The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 16, 1934
Page 6
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SIX DEPOT Tfl KEEP f Raiders Slanc! Belwecii Orange SquncJ and Possible Rose Bowt Bid. I»V JIMMY DO.N'AHUi; NEA Service Sliorls Wilier SYRACUSE—Unbeaten and 1111- (ied, and in line for an inviuiiion to meet Stanford In the How J3o\v) game on Neiv year's Day, Vic Hanson's Syracuse squad faces Andy Kerr's Red Raiders from Colgate in a Jack the Giant Killer bailie here on Nov. 11. . Colgale assumes Ihe role ol Jin-Is, ihe kid with an armful of tricks to throw al Syracuse, the t'iiun wlio :,:<!, plenty of power. Cannery Kerr'. 1 ; IJed.s have been (•miciinjr iheir role very snecess- Iiilly so far lliis year.'First Ihv squat! up and bopped Holy Cross niter ihe Crusaders were cnler- niinlug hopes for 11 Hose limvl bid, chiefly on (he strength of ttieir victory over Harvard. The Haiders didn't forget their cues in ihe game aijalnsi Tiitune last Saturday, either, and before Die scribes in the press box had finished figuring out who handled the ball in ihe touchdown parade —and it was long after midnight when the argument "\vu.s settled— Colgate wan on lop, 20-(i, and TII- iune as defeated for Ihc lirsl lime this year. The defeat chalked the Green Wavc'.s mime oif lytr list of KOM- On paper, C«l([ittc appears (o lie Hit; lavorile. despite the Or- imBejneji'.s unbeaten mam). Any learn Ilia! ean hold powerful Ohio State to a 10-7 victory, mid lake Holy Cros.s and Tulane in its stride Is certain to rate holier lhan a leijin tliat was rather hard p.-e.ssed to 'defeat i'enn Slate li'-O, and Michigan State, [0-0. But pieces of paper, even letial treaties, havr been known (o be jiisl plain j;cra]>s, and by all means don't bet your nice lettuce t.h paper .statistics. There is one MS lea.son why you shouldn't— Vic Hanson. Syracuse coach. Vic is one of the greatest sports figures turned out of (lie local Institution, lie is the school's fircalesl all-time nlblcte. li.'iviny earned nine varsity letters, and eaptaincles in football, basketball, find baseball. In football, He was namell All-America end hi 1920. Since his graduntln. he has been connected with the Orange in Moulin^ and coaching positions, mid is thoroughly acclaimed iviili every athlete on his sciuad. . He has (urned, om a classy team tills year. Notably aniony his stars arc I.ou Stark, halfback- narney Nevlas, fuliunck; Wall singer end; Dutcli Oinlcr. iiallback and •)lin Slci-n, tncklc. Gtnlc-r was the big noise in the defeat, of Michigan Slaic, and Sleen, Hanson tells us, "i s certain to be right up (here in the ''Hck of the fight when selections for All-America are made." Hiuittin was fortunate lids year. Out of u men ordinarily considered his firal-slrlng squad 10 arc seniors who have learned their football under him, and the other is a junior. His second learn is composed exclusively of sophomores. WitU such an experienced bunch mn ' , mcn to tt * rk vvl111 - ll ' s In t!c ™ ncier tlmt Vic's squad has JOiiiidcd into such gcort shape (AHK.) ''" YOU'RE in Behind Syracuse's Unsullied Record rg Negro Team Wins Ovoi liruee ni>i;ro high school of Dy- •'isliinv. Tenii,, hniHlnJ Die niy- theville nr.jji-0 high school fool- liiill U'icin a 13 to 0 defeat ta |la!i". Held here last night. Thi' vi;lioi.s scored in Die first M?d ipcoim tniarlors and were held ,sroi-eless