The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHE^ fniE ( TH:-: DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEA ST •um vviTTTY vr, ,0 Blythevllle Courier, Blythevill* Dally News, VUL. AXVlil — iNU. 1<J .Blytheville Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. BLYTI1HV1LLK, ARKANSAS, .OUR] ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST WEDNESDAY, Ai'lUI, 1 [ER NEWS MISSOURI HOME EDITION ' • , 1931 SINGLE COPIES FIVE -CENTS TOLL MAY REACH New Shipment of Seed for Red Cross Gardens E FIGURE IN SPOBUi LIFE Dynamic Personality Chief •'Factor'in mous Coach. . nf Fa- win An additional supply at garden seed. 750 boxes, scat, to supplement a shipment of 1,150 boxes distributed in tlic Chlckasawba district Kvrral weeks ago, has been received at Red Cross headquarters here. The seed will be given this week to prrsons who were dependent on the Red Cross for food during the winter.'If at the end of thai timc any is left u bc to Q[1 , er |rerso]) j who mi show lnat ll!c >' navc !and fcr gardens but arc tumble to buy seed. Thc National Red Cross lias Staff Corespondent- completed its relief work here. It is Lpril 1 (Upi-Knutc bclieral - Wnlie approximately 1,- Where Death Trapped School Children OCO families in the Chickasawba district are still listed as in need of help, funds have been exhaustec ana it is not known that any further grant from the national organization will be forthcoming. BY GEORGE KIRKSEV United Press CHICAGO. April Kenneth Rockue's span of life saw him rise from a poor immigrant toy. to become football's most dominant figure. He died at 43. dramatically snuffed out at the very .sumrnit of his career. Memory is still fresh with the achievements of the last two football teams coached by him. They w?re undefeated, untied national champions, with a record of ID straight victories in 1029 and 1930. Boys Fought fcr Kockne Rockne was the greatest of all football coaches, hut he was even • mor; than that. He was unique.1 £]„,,*; 'IK- lUd^a-- dynamic- personality] - K ';' r. „. • • IUI.HL-.-«*,=,„•„«.• uu,,^ which left an indelible Impression: VIC l es Additional Pollino I forthcoming today, however. upon .every, peifon Ihrown m con- —. . _ — - ° . . .. tflctvwith him. The hundreds of bo'ys "who played.ucdfr'riHH"during his-. 13'^ years as at 'Notre. Dame. • was fanied innl.aloro for his foot- 'hall' Is'enlUs. but- -for' 'his" wit. ' his .kindly'ohilosophy. and Ills vibrant - personality. Don Miller. 'Ohio State .buckfield i T coach am. one'of-tha famous "four I the request, of the local citizens; horsemen", gives a keen insight in-j tor the two additional polling places [ dvef £ n ', STILL™ Witnesses in Roderick Cas-i es Apnear Before Grand! Jury;Begin Felony Trials! The grand Jury returned 22 indictments In open court tills morn- [ ing bringing the total number of] indictments returned during the- present term of criminal- court to 28 true bills. Immediately upon re-1 turning the indictments, the grand jury retired to its chambers [o con- : Untie its investigations. ' Approximately 10 witnesses had been examined by the grand lury - This NBA Ssrvke. Inc., and Courier News picture shows the school bus In which five children perished at neon .today. The number Includ- : from exposure near Townev, Colo., during a thirty-six hour, bilzznrd considered the worst .Colorado has the battle against the storm are In hospitals The body ot th» bus driver', Carl Miller, opped while seeking aid. Wedding Guests