The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 14, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, October 14, 1932
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United BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS -»-^-"- - - m ~ •"• ' THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF HORTSEA BT ARKANSAS AND BOUTHBAeT U1BBOWU VOL. XXIX—NO. 179 Blythevllle Dally News. Blythevllle Herald. Mississippi Volley Leader. Blythevllle Courier. BLYTHEVtLlX ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, OCTOlilOU M, 191)2 SINGLE COPIES YTRYINUOAGH FAILS TO AC! Woman, Starving, Too Proud to Take Footi from Charily NEW YORK, Oct. 14. (UP) ! The law has promised ID break the I sm'iii 'af Martha Bastan. penniless | , French seamstress starved her- Declar-l s=1! te 2U days lo feed her cats r*. ... n • • • ! and i;oldfiih lint is too proud lo ac- Ui HlS 1 OSltlOn 1M | cepi ;hc city's charily fo:xl. Tiie little seamstress' condition was discovered when sha was found, weakened and weary but professing to feel much bener as the result of her enforce! d!jl—well enougr., she said, to continue her essay In French contrasting thjs; times with Near Future. HAMMONTON, N. J., Oct. 14. Franklin D. Rocsevell will announce his attitude toward Immediate payment of the bonus "in the near future," he said today in a letter to Thomas D;lker. newspaper Hie days of the French r^vclu'.toii , v e n California, Wadding's Testimony Given to Prosecutor LITTLE HOCK, Oct. 14. OJP> — 1 Thu highway audit commission to- (itiv ordered previous testimony of Albert Madding, former district engineer for Hie state highway department, turned over lo Putaskl county rroseculing Attorney Car] Bailey and that he be Instructed to take "Mich action lhal lie feels justified." Madding lins tailed to appear he- , I ill C MauuiiiK lias (ailed lo appear ne- AHontea Home, oeems f 01 . c t |, c commission the i>ast live Likely to Deserl Him. BV RAYMONn, rtAPPKR I times he has been subpeoncd. Madding could not be located at his home al. Pine Blull. It was decided unanimously to US! WISES TES1IF1DKI Closing Arguments i n Memphis Murder Trial Will be Heard Saturday ,|a|>an Trains Diplomatic. Guard editor and correspondent. Roosevelt's letter was in respond to one from Delkcr asking his position on' tho queslion. K-iosevell said he was "distressed" by 111-' bonus incidenl in Washinjlo.i. Roosevelt's reply follows: "I expect to make known m; views on the question of th; \'3t- erans compeasatlon in thn near future. I believe that no 0112 coiil: have great?! 1 admiration anJ af- j fection for our cx-scrvlcc men than I have and I deeply nppreci?.!;?. their .it r vices to Incir country. Coming in close contact with th?m as I did in my duties as assistant secretary of th; navy T developed an interest in them which has u°v- er diminished. You may te s-.ire 1 was deeply distressed by UK unfortunate situation relative to the veterans at Washington." She resisted city marshals and policemen wno attempted to take her to a hospital. "Go like a pauper! I'll stay here and Marvel My friends said 1 can't 3 taken against my will won't go." .she said. ant! 1 Sees Financial Dangers ALBANY, N. Y., Oct. 14. (UP) — Unsound financial policies "have made the federal treasury situation not desperate but at least threatening to future stability," Franklin Roosevelt Declared in the courss of enumerating a long range social welfare program, a^will Be $6.60 (or Six Weeks Instead of $7.50 Greene Announces. : • Tuition rates in the Junior high school have been reduced from $7.50 for each six 'weeks term to SO.GO. Crawford Greene, superintendent, of city schools announced today. The junior and -Efinlor high .schools are being operated under a plan by which reductions in tuition will be made whenever pos- WASHINGTON, Oct. 14 (UP) — 111 President Hoover's adopted land « the Pacific coast, his popularity hus ebbed since his 1928 victory, according to rcuorts from the far west In the United Press Nntion- • ' r-oHtical survey. Normally heavy Republican ma- jorilite arc cast in California. Oreson an'd Washington. This year thes» states will have 'a tolal ol 35 electoral votes. California's twentv-two is counted upon by Re- ^nrilicans as the cornerstone of their western strength. But Democrats renort their chances are excellent in all three states. "In intense wave of antl-Hoov- erism h aunnrin* f.rnm Ran Fi-pn- risco nn to Washington." one re- ooi-t said. Reixivts reflected the arcatcst nncerlainty concerning California, where for t)'f> first time in years Democrats believe they have a chance. Wants General Hal Norwood be called to the alleged overpayment ot the highway department on the Colter toll bridge and that he be Instructed to take such action as ho deems necessary. Washington. 