The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky on September 21, 1899 · Page 9
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 9

Louisville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1899
Page 9
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l MOTHER dollar Jump In the Price of Pi? Iron. HIGHEST IN TWENTY YEARS. SUPPLY IN SOUTH SHOUT AND FAMINE IIIMINZNT. NEW RIVER MINERS' STRIKE. Birmingham. Ala.. Sept. 20. Sine last Saturday .pig jron fn th!s market hag cored another advance of U per toiv No. 1 foundry now filing for 119.30. Thia is the second time w ithin ten days that Iron has Jumped ap i at a leap. Trior to these advances the various Jumps were twenty-five and fifty cents ach. The. present price ts the highest In twenty years. A prominent Iron authority said to-day that there is not xceedlr.s twenty-fcur hoars' supply of Iron In the district, as compared wi'h a month's supply on September 1. One ale of 5,000 tons of gray forse for ,1 for delivery next year was made today, and art offer of 117.50 for an equal amount of No. 2 foundry was refused, in iron famine is practically hert. " KINEBS WTLX QTJTT WOSE In New Klver District Until Better Wagea Arc Paid. Charleston, W. V Sept 20. Special. After two days deliberation the miners of the New River district and its tributaries unanimously decided late last night to quit work until the demand for five-cent per ton Increase is rranted. The committee from .the operator, headed by Oen. St. Clair, met the miners' committee to-day and were In conference several hours. The result was that the operators refused absolutely the demand for an increase and the miners. In turn, decided upon the suspension of work. The strike went Into effect to-day. and it is estimated that 2,000 men are now idle. It Is provided in the strike resolution that all operators who pay the price shall resume Independently of thoss sUU hold-Ins; out. REVENUE COIXECTIONS. A Largs Increase In Past Two Months ' Compared With Last Year. Washington. Sept . The 'monthly statement of the collections of , internal revenue shows that for the month of August the receipts from all sources amounted to 24.CO,9SO. an Increase as compared with August last year of JB.-49,432. The receipts from the several sources of revenue are given as follows: Spirits 17,603.802. Increase JS14.2S8; tobacco J5.0i4.129, Increase $93.017; fermented liquors, $7,754,786; increase, 1701,-1S4; oleomargarine. $173,491; Increase. . $44438; special taxes, not elsewhere enumerated, I32L290; decrease, iiMU miscellaneous. $3,511,468; Increase. $412,958. During the last two month the receipts were $2.157.2Sa in excess of tn corr-eponding months In IS 98. BECAUSE OP TLX-HEALTH, Joseph Mc Will lams Besigns As General Manager of A..K. and N. Boad. Knoxvllle. Tenn., Sept 20. Special. Joseph McWilliams has resigned his position as general manager of the Atlanta, Knoxvllle and Northern, and John B. Newton is appointed to succeed him.- Mr. Newton is promoted from the position of chief engineer of the road. .The change Is effectivs- at once. ' President Henry K. McHarg. Of New York, will be in this city to-morrow to arrange plans for the future. Mr. Newton was until a few months ago assistant chief engineer of the Southern rail-' way. Mr. McWilliams came to the A., K. and N. in 1896 from the Texas Central. He resigns his position on account of his extreme ill health. Elected Officers. New Tork. Sept 20. The directors of the American Hide and Leather Company elected the following officers to-, day: President, T. W. Hill; First Vice President W. N. Elsendreth; Second Vice President. E. L. White; Third Vice President T. S. Haight; Treasurer, C. W. Tidd: Secretary. C. A. Haskell; Executive Committee, T. W. Hall, W. N Elsendreth, E. I White. T. 8. Haight. F. Ik Roenlta, Matthew Robson and Aaron Hecht. At the meeting to-day no action was taken in the matter of capitalization. New Corporations. Frankfort, Ky., Sept 20. Special. The American Standard Asphalt Company, of Russellvllle, has incorporated by filing articles in the office of the Secretary of State. The capital stock of the company is fixed at $250,000. The chief Incorporators are J. M. Mc-Cutchen. C. W. Courts and J. C. Brow-der. all of Logan county. Similar articles were filed by the Bank of Livermore, McLean county. Its capital stock Is $15,000. The Incorporators are C W. Thomasson and C. L, Fields. - Hirer Business Dull. Kuttawa. Ky.. Sept. 20. Special. J The Cumberland and Tennessee rivers are now lower than for many years, and at this point the former stream presents the sppearance of a small creek. No boats have been here for over four weeks, while on the Tennessee only the small packets are running, and these are very irregular. The pruspects for a rise in the rivers and resumption of business are by no means encouraging. The Mingo Strike Settled. Middlesboro, Ky.. Sept. 20, Special.) The miners strike at the Mingo mines, which has been on for several daym was settled this afternoon and the mtners will resume operation to-morrow. The strike was caused by the company discharging one of the drivers for killing a mule, when the others quit work, closing the mine down. a Tobacco Company Incorporates. Taylorsville, Ky., Sept 20. Special, Articles of incorporation have been filed by Polk Bros, here to incorporate the Taylorsville tobacco factory, with a capita' of 100' l,hn c- I'urrelt, of Midway, will take stock in the new organisation, ' Advance In Sheet Metal. Pittsburg. Pa.. Sopt. 20. The Association of Iron and Steoi Sheet Manufacturers ti-day advanced the price of fhevl fr m $3.10 to $3.25 a ton, to take eil-.U at one- fii'cial a;:d cg:.;:.:ergil MONETARY. Wednesday Evening. Sent. ?. Thr wa very heavy eherking ttxjay. clearings running op to tl.C31.t2S. and oposlts K ilM good. Th demand for money v only fair, twins good with wm bark, bnt reports Hull and easier with others. New Tork exchange 1. freely offered St c discount, but !t U net wanted. The Clear!ng-hca;e report to-city wts at fol- Piys clearing. ........ SL1. Balance. . 223, t8 Ths security market contlnne dull snd tra-enansed. with but little trading. "Jh stlentloo at speculator and Investors allk l directed to New York. Nearly ail the trading from here Is being done there lust now. A sale of 4 aharea of Louisville Tobacco Watvihotis preferred w mad at IMS. advance of 1V points over recent sale. The chief bond transactions was a sale of I and N. unified 4a at par. The following were the s reported 7,. a Wl!itfnrt!!-i CentrsI 4a...... !. U and X. nniilel ........ Y.17.Z v '.ZlY.'.w'k "1U .....lis ..... 1 If. '"I K and N. anltied 4a........ 2v ritr lr. rtwe V'l.. la.1" Citir due 1'i...... l,.liv rir 4. doe 1?JS IV'HU and N. StHrt-lfn 7.... ... J . M. and I. iep..nd 7 m hr V. O. nty R!wy commoa 1 eharea ljnnrv1' Rai!wy peet - 4 hre I-i:ie TJM-ro W. U. pref. : thiirea Hcmlica Buxk Tarda........ 