The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 16, 1934
Page 5
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IC/ 1<KM BBILT STIFF Well Built and Attractive Homes Real from $M.- 50 lo $45 Per Month. UJA'THEVlbUK, (AUK.) (JOUJUKU NEWS The [Changing' Picture in the Tennessee Valley Tliis is (In- fifth on nh.11 I'resitlent ul six i-fi^iity Roosevelt will see when he visils the Tennessee. Valley, No, 1 social-planning proj- ci-l itf the New Deal. What actually has tici-n iiune in in months nl work and sucndiiij;? These stories (ell you. IIV JOILV 'I'. MOU1OUX Writleii for NKA Service KNOXVILLE, TCHI)., Noi'. l(j._ Visitors lo the Tennessee Valley land there have been 100,000 of them since iasl spring) may gaze i-.pen-iiioiitlu'd at tin, vast ness and iitidacily of Norris Dam, but when llicy see the liuie (own of Norris iiscJf tliey're apt to sigh and say. " I hat's the kind of a place where ivc always dreamed of living" V.'l this little town, nestling in Ihe hills dud ,,-oods four miles from the great dam. wasn'l built '>•; an iiu)Kirtai,t pan of ilm TVA IH-oject at ail. If was built lo house married workers on the ciitin. Army engineers had plans (o; the usual barrack-like structures lo House workers on Uio Sum, costing $1,500.000. Somebody suggested "Let's spend twice as much ami build a permanent town." •So here it is, ihe lines! \voik- ingmen's town in America, laid cut like lhc famous English uar- ricn cities. A group of Hriiish, German imt American homing espcria, after a lour of the country, said of Norris. "This is the most interesting thing we have sciii in ihe whole counlrv." CM: VliAK'S WOlfK Scarcely a year ago the site was chosen—a 2500-acrc wooded Iract. Tcday, except for a school Hearing completion, the town is •in accomplished fact. It consists of J50 nice-looking, well-built houses Hint cost from $2.500 (o SKIOO, and which the TVA is rent- i cle[itl wliliiii the $3500 limit set, and TVA ollioliils wcio so pleased llioy If-t (hem build fuur inure houses Me Die iiMt, In fuel,.this entire third group , «'«s u success, financially mid ji'Mhciically. ] M> IIOUSCS TDK SAt,K . 1'iii' low-cost itiwrtment houses, , iiiU'mtiM mainly for nnmnrried sieiiographei-s, clerks nnd the like, wore also liuill. foin|ili>tlng the s housing needs uf Ihe tnivn. ; All Ihe houses are mined bv Ihe I TVA and none Is for sale. ' 'flic ]"«•-•( rent is 512 u month. A I'""I in n duplex house nnd .some "I Of the single family houses, iln lowest rental is found In some ol tl» second i;ioup-$M SO. Thr, I'uiige In this group is ti|) (o $20,50 i i"Ncl tile average is S17.1JO. The bin more iiitriir- [tive third group rent for $M I'lliiJo in the ilrst stmv (\ w . llvl .. | ate Is smua anil ranges from $2-1 [" f45. clinlrinnii A. K, Morgan «vei in one of Ihe s« houses, us uo some of liie oilier officials. I <Jn tin- average, i|ie ivntul laiuoiini.s to nlxiui ll! per cent ol ithi 1 worker's income. j-M I. CAN' IIAVI: (l.Mllll-NS There Is enough lund in f AOR =WEEKI,Y SUNDAY SCHOOL Member Nol Always Christian llie Inlmi.-iUonal Uniform Sunday Srliool Lesson for s' ov . 18 IIV WM. K. OlUiOV, i). [), (if Advance It ought to mean Ihe same thing Molmnmwdaii to be a church member and lo a Chrisllnn. but, unfortunately as I'vel-yone reconnl/es, ihe (wo are nol Identical. .. :' -• —- ...». .