The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 15, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 15, 1932
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bit the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS -*-^ •"—• -•--•- -™- -""- DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEA ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MI8SOUKI VOL. XXIX—NO. 180 Blylheville Dally News. Blythevlllo Het»Id. Mississippi Valley LoatlerBlvlhcvlllc Courier. BLYTHRV1U,K. ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, OCTOHKU Ifi, 1032 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS T. SAYS BEER IS COMING our-ce of Counterfeit Money IVacemukrr in Moro Wai- Police Search Results in Discovery of Beer and Whiskv Cache. With two men held -in the city • jail anil Ihe arrest ot othcrs-.ex- pected police today were seeking the source ol counterfeit $10 blllr which appeared yesterday. Two imitation bills were discovered yesterday and another turned up at the Farmers Bunk this morning iii a deposit by-a dru? star;. Police believe more cf the fate money will show up today. The imitations are fairly crude but ^ar-2 most noticeable in the "feel" of the paper- The false bills are printed on thin paper easily distinguished from legal money. While on the trail of the fals; . money yesterday police stumble' across a liquor cache nncl nnde the biggest haul on record for the department in a period of years. Names George Abbott A. D. Schnider, 00. former drcy- • man, was taken into custody by Police Chief A. D. Owyn yesterday L'ye:n! uvt; Pastor .Will Conduct Services Here j Cr. Kniiiul: U. McCorkls. min- ::l-r ul the Firs; ChriMiau church! <,: i:ycr:,v.:ra. Te'.in., will be tr.e' JUCM :,]:: iil:cr f: r s tv;o weeks• |cv:M!-:cliMI" met 1 ;!:! 1 ? tc-ulnnins I 'iiiday. Oitcli'Ji- 211, at the Firm G!.r:;:U:!: tiiiirch. | H hi;. 'jccn the custom of this! t!ui.-f! in recent ><ars to -secure ?. iia'il-.r of u church, rather than ;>. :-,tiiLi.; cvcn;cli::t. lo Isad in •.•.:irr:i::-'.ic eflorl. btliovln'.' thai noit l.v:i!n:; results arc nccomp- ;s;:?cl \ that method. llr. McCcrkie, a fcrnicr class- natn tf the Rev. K. KJ Latimer il Milligan collepe, is .a rrartu- :is el VamkrlrU University •illc. Tcmv, and lias been ninUliy fir ten years.'. Famous Lsvvvcrs Hoar Hoover , Nash- iu the In connection tl:e investiga- POSTEOuBIM Tropical Disturbance Will | Strike Coast Tonight, Says Weather Bureau. NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 15 (UP)— Tile New Orleans woathsr I>ureau ioday ordered nortlieast-. storm v;tsvrivnss from New Orleans to '' tion. It searchin; was while police woro his premises on Clark street, just outside the city limits, that they ran across a store room packed with beer ana" liquor. About 500 quart bottles of beer, 12 gal- Ions of liquor and bottling equipment were found. Schnider said he had'the outhouse rented to Oeorgo Abbott, who .'police »iid leit for -sterd. Snbine, -y^sTfrday. A. G. Wheat was taken into custody by police Ihis afiornoon in connection with the Investigation. Police Chief A. D. Gvyn said a bogus $10 bill, similar to th? others, was found in a grip at his house this afternoon. First reports of the counterfeit bills were received from the Kroger store and the National Brokerage company. A counterfeit ; S10 bill had been passed at each plaoo and clerks at one of the stores were able to give police a general description ol the man they said presented tlie bill. Find Bills on Scnniiler Working on this description Chief Gwvn armed with a search warrant, went to the home of Schnider. The officer reported that he found two false S10 bills, similar to the ones accepted at tr.e two stores in Schnidsr's pockets with olhe: money. He did not deny or admi that he knew the money was false police said, but offered to "Fquar up" at tire dry goods store. It was