The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 16, 1934
Page 3
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER ie, 1034 (ARtU COlfiirER teW PAGE.THREE Astorlal* Edllotn MISS LOutsE DIXON MilS. RUTH CAMPBKUU MRS. BERTHA. M. HARRl?. MRS. EDNA U. CRAIITHEE MISS EDNA M. FERGUSON ERN-HOME-NEWS Conducted for (till newspaper lo dw> interest o( it* women reader* by re«ogntz«i •ulhoritfoi on til ph**«t of bom» nuking ' ' r-i,. tinf\OC\lf»L* V ffn flff/ 1 !* hconnniical They Easily propnalc for Autumn Arc n reparccl, nnd Ap- Make This B^ ami FMl Will) Simple OoHir.l •~y l :V!'W*'''*?*^T"' T .™. "" " " "" Dear Readers in Blyihevillc: We have discussed deep fat fry- ir)i! mill carnally croquette mirk- in^ nt some length here nml from ihe Cooking School platform, hill P.ILI1 thr- requests romf in for ero- oirollc recipe;. 1 am Hiving ih<-.*:c horn my IK-;SI collection They arc varied iniil adflpuible. Remember ihm, ihe .shape ol the croquette may be varied from ronird in cylinder or com; folio* the innrueiions for ttrcparing th: frying kcule, handling :md frying as previously uiverr l)tn sum- rued up here; A rcenlar rryliirj kettle with llui houoiii; Trying bn.s!:<:i with Ions? hnudle; thermometer, if possible; paper 1 tovveliri" for draining; -shallow pun for oven draining and keeping fried food hot \vhile rcsr is cooked; m, least a pimnd uiul a hnlf, or iwo pounds of llat'.y. ' white .sliortr-nins ready to nn'it jiml he:u to the trying temperature. Usi! Ihe hr-ead lust il 1:0 thermometer in oa hand. Hire (,'rnciuelles Two nni'.'i boiled rice; one es;^; r-ric talites|jooti cream: .seasoning; chopped nuts. Bent ihe c™ v. p tnte stiff turd lortl inlo the rice which has IXKI sc-asomd and mixed wiili crrain iiiui the her.trn yolk, lionn inlo croquettes, place in reiriffcroior lo filfTen. Roll in beaten egg. chop- P*(i nms find Ihen ir: Hour. Pry in dceo Irrit fiu. .Serve with Kgg Cronuettesi •* " Six eggs; one tablespoon bul- ter; tv.-o tablespoons flour; one half cup milk; one tablespoon chopped par.sley; pepper sinrl .salt, '.o tnste. lioi! ihe efigs hard, abonl ten ) mimilcs. Own chop tine; place • butter and flour in double boiler with pepper and salt. Riir irntil a smooth paste. Add the mill: arat cook for fifteen minutes. Acid the chopped eggs and purify, and'.^t lire mixture a.side to cool. When cold, shape into round balls, dip in egg and roll in bread crumbs. Fry in deep, hoi fat until light brown. Serve with cream sauce. Oyster Crorniellcs One quart oysters; one half run heavy white .sauce. Heat the oysters to boiling lor three or four minutes. Drain olf liquid nnd chop very (me. Mis Ai4*d*t* EdtUnr MRS. NANCY ROWS MRS. GEORGE THURN MRS. EMILY .M. UUTZ MRS. !. WATSON SHOCKLEV MRS. FRANCES NORTHCROSS DESSERTS Date Ofssrrl [mirlli rnps Hour; pucKiiKc diili'.s; one ct,]) boil- vvater; Hiiw tublcspooiis short- 1'iriiw; one fourth tcuspoon suit; one n:i! r ; one tea.sixion Midii; one ••up ''iiMr; fine. li'iis-rioou baklnc, I'.vdfT; one crip walnut morris. Cut dates in small plcci's, ndd Hi' 1 .soda. 1'our boiling water over Uii'M- and allrm 1 to stand u lew rniinhs. iiHtd the .'.honriiln^ nni! sn>iar tt)[;ei7ii!t'. arid I'jjir. and mix thoroughly. Add the dale mixture. Hie Hour .sltred with salt ami •iikiiiB iiuwdcr. Tlren add mi Kuts Ihui hrtve iieen broken. •il.v iri u shallow pan well urcn.