The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 16, 1934
Page 4
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i.lGB FOUR »LYl'UtVlLU&, (AKK.) IHE BUTHEVILLE COUBiER NEWS PHE COURIER HEWg QO, PUHUSKBM 0. R. BASCOOK, Kltor •aw HAIKBS »avfnuonji 8^1* National AdverUsUtf Arkansas Dallies, too,, celrylt St Loulj, Uall*5, Vork, CJ(y, Published Every Aitarcoon Extxot Sunday. '1*.^* Entered as fteporxl uHss matter at tlie post office at q:}'Uj?vt)!«, kniisas, under »cl ol " JT^ tobet 8, 1917. Served DV trw rjpitM Pr<*« 18« p« SUBbORIPiTON . Sy carrier in me ir,ty ui it en or J5.W per year In Uy mall wltliLu a radius o! 50 ruJlu, (S.Ofl p«r ?«.•«, (1,5(1 ret <u inonOis, 85o foe (|J-q< tnwtb*. by mail In 'postal touts two to ilx, Inclusive, 16,60 per year, In jsones seven' too elfbt, I JO. 00 per year, payable In advance. Civilization Restored Social historians of tlic future will prolwbl.v riMiienibfli- lliu priuuMil mo- incnl ;ts dm cm in \s'ludi (ho Unilutl Stales finally discovered how to cope with liii'KC-sciilc crime. After the wild years following 1020, in which lawlessness suemed to bt> utterly beyond control, and underworld leaders were not so nuich delimit of the law us conteinptuiMi.s of il, .society lias found a way to reassert, itself. Capone, Dillingcr, Kelly, Siinkcy, Ban-ow and Floyd— one after another, the bad men are cut down. The old rule that the outlaw's iwlli can lewd only lo a prison cell or nil early grave is hcing enforced again in the United Slates a.s in other countries. The bullets which ended tho ciireer of Floyd merely emphasize the fuel llial Die United Slates is rogiiiiiing its right lo call itself a civilix.ud eountrv. Where the Fault Lies Survivors of the iMorro Castle disaster, and relatives of the people who perished in il, have formed what they call tho Mon-o Castle Association; and this association has just passed a resolution condumiiing the federal steamboat inspection service because its report on the tragedy lays the blame en individual seamen rather than on the company which opcrdtud the steamer. Tin's is a sensible attitude to take, since il, is a reminder that the basic trouble was a general condition rather than the dereliction of a few men: but it would be (ivcn more sensible lo go still farther, and to condemn current practices in the .American merchant marine as n whole rather limn one particular company. Until shipping companies institute ( . working and wage comlilion.s which make it possible to keep experienced crews and to maintain proper discipline and training, tragedies like that of the Morro Castle will continue to be possible. Not one man or one company, but the merchant marine as a whole, must share the responsibility. A disarmed United Slnti-s would be « menace to the peace ol the world. -Dr. Thoimus It. Hcaiy, Georgeloivii University. >UTOURWAY B NEWS Among ' \InstilutiQns' The mayor of n iurgc i)iid(llcvvcst«i'i! t'ity hax y())ioti!icc(l that .soapbox speakers of rudieul pcrstmh'ion will no longer be allowed lo make speeches 1'rom lusti'imiJi in u downtown piirk, its has Ijeen the tiistom in thai city for many yours, Defending this action, lie ilechre.s Uml "we miM rcsncct Amcrjnui in- Blitiitioiis," and Unit Hpeakcrs who do not respect llioni will not IKI imnnitted to air their