while searching the man's place that Chief Gwyn discovered a locked room in another house on the property. Schmdcr told the officer he could not unlock the room, having rented it to Abbott. The officer gained entrance through a window and found t'f.e room packed with cases of baer and liquor kegs. A lighted oil stove was being used to "age" the liquor at the time. Police carried the bi? find lo the city hall in two car bads. Chbf \ Gwyn said the beer was inured Into the s«rcer at tho city hall las! night except for a Jew battles held for evidence. Texas, /'-'and northwest west ot Sab.ine :.tb. Pal" ' ' . .. tropical disturbances-was rc- pcrled central" about.- 100 miles south of Port Arthur, moving north and east, probably of moderate intensity. Stront northeast winds were rediclcd for tonight" "from.. New Mean* to Sabine, and strong ofijicrly winds shifting to novth- •cst' in the vicinity of Galveston rdbably reaching gill? force.'-. The weather bureaii later ord- rcd southeast storm warnings dis played eastward from New Or cans to Apalachic'ola, Fla.'It sal( here would be strong southeast vimls over that section this af- .eri'.oon and tonight. Roosevelt Victory Will: Make It Certain, Declares, Arkansas Senator Case n( Former -Financier I ,Sel for This Month's Terniiof Court. , OPCEOI.A. Ark.—A, B...Bunks o' Pordyco, Ark:, 'former .Mail rf r chain of Arkmms bankK'.wlU Ir Irled In circuit court Irc'rs on » charge ot accenting deposits In the First Stale Dank of, Osceola, o! I which he was president, wlic'n It. was Insolvent. . •-: The case against BaYuM who was Keniemeil by n iMilaakl county.. Ark., court to a year's ImrirlMrmisnt nn- 011 coiivlcllon of a similar charRi" Princess TarhaUi, above, Is ai-tlng In connection with the fnHim! "' '~ ''" the American Exchange ll»nk Trust company of Little liflck. nndiJoro island and who was I'lvon a reprieve bv Oov- \ slabultvry. The " \\y\iK I'AHK, N. Y., Oct. is cy . : 'j— Elci-llnn o( Franklin p.-'-ncos3-' vi.'lt to tlie pruBldcncy y.ould . be iinn<liil<! ii|x>n coii|jrf'»s i (d legal-. ' '.fa l:3i'r. Senator Joscpli T. Rob- • '." • , ' IXunocriil, Arkansas, do-.; ; ; clareU lod-.iy. : .- . :. . ' : . Tin; senator, who Hyrtc , rin-k lo collier with ihe- Dtmq-. . ciullc nominee, r.ald: • ; .'"'.. L "Tin; only difficulty. -on" agree- . .; incut wnultl be the alcoholic coh^ .; - tut fi'rinlsslbln under the con- : tUutlon." • • ' '.:-.'•. He- predicted '.1:cr would r bo' • ' trouchl back at c-tlher 'the ensii-.';.; ng short session or Ihe next regular sc.sflon. "I will co-opeialo with Ihe party •_•• to that end," he added. Ilo told newspaiwrmen prlpr lo . talking to .the nomtnoo that he : t the \V])0 \VCl1 I'lVUll II i t;>Ji lu vij w» v*wi i .jwiMuikM j • • nu |ini«~-~-i -• — -Y -- .-. cnior puriioll until next' Jummrv Sultan of Siilu. Is a former Unl- Many of the world's most famous lawyers together with l&CO members of the American Bar Assocla- Miiny 01 the- wonus mu^i. lumuu:, IUMJCIS, n/a..*--- 1 ...-•• ,~,~ ------- - tion heard '.President Hoover appeal to the legal profession to Join In defense of the American form of government In a speed, on the opening day of UK Association', nfty-iKth convention, held In W OS h- of Sta governmen n a sp, 4gton. in the eroup pictured at the top are, left to right, seated: Former Secretary of State KeW Guy A. Thompson, of St. lAu is, president ot the, organiiatVm; M. Paul nonaud.,,0 'Newton W Rowcll, former Premier of Ontario, Canada. Standing, left to right: John W. Davis, ot York- Silas Stnrwn. Chicago: Frank J. Hogan, president -of the District of Columbia Bar Chester' I Long Kansas; Charles S. Whitman, Ne«- York; Charles 'A. Boston, New York. Below •;•" ' scene on the speakers' plallcrm as President, Hoover addressed, the convention. the Perpetual Will Revealed To Be Still in Force WARSAW, ind. <UP)—A per[Kt- ual will, drawn Gl years