-;- ii lliike at MO ili-rm-c.s V. for bout (ofty-llvc niinule.'i. Serve "Id v.Uh whipped er-earn. Dr-.m^r- ruililinjr One third CUD Hour; one Inrtjr onuiijo; one teasixiun vanilla; om teaspoon of suit; two cup: in!!!:; one half cup suuar; two cgns IVel ami cut tire orange Irrto i ikiru; dish, aprinhk- over it tsvo laWisprmns sirijar, Scald Lire milk. Mix Hour, salt, and sugar locelher. then iviur over this the hoi milk. Add the slightly beaten e^n yolks :m:l enok In » dinrble boiler stir- rlii',' ronslautly unMl it :mil ili"« cook alxiiii (ivi •r. Kemove from ran?,e. add ta, am] pnur ibis rnlxlnre over oiimfc. Top with t-Ku whiles J-.iU-u mull slill. Sprinkle over it t lilt!:- sugar arid Imnvn slighlly n a moderale (tven nt 350 cb^i'ee.s fiird Is .set in the center, ficivo al oners. Creamy Itlce ivllh A|i]'lc(i(s One half crip rice; one cup bollini; water; ono nnd one hull ciip.s milk; one half leasiwon saK; one half CLIJ) sugnr; two cups chopped fresh fruit or dried fruit, -soaked and cooked. Cook the rice over direct, lieal In the cup of IjoilInK water. Whcir Die water ha.s been nlmost nbsorli- d put Die rice In n double holl- i. add tho milk. fall, nnd .sugar'. 'over and cook mull Ihe rice Is ender. Mix the i-lcc nnd fruit. nn<l /hen chilled serve with top milk. Vnry liinvheoti and ilinnei 1 menus l;y .-iervlnj the nourlxliliu; nnd nppell/hiK ci'oi]Ui Ue.s. lieeipes i;iven <'lsrv,vlii.'re on the [larje foi dellr:1t)lrs ones. Liberal Use of Milk Makes Autumn Menus Nourishing o .*-c»^-u..i..^tf V-- -'"z^ij'j.^ : WITH A Coleman SELF-HEAT1NG IRON LIGHTS INSTANTLY' err here IliLs Iras boen u Autumn to (ironI drlvt! _ _ increase Ihe thickens consumption of milk. Home Kc- mlnules uuomlst-s. [ihyslciiins and diell- eiiins have long inucd this for (lie. imniishini; qualities ol milk are rii.eded al any time of year, ami especially diirlnt! Autumn nnd Winter. 'I'lie.'e recipes nil fall for milk. Here Are Simple Directions for CioeheLin To make the bag use cotton cro- chei yarn, three balls of one- hc.n- dr;d and tv;o._Coffee Brown. : aii:l onr: 'oa'll of thirly-eiL'hi Dark Oran<-'e. a turning keep chain-three in ord;r to Chain three. Clmcolate I'uddin^ T',',0 nnd one iourth cups flour; ihri-r; lablespoons siiuru-niirj;; two lliiid 1 ; ct.[> su^ir; one e^y; on:r cup milk: two and one half smrares oi- oanccs chocolate; one totirth tcssption salt; foiir and one half tcaspMiis baking ix>\vder; one tea- sp-ion vanilla. Hlent! tho shortening and the Migar. AUd HID well beaten egg. Mix and slit the dry Ingredients and add (hem to Ihe mixture alternately with the milk. Add the 1 incited chocolate -and vanilla and ! turn into greased molds, cover and 1 steam for two hours. Serve with Crochet cotton, sl/e ten, two balls ] whipped cream or pudding sauce, jof one hundred and two Oallccj This makes ten servings. : Brown and otic ball of thirty-siiht [ Knis|rl ,, Lir ]| " il j s I Dark Orange arc needed. With! O i!c cuo "ceded to the menus planned for family nil guest weals. Creamer! Fish w!h YeRClables One pound llsh-cod, halibut, or j ring as previous one. Make the j third ring the same way. Sew on S to bag as in illustration. Sew in .^ ( rs ! 'talon fastener. and Belti Ti> M;ike thc Bril one half cups diced carrots; one r r'lip diced turnips; Lwri CLU.I.S t\ue- ly chopped eabbalie; two tablespoons melter butter; ('«> lable- spoorus flour; orre and one hall' teaspoons salt; one cup milk. Co:ik the potatoes, carrot*, mid iirrnlps In three cups of bniliiiK writer unlil almost, lender. Add Ihe cnhbuBC. allowlns about live minutes for cooking. Prepare n snucc of Ihe inelled butter, Hour, .sail, and milk. Cook mull thickened nnd stir this KKIICC into the verjclablcs. Ci>ok a lew minutes longer, until the desired consls- million; one quart, milk; Uvo cups liced potatoes; one cup diced cnr-jlcncy Is reached, and then serve, rots; one finely chopped Onion; Currnl iir 'fumlp thistarrt [Our tablespoons butter; Ihrco' 'Hrree CIIKS: one and one linlf Icunhs cup Hour; two and mil! cups grated raw carrot or turnip: hull teaspoons KirJt; one Inljle- three cups milk; one (enspoon SIHJOU chopped pnreley. suit; three tablespoons mclled but- Slrnmer the fish in a smnlt let 1 or other fat. niinntUy of water njjoia live turn. Repeal third ro-.v nntU work- thrw jind one half slcel crochet hoaE: mmibo: 