The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 13, 1937
Page 6
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' e S. -,., • f , 'Polish' Dish ict Embitteieel f lls Saudlot „ BY II. D. QDIOO, JR. , United Press Staff Corrfspoiidpnt i CLEVELAND (UP)—plneliml't Polhh • district Is up In cimis o\cr , ;tlie trading : of Its blond hero, Joe Yosmik, to the' St. Louis Browns. .The 1 'mid-winter i trade In i whtcli the Indians •sent Vosmlk, Shortstop .Bill Knlckeroockci, nnd Pitcher Oral.; Hildebrnnd to St. Louis In-retuin for Outficlctci 'Moosu' Soltm, Shortstop Lyn 'Lary, nnd llurler ;<Ivy Paul Andrews, Is a "raw denl",-to residents, ol Hnnd- •iome Joe's native sector, where .sandlots; abound. Will.'Lory, speedy and nBgres'-, she, prove Die spnikplug thai might fire the Indians pcnYmnl- \urd? Will the Cleveland club breathe easier- out from under Vosmik's $42,500 : Uiree-ycor con- tiact?'Wou]d a ctianBC of scenciy lift Vosmlk out of hts 103G Mump? i Rose From Saudlots Those questions do not figure In the minds of Clcvclnndm who faw Ihelr 2C-year-o!d idol iho from sandlot hei-o to mnjor league regular.'They are .tnlktiiB of n boycott In'retaliation for the tiade ^"The Cleveland nmnagement doesn't want a good ball club, It Just wants to make money," was a typical comment That pcrlmjis to a lesser degree, is the consensus of all Cleveland random. Vosmlk wns the , hometown boy who stayed at home and made good He went fiom Enst Technical High School to the sandiots, :ln~ 1929Mo .Frederick of the Blue Ridge League, \ins promoted to Teue Haute In the Three-Eje League, and In 1910 was recalled to the Indians. !• Hit Only .287 last Year . Vosmik for six years wns Die Idol of home-town fans. He had an oft season In 1933, tatted 341 In 1934'and 345 In 1935 missing the league batting championship by only a fraction of a point in the latter season Last yeai he clumped again, hilling only 281 Solters, who Y.111 replace Vosmlk In the Indian outfield, lilt 231 lust season and drove in 134 inns to Joe's 94. The "Moose," Uo jears older at 28 than Vosmik, had the better iccord in assists, although the two shoaed little diffeience in the field Both are nghl-liai)d hitters. i,Wliere • the, Indians fleluc/ to AiEltorc CARE.)? COURIER NEWS Ctravlly,' not the fast-dhlllng fists "f John Henry Lewis,' llglll- heavywclght chnmplon, stretched Ai j';iUSrc..ori tlic'cfinvas r like this In llidr retimi bout uf Philadelphia. But Die .decision went to LSswls,nnyway : :Bfte)-'i5 rounds of fast fighting, thus squaring accounts for the "homo tqv,'it" decision . tint 'mimed Etloro victor In ., tliolr. previous e,n«),iij;ter., >t , By Harry Grayson NEW YORK, Fob 13. — Glenn Cunningham would be expected to say Jack Lovelock when asked , to ntiiue the finest mllcr he ever tackled -But the famous Kansan sur[>rls- _j evenbodj by designating Henry Biorksmlth, who picked them up and laid'. them down with great llspntch for Indiana three or four •enrs ngo. Cminlnghniii avers': (hnt' Brocksmith having to forsake Irack for business. Is all thril kept lhc ; world Train having, n 4:04,.mile. "nrocksniUh, had the speed:ami endurance of a' cow pony," ns- ...ji the lame Indian. "He could set a killing pace nnd hold 111. In Cunninghoiu's opinion, Lovelock peaks, .for one race better than nny pllier'ot his rivals, but Gene Venekc Ls more .consistent llian Hie New Zcnlnntlei He ntl- \lsi» t Don-Liuh lo cc>ceulialc on 'on: 1 distance numbeis "Lovelock jhit ,lop form when it coiin(ed most, uut Vcnxke a|vvavs can Ije counted on to bieik 4 15 Ti?cite^^,tlvp v) ^prJ(l^ iccoid JiqUlcr I n'); Is dai)(,frioO'x'~nt^ifif" mile' but" has^um^ikablc tnlcnt (or 'OPB cvcnUs ' > Pare mnMng Is not nccessnrllv t dlsarlvantagc if a runnel hns a good sense