>MIHI: | I tmpjiose it mli'ht be s-iid ih<ii "T h , B Kt I ,rJs. ll JK: IE irii;'* " «™ 'r : u< i itKiiiatcs Ihe purpose to Ix? a Christian or a genera! alliance \vlih t'hrlsllaliily. Mu.sler.soii Meads Peiniscoi Coiuiiy School Association K (lid not mean that Chrlsllan mill and Clirlstlini ideals hail tnk- •n liny very deep root In her heart or life. Church mcmhershlp ,,my lie a >;ery toniiiil thing. TO be a Chrls- ian Is a very real Hung. \ve ought, of course, lo distinguish between sincerity of pur]>ose In n very 1m- IK-rfect character and high fidelity to Ihe Ideal. We must rccocnlw that many >co|i!e ivlio are weak or Immature n their Christian lives are. nevcr- Ihele.w sincere Progress is taking; heavy toll of the picturesque in the New Ucul development of the Tenncfseu Valley, but it is bringing comfon thill natives of Ihe Mils never r.reaincil ol possess!;,);. Above Is shown a typical habitation of a family near the Nor, Is dam.file, cue of many which will pass when ihe reservoir Is flooTlcd. Left is one of the modern stone ami hand-hewn limber houses erected under lhc New Deal "raise the Jiving standard" program. \ m thai every family can have ils O'f'i vegetable Burden If it wishes. The town Ims oiled streets, •vdmi'tilk.s, n water sy.-leiii. n sew| i't-io system, community Huruye:;, a | police anil » lh,> di'Diirlinem.' a .grocery store, a umrkct. and a ixhcol. Adjoining the town Is lhc |ccusiructlon ciinip with ius eom- ||muiliy biilldiiiB, ollovtng movies, ! Ifelures. dances and other reeiv- ; Hi Ion. i TVA power from Muscle Shoals ;serve* Ihe imvn at regulnr TVA iiutes-ri-om u lop of 3 cents lo u .low of .( mm., „ kilowatt hum-. All houses heated by electricity ; ft m (jot the benefit of the low -i- Tbe ivontlier Ims not CAHUTI1KHSVII.LE. Mo.-At a iellnsof the Couin.y High School Ufsociatlon here Wednesday afternoon places where the various Norris ! l '°'i'ily high school activities will cool long enou|;h what healing by be held this year we,-e .selected. Officers for ihls year were also selected. They are: president—Su- lierltiiciident 11. n. Miisierson, Hayll; vlee-presiili-ni. Supl. T. M. Aliiyllelti, Concord; secrctary- treasurer, Siipl. • c. E. Miller fleelr, I'o-cleclcd. 1'luces seleeteil for [], c diitcient county Inlcr-SKhool ii|jtlvlile.s uro. Iliiskelbiill tQuniuincm—cooler: music nieel—Haytl; ihammle nmi I rock mcet—CaruthCLKVillc- comi- ly ciirrlcular nici'l-Stcelo; temils meet—Decring. Dales for meots have nol. been set. PrellinliiHry steps were taken to 'form n county basketball tongue. .ill air space near the ceiling. wide-board wainscoting up lo lhc level of Ihe window sills and veneer wall board above also were of moulding was cleaning easier. electrical were heavily . Ceilings wall board. No make were There were 80 houses in this group, f half of one-story and the other two-story. Architecture was of the simplest. The interior used, lo Kitchens paint applianc- insulated; used for And all houses in this the exterior, was—a coat of on the cinder blocks. They wired for electrical equip-' ing for from SH.50 10 S15 n 'Interior walls were finished with month. Norris was not laid out In the usual way of inking a plot of around and ctitlins it up inio squares, v.-Hh a criss-cross of strccls at light angles lo each, other. The TVA town planners I W'Wed «'ith marked oif a boundary and thcn! cs; walls immediately threw around it a 'hand-split shingles were protective belt to keep cheap developments from springing up next!. 8 """ wele heated, by electricity,! were imcnded mainly for work-' '^"en - lo . a( ?P. .'9 th ? lr livability ;crs with .smaller incomes and no ch 0l ho'm," rei WaS bUllt in ! clulnc ' c CT ™ »<= <»*«> iviil, ,lie ' U1 " OUiL - i uncertain cost of electric lieaiiim '.ias built of cinder concrete block. (housing — ihcy averaged about I half as much as the first- group— but still ihe architect nnd tlie TVA officials were nol Kallsficil. j'J'he cost was low but the houses were not pretty. NATIVK STO.VE lUSU'S . More houses wort ncciled*~"so'"~ [third attempt was made. Tire abject now was to combine low cost]° 1:u will, attractiveness. This last, "" troup called for W onc-ston l cost, but it ' 1 WS been t ,. st i. iid that Hie electric bill for services, includini; licatlni! will I'c around $10 n month IV,\ ItlJNS SCHOOL to BSCCI-- ] Knles and rcgulntlons were adopl- clcclrlclty|«l providing t|n,(. cft ch team In Tho town's water and electric loop. the county must play at least eight tunics per season with at least live other high school teams jol ihe county to get any riilliiK lor championship of the county " • •" ii^ifill^ LU |Jil V lor Die school nnd oilier municipal services. The school, from llie primary through die twelfth Enulc, is run by Ihe TVA. No lul- '">" is charged. 