Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 6, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 6, 1895
Page 1
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VOL LOGANSPORT, INDIANA WEDNESDAY MORNING, FEBKUART6, IS95. NO 32. A Monday Surprise. . . . NOT A .Bankrupt Sale But we will inaugaratea Clearance Sale of Woolen Dress Goods. Every yard of Dress Goods on our shaves will go at a price a price which compels ycu to purchase. Fresh, Honest, Fashionable Dress Gooes at the price of trash. We will start the sale with a great drive of 38 Inch Fancy and Plain Dress Novelties v\<orth 30c for Every reduction is in proportion to this one. Be one of the fortunate ones, NO HUMBUG. NO DECEPTION. We're going to stay with you. ALL REMNANTS Of Table Linens, Napkins and Crashes are being so d for what they will bring We have opened our Spring Line of Embroideries. They are the handsomest line we have ever shown, Will be pleased to see you. The Busy Bee Hive LOOKS DOUBTFUL. Little Likelihood the OurreDcy and Banking Bill Will Pass, Springer Speaks in ]lts Behalf—Senate-Finance Committee Finas It Impossible to Agree. 409-411 Broadway, 306 Fourth St. Call and See! Play Thousands ol Tunes by means ol Indeslruclible Metallic Disks. Purify i Volume ol Tone Unequalled- »D. A HA UK, The wonderful Regina MusicBoi. Will play any tune. I am ageot for Logansiport of tue genuine, also the ne\v things Jn Gold Belts, ColUretres, Bucklfls, Ozurioa Pins, Butterfly Hat Pins, Side Couubs, Hair Pine, Watuh Pocketd, Ld"die»' Guard Cliaius. Gold Bricahrao, Spectacles of ail kinds fitted to the eyes. 30 years 1 experience in Bn- grtvlug and all kinds of work done to order at ne Jeweler and Optician, 41O Broadway. New Goods Slaughtered. Overcoats, Ulsters, Heavy Suits and - Winter Underwear- at your own price, We have also between three and? four hundred boys' suits in all sizss. and qualities that you can buy at your own figures. No Fake! Nothing but straight goods at the Broadway Clothing w Store, 426 Broadway. JOS. G. GRACE. WASHINGTON-, Feb. 5.—In the house Tufsd.-iy the committee on public hinds reported, and it was pusMjd, a resolution directing the secretary of the in- terior'to suspend the 1-'cation uf liuuls under railroad grunts pending action by congress. 'i he house then, under the rules adopted Monday, went into committee of the whole on the currency and banking bill. liefore proceeding with the discussion, unanimous consent was given to a request made, by -Mr. Springer (dem., ]11.) that members he given leave to print or extend remarks in the Record. There was little- delay in beginning; the debate, which caused Mr. Hatch (dem., Mo ) to remark, that if thj gentleman from Illinois (Mr. Springer) did not care to go ahead with the bill, he would move to re-commit it to the committee On bunking and currency. [Uuigluer.J .Sprinct-r S|>-l«l<B lor tin- Hill. Mr. I: ]>r nt,'ci' pri:U:ced ills reniurks vviih toe re:i'iir,p i.r ihe icttu.- or Secretory f'urllble in du public Moi:d:iy, isrrUirtiiw ;i surplus of {•.'JTjIlM.li :i in Liu: opci-tiltui's or tho t.etisury Tor tl u fiilemh.r .M-ar lHVi Kor the !lsc:il yei.r end UK June iiO. Ig'.ij. the d^purnr.cnt, snkl Mr. Sprli tor. cstiir.uied 11 dellcietu-y of ?.(> OOC.lWfi In round nuiiibevs mid for the ll«.-:Jl ymr einliiu; .Iunc3,l, JNIfl. • surplus of n.-co.pt.s over ex],end.lures of S-0 00 i.OjO. 'I host.' stute- iiicnts. ho suid, illustrated Uio coiidit.on und prospeets ol Lho treasury under pieseiit conditions. Mr .Si>rlnfrurs:ild there was u pi-eat differed' between tho oblliMtious of IJC covcru- cut 10 its citizens mid those or one citizen to lotliur in respect o( Liio piyniciit of debts. The; Kuvci-iiiiK-nt hud m .do its p'.udsjn in ilio re- poiil of UK-piirchiisiiiircliiiise or the Slierman ivct, that it \vou[il ni.ihit.uin all its money nt ;i purity :ind of cqusil Viiluo at nil times and 1..CPS. HOW to S:iv« suo.ouo.noo. Mr. Springer sn!d Iliac uslde fro::i the question of inttliitulnin-.: the i-rodit o( th-j trovern- nient in itselr. the Rovernmonti co'.ild olitnin nior.uy :it a sui:ilier r.au of interest if tho bonds \vcri3 mudo p .y.ible in irold th;ui If 10 |iny:iblo in currency. On aa issue of •ijO.OOO.WU twoaty your bonds the .saving to thucii.oriiiiioiit would bo ut io-tst S-0,000.000. The PIISS.IKU of tho bill, tho spe:t!;er said. would, :n his opinion tend to Ox the Idea in ilio uilr.d.s 01' :ill .he pLOpb.