of time nnd can sprcnd his cffoit piopcilv, according to PQOSIIED IT UP gam by the trade, experts believe i-, In Ihe Lary-Knlckerjocker e\- chnngi' iThe reeoids leave liltle to ehqo|« [between Hlldebranc) 0 and Andrew^, both oi wUoin, ^ut, W, hav had six years' big league ex-, perien'ce t ! ' Lary Fleet on BaseO larj is a scrappy plajer who Is the best runner in the Ameilcnn League. He led the league dtuh'ig th past Uo sunune's in pl"c-r~ bases, slealing 38 last siunmer Knlckerbockei stole nve ' Knickerbocker Is uninspired In pIsyHLs slump in last jepr's tam- puign was blamed as much ns any other facloi in Ihe sudden drop of the Indians fiom second lo litlli place Laij, n sensational neldei nn<l base runner, considered by man> •••>... 4. u«u lu n, n ciear around Hie best siiorlslop in tiie league, (him when I made my bell-lap .= n ,»i.,.i,i. ,„.,„,, ...... ,... urint i like free racing loom'arid ie pacemaker has it. I've won Scls AJarks' Despite Sore Ankle "Sometimes it's n handicap lo b:> lostled aiouud tack In Hie neld." explains Glenn. "In the Wnnnmnker Mile of the other night, for example, the boys pock- 3000-TIii Mark Goal of Friscli In 1937 Season By NKA Service ST. LOUIS, Feb. 13. - Frankie Prlscli. about to enter Ills 19th major league campaign as second baseman and foreman of the St. Louis cardinals, needs only 127 lilts this season lo reach the 3000- hit mark. 'Only four other men have plica up this many safeties .in modern times. They are Ty Cobb, Trls Speakei Hans Wagnei and Lam Lajoie ! Fi-ankle hadn't planned to play regularly (his season, bill because of Ihe recent serious Illness of young Stuart Mai tin, the old Forcllmm Flash will be back at,Ills second base past and swinging away trying to bat his way Inlo Mils tiny hall of fame of 3000- hlLsmitlis. Tony Laizcri New-York Ynn-' second bnsermn, studies the second conti act offered him l)y Col.. Joke Huppert; scratches his head, 'and then scratches a ,per. across .the doited line. r iony, who ind spurned one rontrnct offering S12000 Is believed to hive poo'hed the fip- ure up to S14.000. The other night he was lionored by ...u..i, LU> iTA.iiui/iL, iiic uuys IJOCK- iii£m iiu was nonureu oy L\L'\V eted me on the ninth .ap and I I Vork baseball writers for hav- 'lPni]\ t.rhlElOfl VTniiil. n nn¥ niitol'In fn(T cf n nod Hin tivnrttnct rvnmn tripped Venzke got outside I, utitl to rim Is a valuable lead-oft man Last yeai. he drew 117 bases on bills being outdone In "(Ills lespect by Lou Oehrlg Lary , undoubtedly will be the leidoff man for the Indians, who ha\o been handicapped by lack of r n No. 1 position batter who could get ,on base often enough to cap- iltilizc on the stlck-|«mei of Aver 111 and Troskj. Women Lack Curves in Bowling Game By NEA Sen ice DETROIT, Feb 13 —Madeleine M Romen, secielarj of the De- Iroit Women's Bowling Association and popular instructor, says that men aren't good bowling instruc lors for women "The .trouble with 'men," says Miss Romen, "Is that they try to teach women to ; IKfbw a hook That's wrong Men have stiong wrlits and can make a ball spin but because of their strength anc speed of delivery the ball docsn I start spinning until It Is well down the alley ' Women, who aren't as strong can't put sufficient speed on the ball and the result is that whei they, tryMo hook It they throw I so slowly that it,starts spinning a.- scon as. it leaves:their hands am curves into. the alley gutters. ""Women can.throw a'hook, bu they should start witli a straigh ball" Alabama Ring Team Led By - Canzoneri's' Brothe By'NEA'service ' ' ! TUSCALOOSA, Ala, Feb 13- Cynis Canzoneri, brother of tl lamed Tony, 'is' co-caplain of. th University J 'ofj Alabama ,boxli team. CyVus Uia juniftr middle weight and, although a sophomor is considered 'one" jo( jthei, best fighters «ver lo represent ''Alabama.