disability lo utilize .such Iron. I.iver, egg yolks, anil greens are all 'rich in iron and also ricli In" the i tiH 1 vitamins which enable |h« body io educated In the environment of law books. To them the luw of life Is written therein. To proceed with ii case they would have to refer to rows of books Imvlnir tliel roots In medieval limes — all o[ them luumli-cl upon iho prhiclpl. of private property vs. huimui rlBlit;;, for all law and order us we huve 11 now is built ii|K»n the theory Hull private property must be protected «t all hazards,* , So-when Mr, Hooscvelt nnribun- ces, u. new. dcnl principle nsseiiinu llm't ,'llie, rluhts of private property must recofini/.e tiie human clement In society it ts not strange * ho , meets with .such rcslst- nice. In (lie days that limned Individualism was possible mill tho pas-' session of property was tho result of ones own perseverance, the precedence of private property wns iteslrnblc for it hindered no one. ant since steal wealth is not, now mark of one's own efforts, superiority, or Boad morals, but comes down,, through inheritance to some very inferior people with n poor conception of llicir ,'duty la society, and Is created by n monopoly on the necessities of life by mid through (he manipulations of keen lawyers for fees to the, hurl and detriment of the unsuspecting masses — therefore Ihe public should be protected under Hie clause or the general welfare Jno. R. Webster Box 115 Blythcvllle, Ark. First nail a hoop all mound the bnnvl half of Ihe height, Him remove one end (head) of Ihn biir- ivl. Securely • mill a hoopnt the. i-nil of the barrel to liolil.that porlloiV el Hie lian-el .whlclt forms Ihn back tnbont' l-ll of ' thu bnrrcl,) Saw in it slanllni: lino. In. make a rounding Imck; or, If anils lire de- slrecl. siivv In 11 vertical line toward llu- seal. Then 1C Inches from Hie .real saw hi a horizontal llni! for 7 or I) inches; on top of Chess i-.lif.vs nail a . piece of ililn \yoml 1 inches wide I Mils will make a mole comforlnble nun If It Is padded). If a rope sent Is •.: desired, , bore hclc.s •) to 5 Inches apiu-L all liod of Bllehce Is now IK v kefvtce ngnln. It all liappenod when a miipter of parUhonen Manted to hive orgnj) imislu wllh Inelr seivlcM, 'tile elmroli contained u one marl- nal pl|» oigan, wlilch" could not be used .since some year? ago when Ihe chinch Interloi was ic-tallt, the walls wcio chang\,l nml the "old pumping loom" Imiidpd up. It vuis i>sllina(c<l that lepalu to Ihe 01 nan plus a mnloi y,0uld cost about $15(1-more than (iic cblirch nnd Hie pavlshonws could afford, The piuLshoneis begun lep.iirliisj (ho mean lliemschcs and thially decided lo tiy a. vnciium cleaner to .solve the problem of pumping ah Into tho 01 gnu. So far, I hey Mid the syhlem lias worked perfectly, atoinid barrel the con- lei- hooj) of llu' barrel. .Then lace the ropn from front to back, draw tightly, Then from sido lo side luce the rope and mider Uic oilier rope, thus forming n mesh for a liadded pillow sent. Tiii! rope shonUr be drawn, very tlfihtly. If nutomoblle springs are used nail Ihe head of tlie barrel aL the proper place for tin: seat; -nail Ine springs to the woncl. or put spi'linis In (he cushion nnd over , with chlnl/.. On the bottom of Iho barrel nail two 1 x •! inch boards on which 'Hie castors" should bo KC- cuiely fastened. Ul'HOI,STEniNr.: First lack or lie securely thn cotton or moss nil over the barrel and a cover of Hour sack. Then lit the chintz, cretonne, o~r other suitable fabric, by pinning closely nroiind the entire barrel. Allow one inch for seams, pin Ihe ma- leiinl with wrong side out, ba.ile, ;Hlin- wlin n slraiohl piece, •! Indies wit!,.,- io foini a Imxcnslilon and niurr with moss or colton. This slimild lie p|pc,| W lllt a cord en i ml \\lih SOUK' lontruillni; ma- ii'i-liil, nr