The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 15, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 15, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS • - TFIP linMlMiWP kli?\uoTi A nr>r» r\n i.ics.*.nt,v n . _ . . r^^' VOL. XXXIII—NO. 28<l Blylhevllle Courier Blylhevllle Herald _TIIB_ DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOKTHnAST ARKANSAS AND 80UTHBAOT MI8SOU1U niythevllle Dally News ARKANSAS, MONDAY, FRRRUAKY in, SINGLE COPIES FJVE BAILEY TAKES BOND FIGHT TO ASSEMBLY •STilES'IHE How Do Courier Readers , Vote on Court Proposals? Do readers ol. Hie Courier News approve or oppose: I'n'Sl- ilrni Kocsevelt's plan for r e- fcnnin; :inil llbei-aliilng Hie fail- crul courts? No answer is plovliln! l»- la 1 .- lols received up \6 noon loUn I ill the |]<i:i inaugurated Salur a "Sandboir Jackson Regards .Plan • asl r **i ""No^hV^our'^iliu''"" Dissents Vigorously From "13 I o o d Transfusion" For .Federal Judiciary : [fo ilelt-rinhic how Courier News readers fed about 1'resi- ilent Roosevelt's proposal to ,re- -vai||p the .supreme .court, the (,'ouijfr News is co-opfraling with MO other U. S. newspapers served Uy. NI:A .Service, mi-.. (U Ifking a poll on Hit- question.. A ballot for your use appears, on Pagji; 3. The ballot • .Will Ijfi rf-priiited tomorrow .so <lial oiiie r . : memlicvs- of your family may vclr. In the ae- I'oiupanyiiijf larlioii-, Koltrrt' H. Jaiksnii, assistant .IInil P ,i stales altfriiey gc'rirral presents arguments ia.rorin;''the iiobsevrli proposal. Tomorrow, arguments against (in-' pl a]1 wi n lle Jlre . sen led hi an article by Freder- I li'k.JI. Slmrlifielct, president of Hie American Bar Association. Hv ''-ROBERT H. JACKSON Assistant United Stales Attorney General The American people have' a nigh and well-founded resn»ct for Ihe judicial function. Yet, the only presidents they jdoie, such as Jefleison Jackson Lincoln and Ihr. tsvo Roosctelts, have been in bjtter conflict ,vilh the courts no-nplhing administrations 'have •!o conflicts with he courts, pro- jressive nics al- wajj; - do. I. : President Rocse- olt were jvui| Tin? . a "sitdown' i d ministration these three were iii favor of the lUin ant! four .wefc, aiainst It. By loiiiuirou' II is possible that u sufl'ideul inmilin- of ballots will h- recr.ireil to indicate the Majority's Recommendations lo Roosevell WASHINGTON, Feb. 15 lui')— irrnd of sentiment i, lyl ev T , V „, v i e » C ^ ' 5 ' Ul>) a,,d vicinity.' |The only tenant farmer on P.esi- lf you are ink-rested in this I <lent : R ° 05e ™l ts rnrm ' Icnaucy ouwliou in u -l,r,.., „;,„ .. ,„. committee,, today made vigorous which may | Jf involved the fad- of : the TVA jiow- er ):roji-am, tlie social security law, new proposals for reijulal- ! injr agricultural production uinr| other major issues,, dip u, e |,al- | lot on -page a • O f ih| s paper, mark your vole, ana mall n In [ the Courier News. Illinois Youngsters Escape's Serious Injury E a rl-yju This Morriine , .Miration councils to settle disputes!• :' .-j- |between, tenants and '—-• - ' Six jmitig peo|)le, three of them er l, , students at a Carboiidalc, in,' "™™f 01 , college, e-caped senoius Injuij and ?„,„„',',, possible diowiung when then two- "'"""-" — •- .... ...i,....,«.-,, uui - dooi sedan plunged off Highway ,," ' lom llle ma J° nt > repoit on, ' ' . '• > ' H, about 5,o-clock this morning ' llee P |m ?'nle points; failure lo ,,,,'.