Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 18, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 18, 1891
Page 5
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If you have a cold Call and get a sample bottle or Pineapple Cough Syrup, at 9c. CAMPHOR ICE For Chapped Hands, Face and Lips. made bv Colgate & Co. The Grand Bazaar, FREE READING ROOM, ;. Open Daily ana Evening, 321 Pearl Street, :;. - Welcome to All. MONEY TO LOAN, n any unzc at the LOWEST rataa. Private fund! only, Money olwaye In hand, No red tape or do- lay. Interest and principal payable In Logansport. Special arrangements us to payment ol principal and Interest, made to ealt the wishes ol borrower. For further particulars apply to Fred W. Munson, On Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays. 214 Fourth street, opposite Court Honse. MONEY, O«n»r«l Insurance and Loans. All kinds ol In- lanmoeplaoMln Hist class companies. Endow- tn*nt policies pnroh»sed. Bonds of suretyBL. ndtt«n *or parties holding positions of trnn »h«re (bond Is required. 319PMABI.ST. S. M. Closson. MONEY TO LOAN! Ana Notes Bought In any sum over$25atlo«est . . i • rates. Large amounts 6 per cent GEO. B. FORGY. Daily Journal. WEDNESDAY MORNING. FEB. 18. THE --MYSTERY SOLVED. The ''Unknown" WIio Suicided at • -Royal Center Turns out to be n I.oulKVillc Map. It is thought that the mystery surrounding the identity of the man whose sudden death, indicating- suicide, at Royal Center last Thursday evening created considerable excitement in that village, has at last been cleared. Coroner Ballard yesterday received a telegram from Edwin D. Pugh, an Indianapolis attorney, that the deceased was his "brother and that he would come at once to claim the body. The telegram stated that the home of the deceased was Louisville, Ky., but gave no~ further information. Mr. Pugh. will arrive in the city to-day enroute to Royal Center to claim the body of his brother. Xlie BeTival Meeting at \J ; the Cumberland Prebyterian Church is. increasing in interest. After Evangelist Sheldrake earnest! y and'* forcibly presented the .gospel, several persons expressed a desire- to become Christians, and some confessed their faith in Him. Come out this evening and help the good work forward.' J. R. LAMB, Pastor.' Diphtheria. 1 ''"In. a severe case, there is but one thtng to 1 do; get the nearest physician, bui how much better it would be to prevent a severe case by having Pineapple 'Syrujpi-in the -house;' it will do !jhe,.workl. l: '.Try it. . For sale by J. F; Coulson. "".'" " '••' '"•-':•'•- ' to!4 How it AiH'ciu-ed to Comper*. The following telegram to the New York Herald from Samuel Gompers records that gentleman's impressions of the reception accorded him by the Trades and Labor Assembly here last Wednesday evening': Logansport, Feb. 11, 1891.—This town of lu.OOO inhabitants has cer- tainlv outdone any of the places thus fur visited by me. When I arrived a delegation of more than twenty representative labor men met and entbu. siastically greeted me as 1 stepped from the train. At seven o'clock this evening there was a parade of organized workmen, brass band, flying- banners and Hags galore. The mottoes were well chosen, most of them referring to the enforcement of the eight hour work day. They marched to the Broadway rink, which was already two-thirds full. When the meeting opened fully two thousand people were in ttie ball. Several letters of regret were read from prominent labor men throughout the country expressing conlidence in the success of the movement for eight hours ahd labor's final emancipation. The speech I delivered was earnestly listened to and received with great enthusiasm. The plan to raise funds for miners \v--is indorsed and active work to carry is out will soon commences. At '.he meeting in the House of Representatives at Columbus, Ohio, last night a series of resolutions were unexpectedly offered commending and wishing godspeed to the work I am engaged in. I moved to strike my name from the resolutions and substitute the American Federation of Labor, which was adopted. I go to Indianapolis in the morning. S.UIUEL GOMPEKS. A Beau of 1 S29. When grandpa went a-wooing. He wore a satin vest, A trail of running roses Embroidered on the breast. The pattern of his trousers, His linen, white and fine, Were all the latest fashion In eighteen twenty-nine. Grandpa was a fine-looking young fellow then, so the old ladies say, and he is a fine-looking old gentleman now. For the past score of years he has been a firm believer in the merits of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. "It renewed my youth," he frequently says. It is the only blood-purifier and liver invigorator guaranteed to benefit or cure, or money refunded. It cures liver disease, dyspepsia, scrofulous sores, skin eruptions, .and all diseases of the blood. For lingering coughs and consumption (which is lung-scrofula in its early stages) it is an unparalled remedy. Death of Mrs. Jacob Herz. •The.long and painful illness of Mrs. Herz terminated in., death yesterday morning at 4:30 