In (lie .second half White jerseys did not handicap I lie vi'ltinB ball carriers in the least. liiyihcviHi 1 rolled nji considerably more yardage tlian (he visits' but did the majority of Hi im; in midficld and could nev- rj penetrate past, (In- Dycrsburi! lint. The locals shwecl one viciom lackJIns tack n-Jju stood mil defensively over players of jui learns, lioih learns varied ihefr branil football frcmtcnlly, ran:,-.. liom ii««d and indilferem lo bad MS referer- , NOVEMBER, 16, jo»4 ••Sis&rf'f-Meytyfi - — Tfc« Idle This Week, Preparing For Indians Winning Plays of 1934 zm & f ij^rT^^m L IV A/^xfV'iNi' f'AlKTwf SVK|' W fe /VS.'^ *. ffs^-ms 100 All-A meiV'i „,„., „.!,„ m, ?,,,„ , „ , " h b4k 'rii'lit i'f ' ""N T'° 5 ' ' "' ~~ '« W <1 unsullied l)y Ink : i.g the heretofore undefeated Mi"?' Col " ! '"'' No '- 17 - «« Miown nhow, lt llll!)!lck: !llui in «• Jim Slcen. heralded a, CAHUTilI-:iiSViU.E. Mo. _ Th, > Carmhersvilli' Tigers trid leaiti will be id I? iliis week-end. Coach JacJ: IfopSe having failed in in> elicits to .secure a gums tor Nov. Hi. 'flic if'.'iiM ica; granted 1.1 Alt! MIEN/ ), a n was ,,. 1SS( , (1 , , c,,,,,,,, , NKA Scmee Sport, ArUs. IKeppcr Constab.c, lailback. Con- back, wenl U ro 1 t' to"' ™}~ IMnceion scored ihe final °' Al)le sta ' ll «<! « if lo UK between backer-u,) on Ibc c-miiLrfo ''" , V' C touchdown in it:, 19-0 victory ovei wmcr a '"' ''Wit guard, but slip- left .side! <-"ni)ndg i elubs Rising Ha/.orback Star two days holiday the first part is an lot this week. 'JInmsdny. the mini ... . ! played a team composed of <::<- r ~ : ; football graduates of HP <...;,rxT JGrifJ Picks Missing On ^"l^^^S ^ I Contests This Week-End '!'!• <m>Kr • u> |)rc|K1 '' P f01 ' 1|1:> """[ "^klm-l cmwcw annual grid thissi 1 ,I Tliere will be~nT trl I • j T1 ' a "J"!ilvii)|,'. Thr; year. the K cn- |M;s of Harry Gniyson, KI;A sports :<diu>r, and jock Sutherland J'itt.s- ! Imi'Kh Univciriily coach, linvlivj jbccn misplaced. At present the Cotirl;r N»WS j sports editor. Ihird member of Ihe Iiiesliifi triii, is leading in ihe Hiislini |[;is First Orii) Ma.wnl HOSTOH (Ul')-l]ytlt! Park hHi ;eho->l'.5 foofuall team at a recent (lie 'l-isi-r schedule. lloj;kt probably devise several new plays and change his. tine or attack i tomplelely to use aeainsL Kennctt, i lowed the Tigtr.i jmtiv elo.wly) iliis season, l^isl year. Konnttt :'Cored a one touchdown victory over ihc locals at Kenncu. !.'.'.".i!lo',vcd n penny while singing -.- .v.,.. , [h '" n '> thoir at S'.mdav p unc introduced a niascal for Ihe >: ' l "" jl - '' "f coin lo:l s( . : i j r , ; ; i s lirsl lime in tliD history of floston ' '" l(> ' l!i;i s lls and caused dr-ath scv- I »chool athletics. Francis Harris,' " r '' l! <lriys In!lM '- wlr* idea it was, ( (he ma-,-' I — — cot typified the team. | if „,..,:„ froln lhc wsu . r , m(] .,,_ „ ~^~- i k f > T .T{l Hi drv. anil then nHeeil WM'Mx^Pn,rr"" iri " S! " Wr ' S< "" y "" lhc water ™ f ^- « "* W 11,1,1 A.M&POHT, Pa. (UP) _i,,, ¥ boellr. li, 1( |. s j tsc .| f , ln , w ,. „, U'Oiir-year-old liaymond Dcrshaim ; <iivc. American Petroleunrj Inst. Will Meet in Dallas IJAI.LAS, Tex. (UPj—A Texas city will !;; host 10 Hie American Pi.trolciun imlitnn; convention thfs year lor the ihird lime since the nii-ih of ihc organization in 1919. 