^ >i . om in front several times and ay try It, again." Ounnlnglinin believes, that he Is ore formidable Indoors than oul c .the licavy atmosphere. The brightest star' In the mite rmament attribute his being in iape this winter lo run a really st quarter at (lie end of a mile regular hours, his wife's home nnd moie satlsfaclory ing staged the greatest comeback of 103B. Maybe that had something lo do with (he rais» ' . 48 hours later. note n year ago when he baggci the national A. A. U. junior COO meters in Philadelphia. The awesome array, of Olympic National A. A. U., National Col Icglnlc, nnd Intercollegiate 4-A champions who form Ills prlnclpa opposition will keep close tab 01 him from now on, but Jame. Bruno Herbert can stand consid erablc watching. Cooler and Braggadocio Cage Teams Split Games COO I CM Mo F«.b n — The ootcr and Sraggadoclo? basketball earns split [games on the local omt lildny night, Coolers girls inning 10 to 14 and the Rr-ig- adocio boys triumphing, 17 to 9. The girls' game was easily Iho lost Interesting of . the two with he tennis staging a hip and luck- iilllr The llnc-ups 'and individual coring Glris—tCooler) Wogsler. 2, an \Iicliie, 14, forwards; Byrn and •rice, centers; Darnell and Nidi ols, guards. (Braggadocio) cop- c 5, Crowe 4, Bryant 5, for vaids; Bycr aixl Webb, ceutere Crowe and Bryant, guards. Hoys — (Cooler), Azbill 4; t Brown. T. Brown 1; Copeland J Vaughn. (Braggadocio) Callaher 8; Bli;!i;nn, 2; Ellis, Kcarsey and Holmes, 2. Ilornlon : of Armorel, Ark. rfilcrcc. The Hull, Influence NRW YORK, Feb. 13. — Mpr home nins were hit In the Yankee \ halfback, be hung in th ookint', aining facilities in New York. e prnctirally commuled between nva City and New York last win- r,- so he appreciates how much ie trips from Uloominglon. Ind - Manhattan take out of Lnsh. " p; "''ium last season than any! Cunningham has in idea that other park in the American- c would be better still if lie odd acquhe flvc'oi sK ixiuuds One of the more rcmarkabie hlngs about this Uack phenome- lon is that lie alwajs will be Mthered bj i soie ankle He ruln- n the ligaments plajing basket- all Hunlmfr Herbert of Ikulcm James Bruno Herbert, first Nero to v\iu the Mlllrosc COO, nl- ributes ills improveincnVthls season to having Ins full strength The newest big name In track las Improved steadily under Emil Von FJImg coach of New York University The 22-jcar-old Colored Comet has a finer knowledge of pace and Increased confidence He scales 154 pounds and can stand It .all. [or he's six feet tall Herbert defeated one of the Inest .of Mlllrosc fields in capturing an event that in the past went lo such Illustr'ous performers . as Ted Meredith, Earl Eby Alan Helflrlch, Charley Hornbos-' ' tcl. and Eddie O'Brien.' t>eatcn In three ," cup season. He is races this Cr rrier •' ~ Herbert is majoring In physics at the New York, Curb Exchange He Is the only son and sole support of his widowed mother A trumpeter and cornetlst, lie plays in bands to make extra money Following his schoolboy a B 'y s Heiberl, a produce of Harlem did Ills best work !n relays until he won his first Individual title or school's Hall of Fame on tiie wall of the varsity gymnasium. Th painting | s being done by Fran Marasco', Milwaukee artist. Wyoming Counts Noses Of Its Game Animal ... ._ CHEYENNE, Wyo. (UP)-A ccn Perhaps Ihe boys con- Sl| s of game animals In Wyonii . - racted the habit from Babe Ruth WARNING O1UJKK IN THE CHANCERY COURT OHICKASAWBA DISTRJCT,' coutm " A FEBRUARY. 13, 1937 , • «,..