The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1932 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1932
Page 7
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1932 BLYfHEVILLE. (ARK.) COUBllIl NBWB CLASSIFIED SECTION- LhissiBed Advertising Rates CALL WIGGINS Electric Shop Jor'wfci PAY CASH for old cook stoves rtpjlrs and estimates. I'hone MH.' arm used lurimurc. Uur.'i Uuin\ lOl'-K 11-10'uu-iii mi«y. Lwxison 1-urii.inre ti. i>lnin, Pnoiie 165. 'Slui'tv Arkansas Star COAL AND WOOD i'rantham Coal & Transfer Co Dealers In Kentucky and Sunlight Coal -ycamore & U. U. bt., Phone 964. 4C-K. 11--. i'OR SALE—Good dry wood, Pho;i* ui. Cocke and Gllll»m. 40-K IM WILL BUY j'iauo. Stato condition, cash price in first teller. Ca f red Keily, Steele, Mo. luc-fcu SITUATIONS WANTED Silyer Bwtt Add* i« LindJjerftt Ctlkdta t'BT, bOUI.6, (UPl-isilwr -pbrtrtll Ikuto of Og!. and Mrj.-Ch»rl;s A. llTHlbergli. ll;« gift 'ot>* Japaitett italrer, Iwo tx*n '> «d*M to llu Ltfidb«f|h. trophy collectlta -hero. YOUNG LADY COLLEGE GKAD- COAL <a low cas>. prices. Phone 48. UAT£ desnw poslllOll. E.\[icrl- enccd In general odlcc work, us casnlcr, reitaurnni lias'.css and In j or children. Willing to worn ind «htr»tul»tior»», l»3i, 8liin» fukuturi. Tht calltcUoo ot lrophlt» pre- '»Hetl Col. Uod)Mr|h »re «*|d to th« ')M|*M «v«r tl«n any on v " '' SEATTLp IUP>—M«ton Thoaip- -<*\ W, eociucd ol Uklni tto from cite cuh re»UUr of.-the Rwnrm juruge, nuy ofltr • defense tiiat lit <iu iiutunng Iron• aleepUig tick when IN commiU«d tlw crinit - WATTtiB.' <W) •-"• ThlrtMtt *** have died In Mttti* (h» to an <TM*mk of HbM* All *4«i W*l cllhtf be mwzM'«r lM*WM*d'«Mb .inll-rtbles ierum. •'/ ' .:' ••(, Prompt Delivery. BLYTHEVILLE chefl p or for rooin ana bour<l and COAL CO., Walnut & Railroad Sis. sma]1 j^y. Address "S 1 Cjuruii 6-x-tl Kc»«. JUNK, HIDES, ETC. iU THOSE seeking jpbs th Courier News Want-Ads ofte WANTED—Junk ol nil kinds, hides. ft rcs ,|| t producing service !u iron. to;)pcr, brass, aluminum and Ocl 2 iSck-Ocu Iti Til one o03. FOUND FOR SALE EXPERT Typewriter and adding ' mai'uiiie repairing.' U. d. UUMK- ensnip, Uti ii. twte. 1'none iw\V. • u-i PILLING STATIC N, dwelling house, 3 sloraee tanks, all combined. Gcod business. Will sell cheap. Address "HA", Courier. 7C-K 11-7 LOOK—Wilson Is still cleaning, bunding and repairing flues. Can 100. llf-Kltt HOMECUAF1 See our hew attachment for makins Slngercrafi rujjs. We leach you. Singer Sewing Machine Co. lOpklOlS YOU CANT UELY on "For Rent Signs" but you can rely on Courier News Want-Ads to rent thai house or room. A WAY to convert old furniture clothes, and other viliwante llcins In your Into cash. Phona 306 and nsk the Waait give you details. AUTO GLASS WOVEN WIHE FENCING THE ARKMO LUMBER YARDS 28U-K Oct 20 Will sell cheap a Simplex New Perfection distillate or fuel ell burner heating stove. Call 2D2-W 8x-ktf ATTENTION HUNTERS. For Sale Out-board motors, good as n»w, sizes. Boone Hall. 10p-k 11-10 HOTELS •The Goil, It's a good hotel", cafe in connection. 23c-k Oct 2a RESTAURANTS Vihit Geo. Wright's Wall Street Lunch. Iccated in Greyhound Bus Station. 9-15 ck '10-15 BEST EATS in town. Open day and htght. Green Beetle Cafe. Mrs. J.. W. Wright, Prop. 23p-k Oct 23 GARAGES EXPERT MECHANICS and Wrecker Service.- Peoples Garage. Phone fins. •••" ' • . 21P-K Oct. 21 FLOYD HARGETT'S- GARAGE : CHRYSLER "SPECIALIST. OPPOSITE CITY HALL . '' • r" ' ' " •" 8p-K II- DKtiGGISTfi f j *f.**1c l <a *^r?c:^_ — '*• FOR DRUGS : .gO-to the SI. Frnn cis Drug'-'. 1 Co'.' 1 - Now located o Ash Street near' 5th. 23c-K Oct 2 BEAUTY I'ARLOKS EXPERT ' BEAUTY. Service. Per :i.inen;s S3.50 up. I'owaer Pu Bcnnty Parlor. 