The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 8, 1955 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 8, 1955
Page 10
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BLTTHITILLS (ARK.)' COCRIM NHWB SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8, 1958 Federal Judge To Rule on Trial Of 3 Turncoats SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Federal Judge Louis E. Goodmaii will rule on the question of whether or not the U. S. Army has the right to try for infraction of the Military Code. three turncoat ex-soldiers The iudKC <>ave no indication ofj amounts lo a charqe of treason. when he mav rule on the issue,! The charge of aid to the ' j enemy can carry the death pen- are Othoj ally, although tlir Armv has ruled fit-trued vesterdav The three o'x-soldlrs Bell 24, Hillsboro, Miss.; L. \V. Griggs, 22, Jacksonville, Tex., and William C. Cowart. 22, Dalton. Oa.. whose mother Mrs. Chester Green, lives at Monticello, A«. The three refused repatriation when prisoners were exchanged at| the end of the Korean war and' went to Red China. Last summer they repented their decision ami returned to the United States. They were arrested when they arrived in San Francisco and charged with aiding the enemy and misconduct as a prisoner. Cowart also is charged with having attempted to persuade another prisoner to desert. Held at Ft. Baker thai oul in the present case. The Army attorneys argued that the oilier principal charge of misconduct as a prisoner is strictly an Army affair and cannot be delegated to civilian courts. They have been held at Ft. Baker near here since they returned on July 29. Their attorneys recently filed petitions for a writ Arabia Weighs Arms Offer From Russia CAIK. Egypt lift— Another Arab country., Saudi Arabia, today weigh| ed an offer from behind the Iron Curtain to sell it guns. The offer came from Moscow. Crott'ii Prince Faisal. Saudi Arab. , iian premier ami foreign minister of prohibition in Federal District here j or a con [ el - cnce O f Ar nb for- Court seeking to remove them pjgn mimst<;rs today, confirmed re- from jurisdiction of the Army p 0r ^ RU^H i ins made the arms court-martial where they o re | 0 ff er . He added "nothing definite scheduled to ,be tried. Their attorneys, in four hours of argument yesterday, contended that the Army had placed the men in jeopardy by giving them dishonorable discharges and cannot legally do so again, and that the charges against the prisoners amount to charging the men with treason, which can only be tried in civil courts. Judge Goodman has held previous case that Article 104 of the Military Code in effect ATOMIC (Continued irom Page 1) Inspection and reporting. Lt. Gen. Walter B. Smith, Eisenhower's chief aide in World War II and later ambassador to Moscow: Designing inspection and reporting methods for Army and ground force units. Control Navies Vice Adm. Oswald S. Colclough, dean at George Washington University: Control of navies and naval aircraft missiles. Benjamin Fairless, U. S. Steel Corp.: The steel industry. Walker L. Cisler, president of the Detroit Edison Co.: Inspection and reporting methods for power and for industry in general. Dr. Harold Mmilting of the Brooking.*; Institute: Inspection of budgets. Dr. James B. Fish, Bell Telephone Laboratories: ommunica- tions inspections. In the U. &.'s top political committee, Britain, the United States and Australia called for a second | has been decided." The disclosure came on the heels of an agreement, by Egypt to .swap cotton to Czechoslovakia for armament. Saudi Arabia, like Egypt, has rejected an American arms offer, refusing to sign a mutual security agreement with the West, Fasal said his country fully supports the Cario government in this deal. Fasal was asked about U.S. Secretary of State Dulles' proposal in August for an international guarantee of Arab-Israeli borders as a means of insuring peace in the troubled Middle East. The crown prince described this as "only a statement which cannot be discussed formally or seriously." Negro Deaths Andrew Wigtall Service for Andrew Wig fa II. 55, who was killed in an accident last week, will be conducted tomorrow at 2 p.m. at First Baptist Church by Rev. T. H. Haywnrd. Burial will be in Burton Spur Cemetery. He leaves his wife. Olfie Wigfall: two sons, Andrew Wigfall Jr., St. Louis, :md Loimie Wigfiill, Ben ton Harbor, Mich.; one daughter, Alberta Ma this, Chicago. Caslnn Funeral home is in charge. Addle Williams Services for Ariclie Williams, 51, who died Monday at her home tit, Double Bridge, 1 ?, will be conducted tomorrow at noon at Salem Baptist International ntoins for pence con .