„. D n • - n'' • ( T'' on n curve about a mile north re ™" lmellti n ' largo' federal appio-' WllllC Robbins DlCS of Ifl- of Oceoh and tinned nn^irto I'"" 1 ' 011 'or land pmchnses ad i • • •• C It I \v;i down in a ditch, containing about """"• l ™ ll °n by .slate and Bounty I - ulvles Suffered WllCIl Hrce feet of water and lejectlon of 1m pio-! Train Hit truck The most -.eiiovisl} injmed ,° s f< " lnlgc ' Kalc coopmtltc- ; ; ; ' A'E 'WOllld n o complamT that he tt a e overstepping the Constitution. Pxepsed bi emergency, liur- , ried to keep i ahead of eco .'Jackson nomic '•olt.ipse, amid social ! unrest, the fiist Roosetelt aclinmis- tiaiion brought forward its policies. Not one of these laws, conflicted with any definite piovision of .(he? Constitution. Increased majorities in 1934 and oterwhelmUig tote in 1030 approtcd them as desirable lo the country s proi;- . i ess. ;B.ut-'.n5 .Chief Justice Hushes •;md when <*otemor of New Yolk, ,. , >y made, vigorous from the majority rc|x>it sponsored by Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace. W. A. Blackslone, sharecropper : on - a 40-aci-e farm near Wynne, I Ark., said he, had filed a minority | report differing' "fundamentally" ; from the majority. President I Itui .sevelt is expected to make the 'reports public -this w-cek Autho'ritrttlve 'sources said''the committee '.recommended state and . federal legislation to: u> aid ten- j ant, farmers:; In purchasing homes- Upholds Fine Imposed On Simpson, Elliott MTTM5.ROCK, Feb. 15 (UP)'—. A line .of. $15 Imposed'on .lj. •!{,! .Simpson and llcm-y Elliott Ih'tlie! Mississippi county clicull rouit| I lOsci'ola dbilrlct) wus iliilielcl to. div by tiie Male supicinc court Sjluipson and rillnll weie alleged lo linte liiken possession of 27 ion's of land beloiiBluu lo Mrs, Unrls liurkclt. lho stale siipiciue ,comt UKluj affirmed a .verdict- -of live Cal- lioun coiiuly Jury which will send Clinton-Medlock (Mullock) lo lho i-lcclrlc cliulr for the slaying uf !io> speei, Calhouji counly RIO- ict-rymrin. Speei was avd lo di-ulh In March, 19.H, following an nir-^i- iiienl over u grocery debt. m HEY j sales . W ltlil,.-t],.-cc years or p« " ., chase, (3) create a farm security - above/ alara.ed Ne W <Orn s reside,,; ^; by • U. S. Army engineers. When the dyked Mississippi rose above • backing Up, -bollcli ,th,oi. B li Ihe .|)avhnenU"Eii 8 lneers built n S andbn - 1 Calls Lieutenant Governor Spcaihend of - Polilical Attack ' "-., II'ITLLMIOCK Peb 15 (OM- Oov Cm I C,l)!illej, In nn ndchcss , lo liie llfty-disl l^ nsfCmbly ' the 17-foot llnot icprcsentmg u lc , 1 r!>r " lm Unio11 ! is an "^amzcr, dis-i ! Natchez Bluffs Cave as River Hits New Hi^h NATOHEZ, ''MiKs.,, Feb.' 10. (UP) —ThB-.M.!sslssl|i])t. river rose lo u new : Iil{;ii'• on .'the Niitclicii gnu<sc lodny, 50/1 rnei. The prevtniis high mark wns 58.5, inndc in 1921. i 'Ihc ;150-fool,. Mull's on. which the: clly lies were cnvlng' Iwdly In places. • • and i)osslble mternal Bhckslonc'i, or t,, 8UU Shawneetowii MHUe Barnard 111. n school ' -j> fjii'^iieeiuwii, 111; a school K '"»juuiy report was male of Mis.-, Willfam.5' af "South ™*1 °" e ^iuslne studies bj'dc- "Sm -Illinois State Teacheis college Laiboudale and Miss. June De-l rjlsle, a Caibondale "high' sch'ool student sustained cuts and bruises . i Then three youthful nrnnrK->i r ,, , 1V10 -- " m> '™«y "' mo ijiyiiievuic xSSuJJ ™ 'I'^P'tarorinjuries,sustoiiicU ftfifi The majonty report ««.-.."."• tnlck, .was,_ struck x by .ij .train ~: j...ii imnii:^ oj ne- --nt of agncultme econoin- ^ lllKl Oil fit'C l-fl'lm'.nl !."