-' i • ' /Iinneso(a : . and: Pittsburgh May >: 'Give ri ''Nebraska's New Coach Headachei BY ROBERT KRI.LV | : .''' InHi'd Prow Staff Correspondent LINCOLN, Nol>, (UP) — When (Biff) Jones resigned rain the army to become football ouch at Hie University of Nebms- a he luckled a gridiron problem hat probably made the most - In- ilt-ile military mnneurei -child •, lay by comparison. Hie 1037 Gomhusl'ei schedule ontnlns two headaches foi the m-ijoi, ot any other coach, re ardless of Die available material "hey are Minno-ota und Pitts- iiiTili both of which vveie among tit stiongest outfits of the IS'ia cason. Doth universities ate expcclecl to mve stronact teams ntxt fall In ddlllon Jones will have the Uni- eisily of Iowa University of In- lana mil nve Big Six conference bchools to worry about. In contiast to Minnesota and 'Utsburgli where material: Ls ileiitiful at ail [XKltloiw, Nebraska > experiencing a shortage of 'sc'a- boncd and hefty backfleld men Only Quarterback Johnny -.Hdwcll f the 1930 quartet that ro<le 'to Iclory ovci all opponents except Minnesota and Pittsburgh will be "i * fail. Sam Francis All America full- beak, Lloyd Cnrdwell, fleet half- nek, and Kon Dohelns will be one Ihe CoinlHisMs, however aie aiilv well foi lined m the line illi vetervm, at everj position he foiwiul will will be biult round the ledoubtible junior cen- 51 Chailey Block nominated by itlsbuiBh players as, tlio best lapper bick and raying defensive enter they encountered last yeai Jones came to Nebraska aftet me jears expcilence as a head oacli In big lime football He was ie head man on the coaching aff at West Point for four jears ml vvns on the staff theie for 11 eirs He vvns head coach at 01 Iwo His teams 1m'e won 59 games ost [ 19 and tied 10 for a percent- ge of 766 His three Immediate ledwcssois nt Nebraska diet bet ei than that Their recordb at Nebraska Fred Dawson (1921 24) won 23 ost 7 tied 2 707 Einest E Bears' 1925-28) won 23 lost 7, lied 3 <bf Dana ^ Bible (1920-38) won Ml 15 Itlert r 7 769 t , r £t,4^:^ jtiii.'j'. ':•»• ••":5' i -vr,(-'?---,*-;v».-'-;-, •.•<•.•.,*•, .-..;-,.' .', , ;'".'.:' :"'"" 7, } '\^^&m r ^r ^ ai-e c blue, Gosh, Babe, L'ni — y had a. liiile Ttorse, Hi*, feet uerejasi and true, And everywhere ittat Mvryuient I wish thai I went too. all Maaia = er Pie Trayno'r. remaikcd 111 .have to te looking aiound for i good sjx>t to farm hlrii next season' Sotilllpa* Wilbur Cooper had an ansyvei for' that lie said: v* After jouvc \nlchcd tliat tyd, pilch for a rouplc of weeks j'ou wont \\ant to setl^ h'nn anyuheie Dont be surprise*! il he makes goc<l the first season up.' When Ine Pirates start Innnin 1 at-San'-Bernardino! Cal.. 8 Wallace Autobiography Presented to Faculty AMES Iowa (UP) —More than 100 coples^of the autobiography of Ihe late Henry Wallace, founder of the mid-western farm paper that bears his name liaie been present- «Uo_the^owa Stole College libra-" Bead Couner NtwTwIn't oiiislana state foi three years pie Traynm vill"'which the 20 Ulmeislt y °f Oklahoma year old Helnlrelmaii ckralj He throws a cnnnonbtll." In winning 20 ganies and losing 8 last season, Teintzelman stmck rail 229 batters n 243 innings. In one game he wns for relief in Ihe ninth Inning.^He struck oiil the Ihrce bal- :ers-'Avhb-faced him. N fiulvirt in Unit of Fame MILWAUKEE, Feb. 13—A life _-, , t "**- . -.....^a u» JT t* turtLC, iviu. i SIM oil portrait of Cnpl. Buzz the makings of a great pitcher ; Buivlcl. Marqueltc University's star cording to Cooper. ' Southpaw Rookie May Make Grade ' AVIth Pittsburgh PITTSBURGH (UPJ-lne Pittsburgh Pirates bosses arc wonder- 111° if they have another Cy Bhn ton on their hinds—this tim* i left Innded Cy Bhmlon Blantou cime to Pittsburgh -a tbuple of years back and hi his first season, led the pirate.hurlingVstaff and-easily was the standout fookie '"i the National League. ,. , ' Now the Pi rales have a rookie left-lmnded pitclicr fresh front the Pennsylvania suite League-"tean of Jeannetle, managed by.the fa m'oiis Wilbur Cooper, former Pirat hurler. The big left-hander, .