|Chiirrh by Rov. WG Johnson fprpnr-p within three vcni-i Burml '" S!mtly Rlrl|;e Cemetery. le Sy ^\he" e a,pe!a on the She .«v» her ,n, f .-c,. Pet. WU- tiny genernl acclnim accorded the first confrence held in Geneva Inst August. India,' Yugoslavia and Burma also put in ii resolution calling foi another ionferenee but suggested it be held nt an "appropriate' 1 date. Sen. John O. Pnstore (D-RI) who opened the ntoins for peace debate, said Russia had replied to American proposals for an international atomic agency. He said the reply—details of which were nol revealed—would be given careful consideration. Russia has promised to contribute atomic materials lo an atoms for peace pool but hn.s never said whether it would join the plan, first bront',ht bt'ton: ihr- U. N. Assembly by PiT.sideni, EL-ciilnnvtM- in December. 19f)3. LanRston-M<:W:it«rs Biifck Co. IK proud to announce the atlditton of BOB IIURY to their sales force. Mr. Huey is a well known automobile salesman in the Blytlicville urea. BOB says "I'm proud to he associated with both Bulck and Langston-McWaters Bulck Co. This is a personal Invitation to all my friends to Mt me before you trade for any car. A demonstration ride will convince you, too, that Bulck in the hottest car of tho year, and we at Lanffston-McWatem Bulck Co. are giving the highest trade-In allowances possible on the Sensational 1955 Bulck. If yon ure going to pay the price of a Bolck you may an weH own on*. CaM me mi I'Onlar 1-4555 for the b»t deal you ever BUM* oa ttw AM** MT yov'ft t**r •wnwd. Mums; two son.s and four daughters. Caston Funeral Home is in charge. Announcement Office Closed Oct. 6-12 Dr. Jock Webb JACKSON (Continued from Page 1* during the next two years. Tiles Airport "A new and urgently needed Municipal Airport, i.s another important project that has been started and will be completed without undue delay. "Some industrial prospects have been lost, because of this so we plan to lose no tune in yetting one established. "The money to purchase the Land lor these facilities is in the bank and by enlisting the support of the CAA, 'it is planned that this accomplishment can be reahzed without increasing the indebtedness oi the City one penny. "There are. of course, many problems to be solved in the successful administration of the affairs ot a growing city, but 1 believe these can best be overcome by using the experience we have gained in so successfully overcoming some oi tho major obstacles in the past. With cooperation, good will, hard wors and fiuth, the problems that con- iront'us will be solved. "Being a lifetime cm/en, of Blytheville I have enjoyed many ot the benefits of living in this good community. The next two . years could be the most important ones :n the history of Blytheville and will, no doubt, demand u great deal of your Mayor's time. "That time I am willing to give. H is my desire to make my further contribution to the welfare and betterment of our town, and I hope that I may have the privilege' of serving our citizens again during the coming two years. "I stand squarely on my record and ask the vote and support of the citizens of our fine city at the election on Nov. 8." Minor Accident Is Reported In an accident yesterday at 5:45 p.m. at the intersection of Main and Ninth Streets, a car driven by H. L.. Harp, 910 W. Walnut, was involved in an accident with a car driven by Mrs. G. W. Calvert, 2124 Edwards. Mrs. Daisy Ford. 2124 Edwards, a passenger in Mrs. Calvert's car, suffered a minor arm injury and was treated, then released at Beasley Clinic. The ;ront end of the Calvert car wns