li mny 116 rvcnclu felled, NOll. if jpn nio nn iininlrm In niiiklni' sl| l) (.ojfeis 01 (i|Miol- Klcrlii|., It.'mny lie wise to'makom [fflprr |i:iltcin Ih-sl. The- ' paper, should lie ptnni'd on the chair to make the [mUern (nllowlng foi scums),, then cut tin; innleHul by Hie |i:i|)er pallein. Church Organ Uses Vacuum Cleaner Wind WATKINS 01.KN, N. Y, (UP)Thi! Mlll|iovt Mt'llnxllst Olmi'cli Isna put (lie vacuum cleaner to iv new use. • At every Sunday .service a vacuum eluuier Is used, but not foi Ihe [impose, foi v-lilch It was oilg- hmlly manufacliiKd It Is used to furnish air for Hit; church .pipe organ iiftei n 10-jeai pe- Quirt Klirlirn • Hound insulation In Hie celling over a kitchen Is a Vfilhemcht that tan be Installed nt compainllvely title tosl Such InsiUatlon may be, tullcd' under the "Modernlxnllou- CiedR flan of the Pedernl Housing Admlntsliatlon Thc Federal Housing Administration lends no money. U insures Joans made by private financial Institutions operating under provisions of the National'Housing Acl.| BLACK-DRAUGHT A Good Laxative FROM GIRL TO WOMAN MM Myrllr Donoli Still Coughing? 1 ,, i l y ul jour itf ' >il><w I iini>,>iii [.whi NfW tlK, HI, 5(1, , I, nut $1 00 i $1 35. ouc nchial Irritation, you can get relief now with Creomulhlon, serious trouble »nay be brewlng''ancl jou cannot alford lo take a chanco with (iiiythlng lew than Oreojnul- Eion, which goes right to the seat of tho trouble, to aid naturV to soothe and heal tho Inflamed mem- branos as tho germ-laden phlegm* Is loosened and cxiiclleil. , ~ . Even if other rcmeulei havo failed, don't bo discouraged, your druggist Is nutliorl/ guarantee Oreomulslon nnd to refund your momy If you aro not satisfied with results from tho very first bottle. Clot, Creomulslou right now. (Adv) Now Open for Business Our New Service Station 2'1 Hour vService c Tires Repaired - I Gas Delivered v Wrecker Service '' Tom Little Chevrolet'Co I'honc 033 ' CASH For Government Loan Cotton R. WETENKAMP and CO. 112 South Hciomt I'honcs 28!) and 330-W . TaUti. &mi««i.'!UI,0. NotU Cu.ll.. "My cigarelte meant a world oi comfort 16 me," says spunky girl reporler I T was a breathless dash," said Miss Dorothy Kilgallen, back at work (Icft)arier finisliing Iicr assignment to fly arbuhci the world in record-breaking time. (Right) Her arrival at the Newark Airport. "I snatched meals anywhere," she says, "ate all kinds of food. But Camels helped me keep my digestion tuned up." Camels speed up the How of digestive fluids—increase alkalinity. COSTLIER TOBACCOS • "'-"-. '•" • "''':rr- ':"'m •' . Camels afe, made from linar, MORE EXPENSIVE / TOBACCOS-TvrRUh and Domestic - than any other popular brand. I Lf '•"•& Z'K ^^rj p& T» P I O^r.^VB^Ooodma'iV^ Hollrwood comediios aod sicBtng staul Special collcje tmaccur lalcnt CT«y wcckl 9-50 pra o'V -p pmC - s - T -7:30 ptn M.S.T., 6:30 pm P.S.T., over WABC.Columbia Ntreork. WHAT A PHYSICAL TRAINER (Links on die subject of smoking: "Sure I smoke," says Bettcl Arnberg. "Camels help my digestion—I can feel a sense of case and well-being nftcr enjoying Camels with niy chow." INFORMATION WANTED QUICK! Ray Jones answers rapid-fire questions in GranJ Central Terminal,-New Yotk City. "A tough, nerve-racking Job," he says. "Smoking Camels helps keep my digestion on the right track." ft'*' "THE SMART NEW TOUCH is to hive Camels onthctablcfromhorsiTo euvrcs (ill dessert," says Doroihy Malone, food editor. "Smoking.Camels with my meals and afterwards cootributcs • a world of extra pleasure to eating." ABOUT TO "SHOOT" AN OIL-WELU B..C Simpson says: "I get to feeling tense—anyone would, workiog around T. N. T. But I don't let that interfere with my catiog. Camels hare what I like —they help digestion." FOR DIGESTION'S SAKE .SMOKE CAMELS

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