8 voles: 1928, Hoover ,335.844 Smith 156.146. • President Hoover Is without r.^wspaper sunport In Seattle, the lareest cltv In Washington. The Oregon, 5 votes; Hoover 205.341: desire for a change is strong and rcnoris predict Governor Roosevelt will carry the state: There is Hull 1W11 ut ll.uutr iri.^i.^.^* J.W- . - - „. ,sib!e. For the present there will some, doubt as to whether the His social welfare policies were be AQ ch|inge in the rate at gen- I Demosratic Senatorial candidate. based, he made clear, on his belief that the "first obligation of gov- : 'eminent ii. the protection of .the Welfare, the'well being, the-yery ex-^ / istenee 6f'1ts own citizens.''''•'•"•' ;: The' "governor's attack on federal financial policies came last night in the course of an explanation cf his own policies on public building as a means of unemployment relief. "AH government treasuries," he said, "are hard put to keep their budgets balanced. If the policies of the present administration are continued," he declared, "there will fce deficits and yet more deficits." All public worfcs, including federal, must be considered from the |x>int of view ol the ability of the government treasuries to pay for them." ior high school, which each' six weeks term. $9 for i Homer T. Bone, will run as stron»lv as Roosevelt' due to some ormosition within the Democrntlc nartr. Senator. Wesley Jones, the -""toibllcaii •••ndidate, is • havhvr the hardest flirht of his career, b>it reports indicate hp Is more llkcl" to • rarrv the state than President Hoover. Smith ICfl.223.- Although Oregon has gone Democratic only once in j its history, in 1912.' rertorts favor Governor Roosevelt this year Offals 'A 1 so thoueh with the possibility of UttlCialS ,ni S O scm . ?thlil! , hnr)rjemn? ln the tail f«n- \t-eeks to turn it to President Hoover. One report said: should it so Democratic this year, it will be in mv opinion, because of adverse (millions of Mr.' Hoover, who. in California Republican Senator Declares He Cannot Support President. SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 14. (.UP! —Senator Hiram Johnson, ot Call fornia "cannot and will not" sup port President Hoover for reelectloi he said today In response to a t*ls gram from 70 southern Callfornli publishers asking him to make i declaration In support of Mr. Hoc ver. "I am a progressive Republican Mr. Hoover is not," was the theme f the Californlan's answer-to tht lUblishers, "Mr. Hoover has. justly..earnK he title of ultra conservative," h said. "The difference- between th wo may be described In a general zatlon and could be ptrttcuUrlxet u a hundred _»cU, :•-. i -. _» - j'_ *..-11**.-- MRMI'HIS, Ost. H.'IUIM—The o:ily eye witness to clrci.mslunces rruunding the fatal shouting of ill Jamison, negro, KIU produced day In the trial of Stanley A. iryenr, charged with killing the '(jro to hide the hacking to death 1'uryear's wife and daughter. She was Mrs. J. E. Struder, state butlal witness, wlio "heard two uuliols and then saw it large man ressyl In white disappear down r.n !ey." The surprise witness added that ic saw Puryear, dressed In a while lulu shirt, come from the alley nd enter the back porch of his ome. stale rested ils case with k Domestic Difiicuities Increased by Depression WASHINGTON, Oct. H: (UP)— Money troubles are causing an increase In home troubles as husband and wife argue over bills, Ihe American Bar association was informed today by its committee on legal aid work. The committee reported a heavy increase in the number of conijstic relations caws amon^ those too poor to hire lawyers. The committee furnished, through widely scattered legal aid organizations, legal