Find Selves April 1 Victims CHICAGO, April 1 (UP) — Fi lends who planned to attend the wedding of Ruth Evelyn Taylor to H. M. Sv.anson, editor of Colleee Humor, learned today they were victims of an. All.Pools Day Joke. "April Fool" slated letters sent by- Swaiison lo those Invited to. attend the wedding todny. '|We are r.ot going to be married April 1 at. all," the letter explained; "because we were married lasl January 13." The Swansonsl left for Der mudn on a belated honeymoon today. U.S.IBIUZES IELIEF- Flames Continue to Sweep "Through Ruins of Nicar- ; aguan Capital.. .:. ; ; , c j' WASHINGTON.' April »,', «.- - The'navy department wqs-oiotlflecU :,',-M today'by radio Oiat. .conditions.'In';;'"' Managua demanded the evacuation-;' if all'American women: and. chtl- 1 -: drel1 ' • -' GIHTEI POTENT ion (Roderick, cashier of the defunct Bank of Leachvillc. No disclosures as to the result of the jury's inves- Co'nrnissioil Pro-:'to 00 " of tlie charges against th? former Leachville bankers were Rushing Bus Survivors to Hospital ..Places in -Iwq.Warcls.- — On the petition of 18 citizens of 'Notre. Dame, worshipped: him. He, Blythcvillc the Mississippi county The majority of the Indictments "returned by. trie jury during, the first three .days'of. the court, ses.- slon involve i^rand larceny'and bur- fjlarv charges. Although 38. indict- iiEcuon commission nas provweu „, have. been returned hut. -on; or additional boxes in the First , ndictment has been recorded. Sher- the ^ rteolatles were knoa - n to . have U, tr'ol rne to the :sort of man liochne •wheii he says: "I wasn't much of; the boxes, a | sr!( ] n nmed judges and c'.crks for I ccnld be served. . in companion until " In addition alternate! T ....... i player in. high school, and Ij judges and. clerks for all" polling j In the " lrainal courtroom.- the •ouldirt'even rmk'e the freshman i places were named at the request'™ 11 ^ ot m 'f emeaI1c "' casps aoncil- I was dis- of the sigurrr of the petition i cd "Om .minor, courts .was pushM team 'at Notre Dame. ' •He had sneh something In frie that) cv*n I didn't know I had." Miller's case is onlv one of ninnv. Pockne was n jud^e of men'- and he vras an inspirational Ifader. Piay- rcf battled to exhaxistinn for him through the hardest football-sct'ed- elecfi at Osceola follows: j First "Wnrd,"Box One — Judges,; I.ouis Cherry. H.-H."Reeves, J. E. cro-'iierallcn cf. -tbfl • m»ve ;• felony cases .Parkhurst:- clerks. A'ddison 'Smith.! Osbnm TnalUrder Wav B. '•• S.' Allen: --alternate 'judges,' >lrx;rt: Otbnrn:: formsr Le'schvill" Charles' Glenn. .1. V. Jialdridgc:' al-1 1 ? 31 ' 1 ' 9 '"'' wfls defendant- ln"a trial ' ternat" clrrk. : Loiiis HardiiL 'tnouuht of him. Tbouj;ht Ccarhing Temr«rar\- Rnpi-ne, .did not-choose football for his career. After he. uraduated, in 1914 he"ac- tpdav. ; .Osbr>ni. burglary and . prand lai-re'w -_.j '-'-^vc stolen";! ouDn- froiii the E. H! Ti- nate judges,-J. W : .Alexarider. W.-M.I bsr store,~;>par; the . ides anv teaiii ever plavetl. ThfV -7;.wc^~Ju[iges. .A..M. Hilton, Turneri w '^' 1 burglary an did it for. Rookne. .not- because. hej'simoEerj.'jO.':W. Cor>pe-d?e'- clerks ' is ""eied to hav v^nted theni to. That's ..what- they} p. C..ThoinpEbn.'-t'O. p PO'ev- alter- j" tv nf ^ocefies fr ! The^Courior- News.and NEA'Service,-Inc.,--picture'above' shows ' how the fifteen unconscious*, survivors of the school-bus .disaster .