The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 16, 1934
Page 7
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FK1DAY, 10', BLYTHEVILLB. (AMLV COURIER KBW1 PAGE SEVEN. CLASSIFIED SECTION - a Directory of the City's Wants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate jx:r Hue for ccmsecu- live Insertions: (Five average words to a line) One time per line , ioo Two times per line per day .. 08c Three times per line per day .. Me Six times per line per duy .. 05c Month rate per line 60c Minimum charge 6Do Ads oraerca lor three or six (lines and slopped before expiration will bo charged lor .the number of tiiii&s 0)e ad appeared and adustment of Dm maae. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing cut- side of ilie city must be accompanied by cash. Kates may be easily computed froui above table. No responsibility will bo taken for more than cue Incorrect insertion of any classified aa. Advertising orocreo for irregular Insertions take the one time rate. , PHILLIPS' USED CARS THE KEST USED CAHS IN TOWN '30 FOKD FOKDO8 SED/VN ?155 '32 CHEVROLET COUPE. Humble Seat S3Io '33 CHEVROLET COACH .. '33 FOR!) TUDOR SEDAN '33 CHEVROLET Humble Scat S395 $445 5185 '3S FORD 1)E LUXE COUI'E. Humble Seat ..... '.,... ? TRUCKS and TRAILERS '32 CHEVROLET TRUCK. 151 In eh Wiieclbase, Dual Wheels .. ........ ........ 5288 '3D CHEVROLET TRUCK. 157 Inch Wlicelbase, Dual • - Wheels ................. 5165 '28 CHEVROLET Closed Cab T It U C K. KINOIIAM TRAILER. Dual I Wheels. A Bargain .... S2-5 .NABOUS TRAILER ........ $49 >.•; WE !'AY CASH KOK "; GOOU USED CAHS PHILLIPS' USED IM LOT Curncr Walnut & 1st Streets I'hone 813 Ol'EJS' NIGHTS UNTIL, v 1'. M. Automotive Business Directory | Heal Estate SEE OUR DISPLAY OP Arkansas Pottery Lowest prices—Lovely gifts Pai'khuvst's Farmers! You furuisii Uio COTTON, we iwr- nish.the labor and 8 m. licking and iiiaKe you 1111 excellent nial- I'ess for $6.50. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED J. W. Jenkins & Son Why Buy Coal From Us? HG S. R. R.— Phone 139 KITE PKICB GROCERY BUY UKOCERIES RIGHT A COMPLETE LINE OP FANCY STAPLE GROCERIES, FRESH MEATS, VEGETABLES. PRODUCE, FLOUR. MEAL, ETC. In Old P. O. Bldg. Plione 234 Wo Deliver For Sale _ 320 iicri's h,nd. just olf lltgluvuy 61, south of town. Hue tract. ., $75 I'er Acre—Easy Terms 320 acres land, near Osceula. Weil Improved. . $75 I'cr Acre—liasy Tcini^ Store bnildtiif! and S room rcsi- Icms on same lot. West Main Si. iVondcrCitl location for cash grocery, cost S(>,150. first of! of V- $1750 ON TliKMS Will lluy It Thomas Land Co. WE CAN SAVE YOUMONEY CIRCULATING HEATERS WASHING-MACHINES Gas and Electric AMMUNITION Quail, duck & squirrel loads HARNESS our stock is complete IMPLEMENTS and repairs for AVERY, MOLINE VULCAN & BLOUNT I';iy us a-visit and be convinced PAULBYRUM 12U East Main "TRUE VALUE" RADIOS Battery & Electric Sets Best Value for thc Price Obevst Store Co. We will (jive ii 1 cash discount of 25 cents <ut the lime (lie order is Placed) for each of your first two tons ot COAL puiclmswl from us if yon will tell us Ihc reason you Iwuthi u from (his firm. —Some Kensoiis Why V'wi Should Trnde Wltli lit— 1—30 years in business. 