'I'he fiituri; of '^ 1W1 Jjl UILl:-aLUIV houses of cinder block and woodj ccl " sl '- "'icerlaln. —. and ihs com]>lelion of Norris i s . of ihe clnin the TVA win try co-operatives a n d mcnt but were not equipped, with electric heaters; instead, a wood or coal range and a hot . tank were provided. These houses; ten of them duplex and lhc re-1 mainiiig 4J single family dwell-' y in mi: liiiish I' 1185 - A B'' ol 'n of unemployed' °. " ull<i "I 1 j jsloiieniasons asked it chance' to! .'." K small industries to 1? 'build stone houses. Ordinarily a :touc house costs twice as much • us one of wooi; or brick. But the stonemasons pointed out that the could bo taken from a now "He so Unit (he houses occupied after the dam le:, ve. Knox- wlll be workers These houses were to cost around S2500 10 S3WO. Hut soon after work began building material piices shot up and the TVA established a wage schedule sev- 10 the town. The site was i-oiliiia Jami. and Ihc engineers built lhc streets according to tlie slojies rather than culling tlu-ough the high places and niling in the low. Masl of ihc t racl Wi(s in v ,- QO(]Sr nnd the next job was to leave as iiiiiny trees standing as possible. Ji a large ttee stood on a house A.le, the site was changed Purposely the houses were set back irregularly from the street. i Before any houses were tie- '• •-i;;ncd lhc TVA architects studied Hie type of architecture found in the valley so that. Ihe houses at Norris would nol seem out of place. AX A.VHJITIOUS STAKT The lirsl group i-onsisied of 152 houses of ^li major designs, enough to avoui monotony. They ranged fiom three to five rooms .-.'id had at least one ianse screen- cci-in- porch. Because of lhc mild climate, a porch can be used like n room eight months of the year. These houses v;ere of wood am! ] brick. Steel casement ivinrtoivs | I.'qiiiil - Tablets ran to within an inch or two ot 1 Salve - Nose Drops Ihc u>]> to eliminate the usual I water i slollc I quarry righ ton the TVA prop-1 erly and they promised tli:u .ilu-ir j house would cost no move .alum ; the others in the Bro»)>. T-vX-of-i ficials took them at tl N'liXT: Tin! rutnii-, if llu. program is curried Tennessee Valh'v's lo comulclion. -lao.tlilll Criminals s m U. ^ ClNClNNATr'. -rai 1 )—There' ninals iu J. Deeds, Holland; McCmlc, llayward; Siipt Supl T aim O Joe E. Troy S. pierce. Ward'cll; Siipl. . M. MnyllelO. Concord; 6upl. Her l:cit filers and Jack Wimp, Oon lei-; Supl. \v. A. Hudson, Ii. E. Jniifikln and Claude uny, Dcer- Ing; Supl. John L. James and jou Parks. Braggadocio; Siipt. o. E. Miller nnd Curl Hughes, Slecle; Supt. H. L. Fleelwood, Brass City; Snpt. n. u. Mnsternoii, J. L. McOtanahan anil Oamllle. Huber, Haytl; Supt. R. M. Pierce anil County Suyt, Harold a. Jones, Ca- rfihersville. 0llC »' 0|ll> 8 womim if ,),, „-,,, „ chiUllim replied (hut she was. uiit 11 \ v as found that slso meant llmi she w «s a Christian as illsllnBiilslied from 11 pagan or 11 The world today s('m 11094$ who will i«t tlwlr'lldtji's^ su(i_ before men that, others may see Ihtlr good works <md elorlty Oijd We shall Imrdly expect 'that Iri the modern world cliurch nicmbers nnd Christians arc likely to tati tlte precepts or Uio -gos^l no !