o'clock at the family residence No. 1006 Broadway. Mrs. Herz has long suffered from that dread disease consumption, and she has born her sufferings with a degree of patience and fortitude beautiful to see. The deceased was 38 years of age and leaves a devoted husband and young son to mourn their irreparable loss Mrs. Herz was the sister of Mr. Eli Green sflelder of this city and her former home was at Fort Wayne. She was a very estimable woman and will be greatly missed in her large social ' circle. Her family receives the . sympathy of their many friends ' in the hour of their bereavement. The announcement of the date of the funeral will be made later. Auk Your Friend* Who have taken Hood's Sarsaparilla what they think of it, and the replies will be positive in its favor. - One has been cured of indigestion and dyspepsia, and another finds it indispensable for sick headache, others report remarkable cures of scrofula, salt rheum, etc. Truly, the best advertising which Hood's Sarsaparilla receives is the hearty endorsement of its array of friends. *> Gratifying: io AIL The high position attained and the universal acceptance and approval of the pleasant liquid fruit remedy Syrup of Figs, as the most excellent laxative known, illustrate the value of the qualities on which its success is based and are abundantly gratifying to the California Fig Syrup Company. M. D. Fansler has been invited to deliver an address at Louisville on St. Patricks Jay in the morning. Ben Frank is back from a few days visit at Chicago. ;, ' •"_ Injecting an Intruder. The order against loitering is rigidly enforced at the Pan Handle station and if a man is not waiting for a, train or a friend he would better seek some other spot in which to pass an idle hour. "Mike" Callaban, the courteous night ticket agent, is a terror to the bums and idlers-who would make the warm station ;v resting place at night, and woe to the man who can give no account of himself yet seeks to make of the seats a bed for the night. Last night a suspicion's looking character spread himself out on one of the benches and composed himself apparently for a night's rest- Mike approached him and questioned him as to where he was going. The fellow could give no satisfactory reply, and was told that he would have to move on. He refused to do this, and the doughty ticket seller took the man by the arm to enforce the order of the road respecting loiterers. The fellow resisted this and suddenly reaching down ic a pocket of his long- coat brought forth a paper bag full of crackers which he let full drive at the face of the agent. The bag took effect, and bursting against Mr. Callahan's good-natured face scattered crackers in all directions. It is needless to add that the fellow was then unceremoniously ejected. A little while later Officer Kleckner found the fellow on the streets in a state of intoxication not consistent with the law in such case made and prorided and escorted him to jail. The loiterer and his ja«i hailed from Lafayette. Cljanux- ofl»rice>>. We name you prices not for a two days benefit, but to continue good until our next special list is issued: Granulated sugar, 18 pounds for $1. Golden C sugar, 25 pounds for $1. Fresh smoked sugar cured hams, 7A cents per po'und. Snow Ball flour, per hundred, §2.20. Best butter crackers, per pound, 5 cents. Fresh smoked shoulder, per pound, 5J cents. Cranberries,"per quart, 10 cents. Best tomatoes, 71 cents. Levering's E. L. C. .coffee. 24 cents. Fresh butter, 16 cents. Fresh eggs, 1C cents. All leading brands plug tobacco, 35 cents. Golden drip syrup, SO cents. These prices are good till our next issue to any person and in any quantity. We guarantee every article to be what we represent. Special inducements offered to larger buyers. M. MCCAFFREY & Co., Logansport, Ind. Notice. All members of Eel River Lodge No. 417, I. 0. 0. F., are hereby ordered to meet at I. O. O. F. hall at 12:30 p. in. sha.rp to-day to attend the funeral of Brother E. J. Hamilton at Royal Center. Members of Logan and Godhardt Lodges, and all transient Odd Fellows in good standing- are invited to participate with us in same. Train leaves depot at [1:47 p. m. Reduced rate. By order of Lodge, 'J. D. ALLISOX, Sec'y. Herbert ("Doc.") Irons, a .former frisky and erratic "devil" of the Journal, has branched out in the newspaper business for himself as the ini- 'tial number of the Dickson (Term,) Advance with "Crotzer & Irons, publishers and proprietors" as the guiding lights indicates. "Doc." possesses the requisite elements of a hustler and his new enterprise is bid God-speed by the Journal and his many friends in Logansport. Notice. QA11 members' .of Purity Lodge No. 127, I. 0. 0. F., D. Q. are earnestly requested to meet at I. 0. 0. F. Hall at 12:30 p. m. sharp to-day, to attend the funeral of Brother Hamilton at Royal Center. By order of the Lodge. MAMIE HAliTEL, N. G. The Pan Handle pay car arrived here yesterday and will go to the State Line to-day, thence to Chicago. George Sapp of Goodland was in the city yesterday shaking hands with f.