views, The chief Haw in this ,iUjtm|e i.s that one of liio most tsficreil of- all Ainerlc'iin jjislitutioiw Ls llii: rjglii of free speech. H ^ | ltir ,| („ jneuleate ii respect for American institutions by outlnwinjv one of Die most iiiiporl.'iiiL of (hem, There is, also, the milled consideration that such action .simply play.s into the limuU of the malcontents and Kive.i them .something to (tilk about. Labor Tal^es to Golj l-aljor dispiitos in Ihis country are seldom exactly parallul with lliosc of ll)« older lands beyond the seas; but, it remained for striking employes of n factory in Liid)(w, MHS.S., lo Iwiiiff soinelhitiB absolutely new into the technique of labor warfare. These striken* were angry at their er.stwhilu IIOHSCK; liuin^ nngry, (bey wnght, to taku if uiif on the liosses' jiroporty. ]iut thu iienrcst (hey could got to (he factory was the top' of a hill across the river. .So H-liiil did they do? They got ,;olf bulls ;ind drivers, teed up, and proceeded lo drive a bun-nue of «o)( bulls 'at Hie factory windows. They drove hundreds of them, and the slate, troopers were' called out, and the thing finally resolved itself into an okl-limu pitched battle. Bui Ihn golf angle was a nuw con- Irilnilion to the labor struggle. And considering thu fact that golf has always been supposed to be Die game of leisurely bosses, there is sumelhinu grimly humorous about this new of tactics. Im the llvost. kick'ncBt iicrson you ever saw. — W. W. AUiTbmy, railioiiil I can't remember a sipijlc InsUmcc where BiimWiiiB onp vvny or aiiollicr caused (lie college players to lie down. —Glenn U'op) Warner. famous football concli. - * * f liclilbilllntW of 'tin: niilroad.s fiiniislic* » yrcat opportunity for stinuilatitiB commerce and industry. —Joseph u. Eastman, Federal Coordinator of Transportation. ••" * * Science Wilsus religioiis llilnkUif. Tip more mnn knows 'Hie ICFS superstitious lie becomes. —Dr. Robert. A. Mllllk-nn, famous scientist. * f t They don't train players pro|);rly. We traln- eil like prize renters for. football. — Pudge HclTcirinKCV. rnmous Yule gtinrd trom 1838 lo 1891. Bv Williams IT our OF HERE / GET IT OUT, QUICK/ THE VERY IDEA' A SNAKE SKIN' l FOR. A BOOK \ MARKER/ WHV, !4T<? A ^WELL BOOK-A MARK? A KID GIMME \T GOOD 60SM/ WHV DON'T YOU THINK BEFORE YOU GIT SCA1P.T, LIRE THAT? YOU KKJOW A SMAKE. COULDN 1 6ET IMTO A 5HUT BOOK.ASI' VOU RMOW A SNAKE AINT THAT THIN,AN 1 YOU KM SNAKES 60TTA HAT, AN' THEVAIM'T NOTHIM 1 Tb HAT IM A BOOK-AN'- WELL - YOU SHOULD "Well, can we go liome nmv, or do von want i ( , fe;ir around lhc resl of the niuhl?" ' 7/v/s CURIOUS WORLD By miim Ferguron WOLF IS STRIPED LIKE A TIGEE, HAS A TAIL LIKE A RAT; IS A R OPOSSUMS, AND IS MOT A WOLF KIUUAY, NOmjfllij; !<j, 103. Th<e Clew Wlieu i;!i 110n»u\ rf. |iurli-r fur Tin- lllniK-. l> 'im.od Ik-nil DA.N III.GHKIEH. |,ul,ll.| „ r»i|i)o>-> OIHXKt (illu-1.- tun"",' rrJfiil"o|ncUI, lu «nh v Ihr luimlrc SlorJci. liuil !«•»„ Im-r.ilmi h," ,"; airnlr. ai |"'!t<» .VH II, firVi'lirly umllkj noil urornlnrnl, toll, mine Ihi' urrenl at Qu tai|iuklar Htilmln;; lu Iff C.alliuf flail <u-voi»|in,ilril lij a Blrl eiill»i> MAflY llllKins. Tht Jn, followlut »lonl,.o'. d^tfih Cmttuj ille* fit \in\iual nK . (•'rflT Irnriii »l»nltn tirnl vl.llco MK- ti|j[,rliijC-<ir nt AI.ICJ-: I.OHTO.S prt'tlr tttitt fini-m|ir[»-riJ fir cun- frnnt. Alice ivllh KK.