«-; /-The. coinmiltfie -7 -* 1 -. ^ 1CVAUJI (IIU it thought was'best" Blackstone said as he p-ickul Ms suit- ease to return to Wynne 'But tiicii uiree youthful com- ,— irunu 10 wynne '] panions Bob Oeilluusen of Cai-l ,m mlsht >' disappointed Ma bondale, also a college student , . rlt out al1 ri B'H though' Roger Cnsnei of Carbnnnm. n,,,;" 0 " 1 kn °w" Roger Cnspei of Carb John Paul bile swun "the Constitution is what the judges say it is' Tlie president could not find out what the judges Ind to say Other countries permit the execu : """•'' wno was puined undci the live ta nsk But our system isi nn Eel His companions managed unique The holder of a S1G cou-1 f ° eUricate him ' pon on a 'railroad bond could ask The motorists had slarted out the supreme court's opinion of on a Sunday aftenioon ride from Carbondale about 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon. They drove to Portageville, then decided to go on .to Memphis. They were on their Way back -when the accident occurred. The three girls were confined to bed at the Blytheville hospiial this morning but their discharge by noon today was expected. •" , 11 W11I1 « opposed the pionositlon ejected it aftei hearing Black- Hie cojislitiillonality of the gold clause resolution.' The president. . - 120.000.CCO people rcprescntin could not. Moreover. Congress and the cx- ecullve and no oiie else can get a final judicial opinion about a law until long after it Is passed. 'Almost two years arter 'the gold policy was .put inlo effect, after business, had made its commitments under the new law, the world woke up to nnd the lawyers arguing in supreme court whether the whole thing was legal. Confusion of Opinions Into this judicial reruge the New York Cotton NEW YORK, Feb. Cotton closed steady. 15 (U P) _ . open high low close Into this judicial refuse thej Mal . 1M' 1288 S C ^S lawyers have run all of Iheir cli- „„ *: - ™° ^J "&> ents whose nraclires U-^P nfrnnrt- .7 ?" ^° 1244 '250 ents whose praclices were offend'»? agaiast the policies of the government. From the forward- looking policy of the Congress a'«l the executive they found shelter m the courts which look backwards to their precedents and hence ore. even If unintentionally, Jul Oct Dec 1230 1236 1230 1233 1188 1103 1188 11&5 1187 1184 1180 118C 118C 11D1 1185 1134 Particularly In .. J *•• l ' L ^ luwer cum i.s | the process of constitutional'adju- dication has become lawless. Each of more than 150 federal district Judges claims the right, by his own Judgment, to set aside an act of Congress and the executive. They conflict .with each other sometimes they compete with each other, their announcements confuse the public, they settle nothing at finality, but tl|cy tie up whole policies of government with hastily grnnled injunctions. In some instances, they have used receiverships or rcorganiza- llon trusteeships to finance fights or the government. They have In some cases ren- <!Frcd Judgments far beyond the needs of lilignnU and have n«t allowed fair chance to the aov- vinnienl to investigate coses and. Spots closed steady nt 1315, up 4. New Orleans Cotton NEW OliLEANS, Feb. 15 (ypj . . col . l . rls ! -C<>«on dosed steady Mar .... May .... Jul Oct .... Dec .... Jan .... . open high low close 1252 1255 1251 1255 1241 1246 1240 1254 1229 1231 1227 1231 1187 1189 1186 1188 1190 1192 1189 1192 1190b 1191 1101 Hoi i—Hogs: receipts 12,500 Top 10.40 . • : 170-230 Ibs. 10,25-10.40 Light weights, C.75-S.90 Bulk sows. 9.40-9.75 • . Cattle: receipts, 3.500 Steers, 7.00-9.25 . : Slaughter steers (nominal) • fi.K>-12.25 Mixed heHers and yeaYllntrs 6.25-8.50 ' ' ' Robbins sustained a brain injury .a . rractured.: -pelvis -and-' other injuries "and his.' comHllo'n' had lir'-'i'-.