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The Times from Munster, Indiana • Page 9
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The Times from Munster, Indiana • Page 9

The Timesi
Munster, Indiana
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Thursday. Julr 23, 1925: THE TIMES Pacrc Nino Picking Design for Harding Memorial at Marion Moral Letdown Heritage ME INVESTMENTS III ELKHART, Ind. Excavation was underway here today on a large swimming pool whKh will be used as an open air skating rink in the winter seasons. The school board has granted the use of a field house nearby as dressing quarters for swimmers. of Jazz Age, Says Reformer WILL PROTECT U.S.

TRADE ROBINSON TELLS BANKERS A A id i I Balloon Tires BOSTON, Jazz music and "Jazzisms" tht go with It are responsible for the prevalent tone of" relaxation in conventions, in the opinion of Miss Grace Leigh Scott, field lecturer of the National W. C. T. who Is conducting a crusade against immorality. "Drinking, petting parties, smoking on the part of women are all "jazzisms' that accompany the muslo you hear everywhere and which is nothing but pure sensual-Ism." declared Miss Scott.

"Free love, double standards and all that sort of thing were tested out centuries ago and they are really old-fashioned and the modern wayhould be a sane way," she continued. "No. I do not thing that prohibition is largely responsible for the let-down one sees everywhere today. "But it is the older people who are as bad, if not worse, than the young people of today," declared Miss Scott, "and I blamethem more for bad moral conditions existing. "The American soldier Idealized the American girl," she said, "and he returned to find what? A jazz age from which we have not yet recovered.

The American boy Is still waiting for the American girl to 'snap and it is the girl of the ape that we must reach. The new Indian Chief can be driven faster with greater degree of safety and the roughness of hard, bumpy roads is smoothed away wit hthe new balloon tire equipment. Easy payment plan. Free demonstration. SLIGER BROS.

514 Hohman St. He answered the question with this statement: "To ie extent that American loans made abroad are sound and not excessive, and to the extent that the making of such loans has reduced interest rates and made possible borrowing, heretofore Impossible, the pressure (on foreign manufacturers) to sell, irrespective of price, has been relieved and to some degree, at least, competitive pressure has been reduced. "May we not assume- that such loans have contributed greatly to bring about 1hat result? At the same time, an easier financial, condition in a distressed country soon brings about demands for Increases in wages and soon their comparative cost level rises, andto tha Cook for an" hour or a little more, stirring all the while with a spatula, and from time to time shake the casserole by the handle. Serve very hot. Just Try a Times Want Ad.

extent weakens ttielr comparative. head; an $85 suit fitted neatly beneath a new topcoat. A snappy pair of new shoes completed the ensemble, next morning Brown, his body racked with aches and pains, limped Into the Central Po-. lice Station. True, he wore no long- white beard, but the top-piece had been supplanted by a weary looking derby.

His new gray coat was replaced by a patchwork affair of brown, and his suit wouldn't: have brought eighty-five cents at a rummage sale. The new shoes had changed to leaky, rundown openwork articles. Brown believes it. -was a thief and not Father Time who visited him as he slumbered on the curb. Judges selecting the winning design of the number submitted for the memorial to the late President Harding: (1.

to William Sydney Wagner, New York; Joseph F. Frelinghuysen, New Jersey; John Mead Howells, New York; Andrew W. secretary of the treasury; Charles M. Schwab, New York: George Howe. Philadelphia.

The memorial will be erected in. Hardinc's home town O. the summer in The Netherlands. The INTER NATIONAL NEWS SERVICE! SEATTLE, July. Henry M.