damaged and the right front fender of the Harp vehicle was damaged. At Division and Main Streets last night at 11 o'clock a car driven by .John Welch, Annorei. was involved in a mishap with n car driven by Lloyd McCormick, Blytheville Air Force Base. Dani:it?c was limited to the front ends of both e;irs. Inrtivhliiats-Groups-Farm Bureau Blue Cross - Blue Shield Call representative WAYLIN CHESSER P.O. Box 307 Blythevillc, Ark I'hone POplar 3-3106 Kirby Drug Store $725 Koi- Your Old I ELECTRIC RAZOR on a new Remington, Schtck, Sunbeam, Ronson or Norelco EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hardware {•hone 2-ZI15 IMPORTANT Medical Facts For Every Man Who Has Passed His 40th Birthday , Too, Go Thru "Change of Life" DOCTORS CALL IT "MALE CLIMACTERIC" New Safe Discovery Compounded For Counteracting Effect on Body and Blood Changes Due To Usual Deficiencies Ihat Often Occur During Middle Age. Doc ton ftfitployci! and scienluls ill w* tint altt-i liic first «ve.iis, Ih* human body iindcieiMS t.'nmrtsnt rii.injHss. Ihis chariKo in MfH .isv-dl ai WOMEN 1 Men. if you jie over 40, thii'URM " nf life." 01 as ikclois cjll il. MI\U 01 IMACIfKIC. 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(Iflyn ihcro wtint K iliac tf.recl i tt)<! illltli'iilt "rhftnap ot lite" vrrliMl. T. iry tin- nr« cni^ule CAllort "A1T1CU W 1 Hint niuir.llr.-i tlf liilily wJMl An linliMinl n'r'iri. nrrili-il ilurinir ttitn pi^rlod. I till iDouiti'f sii[>[>lv only S.ViH)... Ni nh.v.UttPly •IrllKriicd ultli rrmilln or chccrtul, tm< (Hiratlonul rtCimd. U fcd coutlcelC*. Easy Home Trial Proofl Available At All Better Drug Stores Amazing New, GUARANTEED "AFTER 40 Capsules" (Only On* Captule A Day) WOODS DRUG STORE 321 W. Main St. Phone 3-4W7 Farm Land Proposal Said Too Costly WASHINGTON <ff>— The adminis- (ra i ion has t urned down as too costly and complex a proposal to pny farmers for voluntarily taking land out of production. The rejection, on a proposal by Sen. Humphrey D-Minn, was sent (o Chairman EHencler D-La ot the Senau* Agriculture Committee some six mop.ths after Ellender asked an official report on the measure. The reply was signed by Undersecretary of Agriculture Tore D. Morse. The Humphrey plan appeared similar to those the Eisenhower administration has been reported considering. Secretary of Agriculture Benson has said he will have some specific recommendations to make to Congress next year. An industry advisory committee] urged Bensin to consider bolstering! hog prices by buying limited stocks J of port lor the school lunch pro-! gram and for domestic relief purposes. It also recommended that he look into the possibility of broadening port and lard exports, and that the government and industry push a campaign to encourage greater pork consumption. Hog prices yesterday dropped on j the big Chicago livestock market; 10 their lowest level since just before ; wartime price controls were remov- , ed in 19-16- I IKE (Continued from Page H inactive '.lie next several days. Heart Is Healing Physicians here have reported Eisenhower's damaged heurt Is healing. While they do not rule out the possibility of complications the next two weeks, they are obviously optimistic there will be complete recovery within the normal two months period as occurs in routine cases. The President's plane, the Columbine III which is bringing today's visitors, will take Dr. White, MaJ. Eisenhower and probably Nixon, back to Washington Sunday. It will pick up Dulles in Miami. Fla.. after a speech he makes there Monday. A medical bulletin at 9 p.m. MST Friday said the President 'had a good day" that he was '•comfortable and relaxed' 1 and ihat there still were no complications. Britain Tells Of Bribe Offer By Russian Spy LONDON i/PV—A Moscow spy tried to bribe a Hritlsh courier's security guard to betray diplomatic secrets [but was turned down flat, the For- I picii Off irp hns chcrvlntLpH Spell it Right DETROIT f.ipi—Eleftherlos Ravou- nidis, 34, told the judge: ''Even my wife can't spell my name." He left the courtroom as Larry Andrews. wspape versions of the incident: curity guard, who since has Beer