'I'll? Iftth annual convention of die A. p. I. will be held in Dallas, near the greatest oil Held in the Nov. 12-15. The fifth such •ing was held in Fort Worth in 1924 and ihe 13th in Houston in 1932. This national trade association of ihe petroleum industry met for the first, time in Washington, n O.. in 19L>0. Chicago ha.s erected its' annual conventions seven times— i» 1321, 1327-23-29-30-31 and 1933 nJ" S >. Lmlis l«'icc-i resources in the far north is just " s ' * uvcly - i lor for the Northwest Territories n . n I /-- i- i rr 'lii'e<i after 21 years. expert Ueclares Canadian , Mciiosgaii said two important, Minerals Untnurhorl^ lfoltl dls covciipji-ono at, Athabas- i«inerais untoucned, ca ani | tht . olhcj . on V( ,]| 0ll , knifc _,, „ ; River, near Great Slnvc Lake'— EDMONTON, Alta. (UP) - DC- |should bring hundreds more pros velopment of Canada's mineral i pectors next year. Nnw f.cic.-iled a( 101 N'orth Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU T)ON EDWARDS, Proprietor »)l rnilns of rehullt Typewriters, Wdlne Machines and CalcoUI«r» Repairing—Parts—Ribbons I Frank Carideo on Way Out as Coach at Missouri Universil\ TT! ! IKI/^V Mf- J tLLII\^7 Mb EllMvorth Vines thinks Gen" Mako and Don B«d 8 v, those tennis younsslcrs. will be playing doubles ?" , lhc u - «• Davb Cup squad in JJ3S n- ts being bruited about that Jockey jack Wcstrope will succeed Mack Cianicr as rider for Isabel Dodge stoanc's Brookmcadc sla- n, e , r 't' < ' >ear - • • • You can't hurt that big Chris Ctiristofferson Washington State halfback, t,y tackling him hard. . . chri . 5 [ooj . n £ n tumbling at an acrobatic school tfwhui** l v rnU wlu ««l Wt- »"ig hurl. . . . Young Boo2»r Alabama hnlfback, doesia touch a FAYKfTEVfLLE, A rk.-BKI Jelfries. the McCrory. Ark., youngste •vho formerly played with Arkansas Tech. showed that he is bl» league calibre last Salurday »vhen h, broke into the Itnpiip of >he Umvei-sily of Arkansas Razorbaeks, against ihe )e ; , 8 ne-le.idin« .iice Owls and turnpd In a Fine performance. In addition So isci-liciit blocking and many short, turned in Ihe longest inn of th: g ,i m >.'. „ 3 i. ynl :cihnma'.;e. Jedrles gol his chance n.s a i-cciilnr «-hei: m;ancvt>nrks, .lovilm miti LaKorct... were injm;-d and Coacli Thomseu was lorc,d lo .hut ( , cis ,. r fri)m ,„„„.,,,.,. (o ^^ M ^ on y i» pounds but K fast ami f hifty. Arkansas fans believe he Kill IK- Hard to stop i,, !;,,- S. M. u. BRmc nrx( Snlm[ ,,,„, , m already counting on him [or a resular position in 1035 wms , Mlr t ci { ,„, ,, om bo ,J, A ,. kall5;i COLUMBIA, Mo. (OP;—Prank Carideo. last of the Ion? line of really great quarterbacks produced by Knnfe Rockne at Notre Uame, has been riding to defeat liie last Ihree years as nft?n as he dashed to victory al Notre Dumc, and now it. icems liis liig- cst setback is coming. Carideo. fresh from ins grlil- iron tiuimphs nml n unanimous choice for nil Hi? ,MI Americari in 1930. came to the University of Missouri lo replace Gwvnn Henry, lie ran Imo immediat;! (litllcullies. \Jn-.y r'mcri.etl th? [dropping of Henry, including i members cf the football squad I But. ihe bieifest hurdle for Caridco was tho lack of malerial. He cam; to Mluoiirl when the n o cra were at low clib on |h« iootball field. Dissension in lhc sqiinil coupled with the general lack of football ability made Ihe tea gi-3nl. and Cnrideo's first .vein- was a !: ad one. The second year it wa>: Mul" "letter. Missouri won only one Bamo and that from mitmr np- ilie.silion. Campus iiolilic-; still i were_ playing |,. 