The Times from Munster, Indiana on July 15, 1925 · 8
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The Times from Munster, Indiana · 8

Munster, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1925
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THE TIMES Wednesday, July 15, 923. ;iiiiiiiiiiiniiMiiitiiiiihiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiniinniiiiiiiiiiniiimH 1 .... ',"t Social Events ; iiiimmniiiinunniiiiiiiimmiiginiinniifniiinimimmi iiiiiiiiimummiimmmiiinnnimimnnummnnnmnira Activities of Women iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil 'll'',1lllllll!llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHlllimillllHl imiiimunuiimiiiii gmimiiiimmiimiinE Personals IIIIIUIIIIIIlllllilllllii: IIIIIilllllHIIIIIIIIIIIIII ilIIIlllEIIIIIIllIiIIIlIIll!llIIItlIllllIllllIIIIltlllIlltlllllllllIitSlliIlllllIIIIlll( iiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiniiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiuiiiiiiiniiii "Pa ere Eierliif HAMMOND-SOCIAL NEWS COrSTRV CMB BRIDGE SATIRDAV. On Saturday afternoon the Hammond Country club ladies who en-Joy bridge will gather at the club at two-thirty for an interesting afternoon. Mrs. Carl Kaufmann will le the welcoming hostess and it is hoped that a number will be out. TO HAVE PIC.MC This coming Sunday has been chosen by the members of the Calumet City "Woman's club as a cplendid day for them to have a family picnic. The crowd, which if Is hoped will fill some fifty cars, will motor to Eliza Park for the flay. DEUCHTFIL PITISG. Mrs. H. Gluth delightfully entertained, the ladies of the St. John's Social club Sunday afternoon and vening. After an afternoon of swimming and boatiing a dainty luncheon was served. At a late tour the guests departed all having enjoyed a splendid day. - Doctor Stork Mr. and Mrs. Kekelik, of Hohman Street, are receiving congratulations from their friends upon the arrival of a fina litule son born to them on July. 9 at their home. Ths little boy weighed 8 pounds. Ho will be called Herbert Charles. He and his mother are both well. Mrs. KekoJik was formerly Miss May-kella Howe. Mr. and Mrs. , Thomas Burke, of Gar, are happy to announce the arrival of a fine ten and one half pound, daughter born to tihem on July the eighth at the Mercy hospital in Gary. The name Patricia Ann has been chosen for the baby. She and her mother are both well. Mrs. Burke was Miss Grace Trost K Hammond before her marriage. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Snyder of East Chicago, 'are the proud parentis of a lovely seven pqund daughter .whi was born to them on' July' the tenth at the Mercy hospital in Gary. The little girl has been named Evelyn Marie. Mrs. Snyder mond before her marriage and she and the littfie girl are feeling splendidly.' - . Personal Items Mr. and Mrs. Victor Dyr of Eouth. Hohman street, will enjoy entertaining Mrs. August Schneider, formerly of Hammond, as their house guest. Mrs. Schneider, who is visiting Mrs. William A. Moore at her summer home In Michigan, ytlll arrive in Hammond on Friday. Dt. Edwin A. Martin of Ham-tnond. and Dr. Jacob Hill of South Hohman street, have left by motor for Hazleton, Pa., where they will .enjoy a, three weeks' vacation. William Whlttlngton, Jr.,. of Mv fcon street, has returned from Crawfordsville where he enjoyed a siiay with his relatives. Mr. "Whit-tington recently of the Northern Indiana Gas- and Electric company, will spend two weeks in Chicago on Ten Years Ago in Social Circles How old itt makes us feel to read the doings of our friend3 soma ten years ago. Kiddies who were just real young 'una then are in college now pr perhaps very safely married. The socil rporter thought you migt enjoy turning backward with her each day to the days of ten vgars ago. The happenings are f ten amusing. Kriecds are pret'tily feting Miss Theresa. Dorsey, who will be married July 27 to Alfred J. Buck. Mrs. I J. Haofer and her daughter, Margaret, left last night to visit friends at Silver Lake, Michigan. -. They will be gone for a fortnight. Mrs. O. B. Crockett, of Condit street, underwent an operation last Tuesday at St. Margaret's hospital far appendicitis. She Is slowly recovering. AUNT HET Ore I never did feel much atuck up except the first time I put on corset an' the first time 1 had a sold fillln' pat In a tooth." (Copyright, . 