2', r.4, 115s And Interest. The renerst oenUment aa to the money market la that thlna-a are not likely o how Improw ment for aome time. Powlhly loara aiay stow tiRhtcr. The follrtwlng came by prtvata wire to Ha'.aey HaUey: ' "The nne market dnea sot know any new feat ore. Gold lm porta are not erpected In the Immediate future and no relief to hanka l dla. eerr.lWe aalde frpm the heavy llquldntloa of loan that have been going on for the Uat two weeka." The flowing wa In a prtvata wire mesmV: 'Wo are told by truet worthy authority liquidation hal been hastened by knowledge that .'o aharea of Brooklyn Rapid Tranatt were forced to prrvite aala at by a larse bolder, who waa awcesrful tn obtaining a buyer at that price. Wo are frrther Informed by same authority that direct ora of a prominent truat company hare dmanled payment of loans agara. satlng between fifteen and twenty million dollar, oblliratlona being mainly with one ayndU eate. Amerloan Snirar Refining Company mad another cut of Me In price cf refined. . Prominent Intereeta aay market la not likely to hare a strong rally for aeTeral days. It may not break, hot there wm be enough apprehension about money to keep prices from advancing except for abort opt urns mode by room. The 1en-neesee Coal and Iran reporta for Auanat a, net surplus after cbmrares of tia.SST. against H.TW last year. Money V per eent." . It was reported this afternoon that a prominent commission hooao had been a very, heavy seller to-day. It sold poralMy as much as shares, moatiy induatriala. The Impraaalon ta that Brooklyn Rapid Transit Is no knurer much of a lupt for attack. It ts amid that the read-tneaa of a poor tn bo way Identified with the Flower party to tako ail offertnea of Federal Steet baa prevented any raid In that quarter. The Taa Street News se.y-. - "It Is th Intention to force out soma Mocks of Brooklyn Rapid Tranalt that are weakly hold, and It to threatened and predicted tha the atock will bo forced down to SO It neceeasry. to accomplish tbla. Personal feeitnga aster largely into this master."' . a- eaeaa Tbo iracnedlaht proapect for the market Is fur. ther UquMatlon. sine the eurrency Sow Is atlll acmtnat New Tork. and too banks most keep themselves atrong. they being down to the legal limit. Gold Imports are out of the question for the present, unless money rates ahould go very high, or the international stocks have a fall sufficient to Induce free, foreign buying. If war breaks out ts nho Transvaal It complicates tha gold ettnatlo&Cuthoert Mills la New Tork Tribune. - . - The resort la again current In Chicago that aa extra dividend. Is aooa la be paid on Pullman stock. This time It is to come from the proceeds of the sals of the company's outside properties. careful estimate indicates that surplus eaxn-tnew and, the proceeds of sales will five the company something Ilka 40 per cent, on Its stock la the next flvo or six years, in adtMttoa to tha per cent, dividends.- If this expectation Is real. Ued PuIVraaa stock will pay something ilk IS to 14 par cent, on par during that time. Increases an earninaw for the second .week of September: St. Paul. tS3,23; Missouri Pacific. etS.QOO; Canadian Pacific 104. W0; Ontario and Western. I1S.48S; Denver and Rio Grand. $41.-2r: Wabash. IM.OM; Texas Pacific, IS,39S; Louisville and Nashville, 171,530. Increases from July 1: Wabash. H71.IM; Texas PaclBe, $411,183: Panhandle. Auguat. net increase, til, 530 : U and N.. tSOC.OOO. The 1- and X. gross earning- increase for August were t417.tse. and next to the New Tork Central the largest gala of any la the United States, , For the second week tat September the Southern. Railway shows an Increase of t54.I73, or bout IS per cent., while the St. Paul road for too asms period shows an Increase of K3.239. and the earnings for the week were larger tnaa for any previous second week In September la thai history of the company. STOCKS AND BONDS. New- Tork Stock Exchange. New Tork. Sept. 33. Money on call Arm at 49 TH per cent.; last loan at per cent. Prima mercantile paper 48H per cent. Sterltng s-ebango easier, with actual business in bankers' bins at 4.8iSf?4-H for demand and at t.t&9 4.KH for sixty days. Posted rates e4.3tf4.83Va and t4.SHiS4.t7. Commercial bills 4.UV. Silver certificate. W&ic Bar silver U 13-Mc Mexican dollars 4TVC Government bonds steady. Stat bonds Inactive, Railroad bonds easier. This was a day of violent fluctuations and great speculative excitement upon the Stock Exchange. The movement of prices was so feverish and uncertain that the disposition among professional operators was generally to close up accounts with the day. As a consequence net changes are astonishingly small, considering the wide vibration during the day. In only a few instances do they exceed fractions, and though the majority of stocks sre lower there Is a fair sprinkling of gains. There waa a time in the morning when a largo Hot of specialties bad advanced between IS sad t points, and during the afternoon they fell very generally to as much below last night's level. A rang of between S and t points waa traversed during the day by tho following Industrial stocks: Continental Tobacco, Smelting preferred, Colorado Fuel. Consolidated Oaa, Federal Steel. Manhattan. People's Qaa, Tobacco, Metropolitan Street Railway. Tennessee Coal and Brooklyn Transit. Ths railroad stocks did not move nearly so widely as a rule, but an extreme rang of 1 and 44. was traversed by St. Paul, Rock Inland. Burlington, Northwestern, Great Western preferred "A." Chicago and Eaatera Illinois, St. Paul and Iu-lurh. Oreat Northern preferred, Reading first preferred and Lawkawanna. The Index of tho market all day was Brooklyn Transit, the dealings in which were oa sn enormous scale. With a total capitalisation of tK.OOD shares, to-day's dealings In this stock footed up 283.1'i shares. It sdvanced 2 after tha opening, fell 7 to a new level at j4i and then retraced its courefe, rising points to S34 and closing at the high level of the morning. Ths whole market fol-Ivwed tn lta waka In a general way, though its emtio fluctuations were impossible to follow at all times, Tha market was a gigantic speculative contest throughout. The bears broke down ths gains which bad been built up In tha morning with apparently little effort and dislodged some very heavy offerings oa the daclin from holders who bad vainly hoped that the fall la prices had come to an end. There eras large selling through commission bouses and the flood of Industrials poured upon the market was said to be due to the calling of some large loans In which these stocks figured aa collaterals and had to be sold to liquidate. V. 3. Milling, which sold yesterday at W. aoid to-day at 34. after first selling at ii, an extreme -decline of C points. The preferred stock, after aeiilr.g yesterday at . soli txlay at X, a decline of 2i points. The closing prices for these stocks were for the common 30SS5 and fcr the preferred UU). Theoi was no Important development to-day la the money situation. The rise In New York ex. change at Chicago and ths advance In the call lours at seme ether jst.:ra citUs Indicates that the Western dratand for motwy has been shifted to some extent from New Tork to the other Kast-ern culea. Ciuti.l-rujkle sums of Chicago money are roportd to have been kuntd la New York during tt.e week. Tfce cu-tj,-J, however, alia continues both to the inierUT snd to the Subtreas-ury. Foreign exchange w-s eomewtiat easier, ciore DctjL.y ro cb Fjrie and B-rHn than on li.ndco. At this tjne lart year. wha New Tork sun-ius reserves had fallen below .".').. sold ts-an promptly to ccme la from Europe! i'revious to Sccterch-. last tear wa iuul irM.i, TIIE COimiER-JOUrtXAL. XOPISVILLE. THUljsDAY 5IORXTXO. Imported over 1110,000. 000 of gold on balance, while thus far this year the excess of exports of gold has been nearly IX0O0.O0O. Although the excess of merchandise exports for eight months of this year Is nearly Vi.MO.W leva than last year, the unliquidated trad; balance tn our favor thua fnr this year Is therefore I2S.0XI.O19 greater than for the rams period last year. Sterling exchange ts still H4c on the pound above tho level at which gold imports begun last year. Hand weakened !n sympathy with storks, but the movement was not wide. Total sales, par value, el.siv.una. V, 6. bonds" were unchanged In bid quotation A tuondon cableerram says: "The markets here were dull, hesitating and Idls to-day. The con-flliMing Transvaal rumors spoiled butlnets. Americans were uninteresting and nsrrow in movement, finishing heavy, especially for LrfMiis villa and Nashville, New Tork Central and Northern Pacinc. Spanish 4s were ftMi; Tlntoa 4ii; Anaconda 11 -l on dividend anticipations; Boston 14. The bank bought 11,000 gold In bars and French coin and 20.009 waa taken for Egypt and flO.IKe for South America. The week's outflow was m.WO. Stiver spurted on esstern demand. Bills were mors active, but the bank dl 1 lees in them." " TJ. S. Bonds. Ss. registered. ........ I", registered. ........ le. roupun. New 4s, registered.. New 4a, ooutKn. ...... DM 4a. registered.... Old 4, rcupen. ...... is. registered, lfni liU'j 1 ISO Hi's .......1114 as. coupon. 111 district of Columbia S.C Ill Miscellaneous Bonds. ' Ala., Class A W (North Carolina 4s.. 101', Io Class B N. P. lets 11J Do Class C .....ld ;l Im. t5S ' Do r'urrency tno 4s 1-i-i" Atchison gen. e....lclfelX.Y..C A 8t.U4a..li7 Atrnimn adj. 4s.. M ,N. and W. con. 4a. 4 Canada So, 2ta lf';;l o general a. 13a C. snd O. IVrf ,iOrvgiin Nav. lata.. 115 I'm is llSSi.Do 4a. HH"4 at v. con. .i.ii. ,tire. rlhnrt um 0S..1-7 I'n S. F. deo. 6....l- )lo consol hm ..113 Chlcsro Term. 4s... sl4 Reading gen. 4s.... ("i'l 1. and R. G. lsts..l'Wi H. O. and W. lata.. TS. 4r !VMt.U and Kaat Tenn. lata. 1"4 St.L. and S.F.g.a..n', Erie gen. 4s. T"i,St. Paul consols 173"i F. W. and D. 1st.. 7X St. P., C.4r. lsta.121 Gen. Biertrls Ss lis no &s. Ul J. H. and 3. A. (a..l' jroutem Ry. 6s....l- st iio jus mtana. K. at I. ss, . j M. and T. C. is ll:Tenn. new set. Ss... 9i Do consol Sa Ill Tex. and Pac lata.. lis town Central lata.. .11 Do Sda. !1 K. c. P. a Q. lata. 70 t'nton Pacific 4s....I' La. new con. a Im Vabasli lata. ll" U snd N. unllied is tas M.. K. and T. tda... 'oi i West Shore 4s 11?, ro 4a. M Iwtacnn. Cen. lats.. 77 N. T. Central lsts..nii:va. Centurlea,. S7 N. J. Cen. gen. Ss..l'1;Vl. di-ferred. North Carolina ts...Uu iCol. Southern 4s.... KVk Stocks. Sales.! Hid. Atchiron. . . - do preferred .......... imore and Ohio.................. Canadian frwinc. .. ... ....... Canaxla eVsjthern. ......... ........... Central Pacific. ...................... Chesapeake and Ohio.. Chicago Great Western Chicago, Burlington and Quincy.... C. L and do preferred. Chicago and Eastern Illinois........ Chlcaajo and Northwestern.......... C, R. I. and Saclnc. ...... ......... C, C. C. and St. 1......... Colorado Sawthern. .... ..... . do 1st prefeff-d. . do Sfl preferred. . fviaware and Hudson...... D. . U and W Denver and Rio Grande.............. do preferred. ....................... Erie. .,. do 1st preferred. ....... ............ . Oreat Northern preferred............ Hocking Coal Hocking Vai ley. ...................... lillnoia Central. ....... ........ Iowa Central. ..... ...u. ....... ...... do preferred. . .. ........... .... .... K. C-. P. snd O ........ Lake Er and Western............. do preferred. Laite Shore. Loulsvtlio and Nsshvllie ......... Manhattan Lk Metropolitan Street Railway Mexican Central. Minneapolis and St. Louis.......... do preferred. ......4. ......... ...... Missouri Pacific. ..................... Mobile and Ohio. Missouri. Kansas and Texas........ do preferred, New Jersey v'ertt raj... ....... ........ New Tork Central Norfolk and Y est era........ ....... . do preferred. .................. . . . Northern Paciflo. .................... do preferred. .......H.......M.... Ontario and Western. Oregon Railwvg sod Navigation.... do preferretL Pennsylvania. . . P.. C. C. and St. Lw Reading. do 1st preferred............. ... do Sd IT f erred. ............. ........ Rio Grande Western do preferred. ...... St. Louis and San Francisco...... do 1st preferred. do Id preferred Br. Louis Southwestern.... .......... do preferred. ........... St. Paul do preferred. .........,......- ft. Paul and Omaha............. Southern Pecltie. .................. . Southern Railway. do preferred. Texas and Pacific.................... Union Paciflo. ........................ do preferred. W a osh. . . ...a...................... do preferred. Wheeling and Lako Erie ... . do 2d preferred.. ........... Wisconsin Central ji.4., 4: 's, i.44 B- Uj 51 H i.i! a-s .3U 14 .; t li-j: ; i u sv4 1.3"i It1 ls.7Ti! ! ! 7ii 4.4.'J .47 l.' 11Z 4H tlV 74 H 16 H 17 73 1124 I 17 7S L)i 4,lW)j !Cl7i li" lv ntj 4414 43 S l-' "S U9t 134; S!4 "i 13 7l'i Be 43 7i 131 4 74 1 M If If n it gvu, 13 m i 17H 11 3SH L) g!7 1421 gnt .! l.S14 13101 U.Ili AM liX): "'! )i ITW! 1 M. 12.1 1W 1! T.lH &1 ..; i ,7i 4414 7,?T' 7 7 7 l.M. Zl'4 1.210 II "s L6i) 29 j- li'4 Express Companies. Cl'sg Kid. Adams. , . .... Amerlcwn . . . United States. Wells-Fargo. . :::::::::::: i" 1I s; 1a Higcellaneoos. ISsJes.! American Cotton OU. do preferred. American Malting. ......... ........ do prefesTed American Snteltlng and Refining.. do preferred. American Spirits. ................ do preferred. American Steel Hoop. do preferred. American Steel and Wire ...... do preferred. American Tin Plate do preferred. American Tobacco. do preferred Anaconda Mining Co ttrookiyn Rapid Transit. Colorado Fuel and iron... Continental Tobaoco. do preferred. Federal Steel do preferred General Electric Glucose Sugar. do preferred. International Paper. do preferred. ...........-.-.... Laclede Gea. National Hlscuit, do preferred. ......-.... National Lead. do preferred. National Steel. do preferred New Tork Air Brake.. ... North American, Pacific Coast do 1st preferred.... do M preferred. Paciflo Mall People's Gas. Pruaeed Steel Car do preferred Pullman False Car Repuoiic Iron and Steel do prefeTed Standard Rop and Twins... Sugar. . . do preferred. Tennessee CoaJ and Iron United States Leather . do preferred , United Slates Kuhber... do preferred. .......j.. ............. Westers Union. . Total sal .....I 1.2101 K.1M 10. 22. Oflored. tEx-dlvldnd, New York Exchange-New Orleans. Bank at par; commercial (2 per H.OQv discount. St. Louis. We discount bid; Be ssked. ' Cincinnati. toe discount. Chicago. 40c vHaoount. - Foreign Financial. ' London, Sept. ). The market for American securities moved la sympathy with the Improvement in Wall street yesterday. Prices rallied all around, with Union Pacific aharea showing ths most strength. The final ten was steady. Spanish 4a closed at ft1. The amount of bullion withdrawn from the lUink of England on balance to-day was til.OO. India Council bills wera allotted to-day at la 4 J-J20. Cold premium quoted St Buenos Ayrea U2.50, Consols for money K44: do fcr the account 104H: Canadian Paclilc k.H; trie 13; do flnt preferred lllinola Central lit; Union Paciflo preferred 7; St. Paul common W: New York Central 13S'4: Pennsylvania Heading 11; Northern Parltlo preferre-1 77; Atchlscn XI ; Louisville and Ns.tuvlae b: Grand Trunk I: Anaconda 1L Miny 1 per cnt. The rata of discount to the open market fir sliort bills Is 1 per cent.; do for threo-rocRths" bl'.ls 1 -lS 3 per Cfnt. Paris. Sept. ). lu the early part of the trading oa the Hourse to-day prices were Irragular. CiiVcmincnt securities were Arm. Kaiflrs were sisn arm. but aeakei.ed and then remained qdlct. Rente and .tjnl.b 4s made a frih ad vene and this Influenced the who'. list. Kaf-flra finished flim. Three per rent, rentes 100f 70e for the account. Kxcharge on Iandnn f if CT'-jC for checks. Spanish 4s closed at tl.iT'i. Itcrlln.' SerH. M. There was a km d recovery on the lloeree to-day. Later there was s temporary reaction on receipt of the news r.f weak-nets in mine shares on the London market. After the close of businers on the Hoeree prices oa tha curb became very Arm, owing to bear coverings. Frankfort, Sent. . Prices oa the Boers today were Arm, being encouraged by the advices from western boerses. Substantial recoveries were recorded, especially In local securities. Americans wtre maintained. Madrid. 