1VOC wilh , ]]L . i Iciini s chances, and the atlractcd by Carideo was sun ,., the freshman stage. The alumni. :lcman:linr, ;: .winner, called for Caridi-o's head last winter, bin those in power voted him another chance. lie had been promisjd three year when lie came to Cclumbin" All of Ihe lootiial! players he had inherited from llu> Henry regime were through and the" oiillcOK for 193.1 Irnikril brigluer. Cnrldco's learn started (lie season with a scorelc/s lie willi Colorado. The TiL; Urs were lisht, out they svcmeil to have ihe light nrcessary !o overcome odds, and tin- fans began to lio)ie for a good yrar. Hut, that opening game was the best Missouri could do. niipnreiitly. A; ,his dale no gam?s hav? i : ?en v;o-.i and the Tijcrs again are at the /cot of die uij( b'ix ladder. confercncr The team was vastly lhan Caridco-s other two wasn't uooil enoiish. aiui pcars Carideo will bo this winter. o«ier but il it a(i- replaced ,M Night—Sunday— Aiijilni For Quirk anil Di-pembW Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. j Royal Couple Will Sign ! wll ° m;lrr - v :U t»i- Abbry. TOB otii- Tntn AIL D • i i Cr , u " s l'cclal -royal register," in 1WO Abbey KeglStcrsl tt ' lllch l } ^ l)i«l«. marriages nml ,nn« ,,,-Zr- „. . --""r'roJd"! 0 Br " IS " r ° y!U falllily LONDON. (UP) _ Two reg tet( , rs «'ill b2 signed bv th." niiv-» n! is.,,,, — ' h' n b • • Paul ncle of Al married at Westmin- Gcorge and Marina will pon lh;lr sigiwtures right underneath tnt record O f lhc birth and christening of prhir m Mnrgarel Rose Cieorpe's baby niece. •Wen, of pass •en, of pass dfeme (h at ball men say will become standard on. . . . DK-JJ p u ,, hj W taek. but they r«sh V, ,f° S any sign of a rim. Read Conner News wiTnt n ns . FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEPT. PAYERS NOTICE Paving No. 1 Sewer No. 1 Sewer No. 2 TAXES Arc Now Due and al My Office G. G, CAUDILL Collector N. Broadway Quick Starting With GUARANTEED BATTERIES ('aid \VcsUhi-r Is Hard On Hn 1 " A n« ^ l !?« KAnKllv ' ('"WIKKI) TODAY OH TRADK IT IN ON A NK\V ONK FORD GUARANTEED BflTTERiES 1:5 1>1:ll t' i:> I'l.'Uo 17 |>| :1 |,, And Your Old (Saltcry Phillips Motor Co. The Search for VALUES Autiioriinl Dc.ilers The gold or silver miner does much work before his mine is on a paying basis. That's "development work." He carries on in the hope that soon he will come to the pay-streak and will have his reward. Compare this miner to your reading of the advertisements. Not everything you read is of vital interest to you at the moment. But many thousands of others are reading. One finds a well-recommended suit or overcoat at an attractive price. That's a pay-streak I'or him. Another rejoices to find a sales announcement of coal, or coke, or furniture. Another wants the latest automobile or radio, and is mightily pleased to find the advertisement that tells all about it. The advertisements can-led in this newspaper are helpful in the business of living. They tell of equipment, appliances, things for personal and household needs. Take note of the things you now have in regular use. What first called them to your attention? It's likely that you first read about them in an advertisement. Other good values await your choosing in the advertisements in this issue.

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