1925, Associated -Editorsnc.) Problems of Home yvURING these days I i when the front porch is the center of most social activities, the aim of every housewife is to maka her porch such that her friends will say, ."What an attractive, homey, atmosphere." And it's easy to attain this desired effect. The porch pictured above is not so very large, but it i3 cool and inviting. The awnings are ol plain green, and the color scheme used is green and lavendarNv The porch davenport is upholstered in striped chintz of six-inch stripes of the pre business before going to Lima, O., to accept a position. He has many friends in Hammond who regret having h'm leave this region. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Petrie of "Williams street, have returned from Springfield, Jacksonville and Car-rollton. 111., where they enjoyed a visit with relatives and friends. .Ir. and. .Mrs... TJio.mas. , Doyle of Detroit street, are enjoying having Mrs. Catherine Combs, Miss Margaret Walsh, Miss Josephine Walsh and John Walsh,' all , of East St. Louis, as their house guestas for a few das. Miss Helen vSackman of Richmond, Ind., will arrive shortly to spend, a few days with her brother, James Sackman, of the Northern Indiana Gas and Electric company. Mr. and Mrs. George McLaughlin, of Indiana avenue, are enjoying a motor trip around the Great Lakes. They report an interesting trip from Marie, Ontario, Canada. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jenkins and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jenkins and son Edward, have left by motor to spend a splendid vacation driving ttj Niagara Falls and other interest ing spots in the east. Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Jellison of Highland sttreet, are spending several days on an interesting motor trip. V Mrs. street, Ernest Tillman of "Vine has returned to her home in Hammond after having spent Nutritive Value of Prepared WHAT would happen If all the canners suddenly struck and left us with nothing but fresh foods to supply our balanced diet the year round? Beyond doubt, it would cause something of a famine. Modern tendencies, which draw the population from country tq city life so rapidly we can't keep track of the census, would raise a serious food problem if it were not for the arts of canning, drying and refrigerating. - Canned foods include most of the important classes of diet fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. Fruits and vegetables are oarticularv rich in vitamins, mineral salts necessary for body, building, and vegetable acids which aid digestion and have a laxative effect.' Canned meats, milk and fish are especially valua- ble for their high protein and fat content. Milk is also very rich in mineral salts, and vitamins. ' The ready prepared products, on account of being sterilized at high. Decoration -:- By dominating colors. Plain chintz in matching colors is used for the cushions. The chairo are of Chinese reed and comfortably shaped. The,, seat cushions are of green chintz and the comfy ones to tuck behind a tired head are of lavender chintz, corded with green. The most attractive feature - of the porch is the table, which is really a fernery. Fashioned of wrought iron with its top a heavy plate glass and the feathery ferns hanging gracefully from , its undershelf, it is the first thing which strikes the eye. It is painted green about six delightful weeks with friends and relatives in California. W. A. Bogart of Hastings, Mich., has arrived in Hammond ' to spend a few months visiting his sister, Mrs. D. Bayne'of Hickory street, Mrs. Charles Nierengarten of Erie street, is enjoying having Mrs! William