The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1956 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 17, 1956
Page 7
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^TUESDAY, JANUARY 17,1956 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS New 5-Yeor Plan: PAGE SEVEN Russia to Increase Production of Steel By RICHARD K. O'MALLET MOSCOW (AP) — Again emphasizing heavy industry, the Soviet Union's sixth five-year plan calls- for production of 68,300,000 metric tons of steel in 1960 That would be. about two thirds of what the United States, Is expected to produce that year. Last year the Soviet Union produced 45 million metric tons of steel, while the United States turned out 106 million. The Soviets' 1956-80 program set a goal of a 70 per cent Increase In heavy Industrial production by 1960. It said Industrial production climbed 85. per cent during the past five years. "Overtaking Capitalism" The government directive announcing the plan declared: "The conditions for overtaking the most developed capitalist countries as •regards per capita production have been created:" A "number of basic shortcomings" were noted in various economic enterprises, but the announcement said the Soviet Union "now possesses a powerfully developed economy, disposing of greater material resources and more skilled person nel than ever before." Trade Expansion It added that Russia Intends tc "strive for an expansion of : trad with other countries on a mutual! beneficial basis. The fulfillment o „ the plan' will be it tremendous stride toward strengthening the might o socialism In the world and Insuring peaceful coexistence among ha tlons." . '.. The economic plan calls for a 60 per cent increase In consumer goods and Improvements in many phases of, such as housing. It said 55 million pepole would be working in industry by the end of 1860 at wages 30 per cent higher than in 1855. StilwellMade Knight of York . Paul Arthur Stilwell, Osceola, has IN THE COUNTY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, • •-*••• ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF 1 ANNEXA TIpN OF TERRITORY IN THE NORTHWEST QUARTER OF' THE NORTHWEST QUARTER (NWii' NWH) OF SECTION TEN (10) TO WHS HIP FIFTEEN (15) NORTH, RANGE ELEVEN (11) EAST TO THE CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS N O T I C : No. 431 Notto* If hereby liven that there has been filed In the County Coun for the Chlckajawba District ol Mississippi County, Arkansas the Petition of Mississippi County Lumber Company, t corporation, to annex to the City of Blytbevllle, Arkansas the following described realty: A tract of land carved out of the West Half of the Northwest Quarter (WM NWft) of Section Ten (10), Township Fifteen (IB) North, Range Eleven (11) East, described as: Starting at t point 1288 Feet I Inches South and 440 Feet East or the Northwest corner of said Section Ten (which «aid point Is the Southeast comer of Lot Eight (I), Block One (1). Country Club Area Addition to the City of BlythevUle, Arkansas), thence North 0 degrees, S3' West US Feet for a point of beginning; run thence North 126 Feet, thence East BO Feet to rsllrosjl right-of-way, thence South 0 degrees 13' East along the said railroad right-of-way 325 Feet, thence West (30 Feet to point of beginning. Said Petition will be heard on the Hth day, of February, 19M in the County Court Room at Blythe- vtlle, Arkansas. This 16th day of January, 1956. SEAL ELIZABETH BLYTHQS PARKER, County Clerk. 1/1T-24-311 the York Cross of Honor, the fraternity announced yesterday. - The degree is the highest conferred by York Rite of Freemasonry. It is given to those who have held the highest office in each of the four bodies of the rite.- Of nearly 4 million members, 5,774 have received the honor in 26 years. Stilweil served as Master of Oscola Lodge of Masons in 1955; High Priest ' of Osceola Chapter, Royal Arch Masons In 1963; Master of Osceola Council, Royal and Select Masters in 1952; and Commander ol Osceola Commandery, Knights Templar, In 1961. FARM AUCTION Biggest Sale of Its Kind Ever in Southeast Missouri Ti.'tN IT'S FALL—Map shows a spot in the r.-.?!