Robinson, member of the Dawes Commission which worked out the plan on which Germany Is seeking financial rehabilitation, told American bankers the. part he considered they should play in the work of rebuilding: the damaged structure of world trade and world finances. In an address to the National Foreign Trade Convention here the California capitalist, who is president of tthe First National Bank of Los Angeles, drew three important elusions on the future of American bankers' part in rehabilitation. They were: 1 Hard-headed business sense counsels the continuation of investments abroad as, a protection of American trade. 2 Industrial projects of allied countries in their "rawer," newer colonies, assisted by American capital, to furnish new and large outlets of German products, offer- the best means of giving Germany, the chance to life her load of reparations and of putting- the entire interallied debt question in a hopeful light.

3 The important American groups interested in reparations and debt payments should create a board to secure uniform information and discuss data, but not to dictate rigid plans. PRACTICAL. VIEWPOINT. Jlr. Robinson approached the tremendously important question of "American Banking and World Rehabilitation' from a practical standpoint alone.

"We will eliminate any suggestion of our responsibility from a humanitarian or social standpoint. Indeed, It appears that proper action from an enlightened slf -Interest viewpoint may easily prove of the greater benefit to the people of the rest of the world," he said. After touching on the general slump of world trade since 1913, with ie result that it is still 5 per cent below the volume of that year, with the United States the only nation recovering wholly and making a slight gain, and referring briefly to tthe restoration of the gold standard In England as "most important forward step," Mr. Robinson continued: "In view of the enormous transactions of the last year, which' because of heavy foreign investments resulted in a final debit! of the question naturally arises: "'Are our bankers properly considering the. effect of such loaning on our own Industries and commercial lifer Minister of Estbonla and Mme.

Pilp have taken a summer home at Solomon's Island, Maryland. Famous French Recipes competitive position." In the American expansion of for. elgn trada by the export demand for finished goods and import demand for raw mattarlals," Mr. Robinson saw what "may be a definite Indication of a trend toward the development of this country as a fabricating and financing nation in international commerce." "The United Suites is coming to make more Investments in practically every section of the world," he said, "with yields fluctuating widely, indicating some discrimination in. risks." DISCUSSES DEBTS.

Coming to the question of payment of reparations and settlement of interallied debts, he saw as the methods of the first: Expansion of German exports, arrangements between the allies and Germany for deliveries in kind; assisted colonial schemes, which he saw as the most important method and, lastly, by investments inside of Germany. "It appears that we shall of necessity be forced to continue to make investments abroad," he said, "and it behooves our industrialists. Foreign Diplomats Desert Washington to Escape Heat SAY -BAYER. ASPIRIN and INSIST! Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians for home at Skyland, Virginia. The Minister of Deomark, Con- Headache stantln Brun, will go to Bar Harbor, Neuralgia Colds Toothache Neuritis Pain' Lumbago Rheumatism Maine, for the summer months.

The Minister of Hungary and the INTERNATIONAL NEWS SERVICE KANSAS CITY, July. Whllo J. D. Brown, of this city, does not believe that he like Rip Van Winkle slept for twenty years, he has some conception of the thoughts that must have coursed through the mind of the old Tarrytown resident when he awoke from his prolonged nap. )'''' Brown, dressed in new Spring raiment, sat down on the curb the other night to wait for a street car.

A new fedora sat jauntily upon his INTERNATIONAL NEWS SERVICE TIORO PARIS, July. "Tioro" is a kind of fish fricassee which Is a favorite with the French fishermen. Olean and cut Into slices red gurnet and coalfish, salt. Brown in a casserole, with a little old, chopped onions, with a bit of garlic. Add a pint of water, salt, pepper and a pinch of red cayenne pepper.

Let boil, fahen add the fish, withg chopped parsley end small rounds of bread. Countess Szechenyi'are expecting to spend most of the summer in New Accet onl- "Bayer" package port, where they will occupy the villa of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Payne INTERNATIONAL NEWS SERVICE i WASHINGTON, July With the coming of warm weather and the inevitable slackness in governmental activities, foreign diplomats and their wives have-left-Washington for their summer homes in: other parts of the United States, or have sailed for their homelands to spend the summer months. Baroness von Maltzan, the Ger-man ambassador, has sailed for Berlin, where she will spend the summer, returning to the United States iri September.