-near Towner, 'Colo., were rushed'from' La.inar-, by means\ of airplanes and,then transferred, to-.autoa and conveyed to'hospitals/' Five of the twenty children died of ' exposure during tliclr.t^ilrtyTslic hcur.battle with the blizzard! ' Carl Miller, driver of'the bus, also losl'hls !ifG,wl:an trapped in the "storrn as lie attempted to reach-aid on .foot . William E. Brown Expects (o Sell Manufacturing Rights to Invention. Patent rights on a new type 3tenm engine, an invention on which he has worked for 32 years, have been granted William W. 1 Brown, local photographer. Since the patent-was.-awarded several.days.aso the .inventor has received more than half .ft-doa-n. .letters from various-companies interested jn the en'glnerand he.will begin- nEgbtlatlons probably for tho ^_ outright sale of : th«..tnventlon, ac- ; cofdlng to Mr! Brow n.'wh?-says ha iloes not 'Intend , to nttempt the manufacture .of the engine. -" The-chl:....advantages; of the Invention, Mr. Brown/pcuiled out;arc that- the engine ^rtll[ eliminate costly repairs, being simple, In design will-operate on a.smill fuel luoply and will devctopi'grejlcr" power than much larger steam snglnes. The In- headquarlers here' estimated dead who had been accounted for at Managua at 1,100 and said tlie ' total' might reach 2.509. - - The relict work was being orjan- Ized rapidly by U. S. army and Rsd Cross officials and trains and ships already arc en routs to Managua with supplies, Typhoid Threatens MANAGUA, Nicaragua, April^l.. ; . (UP via wireless)—New fern- were dcd'to the. terrors In Managua hen officers Started loday to i .prc-. nt ,ar> epidemic of .typhoid fey^ L ilch it .was feared- would ravage' e'clty.' "' . '. . -';;.'' . ,-'_;•; -., M B'r.l n e-officers r'.onp'..- 'national i'i-;| . . Kenncn;. alternate clerk;' "Joe •Triychman. .Second. Ward. Box'One—Judges. A jurv was completed in.^h( e; line north in Dece'fnbipr.M^O'. s >.\ •• \\: from Notre Darni- in 1914 he ac- Jake Unear. M. A.:.Isaacs. G G.'-fSmitHOWn, oWijck ; fhis'liicrnin- cenlc-d a nlnce mi the coaching staff caudill; clerks. Steve Moore E lCH,irid 'chpttly? a^M- n>£ril tl)t> stnl« of Jew Harner. then head 'coach. hyicCall:' alternate judges J AjlJ^rrUit^iYvoJ fa,,, M^ *.- m nr , h .- 3s something to do while .lor.kin'? 1 Lscch, ..W....T., .Ba'raeft:: :al " ''"•'-•' sround for a job. He became head'|- c i e rk s £. B! OC ^. Bo\ ciach in 1918 and duriivr his re-1 judjes! C. M. Baxter .7 H rime his teams won 108 eames and j'.Tq'lm Webb;' ple'rks - Cecil 3s something to do while .lor.kin'? 1: ij-jcch,.'.\V....T.,..naraefii^Valternj'e'lnbiv'»n f-. i>in f u rv lit* ••-•' for a job. He became head"|-y;rk. s. K. B!ac^. Bo\ Two—;rorn. Nrill R°e < ]. deonly, __.. _„.. I^)we..e:-:auder find lost 13 and tied four. Five of his j jrafik. Webb:-! alternate- iudre T I • • .' — trams were undefeated, in 1919, '20,j Rhodes: 'alternate clerk, N. o'. 1 ^p^r th" defendant '-'• — ^ _ r - " 24'. '29'and '30. .. .- I Hawk'irs. His worst seascn was 1928 when! his team lost foun Barnes. -' i Rockne was born nt Voss.. Norway. March 4. IBS'). His father was! ?: cnrriage maker. In 1R93 the elder] „ Rockne came to the United Slates j -',-ti. - tn exhibit one of his carriages at! ^~' the World's Fair. His exhibit ^onj _. . . Th rd Wflr-J- ?es. W. M. Mc- Rnf'", S«vicr. Arthur Ha'": Jack Horner. U.' W. : alternpt* judw!. J. R. John pnmbnlRskl; alternate Henry Layson. Anri"nf " Gasq Grande r) ies Paralysis. Attack of ori Ne ! w; England Coast •; WASHINGTb'N,' 'Allr.! 1' (UP) — The^ weath£r "bureau. |oday. ordered storm -warnings'north- of 'Boston to Eastport. Me.. "A disturbance of .considerable Intensity 'moving northeastward will, be strong riorth- east winds and sales," the warning said. Mrs. Kirnh Lenora Cpnnon. 