The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 27, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1950
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVIU.E, (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS THURSDAY, JULY 27, 1950 Every Try Mexican Style Chicken? It Gives Sunday Meal a Boost By GAYNOR MADDOX NBA Stiff Writer Chicken for Sunday—that's delicious economy these days. But •erve It'In a, different manner/ Savory chicken, Mexican style, for example, gives an exotic new savor to familiar fryers by using lomato sancc, garlic, onion and beer or ale, The malt flavor adds a delicious Ung. As always when cooking with beer, allow to stand for R few minutes before adding to other cooking ingredients. Savory Chicken (4 servings) One frying chicken, disjointed, seasoned flour, H cup salad oil. '.-j onion, chopped, 1 garlic clove, minced, 1 8-ounce can tomato sauce. !'.£ cups water. 1 cup beer. salt, pepper. Dredge chicken with seasoned Hour; brown on all sides in hot oil. Add remaining ingredients; cover; simtner 30 minutes, or until chicken is tender. Serve on hot, fhidy rice. Savory and tangy. this favorite • Italian-style dish is equnHy well Jikcd in the United States. It's simple to cook and a rich, nearly dish for a hungry family any day of; the year. | Chicken Cacrialore (-1 to 6 servings) Two and one-half to 3'G-pound all-purpose chicken, ready-to-cook weight, disjointed, U cup olive oil or other fat, 1 thinly sliced onion. 3 '£ cups canned tomatoes for 8 medium tomatoes). 1 clove garlic, l',a teaspoons sail, fj teaspoon pepper, \-> cup while wine, or ',i cup water. Cook chicken in hot olive oil until delicately browned, I inning to brown evenly. Add onions and cook untiJ onion Is transparent and golden. Acid tomatoes, garlic, snlt and pepper. Cover nnd simmer until chicken is tender and the tomatoes are reduced to a thick sauce, 40 to 50 minutes, Add wine or water last 15 minutes of conking, Remove garlic clove before serving. Summer Dessert? Refrigerator Pie No matter how hot the weather, the family still looks forward t<~- desserts, which of course inclt J pies. But here's a way to beat ovt hent! Bnkc several pic shells at one lime, suggests Rrba sfafiRs. home economist. The rrfnperatetl shells arn ready for letup ting cream or chiffon fillings. So the crusts will stay tender and flaky, lard is used as the shortening spent. And to complement the finest of crusts, there are coconut, chocolate. banana, butterscotch. Dincnpplc, and lemon cream fillings. Among the favorite chiffon mixtures to be poured into the baked Braised Meat Cubes Are Peg For Hearty Meal To answer July's need for appetite- teasing meals l-he homemaker mny turn to braised meat dishes. To many this may mean a poi-roust or a Swiss steak, but cubes of beef, veal, pork or lab (.such as those for .Hews) may be braised with the same flavorsome results. fn preparing this braised dish, Hie cubes are first slowly browned in hot fat in a heavy utensil From I 4 Lo 1 2 cup of liquid is added and the utensil covered tightly. The meat & allowed to cooj: slowly until tender—from 2 to 3 hours depending on the cut of meat . Variety come.v with the choice of rooking companions. The liquid may be ^omato juice for ueel or veal or fruit Juice for pork or lamb. II cooking tomatoes and onions, whole kernel corn or other vegetable^ sviili the meat, water is usually the cooking liquid. For move intcre.iting servings, the cubes may be braised in condensed mushroom, ipltt pea or tomato soup. crusts, then chilled until firm are; strawberry, lemon, lime, apricot, and chocolate. Any of these treats adds a gay touch to the simplest meal. THEN CHECK THESE I REVALUES! MARLENE MAKAMNE 4 Ibs for 90c Sunny Morn COFFEE Lb. 65c 3 Lbs. for 7.89 LEMOMS ,,,330 Fresh .. CROWDER PEAS ,250 Home Grown TOMATOES Lb 100 Fresh Yellow SQUASH ,,100 Ciifiar / ""wfJAwmmB PlentyHorall fi*^ ' DrCSSing No Shortage Vinegar Gal. Sugar 37c Wicker is In Charge of Our MeiiL Dept. Pure Cider Gal. 59c Wilson's Certified ROAST Pint 49c SKy Snvdcrs 1-1 CATSUP 2For 330 Del Monte 2'/ 2 S/. PEACHES 230 Del Monte mil COCKTAIL 2For 320 SURE JELL 120 IGA—With Coupon—I' or SR Campbell's 23,,,. 