The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 15, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 15, 1938
Page 5
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TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 15, 1038 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS (Program On 11 i n e <] A I' Meeting Last Night Includes Many Activities of disposing of (he waste, which was Inkcn up by IJr. Wilson who was u guest, it was decided thai Mrs. J. A. Leech and Mr, Cherry would call u|xm certain men who may \>f. nble to obtain (in Incinerator nt a small cost. Mrs. A. Comvay, Mrs. ' H. H. | Houchlns and Mrs. Cherry were (named i> committee to Call upon I all lining stations and other fousi- IH-.SS houses to ask their oectipaiHjs to iifiiulify their grounds with flowers and shrubs, where possible. ' H waT'declded to" PAGE ty Pair association,' will fop an- nouiiccd later. The club voted to meet each Monday night for the present, until the projects now launched, are well under way. Pay Tribute To On* Of First Suffragettes I ri VII AND CEMCCEL Mrs. S. S. Sternberg and. Miss Winnie Virell Turner were lite .speakers at the weekly meeting of I ihe Business and Professional Woman's club at. the Hotel Nobln violators of the sanitary ordinal!-! lasl night, cr-s arrested, beginning the last of i in honor of Ills'week. The rubbish cans, to be The sponsoring of an Arbor Day Ifor Walker* park, on March 11, •the continuance of the "clean up JBlytheville" campaign with e>: |t*nslpn into the residential dis |tricts. the sponsoring of a project 'I «">••> reported lliat n nuinht-r ' obtain a dumping ground for i " f business ]»on)e are coopr-raiing l/ic city's waste mailer, to coop- In ihe movement. One has made a lerp/e with Dr. C. E. Wilson, city! l'"'gc wooden box, with a hinged Ihealth officer, In promoting more!'•»" wlwli In to be kept locked, and this type of box is advoralri for those who have their rubbish [cans looted by boys. The committee appointed to ar- Ihe rubbish cons and incinerators reported that Ihe cans were purchased uml llial the birthday of ihe! [great feminist. Susan B. Anthony, 1 ,..„>. on the down town Mi-eels, will who was born on the 15th of tVb-i arrive tomorrow and will lie. In use I ruary. 18''0 Mrs S S. Sternberg 1} .i r i 1 1 Tlmrsdny ami the patrollng of the | told the group of her life and car- i KeceiHly LnaCteu llftvs will begin Friday. Tliis Of oan more • sanitary conditions In the city, [and the sponsoring of the planting lot ci-a|>e myrtle throughout the •city. ; werc the principal matters Idecided upon at'the second meet-j >:ti>xe fo ling of the Blytheville Garden lelub, which was held last night at, |lhe city hall. In making plans to curry out Mihsttliitioos of Individual li'asll- cans or boxes were substituted after it was found that the Incinerators conflicted will) fire ordinances. Woman's Temperance society, Die periodical. "The Revolution", ami the National vyotnan's Suffrage as-1 Not | ccs were sen t out by Fed- .sociaiio;), and us Die co-aiuhor | era | Housing Administrator Slew- of mslory of Woman s Suffrage.": 8rl McDonald recently to over Miss Turner, who has bt>rn l70ao | eiuling institutions Ihrough- conuuctlng a psychology study |Ul] , lne UnUcl , slules authorizing course for the Business and l>ro-1 „,<.,„ lo begln modernization and Ifssional Women brought unolhorl ir )oails , lnuer TJUe j of the psychology problem before the^iional Housing Act Amendment group last night in her lall: "Keallzallnn and i-Viiilasy." The committee reported It had •the alms adopted "lo clean up and •beautify Blytheville and to add 1 plantings to Walker park," the • club members unanimously voted 1 to place the clean-up matter clear-1 obtnilOT , [he sponsorship ot the |ly before all citizens of Blythc- , ,. lly (mmci | itl tlle c i can . U |, Mm . paifjn urn! thai the council had promised lo have violators arrested. Members of this committee iin; Mrs. Samuel F. Norris. Mrs. W. J. Pollard and Loy Welch. In extending the clean-up campaign into the residential district 1 ;, a committee of Mrs. W. L. Homer. Mrs. B. A. Lynch and I Mrs. Harry W. Haiues was appoint- Sues For Divorce Iville. "Keep Our City Clean" Is the Isloijan to be used. H will be em- in the newspaper, In bilks 1 before school .students, on the (streets, when obtaining curb ser- Ivlce at drug: stores and resttuir- |ants and in other public places. Many activities were decided union. Loy Welch, Rodney Banister. I