The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 21, 1944
Page 5
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_• FRIDAY, APRIL 21, 1944 BLYTJIEVJLLE (AUK.) COU1UEH NEWS Published Every Friday In the , Interest of Farm Families of This Agricultural Section. NEWS-FEA1VRES •FtVg,M,T.. < : - W^^MM'' /• Enter the PUnt-to-Prwper Cco-fl tests sponsored by the.'pouriiarl _Newa and Commercial Appeal/ Supply Of Eggs ian Be Stored Two Simple Methods Arc Suggested By Demonstration Agent . To help Mississippi comity homc- Imabcrs preserve some of Ilio sup- •J'ly of PUBS from the present i>cak • production period. Miss Cora Lcc Gof/?er Tasty Wild Greens Now For Tempting Springtime Dish Wild greens, Including dandelion, i small amount of fnt hns been inelt- rtock. poke, nnd sorrell can now tic ed. Wllh tli e sklllel covered to keel) found in vacant, lots, along tlic In (lie steam. (i, ( . greens nre cook- , , roiuts, mid In tlie woods of Missis- siiipl county, reports Miss Cora Lee Colcniiin, county home demonstration agent. Later wild nuislard ami liimb's-qiiarlers can also be had Just for the picking, 'Hie first rule for gatherers of wild plants, she reminds, is to know greens. Only tender, young Itlon agi :l Inexpensive methods .,. ^ _ ! Pores of tlie shells, Both "neiii- t?', V"' e ™ 5 " v l' rrf <»'"i«l at home •if there Is a cellar or oilier cool Place lo store the preserved eggs. islic explained. Only clean eggs with strong shells should be used, she said, and they must be infertile and fresh. They [should not he washed. js in liRht mineral oil that has |becn healed as hot as the hand can ' nd with comfort. Tlic simple •process consists of putting several |cggs in a wire basket, dipping ihcin •packing in clean baskets or crates, land storing in a cool place. The IcKifs will keep several months and Iwill remain in the best condition [throughout thai lime if they are lolled tbe day they are laid, Miss ICnleman slated. However, they Ishould not he oiled sooner than |fonr hours after they are laid. The other.process is the common [household method of preserving is in n solution of waterglass, •chemically known as sodium sili- Icate. Tlic solution is prepared by Iboilmg ami cooline nine parts of Ijfpr. adding to this one part of liWtcrglass, and mixing thoroughly. JA solution made from 9 quarts of I water and one quart of vvaterglass Imakra enoueli to cover 14 to 15 Iften HCRS. While it is not likely Ithat this many freshly-laid eggs • will ever be available on one day, lany immljcr on hand can be put Inito the solution and others added [from time to time, she explained. I The eggs are placed small end Iriown in a crock or galvanized con- It inner and arn covered witli the Iwaterglass solution. She stressed the I need for iiaving- the eggs covered Ibv at least an inch of the liquid sit [all tunes. More solution can be I added as evaporation takes place, land as more fresh eegs are added. I Covering the container will help I to prevent evaporation. A five-gal- |lon container will hold about 200 js, the county home dononstra- |tion agent said. SSKS preserved in walcrglass can I be used satisfactorily for baking land other cooking purposes. When I they are cooked in the shell. Miss IColeintiii'. suggested that a small 1 hole, be made in the cn c j with a I pin-before they are placed in the [wafer. . .' . full-grown garden ones, become tough and often develop bitter flavors, siie recommends mixing Ihe different kinds of wild potherbs, especially for the first picking which is liable to be small, in order that new growths will appear, ti'cons niust be cut, not pulled. The plants should be used qulck- y after they nre gathered, she Jalad when served with n dressing of vinegar and bacon fnt or sahul oil. Miss Colemnn suggests that greens be cut with n sharp or scissors so less juice will lie lost. Shredded dandelion greens mixed with chopped onion, thinly sliced radishes, nnd parsley make a tempting Spring dish. Wild greens are cooked and served in the same way as mustard, kale, or turnip greens. Most housewives, the home demonstration worker explains, prefer to parboil the strong flavored ones. This requires onl v 2 or 3 minutes in plenty of water, after which the plants arc drained and cooked quickly in a small amount of lightly salted boiling water until tender, In the same manner that garden varieties are cooked. Just as quickly and easily prepared are panned greens, Miss Colcinan adds. The greens are placed in a heavy skillet in which a [Singers Will Convene Pemiscot County Singing Conven- I lion will meet for a monthly singing ISraday morning, irj:30 o'clock, at Iwksburg, three miles south of • Decring, according to announcement Imade today by S. L. Kobinson, sec- Irctary of the organization. I The public is invited to this meet- ling. Jd slowly until tender, she explains, Skidway Club To Send Cards To Servicemen The Skidway Home Uemonslra- llon Club met April 11 at the home of Mrs. Alonzo Flceman. Roll was called by Mrs. Ned Kicc und 10 members answered by telling what she knew of lire prevention. 