173 imv , Fl)r 310 AmiAn tt*m Campbell's CRISP 21or 270 TOMATO SOUP 1C0 I.iptons—18 l!;ij; Ct. [ E , A ••• -• 52 ^ APPLESAUCE 2C ans 150 Bordcn Instant ~ C4x '' (ls ' ToiisticH 13 m. nnd Raisin 2 o/.. 04 p Kn.n, 1(1 m. liolh for .......... linkers Comslock COCOA Soz 240 PIE APPLES No ^ 190 Always Plenty of Free Parking Space NAYS IGA Super Market 21 S. 21st. Street Remember it Pays to Shop with Moys" CHARCOAL BROILER, .steak, Uhuea barbecue sauce, bowl al &alid —here's ah outdoor party dt luxe! Mon, Man/ Charcoal Broiled Steak Sets Pace in Summer Hy CiAVXOlt MADOO.Y +• For lhc outdoor steak broiling, there's nothing like n. man. Men ; seem to .shine at broiling steak over | charcoal and with many handy and inexpensive barbecue grills oil the market this summer, a lot of men are going to be very happy. Most amateur chefs pride themselves on their sauce. Here's a variation of barbecue sauce not so heavy as to kill the flavor of good meat but zcsty enough to bring out all it.s goodness. Its chief ingredient is Tabasno, Tabasco Steak Sluice (Yield: 2:3 cup sauce) One close garlic. K- cup salad oil, 3 tablespoons lime juice. ] '- teaspoon Tabasco. V. teaspoon salt. If desired, put garlic to soak in \c oil tl-e day before the barlie- ue. Combine all ingrcdionts in nail saucepan, and mix well, rush over steak and broil over ot coals Here's another good recipe for ic am:-tour chef: Tabasco IlnmEmrgcr (6 servings) One and one-half nounds ground eef. 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon ry mustard. 2 teaspoons water, 1 easpoon paprika, 2 tablespoons •man Juice, »i teaspoon Tabasco. tablespoons butler or fortified largarine. Form meat into Individual patties r one large cake. Pan fry or broil neat When meat Ls desired de- ree of doueness. transfer to hot platter. Combine remaining Ui- redients; mix until smooth. Turn nto snucepfvn or skillet and stir mil butter or margarine Ls melted ^our over meat. Pork Shorfcakr ' Here's a main dish shortcake. To hcese sauce add. cooked culjert wrk. Place the ham-cheese filling jetwecn and on top tender bLcuit mlves and garnish \vith parsley. Clever Hostess Plans Meal Early Clever hostesses plan at lea-t a portion of their party menus of foods thai may be prepared n day ahead, leaving the big day itself for List, minute grooming of self and home. Apple breads and apple c?.l:<?s sic especially good for this, since they do not dry out quickly. Dainty apple cupcakes which nerd no frosting have the supreme 1 quality e: simple perfection: Ihifrusted Apple Cupcakes 1/4 cup shortening •1/2 cup sugar 1 whole egR, beaten 1/2 cup milk 1-1 2 cups Hour 1 Tc.sp. baking powder 1/2 tsp. sail 1/2 (ii!j. cinnamon Iced Tea Called Blessing of Age; Serve a Lot Iced lea. In this writer's judgment, la one of the greatest blessings mankind possesses. But Jet's serve enough of It at one time and serve It tinkling with lots and lots of ice. Properly Brewed Tea: To make good tea. the steps are three: Have' the water merrily boiling; use a tea bag or teaspoon of tea per cup, with an extra /or the pot; don't skimp the brewing time—three minutes or more will give you a fine full flavor. (For iced tea, use half again as much tea, and plenty of Ice.) FrMljr Ired Tea; Pour bubbling. boiling water over your tea leaves or tea bags (using 1 \'-- teaspoons of tea, or the equivalent in tea bags for each glass to be served), and allow to steep for three minutes, or 1 cup apple finely chopeci or grated Cream shortening and sugar, and add egg. Sift together flour, baking powder, salt and cinnamon. Add dry mixture