21P-K Ocl 5 YOU CANT RELY on "For Ren Signs" but you can rely o Courier News- Want-Alls 'to rei thai house or. room. CLEANERS^ TAYLORS Sl'ACE FOR LEASE you CAN lease a space like th every day In the month at lo cost. Phone 305, PEOPLE who read these columns mean business. They are nut reading it just to pass the tlrm a'vvay. They are definitely ing for offers which: meet needs. Let us write yoiirs. OR SALE REASONABLE—Sllght- ly used portable typewriter. Call STORE FIXTURES OR SALE OR TRADE—Lupton, bins, shelving and tire ack. Phone 2'02-W. 19p-k 10-19 FARM LANDS X>R SALE—53 acres in cultivation. 3 houses, big Blytheville. chool. $25.00 'hone 887 or K barn, in 8 miles 1 mile of good per acre, terms. 5. W. T. Burnett'. 6C-K-TF LIVE STOCK "OR SALE—21 head Hampshire hogs, registered or subject, var- ous ages. See Joe Craig, S. Frankin St. 13P-K17 ^ARMERS having livestock to sel ••or if they' desire • to buy they .villJfintt, it convrai'ent-.and ecou: AUTOMOTIVE ITRST CLASS waterproof covers lor trucks and wagons. Carney »wnmg company, Phone 643. 17p-kOct r- IN THE DISTRICT THE UNITED STATES THE JONESBORO DIVISION OF THE EASTERN' DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS In the Matter of W. 11. Noonan, Manila' Cash Market, In Bankruptcy To the creditors of (lie above named bankrupt of Manila, In the County of Mississippi, Division and )Utrict aforesaid, » bankrupt. Notice is hereby given that oh Oct. 3, 1932, tha above named pe- Iticner was duly adjudged a bankrupt, and the first meeting of~ the creditors will be held at my. of nee in the City of Jonesbofo, in said District on Oct. 21, 1932, 5 2 P. M., at creditors may attend, prove claims, ap'p'o'mt a .trustee, exam ne the . bankrupt, 1 and transac such other.. business as may prop erly .come '• ' At Jonestorp, Arkansas, this.Oc il, 1932. ' IN THE DISTRICT COURT O THE UNITED STATES FOR tary'- and general manager __._ _ ;-_ , _ . .. «i. .•OR SALE—New and Used Autt. Parts. Jackson Auto Parts Co. .020 W. Main, Phone GG. 3c-K Nov 3 HATS CLEANED and re-shaped, 75c. Hudson Tailor Shop, Phone 53. 12C-K1I-12 ATTENTION — Men's overcoats cleaned and hats blocked. Ladies fur trimmed coats our specialty. Call Unique. Cleaners for pronip'. Service. Phone 171. 6p-K ll-l 'OR SALE—SAVE on Ooodyeai Tires and Tubes, auto accesso ies, new and rebuilt batteries, Mourine Oil, lie quart. Wolf Arian 'hone 176. 16ck-Oct. It OR SALE—Model "A" I'.i Ton Ford Truck. Perfect condition cry reasonable. John C. McHaney r., "The Monument Man". DONT THROW THEM AWAY We re-line, re-model and repair coats and suits for men and women. Experienced tailor and experienced dressmaker. Hudson Tailor Shop. 12C-K 11-11 DAIRIES FRESH—A Grade Milk deliverer night and morning. 0. W. I«wis. Phone'877. IOP-K 11-K ELECTRICAL Dutl-propf bags, Brushes and rubber-covered corrl for your electric .sweeper. Heffncr Electric Service, ',-. Gillen Furniture, Cal «80. ' '• ",' 13c-kl GREEK LEAF CAFE & • .FRUIT STAND Hepular Meals a Specialty. All you ;can eat 25c with drink. Complete line of Fruits & Vegetables. See me for wholesale prices on apples. BUCK MEHARG, Proprietor We Deliver 312 E. Main iiielair Gas & Oil. Greasing, wash- ms!, U. S. Tires. Day and Nigh. Si-vice'. Phone 555. 24p-kOct, 2-, LETS SWAP VHAT HAVE you to swap? Ge' r -suits—It costs only a few cent day. VI1.L TRADE for set of children': Ucoks or sell, cheap, a complete et of Alexander Hamilton's busi- css books. Address "H", Courier civs. 28X-K-T1 POULTRY •ABY CHICKS, all varietie.'i. Cus- lo:n hatching solicited. Marilyn talcl'.cry, Blytheville. 4cktf HOOJI & BOARD OP5N AT NIGHT Expert Ford Repairs wiwikci- Serrice PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. - Phone 810-7J7 SKCOND HAND FURNITURE See Us First R. J. Dodson See Weisburd And Ste Better EVES TESTED FKEG And Giants Fitted \IRS.T. R. WATSON-S5.5tl weekly. 112 E. Cherry. Phon? 602. 1P-K 11-1 FOK RENT 'i.'S^IPMKP house, five rooms, lut'n. uiusge. servant house 1308 Chickasawba. Call 83 or 280. lOeXIO. 1 IDc-klO-lO \IODEItN 5 room house, Ash and Division. Apply 1315 W. Main. I1C-K19 FOR RENT--4 room newly furnished anartmcnl. 