'Hie froiip sang "Arkansas" led by Mrs. Parker OsUornc. During the business hour if was voted lo send birthday cards to boys In service, Mrs. Allen Holt was appointed ( 0 " da this wor Undiluted Oils May Hurt Stock Mixture Recommended To Protect Animals From Buffalo Gnats not applied to the buck, (lie « n l- mnl Is less likely lo ovcrlic;il. lluffalo gnats seriously Injure livestock in some part of Arkansas nearly every year. Since the liisivls nre usually caused by overflows llu- Immiilurc stiieoi developing In flood water, recent rains imiy bring on glints in somu places, lie i>r«l!cicil. , . StniKlees arc tlio slundnrd means iirolcctlng livestock the »se»l sold. from the Mississippi county runners should be careful in using oils to protect work stock from buffalo gnats, since undiluted oils may do more ncliittl hiirm to Ihe animals than will the buffalo gnats, Keith J. Bilbrcy, i-...™ un nivce n-eii crops corn county assent, advised this week. Ho hay, and soybeans so that If one recommended not undiluted oils, crop fulls, he will Mill have ' ' but 11 mixture of used inolor oil, I for Ills livestock Mr water, and lish oil soap to protect F. S.A. News Willie Thomnson, near Mmilln, plans on three feed crops, corn. mules from buffalo gfTut mixture consists of three Plans were made to take pictures,,,-, -„•• «• „ -- ••of homes and improvements of the i ,! "" soa ''' rllc °" shn " w community during Week." "Belter Homes horses injury. quarts of used inolor oil, four quarts of water, and one ixnuul of potash - soap. The oil should be added very slowly to the soap, the The hostess served fruit salad during the social hour. The meeting was closed by the group rending Die "AitierJciin Creed" in union. The next meeting will he with -. — -... ,— had lo buy comparatively little feed this year, because last spring, he planted corn early and had a crop In spile ol Ihe drouth. Mrs. i,. i,. 'jliomasoii, nlso Manila, hns a gooil start with her Burden, Hccausc of lack or feed Mrs. Tliomason had lo sell sumo ^x^ & r^i rr^Mw^ -5S- x±; ^^wa^r.'ffl "*"'-<> *«• •*- »•£& '. Mrs. couilsli recently set out iumc rose cullhiijs and a lilac tmsti which will eventually udil to Hie attractiveness ol their place. W. I,. Manna and family of oru urc nil example of what cat! be done on n family slue farm lo lii'lp win (he wnr. They have a _ >d start farming. Mrs. llaniia plans (o plant cotton next week. 'Ilic fniHllv dues n urnnd Job \mw- tU'tni; u llve-ul-homc Drogrnm, storing nnd cunning enough food to supply them through the winter. This year, Mr. llnnnii Is Increasing his soybean nrir-ago by three ucre.s. hay by one ncrc, nnd cotton by two acres. This fiuully Is btiylnu (heir farm under Ihe llankliead-Johes Tenant Pnveliase Act. --• '-•} .j'"i.ij v»« i,iv. ovjn^,, inf im.i. ijiu[iut.*>«jL] jimi 10 sen somu county agent explained, nnd sllr- of her hens. With part of the money red vigorously lo form n uniform ' from Oils sale site bought wire Ui mixture.'llic mixture can Ihcn be fence her garden, Mrs, Thomason stored, and wntcr added just before practices n llvc-at-Iionic program us [i'8. . ] and still has food on hand which Buffalo gnals concentrate on the she canned last yenv. breast, crotches, cars nnd head ° rl Tllt> I'Ulle Coriilsli family Route the animal, but seldom hlto the 2, Manila, who arc buying Ihclv M.... m i :,<;," , " "^ ""uiiiii, uui scmom DUO inc j, M Mis. Richard Swafford on April 25. buck mid lower legs, ff the oil Is home fo,i year nnd n half and has a broth-" cr, U. l,. Johnson, who is an 1 Army " cnglncci staU^ncd In' England.' •*' f Biackwater Club Discusses Plans For Giving Play Ttie Biackwater Home Demonstration club met April 4, with with Mrs. Raymond Scott presiding.' The son£, "Arkansas" was led by Mrs. Hichardson, recreational leader. The club read Club Collect in miision. When the secretary, Mrs. Charles Carey called the roll. 20 answered by giving an adjustment they must make in planning family clothes in wartime. The club discussed plans for putting on a play to make money and to make a dress form. The program included