\N|;TII IIODNH. iireli'tii (I,, Kill- I«B Mnnlrn. nml [lirY n rr .rroiu'il Mils. HI.AM'IIK )IAI.O.\r lor whuin JIIIS TATIIAY n.ij CM III. dttcvtlre In brr f ...... ,„. liavr Itffn Mfilrrlilut;, )• torrlcj linr ri>liikr» (n inlk. fif-lfl nnti lUccfci-r po Co tbr 1,0. - ' . noi\-i. i]» SloUn ^Irirlilry. In ij. Tin-/ (!•»' <:IIAHI.KS I.-I nllinj-'- lji»vy«-r. Ilirrr. nr.n •: . iln- ,;lrl Sl.f ir!l. •11,5. ll.nj . .,. I'KTE >l . II. OSp nml Hun n li'n n e cl Ui I'll A Mi HI.ISS. O<;lluij 1 .<.),:iDir NOW <;o o> wri'ii v»i5 STOIH CIl.U'TKIc -\XXVII1 jjMSHliU turned to the two men. "Have sow Gentlemen any rives' tlons you want lo askV" Crltt shook lita heat!. "I'm eatls- lied." ho eaid. Illeeter liesilatcd for n moment. 1'hen lie said, "No. tliorc's iiolblng I can think of.'-' Grill turned to the girl. "I wnm her promise." lie safil. "thai slio won't leave tills room for at least an hour." "Very promise." "Naturally." G r I t f slie "I'll goes lo Hie trouble o! perfecting lila signature so that u is nu al- mosi iicrfcct forgery ot Hie slgnn- lure of Frank II. Calliay. Me goes lo llio ironble ol nicking the pocket Of Kraut II. Cnlliay fu order to secure Identifying cards. lie goes lo coiislderatilc espouse lu connection with Die renting ot an automobile and getting o room In a hotel tvhero lie can masquerade for a short lime only as Caliiay. WliJJe |,o ( 3 ,,,a(f. Ins this masquerade • he ensiles a small check. I ask you, therefore, what cnn imssllily tie the moil re of such a crlmo'f" Orlff Hiiililenly gave an nxclama- tlon. "fly jovu!" ho sail). "I have it!" Kisher stared steaillly at hint. "1 «-as thinking." c;ri[f said slowly, "iliat fashing ilie check might lio much more Important than tho amount of casli received." Uleeker frowned at ihe uvo men. "1 confess," he- said, "1 ilon't (ot- low- yon." l''isbcr's noil became gloomily emphatic. "Ucyoiiil nny question." ho said, "thai Is It." "What Is'!" Uleckcr asked. Tlie attorney turned to him. "Vnn arc a nov'siiapcr put>ll.°ber. Mr, nieekcr. I am acllni; as at lorncy for Mrs Cniliay nnd fur the Cathay estate. My duly 10 my client probably requires me 10 keen silent anil yet ive have neen thrown tofelher in this Investigation snlli clently go thai I feel It IF. In a measure, a joint undertaking. 1 nm. therefore, ffolnc i 0 oiiillnp this i theory 10 yon—n itieorv which I turning to Hit attorney, "we should I f ef ., „„.,,„ „.,„ ^ ' look up tills Miilonc woman." ,, orto ,, b ( . , ^ '£ Slie comes next.' Klsber agreed. ask ,„,, bowerer . ior ,. 01Jr \. nr( | 0 , Ori J nodded, his eyes ware Half- | honor „,„ fou wni allolv „„ rumor c T' |ea ;. __,, , lor tills in creep Inlo your - -- TAUGHT FRENCH FOR. THREE. VEARS.IM A GIRLS'SCHOOL IM THE SAHAEA DESECM RECEIVES THREE. TIME-, AS MUCH SOLAR ENERGY AS IS CONTAJNFD IN ' ALL THE COAL BURNED IN THE WORLD IN AN ENTIRE YEAR J or l,r* SERVICE, I.SC. The sun cncli year cxpcncls enough heat on tir.- eailh to melt eslrlal layer ol ice *M reel thick. The ileek of a steamer in a ocean receives enough hc.U eneryy to drive Ihc ship at a yp 0 knots an hour. Ni:\T: llnvv many I'liilinjjim; I.s'.