ago .by John Benedict., of Palestine, "Ind., still is in force -It was revealed wfccn records of tbe Kosciusko Circuit Court were opened for the fall term. Since the will was drawn, there have been four executors and ad- minislraiors. Only three beneficiaries of the estate, which has dwindled to $640, are living. HANFORD. Cal. (UP)—Burglars who believe In business eflicicncj made their appearance here i|e ccnlly. They robbad a service sta ion of cash and supplies and took along an adding machine the ound there, to add u their profits. Chicago -AuthonUes. Ask;R. F. ,C. Has Authorized Presidential Warrant for . Another- $529,400 Foi His Arrest: WASHINGTON, Oct. 15 OJP>- Two representatives of the Illinois states attorney's office today applied to the state dcpnvtmcnt for a presidential warrant for the arrest in Greece of Samuel Insull, Sr., one time Chicago utilities magnate. The deportment delayed Issuing the warrant, I'-oldins the evidence ;\V«i York Cotton NEW YORK. Oct. 15 (UP)—Cotton closed barely steady. Relief in Slate. WASHINGTON, Oct. 16 .«JP>Relief leans totaling .$1,221,835 I Ohio, Oklahoma Tennessee, Ar Kansas, Michigan and "Montan were announced by Ihe Recon slruction Finance ccrporatlon to The corporation announced II 'loans as follows: Ohio. S182.887: Arkansas. $529 400- Tennessee. S193.23G; Oklahom $181,312; Michigan, $40.000: Mon tana. S95.0CO. tlvey would scntt to o,,,u, B v, ...-- The loan to Ohio will be use cdiateu' for the needed addl- in the city of Akron for the r onnl evidence and would wail muinder of Ihls year. submitted was insufficient. The two attorneys, Charles Bellows and Andrew Vlachos, said they would send to Chicago Ini- Mar. May Man Returm to Family Aiter 15 Years Jan 650 ESS C75 683 Oct. DJC. Spots closed at.-' Opsn High Low (559 GG6 634 -846 645 655 663 671 . 635 ,640 Close 046 655 664 671 '635t 640 icre until II arrived. The attorneys submitted t' oseph Baker, assistant legal ad sor of the state department, sor of e sa , crtified copies of the indictments I lo E ains: InM.i! e |onn to AraUBBS w - pers needed, it was said. incu'Qca counties during >,''off 5 milet. x cotton CARRONDALE, 111. ] (UP)—John Hepp. whose familv last heard of him 15 years ago, is.rc-nnlted with relatives here. Hepp casually walked to the home of his sister. Mrs. J. C. Dimple here recently, explaining IK had "been about everywhere." Until recently, he said, he had been working In Pittsbtirg. His family lust heard from him when he left France ES a private in the army. NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 15. (UP)— Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close Jan ...... 65V 657 045 645 Mar ...... 666 666 655 655 ..... 675 675 664 664 July ..... 6S7 682 673 673 Oct ...... 640 641 640 630b D:c ...... 653 653 640 640 Spa's closed at 645, off 2, stead Closing Stock Price 3ut December Installments Will Open Way (or Reconstruction. WASHINGTON, Oct. 15 tUP) — Install men Is due December 15 on he principal war debts arc expected by official quarters here to be puld the United Press has learned, preparatory to reconsideration of the entire debt structure. In event of his re-election President Hoover has prepared to re- concider payment schedules in return for such concrete acknowledgement of validity of the debts. Approximately $130.000,000 Is due from debtor nations in Dccem- ?., Is set for the second Mpndnv if I the term wlilch begins, here Mon- dav. Oct. 17. Hunks was Indicted hern In Mnrch 1931. following coilniiM-of his cl'"ln of banks In the'.fnli'of WO. JI Is case WM continued until th;; October Icrm nnd lie 7 Wns rcli-nwd inuler S'J.Wfl bond. H. , here for trial in Oclote' n'vl l)m examination of iJurori^Vas In "repress when lt-o,jtntoV;kcd ii nnn- linuniH-e on the basis o'f tols™rni)ii- lu UiforiiuiUou' H>af mntcrlal witnesses were unable, to be nroBDnt, and the case- went over until the Mnrch term of Wf. . Convfctfil In P«Uskt ... the rnennllinc Ilin -elderly, barike'i- hn\l been indicted. Irlrd and convicted of a slmjlar ofTnnsi In Puluskl county ,and «n" nnneal was rending in Hiiprcnio court. ,'Hn!. question of wfi:tlrr or nol a bank was insolvent within the meaning of Ihe law, until "It had been examined and so declaredly a stale bank examiner,- had.