-iends. Vcml Pl:iy Suspected. SEY.MOL'I:. Jnd.. Feb. 18.—Nicholas Krouse. a young- farmer who lived near St. Joseph, Floyd County, disappeared three months ago. .Sunday his body was discovered by his brother Frank hidden in the woods. Krouse's mother and his step-father, Joseph Kacklean, are charg-ed with, his murder and •sviS. be arrested. The two Ivrouse toys owned the farm upon'whicli they lived with the Kackleans, and the latter are believed to have killed Nicholas in order to get possession of his interest in the property. They told many dy- ferent stories to explain his disappearance, all of which were investigated and found to be false. Tnree Men KHlccl. CHARLOTTE, N. C., Feb. 17.—A mixec passenger and freight train on. the Chester & Lenoir narrow .guage . railroad jumped the track on the trestle two miles south ' of Newton Monday. Three men were killed, and foiir in. jured. __ '•_ Great Slaughter of Good* Xtvo I>av* Olll). Dolan & Twomey wishes to inform all railroad employes that they will have a grand opening for their pay-day benefit on the 18th o fthis month. Last pay-day we were not ready, but now we are, and competition will have to surrender to the following pay-day prices. Just for two days only, 18th and 19th. We give you these low pi-ices to show yon that Dolan has not forgotten the way of buying goods cheap, and that you all may corne and see our stock with our double-room full of goods, all new and fresh, well- selected for cash direct: 10,000 HJS best flour.. $2 30 per 100 tbs 0,000 Iba sugar cured bams. ..Sc pel- II) Granulated sugar 17 tbs for $1 00 Very best 75-cent tea aOc. per tb Arbuckle coffee 2.5 c. per It, Old Dominion coffee 25c. per»]1> Golden drip syrup sold at GOc.. .85c Best full 3 It, can tomatoes.. 8jc per can Best table peaches (Baltimore brand) 18c per can Star tobacco 38c and other goods sold to you on these two benefit days on the sa.me basis. Goods will only be sold to our regular household ti'adte and railroad customers at those prices, and iu regular house quantities. Remember ISth and ISJth for cash only. Positively goods at these prices will not be made to parties to sell again. DOLAN & TWOMEY. The Logansport Wall Paper Co will, on the 1st of March, remove from their present location to No, '107 Marjl ket street, in the room formerly occupied by Schmitt & Heffley of trie Golden Rule dry goods house. The Wall Paper Company have received their spring stock of fine and plain wall paper, and they will show designs tbat are new and attractive. : They are prepared to take contracts for decorating churches, halls and private residences, and at prices within the limit of all. Their previo'us work in this city speaks for itself. They are determined to do the work of this city, and if fair prices and good workmanship goes for anything, they will get the work. Mr. John R. Pratt, the manager of the company, is a first- class artist in his line, and will give his personal attention to ail work entrusted to them. Held by the Enemy. The above drama to be presented at Dolan's to-morrow evening is acknowledged to be the crispest, brightest and most pleasing drama on the American stage to-day and has a reputation almost world wide. This is both because of its genuine merit and because it is the first play written on the late war, wherein the conflicting interest of the ITorth and the South have been so ingeniously interwoven as not to give offense to the sympathizers of either cause. The play abounds in exciting situations and a genuine battle scene with galloping horses, but these are happily relieved by delicate touches of the most exquisite comedy. The company presenting the piece is spoken of everywhere in the highest terms, so an excellent entertainment is an assured fact. Tlie Way It'K Done at Marlon. Marion Chronicle: Yesterday morning Rev. E. E. Neal found lying on his pulpit a bit of paper on which was written the following ominous-sounding words: "The contribution had better be left in the basket or I swear I will set this meeting house on fire. This is straight. INDIANA IKE." "Indiana Ike" is thought to be the local sneak-thief who has been burglarizing various residences and churches of late in Marion. Detectives have been quietly at work comparing this precious scoundrel's handwriting with that of a certain suspect. He will probably get a free trip north before the church burns. Undo Tons'* Cabin. Of the attraction billed for Dolan's Friday evening the Terre Haute Star says: An immense crowd held a sort of mass meeting around the opera house doors while sections of it filed in and packed the house until the card was hung up,' announcing standing room only. This unusual demonstration was not due to anything new, for it was only Uncle Tom, but Stetson's management includes good and liberal advertising. The show was given to an. admiring audience; its funny side was enjoyed immensely, and the pathetic incidents metv'equal appreciation. She wa« Completely Cured. A daughter of my customer suffered from suppressed menstruation, and her health was completely wrecked. At my