1 four nnd I Then decrease one single crochet an eighteen inch tnlon fastoner j ^rotip at end of (-ach ro,v by vrnrk- Colfue Bro-,vn, chain tu|) ,waier; i " 1 - ... ' I First row; single crochet in filih ralsllls . The bag is made o£ two oarts exactly of same.shape, andthen ed together at Ihe edges. With mea one single croclu-t group less and making drain-one to turn, until Ihe last row measures two brown make a chain to | three-fourths ichcs long. Then work measure about an inch longer than : O1 >f rw of single crochet In brown, zippsr (this additional length of i making single crochet in each stitch zinpsr (this additional length of i makin chain will shrink in work inn >. j Umis First vow. Silvio crochet in! sides 1 straightening around sides up ami uneven bottom. clialn from hook, single crochet in next chain. c chain one, skip one chain, one single crochet • In each of next Uvo chain, repeat from * to end of chain. Chain three, turn. Sr-cond row: two single crochet over chain-one of previous .row, chain one, two -single crochet over next cbnin-one, repent from * ending with t\ra single crochet in landalse sauce; or rrcam sauce! zipper. Chain three, turn. with finely chopped, canned! Second row: two sin^Je crochet Tire Handle shrimps in ii. .over next chain-nne, ' chain one. I will , ], mvn ,,, n i; L , u c i]arn Sweet Potato Croi|irettes j two single crochet, over next chain-: S j re j lonmh of handle (about 'on;', repeat from = to end of row. | tccn inches) and make live rows jCrnln three, turn. | ,, f s \ u? \ f crochet, ihreo rows wllh i Third row: same as second row. ! dnr koriing?. Fold and sew the ! making two single crochet over j nvo C d gcs together with dark or- i .— „ , ange. Sew the two ends to edge hot fat. Serve very hot with a ! 'it top |wo and one half inches the cooked potatoes, sprinkling of minced parsley. : apart at raitjr. Make a crorbelcd riccv; add cream but-1 (;rape-\nt Croquettes rin£ io use as a slide over handle. Four medium .sized sweet pota- loes; one teaspoon butler; one fourth Ica.spoon sail; two tablespoons cream; one eighth teaspoon cinnamon; one half cup finely chopped pecans. Mash through tcr, seasoning and mils. Roll in- [ One lu'jlcsponn union juice: uvo j 'I'Ke trimming consist.s of three tlieiirwhole cloves; two iieppercoins: bit ] rln^s. lire center one beins a tri-'—- 1 - 1 • . -. . .... '"» inrgnr. Cenk-r rina: with brown. to balls, dip in beaten egg. dredge with (lonr. Fry in APPETIZING rings: the center rin« I i-s a trine ttirger than the olhsr t!e-jt\vo. Center ring: with brown, chain fif-[ tliirty-lwo, mul. join Into ring. First round; elm in three, MXLV- one iti treble In ring. Break oil. Soconst loinirt: with Dark Orange work one single crochet in fach treble. Thiid round:• single crochet each single crochet with chain-two between single crochet. Link the side rin»s into I he center T!II« as utos. Drain and remove the iiud bones and fluke (he fish use conned fish). Cook the potatoes nml carrots until tender nnd drain. Mix the flour with a «nnH j tiunniLly of cold milk and sllr j into the hentcd milk to which the ' onion, Kiiit, unil butter have been iuided. Cook until thickened. Add the vegetables antl the. lish, conic tor :i few_ in (nines longer, sprinkle a llttfc psirslcy over the top, nnd Kern?. II canned fish is used, it does not need life preliminary" cooking. ('reamed Cahttagfc Three cups milk; one nnd one hnU C\\\Q.V(R .finely shrcddctl or , ve inln- J HcnL the IIBRS .sligiilly, add he .sV.ln lejirrot atitl other intJi'^dlntits, ir-.lo uraiscd taking dish, place i on n rnck in a pan of hot wuter, HIM] bnke In a modci'iile oven lor about one hour, or until tlie CHS-I TT'S easy nnc! pleasant to iron with a A Coleman. It saves your sircn^rli. Tou do better ironing easier and quicker at less coil. This modem Coleruan Iron lighis i.'istamly ... no ycncrat/ng ^vitl\ tnatcK or torch ... no waiting. Suvca you more time and work than a $100 wa&him; machine. Do a whole Ironing with one iron. Tlie cveniy lu-ared doubli pcinlcd base Irons uanncnls xvitb fewer strokes. Iton- ing tirr.e is reduced one-third. Hears Itself". . . use il anywhere, N!alces ntitl birros its own gas. liconomlcal, too.'