*c C::jn about 1500 miles west of the Calapagoes Islands. When the sun in directly overhead there, autumn makes its official bow. That will take filace at 2:42 EST, on September 23d. Mines Sought TOKYO Iff — The Japan coast guard yesterday sent four patrol boats into the Sea of Japan to hunt for floating Russian mines. The PROPOSED BUDGET OF EXPENDITURES TOGETHER WITH TAX LEVY FOR. FISCAL YEAR BEGINNING JULY 1, 1957, TO AND INCLUDING JUNE 3», 19S8 The Board <rf Directors of Luxora School'District No. s of Mis- slsslppl County, Arkansas in compliance with the requirements of Act 403 of 1951 and of Amendment 40 to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, have prepared, approved, and hereby make public the proposed budget of ,eipendi- turts .together with the tax rate as follows: General Control, $8,900; Instruction, 1115,000; Operation of School Buildings, 118,000; Maintenance of Sqhool Plant and Equipment, 18,000; Auxiliary Agencies (including transportation). $20,000; Fixed Charges, »4,000; Capital Outlay, W.OOO; Debt Service; $9,000. To provide for the foregoing pro- Josed budget of expenditures "the Board of Directors proposes t tax levy of 40 mills. This tax levy ih- eludles the present continuing levy for the retirement of present Indebtedness GIVEN this ISth day of January, 1956. BOARD OF DIRECTORS, Luxora School District. No. 9 of Mississippi County, Arkansas: C. B. WOOD;'President, R. C. LANdSTON, Secretary. 1/17 st guard said 10 Russian mines had floated ashore on northern Honshu, the main island, in the last month and three had exploded. One blew out all the windows of a factory half a mile away. OLDEST SETTLEMENT Oldest existing settlement of the original 13 states is Albany, New York. A fur trading post was set up there by the'Dutch In 1614; it was chartered .as a city in 1686. WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Betty Pruitt, Pltf. vs. No. 13.202 Vewin Lee Pruitt, Dft. The defendant, Vewin Lee Pruitt, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof- and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Betty Pruit. Dated this 9th day of January, 1956. SEAL GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk. By OPAL DOYLE, D. C, Guy Walls, Atty. for Pltf,' Ed B. Cook, Atty. Ad Litem 1/10-17-24-31 Cold Waves Starting At •00 up '5' Moderne Beauty Salon 111 N. tad SL — Phono S-31SZ Mark Twain asked about Old Crow, "Lou, •which barrel are we using now?" Writer Mark Twain would often 7 iKkotanElmira, N.Y.,l<mrn about tlie supply of kisfaiorite. Old Crow. HOW IW A MILDER, LOWER. PRICED Se PROOF BOTTLING! KENTUCKY STRAPflMT BOURBON WHISKEY Old Croc 1OO Proof Bottttd in Bon4 Kentucky Straight Bourtat Wkukty amlabU at usual OLD CROW THE OLD CROW DISTILLERY COMPANY, DIVISION OF NATIONAL DISTILLERS PRODUCTS CORPORATION, FRANKfORT, KY. You Can Own Your Own Home HOMES FOR SALE Two, Three t And Four Bedrooms Complete with All Fixlures Bathroom, Kitchen Sinks, Hot Water Heater and Space Heaters Completely Remodeled (like new) Inside and Out If You Own Your Own Lot -No Down Payment Is Necessary All You Pay Is Moving and Closing Costs. Delta Home Investment Co. OPIN WEEKDAYS AND SUNDAY I A.M. to 6 P.M. •lytheville, Arkansas (Formerly Veteran* Homing Quarters) Phone 3-3369 FR 9:30 a.m. RAIN or SHINE DAY JANUARY 20th at JOHN L WILSON FARM 3 Miles North of Sikeston, Missouri, on Highway 61 and 1 Mile Wear on Fanner Rood: Landing Strip at Sale Site LUNCH SERVED on GROUNDS Darrell Alcorn and John L. Wilson of Sikeston, Mo. are quitting farming altogether . . . and they've combined all their machinery, implements and tools for this gigantic sale. Brought together has been enough equipment to farm 3,000 acres . . . and under the hammer goes every piece of it. So, come early and stay late. Get yourself some of the "buys and bargains" in this auction to top all auctions. It's sure to be the ... Farm Equipment PLOWS 2—14" International 3-bottom plows on rubber. 3—Oliver Radex, 14" 3-bottom plows on rubber. DISCS HARROWS 1—9B. I-H 7-ft. disc. 1—Killifer, 8-ft. John Deere disc. 2—KBA, 8-ft. John Deere disc. 1—I-H heavy duty ofset disc on wheels. 