assistance to 227,471 clients in 1931. These bureaus collected $674,122 for their clients but the operating expenses of the bureaus totaled $538,199. No fee is collected from the clients. Against Proposed Auto License Fee Reduction. LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 14. (UP)— The proposed constitutional amendments and initiated acts to be voted on in tne November general election today were opposed by the Arkansas County Judges 'association in executive session here. On the basis that the reduction of license fees would reduce highway revenues so that counths would no longer receive the one cent per gallon turnback from the 1D28, so permitted himself to be over-arivorlisc-d as the apostle o nrosteritv. This opinion .Is shared by important Oregon Republican wVm are in a nosltio 1 '! to round ou sentiment through the state."' Another renort said that Roosevelt was beini! helped by "Intensive n r »iinizntion work in the big nerlcnltin-al belt bv Democrats'and istlons! adunjhstrttlcn. 1 ,': case his tesllmony. This defense also estcd Its case aller Judge Phil Vallace denied a number of de- ense motions presented by A. 11. Galloway, chief of defense ccmn- «cl. Final arguments In the case till open Saturday morning. Mrs. Hortense Hoflbauer, divorcee, gave testimony concerning the irlvate lives of Sunshine Walker and Stanley Puryear. She stressed in her testimony incidents thai both Puryear and Sun- jhlne pn;/tously dtfnltd. She told of seeing Puryear often at Miss Walker's house and of knowing him then as Stanley Martin. Site declared that Purycar had given Sunshine many presents. '(', Mistrial finds'Murder Case Bui He Faces Term for Bank Robbery. Japan Is building ilp r new armed force, the diplomatic, guard unit, which will liravo Nippon's present forces In Manchuria tree lo campaign against''bandtU during the wlnlci'. Here Is one of the new guard regiments march.nk through Ihe famous Meljl Shrine In Tokyo aflcr complelliiK trnlnlug at ihc College of Literature undBclenee. Condemnation Suits Are , Filed for Levee Land y Seren condemnation stilts hay* been nied by thYst. ftuncis IJenf District In circuit court here to secure a right of way /or a levet cutoff on.-the Mississippi river, just (below : the" Arkansas-Missouri^ slato ne. - ' : ' • • The actions involve only about 37 cres of land and (probably, will not 5e contested. '.•' , . '• : > • six cent gasoline tax the assoela- I ™ e _ f _ f ^ v ^ tion also expressed opposition to the organization .seeking to reduce the cost of automobile licenses to $5. net In the controversy with David A. Gates, state revenue commissioner, in regard to Gates' action in withholding $39,000 from the gasoline turnback fund on the claim that the expense of collecting the additional 'one l?nt gasoline tax from which counties receive th; turnback was not provided for in The report noted that in the mat- the legislative act authorizing the ter of debt individuals during the turnback. depression are confronted with j problems to them jusL as serious 1 a.? international or corporais debU. thousands of unemployed who are well organized." California Doubtful California, 22 voles; 1928. Hoover 1.162,323; Smith. 614.365. California is the most hopeful spot in Ihhe wet* for the Republican tlck- •l according to the rerwrts. It has i tremendous natural Reoublican majoritv. went two to one for Mr. Hoover four years ago. re- cards the President as its own adopted son. and Is anticipating the stimulating effect of the administration reconstruction program through large loans recent Man Involved in Lindy Hoax Is Under Arrest WASHINGTON, Oct. 14. (UP) — Arthur Hitner, identified as one of the men who duped Dean Dobson Peacock in the Lindbergh kidnap- ing case, was Iwld here today for the grand jury on a $20,500 bond. Hitner, arrested two weeks a^;: in Hot Springs, Va., Jumped a $5,000 bond In Buffalo where he Is wanted on a bad check charge. Three separate charges of passing bad checks hnve accumulated sine?. Is Held Up On Lone Oak Road A farmer, returning home last night after selling a load of cotton here, was held up on the Lone Oak road west of town and his mousy taken. According to reports, two white men and a negro accosted the farmer