Thompson of Williams-port, Ind., and Miss Agnes Sable of Detroit, Mich... as her house guestw this week. ' Mr. Frank Thiel, of Williams street, proprietor of the. Hammond Wet Wash Laundry, left Monday for a three weeks" tour of Yellowstone park and South Dakota, Mrs. Thiel accompanied her husband. Kennetih Price and Miss Margaret Blessinger, both of Hammond, have been licensed to marry in Chicago, Rabbi and Mrs. Brettton, of ths Schlesinger apartments have recently returned to Hammond from an interesting trip and wijl leave within a day or two for New York City where Mrs. Bretton will com plete her plans for continuing her opera work again in the fall. The friends of Mrs. Mary Epker, of Elizabeth street, will be interested to know that she Is at homo from a visit with he rson In Michigan where she went to gin strength after an illness. Mrs, Epker is seeing her friends at her home on Elizabeth street. Mrs. "W. M. Frederick and four daughters, of Columbia avenue, are Foods mnerature in air tteht containers, are reallv freer from any chance oi infection than the foods the house wife cooks in non-air tight vessels. Careless handling or storing of food in the kitchen after the can is opened may result in infecting canned foods the same as any otner foods, but the convenient size of con tamers leaves IittJe chance tor stor aee after the meal, and the thor oueh and scientific cooking the food has received before it reaches the housewife, leaves little excuse for much handling after the can is opened. Variation in diet is one of the most important things in keeping the family in sound , and good health. Canned foods and refrigeration are the most important factors in making this variation possible. With the wholesomeness, palatabil-ity and convenience of these ready prepared dishes assured, there is no reason why any woman should hesitate to use them just as freely as Ehe uses the fresh products, and in many intances, more freery. Annette Bradsbaw to match the rest, of the porch and topped with a lamp of green glaze. A 6hade made of lavender chintz cr paper, completes the charming: effect. The pottery water Jar standing at the steps gives an old world touch that is always effective, as are the stately bay trees in their painted tubs. The rug may be of either grass or rush, in plain colors or green and tan. If the porch is large enough, one can add a tea-' wagon of reed or wicker, but a few things well placed are more effective than a lot of useless furniture. leaving tomorrow by motor for Bass Lake, where they will enjoy a week. This week end Mr. Freder ick and two sons, William and Edward, will come to the lake. The Fredericks will occupy the Terry cottage. Miss Catherine Callahan, of the McMahon and Conroy law faces, wjll leave tomorrow .for" Ogden, Utah, for her vacation to visit her aunt. VTTRACTTVE SHOWER FOR BECEXT IIRIOE. Mrs. Mark V. Keeler a June bride was prettily honored Monday even Ing by Mrs. Harry Malo and. Mrs Chester Ecklund when t'.iey arrang ed a linen shower for her pleasure, Mrs. Keeler was Miss Kathryn Bush before , her marriage to.' Mr, Keeler who was graduated from Purdue university in June. The affair was enjoyed at-the home o Mrs. Eckund on Madison street. During the evening pinochle was the interesting diversion in playl small wiDies ana a comparison o attractive tallies awarded pretty prizes to the high score holders. At the small tables later lovely re freshments were served. Attractive roses on each table lent a charm and blended with lovely luncheon cloths of pastel hues. Mrs. Keele was. highly pleased with her many spendid gifts with which the guests who were for 'the most pari F. U. N. club members, 'presented her. Club Chatter Miss Bernlece Halaburt, of Cameron street, proved a cordial hostess to her F. U. N. friends last evening when they met for a business meeting. The newly elected officers are: President, Irene Malo; vice-president, Kathryn Keeler; secretary, Mary Kuch, and treasurer, Margaret Rossborough. Informality