-ind.s are I lit-re? Doctors Fear Insurance Plan Would Undermine Standards This is the last of Iliroc- arli- tlts by l>r. 1'ishlicin smi'S the . nicdicul iirofr.svinn's vir\vs of iitH the oliosl." he said, "thai we discuss this matter [iirtlipr In the lobby ol the hotel. Stella Mock ley Has promised us to remain bete, I feel certain that she n'lll ilo so. t tiling Ihat now she rcnll/ea only loo we]] ihe scrions/ioss of the crime in which she has bccoin.i In- rolvetl." 'I'he girl nodded nor licail. Kistier lool( Urifrjj arm, nodded lo I5leelicr. Tlie three men lefi die. room, walked slowly down Ihe cor i ridor. "Gentlemen," said Pishcr in a low voice which showed the intensity ot hia concentration, "you can commence! tn annrecialc ihe real situation. Here we have a crook wlioK' | =.11,1 nacnc, evidently, is t'r:tcr Maloae. He lias nnilnnritcdly niade until we are renily 10 i Hie an 'Tin maMtit; no promises." Ulcener siiiiiiiornly Insisted "I'll listen to v.-hat von have lo say and tlipn I'll decide when li will o.' CJrlfr readied oat to pres^ tlie button ivhicli would call ihe elevator. "Uoii'l iln |i:si yet," Fisher saiil. "i want to limit.-." ] lie moi'cij slisliili' ofi.'irt from ; the iwo men. siar'.i'ri pacing ihmiglitfully up am) dntm the car- lieieil corridor. Bleeker -:aughi Critf'5 eyes. "I niako no Mintl^ promises." he "What ir : tjfiin theory?" 'I'd prefer von near it fvoni ihe . 3tu<lyi|| 1)3 O i lhc nllnrnp y- [; rin « a1< , of 111.? iile and iiitbiis o! [''rank H ;"| 1UI eV jdciHI>- we're (need with > „, y ' ! conspiracy ot murder. I Hunk , . 1 ani coHiincucloB to tliiiik Dial iFi 5 |,er i= go!lll: lo lr ,n „, „,,„„, a this scheme .3 sonielluns ih-.u nassn w Ijeen years In incwuiy: lluit tor given some sinlblel ' sum v ; "I'm ance." lose Peter Mil lone Is aboiu lo contuse his iuemiit with (liat of Frank H. Cailiay." "liut." Orili poinied out. 'Ca thay ia dead. A live 111:1 n conic not very well couliiEe Ins lileruil; n'ith a corpse." "That Is true." the lawyci i:iill "Jlnt let ns riot lo^u sight 01 ilie talleiu nil d sly m lieu in facts l.t; me check tlR-tn ^viiji you. l-'uat. I'eier Maloue takes steps to nicntiij ; ,,, y uu-gvy .,l tiuj ,. llv rj. ti himself as Frank U. Caihay. Ilc I theory wliicii is atuiiiy su In't nave tstiri yyu 10 Have ini thru r,rouii = (? I can ns- 11 von won't Differ Uy U " nn! reOl-i:; Tin voui asflir Hie imlilishei aald. "I'm nrj ,10 u"j'."Mr^," In 1 ; iii'iiaF^iilly renr-hpil ri 51:11 er;-|r):i Mr- iiinu'd nut', ^Iroilf l^t- cm;u\oi unlH n^ liiccij wn niea. Millejurii." lie saitl In unie= ol (Lett;! ininaiion. -'itrentu^i. or no pioinisc. I a:n ^niii:: l«j u-li yc-'i llatcil uy the facia. "l''or sotue rca$or this man. I'eicr Malone. wlshe. lo lake tin- ulcuiiif ot Prank It. Cniliay, uoi lor somt- tiling tliai la lo uc duue In the fiilure, inn for something thm n[i5 been done in Hie past, tie nas, over a [icrlod of years, perfccied ins signature so that H resesnliles Him ol I'Yanl! U. Cailniy flotvcvci. ne 'Hnows thai ihere Is Illieiy 10 MB some (iiicstlou as to ilie slBriaini'j. Tticrefore. lie desires lo u.ive an ideniical dignatiirc for (lurjioscf ni comiiarlson, wlilcli handwrlllnu experts ran uncover among HIP fijp- nosedly ecniilne docninenls til Kraiik 5. Cniliay. "For Him reason 11 |IPCOIIKJ= In, iwrailve thai lie casJi n cliwV umkr Ilio forged slsn.iuirc; thai such a check no found among Ilie efTem ol l''|-(inli