Baron von Maltzan has taken a summer home at Magnolia, near where President Coolidge will spend the summer, and proven directions. "BayC of 12 tablet. Whitney. JOnkee de Graeff," the-Uutch min Barer. Manufct MoaeaeeUeaddester of BMnitcm ister, and Mme.

de Graeff, will spend 3 THREE 3 FLOORSC JOlvjfc will also Teturn to Washington in CM Septemben The ambassador of Belgium, Baron de Cartier, is returning to his homeland the summer, rejoining the Baroness, who preceded him some time Tllmont, Secretary of the Embassy, will be Charge d'Aggaires during, the ambassador's absence. foreign traders and bankers to associate themselves for a better understanding of these problems. "Would it be a bad idea to create a board for the co-ordination and compiling of available Information, with two members selected from each of tthe following: National Foreign Trade Council, merlcan Section of the International Chamber of Commerce, United states Chamber of Commerce, American Bankers'. Association, Investment Bankers' Association of America and two of the Cabinet officers, preferably the Secretary of Commerce and the Secretary of the Treasury? "It appears we shall be under economic compulsion to make foreign loans and "It appears that the making of such loans. In the finality, will be of both directl and indirect advantage to our' nation's business, if SAYMAN'S SOAP, 3 FOR 25 This famous soap is used exclusively by many and is well known for its purity.

Limit: 3 cakes. VASELINE SPECIAL, 8c Pure high grade vaseline, a good generous size jar. I I I -I .1 II Ik 4 yiP I uv The Minister of Norway and Frau Bryn, accompanied by their daughters, Eroken Laura and Inger Bryn, following their visit to St. Paul for the celebration of the centennial of the first Norwegian settlement in America, are opening their summer 2 i rn Child-birth Bete is wonderful menage to all expectant mother 1 men the Little One arrives, you can have tliat moment more free Ladies' Purses Special at Piles Go Quick Ladies' Fancy Rubber Aprons 59c BP" 95c made with wisdom. "It appears that the probabilities favor unparalleled developments in new countries and In the finality, will be of extraordinary advantage generally to the business of this "It appears quite certain- that in the earlier stages it is more than a dufly for the various business elements 6f the country to operate with due consideration to the effect of their action on the other elements.

from unenu you have perhaps m-crined. An eminent physician, expert in this science, hs ehown the tray. It was he who first produced the gremt remedy -Mother's Friend. Mrs. C.

J. say "With my first two children I had doctor nA then tl W. ii i. r. if -4 it v.

Without Salves or Cutting Thousands who have piles have not learned that quick and permanent relief can only be accomplished with internal medicine. Neither cutting nor any amount of treatment with ointments and suppositories will remove the cause. Bad circulation causes There is a complete stagnation of blood in the lower bowel and a weakening of the parts. Dr. J.

S. Leonhardt was first to find the remedy and jcalled his prescription HEXI-ROII. Dr. Leonhardt tried it in 1000 cases with the marvelous record of success in 98 per cent, and then decided it should be; sold: by druggists everywhere under a rigid money-back guarantee. Don't waste any more time with outside applications.

Get a package of HEM-ROID from-Summers' Pharmacy today. It has given safe and lasting relief to thousands and will do the same for you. Adv. truments, cut wim mj -r I used 'Mother's Friend and bad only nurse we had no time to et a doctor because I wasn't very sick only about tea "fifteen minutes." Use -l as our mothers and srandmothera i did. Don wait, today, and meanwhile -Rradfield Kemilator BA 46.

Atlanta, book eontainin. Information every expent rnothcr should have. "Mother. Friend is sold by au drug; Stores everywhere, f': BLOOMINGTON Harrodsburg today was enjoying electric lights for the first time In Its long history. Street lights will be Installed as coon as possible.