-Kenneth Hclnlzclnua of PeniQue, Mo., has of a great pitcher, ac- ig to Cooper. "This boy HciiUzelman must be Thr old-fashioned diumng-rod. 'or locating oil ind .water, has given way to electiicity^and dynamite iii learning natures secrets In addition to the hbrarj gift, John p Wallace the pubhshei s son, has picsented 200 volumes of the book to low-i state hculty members The elder Willace was the grandfather of Heurj A Wallace- secretary of agriculture CASH For Government Loan Cotton A. R. WETENKflMP and CO. Phones 289 ..ncl'~830-V 112 South Seu.n<T WRECKER SERVICE for 1938 revealed the iollmvi figures: Moose, 4.175; elk, 37.160; menu lain sheep, 4,812; aiitelojw, 3^450 and deer. 30,925. ' The number of came anitmk ix)ii Matthews, pialnilfr,; vs. ," No. ' 0372 M.vrllc Haley, Gertrude ; Roacli, Vcrda Qnranvillc; Monle Haley. Mary Rny, WillleMaltliews, Vic-. lorla Moore. Leonard Matthew's,! Ixxnm Williams. Gerline -Hill, Bucll Hill, Vane Matthews. Elmo MatthcvvT!. Maurice • Matthews, j Vcrnon Matthews. Imogene Mat-! thews and z<ula Matthews, Di-l fendants. . Tlio defendanls, Myrtle Haley, ' Gertrude Roach, Verda Garanvlllc, Monie Haley, Mary Ray, Victoria Moore, Gerline Hill, Vane Matthews, Elmo Matthews. Maurice Matthews, Vcrnon Mat thews, imo- fcne Mptihews. and Zada Matthews are- warned to appear within thirty days in the court name,1 In the (Apllon, hereof and answer the complaint of the plaimilf Lon Matthews. . Dated tills 23rd day ot January; 1937: : •''• ..'''• H. M. CRAIG. Cltrfc • ; ny A. p. smith, D. c N'elll Reed, Attorney, Robt. A. West, "Ally.' Art Lllem. „ " '" •> *«JUU ftJ3 3.120 elk. 37 moose, 1,607 deer and 27 bear. • • • ; Play Billiards! Wholtsome Rwrtadon Moderately Mctd BIytheville Recreation Center 316 Tf. Main - Former Home of Bell's Pharmacy GARNER Al'PLKTOS MARVIN CHAPPELL WANTED Government Loan Cotton Phone 167 APPLEBAUM BROS. COTTON CO.- Bertlg Bldf. BIytheville, Art !•.• ! , "^^^^^^^^^^n I Here's ut Wilkeni and a few old-timers that belp make our Family's Whiskey J Sitluig over on (he lrf<—thtt'i my brother in • - l*w Tom. Then come* me-^ttandtng op. That llllle white hured man : »cntching bit DOIB btKind the Uble—he'» been mildng whiiLey jurt ihort of 20year». Pop Eailey we call him.' Leaning Kii back on the wall—that'a Dan Coyle that took up whUlccjr making 42 y«r«' ' ago. And sitting on the right of Dan it'i Mell Swank. Then my brother William. ; Harry E VVUken A phone call will bring our wrecker to the scene any hour of the day or night. Prompt toSy-in. service from any .point in this section. JOYNER Motor Sales Co. Biiick and Pojntiac'; ! Sales and Service Phone lOfJf) i]'i Speaking of enjoying yourself wait till you taste our own ^mily's Whiskey! It'* the lame in the like and pleasant as this Family's distilling; buiineii drink when we enjoy ours elf UsWilkenshavebeenafamily . of whiskey making people since I couldn't just say how far back. • ta \Vilken worked for Grandpa WUken in his distillery, and Pa . If you svant to sample something real extra tasty and that's got a grand warm glow.'to U without 'its ever being tSe.east'bit strong «•.-"••-... .. .- . tasting, I just wish you'd iako a " SiL r **°°^ And the old '. a little swallow^ our own timers like Dan Ce>5 ' le and Pop Fainily's Recipe,/For slow, sipping on these long winter evenings I don't know of any vyhis- key anywhere that's so grateful .— . „ " , ' its ever being t^e least bit strong S ave \SWH«n> nnd Tom and me ileyinl . workingwiththeWilken Family, ever since they can remember. "'COPYRIGHT w7. L i

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