alternately with milk to ereatncd mixture. Fill muffin tins or paper baking cups Ii2 full anil lop Midi a mixture of 1 : 3 cup brown suB'r. 13 cup finely ground nuts and 1 2 tsp. cinnamon. Bnke at 37S F. for 20 minu'.es. Yield: 12 cup cakes. CORRECTION! We almost forgot the important park—the apple. Acid the cup of finely chopped or grated apple to the muffin mixture just before putting in the muffin tins and topping with sugar and nuts. more. Pour the freshly brewed tea over a chock-full pitcher ol Ice. Place cubes In each glass nnd serve from the pitcher. (For pleasant variety In serving, dip the top of each glass in lemon juice, then In sugar, and place In the refrigerator to harden). Before serving, place a quartered lemon on the lip of each glass. lA-mon liinis: Quarter your lem- ons lengthwise rather than slicing them, as they are easier for Ui« Individual to squeeze and add th« proper amount of lemon juice to each glass of frosty Iced tea. Make a small, diagonal silt in the fruity part of each lemon and slip It over the edge of the glass. It will remain firmly perched on the glass, and will add to the attractiveness of your serving. CHOCOMTEMfLK twnliint I/I run, ehocoliil* Milk <wi Um* Khafct 'tJI I)<y Milk H . - .'-frincr*Ux. Sbake •#«"* b*fo« J MjrvEnp. MrtLr* 4 J^w. 1 ('For rxLra •ulrit1<«« **c I 1 /- i • iwniun* z/i ! willi 1 Mips -ftler L* *->n- <;iovi.rt«-*r Dry Mi DINNfcRPEAL... ftypoweH CHIUI AND TAMALES / quick summer meals Before. You Buy Ary Set the. Uteft- Just Arrived I SENSATi FLORENCE gill 1 NEW GAS RANGE A Week that Lasts a Year Cop»,igM 1949, Ih, K,oger Co. Throughout Hie year HICTC'S » week for almost cvcrythiiiK from dollars. National Thrift Wrtk. In .Quinary, lo <lonuls . . . N'alional Donut Week in April. Biil one week. Friendliness Wt*k, lastj Ilio whole year at Kroger. It's observed eyery clily from the lime the stores open in the rnora- ing until they close al night. Week-in and week- out ihc service you gel al Kroner a servic* with a friendly smile. with exclusive flfftife Burners Prices as low as Improved top »tov* tt»Vlng] ThanVt to ibe eicluiive VITA-FLAME turn?* you can <ooV toiler •»ilK leu gat. Rumes lift* oH.. JigM at a feath«r .. .vxcnriei like a divh. Poll ond po.i* iray cleantr, loo. Only Florence con gi-e you fhe VITA-FLAME neweil got range now I Mor« efficient than 5 olher leading burners tested. Y«i, laboratory teifi made according to American Gal Atiotiation Standard* prove il —lor toiler cooVifig and gen laving «<onomy, Florene* -it*, t*r« «ictwt"» V1U-FIAME Rurntr, ii yovf b*«» tvyl 79 50 WEIS BUTANE GAS CO. S. Highway 61 Phone 3301 ORANGE CAKE E ,490 FLOUR S b 1. Sunshine—Orange Creme Icing Avondule—Plain—Sself-rising ORANGEADE 2iS550 VINEGAR Ga ,290 Hi-C, C(H)ling Summer Beverage. Gold Dollar PRESERVES i 6B ;°'250 BREAD 2 Sr^'290 Hut's Strawberry Kroger—New Super-Soft FROSTEEMIX , k j^ PORK & BEANS 3 ^ 250 Lipton—For Frozen Desserts PRESERVES 2'^s 290 Kroger TOMATO JUICE 2 550 Stokely's MIRACLE WHIP Salad Dressing CHEESE FOOD , :',' 650 310 LIMA BEANS ,100 2 ^ 230 4 R o,, s 190 Windsor Club While and Green TOMATOES ° No 2 Standard FLUFFY I'oilef Tissue , MARGARINE 2,1:470 Ealmore Yellow -FROZEN FOODS- JUICE 2S.290 Grapefruit—Florida Gold JUICE 2 Si; 29* Blendede—Florida Gold ICECREAM 2 Taft Moody SHERBERT Taft Moody Qt 390 PICKLES 3 ^190 Harmony—Dill SPAGHETTI 21;;,: 290 Franco-American CORN 3 N ° C a 3 : 3 250 Cream Style White SARDINES 2 150 American in Oil POTTED MEAT NCan4 50 Peerless ' Swift Premium Smoked 6-8 Ib. Average Ib. 49 PICNICS BRISKET 0'BEEF ,390 PIG'S FEET Fine for Bruising-Stewing Fresh for Boiling PORK SAUSAGE »49? WHITING - 15C Brookfield - Mild Flavor "Not Hot" Dressed LEMONS Juicy 360 Size Sunkist Dox. 29 C RADISHES 3 Crisp Red and Fresh California — Fancy Duarte 10< PLUMS Red Meat, Delicious

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