1—M-M, i5-ft. one-way disc. 2—Heavy John Deere tractor harrows. 2—Light John Deere tractor harrows. 1—I-H, 10-ft. Tandem roller. 1—12-ft. Soil Sergon. 1—4-section harrow. DRILLS l_OIiver Superior 17-hole drill 1—John Deere, 17-hole grain drill on rubber. PLANTERS 1—Minneapolis-Moline 4-row planter with fertilizer attachment. 1—Oliver 4-row planter wtih fertilizer attachment. 1—John Deere 4-row hill-drop, pre-emerge spray, planter. 1—Massey-Harris 4-row planter with fertilizer attachment. 1—Tractor seeder. FERTILIZERS Distributors — Applicators 1—Pre-emerge rig for M-M, 4-row planter. 1—Eze-Flow fertilizer distributor. 1—John Deere, 12-ft. fertilizer distributor. 1—International, 4-row fertilizer? distributor. 1—Oliver manure spreader. 1—John Deere manure spreader on rubber. 1—KBK mounted type anhydrous ammonia rig. I- 1 —KBH anhydrous ammonia pull-type applicator, 5R, HD, knives and hyd. Miscellaneous 2—1000-gal. anhydrous ammonia tanks. 1—500-gal. tank on skids with gas pump motor and hose. 1—350-gaI. gas tank "and stand. 1—330-gal. gas tank on skids. 2—Trico tractor spray rigs. 2^-Paint spray outfits. 2—Liquid hand pumps. 1—Road drag. 1—Pepek hammermill 1—New Holland flame burner. 1—30-ft. belt. 1—New Holland flame burner. 1—Cement mixer. 1—Electric Welder. 1—Electric drill. 1—1000-lb. Mosler Safe 1—Cash Register 2—Battery Chargers 10 Cases of Preslone Used Tractors 2—Late model "A" John Deei-es 2—Late model "W-D". Alilis- Chalmers 1—1950 model "A" John Deere, with power trol and Rol-A- Matic. 1—1950 model Oliver "77" 1—1951 Massey-Harris 44-4 1—1951 model "V" Minneapolis- Moline CULTIVATORS 1—John Deere 4-row cultivator 1—Oliver 4-row cultivator. 1—Massey-Harris 4-row cultivator. 1—Minneapolis-Moline 4-row cultivator. 1—Set of cotton choppers for 4-row cultivator. 1—Forrest City 2-row, power takeoff cotton chopper. -John Deere, 4-Row Rotary Hoes STALK CUTTERS 1—Great Giant rotary stalk cutter. 1—John Deere stalk cutter. 1—International, PTO new stalk cutter. 1—Oliver Rake on Rubber J 1—Oliver Tractor Mower TRUCKS 1—1952 Ford Pickup 1—Ford Truck, motor in new condition. 1—1951 Chevrolet 2-ton Truck —Tractor Feed & Seed 500 Bates of Straw 500 Bu. Shelled Corn 120 Bu. Dorman Seed Beans Farm Machinery COMBINES BALERS 1—Massey-Harris, self-propelled ' 26 combine. 1—Combine straw chopper. 1—Pick-up attachment for combine. 1—Oliver automatic baler. 1—Clipper Seed Cleaners with Screens. 1—Vac? way Seed Cleaner with Screen. ELEVATORS HOISTS—AUGURS I—Hay elevator. 1—John Deere, 40-ft. grain elevator and wagon hoist. 2—Chain hoists. 1—16-ft. grain augur, 4-irich. 1—16-ft. grain augur with 1 hp. motor on 2-wheel rubber- tires trailer. ' 1—3l-ft. grain augur with 3 hp. motor mounted on running gear," TRAILERS BEDS S —Oliver trailers with grain beds. 1—2-bale bed cotton trailer. 3—l-bale bed cotton trailers. 2—-John Deere steel bed trailers. 1—John Deere 2-bale trailer. 1—trailer with steel grain bed. 1—2-wheel, horse-drawn trailer. 1—John Deere trailer, HD run gear. 1—Steel, heavy 20' cotton bed for trailer. 1—Steel, heavy 24' cotton and hay bed for trailer. 1—Carter 24-f.t. grain trailer steel endgate. PICKERS SMELLERS—HUSKERS 1—Dearborn corn husger and sheller attachment. l_John Deere corn sheller, trailer type. 1—Oliver 2-row mounted corn picker. 1—Int'ernational M-14 cotton picker Miscellaneous 1—Set of pipe threaders. 1—Electric grinder. 1—Set of dies. 1— li/,-hp. I-H gas engine. 1—Forge and anvil. 1—Salamander. 1—Grader Blade. 1—Ford bucket. 1—Alcmite roll-away grease dispenser. 6—Hog houses. 1—Hog oiler. 4—Feed mangers. Hog feeders and waterers. 1—Martin Ditcher 1—Portable Air Tank 5—Air Compressors 1—New Rotary-Type Lawn Mower. 1—25-lb. Air Pressure Grease Gun. Enough Shop Tools for 2 Farms - Bench Grinder- Drills - Furniture etc! Auctioneers: "Joker" Warren— Jimmie Warren Darrell Alcorn -John W. Wilson, owners Clerk: Eliie Snider; cashier—Kenneth Stallings; ringmen—Harry Warren Sr, Floyd Matthews For additional information call John L. Wilson at 1T7 Sikeston, Darrell Alcorn, 2420W1 Sikeston or "Joker" Warren, 2-5411, Charleston. '

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