after he had driven off Highway lv allowed for both Los Anaele and San Francisco projects from th° reconstruction finance corpor ation. One report said: "Northern Cal Ifornia seems ripe for a change due to the vigorous campaign in Roosevelt's behalf that Is bem waged by the McClatchey papers The appearance of McAdoo dl not help Roosevelt In norther California. I understand, that th nominee would have been g!ad t have left him behind but h would not rv? shaken. In South Domestic -Gonsumpt-i 6 n and Export j Shiprnients Mak,e. .Impressive Gains. \VA5HIN0fbN. Oct. 14V '(UP)The census' bureau today reported a September domestic cotton' consumption of 491,655 bale*, the largest since April, 1931. when 1 United States manufacturers used 60S.69 bales. At, the same time the commerce department made public figures on otton exports showing an Increase Tiore than 50 por cent In for- ign purchases for August and Sep ember as compared with the cor esponding .months last year. ! . During the first two months c he current cotton season exports totaled 1,186,000 bales, as cempar- d with 769,000 bales for the same wo months last year. September exports amounted to 34,000 bales. This was : a distinct ncrease over August exports ol 52,000 bales and the September hlpments showed encouraging increases to all Important countries except China. 18 onto the dirt road leading to Lone Oak. Tl:ey took his money and shoved him around roughly, the farmer told a Half Moon of- fiftcer. Reports reaching here did not state the farmer's name. crn palifo.-ila. Roosevelt strength was In evidence but Hoover ao•^d also to be well entrench r Beer and Liquor Seized at Fletcher Residence More than 70 quarts of teer. 10 gallons of liquor, battles and a sup- Ply of "flavoring" were uncovered In a raid at the home of Howell Fletcher on the Clear Lake read a short distance from the city limits, today. The raid was made by Arch Lind- sev. deputy sheriff.' is slated to face trial In municipal court this afternoon on a charge of possessing intoxicating liquor for the purpose of sale. Ark., Oct.- 14. ' (UP)—Although n Jury f:itlcd,;.tp :." reach n verdict on .whether OJaudb ' : "lluppy" Roach, 31, was, Iniisicnt '_•; or guilty In connection with ctiirg- : .• ex that he murdered Lawrence Har- '. -j vcy, Roacti will go \.l the state \- iwnltciillnry at Little Ro:k'lomof- -.-"I row nnywpy. . . ..' . ' . ••'' Roach was temcncsd. to three -.- yiiurs Imprisonment loclay on his lilcu ot Biillty enterej laic yes- lord ay to charges ot robbing the' Bank ot Hurrlsburg lost April 1-of .' $1,200. Two'companions. Arch Sttl- '. : gcr and John Ireland, who. also pleaded E 11 '"*'. were given''similar--, scnlenccs. They will be taken : to prison tomorrow. ' . Out It Hours ' • . . • The jury which was trying Roach ; on murder charges f»ll3d to agrje i uftrr 12 hours of dellboralbn-and 1 wns dismissed at .neon. Whether .,'. ! Koxh will be tried at the next ? lefm of court on Hie" charge has"' not been made known. • •'.•'•" J. W. Poble already had served . eight months of a ten; year ' term • for tho staying of Harvey. Ho tc.s- ; lined at Rpacli's trial that, he leb^.'•' the "rop 1 ! for the killing because'-;". he .feared that-Mrs. anisic Harvey, estranged wife of' the victim- and PC-Die's former wife, mlRht bo .' scut to prison. Poolc will bc.rer' turned to prison Saturday. : '- : Brown Ones to Chair' Thunnan Brpwh'.-'was sentenced '-, today to rllo In the electric chair" Oeccinhnr 15 for the miirder of Asr- ncw r.rnrdls. who was (h* ^on of Rtalo ScparnV'J. .|1, " ' "' ' " ,brol|j»r.;!pf 'T\ TJ.-i-Ma'r Replevin ^Cigarettes m Court Here Saturday. David 1 A. Gates, slaner of. revenue, state commls- as been .sub- Will Confirm Class of .Sixty and Dedicate New Church at Huffman. stltutcd for Frankc Wittc 'and Ony Bultnr as defendant In a re- plevin nctlon brought by Edgar Borum, local druggist, to secure the return of Wi unstamped packages of-tobacco seized by revenue agents 'several dnys ngo. The stustltulicm of Gales as defendant In plnce of Agents But- ilson Defeated Suggested .As His Successor. ! ' i ST. LOUI8, Mo.