-.been Injected. In I o the Aprcal. ancLixjn'1; Ing a decision on this point, the case.'here was continued by ngrae- mcnt. • .' ' . That, there will'be hO,furthar dc- lavs in Irlal of llie ca^e seems certain Proscciillnjf Allornev 3. 1.. Gladlsh said the stale will insist upon a trial at this term and .T. T. Coston. Osceola allorncv, who .is associated with Co!. T. D. Wynne of Fordyce In Mr. Bunks' defenss vcrslly of Illinois sludi'iU. . believed the Democratlo party will tc'swcpl lo power In both houses - nl the November, clcclloii. •-, ti '/ "Clovernor Rcoscvelt'a .•' election '; \vculd liisurc the return of beer," '< >ie said. ..<• . • -.- • C 1 o s i n;sf Arguments in Memphis ^ :Case, HYDE PARK, W.Y.;, Oct. 15' (U J P)— Fraiikllil .Roosivplt-, i'.who . re- ••: piled -last ' tilBht io : , campaign ? clmre'ca ^thnt. he, advised Invest- ; icnl in Gtrrii ail. securities' In. 1822 ;, y quqtlriB », Republican altor- . cy, worked' tod»j? on.hb remain- ;; ng cuiujtljTi • Bpccches, cne ot ,'hic'li 'la '' ^Iscuts ;liw-;.- bcnus''arid veterans' relief. •' ' '- elcclr'le 'cHniiTwlii "derbcr, as.1 , to Be Continv)isd Monday MEMPHIS, Oct. lV ; '<.UP)-aUf. y A. Puryear Eho4W,W 't>..U* y list- . cused^-pf -. adyWnj ii.tfia. Qerrnnu Ecctirlty •Inves'tmsnU^Jien no iwaj. preildent" ot «W"' UnH«d JEuropean ' ' vlCCl iJU uun Ji i »• "• •*-•"» —-• i 'nut attorney general, today toll n Jury wlilch lo hearing the trla at .which Puryear la charged will murdering a negro, Will Jamison to hide the hacking to death o 'urycar's wife and daughter. Gerber opened Ihe final argument for Ihe. slate' and lie had not completed 'his .address to _ the jury at 13:30 P. M.. when Judge Phil Wallace recessed court until 1:30" A. M., Monday. ; ' •,."!( Will. Jamison had been at home asleep 'on the night ot May 1 and early morning of May 2 Mrs. Aiirclla Piirycnv would have been rnvcst6r's; Lt- The .charge was df'i . n'.id.- In a letWf -*Hlt«iif,iy "*?IV. EilwarU Paine of New York. "AUhoiigh I am a Republican and 'intend lo veto for. Preskjent Hoover I believe that fair play. re,quires that I write you my under- .of the situation," Palna "It Is Inaccurats, in fact wrote. 'otally Incorrect, to charge fhnt the Investors lost monuy In .the transaction." HYDE PAUK, N. Y., Oct. 15 (U P)—Gov. Frnrikllri Rocsevclt; Democratic presidential 'nominee, declined to comment today on a .jrotcst hy Norman Tho'mns, Soclol- Vfrs. Aiirclla Piirycnv would navei; sl ,,,.(^,,,^1,,! cal ,uid n t c , pverac- occn living Icday," Gcrl«r Mid (lon pf Ule oklahuma Democrat- tn referring lo tho sl»tc cliargc |c c]cctlan b(mrd | n - ni n,i g soclal- (liat Puryear picked up Jam son |st Cnn( u<|ntc5 .off the ballot- an n downstowu street, took him - ' -• The Tennessee loan, the advance by the corporation to th state, will be used In Knox, Fent- rcss, Clay, Grimily, and Sumner 0 , th ' c Britain, Fiance 90 per cent of the total amount. Great Britain, It Is reported here, hns been col- Ul £• U |u f*- 1 - " . said today. "We arc anxious to trs the caso and eel It over with. We will Insist, on cltlicr a trial or dismissal of the charges at this term. 1 Face Murrttr Clurw The case of Arlhur Brown and his wife. Thelma Bro'vn. charaed with the murder of W. T. Youm: and with shooting to kill P. M. Barton, prominent tanner. In tin nr- Bument here lasl May will go to the irrand Jury, which convenes Monday simultaneously with the op3nlng of court cr. ber, wiili Great and Haly owing lecting , so as to meet her |onn to ArkaUBBS