810 W. Aih Street call 510. i; r URNIS'HED fie rcr.m lip«t v. Kentucky. Mrs. Allie sisV."call " 13c-klf WANTED THREE ROOM FurnisLied Apart. ment, good neighborhood, moderate rent. "WH", Courier News. 10P-KH ROOM AND BOARD in~prlvato home by lady. Give price and Iccation. Address "LMC" Courier. 13p-kl7 WANTED TO BUY I! HATCHING EOGS H Marilyn 11 Halchery, Blylhevllle. 11C-K TI' irt rrfarijr II Incbtt Ull, nod the BMterkl to frUM sil- Both ar« Inicrloe^ 'TO' Ooi. Olitrln A. Uadlirdh i iitf Mrs. Arjne Morrow UrKlbergtl, Mii wisti- HAG «*e UP IK vALufc/. 1 ';'' YOU'LL HAVE TO STATCT It ALL COMES BACK To WE EXCEPT rfltt OME NOW, WIMNIN6 MONEY IN A--pOrCETi 6AME AT THE TeiTZtJOUJP 6EAVIEW MOTEL,ON MY VACATION I Hit) THE ^^ONtY FOR SAFETY; IN TMB HOUSE ^— BL AN' WOTSK VOUR/VVAY I'LL LETVOUSMiLL A , ; , • .Tx3LLAR:'8tLL / Tol IK 1HC tl»»«nt,T"-'g doing business ns Hive you decided In No motorist is so Rood advance what, to do if a tire blow nnd then on how .to drive safely. Highways change* Road surfaces are being built of different material,' necessitating more careful nrlvkig. Cars them- With roads built for-high «pe* and of eood conslructicn, »h with nulnmoblles bulll for dura Ity for accidents Ui. entirely th» ot the driver, Warner contend!, i. Only two per ceni. oi thgnwa tlon every year, necessitating -fa mlllarity with neve mechanism.. . All of thcso factors make it-lm onto mobiles,, e.xuei Ihat leaves Jhe remalnd ' ,up' ugaliiat.'; Uui : ..'irtvoV ta'.,b*'"lw*e . times In his driving. ; . Referee -in Bankrupt Several factors .influence, . safety ol drivers. In> a recent ,*d dress' Johii"A."'q."^»rri(!r; .sicrer \lh& >]iolutton ieems tarV-and general'manager .'of thfc alertness at the' wh thought to Iho condition of his ' ' ' OF THE EASTERN DISTRICT tires 'is rXHind'lo rUh iij: ' Mo'* put «omi day .that *U1 tc'ri* " OF ARKANSAS In the Matter of Mrs. B. D. Strickland, doing business as East Main Pharmacy, In Bankruptcy points in his revie ••<"•' ibne- too genlly into n ditch "and his drrttrtlnj at, you .-make the • negligent who shoots out of lubricate his, car,, regularly,, .will ' lamed bankrupt of Blytheville, In f-way is yours and you cnn prove Mississippi, Divls- to find an axlu had brokch or the it, hut what geod will that .do if :n and. District aforesaid, a bank- gear hsd .hiie ne was doing upt. Notice is hereby given 28, 1932, xtttloner was jankrupt, and joii , adapt your driving to Vforlh a i»und o« cure," "When approaching glaring headlights, do f the credilprs will be held at .iy office in the City of Joncs- •ro, in said District on Oct. 21, and this aunge is strikingly borne ... . ... at which time I highway at full speed while look- -nave the old bus Inspected reg- attend, 'Ing at the lights, nr do you drWo It may save a (ew, broken moderately at the side, where you roye their claims, appoint a trus bones and week. 1 ; 2e, examine the .ransact such other nay properly come "neeting. trlans at the edge ol the New Divorce F.xpreMJon •RENO, Ncv. (UP)— A .new ex pVcsslbn, "friendly divorce." ha: cam e into being In the divorce col rules of highway courtesy, or do you drive ns If the At Jonesboro, Arkansas, this Oct. } . ours? . "Do you keep your car In ' with 'ony. It Li used In per (our wheels and no brakes? i sons who agreed to disagree in a "Is your vehicle well shod, or j friendly manner. Read Courier r,ws Want Ads. GETS A SHOCK! HE FepeRAUi MtE ON TrlE RUM/- MJP FOR JO'WS IN THE CHASE. FTER.' W. HCiUR OF MUST MtKH 60M6 OTWtft MV BUJ>91E m WRWD He-s SIM SHOT. THJE DOG OF TrtE' HQliR ! ANO HKS FKlBNDS *JHAT Aae you U SOIWS TO DO ABOUT ; HIS . V/AMT STAY HERE AND WATCH IT \UEU-, SO 600[> LUCK... AMP : HAS THE CAPTURED BArJDIT LOADEP IM HIS > SHIP AMP IS ID OFF FOR. KINS CITV MAME THE AT.WHS ClT/

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