-VM.v serious- for sonic- time.'Mr.' Robbins had licen' lo' Yar- b'ro seeking a : physician to'attend his wife when the accident occurred. A few hours after lie was injured a son was born. iff ILL CULL "Bl WASHINGTON, Feb. 15. (UP) —The supreme court recessed for D L D t T\- ' two weeks today with Indications Baby Refugee Uies U>at March 1, Its ncxl meeting '—— '' day. .'might bring some of the Ivan Butler • jr., hifnnt son of year's mast Important decisions Mr. and Mrs:'Ivan'Butler or the "•'•'-•• -- •--••--• • Tomato comnuinity. died at 10 . federal o'clock last night al the Dlythc^ vilin hospital. MS BI LIFE 'JI'fTEl The baby's parents arc refugees Tomato community, from , driven from their liome when tlic Mississippi overflowed its banks. Bertha Hayes Sterling, 26, Swallows Poison Dies ahc I'LLT€LL YOU BY - BOB , - BURNS _ MLss Bertha Haves Slcrlin?, 20, i died Salurriay night within a few minutes aflcr she gulped an ounce fo poison at a Cherry street residence here. ] • MLss Slerllii" swallowed the pol-l ^ supixisc most of us are dream- son aflcr quarreling with Rush s ' At lcnst - wc a11 <irram of tlo- Tankersley. a friend, according to ing somcthln' big some day, but I've found out. that Ihe best way reports. A physician was summoned' but she succumbed within a few minutes. Miss Sterling is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Estelle Harris of . to wake a dreamer tip'is lo suddenly call on him to do the thing that he's been dreamin' of doing. He usually wakes up to the fact (his city nnd Mrs. Chester Wil- ill ! u - - llc nm>t F catl y f °r it yet. In " -" ~- •' of doing so much dreamin 1 Hams of Paragould. .lulfl Ul ^am^ULIEU. ' j ...t..i. ui viuk..[5 ,-nj llhulll \l LI Funeral services were held this]"' 5 B E<XKt l<Icn to • <i P< ; «'l afternoon at Sawycis cemetery'" ' with the Moss Funeral Service in charge of arrangements. Child Refugees Die in Camp at Birmingriam BIRMINGHAM. Ala., Feb. 15 <UP)—Funeral arrangements were made today for three child refugees of Bay View camp who died of pneumonia. Services were held today for 18-months-old Thomas Weathers. Burial The child is sur- .vived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Weathers, of Earle, Ark. Funeral arrangements arc being made for 11-monlhs-old Chester . . - , .._„ Williams and 14-year-old Logan -_„.,, .^. American says "We Want to know v:hal Howard, whose survivors arc. not 15 wage earners have applied • for! you're doln' in this part of tho known'. The Howard boy was a that lime preparin' yourself because people don't take your word tor anything nowadays. They make you prove it. That's the reason — the have auditions in radio. I'll never forget the time a fella come down to the mountains back home and after he'd spent about, two weeks walkin' around over the hills a committee of moonshiners produce evIde'iicf'They7i'a\"e fla'-j -.--.-. grantly disregarded 'a law/ which Slalikhtelr h6ifers, 550-1050' Injunctions 1 In taV cdsest, Beef cows 4.75-5,75 •••' ' -- - Cutters and low cullfrs-las Over 23,000,000 Apply For Old Age Benefits WASHINGTON, Feb. 15 (UP)- nius a comnnuce 01 moonsiiiners The social security board reporled called on him one day and they today that 23.640.1G1 American! says "We' want to know v:hal wage earners have applied • for! you're doln' in this part of tho participation in the federal old, agei country." 