will pro ,-1 Vice-President Curtis in Automobile Accident KAYSVILtE. Utah, Oct. 15 (U -5l_Vice-president Charles Curlis ir.rrowly escaped serious Injury today In an automobile accident at Xaysvllle, a few miles north of Salt Lake City. The vice-president, however, was only Ellghily shaken up in the made •rash and was proceeding a short inc reiiiHi^uL 1 u» i-'"- j ----corporation already has granted a rel'ef loan of 5502,500 to M- Ikansas. The government of Arkansas sokl that many of the ceunties lo teneflt by the loans ceunes o are practically without cash due lo low prices and lack ot sales for lumber, cotton and other farm products. ,„„, Ultl: mvcr farmer shot nnd killed W. T. Youne. tenant farmer on the P. M. Barton plantation, when Youn? stepped between Brown and Barton during an argument between Ir.e latter two over owncrsliln ot a hnv nress. Young died Instantly. Barton wa taken lo a Memphis hospital wltl several bullet woun'K In his bod auvisors now retugmu: «»- ••-• I an* returned here three weeks M debts cannot be paid on the orlg- j on crutches from effects or th Inal basis. '" The president (n Ills Des Molnca speech, In which he offered a plan for trading debt wramts for foreign markets for American agricultural products, Indicated one possible outlet. $80,000,OCO payment. Reconsideration of the debt structure is looked on here as ir.evliatle. Mr. Hoover Is opposed to cancellation hut he and his advisors the war The 'ix loans granted today- brought the total amount authorized to allevlnte destitution to S4J,- 37712622. The loans have teen made to 30 states and Hawaii and Puerto Hico. time later to Salt Lake City to make an address tonight. Kingfish Loin* Will Campaign in Dakota BATON ROUGE, Oct. 15 (UP1- U. s. Senator Huey Long's two found trucks were held in readl ness tcday for removal to Pierre, S- D., where it Is telicved they *'H1 be used by the Kingflsh in "Is campaign for Franklin D. nooscvelt. Orders to have the trucks ready were received here yesterday. Senator Ix>ng is now In the cast where he recently conferred with Roosevelt regarding campaign plans. A. T. and T 105 1-2 Anaconda Copper 101-8 Auburn 43 3-4 Catcrnlllar Tractor 8 3-R Chrysler H 3-8 Cities Service 35-8 Coca Cola 941-2 Continental Baking 45-8 General Electric 15 1-4 General Motors 14 Montgomery Ward 123-4 New York Central 22 7-8 Packard 31-8 Radio 7 5-8 Simmons-Beds 83-4 Standard of N. J 30 Texas Co 13 S-8 Ui S, Steel M, .,., 37 7-8 Trained Dogs Make a Living for Owner TOPEKA, Kan. (UP)—When Ihe depression left B. H. Fuidy without a job, he didn't have to stand in the breadline ncv live with relatives. He tr?lncd two dogs to make a living for him. The dogs, of mostly German shepherd parentage, arc trained as walking s'.gnbcards. They attract attention toting theater advertisements. In Denver they were, used In a charily drive. , P«rdy travels from city to city hiring out his dogs. Fletcher Fined $50 for Liquor Posseuion Howcll Fletcher was fined $50 by Judge C, A. Cunningham In mn wounds. England and Ireland Fail of Agreement "to the Puryear home, ostensibly.' t Is alleged, lo move somo whls- tey, then 'shot the negro and lamed him for the axing ol his •He and daughter. , In a dying statement Jamison LON DON Oct. 15 (UP)—Anglo- enlcd he had entered tho Pur- Ir|5h llcgoUo i lons far settlement car home and said he had not i f lt)(j ccollomlc war nr i s | ng f r0 m mrmcd Puryear's wife nud dangh- cll()r|s of [|l( , Irish Frce Sta[? , 0 •• i break off connections with Eng"Stanley Puryear designed these | nm i have failed. J. H. Thomas, murders and he was In a hurry secretary of dominions, told, the lo commit them." Gerber charged. I p rcss today. •He was brooding over the fact Thomns . statement was made Hint another man had taken iiPL [Ler president, Eamon do Vajcra v,!Ui the woman he loved, Gerber , f lho pr( , c SM ^ oncc a poijti^ said- In referring to the alleged, jmvc and rebe , wHn a price love affair belwccn Puryear and 1 Miss Sunshina Walker. Long-Bell Receivership Borrowers Urged to > Hold Onto Their Land W. F. Feutz, legal representative of the Federal Land Dank of St. Louis, Mo., urged delinquent borrowers of the bank In this section to make every effort lo hold on to their lands at a meeting at the courthouse here yesterday. Peutz told the assembled farmers that the return of city poopb Find Harder ,Victim Encased in Concrete DF.NVFR. Oct. IS (UP)—Police rf a half dozen stales today sear- rhcd for Harry Ross ol Caldwell. Idaho, af'er the discovery here 'f the- fco'rly of Erwln Thompson. 32-year-olJ electrical on»|nf!r In a concrete shroud bur- on his head, had conferred, in London with British officials In an effort to settle the ouarril. The particular point nt Issue was r- i exchequer. •by U; S, Judge the action of the Free State In ,. ', withholding Ian dannulty payments KANSAS CITY, Mo., Oct. 15 (UJwhich Britain claims ava due to Pi—Federal Judge Otis today denied the suit of n group of Long- Dell Lumber compahy bondholders seeking to throw'the concern Into receivership. JUuge u, A. uiuiiiiii5iK>Ni ers tnat tne rcium ui mj 1/v.^i/i- nlclpal court yesterday afternoon 01 to farms had made it profitable for a charge of possessing Wr fcr I the Un(5 Bftr i k t 0 foreclose on the purpose of sale. Counsslfor th= I properl'cs far delinquent for re- defendant announced an Bpp;al , 4ale M.rrwu-s would be taken to circuit court. He rolnted out that the bank had Sheriff's deputies found nbottl VO not f 0rcc | 0 scd on more than 10 per quarts of beer, a quanWy ot Ilo- 1 ccnt 0 [ i te loans Vn Arkansas al- uor, bottles and kcga at Fletcher's thm ^ ji^t 30 to 40 per cent were uor, bottles an cga a tm j^ o pr place on the Clear Lake road yes- i delinquent. He urged borrowers to *Av^™*, t^M-nlntr TnflkP PVflTV pffort 10 hold OH t^ terday morning. Paul Rosenthal was flned one dollar on a plea o! gunty to a charge of traffic violation In the !»' lcc dl ~ vision of court. nuke every effort lo hold on their land and said lho bank would be very considerate ot all who indicated a fair effort to meet loan- on Oielr lands. ed In a tunnel beneath the home which bolh men had occupied. Mrs. Stella Res:, wife of the Calclwell man. was held bv Denver rollco. She hod been brought here last WM'X by detectives in an effort to clear up the mystery cf Thompson's disappearance. FOOTBALL Final Michigan 14, Ohio State 0. Third Period Harvard 33, Penn State 7. Second Ptrioa Purdue 7, Wisconsin 6. Minnesota 7, Nebraska 6. Northwestern 7, Illinois 0. Get Results Easily through Courier News want ads! Thai's what this advertiser did. Here's the ad— TWO ROOMS, furnished fcr light housekeeping. Close In. that ran recently In the "For Rent" column of the COURIER NEWS and brought prompt and satisfactory results. CLASSIFIED NF.WS DEPARTMENT CALL .3K . , . I Last Tributes Paid Francis Wilson Today PLATTE CITY, Mo., Oct. 15 (U P)—Friends of Francis Wilson, Democratic gubernatorial nominee, rom all walks of life gathered icre today a pay him honor and icort his body' to the ' grave. Politicians, country folk, nnd icighbors were present to say a ast goodbye to Wilson, who died unexpectedly. His body lay in state at the home ot his brother, Dr. R. P. Wilson. At two P> M. services were conducted on the oroad laun of ths Wilson home. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Cloudy, rain to- ni-ht end In east p«!!on Sunday. C:ol in north portion . Sunday. According to the official weather observer, Charles Phillips jr.,* minimum temperature fc«s yesterday was.54 degrees and the maximum 79 degrees.- cloudy. Today ft y:ar ago the minimum temperature I was P5 degrees and. the maximum 82 degrees, cloudy *ith .26.inch oC rain.

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