8?pt. 2n. Spanish 4s closed to-day at 70.1. Gold was quoted at 3.15. lioen'ia Ayrcs, Sept. SO. Gold Is quoted to-day at FTtTAITCIAL. UsLLVOriSGGO. BROICBRS. Stocks. Bonds. Grain, Provisions and Cotton, Local securities bought and sold, exclusive private wires and telephone connections. N.W.Cor. Second and Main. Louisville, Kv . rosicjecvSTfV SLaassawsBSSKaaasssBBass PtCIM Ajiyc mvc-qTssc HT We trade In com exclusively for our customers, snd have paid them profit of 10 to 12 per cent, a month fur the t it tro years. We have a plan for trading on the corn market which is the safest speculative plan there la. V send our customers a dally report what we buy and sll st. so they can se fee trwnrse.vca Just what we are doing for them. Y'Sl can ien an account with us in whatJ-ver amount you want to. and draw yiiur proms once a week or once a month. ViU can close account at any time. U'l.l furnlah flrstlas commercial and hark rW-r-ences. Write for full nartirulirs and refs-eacea. BAKER at .. Gay lluildlns. St. Louis, Mo. Sarnual C. lionnlng, STOCK. AND BOND BROKER. Storks snd bonds in New Tork boncrht snd sold on margin or for cash. L Commission on I . 8 New York Stocks 8 Direct Priva!. Wi to Kw York. nalGoyGHalcoy 1 STOC.CS end CQIIDS. Bsy aad sell tor cask r aa ssargla gEci aiTiEs nr ssir ions oa LonsriLUE. Prlrate wire to Domlalck & Damlolck . 30 Nassau Street, New York. Fisk &. Robinson , BANKERS Investment Securities ' HARVET EDWARD FISK. GEORGE H. ROBTNSON. ' , Mamber Haw Tork Stock Ezchangs johti v. & d. s. enccrj, Stock ani Bond Brokers, LoaisvlUe, Ky. DIRECT PRIVATE WIRE t C. L Hsdssa a COh mentbera af tka Sew , lork block kaekaage. I Prompt attention given all orders In Lor I isville or New Tork markets. Cornm'ira.'-on New Torit Stock Kxchange stocks, for buying or selling; other securities, ti ' Telephons 66. , -y MOVEMENT LEADING ARTICLES Louisville Board of Trade, Sept. 3D, 1 9. Movement of leading articles by rail and river during the past twenty-four boors and correspond las Mm last yssrr Reed iShlpdil Reed i Shlpd ARTICLES. 1M. I ISM. ) lv. ) latit. All Imple'ta, lbw 1 iiafJiKit, 24,sri 7J.71 Baarsins. I ha. ao,t:r , 4.J45 l,s: Houts, shoes, cases,... 3), 33! 4ij 175 Coffee, lbs. lS.3S.ij M.5W 14.kT Couon. bale. .. ...... . a P, . . Flour, bbis Tli 7li ma lf Furniture, I ha. ....... a.Ti.'. U.Zrj 54.47 il,ilii Bariey, bueb. l. , 173 Corn, bush. i.. it.r.O: t.Mi S.41 Malt. bush. 2.0V): 2.1V . Ui Oats. bush. ........... .HU ,7:m 4.S.6 Rye, bush. 7" v'l 10 Wheat, bush. ......... .11."4 J.S70 J. 973 J, jjo Hardware, pkga. M4 1,R '4 b"7 Bacon, lb. U,iu;ll7.0Tf JJ,ltw fff,& Kama, lbs. S.f.lH A Lard. lbs. 8S.4't 17. 'Mt; S.iZi Pig iron, torsk. 1S7 v r-4 44 Leather, lhs. w. ...... 1.S11 10,7; S: J.i-j lS.od Nails, keca. m Apples, wr.. bbls n7; 375i 90 Onions, bbls. .......... j. ; Potaioes, bills. " iTi 7j; 2loi 144 Seed, araaa and clo- 1 - I ver, lb. ja.W 4.0si g 47 jf Soap. lbs. 36.1Ki ,Ji. Lfwii li.Mi Sunar, bbls. Ci; 2;2 4-i."i 13 Tobacco, leaf, hhda... i"l ld2i 71 Tobacco, nil., lb.... J,1S".;1.14 I.Oi'iia.SH Whisky, bbla. su7i 874 3V,, 7M Wool, lbs. I 39,i4 I.i0 DAILY REVIEW LOCAL . (TJnlaas otherwise specified, ss In th cas el produc. te handled by commission men or brokers w.toout charge, these quotations represent tn prices charged by wholesale dealers of this city. Proouc quotations represent th prices charged by shippers.) APPLES Common grades SOSTSe pr bbL; cboic ll.40LW; fancy 11.75. BEANS Mortharn band-picked. H.M91.M per bu. ; Indiana baaas tOcR. - BEESWAX 240. BUTTER Commoa country lOfflle per In.; medium to cholc 14913c Elgin HS'iVic; Elgin lb. prints Elc . , CHEESE New Tork Cheddars Uc; Western Cheddars 13c; full cream flats and twins Uc; skim goods tc COFFEE Washed Caracas lei8c; unwashed Caracas lOfillc; washed Guatemala U$3)c; Mar Seal bo HtlUc; Laguayra 10c: Mocha t2Q3c; Java &t20e. Green Rloa: Fancy 14f 15c; cholc Utjl2c; prim loci sood 6avc; ordinary (9c,' roaatlns sradea "HfiSc. 1 LR1ED FRCIT-Ws quote: Apples, sun-dried ic for dark, 444c for bright. EGGS Th market is bare and prices strong, as much ss 14c being paid for fresh stock. We quote fresh receipts at 13914c per down oa arrival, losa off. Guinea eggs half price. - FEATHERS W quote prime white sons at B043C per lb.; array tr(t-x: mixed ESSyc; Na 1 old 33i36c; dark and mixed old gooe U$27c; duck Ziuc - FIELD SEED-Seliing price from store: Timothy H.liSl.K) per bu.; extra clean b'.uegrass 3; fancy 5c; erlmren clover H ; clover 4.loy4.j; orchard grass Sic ill; red top 3&c; seed ry 75c . . FLOUR Jobbing trade quotations are aa follows: Minnesota spring patent I4.5v34.7i par bbL; cholc winter patent 14.n3t.Mi plain pat-tnts 14; straights H.T5; family SI 50; low grades S3: ry fl';ur W.50; bolted meal Mo. FRUITS Messina lemons H-MQi per box; Rod! oranges 17 per box; bananaa Ticfc per bunch; California plums tLM per orate; California, pears per box; home-grown Bart-letta tl per bu., 14. 30 per bW.; watermelona SM-3 30 per lit); bome-growa canteloun 1133 per bol. ; Rocky Ford cantaloupe i3 per crate; Northern (rapes W,iti2Dti per basket; Delaware 2ic per barket. FUKE1GN AND PACIFIC DRIED FRUITS W quota: Currants, Pr lb. SuSVso for hew; raisins. London layers per bos Sl.6u9l.ka; Sultana ratsina UtflJc: loose muscatels, tn 60-ib. boxes y7c; prune. California new &llc; peaches b.-4j!ic; pears TS'.: tgs. In layers Kiaiic; aprl-cot Ui(14c; Persian daum S.xutci Fant dates SHc. HAT Ws quot to ehippers; Cholc ftlSll.EO; No. 1 tlO.iill; No. S SlO.jk This la for baled hay; hay from store Slifl per ton higher. Straw U - HlliES AND SKfNS The quotaUona are foi Kentucky hides. Southern vreen hl-ies tc lower. We quote assorted lets: Dry flint. No. 1 l?e; No. 3 ICc: dry salted. No. 1 Uhrc: No. 1 14c; dry kip and calf Uc; green salted. No. 1; No. 1 '4'"ac;' k.p and ca.f r:,u!l,c. heepeklr, botchers' SOgsoc; eoontry skin. 4..0 i T L '-esnnrs i:: shearings, dry S3 km" r" lots of beef hide ..inMnd lots, dry lilte; horse hides. No. 1 larce n: No. 3 :stta . cement' -r l'LA3TER--l-r.. Per bbL T9c; cement t?C0c per blj.; putter of Parts. Newark I. per bbl.; Michigan Sl.ZS per bbi.; plaster hair i 3.-C JIILL OFFAL We quot la ear kits: l-V.l shorts J13W11.50; shlpstult S14. Braa Prices .i.uu per ton extra, in baa. . MOLASSES AND SYRUPS-Torn srrtm. 1 'C per eallon; caramels UtlSc; New Orleans m.iissM open kettl 3c: centrifugals 119 I'c NUTS-Ws oont dsalerV prices as follows: Almonds 1 per ;h.- filberts 10c; Nsple walnuts 123: French walnc.a Uc; Braxll nuts c: pea- . suts. ftney Ylnrlnls Sci choice Virginia 4e: Texas pecans gc; Lculslsna pecans lSUSlSe: coeoaiiou pe 100; mixed nuts lCtflto per lb. ; imported chestni ta Ite per lb. OILS-Castor. No. 1 soc per gallon: No. t tie: linseed 4Je for raw and tie for boiled. I bbls. Is lees; lard oil, winter (trained S: extra No. 1 S8c; No. 1 tie; Ka t z. 17 degrees 17c; stove casolln Wc; benxiac. a decree 13i4: strait oil re; black oil S3e: golden machinery He; extra gulden lubricator 3o; Cotljsa cylinder Co; tion. seed oil. rtflnea r7e per gallon; coal oil. Kentucky teat SHc: Indian S'c; water' white, in degrees te; bemdllght, Ui test 10c; turintln :tc per gallon. 1'AINTS AND COUGHS W quot strictly pur whits snd red lead st to per lb., leas 1 per cent, discount for cash. Colors Venetian red IO lUc; yellow ochre ie. vPOLLTRT-W quot hens at So per lb.; medium and small spring chlckena 104J12O per Hi.; large spring chickens SeSc: rulneaa S1.10 l.XS per doaen; ducks 7H(tc per lb.; gee, full feathered HStJ) per dozen, RICE-LcolsUna. broken lo per lb.; fair to fancy cyclic; Japan &⪼ Java Sic: Indian head 6c; Carolina head 4; fancy Patna m.c; l-lb. pockets He higher. - , ROUTS We nuote: Clean alrweng, Kentncky snd Indiana SX7D3.4 per lb.; "Golden Seal" yellow root 42fa4:c; Mayappl Hj12ic; blood root t-'die: Virginia anaX root lie; Seneca snake root CSSc: pink root 10813c; lady slipper (0. Dealers do not wint clnseng split, but unstrung, and washed before dried. SALT W qucts delivered In dray-load total Michiran T-bu. bbL H.