-that tho uovernmeHt I noiiucd to r,-.uh:'.:un tho jjlcd^o m do In tho 3hur;n;r.i bill ropo.il law. and that would pruat- iy u!(i iu restoring conlldcnco ami bringing prosperity o.^ain to the land, i Despite the fact that much of Mr. Springer's time had been occupied in answering questions there was noobjec- lion io giving him more than tho hour to which the rules entitled him. Mr. Cox (dem., Teiio.) arg-uucl against the bill. His first objection to it was that the bonds were to be payable in gold. Another was that it gave the junks control of the currency of the country. Mr. Heed (rep. Me.) said the present 3naneial situation was due to the passage of the Wilson tariff bill, which created a deficiency in the revenues, and to the policy of the treasury department. Even if tho bill under consideration were to pass the house, he appealed to his audience to bear out his assertion that it could not go further. : Mr. Walker (rep., Mass.; discussed the general financial situation, and •<vns followed by Mr. Simpson (pop., Kan.). Don't Believe the 1M1I tJnn l'»»t. Mr. Hall (dem., Mo.) and Mr. Swanson (dem., Va.) also opposed the bill. ] Mr. Hall, who is a member of the com- . rnittee, asserted that not a single mem- j ber of the committee believed that the • bill could be passed. In i itvor o Kiclmrditon. WASHINGTON, Feb. 5.—By a practically unanimous vote the house committee on elections Tuesday decided the contest of Belknap against Richardson from the Fifth Michigan district in iavor of the sitting member, Mr. Kich- ardson. Excitement in tho S«nnte. WASUISGIOS, Feb. 5.—The credentials of Senator Perkins, of California, •were presented to the senate Tuesday and he was sworn in. Senator Washb.urn (rep., Minn.) was in his seat for the first time since his unsuccessful campaign. Quite a breeze was stirred when Senator Mitchell (rep., Ore.) requested that lie be allowed to address the senale for three minutes on a report he wished to present in regard to the sugar bounty. Senator Harris objected, whereupon Senator Mitchell remarked angrily that the objection was very unusual and withdrew his report. senator Mitchell appeared to be boil- Ing over with rage and excitement as he exclaimed: '•! appreciate thatvthe senator from Tennessee is capaw of doing unusual aud indiscreet and un- gentleminly things." "Tour conduct." Senator Harris declared, ' : is contemptible." "Let the senator do as he pleases about that," Senator Mitchell added defiantly. The vice president used his gavel for a few seconds, and the two, now thoroughly aroused, took their seats. Senator M.tchell continuing to express his indignation to senators who came around him, and to explain that his purpose had been 'to present a report in favor of the bounty su£»r claims. r i he routine business of the morning h-.ur was then proceeded with, and, Wiien it was iiuibhoJ., the district appropriation bill was taken up. ftt'O ite (Joiuiuulei? < :u»'t Affrec. The only affirmative action taken by tbe .senate finance committee Tuesday m nmiy was Hie refnsul to permit the report of zi bill authorizing an issue of short time, low interest bear- in; bonds. This result was re.iched by a vote of 0 to 5. The committee discussed the whole situation without reaching any conclusion and adjourned as far apart as they have boe:i at any time since the u'nitncid-l question eaiuo before them, 'ilie bill recently passed by the house p"<jvidin', r for the repeal of that part of the tariff act providing for a- discriminating dutv on sugar was also considered, but noth.ng was done. All the matters before the committee went over until the nest regular meeting a week hence. EIRE FIEND. Gets In His Dastructive and Deadly Work, in Many Places, FOUR MORE DISMISSED. Uttfcmiiintii I" tlio Ucljs Case C.ct O(T Kasy CHICAGO, 1'V-b. n.