marked the remainder of the evening and later Miss Halaburt asked her friends to join her in having a prettily, arranged luncheon. ' The M. L. club was delightfully entertained by Mrs. . C. Mack, of 414 Pine street, on Tuesday afternoon. Pedro was played at three tables and aftfr a comparison of scores beautiful prizes were given to Mrs. O. Larsen, Mrs. R. Koch and Mrs. F. McKay. Later the hos-ttess served a refreshing" three-course luncheon. In Church Circles Sewing Circle No. 2 of Immanuel Evangelical church will be welcomed to the home of Mrs. S. Glade of 431 Bauer street on Friday afternoon of this week end instead of Thursday as tthe custom on account of tHe funeral of Mrs. William Kahn. The Ladies' Aid of the church are asked to gather at the church on Thursday at 1 to attend the funeral of this Aid member who passed away so untimely. . The Senior Walther league of Stl Paul's Lutheran church will ; enjoy a beach party on Thursday evening. All of the leaguers are to meet at the parish house at 7:30 o'clock promptly and go in cars to the beach for an Informal time. Crown Point Mr. and Mrs. Joe Fate of Gary are receiving congratulations on the birth of a baby daughter into their honjsi on Tuesday. The little Miss who was born at the Mercy hospital has been named Georgia Ann. Pi Sigma Phi Sorority will hold Tio formal Initiation of ten pledges Mothers and Their Children t'e for Old Towels One Mother Saysi , When my heavy turklsh towels become too worn to be used, for their original purpose, I fold them through the center, cover with cheesecloth, and quilt on the machine, making pads for the baby's bed. They are absorbent and eas ily laundered. (Copyright, 1925, Asso. Editors, Inc.) Daily Lessons In English BY W. L. GORDOX Words Often Misused: Don't, say she. Is well posted on the subject." Say ''well informed." Often Mispronounced: Floral. Pro nounce the ,'o" as in "no", not as in "or'. Often misspelled: Ominous. Note the "ou." Synonyms: Sarcastic, cynical, sa tirical, sardonic, severe, critical, cutting. Word Study: "Use a word thre times and it is yours." Let us in crease our vocabulary by mastering one word each day. Today's word: Implication; the act of implying. He made no direct accusation, only an implication." . ' into their chapter on Thursday ev ening a tthe home ol Misses taran and Marguerite Maack. Mrs. G.- D. Clark entertained a party of fourteen friends, at bridge tea at the Gary Country Club on Tuesday evening. Scott Babbit of Hammond, a for mer resident of this city wa in Crown Point on business on Monday, Miss Hannah Black had the mis fortune to fall while closing a win dow at her home on Tuesday morn ing and severely sprained her wrist.. The injured member was given medical attention 'but she is suffering much pain. Mrs. Grace Seberger had the mem bers of the Five Hundred Club as her guests on Monday evening, sev eral tables enjoying the games, Mrs. Clarence Houk and Mrs. Arthur Claussen were given dainty priz es for high score. Mrs. Seberger served a dainty lunch. Following is the program .for . the band concert to be given tomorfaw evening, July 16, by the 113th, En gineer band of Gary, under the di rection, of B. G. Young: 1. March, Gate City A. F. Wal- don. 2. Overture, Romantic Keler Bela. , . ' 3. (a) Fox Trot, "Oh Baby,, W, Donaldson: Ob) "Cut Yourself A Piece of Cake." B. James. ' 4. Characteristic Dew Drops H Armstrong. ' S. Waltz, Premier Amou A, Holzmann. 6. Selection from II Trovatore G. Verdi. " 7. Descriptive Piece, A Hunting Scene P. Bucalossi. 