3— Prompt, service. 2—Quality oi coal handled. 4-Cottrteous (rcnlmcut. C—You gel ult you pay for. "QlMLiTy GROUP" Is Distributed by GAY & BILLINGS Phono Vii Filling Stations Southern Service Station Sleelc, Mo, Land Buyers Opportunity Surely, when mulevel(i]ic<l lands in some sections are -selling from $M .o 510 per acre, with higher taxes, !ti)ds oubirtc of Lei'ce at $10 to 515 per acre, with (axes about :!0 :<• 25 cents per acre, nut! laiuls Llrat are rich and productive must DC a good buy for any one who want* undeveloped land. CouiC' in lei's talk it over. W. M. Burns Agency Urancl Leader Building' Phones 243 and 212 Products ANTI-KNOCK GASOLINE TAX PAH) 2\ Hour Service Shuc Repairing Let Your Reiil Pay For A Home We have 8 homes to be sold for CASH OR TERMS From $500 to $3,000 AH arc priced at Ires thnn half of their present replacement costs. This offer will last Out a short time. ACT NOW! PHONE 12. Simon P. Lee shoe maker in county "Trade WHli A I'lonecr" 111 S. Railroad • May \Vc i)ye Your Shoes? SEE OUR SAMPLES ' E. E. Ralcliff Across from Hubljard Hdw. Co. My Cosl is Ulavx oul & treul you white. Fill up now, JOHN- BUCHANAN' - 1'llONB 107 BEST COAI, FOR MONEY ACJDC Alalxtinii - Royal Kentucky N.JV. Trautham Coal Co. Sec Us About Your Coal Blylheville Gin Co. PHONE 054 "Itnclinnt Alabama" "Premium Kentucky" CALL 2H EAT THIS IS TUB I' I, A (IB WHKRi: YOU CAN (ilfr AKYTHINft YOU WANT. Krom licvlfuut. Lake Ox-skTs High (irwUj T-l!»nc I'Yittt ClilcUcii lioiisls of All Kinds Cold 1'liite CHANCiK OP RlKNl! DA1I.V GliOKGi; WllltillT, CUKV HARRY BAILEY'S State Line Service Station WINTER IS HERE! '•'ill yuur bins now with the Famous Manic Kcil Ash Coil—high I" lie.-it, low In iisli; or Slujcslfc Duality circle lllhijiis foal, best ijnalliy from Western Kentucky, FEED—SEEL) DUY WOOD-KINDLING We solicit your patronage on the basis ot high quality products, low MISBJBSU'I'J COUNTY, KANSAS, Odes.slc Joluuson, I'liilnllH, No. S8DI) vs. Nelson Johnson. Dcfnidanl. Tin; defendant, Nelson Jolinsbn. Is wuriu'd u> appear wiihln thirty days in Hie court named In Ilic caption iK'K'of ami nnswcr ihc complaint ol the plaintiff, Odcssle Johnson. Dated tills 26th duy of October. 