Helps Plants HALTWHISTLE, England Ml — Some folks in England have been watering their plants with beer to make them grow faster. This struck. Joseph Henderson as a criminal waste of brew. He reported Thursday he has dosed his chrysanthemums with three cups of lemonade weekly and has one plant 10 feet tall. Another Blast Rocks Frisco • SAN FRANCISCO (#-)—A mystery; blast, similar to one nine days ago. j shook the San Francisco bay area | yesterday. A sharp explosion preceded by a "rumbling noise" was reported by the highway patrol at Bay Bridge. Military airfields reported they had jets in the air but disclaimed responsibility. Acting Mayor James Leo Halley wrote Defense Secretary Charles Wilson asking an investigation of the last blast. The Battle of the Alamo actually was a siege, lasting from Feb. 23 to March 6, 1836. MOX THEATRE On W. Main St. In Blytheville Phone 3-4621 Weekdays Show Starts 7:00 p.m. — Sat. & Sun. 1:00 p.m DEALERS-$650 MONTHLY Resident 1 Manager of national manufacturer will interview men for part time or full time dealers who need higher earnings. You must be free of false pride, own an automobile and have definite responsibilities. Call for R. A. Smith in room 400, Noble Hotel, Monday, October 10th at 7 PM. 20th Meeting OBNKVA W—American and Red Chinese ambassadors held their 20th secret, meeting here today. There was no report of accomplishment. Mule Dealer Dies KANSAS CITY Ml - Fred Owen, 66. who made a fortune buying and sdlliiK mules in world-wide deals, died of ii heart attack nl his ranch near Hi'llon. Mo., last night. ICELAND ARENA FAIRGROUNDS • MEMPHIS • TENN. Ice Varieties •'—* * la Person OCT. 11 thrv 16 -*!U3!-<S Ivttlyn Chandler ADMISSION RESERVED SEAIS Ji 50 GEN. ADM. AOULT5 II • CHILDStN under I? S0« • MAR ORDERS FILIED PROMPTLY • Juil if nd cKsct ot rnoniy ordoi -itfi iljmpcd. Cenfr.t Hct.! O<fi(f. GaUtmith'i. 123 5. UjInSt., MempMi. T V •J««jtw.uiT».i.i»rv^i^M i mi'T;tai-»-TS 8:M P.M. MAHHEES Sit. Z P.M. SUNDAY 1:30 and 5P.M. Tonite — Double Feature I.ash Lame in "Son of Billy, the Kid" and "REVENGE OF THE CREATURE" with John Agar Sun. - .Mon. - Tucs. Oct. !) - 10 - H James Stewart and June Allyson in "STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND" Wed. - Tliurs. Oct. 12-13 Jane I'owell in "DEEP IN MY HEART" TOUR FRIENOIT THEATRE == The Finest in Cinemascope Presented in High-Fidelity Optical Sound! SATURDAY Double Feature IAUCO ADU1CC r-c.rrnF1.rb. FIOSJtrSDtw WMt!) AKNtSS »,«.,!..™>...«- *» r,OPtlo« DOUCIAS — ALSO — "BUFFALO STAMPEDE" with Randolph Scott Cartoon & Serial SAT. OWL SHOW Starts 11:30 p.m. "APE MAN" with Bella Lugosi SUNDAY & MONDAY Double Feature MARION^ BRANDO; A — AND — MANY RIVERS TOCROSS Northeast Arkansas' Most Popular Theatre TONIGHT 10:30 SUNDAY & JTOMM J!,AUREN W&YME fun-barreling oat of a Chines* torture-prison! dodging from fury to fury in Formosa Straits! rim- AT.SO CARTOON Try a Texaco Service Station First Call Us For Your Cotton Picker and Spindle Oils We can supply You with the Finest TEXACO HEATING OIL Wt deliver anywforc in Mississippi County BOB LOGAN YOUR TEXACO MAN Blytheville Phone 3-3391 Joiner Phone 2421 GEM THEATRE "Osceo/o's Finest" Saturday Midnight Show > SUN. • MON. • TUE5. October 8-9-10-11 Paramount presents HUMPHR-Y BOGART ALDO PETER RAY USTINOV JOAN BENNETT • 5£5i RATH50NE' LEO 6 CARROLL Color by TECHNICOLOR ^"^ h«r aches, ijams cuts, oruiscs. ournt colds hoa'iarhes nircs and stints trj Bob's Gypsy Rub Liniment Irallablr .it viiui '•> mtc driifi ™untei C. G SMITH PRODUCTS CO. HAIRY VETCH Oregon or Arkansas Grown PMA SPECIFICATIONS Place Your Order Now Blyrheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main Phone 3-fiS56 WE RENT • HOSPITAL BEDS . . . BABY BEDS • ROLLAWAY BEDS • USED REFRIGERATORS • USED WASHERS WADE FURNITURE CO. 112 W. M»ir Phon« 3-3122 G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. FUEL OIL "I Sell That Stuff" Phone 2-2089 Vi«it Conny's Comco Service, Aid fc Division CERAMIC TILE or Rathroom Walls & Floors FREE ESTIMATES F.H.A. Tern* WALKER TILE CO. 100 E. DiTis Ph. 3-89S.1

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