'Hie fella says "I'm a benefit program. ' vliu , r Rnd ,•,„ dmvn ,,„,, ,„ thc industrial and commercial con- mountains to ,get some local corns whose employes are eligible I color." Well, the moonsliineis went muter the social security act incii-l over to one side and went into a • or«>'!>,! peal< employment huddle nnd they talked for a Tew ,, ^n/JTr,™ 2 ' 199 ' !ravi »e fewer than I minutes and finally they come , , y .i.uod.UDO men and women wlioi back to tlic relln and Ihc spokes- '" nave not registered. lni)n says "We ain't got notliln' ->«/•! ««*^ Pnlest stnte total vvas a ?'" you-If-you're' what you say , ,T,. e i Ncw -.YorIc; the small-, ou are. but ou'll have to prove. It. esi n.j-15 m Nevada. I if you're a writer, spell something I II juiiiu a wiitvi, a|juii ^UJlLt:i[Uii . i . • . uptl! 1 Ilipll 1UVV . Cl r l. stated In- CopjTleht 1937 Esquire Features, 'May-...-.1091-11 110 - 1001-8 1091-8 Inc. Prosecutor Sees Subslan- - lial .Reduction in Cost :• of • Cripinal Couits Unless soirie uniiMml" condition arising In ;tllc meantime, should ,. ictiulrc invcstlgntlnn, no einm | i Jury will he coiucned nt Ihe ,01- i-ccola^or Chickasnwbn district circuit crimliinl couils In Mississippi ly^ this spiliig Bilice,Ivy, O f, -' ^ Justice RCSCJVCS Judgment In Case Involving Foim- cr Officer 'i j _^_ i WASHINGTON IV'j 14 (U|')_ John S rainsttoilli. fmmei nntt lleiilenant cor ' ' - Ihls afleriioon. Itoycd "U Got, Bob Balky anO,olheis who l\fo "' nptlng (o pietent thc |ms„ of a state highwaj lioml ie«, • finullng bill liitioduced last t\ee.k .1 In the «oi«ite and tho house'at Ihc excculhc sujjueslion >^ T , 'lho bill spousoicd by the HIV-*. 011101 would give him virtually idle iiiilhoilty In the u-rundlii" of stniie $00000000 In stale hlglHVdV obligations. The llcutctmut goy-'i enioi nnd tallous mciiibeis of llip^ legislaliuc Imto.aKkcd Hint i' C -."' funding be enliusted lo a lioaid'l 01 commission made up of to fit MlluUonal offkiM.s of the state- * .No 1'rolH rnr lawyer-! "In « political situation It h ronsktcicd 0 )evci to clothe" > lho*'l ipcaihrad of allack In hnUlll- of respectability," !i!m>cir on tlic meicy of Ihe •ouit tvlih H ple.i of nolle con- Icndcie In icspome to cliaigcs of coiisnliliiR to fuinish Aineilcnn natal scci els to Japan 'I'll nlcn came nft"r his aehcd- ulcd liial had Lrcn delayed ror -ciciiil houis to gltc IMinswoilh an opportunity to confci with de- fc'"-c attorneys. Jiiillco James M Pioctoi an- Mouncid he noiild rescue scn- 'cncc until he Imd heaid.lhe com- nent of altoiuets foi both sides riniiwo) Ill's plea inennt that urtmllted the charge but did Tribunal . Recon- '^nounccu. venes March I ' ' Mr - ^^a,d niat This was,! indicated when [lie brier perfunctory ,, court, after meeting today, failed to clear from its docket any of tlic vital decisions which are under consideration. There was possibility that' thc March" 1 meeting might bring the important rullivfi lo'n con.ltitii- llonallty of the controversial Wagner labor relations act as Well as on long-pending matters such us the request for rehearing of llle New York unemployment Insurance case and the much-delayed decision on validity or the Washington slate minimum wage law.