a poem read by Mrs. Woodroe Whitney. Mrs. Raymond Scott gave a timely report on the prevenlativc measures on waste. Games were played during recreational period. Tile hostess, Mrs. R. c. Whitney, served refreshments. She was assisted by Mrs. Woodroe Whitney. The next meeting will be held on April 18, at Mrs. L. V. Waddell ' MEXSANA jOOfHIHS MEDICATED POWDER AUJHREE for ME! 2 GOOD FEED - row ou ^H5r»^a^-^- ^^^D STARTENA! GOOD SANITATION T^e only poultry water tablet which acts as a disinfectant, bowel astringent and fungicide Easy and economical to «se. Don't take needless chances on . disease in your flock! |L. K. Ashcraft Co. Vi Block South of Frisco Depot Phone 493 Men In Service Cor(i. Wllllimi I'. Million, wlui has been In overseas service for mure tlmu 1(1 months, now Is stnlloiictl In New Giilnen vvllli lliu Infantry. Dallas llrownlee, son of Mr, uiul Mis. M. !•', liruwnleu of Oell, luiw Is slationi-d lit Colorado Springs, Colo, 1'fe. Hinjenc Johnson, wlui has been stnlloncd at I.iis Vouns, Nev., luis completed his course and received his wings as an aerial gun- --„ ner, Ho has been transferred to I,|n- Banklieiul-Jone.s coin, Neb., where he is iiwnlllnx Im Usedlrucks&Farmlmpiemenii 1 1939 I liter national 1% Ton Bob Truck ; Closed Ciil). Dual Wheels. Platform R^y, Ciil). Dimi Wheels, Platform . Oiling [»,-i ce quly Hydralic . $832.40 Hns l!od.v. ford V-S % Ton Bob Truck (! Good Tiros, UocomUllimcd Complete Large Um-Kiiiiriit Ceiling Price .......... $735.76 Ilrand New '(-Wheel Trailers $98.60 ilau Loader $197:08; U Weeder $82.20 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. AultKirtcd Ford True lor Dealer Walnut & 6lh Elm Grove Hereford Farm FIRST ANNUAL AUCTION SALE 65 HEAD Friday, May 5th AT OUR SALE BARN LOCATED AT THE WEST END OF MAIN STREET IN BLYTHEVILLE! SALE STARTS PROMPTLY AT 1 O'CLOCK HEAD ARKANSAS STATE FAIR RECORD: Grand Champion Bull on Real Domino Jr. 34fh . . . Isf prize aged bull ... 1st summer yearling bull ... Isf prize three bulls ... 1st prize two bulls . . . 2nd and 3rd on senior yearling heifers . . . 1st and 2nd senior heifer calves . . . 2nd prize pair of females . . . 2nd prize get of sire . . . 1st prize pair of yearlings . . . 1st prize pair of colVes. The Grand Champion Bull, Real Domino Jr. 34th, sells. OZARK EMPIRE FAIR RECORD: / 1st prize senior yearling bull . . . Reserve Champion Bull on Real Domino Jr. 34th .i. . 3rd and 4th summer yearling bulls . . . 3rd prize senior bull calf . . . 2nd prize three bulls ... 2nd prize two bulls ... 3rd and 4th senior yearling heifers ... 1st and 2nd summer yearling heifers . . . 4th and 5th senior heifer calves . . . 4th prize get of sire . . . 3rd prize pair of females . .- . 2nd prize pair of yearlings . . , 2nd prize pair of calves. We are now ready to holcjour first annual auction sale. This date, May 5, signals a goal attainecTby us a splendid opportunity for you, the Hereford breeder, to select and buy Hereford breeding stock of the kind that will show up well in your herd The Elm Grove Hereford herd was founded and expanded with Herefords which we felt were capable of reproducing not just average type cattle but the modern, breed-improving kind, thas been our goal to produce such Herefords and to be in a position to offer them at pub ic auction. We sincerely believe this goal has been reached; We believe that you, too, will agree, I fit rCMALtj number46 in all and include all pur show heifers. There are a few cows bred to our herd sires and the majority of the female offering consists of young stock, most of which are bred to the herd sires. A number of the females are sired by Real Prince Domino 127th, MW Tone 5th, R. D. Domino 49th and other sires of equal merit. The breeding, type and ages of these females are ideal—they are qualified for use in any registered breeding herd and their future is promising in every respect. THF Rl II I ^ I ML, DULLj make up another important attraction m this sole. There are K9 in all, including the show bulls. Four bulls are all sired by WHR bulls and Mack Prirtcept Mixer is sired by the noted WHR Princeps Mixer. Real Domino Jr. 32nd, is a half brother to the champion bull that sells, Real Domino Jr. 34th. There are other bulls that sell—all outstanding—including sons of MW Tone 5th, Real Prince Domino 127th, Don Prince Domino 15th, Real Prince Domino Jr. and Progressor 4th. FRED REPPERT, Auctioneer F. \V. FARLEY & G. H. SHAW, The Southern Stockman Elm Grove Hereford Farm C. H. WHISTLE, Owner ELLIS ARMSTRONG,^ Manager H, *"* f ..•-*'

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