&; i-bu. bin. inn) TOe; S-bu. bbi. (coarse) see; Obi river 7 -km. bol. S1.SS; S-bu. bbL S3. TALLOW I94V.C. ' VEGKTADLES-Jfew potatoes S1.103I S oa sjv rival, from store SLBSLSS bbL: Bermuda sweet potatoes per bbL from store, ti per bbi. oa arrival; yellow Jerseys ILU per bbL from store; new onions IL2a per bbL on arrival, from store Si.a: Northern yellow Danvers 3S440a par bo. oa arrival tn bulk. He per bu. from store; leaf lettuce 0e per bu. ; besd lettuce JZe par bu. ; cucumbers ice dosrn; home-grown tomatoes $1.13 rrr bu.. green beans Tio per bu. ; squaah 10c per dozen; new turnips 10c per dosen: bom carrota 1-1x0 per dozen; new beets IS per dosen; Northern cabbas IlxKitrl.S per crate from store, (LIS par bbL on arrival; cauliflower S3 per dosen: green corn ?5flS0c per bbi.; Michigan celery a Sue per dozen. WINDOW GLASS W quote original boxes st t snd IS per cent, discount tor alncl and doubts. . WOOlr-W quo: Barry l'SWc; clear greas SnHenHc; tub-waahsd 2S37c; burry tub-washed 14 0 18. r Eeflned Sugar jTrioea. Th following Is th New Tork pries' tor refined sugar. Th Louisville price is the same plus SSs for freicht. and to other points the freight must be added as par equality rat book for Kentucky: Cut loaf. ..S .st t "1 Ufsihd. , - .6f9 Powdered. t 25 Standard granulated. B. IS Kin granulated 6.11 Kura fine granulated...... i.31 Culies. S.Jt X XXX powdered. .- 3.31 Mcalld. A ............ ... . , .&. 44 Diamond cri feet loners" A... ......S.1S Confectioners' standard A..... No. 1 Columbia A . No. S Windsor A 4. No. S RMeewood A .....4.SS No. 4 Phoenix A 4.63 No. t EtnplBs A .4.5 No. . M No. 7. 4.44 No. k . 4.3S No. . ....4.31 N 10. .. 4 1 No. II ,...t.H Nm It. .., - ..40 , -.1. 13 , 4 " o. 14 34 ' ' - - aje v . 1 3.M 7 arsitated. S-lb. bee KziAiiir-i MDi S-lb. bags .......S-2 New Orleans clarified 5.?5c; New Orleans gran .'ared fUSr.' The prices want Into effect September 20. ,. - r. The Grain Market. Th oats market continues conspicuous for atrancth. Corn Is also very strong.' A little ry Is now moving, WHEAT No. 3 red and lonabarry 70c: No. S red and lon berry SSc; rejected 1(1 So less; oa lave lHo less. - . CORN No. I whit S3c; No. t mixed corn 34 He , OATS No. I whit Sc; No. S whit 2Vsc; No. J mixed JSC. RYE lt?mo. The price for wheat are those paid by dealer! th quotations for oam oats and ry are selling prioe. The Provisioa Market. . ME3S PORK $9. HAMS Cholc Bugsr-carad. light snd special cur lOHOHVic; heavy to medium lOfflMio. BACON Clear rib sides Sic; regular dear aide tsia packed; breakfast bacon SKSlOHo; sugar-cured shoulders 7Hc; bacon, extra ia. LARD Prim steam in Heroes LSOe; cholc leaf In tierces Uc. la tubs Sc; purs leaf lard .In tierce 7c In firkins 7!o. BULK MEATS Ribs c; regular clear Sc; extra short Stic. DRIED BEEF0U0. Merchant Iron and Hardware, 1' SOFT STEED BARS S3. 15471.33. IRON BARS S3.S0ex.7a. SWEDISH BARS Has size 4TSo par lb. IIORSB SHOES Burdens' S3.7itj4; Juniata S7j.yKu3.75; mul shoes ST advanc. HORSE 8HOB NAlLa-No. lOfllJc. aocord-Ing to quality. NAILS -ut 13.50 rat; wire SS.SS tor flrst-class assortment. WLRE Noa, ( to galvanised S3. 10; gslvanlsad barbed wire S3-SO. painted lae lass; black wire H Uas. BLACK PLATES 14 and beavlsr S3-IS par lb. ' BLACK SHEETS Nos. M snd 13 U.M per 10 lbs.; Nos. 14 snd If K M; No. IS and SS St-71; No. 33 and 24 S3.S&; No. 2C M.M; No. R Si. ..GALVANIZED SHEETS-4 to and S par cent. off. Tha Cotton Market, ''Middling SHo: strict middling ta. LEAF TOBACCO. Wednesday Evening, Sept. V The strong market Is brlnsins out larse offering, which must soon reduce the scanty stocks tn th war, houses. Buyer seem to recognise this. for. notwithstanding the heavy selling, they continue to bid atrocgly. ; Ther war occasional sales which did not pleas warehousemen, but most of them reported good price. Bom declared the market Ui best of th year. Buyers reported It very strong on all grade. Th dark market waa Improved, both lugs and leaf being held firmly. Warehousemen wet quite pleased with dark sale. A gosd deal of burlcy sold to-day at SIS to SiT.Ji. At th Brown Warehour D. W. Peed, of Paris. ,ld 23 hogsheads at an average of SILK, the lot consisting of leaf, lugs and trash. Dav Reid. uf Lexington, sold SS hogshaeda at th am warehouse at aa average of 111.7. Total sale j to-day were t!2 hogsheads, classified as follows: Burley 7M. dark 117; original In. aiwcsVn 9, reviews 344. Rejections yesterJay 7a, First sale to-morrow st th Brown Warehouse. ' private sales: Pickett Warehouse, 33 bogs-beads; Central Warehouse, f4 hogshead. a '' ' Among th prominent shippers on th breaks to-day were the following: H. B. Crouch snd A. V. Carlisle. Carroll county; W. R. Flaughn, Mason county; 8. F. Jone and Barn Meadows, Henry county: B. F. Icon,-Hrt county; Ben Emerson. Scott county; A. J. Ncabitt. Hath county; T. W. Vor. lis, Tr..l,ie county: Miller a Simms and Smith a Hiics, Washington county; Sin O'Neal. Gal. latin county: W. M. Patterson, S. E. L, Lu-clen Pierce, Henry I'lerc snd W. M. McAfee, Green county; R. Lv Rofcer.son. Heniy county. The sales to-diy were distributed as follows: Burley. Anlcrtr.n Ccut'.y-S bhd: t at S13.7J to UE; S at S3, ci to .'J. Bourtn County 3 hhds: IS at Si to SU; S at to .!0. HreckinrMae County 11 hhds at 111.73 to 7.?i. ii::i c. ur.ty 10 3 at SIS and 13; S at 111 to ?. :rrea t'iiK)-! hhds at I4.SJ and 5-Si Lrack..n V.nnty 13 t-hia: 1 at IH.Ta; t at 11115 U lt.S3; S at i.i to SEPTEMBER 21. 1SDD. Carroll County a hhds: 1 at 7; S at SILTS t II; 14 at S11.T5 to l.s: t at gv.40 to 1.40. Carter County a hhds at " and 4.S. Clark County 7 hh!: S at SM.2i to 7; 1 at S4-U. Dnvless C.xintv 4 hhd st - to T.TS. Franklin County II hhds: 4 at SU.71 to 1J.TS; S at m.7i to .: S at to 4. Fayette Ctoumy 23 bbda: at S1T.I3 to 1S.7S; 4 at SI4 to lt: S at SS.M to 114 Fleming County 30 hhds: at JU to It.; St at til. 75 to 4.40. Gallatin County 3 nbds at SU.7S to T.4S. - Green County 7 hhds: at S1LS0 to S.J0; 1 at SS.1H. . c Henry County 41 hhds: at $14-75 to 12; 27 at Sil.70 to 4. SO; t at XiJU to 2.4S. Hart County w hhds: 1 st S14; S at SILTS to S.20; 1 at SS.S4. Jessamin County 4 hffds at til to 1.95. Larue County 7 hhds st 33-tiff, . to 4.20. Metcalfe County 14 bnds: 1 st SIS: S st S1Q.3 to S.20. ' . Marion County 7 hhds: st SJ.SO to .; 1 at Si-Si. Mason County 1 hhds: 1 at SIS; U at SILSs to S.3S.. , Madison County SI bbda: 4 st S1S.7S to LJ0; IS St Sit to 7.40: 1 st S4.40. ' Nicholas County 41 hhds: f ft SltTS to 12; SS at l.7i to l.tO. Owen County a hhds: 11 at S1S.7J to U.73; at 311.73 to S.W; 1 at S5.10. Ohio County ( hhda: S at I11.7J to t.SS: 1 st S4.2S. Bhelby County 23 bbda: st S1S.23 to 11.75; 17 St S11.3) to .3u. Scott County It hhds: T S3 SIS to 12.23; at SlLTl to 7. f Trimble CoantyS hhds at ft 40 to 7.4. Washington County 14 hhds at SIX.3S to 7.10. Dark. Caldwell County I hhdi: i at SS.30 to I.S3; 1 at SI. 44. Daviess County hhds st S4. I.2J to 3.7. Logan Coonty-3 hnds at 12 SO to l.ti Ohio County hbd at Si.Ji to 3.1a. Woodford County t hhds at 19.90 to S.S0. Cincinnati Market. Cincinnati, Sept. IS. Special. There Is no change In ths market to report, to-day's sales continuing actlv snd strong. Bound colory trashes easily sold at Se and over. Mediums were somewhat more actlv and tetter grades of leaf sold at big price, especially where they were fancy. Tom Scott, of Owen county, sold on nf the st th Farmers' and Shipper Warehouse for 2Se a pound. F. M. Lauderbach offered 1 hhds of fine to fancy leaf at th Miami Warehouse, securing an a vers re of, prices ranging from S12.SO to S24. Th total offering averaged SS.SS per 100 lbs. LIVE STOCK MARKETS. Louisville. (Reported by th Louisville Live Stock Exchange. Bourbon Stock Tarda.! Louisville, Sept. 30. Cattle Tb receipts today foot up to SOS head; supply oa band equal to th demand. Th market ruled steady oa chore cattle, while th medium and Inferior grade ruled alow. IV.E only fairly well cleared. Calves Receipts light. Market steady, cholc veals selling at SS.2S.50, Hcgs Receipts to-day LHS bead. Th market ruled steady at yesterday's price, beat heavy snd medium selling st S4.M; light shippers 14. 