8. March, King Coal F. W Clement. Star Spangled Banner. HXXMAir The body of Mrs. Dora Heiman ar rived this morning and was taken to the home of her son, John Heiman, 322 Cedar street,: where the funeral services will be held Thursday afternoon, at 2:45 o'clock. Rev. Carl Schaeffer officiating. Interment in Concordia Cemetery.. C C. Neidow in charge. XAHXi , Funeral services for Mrs. Wil liam Kahl of Munster, who died at her home yesterday morning at 3:30 o'clock, will be held Thursday af ternoon , at 1 o'clockk at the home and at 1:30 o'clock from the Evan gelical church on Sibley street Hammond. Burial will be in Oak Hill cemetery. Mrs. Kahl) who was 51 years old, died following: an illness of five weeks due to a stroke of paralysis She leaves the husband, three chil dren and three step-children. Five sisters. Mrs. William Zahrte, Mrs, Frank Borsdorf, Mrs. Ralph Buehler, Mrs. Charles Tuttle and Mrs. Walter Wright, and two brothers, Max Ha berman. of Hammond, and William Haberman, of Kansas City, Kas., al so survive. ' UBSZITOTOir Sarah E. Liddington, 106 Marble street, died at her home early this mornine due to a heart attack. She was 67 years old. She leaves four daughters, two sons, and eight grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at the home Friday afternoon at 2;S0, Undertaker Stewart in charge. Rev. Lichstein, of the Evangelical Lutheran church will officiate at the services. COMING! ORAK SHRINE CIRCUS Featuring The NEW YORK HIPPODROME DISAPPEARING BALLET ROBY SPEEDWAY J Uf Y ?7TW Fashion Patterns 568 618. Child's Dress. 'Cut in 4 Sixes: 2, 4, and'S yrs. A 4 year size requires 1 5-8 yard of 36 inch material. Price 12 cents. NEW MARRIAGE LICENSES Paul Benkacki, Hammond, Elsie Youngberg, Duluth, Minn.; ; Mike Hricik, Mary Thomas, Gary; John Jefchak, Whiting, Mary Weber, of Gary; Fred Smith. Oliv Newman, Hammond. LOCKERS ARE RIFLED Two employes of the Indiana San itary Pottery Co:, on Johnson street, Hammond, had their lockers rifled yesterday while they were at work. From the locker of Paul Clark, of 28$ Truman BlvdT; a purse f contain lng 112 was taxen. The thief teok an open face Illin ois watch and, $7 from the locker of Vern Dowley, S52 Plummer ave. HOME '. BURGLARIZED. The home, ot Burton Hensley on Fir street, near Fifteenth avenue, Hammond, wti ransacked by a burg laf, some time yesterday. A glass was removed from the front door in entering" the home. A pair of tan oxfords, a .38 calibre revolver, a mouth harp,, a' pair of trousers and $1.50 in pennies were stolen. WORK ON SINKING OIL TANK .The oil tank which will contain the fuel for the oil-burning furnace. In the Memorial Park building. Cal umet City, was sunk Into the ground yesterday afternoon, and today Js being connected with the apparatus of-the furnace on the Inside of the building. The tank is located on the north' side of the building next to the driveway, which will make it conveniently easy to refill the tank. In spite Cf the fact, that winter should "be a long way off. Alderman Murray, superintendent of the Me morial Park, is taking no chances LIVELOCAL NEWS "ADS WASSEVS PLFA.TI.NQ SHOP. 91 STATE STREET. cover all kinds of buttons OI your own material,' Hemstitching. Gold and Silver Thread. Rhina Stone Setting. Button Holes. Pleating, Braidina: Embroidering. Beading. Tucklnar. ShirrinK.Pinklnir and Fan cy Stitching. Phone Hammond 446. Not Jus a restaurant, but rather a haven for hungry folks. Poodle Dog Eat Shop, 66 Sibley St. 7:15-1 Big Moonlight Dance at Houk's Barn Saturday night, July 18th, 5 vmiles east of Crown Point at Win- field. Sterling's Snappy Jazzy Or chestra, 7-15-1 X-BT'S GET ACQUAINTED. That little store in tthe back yard is what you v been looking tor. Low prices our motto. .Over 200' Wall Paner and paints, 440 Michigan Vvenue. Phone 1429. T-l-tr Have your dog clipped. Call Dr Ward". Phone 445. 7-10-6 Physicians Directory W. E. NICHOLS, M. D. Diseases of CHILDREN and OBSTETRICS Maka engagements six months' In advancav Hours, 2 to 4 and 1 to 8 p. to. First National Bank Building WHAT IS PREMIER? See Our Ad On Page 5 Dorsey Plumbing Co. 68 Sibley St. Out of Harm' Way ".