B. Catliay us umiucstlon- ahly a genuine check. Me lakes tlio trouble to go. therefore, ic n hotel. Me knows lie will require some ranis ol ideniilication lit taltes ibe trouijlo 10 plcit Ciiiliays Docliei ol these cards. Wllli t| 1: ii na a tincligrouml. lie cashp= a clieck at tlic hotel. Tliat was a)l tliat lie inlendeil tn do. "Unfortunately, however, he was ot an amorous ilisiioblilon'as is so (reiniciiily Hie case wlin cninhi.ilf ol ills lype. Ilc Allowed nlmfoll lo become involreil «-iih ,1 VOIIIK; [ H-oman \vlto. acconling lo lic-r own 1 account, made things very cRsy Ior _ film. In fact, considering nei story jsbe was perhaps the aggriibsoi lu j making the acquaintanceship. Ylie | man saw no reason why he should | not yield 10 the temptation ot ilie tnomenl but fate Intervened. In coiunany with Hie young woman lie was arrested for a minor tralhc violation, lie was tak'cn lo police lie.idnuni tcrs. lie tried desueralclr to sectire tils rc'leasc. without al? ing (tie onine ot Catliay. fie mlsht have done so tiarf ttie police act cheeked up the reslstraiiou ol tlic car he «'ap driving am) found it had been retiled under lite name of Cathay. Ho vine cone thai far there was only one ihlnj to do. Thai was to rely upon tlie Identic? of Cathay to =el III in released froiii j jail as quickly as tiossidle." "flui." lijeeker objected, "that doesn't nnil;e pensc-^il isn'l logic." "\\liy isn't it losic?" tlic attorney askerl. "Uccan^c. II this Peter Mnlonc wanu'd to eaiiilillali lib slsnaiure as Ilial ol rranh Calliaj he Oe- fe.-ueil his owtj purpose Jus! soon as Cniliay would receive ais statement from the nnnli lie woul recogiMjce Hint tlie check was or. he ha'l'iu)l given and llint H was a forgery." Fishers smile «yi: lusi a litllei l>,-<ir<>inzlng. | j "1 iliiiili. ,Mr filectier." lie said j 'thai you nave missed Hie deadly i sigriJTicntire ot ttii? enltre matlfir _ liia I leel certain lint yollr coin p-.uiion Mr. CriH. is keenly nw !'it il. Shall you lell him. Mr. Grin" ,.ir bliull IT ('In lie (.'onlhiiEci]) is a - Ihr nun Whitman's Piiilosopliy To Be Published DCJflHAM. N. C. (Ul'i—blu:li5ij of Wall Whllmnn will Io: m li.c- focal point for tlie iVovjnibcr i^saj 01 American l.iU'iaUnt. ciuaiitM'- iiial joiiniai published at nuke University here. Mutcrial from (!»• poet's noie-' hooks of 1BG2. hcretofcrc unuiib- iishctl, will he in the? n;-u J,M«-. j T fitnilics of his conception :>f spirit-'lias ual democracy, his artistic rvolii- "liicriiti." It. L Husl:. liiirJ'JLl:. !I;uv: of Texas. an:l Kv.arthinovc. ;'. Colinnhiii; K. P. al : Killis Ciimiiicll, il. K. Spiiler. o! edit Llie piiblication. ClaiMins OaiKlps. manaaint; erlitor. "fid ,Kiy U. ilubiii-il. ciiiirinan nl Ihc hoard 01 cclitai's. arc l) u ku pro' liiltt-n Was Two in () m UNTON, Mass. lUPi—Wh;il tour cyiis, IAVO mouths, one boat], foiif ]'.-^.s aiui one |-nj? A lion, anrt of iii.s interest in the; kitten, horn at tlie Mi Ho\'" Kin Bible will appear, as win .„, ar i- ; Ishing Com|)any phint' wi '•' of -i iclc "Watt Whitman and ll )t! At- lillcr of n'e. ha I Us "ml,,-, hu.tic Monthly." tlescribm.. lin- st-ition. "miDm.i Y/ales Wished Brother Good Luck on Trij LONDON i UP i-Till- Prince; c, Wulc;; «-»s Hie only person ivli knew of liic Oiikc of Kent.'