4i; pigs SS.2304.2i; roughs U.KJLfo. Pens well-cleared. ' 4 Sheep and Lambs Receipts to-day S74 bead. Th market ruled alow, cholc. lamb selling at S4-4.?;; beat fat sheep 134S.aO; very Uttl demand for stock ewes, a few fancy young ewes selling at Stfj-LZa, but ceoAflaoa stuS not wanted. Quotations. Cattle Extra shipping. ...... st o s r 4 W 4 to) 4 tuv 4 4i 4 00 4 U Lagnt snipping. liest butcher. Fair to sood Lutchers. . Common 10 medium butcher...,.... Thin, touch steers, poor sows and calawaga. . . ...... .., .... Good to extra oxen. Commoa to medium ox so. ...... a,... Feeders. . . ...... .......... ...... ...... Stockvra. . . ............... Veal calves. ... .... .... avw I a 1 ton 1 s nn 4 . S 7i i S . S tvJ 4 S ferns 4 0u i s 2S W44j it) OVujO Mllcn Cow Choice. ................... Fair to good Hogs Cbolc packing and butchers, ica to lbs. 1. ....... 4 4 4 4 4 09 4 s z;t s 5 S4f S S V9 S S Stxjf S S 6uj 3 1 Sv 1 4 4 5 0 S tav 1 4 2i'tr 4 5 Soi 4 S two 3 X tmv S Fair to good parking, 1S8 to 300 ltav. Good to extra llgtat. WO to IsS lb,... - Fat shoata. 130 to 1C0 lb. Fat ahoata, l') to 1U lbs. Pigs, 0 to Si lbs. Roughs, 1W to 4 )0 Ilia. Sheep and Lamoa Good to- extra anipptng sheep... ....u.. Fair to- gooL m.,, Common L medium.............. Bucks. . .... Stock ewe. . K:n-k eMbtra ,... Skips and soalawaga, par bead....' Kair apring lambf. ,M Best butcher lamb. Fair to good butcher lambs......... Tail-ends. , Chicago. ' Chicago. Sept. SO. Tb demand for cattl wm rather dull to-day and. whits cbolc grade were steady, ordinary cattl were generally Wc lower; good to cholc cattl sold at Sa.rotr4.tJ and commoner grade at S4. 41 &.&'; slackers snd feeder brought bulls, cows and heifer S3 06.30, Texas steers S3.50il4.lS. ranger 13. loo 30 and calve tr-v. Trad In hogs sra lea animated and th majority of slv were made at llKhtly reduced prices; heavy hogs 34.1utl4.70: mixed lots M 4.7r,; lights :S; pigs SS.7S 4J-4.W; culls 1204.10. Sheep snd lamlw were la poor demand, lambs averaging litjlsie lower; sheep sold at Ii.COq4.50, largely at SJ.7Sti4.30. Western flocks predominating and bringing tl.70; lamb brotnrht S3. j"i.2i. Western rangers bringing 4.5os6.40. Receipt Cattl 17,a bead; boga SS.0U0; aheep 14.000. Kansasi City. Kansas City, Sent. . Cattle Receipts 12. natives snd 1.900 Texan; desirable natlv and Western beef steer actlv and steady: few common killers a shads lower; stocker and feeders steady; heavy native steers 13.2&U&; lightweights S4.ofc6.7S; stocker and feeder Sl.aHJi 4.75; butcher cow snd heifers 3).10)i; canners S2.J"'ia; WMtern teer ti.2Sy5.Si; Texans ti-zi tjl.aa. Hon Receipts lo.uSo bead; light and most deslrabl beavle steady; others lower; heavy S4.74r4. 42U : mixed M.S 4.40; light SOu'd 4.60: pig S4.H4 SO. Sheep Receipts 4.2rt bemd; market active and steady: lambs J4.iuS: muu tons tii.6; stocker and feeder SlsO; culls CJvuA. Hew York. New Tork; Sept. JO. Beeves Receipts 1.279 head ; good to choice steers steady ; under grades 10c lower; rough stuff steady to 23c lower; steer St.S'.'O; oxen .tr.-.: bulls S2.7J4.124; cost S1.(s) tX.2i; no later cable advice; xport SuO cattl and .7 quarter of beef. Calve Receipt 3 .v4 head; veals opened steady and closed low er: grosser firm to tjc hlgtier: veals; toe .ii4W.75; graeaera H3.7; Sraithern calves S3.40. Sheep and Lamb Receipts 14.114 head; sheep steady; lamb slow and 2.-C lower; slieep SJV4.7S; exports Si.; cuils S2tS.2'4: lambs t4.2oS.7S; culls S4; Canada lamb ts.S S . Hogs Recerpts S,4M bead; masket firm at Cincinnati. Cincinnati. Sept. SO Hog easy t SS.4094.. Cattle quiet at 2.745.M. Sheep steady at Ua J.Si. Lamb steady at U&i-li. COHON MARKETS. few Tork. Sept 24. Boll supremacy asserted Itself at th opening this morning and dominated th cotton market practically up to th closing moment. Liverpool cables wera bullish. Future ther advanced ltt2Va points, while spot cotton jumped to S l-33d for middling on heavy demand from Manchester and th continent, th latter having grown out of bad crop news and small crop talk. from this std. Shorts here were not slow tn absorbing all offerings on th ealL Its result was a Arm opening, with prices 4if7 points bifrher. This gain was Ister supplement, ed by a rise of til points snd all through th aesaioa th market displayed Inherent strength and great activity. The sudden stiffening of th market brought In a small avalanche of Investment orders. Wall street leading In this class of business. Ths South, which has figured In sa important way of lata as s buyer, redoubled Its efforts along this line, and In addition to hedging against oversale la spot cotton bought largely for Investment account a welL Short a Wire additionally dlscomfltted by the news that continued rains were delaying picking In th east era belt, anil in th western th tempers tur hss further dropped. Th fact that receipts at th ports, as well ss st Interior towns, were dwindling engendered bullish sentiment tn 'Investment circle and added ta the conndeac of longs. Ther were periods of profit-taking this afternoon, but th market generally showed well-sustained atrergth. The dor was Arm at a net gain of K't.t points. Spot cotton cpeocd firm, with aa upward tendency; middling uplands -c; do gulf SSc. Closed ateady to 1-Wc higher: middling uplands t 7-Wc; do gulf S ll-lc; sale 729 bale. - Tn following 1 ths rang of future oa tb New Tork Cotton Exchange: S o I s MONTH. I S -i.tmber. (v.'ilNfr. . , ... Noiemiier. . ! HVemti-T, . . , January. . . ... l-iiruary. . Marcn. . . A 11 il. tndV. , . ....... June. . ...... Ji.y AlifJlt ....... 4.74 .. . .r .i7 1. .....(. . ... ... .:' t. ...n.2- .r -:. ....S.i'l . ...U.v .. ... 4.t 4." ..... .:. t. ... '.it i. ...I s-:,.. 4. It 4.1. .n '! s -it i.:4 s 43 4.41 C.44 4.0 Livenpcol, Sei't 23.-5pot cotua In fair d. "--rT-v--- : e ts- - mand; prices l-ltd; American middling fair 4 5-21: good middling 127-wd: middling Sis-Til; low middling 3 11-ttd; good ordinary 3 -'M: ordinary 3 13--.d. Th sale of the day were 11. bales, of which & were for speculation and. export, and included S.ioO American. Receipts l,bs bale all American. Future opened firm and riosed steady at the advance. New Orleans. Sei. a). Cooon flrm; sale S.ftw bales; ordinary i,c: good ordinary 4Ac: low middling 17lr; middling 4 1-:4c: rx od midd'ing -lc; middling fair ( U-ltc; receipu S,iTS bale; atock ly .iij. Memirfiis. Sept. . Cotton firm: middling 4'4c; receint 2.0.1 bales; saiea 3, vi; shipments L4i; tork .0)0. St. Louis. Sent. SS. Cotton firm: middling S 1-lSe; sale L140 bales; receipts 1.247; stock S2.J1L , Galveuon. Sept. 20. Cotton firm: middling "ic: sale 1,044 bales; receipts ,ra4: stock S7.?. (iawnnh, tpt. 2i. Vol ton steady; middling S'ic: sale 1.54. hales: receipts i.ii4: stock ii.ali. Boston, Sept. 20. Cotton steady; middling (c; receipt 1(4 bales. . GENERAL MARKETS. Chicago 'Change. Chicago, Sept. SO. Wheat speculation shewed eonslderabl revival to-day. Th market ruled dull early in tb session, but gradually gstnertH strength snd riosed st sa advance of 4c for September apd Me tar Decern ter. Corn dosed unchanged, oata unchanged to He higher and provlaions 2Sfi7VrC higher. Wheat opened with a continuation of tb firmness which has for two dare puzzled the trade. In spit of tha enormous liquidation and heavy receipts th market stubbornly resisted professional short selling. Liverpool reflected th ad-vsnce hers yesterday. being quoted e higher. December opened a shad higher at ?0Htr744c and advanced to TOtt and slowly cased on to TOtxc. Chicago received 141 cars, compared with 213 a year ago. Minneapolis snd Duluth report, ed 721 cars, against 17 a week ago and SIS th corresponding day of last year. Primary Western markets received LOS2.000 bushels, or 272.0)0 bushels less than last year. Atlantic port clear, anres in wheat and flour were equal to fl 1.000 bosbcls. Duluth reported 100.OM bushels sold for export. New Tork reported sale of 40 boatloads. Half an hour from th close local shorts attempted to cover. Offerings were found extremely scarce and December was bid up through calls to TIVJo. Ttts clow waa at T1H9 71 lac Trad la September waa small, but it dosed st tn top 71 He . - Corn was erratic, owing to ths sooeese ta ths September option. Sales for that month were mad at ta opening at 34c bat It advanced Immediately to Jic- Profit-taking and a let-up of th pressure on th aborts cawed a steady decline to 33c. Just before th close It sra bid up again to 34Kc. or c under yesterday's close. Local receipts were 707 car. Atlantic port clearance were (37.000 bushels. It was claimed that yesterday's sales for export amounted to 1.440 boatloads. Trade la December wss of th ordl-' nary character. It opened at ie. sold between 3Se and e and dosed unchanged at 3Uc, . Oats ruled firm under a scattered liquidation. Receipts srere 213 cars. Atlantic clearances amounted to 123,000 bushels. Cash demand stack.' December sold between 21c and 22c and closed Vic net higher st 2134c. Provisions ruled firm and slightly higher throughout. A fair cash demand caused th better too, but speculative interests continued at a low ebb, January pork sold between t.X snd SS.CS, closing TH net higher st SS.S2H, January lard ranged bet wee M.4S and S-i2 snd closed Sc higher st 35.50. January ribs ranged st S4.