- DELICATE summer hats need care or they become battered looking. Individual hat stands tor the closet keep them out of danger. Fill round glngersnap boxes with sand. Fasten some cotton batting over the top with e touch of the best duality llauid glue. Then cov er the whole with any pretty scraps you have on hand, using the glue to fasten the fabric to the box. Al ways let glue become nearly dry belore you use it on cloth. on any delays In the Installation of the new heating system and plans to have it ready for trial at the first sign of an autumn chill. COMPLAINS OF MATE Mrs. Max Stefa'nskl, 25 154th Place Calumet City, came to the police station at an early hour this morn ing and reported that her husband was quite drunk, had struck her and forced her from the house In very scanty clothing. On the strength of thesafiharges officers Ziemkowskl and Grazzkow ski of the Calumet City police force arrested Max and he is now at the police station awaiting trial.' Mrs. Stefanskl will appear tonight before Judge Kowlekl, police magis trate and Ale charges against her husband.. HELD AS GUN TOTER Harry Jones,. of Hammond 'Was arrested, by Captain Berwanger, of the Calumet City police force this morning at the corner of State Line and 154th Place. On his person were found two revolvers and a blackjack. He also was charged with being drunk. At the station he shouted lustily that he was a detective tn the Mon-on Railroad; then , later lie decided that he worked for the Standard Steel Car Company and demanded justlca with all the force of his very powerful lungs and voice. In spite of all his protestations. Jones is being held on charges of being drunk and carrying concealed weapons. SPECHAIL FEL AREFOOT Unusual Purchase Makes This Price Possible 97 STATE ST. 4 DOORS WEST OF HOHMAN SLIP COVERS 193-195 STATE Furs Repaired Capes and Wraps Remodelled into the Latest Style Jackets PHONE ANNETTE 1066 EAST CHICAGO Call 4118 Forsyth Ave: . EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY ' POSITIONS OPEN Announcement has been made o the Federal civil service examina tions, and applications for the ex amination can be obtained at any postoffice or by writing In to the civil service department. Positions are open for Juntof stenographers and clerks, and assistants jn the various departments of science, such as medicine, chemistry and geology. MUNSTER Miss Anne Adams who has been visiting her uncle and aunt Mr. and Mrs. Homer Adams of Ridge Road has returned to her home In Decatur, 111. : Mrs. John Kraay, Mrs. Arthur Kraay and sons motored to DeMotte, Ind., and visited relatives thera on Friday and Saturday.. Marclan Swart returned with them and l visiting here. Mrs. Joseph Munster and daughter Ruby are staying at . Battle-Creek, Michigan, while Mr. Munster is undergoing treatments at the sanitarium there, so far reports have be,en rather unfavorable. Misses Bernlce and May Thornton were the guests ef Misses Louis and Helen Kaske for dinner on Saturday night,- Mrs. John DeVrles who has been ill. Is able to be about and her health Is much Improved. Mrs. Herbert Postmi and son are visiting relatives In Montana. Mr. aira Mrs. McKaj and family of Highland, and Mr. aid Mrs. Tu'.ly were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Harder Monday evening. Virgil Daugherty is. vsltlng relatives in Roseland, 111.' Mrs. H. F. Kaske' and daughter, Louise are spending seyral days visiting at the home of Mr. and Mr. C. F. .Van Steenberg. THE HOME MEDICINE 1HEST . It usually contains Splrlts-if Ammonia, Tincture of Iodine, 3nk of Magnesia, Castor OH, Epsom Salts. Essence of Peppermint Splrs of Camphor and other remedies. Svery woman who suffers from any o the ailments of her ser should fnude Lydla E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound. For three generations It ia been proving to the women of his country that there is nothing s e-pendable to overcome the ache aid pains which women alone have to bear. Adv. , -, ! . , 1 a DANCE WEDNESDAY and SATUR1AY At The ; Ridge Road Roller RinJ, y Block of Calumet Avene. Gents . . . 50c Ladies . . !5c Music By BLACK CAT SANDALS . 500 Pairs of Regular $1.7S Sellers SHOE STORES UNITED SUP COVER MFG. CO. 3-Piece Set as Low as $13.25 Workmanship Guaranteed Estimates Free Everywhere MINAS FURNITURE CO. ST.; PHONE 382

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