62. if" of w. E. Oniirnn. 'riicd at the OASA GRANDE. AHz.. : <UP) — i r"^""' 1 " 1 ; l^nsnilal nt R p; m. ycs- »'-mlar .imnrnvcrnpnt mm be" a' terd " Y ' o!owm K a strolce of P ar " mo< I .»rnLsts, but • records o medal and h? was so pleased with u __ -n ci this country that he decided to re- "OmerSVlIle Mayer main. Two months later his wife, i Wino .-on. and two daughters joined him! WlTIS ot 'he Cn«i.Grande ruins near here that a cerfect - system of vf deceased was nn nld resident .nf, this: city. : -having moved here ITnovfr Wires Sympathy WASHINGTON, April 1 (UP) — n n ,OH Presidfnt Hoover'dispatched tcday j Fl " 1nt1 "/. °, f ... iHCRNFP.SVTLTiF. Mo! -'Aorll'-*!.— . Ancil. charged with the! j.timo measurement .was in use thou-' J s^nHs of v^ars at;o. ,- . -. , Once a vear. at exactly the mo- ni"nt- the E-^rtti hns comoletod its prbit around .the Sun the' rav$"6f from-Rinlcv.' Tehn':. 'In 1003. She WRS a m.«mb?r of th« Asbury Mcth- o^'^fr ^hur^h. pf Riplev- . • ; .Besides tier : husband. trie dfceas- I is -survived bv /seven .children, Young Wife on Trial at De Witt, for Murder Com- rnittecj in, Courtroom., DEWITT,. Ark.,. April 1. (UP) — Defense witnesses in the trial of Mrs. Helen Spence Eaton. 18. charged with murdering Jack Worls. 22, In a 'courtroom. here two months ago, attempted to prove tbe girl was mentally unbalanced today. Tlie girl shot and killed .Worls who was on trial for the murdsr cf her father Just before the jury ventot claims, that, a-.600: i engine of. .-will develop OB much power as an 80-ton engine of flic ordinary type. . . • -Although, ^a , number "Of workln! models built by Mr. Brown hnvi proved workable, -he -. believes th model constructed several -years agi at the. Howard Machine shop' her to be the most practical and 'effl dent developed, during'the 32-years of experimenting. It . employs two' rotary' plstsn which arc propelled by steam thr an oscillating valve,-and Its'Inv'cn tor says that with this arrangemen and 'With the well balanced en?ln rin is nble to eliminate practical! alt excess vibration, utilizing th erwrgy for the • transmission power. The two piston shafts m geared to an - exterior pulley whe by means of which the power made available. The present model has develops as high as 9,000 revolutions p minute, according to Mr. Brown. Tlie patent has bscn pendii since 1926. xtlngulsli ths fire' which' destroyed.:;'? IB city • yesterday and todny ;fol-;::'--;l wing the. earthquake were 'halted;|;j 'ter the fight seemed useless.' 1 .""' All hands wire turned -.t' ' o :-haye • perished. and; the. rcm'aln-'j ;'3. er were .at large over'ihe'city;'/, ;•.;>}' : : --,WrN««lorj|i Offtr Aid : ''•-'- '-' : 'It 'was uhpoESlble this afternoon xi make any estimate.of tlie niim- jcr killed. It was known the death oil W.BS heavy.. > , '. •-•' • : President Mo'ncada.toda7 : recciv- . d messages of condolence from tfcer Latin-American'countries and iie : Unlted States government. Of- ers of old flowed Into the capital all day from • other La'tlri' coiihtrles ifferlng to dispatch relief•by'a'irjf; necessary. •• •• '• ' : • " ' v ' More than a score' of planes iar.d- ed at the flying : field tcday bring- . ng physicians', nurses, and medical supplies.