Current is being supplied from the H. P. Klectric Company here over transmission $li25 A practical garment to wear for comfort. Made with elastic inserts and light boning. Ladies' Corsets $2.45 Ladies' Step-ins Summer stepins of fancy voiles, silk mull and crepe.

High colors and assorted sizes. Ladies' Gowns 85c Muslin gowns with a nainsook finish. White and colors. Full cut and well made. Ladies' Bloomers 59c Made of a good quality crepe.

Elastic knee and waistbands. Assorted colors and sizes. Ladies' Aprons 78c Made of a fine quality percale. Light and dark colors. Neat atterns.

Assorted sizes. Fancy Beach Cloth Aprons $1.95 New styles in fine beach cloth dresses. Beautiful colors. Hand embroidered trimmed. Infants' Bonnets 95c i Values to $1.45.

Made of fancy white organdies. Frill and ribbon "trimmed. Assorted sizes." A staple gcod fitting and good wear ing corset. Back lace, medium ngh bust. All sizes.

33 Biggest Special Sale Station in Aluminum Ware This Season BATHING SUITS Every Item a Real Bargain at 50c Each GUARANTEED PURE ALUMINUM ATTRACTIVE SHAPES BEAUTIFUL FINISH WELL MADE FINE C0H0N BATHING SUITS, 88c One lot of men's and ladies fine cotton bathing suits to close. A good weight and well-made suit. WOOL WORSTED BATHING SUITS, Ladies fine wool worsted bathing suits, extra quality and well made. Come in copen, orange and Kelly. "V- I III RRAKin Semi Stiff Collars Princess Slips 89c Slips to wear with summer dresses.

Made of a fine finished muslin. 20 in. shadow proof hems. Silk Chemise $1.57 Fancy silk Rayon chemise. Assorted colors and sizes.

1 A $2.00 value. i I Mens Collar Special, ea. 17c A perfect fitting semi-stiff collar, 3 different styles. A very big value. Each 17c.

3 for 50c 7 for $1.00 8 Qt Pnelled Covered Sauce Pan, 60e. Wide sad clean cut panels. 4 Cup Economy Percolator, 60c. Every family shoulA bve this Percolator. SATES COrFEg TTV 3 Qt.

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2 Qt. Water Pitcher. 80c Special shape saves refrigerator space. Can be covered. A rf lV'j Qt- Panelled Senhle Boiler, 50c.

No kitchen Is complete without It. MEN'S DARN PROOF HOSIERY, 39i One lot of men's Darn Proof hosiery, first quality, come in black, cordovan, French tan and grey. MEN'S POLO ATHLETIC UNDERWEAR, 69c A fine nainsook union suit with V-neck, extra full cut and well made. Come in sizes 34 to 46. UDIES SILK CHIFFON HOSIERY.

$1.45 Ladies fine pure silk full-fashioned out hosiery, all good summer shades and FINE SILK FIBRE HOSIERY, 59c A very exceptional quality, douHe soles, high spliced heels, non-ravel tops, good summer shades. h'i Boys' Waists 78c Boys' Summer Wash Hats, 55c Boys fine percale waists in regular style, as weCl as sport. Some silk stripes sizes 8 to 16. Summer wash hats for boys ages 1 to 4 years white and colors. Good styles.

Qt. Panelled TJppeA Saaee Pan. 60c A Siae useful is every kitchen. 4 Qt. Panelled Kettle, 60c Summer Is preserving time.


EACH. Sale Begins Friday, July 24, Come Early Our Stock Will Not Last Lon at This Price DEVCO 5 lOc STORES, INC. 186 STATE STREET HAMMOND, IND. Whisk Broom, made of best corn, strongly made for service in your, auto. Special, Friday and Saturday, 19c.

Window Shades, 3x6size, in gray only. Complete with guaranteed roller and brackets complete. Friday and Saturday, only 49c. i Red Seal Radio A Batteries, the best for your set. Test 35 amps, or more.

Specially priced and Saturday, 38c. 1 3 FLOORSC 3BIGC I THREE i.

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