1931. H. lj. (.iAINKS, Clerk, lly Blliolt Haitaln, I). C. V. (ilTt'lll 1 . Ally. New York Physicians Win Irish Honors AR I tor liie 'student, making the highest. aBgregntc marks In the final medical examination In 1034: Horn, Dr. Kllczlc and Dr. Rappa- jjorl were "capped" with Die de- Bi'Ms of liachclor of Medicine :ur.l Bachelor of Uurgcry. IN CH1CKASAWBA C.'1'ASGOH' <UI'I—Tivo New York, doctors topped Ihc Hits nud cantel oil. Ihc hlRlu'St niviinls opm lii medical studonls tU Glasgow University. These distinctions were won by Dr.. Robert Curl Ullralc, U.S.. who was awarded tlie nrunton Mcino- Irittl 1'rlic tor tin* most tllstlu- uulslieri graduate In medicine'in r-nim-i' 1934 •"'"' Dr - Emmanuel Mortimer count,i Rn|)|wl , l>ni as l(l|10 wm thc Memorial I'rlze WilKMNt; OltDEIt THE CliANC DISTRICT, West of Scotland Almanac: offkli ttOT'Oklahoma admitted to tfte Union. l9iS5=U.S. resumes diplc*natic n^>ti« " wibK Soviet 1934-ttS. Constitution Still in effect. ._J 11 cash prices, prompt service Try our 3000 mlie SOLES—proof of l' loncst dealing. (lie pudding is (he entitle. When you get a gooil tiling remember where you got it, PROGRESSIVE SHOE SHOP 103 South 2nd St. W. J. KNOX having made all kinds of shoes for ABNORMAL, feet, call repair shoes to correct. ABNORMAL fee:,. FOR SALE 39 acres, 3 t-2 miles oi Dell. Good j land, good house anil small barn. 1 Owner non-resident and offers it cheap. $1150 gets it. Thomas Laud Co. Position Wanted Coal & Wood Havclm-Barron Coal Co. Yards at. Slernberg Gin Phone 110 Factorv AulhDrizeil FK1GIDAIRE SERVICE Factor)' Trained Mechanics Day 07—I'hone—Night 382 407 Main St. E. 15. GEE SALES CO. Chitwood & Weidman "WINTER AUTO SPECIALS" I'rcstone, Alcohol, Heaters, Defrosters, WHard Hattcrics. LET US PRKPARK YOU FOR WINTEIl Hubbavd Hdw. Co. AUTUMOTIVK DEPT. Phone 476 Phone FIX YOUR CAR FOR WINTER Cheapest Prices I'aint jobs, liepairing hollies, Si- momzinf, Changing Trausmts- sions, \VasliiiiE & Grciising witli Marfak Grease & Quaker Slate oil. John Hcarn—Jimmio Binkley BARNETT AUTO SALES CO. Phone 888 HAVE YOUR BATTERY RECHARGED BEFORE COLD WEATHER J. Ben Clunc BATTERY SERVICE At Tom \v. Jackson's Station Ash <fc 2nd Photic 8—Residence 277-W For Rent NICELY FURNISHED Six R House at- 615 Clilck!i.-.a«ba. ELECTRICAL WIRING Sheet Metal Work Metal Flues SPECIAL PRICES Between P. O. & Crcvrolct Elds- Phone 266 Taken Up (HIGH GRADE K: iizcs; /VLABA QUICK FIRE ALABAMA. WOOD, KINDLING, CORN, HAY Will da STENOGRAPHIC rvark at ",! U1 . i UKA " L I^NTUCKy COAL, night., ncasonablo rales Call 306 a11 Elzcs; ALABAMA RED ASH & 1S2. Spotted Malu Poland China 250- iwiincl hou. Nov. "lOlh or ' llth from J*aughl's Daily. I5-p-F:-I8 t*n"i w f"T&TVI7STr? sr-j.^ **>' - Uesiaurauts Best Oysters St River Cat l-'isli Chickdn Dirnci-s Every Day Jiinmie O'Brien 105 S Second You get what you pay, Farmers Cash Feed'.;' & Seed Co. J. W. Parker, prop, phone 127 AUTO GLASS ARK-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 None PEKMAMENTS Bitter - - Special Barrett's Beauty Shop 60(i N. 5lli - - Telephone 560 Cobb Undertaking Co., Inr SERVICE & QUALITY AMBULANCE rbanc 26 FOR BEAUTIFUL FLOORS RENT OUR FLOOR SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO. BEDROOM steam heal, garage. Men preferred. 