Harry W. Halnes, J. Louis Cherry Mrs. Kathleen Thomas has filed suit in chancery court here against Sam Thomas, asking for n divorce on the ground of desertion, she also seeks custody of their minor daughter. Prank C. Douglas is attorney for Mrs. Thomas. Five Room House ed to be in charge. They will ap- land. B..P. Kirshner were mimed a, j point hvo women in each square | committee to patrol the alleys of I block of the city, who will see that, alleys are kept clean. Names business section regularly and jfo report all violators of the sani- tery laws to Police Chief E. A. lliice, who will arrest them. This [activity is sanctioned by the city | council. In discussing the lack of means ARE YOU 3/ ..„_„ ONLY A.74 WIFE? I Men ran new understand „ tdrei-quarter I wire-a wile who i» lovable lor three weeks of llbe month—but » hell-cat the touita. I No matttr how your back aches—no matter Ihow loudly your nerve* scream —don't Uke i luut on your husband. , f H "T™ 8"i«alions one woman nas told inother how to e p "smiline thraush" «rith ll.ydi* B. F-HilrhamV, Wp-lilile Compound. It I !, Ti. i" re ."° uv ,""> "i""™. tllu -i l<HMn- line the discomforts Iram the lunrtional <llj- • ordera winch woruc-n must endure. • Makp a note NOW to get a Iwttlc ll'inkhan,', tojay WITHOUT FAILfrom your gHl—more tlian u nillfoti womm have •n in letters reponinit l FOODS MEATS GROCERIES We pay highest prices on poultry at all timcg. $ SAVE Q MONEY AT V GAMES MKT. 118 W. Main Phone S3 alleys are kept clean, of these sub-chairmen will be announced next week. Residents not complying with this law will be served notice by Dr. 1 C. E. Wilson who can have them arrested if they do not keep liieir alleys clean. __. It was announced that in addition lo the 100 watermelon color crape myrtle, which Mrs. Leech is donating to the club and which will be set out in public places, that 150 more have been ordered. All of ihese have been taken..'except about 25, which are available by calling a member of the club. The price for the bushes, which arc between three and four feet high, is 35 cents, the price made lo the club which purchased them by the hundred. It is planned to ask every house owner in Blythe- iHle to purchase some of these plants and to place them where they can be seen from the road. ...The new Rice-Stix factory plans to beautify its ground.?, it was announced by R. P. Kirshner, who was appointed lo discuss the matter with the local representative. Mr. Cherry is to be chairman of (he Arbor Day activity, which is expected to be fa reaching in Mope. Every man, woman and.' 1 child in Blytheville will be asked [ lo send a plant to the park that I [lay and the Garden club will arrange for the planting of them in , and at the entrances of the park. Details of "this program, which Is endorsed hy the Mississippi Coun- Widow's Pet Cat Seized Op Overdue Tax Bill ST. JOSEPH DE BEAUCE, Que, .UP)—Mrs. Hpnore Paucher will lave to settle her tax bill if she wants to get her pet cat back. Bttilllls Pierre Gosselin and Ne- vaie Groleau walked into the 04- year-old widow's home with a- court order, picked up the cat nnd few household effects and departed. 'Tile br,pwn and furry mouser will be auctioned off with the furniture if Mrs. Faueher does pay her bill to the town for arrears. not Heu Ijtjrs "Ea,st«" RAVENNA, Oo. (UP)— M. Pink, of Sandy Lake road, has a 'lieu thai lays Easier eggs. Around the middle of each egg Is a decorative band of a distinctly different shade front the rest of the shell. Resolution Whereas. Ihe all merciful Father has taken from the home circle, from Ihe Business and Professional Women's Club and from the County, our club member and a most, unselfish worker. Sirs. BIDie Hurst ! Therefore, be it resolved that our club "expresses its deep sorrow at her goiiig- and Its loss of .her advice and.personality'. Be It further resolved that the club realizes the '.oss of a friend.who was loyal and would always do more than was expected of her. That all of her friends be'comforted by the words of Campbell— 'Somewhere in God's own realms so vast,— •. ' O'er which a mystic veil Is cast Shutting the future from the past, Our loved one, gone—is living still, And there her purposes fulfill!" Be it further resolved that we, the members of the Business and Professional Woman's . Club expresses to her family our .slncerest sympathy in their : loss and a copy of these resolutions ' be furnished them, a copy spread on the minutes ot our secretary's book, and a copy be furnished the local paper. Signed: WINNIFRED REYNOLDS, President B. & P. W. Club. CORA LEE COLEMAN, Corresponding Secretary. of 1938, recently approved hy Con- and signed by President Itoosevell on February 3. Person's, partnerships and corporation.'