—Russell Dcar- mont of Cape Olrardeau, dsfented by Francis M. Wilson for tho Dsni- ocrotlc nomination, for governor of Missouri, Is agr.ln n. candidate fo; the place «s the resuH of the death Wednesday of Wilson. The name of Dcarmom will to advanced with strong support when tho Democratic state committee meets at JcflerEOu City Monday to' Dies at C<ir«Ma. Tenn'|;. .'. A class of 60 will be confirmed at the Church ol the Immaculate conception Sunday morning, 10:30 o'clock. The Right Rev. John L. Morris, bishop of Little Rock; is to be In charge of the confirmation rvices. He will also dedicate St. Peter's [lurch at Huffman Sunday after- oon at 2:30 o'clock. Bishop Morris will be assisted by e Rev. John J. Healey and the ev. Richard McCaulcy, of Liltle tock, and the Rev. George Evans, * Jonesboro. Father J. J. Thompson is pas- >r of the two churches. Grand Daughter Of Local Couple Dies ^ • Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Humphrey redeived a message yesterday .of tho death of their granddaughter, Clea Evalena Wade, seven-months- old daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Nunnelly Wade of Savannah. Tcnn., who died early Thursday. She had been 111 for a week from colitis. With her parents the oaoy visited here two irceks ago. Funeral arrangements arc In complete, ' cd." The Republican vote in the r cent primaries far outnumbered that cast by the Democrats. Straw votes are sharply the other way. RtDiibllcans say they can carry California if anything west of the Mississippi river is safe. Services at Whitton for MM. W. T." Rhea Funeral services wer« held at Whitton, Ark.. Thursday afternoon for Mrs. W. T. Rhea who died at her home in Memphis Wednesday following a long illness. She formerly lived In this city. Mrs. James Bomar, J. T Fox and Mrs. Lee Duncan, of this city, at- tenctd the ssrvlces, Woman Fined $50 For Possession of Liquor Mrs. Buster Sweat was fined 150 by Judge C. A. Cunningham in municipal court yesterday afternoon on a charge ot possessing liquor for purpose of sale. Officers reported finding about 5i quarts of beer at the woman's home Tr.omas Hoggard failed to appsa In court to answer a charge of as sault and ballery and his $11 de posit was ordered forfeited. One man was flned $25 for pub lie drunkenness but the fine was suspended during good behavior. Will Hold Services for MM. Feeior Tomorrow ler and Wllte. who were sued as All tho vacancy But the bitter nt- Indlvlduals, followed n long scs- ' tack on the T. J. pendergast ma- filon of the munlclpnl court yes- ! chine of Kaunas City which char terdav. A number ot issues were act«rl/.cd Dearmonl's uniucccssfu' raised In the original action be- ' .primary campaign la regarded a, 1 fore counsel for Wlttc and Cutler certain to make winning of the finally announced that dales hnd nomination for him a difficult It agreed to accept service as revenue nol nn impossible task. commissioner and consider himself jj 0 wor( i nns come from Pen- In the Jurisdiction of the local dergn5 t, but from -Kansas Clt; court. Tlie Issues were Ihcn dot- sourccs c i osc to him 1ms come th: Inltoly harrowed ami trial set Ion s [ n t eme nt that the selection wit' Saturday. • I probably lie between MaJ. Lloyd C The replevin action was brought st ar fc 0 [ Louisiana. Judge Wm. T by Borum lo recover tobacco sclz- GILROY, Cal. (UP)-A zinnia lant with bloom of two colors, right red and yellow, and both n th? same stem, Is growing In he yard of Mrs. Paul Llquorj .ere. ' • id of Ihe state .supreme courl . ed by the agents and later dls- ftn[1 circuit Judge Guy Park o' patched to Liltle Rock while trial ' p , nUc CUy slark nn( i Par i; wcr fr t cm ] s am ] supporters of Wll of Borum on misdemeanor charge ol having in his posses- s{Jn Otters who have been ir.entlnnr are Former Senator James A. Reed, slon unstamped cl"nrrttei was un-'"'•way. Commissioner Gates In n srm,w== Hie c 0 «rt ? s jurisdiction by his erlck D. Gardner of St. Louis, For- agents. The bond does not npply "icr Mayor Louis V. Stlgall of St to the misdemeanor charge Joseph, and former Slate Sonatoi against Borum, however, In which . Nick T. Cave of Columbia. Ark. -Mr*. .Tdrnes . ; T -i'ion, mothor nl Miss Oernldlne .' '. T -tslrin. wlin is n rtcn'it" In • *hi "Irnilt Rniirt .' elf rlC.s offtre here, '"''•. turtdenlv of -heart IrotiWc' at "•'• Tenn.,' at. noon Thurs- -•'• 'nv. , '•-..;"• Her twrtv wns Murnfil Jfo' I»r. • . '•"imr hern vcsferdnv afternoon. . ^iin^rnl plnns. however, nre in- : -iniplffc nendlii" word frorrt-her" •on. Mardmll Llslon.