911 W. Ash. Call! Scli-81 560. 3 room FURNISHED APARTMENT, garage. 1315 W. Main Call 335-W. , a-ck-ll FURNISHED APARTMENT. 10E W. Kentucky. Phone U83. 27c ktl 1IEDROOM; adjoining balh. Men prcferrcci. 212 W. Kentucky. Telephone 986. 8-ck-tl TWO nicely FURNISHED BEDROOMS, moderately priced. Mrs E. A. Fisher, 101 E. Davis. 21-i>k-29 JiimUhcd Apartment (nth Garage, alter November 22. Mrs. A. Wcrt, a ^ Dougaii. H-c-k-18 Persojial . $25 REWARD I'or Ihlomiatioii leading to lh» av- resl. and conviction of parties wlic smashed Guard's window Monday. V v ;, , V ' El Towlliison, ChicI of Mprcliaia's. Palrol. ... .. • •' - - BUYING IN CAR LOAD LOTS MAKES CHEAPER PRICES FOR THE CUSTOMF.RS. J. F. LIVINGSTON SEEDS, FEEDS, GROCERIES WHOLESALE & RETAIL TRUCK BEDS PANEL BODIES TRAILERS OP ALL KINDS BUILT TO ORDER BARKSDALE & PAGE 200 N. Second MODERNIZE YOUR COUNTRY HOME WITH A DEMING WATER SYSTEM. $40 UP. HUBBARD HDW. CO. SAW FILING oi all kinds Willi uuUimalic liling machine BARKSDALE & PAGE 200 N. Second C01TKK WUATIIKK STIII1* Saves fuel at small cost Avkmo^Lumber Co.- MOW 'EM DOWN, MEN/-WOW :'EM POWN/ Buy FRESH EGOS the day they lire laid. At PICKARD'S Store, 10-14 Chlckasawba, or illrcct from our hennery. BARGAINS In Used Heaters. Hubbarcl Hdw. Co. WELL,OOR M'BOY, WE 6OT 'EM ALL/ HEY, PAL, LOOKlt TH' WELL, KNOCK ME OVEk A ' SO YOU AP«: TH' MASTER MIND OF THIS CRIME WAVE, EH? BOY, i CAN HARDLY WAIT T'SEE TO' LOOK. ON OU GUZ'S PAN, WHEN TURN YOU OVER. TO HIS MAJESTY' .-^ PRIZE I PKEVV .— HIS WHISKERePMBS- 3HUCKS- TrlEEE Wi\5 O,\iLY FOUR OF 'E For highest prices on Pecans sec Wolf Arlan, 128 E. Main. 'He k!4 If you arc down in tho mouth, . think of Jonah; he came i» out alright." ''' WANTED: Men roomers mid boarders; twin lieds. Call D2-I-J. OD Holly. G-ck-tf. Parks Bros. Coal Co. ; ' PHONE 977 FOR "Hi-l,o Alnbamu" Uoyai Kentucky" A CLEAN GOAL - LOW PRICED WANTED TO RENT OR BUY— •10 to 80 acre farm. Absolutely holier. Care lor place and business. Furnish sell. Write P. O. Box 164. MOt-ikfe CftSl . RMEWK WOVi'T VK ?>\\.\N \ VOliD . GOBS Olf WOR\i TO OO TAWS A RO1-5 OP ? \Vv\_ COOPLt Of H£A scnvict. INC. r. M REG. u. s p*V. OFF. THK LO\V-])0\VN! LAST, WA5H AMD EASy TO THE SDTTCM Of THE TROUBLE. /ftHE NEIGHBORING KlN6Dotf\ U OF BOLGRAVIA IS THE CHIEF MARKET FOR CHEESE, A-3SURAMCE THAT IF PRINCESS JADA MftRRIES 8UU- 6RAV!A'5 PRINCE WILL. BE PORV. DOUBLED • THE TARIFF — CHEESE EXPORTS STOPPED -WD THE.' OR CENTURIES, THE* LEARN,CHEESE MAWMG HA5 fEEM THE INDUSTRV OF THE PRWCIPALITy, EVERYONE OWNS COWS. BALESftlAN Sx\M VK11SAT11.ITY! SAM, I HAVEN'T HEARD TICKLE TH ( PIAN.D KEYS WELL, fT'LL BE DPiRM LITTLE, DUZ2./ I'M SOME-! WHAT OLTTA PRACTICE' OH.THflTfeflLL RI6HT.' I'M CKJST ITCHIW' TO HE OR SOMETHIM' / RflTTLE OFF RflTTLIM' OFF EV'RVTHING/

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