! are eligible lo borrow money under the modernlMitlor and repair credit plan. The borow er must huve an assured Income demonstrate his uullily to repaj the loan, and own the properly t< be improved or have a lease .on I running at least six months longc than the term of the loan. Amounts up to $10,000 may u borrowed to repair oi' improve tix- stlng structures and 'amounts up to $2500 may be borrowed for the erection of new structures. Repayment of the loans may be :pread over a period not to exceed five years for modernization and repair work and not to exceed ten years for the erection of new .structures for residential use. Banks and other lending institutions will be insured against losses up to 10 percent of the total loans they make under the new Title I program. If the loan Is made for the purpose of building a new home, security will be required in the form of u mortgage or deed of trust covering the property Improved. In addition, there will be certain general construction requirements which will assist In protecting the investment of the home owner. The provision for these new homes costing not in excess of J2500 under Title J should not be confused with the plan of home ownership sponsored under Title II of the Act. The facilities afforded under Title I are.intended primarily for those citizens who live on farms, or in rural aeas or try our NEW SENTRY COAL this tlmm If s prepared in America's Most «*•« AA . Modem Preparation Plant We t^/.UU tOH Guarantee Every Ton. GAY & BILLINGS PHONE 70 For'Raw Throat Gargle With The Antiseptic That Wins Standard Laboratory Tests by 9.3 to 1 Tbe mlnuw your thro« feels dry »M r»w. B»rele with the uittaectlc thw ttliicatd ttmi faftl OMZoolte. Ifj 93 time* more active— t>7 standard Ubontorr te«U — thin aoy olbiT popular,' uoa-poUooou. utlnptk. ZonitotfKi reltojln 3 wars: (li Idllx alt klndj of cold mam*— <& tonlaal (2} sootbM dr?. ran Uiroatl (3) loa««ae* normal flow ot natural, beollhni Ouldil • ^"^ """ ™ atirt nb«—«arele Kith Zonlt«a«dIrect«I. You'll f«J relief a/Hr ttit fira '- Kates Pi tt i«y»«it rrtvUef M FARM LOANS Anywhere in Mississippi County Wilson and Worthington 1st National Bank BHg. BlytheTille, Ark. Authorized Mortftft toan SoUcltor for . The PrndrntUI Innmnct CompMj tl Anwrlta CLARENCE H.,WJLSON HARVEY MORRIS r~;T,, ^ «-•^.•'iA—-"r''' r -'V( i-t-'A'^ ' '.'-""-'^"V: ',_' ^^'•••'-•' r * < ^";"^''!V'^X r 7^'^VT t ^cr---'«^^^->.-.-^,- RAY WORTHINGTON ''' In Uie marginal zone surouudiiig the''.larger,icltles where the standards established by the mutual nortgage Insurance system are ot applicable. Authority lo insure' modernlza- ion and rejwir loans was provided n-.the'.original > Rational .Housing Act - of-1934,- but after being 'extended -twice by Congress was pe^^ milted, to expire on April 1, 1937. Jp. to_ that time the Federal Hous- n'g :Admtntstration liod insured no're than 1,450,000 modernization ana repair loans ainounting to over 5G0,o6o,000. ^In addition, It is estimated that the : Better Housing 'ainpaigns sponsored by tlie :ral Housing Administration generated several times that much modernization and repair work which did'not show in its ow •ecords., -Total claims paid by the Federal Housing Administration up tt January 15,' 1938, were *13,416,42(>. T5 under the modernization and epalr program. Through recover es and claims reinstated amount »ng to $6,556,826.53 the net lo.v lustalned up to January 15 unde Title _I was reduced lo ^6,a59,5^^ 22 representing a net loss ratio o 1.22 percent. Originally $200,000.000 was niadi available by Congress to nice losses o n modernization and repal loans Insured under Title I. A he suggestion of the Federa Housing Administrator this ainoun was' later reduced to $100000000 Only a part of that will be needei to liquidate all claims growing ou of operations up lo April 1, 1937 so that no additional authorization will be reqidred at this time. Under the modernization a repair program prior to April 1937, approximately 60 percent „ the total dollar value of the note insured was used to finance nddi tions, alterations or repairs anc, tlie remaining 40 percent was tise< for the Installation of machinery ond equipment. *Iew Interest Being Shown In