$TVa 6&02H snd closed st th high point.. Estimated receipts for Thursday t Wheat 213 ear; corn S00: oat 370; nogs 2S.004 head. The leading future ranged aa follosrs: Open- t High-1 Low- (Tsty'e (Tody Articles. ing. ) est. I est. Close. Close. WR EAT I I j Sept. ... St Tit 9 7i SS Tim SO 7N SO THi Dee. . ... Ti-S Tl" 7H 7os, 711, My. . .. ' 73S 741, - Tli, T3( 74 CORN ( Set. . .. S4t) SS - SHJ 4 Stw; Dee. . ... 3H 2 , t. May. .' .. 30 StHi 29? SOVfc So OATS S-pt. . .. tJt ti 21 52 2?H Dec. . ... 21. 23 2;S US 1H May. . .. 23, 23 23 23 23 PORK . 1 Oct. . ... 7 i S OS 7 04 7 7j S OS Dec . ... S W ' S 17 S 10 S 12 S 174 Jan t 5:i i S 57 t S7 t Si LARD II I Oct. .... 8 271 2H 8 27 S 30 8.30 Dec .... Ili ls) Hi S 37 S 40 Jan. .... S 41 I S 52 8 41 S 474 8 is) RlftS Oct, . ... 8 17 S 21 S IS 8 17 8 17H Jan. . ... 47 8 02 4 07 4 7 S oa Cash quotations were as follows: Flour Winter patent S3.SOtTS.S0; do atralghu S3.1063.3S; spring speclsls S4.10; do patents 13.4 trS.70; do straights 2.S0S.20; bakers S2.20S2.. Market steady. :' Grain No. S spring wheat C7CSc; No. t red 70Cr71c: No. S corn 33;Mc; No. 1 yellow corn MtlHe; No, 3 oats 23(j3c; No. S whit do 3Sc: No. 3 ry Wto7c: No. 1 flag seed St. 11; Northwestern S1.11H9L12; prim timothy seed I2.20S2.2S; clover-eeed. contract grade Sti50. Provision Mess pork S7.40tS.S per bbL; lard SS.t7SiS2 per 100 lbs.; short rib sides, loose Sf.00tl&U; dry salted sboulders. boxed S9.s; short clear sides, boxed Ss.S0e&t. 1 Whisky Distiller' flnisbd goods, per gallon 81-22. , Sogar Cut loaf S Sic: graauUted 5-31c Oa th Produc Exchang to-day th batter market was Arm; creamery M823C7 dairy 129 15c Chees easy at lO't&H'tc Eggs Ann ; f rub UC . . Receipts Flour l,0o bbls.; wheat 1M.000 bu.; corn 1.2M.0M: est 03.000; ry 31.000; barley 7.- 000. Shipments Floor ll.oe bbla: wheat 2.000 bu.; corn OM.O0O; oats 202,000; rya 12,000; barley 17,000. New York. New Tork. Sept. 20. Butter Receipts l.JCl packages; market steady; Western creamery IS 23c; June creamery llS22c; factory lStJlCc Cbsese Receipts 4.067 package: market easy; large whit 104c; small do HllHo: large colored 11c; null d ntfUc Egg Receipts 3,437 packages; market steady; Western ungraded at mark 136170. Sugar Raw barely steady; refined quiet. Flour Receipt 11.70 bbls. ; exports 29.743; sale 3,000 packs gaes; market quiet and closed steady at about unchanged prices. Ry flour firm. Buckwheat flour steady. Buckwheat steady. Cora meal firm; yellow Western TSfr 74c; city TTc Ry easy; No. 2 Wester 44c f. o. b. afloat spot; Stat ry SStfOOc, Barley firm. Bariey matt steady. Whewt Receipt 222.000 bu.; exports T2.S13; sale 3.11i..s bu. future nd Sw.uov bu. spot; simh market firmer; No. 2 red ro f . o. b. ariot spot; Na 1 Northern Duluth 79c f . o. b. afloat to arrive; No. 1 hard Duluth HV to arrive; No. S red 73 c tn elevator. Corn Receipt Hl.vIO bu. : exports 16S.JK7; sale A0o0 bu. future, and 1. tUO.OoW exort; spot maiket steady; No. 3 3o f. o. b. afloat and SSc in elevator. Oats Receipt Ou.lm bu-; exiorts 3S,4;S; sale lw.i0 . port; market steady; No. 2 2tc; No, 3 avc; No. 3 white 2c; No. 3 white c; track mixed Western T.Wk; track whit Western 27 4j.i3c; track whit Stat 27jiic Hay firm. Hops duil. Hlaes and leather Arm. Wout strong. Beef and out meats firm. Lwrd Arm; Western steamed closed at 85-45: September Si.M, nominal; refined Ann; continent SO; South American t.50; compound tifii.if. Pork dull. Potatoes quint: New York St.254rl.4e; bouthern lac 1.2S. Tallow atrtmg. Cottou-seed oil steady. Petroleum stmog; reiined .New Tork; in bulk ft.2r. Rwin steady. Turpentine barely stesdy. Ric steady j domestic, fair to extra 4vt"c Molasses firm. Metal The market for metals continues In listless form so far aa local transaction r concerned, witn price slowly sagging under offerings. Disappointment was expressed In th cable news and advice from the West portrayed irregularity. At the close th Metal Kxchance called pi iron warrant nominal at t'7; lak copper dull at tih.'-u; tin Weak, with HI. 75 hid and K1.ll asked; lead quiet, with li.iT bid and S4.e asked: spelter easy, with ti.U bid and 35.40 aaked. The brokers' pric for lead Is 84. 40 and fiir ccitTier Slt.0. Coffee opiHms opened Arm st an advanc of IbtrlO points on ctiv twerlng and som new buying, started by an unexpected rise In Eur pean and Brazilian markets. Smaller Braxillaa recelpta and largs wsrenouse deilverie contributed to the supuurt of the mrkt. Speculation during the dsy was quite active and general. Closed steady and unchanged to S point lower; ale l",os bags, rnriudiag October at 4.20R. December at 4.jc, Manh at 4.7 r4.7o, April at 4.7.V-, May at 4.Hi4.s5c and July at 4-SuiH c fir-H Illo duil, but steady; No. 7. Invoic c; mild ataadler, but quiet; Cordova CuUc St Louia. St. Ioula, Sept. 20. Floor unrhanred. Wheat No. 1 red rah c; Septemler 4 vc ; December 71; Msy 7Sc. Corn No. 3 rash 'c; tteteni4M-r ilc; Lwcemlier 37c; Mcy 1 .o. (au No. 3 csjih SSc; Hctember 23c; Oecemoer L:c; Msy rSc; No, 3 white 3.i34Vc Kr b.viicr at 14-yc. Timothy seed firmer at 82 2 ei. Cirn meal steady at tl 7yvr! . Bran cn-ng; sa.-ke.i lots on east track tifetuc. Hay; tlrotriy l.a ix j"; pralr.e S-ii. Whieky steHlr at li st. Cotton ti-s steady at 31. If. iieinp twine stesdy at Sc. Latcmg stesdy at Sr 4,c I iry salt meats quiet: U'xe l shoulders arvt eiira ahorts S3..""; clear rib i6i; clar xid V-.75 liacon stesdy: boxed sitoul-jers S.75; extra shorts Hi ciear rib S4.12; c.ear side STew Orieans. New Orlesns. 8eM. !. Hng pro-lucts firm. Pi.rk, standard mess S 7" ?;. Ird. refined tlere 4ic; l ure lard .1m-,". Boxed Meals tiry salt .waders 7Vi7c: side lc bacon CTear rib ue ii'ms. Hams Choir augar-cured ll'l-c cmie steady; Rto. oruinary to fair 5iSc Rc stesdy; ordinary to gnod Siif S:rc Hiur. grain sni Ieeistiifts quiet. Fiour fcitr fan. y 83.3'.'. 4i; patents 83.riul.TS. r meal II W. Bran 47c. liar Prim 8llt .2; cnolc l..fc714. Corn No. 3 sacked white 41ct mixed 4"c; yellow 41c Outs. Nu. 3 sscke.1, new 37c. Snrr i-a.!f. centritugul yellows 4-v.MV i seconds 2-i'Jr.o- Mo. asses dul.; ccnirilugai tj l4c" Ealtimor. Battimore. Sept. 21. Fl"ur dull. What ejutet; f.jt and the month JeV'Tlc: October TmiiilSr; etnbr ;uT3c; bvuiaera saeal by sauiy MEDICAL. Primary, Secn 'ary or Tertiary DLOOU POISON pern-anenuy eurrd tn li to SS day. You can be treated at heme lor same price under same guarantee. If you prefer to com ber w wiU contract tu pay railroad far and hotel bills, and ao charge if we fall to cure If you bat taken mercury. Iodide potash, and still have ache and paina. Mucus Patches In im.1l Sot Throat. Plrzpies, Opper Colored Spots. Ulcer oa anv part cf ihe body. Hair or Eyebrows failing out, l Is ihls necondsry MLoOD POlso.V w guarantee lo cur We solicit ine most obstlaat case and eh leng the wurld for a case w can not cure. Tbis dteeas has slways baffled the skill of the most Tnnent physicians. SjOu.