- • " ' ... . The Bank of Nicaragua, controlled by American interests, was'lih ruins. . • • .. •• • 'he Sun beam throueh the Hnhoa- telegram cf svmpathy and condolence to Mrs. Knute Rcckre. wife of the .Notre Dame football coach who was killed In an airplane crash. The telegram said: "I know that every American near this nlace Sundav. afternoon.; March IS.wns released from jail in! Kennrtt veslerdnv on his giving bend in the amount. of.S4.OTIO for! occunied th? ruins. It is thought 1 Onnnon. Mrs. E..E. ^Ralcliffe by Legislature. nr? or ena 0! a year. , , ( . jlv Mfs garn'T. Hardy of Flint, The Hohoakam was the calendar, Michigan.' anrt Miss Alice Mfle i ed bv the .n'relitstcTln peoples -who i cannin. xtiirtent nurse at the I T • Li 1 L r\ L •. cf her fatner just beiore tne . JOnifht L3St .Upporturmy returned to the court room to to VMn Mfa<iirp« Pa«;<;p/1 tlirn tts verdict. At the time pleasures rassea E(||d „, was atrald they W<X|W she free Leifion Post Reaches New High Mark in Membership A record membership of 369, 39 above the previous high mark nt- . ..,„, -his RDner>rance in Circuit Court to': smaller divisions of. timc ' .Muneiii. iiui«; ni ""- «iem«tnr<, MMhodlst hospital. She s ' atl « answer charges of murder. ' I marked by new moons. Ancil was piven- prelim inary | be ton ' l - is' Gas Pric«> at Memphis pumose and a sportsmanship in athletics that, his passing Is a national loss." werc I Is Rlso survived b" a brother, E. C| Simnson of Gosnell. and four grand j children. . .. • | Funeral services' will te held to(morrow afternoon at 2 o'clock at of Reginald Cannon, d ** 1 -"" 48lh 48lh bond. His trial will be held at K'nnelt | during the Jiilv. term-ol' Clroult, Court, the A^ril term docket al-j MEMPHIS. April 1 (UP)—Ma lor!, will be made, at Maple • rendv being filled. . 1 oil companies re.duced gasoline | cr'mete'ry. Cl L J i iL • f ' i. • r ." lime- os KC^maia uannon, Mashed Another Lent|.i32i Holly street, wth the Rev. P. I Q. Rorie offlciatinir. Interment Grove 1 ( uncharged with fatally i prices one cent for-th'<i second' time- Funeral plans' are tnchsrge of ' . Fhootine 8^arbrpush through .thejip two' wc^ks hire .todav.' 'OfTlcers j the .Cobb iindertaking company by Scout Honor Court! *' eat ' dur ' n K an altercation arising Ay' indr-pf-mknis with low prices . . r—• 3 I frcm an arcun'ent over mon-! j 0rce d the ciii. him." The morning session today was I devoted to' testimony of the girl's I tained last year, was reported last , relatives who told instances of her j night at the close of a rorilest be| "peculiar behavior" at times. Mrs. i tween rival teams ;pf Dud Cason i Eaton -has displayed little Interest [post. American Lejion. , ' In the trial. ] The team captained by Rosco? Tremors Continue WASHINGTON, April 1. (UP)— The navy department, wsj. advised by, radio from Managua early today that earthquake tremors arc still continuing In the stricken city. This condition, the report said, made relief work extremely hazardous. Mcst of Managua was still afire last night. Army engineers -from tbs contingents that were surveying the proposxi 'Nicaraguan 'canal route have taken over tlie fire fighting operation in an effort to save part of the city. -They also ore supplying medical assistance in aldl- tfcn to that given by the marines. Tax Board Cuts of Dunklin County Lands ~KENNETT. Mo. April 1—at the behest of the D'jnklin county court, composed of Presiding Judge C. H. ^,—^ ~^—. „..,.. ... .^.« ^...j ^..