Wallpaper A renewed Interest is being shown n wallpaper as a finish for walls ti'new and modcrnl/ed homes. As result oi technical progress within he Industry, n variety of papers (ire vailnblc lo suit apy type of inter- or. Hard, glossy finishes, metallic urfaces, basket weaves, cloth rc- )roc!uctlans, wood Imitations, and ild-faslilonetl embossed designs arc nib a tew of the styles on the nmr-' Bookcases Form set. Modern architecture has done \ lol to increase the demand for •ertlenl and horizontal stripe papers, nnd plaids are also popular. Metallic surfaces without formal design are a direct expression of the modem Irend. These come in gold, silver, bronze, a n tl aluminum. Multiple-Unil C o m p a ny ilousos Suggested For Fnclory Areas The need* tor itecumg room space, closw storage, «j;i^qu»ve kitchen tleilRii, and porci) ipuc* I" the five-room isouse have bet n met completely In tin? house plan. Tlio ulnn Is ejpoclnlly well udnpicd for construction v"tll nniiva mmerlals, such as rough siding or stone. There we two exterior* built around ttie wine lloor plHii. No. 75HO, u shown above, to a more formal WASUINO'lON, Keb. 15.—Corn- puny houses, often unsightly nnd Insanitary, oitn Ins abolished uy co- 0|wriitlon of mnnngcincnt a n d unlom under the easy nnunclnir urovlslon» ol' tin.. Amended Nutlomil H9iisiii-j Ai't, iu:'-ordlii|! lo Msgr. John A. Hyun, chairman of ll»> Nn- tlmiiil Housing Ccminlttrc mid onn of Amerlra'.s Ifuillng vltiirclnniiii- rt'rurnu-rs. Or. lij'Hti imiity urged that, employers Join will) unions lo form housing i-orporntlonii mid milld modern, comfortable, mulllple-fiim- «!lli smnll gabled-root front porch. The other. Plan No. 76141 li*j on' v.idc, slnd-type porch across the entire front ot the house. Cornplels working cwwlngs for this house are available from the Oounty Agent gjid Home Den..-mstratlon Agent of this county. .This house plan Is «n« oi more tlmn a hundred designs ol farm buildings and equipment designed to meet Arkansas conditions by Ihe University ot Arkansas CmleM at Aptaillure for tho farm people of this state. country like ours," Or. Hvnn agrees w lth Walter B. Pltkln, wlio recently iir^ed working "i(>n not lo nwti lliclr own homes but lo rent them. Greater safety, ••» C "v« i.-» B | n | ow . rftn i, ), on , ns nn ,j low-rent homes can best he biiia \ r , liti'ije i"'«v<»>nitrmi> of cjinitol, 20 Per C'enl (or K«iit ! ''Working men live mainly 1n rentnl homes because of ihclr ;no- i bllity and the necessltvof .moving from jol> to job," sold r>r. Ryan '•Tlielr llmlt*<| Irn'omf-s enable lliii vnst nmjorlly of our families to pay no more tlian $10. in Ifl^fi, 69 per wit of the fnrnlllcs of tho United ' "H ll "'l Inco-rics of less than $1500, Slncn no family should pay more than 20 per cent of its Income "or rent, a $1600 family should not my more than $2S In rent. Tlie wholesale building of multlple-fam- ly structures should offer tlie best nnswer lo this group." Dr. Hyan thinks tho ndmlnlstra- .loii should supplement its chetiper- noiislng )>roi(nim wltJi otlier reforms almcti at increaslut; the In- .'omn of workers and giving them more xcciirlly. He advocates the. wmllng wage-hour bill, a broad attack on monopolies and a resunip- First Baptist Church is Undergoing Repair^ Tlie First Baptist church Is having a geneial modernkiitlon pro- iyrnm carried out. upon which work was started last week. Necessary repairs will be made lo floors of the building, the exterior will be repaired when necessary and It Is planned lo redecorate Ihe church auditorium, lly dwellings, in this wny, lu> snld nmlCTlnls can lie bought at wholesale .IIKI construction labor sta- blllwl. $:!0 Hulls Nrrdril '"I'he great ncetl in America Is for privately financed homes loi working men." I3r. Myiin sa!d.i'"ni<! biggest shortage lies In homes that rent for $20 and $30 n month, v/i. have I'stlnmlcd Hml tiiere is need for upward of 500.000 such homes the biggest need being In Mid-Atlantic and Southern states, There is less need for those that renl for more tlmn $30, and the building of those under $20 must be stibsldW by public funds. "Private capital, under the Amended Housing Act, could undertake the Immediate building o some 300.000 divellliig.5. wou!