-0 capital beUnd our unccndlilonai guarante.. Ab-snlut proofs sent sealed on ai plication. Ad-dn-s CK RK.J1EDY CO-. 234 Usawnla Tempi. CHICAGO. ILL. tion, irrttativo or aksras tl. .n f m . a . - - 'tltMSI UitS'f il h. braa, oa-strln. v ciseisstfLO .r1 as tm . i " sent la BUia wrapM Jr'Vi f' -OB. Thottiss, si-fa. "v sal (i.rvnar aans ms r iiiusS fi?i4c; do on grade 71ic; steamer No, I nt Swvtis.c. corn untw-ttlrd; mixed spot Sc: tm SKjith 3ti;it,c: tictober 37ii7c; Novembei and iveoemtier, new and old ,UV; Janurj and FWiruary l434i-: steamer mixed aTVe boutbern white com 4iC4lc: do vellow 4.t 4ic. tails firm; Js'o. i sblie 2ji'2Sc: No. : mixed fa'i7c. Cheae II rm. Butter firm; fane' creamery Stn'4c; fancy imitation 1MUK'; fane ladle l4lTc; store r'ked is&lte. , fcgrs Arm.; Toledo. - Toledo. SepL 20. Wheat lgher snd Arm: No ' n Sti i em ber c; December ;2"o Corn. active and sieauy; No. 2 mixed 24c Oau dull and higher; No. 3 mixed 2Ic. Rye dull No. 3 caah Ciover-seed actlv and hlrner prim cash Si.ft",; tictober SVoi. oil Nort' Li-na. 11.04; South Lima and Indiana 81.01. Cincinnati. Cincinnati. Sept. . Flour steady. Wheal firm; No. l red Kij)7oc. Corn flrra; No. S muei S4c. Oats steady ; Nu. 2 mixed 4c. Rye firm No. 2 wvc. Lard active at Si. a). Buik metii steady at S1.S0. Baron steady at 34.14. Wnlskj Arm at 81.22. Ituus-r quiet. Sugar easy. Eggi flrroer and higher at lc. Cbees flrra. Kansas City. Kansas City, Sept. 30. Wheat Deoembet Sc; No. 2 hard .ii4r; No. 3 red ;tiac Ccm IeOmber !5c; No. 3 mixed 29c; No. 1 white 2n-.Hc. fiata. No. 3 white MSti i. Ergs higher; fresh Missouri and Kansas stock, firsts, 14c par dozen, case returned. . . Milwaukee. Milwaukee, Sept. 2X Barley lower; No. 2 43 Crisc; sampi 41i45c New Tork Dry Goods. Nw Tork. Sept. 20. Demand for staple cottons fully up to the average. Brown sneetinga and drills strong and scarce. Drtlla advancing. Other coarse colored cotton against borers. Prints quiet for fancy. Staple generally selling well; prices unchanged. Wooiens and worsted dress goods firm, rit.k fabrics urm. Jobber ar doing a good general business. Boston WooL Boston.- Kept. SO. Another large week's business haa been transacted In the wool market, th aale fur the week aggregating over .uuy,'.j lbs. The merket hss, in fact, been somesrhat excited at times. Two sreeks ago soro of th saies effected ar reported to have been mad lightly under tb euge of the market, but he transactions of th past week certainly hav been In most cases at full quotations. Strength, ened by the opening at th London sales, wher price wer quoted 12 per cent, higher than -at the cloae of th previous sales, the feeling In the local market is very Arm and th treni of values Is unmistakably upward. There la an eepeuaally good demand for fine staple wools. Many of th trade hrllev that this kind of stock is beaded toward aJc. and ther are not wanting those who are predicting even 7oc for tbis class of stock. The sales of the week In Itos'.on amount to S.117.00 lbs. domestic and Ss"S."0 lbs. foreign, maklr.g a total of .,v.2.'io, against a total of S.ti.i.Mi for th prevloue week and a total of !,'4.0iM for the curresisjndlng week last year. Sale sine January 1, in, amount to 2iej.io4.0i.) lb., against U,;4,0i4 lbs. last year at this iim. . St Lonis Wool. St. Louis. Sept. 20. Wool very firm and held a shade higher. but quorstion ran not be changed; medium graces Utilise: light fins 13til:c; heavy fin lotjlic; tub-washed ll&ie. Foreign Wool Sales. lAndon. StpC SO. Th offerings at the wool auction sais to-day numbered 1- '! bale, in. eluding a good selection of Queensland. Ths latter were In better condition than tb 1S crop and the home trade and the continent mere e. ger bidder for (his grade. Scoured merino were well represented and sold principally ta Yorkshire at hardening rate. The cvotlnmt operated reservedly and is evidently ajllng for tb opening of the Australian sale nest week. Pan River sold readily to th bom trade. Umba wer in exceptionally strong demand and merino sold at 15 per cent, advance. Cross-breda were In steady request at price ranging from 1 to li p-r cent, higher. Yorkshire taking the bulk. Fin greasy crosa-breds were quickly disposed of. Medium low crossbred a wer largely reiiresenieit and brought out keen competition, wtlb the hum trade (lie best buyer at decidedly harder rates. A good eeieo. tion of waahed cross sups wss taken by tn home trade at an advanc of 10 per cent, following are the sales In detail: New South Wale. 1,1'M bales; scoured Is 4dfJ 2s ld; greasy ijis 2d. Victoria. L500 bales; scoured Sdfj2s 2d; greasy "r'nAuatralta. 100 bales; scourad is dls Sd. West Australia. 700 bales; gresry 7431 Id. Tasmsnia. 1 bales; grsasy la ldia 3d. New Kealsnd, S.400 bales; scoured SdUJ 3d; greasy 4JS!s 2d. Kaval Stores. Savannah. Sept. 20. Spirits of turpentine flrra at 47. Rosin nrm; A. U, C, D. E 31; T 41.05; U 31 Hi; H 81. : L K SI.40: M Si. 75; N 82,30; wins dow glass 82-5i; wster white R.30. Wilmington. Si. esplrns of torpeotln steady at Oi'vlc. Rosin flrra at 0o and . Crud turpentine very Arm and unchanged. Tas Arm at 31.30. Poreign Produce. LlverpcioU Sept. . Bacon Cumberland cut, ft to SO lbs.. Arm at 3s: sboulders, square. 13 ta 14 lbs., steady at 2. d. Lard, prim Western In tlerre firm at Z7 Sd. Wheat einot. No. 1 Northern spring stesdy at 0 Jud; future quiet: September 5s d: December ts lld; Mareb t tad. Com Ppot, American mixed new Arm at 3 td; do old flnn at Js d: futures firm; bcptcaib, 3 Id; October Sa id; Novexuber 3s td. Beal Estate Transfers, Real estate transfers yesterday were reported by tha Kentucky Title Company aa follows: B TP. Avery A Sons, etc.. tr National Foundry and Machltr Company, iw feet, south side Main street, 90 feet east of Fifteenth, 15.01. .' . Grain lirantls to Bailie May Brands, 271 feet, north side Madison strewt, tM ft west of Twrnty-fourth. S1.4J. Kllsabeth Hoppei to Anna Btriver. 41 fet. south side Lombard, street, SIS feat west of Ohio, S43. ' Fidelity Trust and Safety Vault Company, executor, to- Mu Selllger, 1 fet, south std Iezlngtou street, 1M feet west of Sixteenth; 44 fet. south side Lexington stret, fet wst of Sixieenth, 8Ki2- Michael Kmlts to Ferd. Lacher, Si fewt, east side overhlll street, 112 feet from Fetter. '.$. Kentucky Title Comrany to James Turner, 23 feet, east aide Floyd street, 97 feet north of , Swaj. MORTGAGES. TA. J. Dauhert to Mary IT. Busch, SO feet, south slrta Mnpla street, LB feet west of Seventeenth, lift. Jaa. Prlla to Columbia Finance and Trust Company, 2S feet, south Bid Camp street, liJ ftt west of Jackson, Georgia Separate Coach Indlctmenta. Elberton, Ga., Sept. 20. CoU Ike Bourn, of the Seabord Air Line passenger service, haa been Indicted by the Elbert county grand Jury for allowing; negroes to ride In passenger coaches provided for white people. : The aame action hag been taken by the authorities toward Capt. Charles Garrett, of Toccoa branch of the Souths ern railway. - Tendered a Pastorate. PJchmond, Ky.. Sept 20. SpeciaLJ The Rev. Henry N. Faulconer. formerly pastor of the Presbyterian church at Lancaster, has been tendered the pastorate of the Second Presbyterian church, this city. Rev. Faulconer ta one of the Ix'st known young ministers in Central Kentucky. e s j-' Peace In San Salvador. Wahinfrton, Sept. 20. The State P-partment to-day received a cable message from X'nlted States Consul Jenklna, at San Salvador, saylnc b.ietly that the state of siege has been removed and that peace prevails In the UaU siev. rRg s is e tae-suLsusrssx tr- - rviusar for tnsorrbat. A ,.'ul'H 4 t-iiset. Srsrmaiorrbua. J la is 4 Saes. v 1 lil tea, aussiaral die. F ) set m strMtses. 1't.tssla SSSMSM.

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