—At the. opening of the Debs trial Tuesday morning Attorney Edwin Walker asked on behalf ol the government that tho cases ,-igahist Dennis kiii-kin, John liurke, )-'j-:uik' Dryer and .lames Me- Donald lie dismissed. Judge Grosscup dismissed these 1'our and announced Unit he would Jet the jury-pass on the cases of the directors of the American Kail way union. The defense asked him. Monday to dismiss the eases without a further hearing. Iu regard to John l r . MoVean and Martiu J. Klliot, the two least active of the directors, the judge said he would take their eases under consideration. The defense beyan its case by put- tiny on the sta.nd I'resident Thomas, of the Chicago & Western Indiana railroad, lloswell -Miller, 1'resident A. J. Earling, g.inoral manager of the Chicago, Milwaukee <fc St. Paul also testitied. The records of the General Managers' association were for the first Lime produced in court. Among those, for whom subpoenas have been issued isUe.irge M. Pullman. In passing on tho. question whether testimony concerning l.he switchmen's strike should be admitted Judge Ca-oss- cup said: "1 thin!; when this cast: nets to the jury it Is ROini; to turn on what, wore Lho real motives and puriio.se.s o. these defendants in institute iujjtlie- MtriUo in 1891. ' wil.. thoruroro, hear the iire-hisi-ory or the strlUo." •This ruling is regarded as a distinct victory for the defense. DID GR-EENH'JT UE? It In CluliiHHl tlic Kx-ltocoivcr Alliiuil NiiiKftH to Putltloii Without Authority. CHICAGO, Feb. 5.—Judge Grosscup Tuesdav morning took up the investigation of the connection l >' Charles,I. Heinsheimer and S. L. Wormser with- the whisky trust case. The names of. these twt/were signed to the petition for a receivership, it is claimed, entirely without their authority. The court stated that he had in his possession an affidavit from President Greenhutde- cU'.ring that he had authority to affix, ,the two names. When he had read this Attorney Julian Mack said: "I am prepared to state on information and belief that that affidavit is an unmitigated falsehood." Judge Grosscup Beemcd sdmewhat startled at this statement, lie demanded that Mr. Mack procure affidavits from New Yorkat once confirming this statement, and said he was determined to fix tthe responsibility for the connec- tion'of these two young men with the case. Attorney Mack caused another sensation when he accused Attorney Burry, who represents Mr. Greenhut, ivate conversation: "I lied about this mat- closed the matter until ...Thursday morning, when affidavits can be procured from Goodhart & Co. and Heinsheimer and Wormser. Chinese Colonel* Uejjruded. LONDON, Feb. 5.—A dispatch from Tien-Tsin to the Central News says an imperial edict has been issued degrading Col.s. Han, Tai and Shao and Capts. Yeo and Wen for their action ia retreating from Yung-Cheng. They are not dismissed from the army, however, but will remain in the service in subordinate capacities and endeavor to regain tlieir lost rank. R\S Southern Hardware J-'lrm Fall*. MESITUI?, Tenn., Feb. 5.—E. G. Craig & Co., dealers in hardware, seeds and agricultural implements, one of the largest firms of the kind in the south, made a partial assignment Tuesday. The assets assigned are worth 5100,000. The liabilities are 565,000. Of these SH.OOO are preferred.. The creditors are mostly northern agricultural implement manufacturers. CiiiusTiAX-A., Feb. 5.—Shocks of earthquake were felt at Christiansand, Molde, AalesuncAnd Bergen, in the northern part of Norway, Tuesday morning. No damage is reported Eleven persons were killed Tuesday by an avalanche at Ivvanangen in. the province of Finumarken- Ex-Congressman in Abject Poverty. . 'WrxciTESTER, Ky-, Feb. 5.—Polk Laffoon, once wealthy, and for several terms a member of congress, lives at Madisonville in great poverty. His wife is a helpless paralytic," and last' week his only, son was killed by being eaug-ht between two cars he wa& coup- Father and Son Burned at Pittsburgh, Pa.—Half a Million Dollar Fire at Cincinnati—Other Blazes. PITTSBURGH, Pa., Feb. 5.—Frederick D. Miller and hbs 0-year-old son wero ; burned to death early Tuesday morn! ing. Miller kept a store and resided at i Ko. 2L'(3S Second avenue. Fire was discovered iu the kitchen ;it midnight. I Miller, his wife, children and a hired j man ran to the front of the building. ' On the way Mrs. Miller lost the boy and her husband returned to Cud him. Mrs. Miller, one child and the man escaped by jumping into blankets from the second-story window. After the lire Miller and the boy were found lying on the floor of the bedroom, dead. They had been suffocated. John Finnoy :in's residence. No. lix'oti, was al^o burned. FiiamanJohn Patterson was probably fatally hurt by a. fall I'roui an iee-cO:i.ted ladder. HOME NEWS. Tolosrraphlc Dispatches from Various Towns m Indiana. ^JuiC til" ItiiAlni'rfs. VALPARAISO, I ml., Feb. 5.