. . costs only )?(' an lioirr 10 operate. i Come in and &cc It demonstrated. II ub hair I Hardware Co. • four lableEiwons but- ' f cup pastry Hour; one ourlli leaspooji salt; one tablespoon sugar; t'our eggs; one tea- poon orange extract. For niljnf: four tablespoons' su- ;ar; tliree , tablespoons eornsVnycli; 'our cups milk; four eggs beaten; one teaspoon vanilla . extract. Pour v.-nter into a saucepan, add . , ,, , , , butter, bring lo boiling point, add t ' 110 P]'" 1 cabbaijc. packed; four tn- flour quickly and stir ami cook until mixture is thick and leaves side of pan, adtl salt and sugar lake from fire. When cool, nnd add cygs. one by one, and beat thoroughly, add extract nnd drop by spoonfuls on greased pans. Bake in moderate oven forty minutes. When done split them on one side, fill with lilling and serve du.sted_ over with sugar. l-"or filling: mix sugar with Place over slow ure. add vanilla coriistai-ch, add milk, eggs and nnd raisins and cook slowly for cook over hot water until thick, six minutes. Cool and use. blespoons Hour; four tablespoons niclted butter' one teaspoon snlt. -Kent Hie milk and cook the 1 cabbage, in it for five .niinntes, Atltl the blended flour and but- ci 1 niul the salt. Cook for about five minutes. longer and stir constantly. Creamed Mixeil Vegetables One cii[) diced potatoes; one nnd to follows: with brown, chain twenty- five ido not join), draw end through KATLIFFS COLD MCDAI pnon ;dinin liiirly-twn nrnl join rut!) rini;. i tirst rhi!;. mrd tlierr join to iorm Inll-f ii'sl roirri:!: chain three, .sixty-one 'ring. Makr nlty-tvvo treble i|i ring, Jon.s i li'Oblc In ring, rirrafc off. Second Ilicn finish rinr; ns previous one. ; round: with (hirfc nraiise. work a Make the third ring in llic samel single crochet irr e:\cii irrljlr.-. 'lii)r;l ,\vay. Sew on lo belt- as in illiislrn- ' Fasten belt with hooks and II A T I, I F F ' S GOLD MEDAL 4 HIM i»itoni C;TS deepjol bay leal; three lourlhs spoon celery salt: one lea salt; dash of Cayenne: one hall- cup meal stock; two tal)!c:pjon.; butter; three tablespoons flour- one ess slightly beaten; one cup of cooflerl ground meat: one hat!-round: single crosliet in each sin-ition. cup grapenms; one third cup siii- :fje croehet with chain-two between ;ey?s. ed bread or cracker crumbs: .one \ single crochet. I.hik the side rings] PSC, slightly be.ilcn. -! into the center ring as follows: j Science has been able to create Simmer seasoning in meat. Will: brown, chain twenty-five, inn electric spark thai, during its slock for five minutes and strain, draw end oi chain through first joilcr life of one-hundtcdlh-thou-i Melt butter, arid ji our an d sih- ring, and join to form ring. Make tsandth of a second, is brighter unlil blended. Add stock an : i ccok , ntty-lwo Irebh In riur;. tlwn finish llhnn the sun. unlil mixture is thick euolHii to: ___- __ : . (hop from a .spnott. strnini,' cou- stanlly. Mix with eyg. combi;ie with meat mil grapcnuls and cool. Shape inlo cones, roll in cnimb:. dip in cj;s, thrn roll again in crumbs. Fry i n deep fnt i3:)0 tie- giccs F.I for one rninm.. nr until golvicn lu'owu, Oraitt on pamT lovvelllug. Serve with cream of to- Protect: Your Sight with Coleman LIGHT Attractive Clothes Win Admiration mato .sauce. Makes twelve croquettes. —EDNA M. /riROUSON. A TIME SAVER Prepare biscuit or muffin dough when convenient. Set in cool place and bake hours later i£ you wish. 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