-; . ,Court action today Included: Refusal to enjoin the government from . collection of the "windfall" tax^ imposed to recover and retain revenue lost through AAA processing tax Invalidation. This was In line with similar supreme court action earlier In the term. Decision to entertain a case challenging the procedure set up In the 1930 revenue act whereby processors may bring suit for refund of AAA processing taxes. Twice previously this year the supreme court hud refused lo hear attacks on Ihe law. Chicago Wheat . open high low 1371-4 1377-8 137 close high low , c'o-e Jul 1041-4 1017-8 10U-8 1043-4 he - - .... would prosecute felonv charges oh hi formations Instead or ginnd juu Indictments by authoilty or n constitutional amendment adopted last fall by Aikansns elcclois lie predicted that the amendment doing away ttitli the necessity of jrund- jury true bills, ttlll mn- terially reduce the cost of (he :iiminal courts in this county as «-ell as others In the -state While Jury commissioners hate' already selected grand jurors to servo during the Osccola term'or court, opening Monday/March 15' and Ihe Chlekasatvba < dlstrtct' term opening here, March 20 Mr ivy said that acllng !„ accord with the presiding judge, he would simply request the sheriff not to summons grand Jurors listed. Mr. ( Ivy said brief grand Jury sessions had -been held In coun lies in, his circuit ulieic ciunliml lerms have already been held Ihls year .but that .he did not expect to require grand jury Investigations, except In unusual circum- slances, in the future. The first crimjnal court term In the second Judicial district at which services of grand jurora will be dispensed with will be Ihc Polnsett county '" at Harrisburff. Mr. ivy said. Exports of Raw Cotton Show 569,000 Ba|e Drop WASHINGTON. Feb. 15. (UP)— Exports of raw cotton ror six months. August lo Jimiary. n»- grexaled 3.435004 bites tallied at $229,58-1.000, representing a decline or 569.000 bales in quantity and a drop of $282JOOOO in taluefiom the corresponding half of (he I035-3C season, Hie commerce department rei»rlcd today. Six f Local High School, Students Escape Withj Minoi Injuiics Six persons, Dlythevillc high school students and member'! or the youngei set -sustained minor injuiles tthcii their automobile crashed Into a parRed tnick on Hlghttaj Cl, about rom miles 'oiith of Bljtlievllle, Satmday ulght Those Injured were- Misses Dor- Is Ray Dobyns and'Jessnljn Bio- meter Llo>d Wise, ji Dick Burns Bill Young and Morris nclchol. Miss Dobyns was piobahly the most sciiouslj huit or the gioup, sustained a number or lacerations about the face and head Yomig Wise drltn of tlic car had his tongue split, requiring' several stitches. Tlie oilier occupants of the car sustained bruises and cuts. A chaige of parking a tntck'on a slate highway was docketed against Paul Burroughs of West Plains, Mo., driver of the truck. H Is understood that Burroughs Claims the .cab-trailer- combination was parked ofr the concrete ou the shoulder of the highway, Thc occupants of the automobile claim thnl the trailer was parked on the highway and unllghted. They did no. see It until too late lo avoid the nccidenl. Tlic -nitomobllc, a new Cliev-|M nrn p~ M-... llet SPflHll nilll-hrtcnrl 1«, T lr.,.,1 '""UltS IHEW .. --..« ... ..,,-, in the speaihead of the nttack coi the iobM or llcutcimnt goteinoi,. "Oui piesent ictimdllig act tvas passed In 18i4 and Is costing tho stale ,much undue Interest charge i • which i seek to eliminate In tun ,| 1)111 being cicated ' ' The much dkcussed bill Is not What ceilain Llltle Rock Inwjeis • wnm it a.s |t piotides Uiem with "I no opportunity to pioflt at the slate's expense The lleulenanb govcinor hns challenged the bill i «» the pieteme that It'gives lho governorship too much - poim When possibly l, e might; fan h?li to thc lame, position. " , .'"But,In this assiiillpflbn-'iie |, J ivionff foi only li, c s Tlm Mhiper can icnioK! niB'ftom ,Uils-rjifnfi logaicllcss of flic ; . tacandes Mmt ' might occui In (he senate or llio' supreme comt during my term Cilfs I'ah-onage Deinaiuu . ' The lieutenant goyernoi nlsn lias made patioimge clcmnmli nn me that have not been filled lit, one lettei he tuotc asking posl-- , lions for 44 pel sons In the icy'* 1 enue deportment alone This may" hnve some healing on hb stnmt, dc°la ll ' C ql " a tS 01 lf t ^ ho BoteinW The forces of the lleulcnant govl- ' ernoi, when Gpi^nii i Btlley slarlcd his speech 1 ' ja'ti tii'VifidiT coinplcled arrnngemtfnts so that Ihc piesldlng offlcei of Hie senate could answer Ihe lemaiks'of the states chief cxecutlie „ Orders County Couriroorn Divided Into Two Roonts Workmen were busy lochy ( f|L' < tiding the county and prob-tta couilioom In tlic courlhouse here intp two sections. , ,, 'Ihe rcai section or tho court- loom is being ttalled orr from Ihp ; couitioom propei with the exception of an entrance thiough one of the door rrom the second ilddi * conidoi ,' It fs underslood that County Judge S L Gladish oideicri t«e room divided so that he mlghtj, hold court and that, semi-orficht' agencies and Individuals, who Into 1 een using the courtroom for & tancty of puriwscs, might hate use of Hhc loom now being pic- pared , - rolct sedan pmchascd by Lloyd Wise sr. the day before liie accident, was badly damaged. Suffer Slight Injuries When Auloiits Bridge; ^^^, REA Administrator . .WASHINGTON, Feb.vlo. (UP) — | President Roosevelt today nominated John M Cirmody, New Closiiif/ Stock Priced «* • baby A. T. and T. American 'Waterworks Anaconda Copper . Beth. Steel , Ju ., ra „„„ „ re ,,,^c'| T ? le l'«sitln>ts action was un. Mr. and Mrs. Bickerstarf' M * rc '. saM lflst w «k he* have been keeping latelv suffered S 0 " ve tlle in) P oll; " 1 ' New a bump or two in a Highway 18 P oa ' •'""!'" iwst vacmt ' hoi>lncf accident near Armorel yestcrdav • l Cooktl uoulrt retum lo B<"-M, t,(A,,....« ,-,.',— -:.'., cr »'"c'H service after an extended -. . was driving and . .... ........... - Chrysler ................ .160 | the -automobile struck the edge of Coca cola ...... ...... ... 135 . " bridge when he swerved rharply General Electric ........ GO 3-sl lo a V ol( ! .striking an objecl in the General Molors 68 7-8 Int. Harvester 1071- McKesson - Robbins Montgomery Ward 13 8-8 f!3 1-4 New' York Central 43 7-* Phillips Pet. 11 3-f Radio Corp. St. U-S. 11 5-8 7-8 n? l a 1J "~ a - ' 3 "-8 i'ia "• '•> un i i i T 7 7 a in i « simmo "s Beds 54 1-2 118.-2 1191-2 1.177-8 1191-3 standard of N. J 725-8 Chicago Corn Studebaker 17 7 Texas Corp road.' Mrs. Bickcrslatf sustained several .bruises and a dislocated shoulder. The baby, probably the most famous of. a number of 'refugee" babies here, known vacation. WEATHER Arkansas — Parity cloudy and colder tonight. Tuesday parity, ' "Highwaler," was soon none UieL,* worse for her .experience. The baby was lert here by her parents when they departed ror a . , cloudy, colder in south and east' portions Memphr and tlcinltj — Partly night cloudj and colder lo- iowest tempcnture 38 to <0 Tuc'dav rah and colder. U. S. -'Smeilin'g large refugee camp It is under-] The maximum temperature heio ' 51 1-8 Mopsl, however, that Ule parents|Se.slerday was 53, minimum 25, 88 (lcslr < ! 'o have the baby returned,clear, yjth 95 of an inch lain- to, Uiem when Warner.:Bros..- IOS 5-8 .. llielr home. A numbei" hate 15.5-8 to .artopt ihe baby r kerns, official server, ... . . „.to Samuel wealiitr ob-

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