—Ira B. TilloUson, a prominent saloonkeeper. of Chesterton, walked out of his saloon ' nud quit the business forever. Kev. Robert IV. Jones, an evangelist, hag been holding: revival meetings in tho Methodist church at rh<-Merto», ami ' a:nony his converts w:'-"'.!'.>ttson, who •' will devote the rem.';iauer of his lifeto, reclaiming the victims of rum Httd. preaching the gospel. Tillottson is 35 years old, well educated, a good talker and will accompany Mr. .tones wheu he leaves Chesterton and assist him ia his evangelical work. HALF A -IIILMO.N JUOL.LAK KllClt!. JioilmuiMi I-oiif ToLKiero Wiirohonso Ht C'ln- cinnitU Totull.v l>f*t.ruyi..<l. CINCINNATI, Feb. 5.—The Uodinann leiif tobacco warehouse on Front street, between Vine street and the suspension bridge, running buck to \Valer street, was completely destroyed by fi.i-e earl}' Tuesday morning.' The loss in stock is estimated at 5J.")00,UOO, and on the building about §00,000. Insurance not given. Tile origin of the bla/.e is not known, but it is supposed to have started at the small furnace in the cellar to keep the elevator from freezing. A TOWN ALMOST DKSTKOYJ3D. Lmpslc, O., Suffer* Mivcrcly from :i Hlc ItJitzu. LIMA, 0., Feb. 5.—Fire started Monday night a,t midnight iu the business portion of Leipsie, and a.t ~ o'clock Tuesday morning- the entire town was threatened with destruction. The lire department from Ottawa responded to the call for aid and after a hard fight succeeded in subduing the Humes. Five business places, two opera houses and One dwelling wtire destroyed. The loss will exceed Si.00,000, with small insurance. During- the lire the thermometer reir is te red 12 degrees below zero, and the intense, cold greatly hindered the firemen iu their work. A ItKAVK JJJSKD. Kokouio I-KWyi-r Disappear*. RICHMOND. Ind.. Feb. 5.—,1. B. nol- man v of Kokoino, is a well-known citizen of that plaee. He came here last Friday to secure a loan of SllOO for his law partner, J. F. Morrison. Tho money he borrowed of Dickinson <fc Co.. receiving a check payable to him* self, lie went to Indianapolis, whero he had the cheek cashed, and since thai time lias not been heard of. His . brother. M. S. iioliuan. is here search-' ing for him, and believes there haa been foul play. T"<'C"nit*s ItiHUno nt :t Kovlvul. ITAiiTi'oisn CITY, J.nd., Feb. K. —A rcr vival meeting- at Mill Grove in this county came to an abrupt close on aoi count of the obstn-perousness of one of the converts. Aaron banning, a, farmer 'who had been taking- a deep interest in the meetings, suddenly lost his mind because of Mie religious excitc» jiient. Lunning was taken home with • ditlieulty, and his dementia has increased since. Steps have been taken . to send him to the insane asylum at Richmond- Scnki a. Nmv Trial. * I.N-I.HA.VAFOI.LS, Ind., Feb. 5.—The attorneys for "Winnie" Smith, under sentence to eighteen years' imprisonment for the murder of YVeston B. Thomas, have Hied a. motion for a new trial. The motion alleges error in tho trial court in twenty-one instances in admitting evidence Uuit was incompetent. 11 also alleges the incompetency of two of the jurors. l-i-ojirlelor 01 ji St*iro C:irrlcn from a 13aru- • in;; Jiulltllni; a ftumitily or 1'uwdi-r. INDIANAPOLIS, Feb. 5.— The H. T. Coude implemcutconccru on JSorthCapi- talaveuue caught ureTuesday woruiug-. It is the- big-gust implement salesroom in the suite. At 9:BO o'clock the llames were under control. They com- muuicated to the gun store of Gustavo Uubisb, where a large quantity of powder W:LS stored, ilr. ilabish, while the Humes were rag-ing, went into the place. and carried out tlie dangerous stuff, The Co.jde stock consisted chieliy of about 300 carriages and 2W tons of binding- twine and 100 typewriting machines. The total loss will be about $75,000, with S00,000 insurance. McCurtliy AKiitii IMCCICU y, Feb. 5.— The anti-Parnellite members of parliament met Tuesday and reelected Mr. Justin McCarthy chairman for the session. Mr. John Redmond will move an amendment to the address in reply to the queen's speech demanding an immediate appeal to the country ou" tho ground of tno government's failure to carry home rule. _ _ Bid la for SI, OOO.OOD. , PITTSBURGH, 'Pa., Feb. 5.