«., - - i Retards, and Associate Judges were passed by the two houses. Anv .Cpndray indicated tfldav. the state i captained bv R. N. Ware, nt a fish nildebrand and North Wagster, measure not vetosd by tonight will would not ask' the death penalty. | fry to be held at Big Lake the night j the state coard cf tax eqiiilizatlon 'Today marked the lost of n 20 T" 110 prosecution closed Its case I Crafton turned in the most mem- day period in which the hclef ex-! yesterday after telling of the shoot-1 bers, and as a reward Its members ecntlve could sign or veto bills that . ' Prosecuting Attorney^ C. E. j will be guests of the other team. automatically become a law. Among ths measures' approved I i<u n T * " ^ I was lndlcalcd at lasl nltWs as a senate bill to limit the "0V Ury 1 Am On ! meeting that a big delegation from At a court of honcr for boy scouts of troop 31 last night, The slaying occurred in the. (- was amount of loans by .banks' and trust comrjonles and to prohibit chain banks from borrowing from oth°r institutions so owned. Brings Protest j MINNEAPOLIS, Anrll 1 (UP1 — Hnlen Grimes . n !• • - nr » . I legislative committee to seek re- \ "'• Are rrenminary..Winners i icf for pll bit c schools by'propcsinj| w suitable legisaticn to be considered at a sp«iB' session of the Icg- of April 21. | has reduced the total valuation Of It was Indicated at lasl niehl's i Dunkiin county farm lands from S1C.883.2M to H0,191,893. At the sams time the reduction was made for Diuiklin County a reduction was put in'o effect in ether co'jnttes throughout Mls- •llle will go to Jonssboro to near o. L. Bodenhnmcr. termer national commander, who will be U;e principal seoaV]'r at a Two measures to create a special j-^H- ^" toled^lcJvjta^iArki.MM^mertc.n j^nw^to souri, bringing the tax ral uatlon.of In the prcliminarv contests of l tyci2writine and shoithahd. held at W. Crawford and Floyd A. White These received merit badges: N.I B. Monard jr., bird sUtdy nnd, T_ r(1 1.._ I 00 U/J11 T a lf. cathnndlng: James Downing and]" 0 " 1 ™ Lee WUI I3KC Walter Logan, chemistry; Jimmlel Tinton, bird sturtv nnd cnmning; i Gordon Ramey. flremanshlp; Mar-] shall Dlackard. handcraft and; rathflncllng; Ralph Harp, pathj islature e*pscl?d to be called early mperance orcanlznHons that ne mory . tne ni?h , ot W ednesdav, Anri! has been playing "How Dry I Am : 8 . j. N. Gesell w on the ccurt house chimes. | man of „ committee to . ...... frc:n the 1S21 valuation. In 1921 chair- ] tt-3 total Missouri farm land as- arrani;? i sfsrEd vauation was 51.161,555,718, "That '=?.'(, the name of the j transportation and all who deslr« i whereas It s Sl,233,023,3CS. Police Right Tip !.wero winners. 1 i i.« V"; 'T» u, IIIK ,inu iiiiu» iimuu, jic^u *»v jiir.' uictAp»vv-wi.ui-.i,>-n«ji_u'-*---/ ....... it-*' — 1 i Mie city high school today, Miss In Septembev In an effort to pro- son; at all." Auld declared, its to make the trio are asked to get The total wealth of Missouri as ! Ruth Butt and Miss Helen-Grimes | vide funds for opera*'in of the an old Methodist hymn entitled i in touch with him. estimated by the tax commission Bv having won In the typing 1 governor's signature. .„.,-„ .„. -^ ........ — . .._--. ! stats school system, received the | 'Oh, Happy Day. 1 Some people! ' 1 - - - | DY liKHIL^ «Wll 111 llllT WJ^*l»ilt>~ ..... -- - — j --------Stand to AnSWSr Reed ' EL DORADO. Ark.. <UP>— Black contest over Mi:s Iren» Eaton. Miss '• Among other b'.lls signed by the j cats, gobllm. nnd black mas'ic as- j Bull will represent tin; school at | governor was one authorizing county boards of education and local rrt h „/„, ".,. S 1 (up)_[sued "n new aspect here recently-the annual district meeting film act-; wnenMrs Newt Hammond Anpeal-1 Jonesbtro. In school to establish , just can't keep their minds above . cd to R local fortune Wler for aid ' Miss Grimes won the shorthand ! maintain opportunity schools for I Housewives Victims of He never would think, Auld sald.j «t m. , . of playing barroom songs on the 3RO.I Weights IS city chimes. Bill McKenzle. patlillndin;, person-' a! health and public health. Plans were made for en patrol contest to ccninue two mon'hs n« d through thvee courts. of honor. The wining group will - they were Uave. receive a silver loving cup. j honcrs over Misses Irene ther Reed, director, that she had i Someone rifled the Hammond land F.vcyn Davis. struck, swore at him and other-! home and police were unable to | wise been so abusive at the Aeui I find tangible c'cws. - | wise ocen so aousivc ai tne ABUH i IHJ^ 1^,15,^1. ^^..o. , Caliente hotel last September that j Mrs. Hammond went to the for- i LhattanOOga-Nev^ "ity were forced to leave. [tunp teller 8nd asked adrice. The I Miss Lee's testimony was to fr-1-1 medium described 'a house where'' !low that of James Mull, house <le-! the .stolen articles and the qualify: ,'pctlve at the hotel. Mull was the PALM SPRINGS, Cal.. April 1.! final witness for Reed In the- contested divorce suit of the'couple. James J. Walker was enroute to New York city today where his municipal administration U under fire from several angles, persons were located. Postponed CHATTANOOGA, April 1 (UP)— Police located the house "and j Cold raw. weather' forced postponc- rr'ddie Jones and two" other ne-l meKt today of. the scheduled New "She called him all.ths names:i I groes, Lillian Barlow and Otto| Ycrlf-,Chattanoog». exhibition base.- ever hoard and I've heard • some," i Dunn, were jailed charged with ball 'game... The. game will b« play Mull said. • ...• .-.•-.-.:." ] jrahd larceny. . .- '. . ,:'• , jed lomotrow. . i. who are Illiterate. King Approves Award ' , Byrd LONDON, April 1. (UP)— King George today approved award of the Patron's medal of the Royal Geographical society to Rear Admiral Richard Byrd for his flights to the north and south poles. Helen Twelvetrees Wins Divorce: Claims Cruelty LOS ANGELES. April 1. (UP)Helen Twelvetrees, motion picture actress, was granted a final decree of divorce from Clark Twclvetree; In a decision filed by Judge Dudley Valentine today. . . . .. She charged cruelty. . •: The couple wero married In New York city In 1926. uni Including farm lands, town real estate and personal property reacts S4,ir.i,10S,5S9. WEATHER CHICAGO, Apr. 1 (UP)—Raid- ,- /*' on from the state's attorney's of- i ARKANSAS— Increasing cloudl- fice entered the of flee of City Seal-• nesSi warmer in west porllai to-.-' er Dinlel. Serrltto today, seized his night; Thursday partly cloudy and. , records and held all the employes scme i-hat unsettled, warmer, for questioning. j ' . The raid, which also struck slm-i According to.the_offlclal weather. a long secret investigation into mum 60. degrees; cloudy,with .33 charges that Chicago housewives Inch of rain. On ths same, day a "are being shortwelghed and over year ago the minimum tcrr.peraturs charged to tfc? extent of millions of was W degrees and the maxlnvim dollars annually." 68 degrees, cloudy.

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