< costjirouiul $0000 each, Including .he Innd. and require the cxpeiidl Among the textile finishes are embossed papers simulating monks cloth, basket weaves, and old-fash- oued plasters. Some hand-made papers simulate velvet and mohair, while woods can be duplicated with remarkable fidelity through a num- of processes. Some of Ihe papers 1 are real wood veneer on a l»per -base, but Ihe majority are reproductions. The types of paper known as velour and rough plaster.have taken the place of the "oatmeal" paper so fashionable a number of years figo. California Sun Room Features Flower Bar The sunroom lii a California home 1ms white walls and a toinn- lo-red floor. The white furniture is upholstered in turquoise. A feature of the room is a Ilower bar located In one corner. There is a lavatory where llowers may be cut and watered and shelves above for extra vases and bowls. Drawers underneath hold garden Implements and shears for trimming the plants. Bright Background When floor space permits, Ijoolc- cases can be built' at right angles in the corner of n room. A Island house has shelves from floor lo ceiling between hull and dining room doors. Tlie book bindings form ft colorful background for a Inble nnd easy chair. Racks Will Keep Luggage Safely For the storage of trunks and luggage, n clean dry room Is essential. However,-where It Is sometimes difficult to keep the bn-senient dry, racks may be built to hold the trunks or luggage high enough «fT the floor to insure no damage. lion of public works. Wallpaper Used As Lining For Shelves A vivid wallpaper makes an In- loriViUtj|f lining for built-in bookshelves. Old-fashioned glass-doored bookcases may be modernized by taking off the doors, retouching the woodwork and either painting or papering the Inside of the shelves. Kitchen Fans Kitchen odors can lie eliminated from the kitchen by use of an exhaust fan Installed in the wall, window, or even in (lie transom over the door. This device is also an aid to cooling the kitchen In summer. According to estimates, In one lure of $1,800,000,000. That sounds I out of every four murder'cases the like a lot of money, but not for a I guilty person takes Ills own life. Tray Compartment Solves Problem Trays and platters offer an awkward storing problem. Tills can lie solved by means of a divided compartment in a % kitchen cupboard. This holds the % trays upright and it is possible to see the size of the various plates before removing them. Head Courier News Want Ads. Closet Light* Lights Installed In closets nbove the door offer no obstruction, provide Illumination for shelves and eliminate unnecessary glare. Metal Bases Give Rounded Corners Rounded strips of metal may be inserted at the corners of the baseboard to prevent the gathering of dust. For the new home, there are wood insets to fit tight to each corner, giving the base strip a rounded Joint, Either the metal or wood strips may be painted to match the woodwork. Window Shades In Two Colors Window shades may be obtained with different colors on each side of the shade. On tills way the exterior appearance of all the windows may be made to conform, while various colors may be selected for the Interior to fit any desired color scheme ui any particular room. A House Or A Where do you live? In a house that's respectable enough, but in many ways out-of-tlnte, : inconvenient and .tnicom- '.'*-.-' • ' > \ .''.' Portable? Or do you live in a real' home, one that has conveniences such its modern water facilities? With good plumbing to provide pure water for every purpose any "house" can become ft "home". These conveniences are not a luxury. Your plumber can modernize your water system at comparatively low cost. Blytheville Water Co. LOANS Again Available lor Repairs and r" Modernization! The Title One Loan Plan of the National Hous. injr Ao.l has iiguin lieen placed in effect and we are prepared to aid our patrons in securing loans under this plan for making repairs or modern- ixadoH.or for new con.stnidion up'to.$2,500. New Low Interest Rate of 3! Per Cent 'Consult•!»;.now if you Svant to finance . . this spring. . ! THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 41) IS YOUR KITCHEN CONVENIENT AND CHEERFUL? IS YOUR BATHROOM MODERN? ARE YOUR FLOORS UP-TO- DATE? Your kitchen can be modernized into tbe.jmost cheerful room in the house. • ii-old bathroom'fixtures may' be : traded in on new. Oak floor laid and fiinished the Bruce Way are easily kept. - The Above and Any Other Home Improvements May Be Easily Financed Through F. H. A. Our representative will make estimate on request. call and EX.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. PHONE IOO ,Vj TV T Kr- RO-, t

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