- who -\\& R •"oHnn r-nfrlnwr nn th« stenmfshlo "Antl^lam." which plies between ","w York Cltv nncl Mus*on.-T«r.v -: •". win., ii-^re tn Mr. Lls'to'n" •>t both ports yesterday. (' " ...;.' .• Mrs. Liston had been In' -ill--. health for a long (Ime and .Tent •'• >n Cordom. Tenn., last Sundtiv to ': 'ake treatment In' i\ i)riv'at/> 'san'l- . ." •irluni. Her condition wfes~not •••'. worse thdii usual and her cJeafA was not expected. She succumbed •; o the heart attack while eatlnf ; Inner nl noon yesterday. ; - . i -^-. Mrs. Liston wos born in Park'crs;- urg, III., but has lived here . for fi ycnr.«. Her husband James Lison, well known Osceola cltlrsn, tn 1912. Besides hsr son .and Mrs. Liston is survived' by one brother, Henry Marshall, if Olncj','111. '•>» court has ordered revenue m- Here's Another One OSCEOLA, Ark, Oct. 14-Fun«: al services for Mrs. Susie Fee» who died at, the age of 65 at h home here Tuesday night, will 1 conducted at 10:30 o'clock Satu day morning from the residence her daughter, Mrs. T. F. Napp^r. Interment will follow In Enmn cemetery. The services will be conducted by Rev. C. E. Welch, pastor of the First Baptist church of which Mrs. Feezor was a member. Mrs. Feezor Is survived by seven children. There are Courier News Want Ads that, rent vacancies the very first day. This Ad- FOR RENT — Furnished apartment,- '".''• appeared three times In the For Rent column of th« Courier News Classified Section and now the advertiser has that extra Income every month. Uat your vacant property with— The Courier News Phono 306 ' lisniis'cd:- nrriim is also defendant In a civil suit filed by Ihc revenue commissioner asking $5.825 tlamaces from Borum under nn act which allows damages of $25 for each uhstamned package of cigarettes found In a dealer's possession. H. L. Finn, district agent of the revenue department, stated yesterday that the commissioner's decision as to whether a similar civil action would be instituted against the Robinson Drug com- oanv had not been mndc. The Robinson comnany was fined $25 by Judgn Cunningham on a charge similar' to the one now pending against 'Borum. i Finn declared that when dealers "pay off" or do not rests 1 fines or penalties for having un stamped packages found In thel possession, • civil, actions are no usually brought. Where dealer show an Inclination to "resist" such cases or go .into court It Is cus tomary for the revenue commls sloner to be "brutal" nnd bring al possible action' lo bear under th law, Finn stated. The 'averags African ostrlc weltfw about 300 pound* . Pricf A. T. and T IOC Anaconda Copper 10 1- Auburn '. 44 1- Calcrpillar Tractor 81- Chrysler 14 1- Cllles Service 35- Coca Cola 94 1- Contlncntnl Baking — 41 General Elccrtlc 15 7- General Motors • 14 .Midnlewest Utilities .... 3-8 Montgomery Ward 123-1 New York Central 22 5-8 Packard 3 Radio Corp 7 5-8 Simmons Beds 83-4 Standard of N. J 30 Texas Ccrp ;... 13 1-4 U. S. Steel '. SB Service Men Invited to Legion Meeting Dud Csspn Post No'. 24, American Legion, will hold open house, for all former service nv>n 1 of Mississippi county at the Blythevillc armory Monday night. A lunch will be served after the meeting.; New York Cotton New NEW YORK, .Oct. 14' (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high low close Oct Dec Jan iVfarch July 638 645 657 675 647 603 669 685 69 S 637 641 648 G54 673 640n 647 652 ' 671 679 Spots- 655. lip. 10. ciulet. WEATHER >tfnn NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 14 (UP)- Cottou closed steady. open high low close ARKANSAS— Partly cloudy to- Saturday partly cloudy to Oct Dec Jan March May July 629 643 647 057 666 fi73 629 662 6S7 674 635 692 641 646 654 663 673 637b 647 652 661 670 679S Spot! 047, up 7, steady, cloudy. According to the official weather observer, Charles Phillips jr., tr.e ; minimum temperature here yesterday was 49 d'grees and the maximum 78 degrees, clear. Today a year ago the minimum temperature was 56 degrees and ths maximum 83 degrees, c'kmdjr.

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