|t- They need lo . mid rlsht-iiilnded. be educated and gnldeit In llie Chrlstlnn way, nnd Ilicy nred lo urow in urace In Christ. H Is Instructive lo remember Ihat early church members were not .deal In cvory respect. Paul found it ncctfssafy to rebuke many of Ihe w/y c/uii'cti members, even for the mmorality of their practices and Tor llielr evil tempers, And In (he Inner circle of dlscl- iilcs. before the church h;td (wen formally or«anl/«i. Jesus complain- 'd more than once of llie blindness >f his disciples and of their failure to understand or manifesl his simple leaching concerning love nnd Nevertheless, lh c Ideal of church membership Is high. nni | the true clnirch member would be a true Christian as well. Jesus gives u braullfiil picliii-e or the character mid privilege of (lie true disciple in his reference (o Chrlslians ns Ihe "suit of the earth" and the 'light of Ihe world " crally IJial lliey slialt (ollow example of the early- Christians 1 'Ui dclllnu their possessions and eoodi and holding (hhigs in common. -Tl It Is a debatable issue In a prac-l llcal world whether that would bcl tl,e best way of attaining the re'-l suits 10 l» sought in providing for tlie needs or every man. At tfie same time, one must recognize th»i not even Communism can lay 'a higher obligation upon man ttun Is laid by the law of Christian love ami brotherhood. .; Afler all, out- rellslon b tested by the measure of oui 1 rcsponslbil- lly for one another, n»d by ijje manifestftllon of love and symiwthy In practical ways. H is doiibUul how miicli wo car) do by law nnd governmental agencies to bring about the ideal association of man with man. At, any rate, it is true that beneath all laws anil governmental action there must lj| in a true society the Impulses of love and helpfulness. : Jt Is only ns men accept aiyi snare the common life and responsibilities that society can attaint high degree or welfare. ' • TMEDFORDS .BLACK i DRAUGHT TOR CONSTIPATIOI COUGH the ... RBH! Tlirpnl reliefl Medicated w j||i ingredients of Vicks VapoRub OVERCOMES BAD BREATH | The result was lhai the cost was about double lhc announced price. .111(1 Si- ss ti Km half of the total number of houses needed had been built. A drastic retluc- .11011 in the price of the rcmahiiir' j homes was ordered. ;l)OW.V TO EARTH j For tliis .second group a neu- L --'P g o! house was decided on. It Checks COLDS nnd First Day Headaches Jn "D ftliimlcs W PAINTS Fun! to frighten furniture with WATERSPAR ENAMEL 24 rich colors Waterspar Ouick-dryinff Enamel a easy to apply. It brings colorful new beauty —dries in 4 hour* and leaves no brush streaks. .-,. One coat isall lhat's gen- /|K crally needed. Come in to- "t» J"'ay for free color card. , 15 \>i n \ UTILITY SCREEN ENAMEL .. .Quart... 70c While SHELLAC Gal. $2.60 Quick-drying, clear WATERSPAR VARNISH ('•iS\ Kxlra ilaraWc. fur inlcri'ir ['Si '" cxlcriiir inc. Will tun S3) turn <r!iiir. Dries mn n . [feil fM. '/.-Ballon . $2.35- 12rQuart PAIL •30c Each CALCIMINE, All Colors, Per Lb 12c Hubbard Hardware Go! Prn'SDURGH PAINT PRODUCTS AGENCY 2 RINGS FREE! THIS IS POSn'IVIS!.,Y THE LAST WEEK OP THE MEXICAN DIAMOND COMPANY'S DIAMOND COPIES ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN IN m,YTHEVIi,liE. To stimulate Ihls advertising cvonl, the Mexican Diamond Co. wired Mr. Sid Sltlen- lierg. llielr representative, to nlvc an udditlonal rlnu with the purchnse of each scarfpln. We are scllinn n rcgulnr $2.00 scarfpiu for -iO cents. We have been giving a Mexican flc- pllca Diamond King FKEE wllh oncli pin, bill now we are addliin n beautiful curved wedding ring us u cpcolal inducement oiler tho last wcok of Ihls sensational sale. To lake adviinlnyc or ihls scnsalloiml oiler, you must bring this nil with yon. • Sulmduy Is I'osith-cly tlie l,usl Day This Is your last rhuncc to see "the replicas of lhc world's famous historical diamonds on display. Come and enjoy this cdtiCHtionu.1 treat. IT'S FREE! Robinson Drug Co. you might say icre are ihal cost so little and give so much. 3 :>!(. Uooin tt Mviu Toi/xoo Co,

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