suggestion she used one bottle of Br adeld 's Female Regulator, which cured her. J. W. HELLUMS, Water- Valley, Miss. Write The Bradfield'Reg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., for particulars.; Sold by Ben Fisher. . • tol'5 At the meeting o fthe stock holders of the King Drill works held yesterday a dividend' o'f-six per cent, was declared. CLOTH TOP SHOES. CLOTH tops arc again being accorded a considerable degree of popularity ". in both men's and women's goods. Cloth is superior to leather in every way j except durability, and ever, in that it holds its own in some cases as ag-aihst some of the leather used for tops. Cloth is the best material for shou tops 10 the case of persons whose feet have a tendency to perspire freely, as the surplus heat of the foot as well as its moisture is allowed to radiate and transpire^ thruugb the meshes of the textile fabric much more readily than though, the leather. Good cloth is not materially affected by moisture, and excel-, leather used for toppings in resisting its attacks. Cloth does nof crack, scale turn redt or grow stiff and chafe the wearer. It is more comfortable and smoo'h fitting £ than leather. It makes a handsome effect by contrast when used with leather-^ vamp. It is more "dressy," and, in fact, as we said at the outset, better toppings than the leather generally used in every way, providing a first-class | quality of cloth is employed. There are cloth fabrics sold for shoe tops " are not desi.able, just as there are^kinds of leather used for sboe soles that aie'-' not desirable: some being cheap and poor quality, for use in cheap shoes, ^ and some being fine quality and intended more for appearance than wear. There is a grade of cloth for every grade of shoe, and the best grades are expensive than fine leather. The patterns vary from plain black to figured. OTTO KRAUS, SMOKED MEAT Of this Brand will be found Select Goods: slaughtered and Cured .by. W. C. ROUTH, Logansport Ind, For Safe Qbv Leading 1 Dealer?. TRY FREEMAN'S "HIAWATHA," \ The Latest Thing out in Perfume. Freeman's 1 PinK, White ana Brunette Face powder^ FOE SALE BY , H. C. P U R C E L L, Druggist 418'Market Street. s ? Indianapolis Sews: A. J. Moynahan, of the Foi-t Wayne Journal, ^Democratic, was one of the candidates for director of the northern, prison, and managed to do a large ainouat of lobbying in the Legislature last week. One day while he was industriously setting forth his special fitness for the place in the Senate Chamber, Senator. Magee arose and insisted that lobbyists must keep off the floor of the Senate-during the sessions. Mr. Moynahan accordingly had to depart, very indignant. H« went home, and the following editorial note appeared in his paper soon after: ••Senator Magee from Logansporl, wants to be a World's Fair Commissioner, or something that will give his head an airing. There is not a bigger fraud in the Senate than this fallow Magee. He has been pampered and praised until he has come to consider himself anointed.'' Specimen Cases, S. II. Clifford, New Casscl, Wis-, was troubled with Neuralgia and Rheumatism, his Stomach was disordered, his Liver was affected to an alarming degree, appetite fell away, and he was terribly reduced in flesh and strength. Three bottles of Electric Bitters cured him.. Edward Shepard, Harrisburg, 111., had a running- sore on his leg of eight years' standing. Used three bottles of Electric Bitters and seven boxes of Bucklhrs Arnica Slave, and his leg is sound and well. John Speaker, Catawba, O., had five large Fever sores on his leg, doctors said he was incurable. One bottle Electric Bitters and one box Bucklen's Arnica Salve cured him entirely. Sold by B. F. Keesling's Drug store. tolo Lost. Long .black haired. Angora muff. A suitable reward will be paid when rc- .turned to" the Journal office. febl8d3t LOXDOX. Fob. IT.—Violent stores ar reported as prevailing- on the coast dfj. Greece. Off the island'of Zoo a steamer® was wrecked and nine kves. lost, -Itis]| feared that .many other disasters c ,liaT«^l occurred. Both the method and results , Syrnp of Figs is taken; it is pleasart ja and refreshing to the taste, and acUj' gently yet promptly on the Kidneys,-i Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sys-j r tern effectually, dispels colds, head-'| aches and fevers and cures habituaKf constipation. Syrup of Figs is only remedy of its kind ever pro^l duced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt ia^ its action and truly_ beneficial in its J effects, prepared onl? from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend ity| to all and have made it the mosta' popular remedy known. SyrujJ of Figs is for sale in 50*^ and $1 bottles by all leading c i gJsts. Any reliable druggist i may not have it on hand TvjJl, _ cure it promptly for any'bne a; who||| wishes to try it. Do not accept an; substitute. . , CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO SAN f LOUISVILLE, KY. , HEW YORK, N.\ For salebyB, 'Jf: Keesllngnndalf druggists

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