-.; in trillions to pronosn to Prin-i-.Marina of Giecce. Wales. ; (s his best frientl an invontc brother, was let. indi Hi secret. Wlicit the Du}:e of Kci. (Ir-parteil for Vnyoslavia --to p u Hie (jucslion." Wales .s;,..i- Mm of »ncl his last words were- "Goo luck!" (ted Courier OUR BOAKDMG HOUSE Hv . out. Uu-re lias l::-on no par- 1SY UK. MOIIHIS I'lSUIIDIN 1 MT1T1 1VJV " Ucuhn di-sirr for the .sj:-t:-ni voit- liy orf:iiiil/rtl labor. --"' liKbislrir, ;iti- Ui-im; .so l.'ttUnr, .Innrnal uT (lin Ami'riciul I "Ulch liouhh'd \M||) lasatinn aiui Medical Anoi'l.'illuii. ami of 1 *'"'' ""' llrt'blcm:-. nl nncinplny- llyceia, lhc llcaltl. 5ti, S av i!.""." !'. >! "!™. K <- •['"' "M a,;-; pen- Coctors have always lakcn cave ot llic oxiri-mcly iwur. in tlic pasl, and under sicknw., insur- nncB systems thai is JUM wtial they do now. II is iirnhably what tlic doctors «IH aJwuy.s have 10 (to. Under onr system of ciiu^^cncy relief in this coimlry tlt.-iin-' Hi la." pay doctors to sonic extriit for tlic care they clvc lo (lir jnucrl.v- licularly iiii''rr,Mcd in over any sy s t nils „[ .sick,,,'^"',",',! Miratice. Ill llli'ir work, .••ijr-iu! M-oi-;;i-r.-, liomcs. It.;l,is Unit their j:iiy IKI.S hJinrif.'l relief in this cr-.mlry dm.,-. Ill- ',„ 1 "" lm "' I!1l - v ,. " iis Wll '"'- : last INVO years, moans li.iv,-' been ^ v / d ° "' L" K ; i(w j iml (acl<lv workwl out by tlic Buvfrmnciit to; ^hu^ Mliialion. pay doctors to some extriit fori .,. ., tlic care they (live lo (lir jnunrlv-),:'.,.. "m-nitiil car,. ; :i a stricken, lint the imjiirv inld 'is' ( '. -, I""" 1 " 11 MIC va ,t ma- innnitc.simal i.i comiKuiMin wit'r J (> , ( , ir tlo ! ;tors "" '«" want the caste of the .scmci- in time '/„,:.,'. k5 , 0 "' '" ">'<l'"l care mid efTorl .and h k ,l'.n,.linH- Uf' ( all people. niid elTort, .iiul It is understood that (Ills is an mier- gency inca.sure. Tlic ]>co|)le ulio hau 1 ta:cu trying to promote a jn.siir- nncc syMcm in lln.s ,,„,„„-, sav (toclors will make imm money unclcr Midi a sy.slem, iv^sibly lliey will. In KiiRlnnil. wiirre only tin; actual worker mill nol hi;, m-pcncl- dlts are cr.v;'it-cl Ij.v Insiiianrc. the avetiijr iiicolun of tlu- doctoio wliu carry on tiiMiruiiur work U «» IHllc mor i'MJW a vc.u aiKt tl.c tiocUir has to p,,v h| : . ( , M , m . i out of ili.-u. ai,e|, cloi-trjis air- ni'uuf' 1 "'n"" 1 ''' fWh l "' 1 ' i mom- or ,-,,f ,"'' .'"" :4rl - Ulll i "" '" i" 1 "'''- This doc's noi mi-,,,, rial doc- lovs arc opposed «> n,,. |,,i llt ipie ul Insurance u;, u mcihoil of iiay- mt'iil lor lio:-pii:,| c; , n . <IV us ., IllClllWl r,l puymrlit. [,„ |]ic lOSt'i (if Mcki!f. l s It dw-s menu u,al llic finality ,,[ nirclii-al ,vivitr atul tir: tiiTveiiiidn of disrwn ; ,n: UK- most .siiiiilficaiu liu-lcirs in tin: .siliKilian. Ooctoio «i!l Ix- o|)jiObCd to : iiy -slate or ledcral syr.tem (J [ insiir- amv for «(iVfi-Hlii(( (hi! cosls of| incilical car tlu,', will tentl to 'J| lOWCr 111,. ,,||;;ji|y (J f |1,,. l( ., v |t- u 'H'nd(.icd. ARMISTICE, 3O7-—UV.- CAESAR TO SAV IT COSTS MUCH TO EQUIP THE GREAT " WITH A rt m r /;^ CUPPEU&,tX.tROSE -^-YAH SUM-IT TAV<,t& /\ a \-\\- fAONEY tc^ TUSV /— —ANf Yp % BETTAH ' / STOCK UP ON T-EE-D/V\Y WORD -^ IT TAKES A "PRETTY PENNY TO SUPPORT A. "RACE HATE6 TO ASK BUT KIN YD 1 "VA.NCE vou DONT KNOW TV-\E

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