— The entire Western New York & Pennsylvania railroad 'with its equipments wassold in the government building at 11 o'clock Tuesday morning 1 by Marshal John W. Walker. J. & W. Seligman company, representing the reorganization committee, was the only bidder, and purchased the property for SI, 000,000. I';irll»ment Keumirniulca. LoST>o>', Feb. 5. — Parliament reassembled Tuesday with the customary ceremonies. The session was opened at a o'clock In the afternoon by commission of the speech from the throne. There was a fair attendance of members of the house- of commons, but few of the members of the upper house were present. Wlvo 8a» SaJoonkc-fpern. CA.VTOS, ILL, Feb. 5.— Six suits for damages, each in the sum of S500, have been instituted against Canton saloonkeepers by women who allege they have been deprived of the support of their husbands, as they spend a.11 their money in the saloons. riles from ClKurettc SmoklJiff. CHICAGO, Feb. 5. — John Mcihjon, a Norwegian boy of Evanston, died of cigarette smoking, lie was 17 years of age. but h'is pinched and wrinkled face and sallow color, caused by the excessive use of cig-arettes, made him look like a, man of 50. Read Well. Hot Waa 2«ot Tm«- Dtn-UTH. Minn., Feb. 5. — One of the •worst fakes ever got tip in this vicinity was sent oat of Duluth claiming that eight men had perished in the Seine river country in a snowstorm. Dvmimllc Under A Church. llAi:Ti>oKn CUT. Ind., Feb. 5.—Th« villape of T'lcasantdalc. this county, is agitated over an. alleged attempt loi blow up the Baptist church in that . place. Two Micks of dynamite wero . found under the building, but no fuse or caps were found. It is believed hero that the act was done to frighten tho church-g-oinjf people. r:idn*tr!:il Srhvm! ill Columbus. COI.UMHUS, Ind.. Feb. 5.—The ladies of tho Western Christian Temperance union of the city have established an industrial school to care for the poor' and unemployed. The county commis-' sioners furnished them with quarters. The youth will be taught household duties. Xo OIH.IIL-O \\ili llo Miido. IXDIAXAPOI.IS, Ind., Feb. 2.—Tho republican legislative caucus Monday, night agreed that no change should bo . made iu the Australian ballot law and| that there would be no investigations of suite institutions, except, perhaps, the southern prison. Furnlturu l-'actory Harriot]. AT,BA_XY, Ind., Feb. 5.—The Albany furniture factory was totally destroyed by fire. Loss SJO.OQ3, with SC.OOO intiur-' ance. Fifty employes are out of work' as a result. To Enllm Member*. ANDERSON, Ind., Feb. 5.—Trumam Stewart left here for Boston and New. York to'enlist members for his colony, of poor American people. He wants to be a benefactor in the state of Washington or Tennessee. He asks a sub-, scription of S500.000 with which to buy, land and divide it into fifty-aero tract* for heads of families. Indicted for Murder. AXDEHSON, Ind., Feb. 5.—An indict- . ment for murder in the first degree and anothor for seduction of his sister-in-; law was returned against Emory Gr*>ham in this city. Deupcrailo'ei, 1 H'.Uog to U«t at tho E2- prc»« Uoz, Hold Up Lbo Tr»vcl»r»- PUEBLO, Col.,, Feb. 5.—The western express on. the Atchison, Topeka A Santa Fe road, train 1, b»und for Colorado and California, was held up 1 mile west of Sylvia. Keno county, Kan., an ll::io o'clock Monday • night by four masked men, who i»ig« nalcd danger. Two of the robbers covered the engineer and fireman, and two went to the express car. For some reason they failed to effect an entrance, and then went to the coaches and mada the passengers give up all tbeir valuables. The train was held for an hour and • ten minutes by the robbers, who then rode south. Conductor MeGrath ran the- train back to Sylvia, and gave the alarm, and Sheriff I'alton, was on the train with ;•< his posse in a few minutes. The '-' men are believed to be members of the Stafford gang. Oneofth* '-; pair who went through the train ia 'de- v. • gcribtti as 5 feel 9 inch.es in height and. .'. . •wore a wide-rimmed gray hat. The — other man was tall and wore a tosh- '

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