The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1932
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE, . (AUK.) COUKIER. NEWS THURSDAY, OCTOBER LI Improved ChicKasaw tine Will Face Tech High BRUSHING UP:SPORTS fRBpiM .Memphis Will Have Ad:"'• vantage In . Backfield; ' ; " ; Game at 7:45 o'clock. •- • /»\ improved line and a fast bu^ '•'-• ll^lit backficld wlU be sent, against : Tfch high, 1931. Memphis clminrjs-, . bf Coach Charlie Kramer of Bly- thevillo high here Friday night. .The/garft^ has attracted unusual interest .qn.d will probably be wit. tiessed bv the largest crowd of the eaiiy season.-. .:tl was'-Tcch high .which upset :. the supremacy of Blytlievllle high teams 'over Invaders from the Bluff ;CIty last year and-thcYel- lowjackets arc out to continue the .-. custom bv beating the Chicks gain Friday nteht. Incidentally the visitors, will • be • favored to turn the trick. . - . -BlvthevUlf teams have made a .habit of beating Memphis elevens irifthe past, both' here.and at . ..Memphis.' Especially" have the Chicks been .victorious !at Haley F»W here. It was the Chicks who upset the. funwl M. ,n. S. eleven headed by Jack Wakcneld about l!)-vr<ar« «»o in n record upset at ••' . Tfalfiv Ft»lt? orrt tlnop th r - time ..".re v]ii'i-.i^« v~->r "'^ locals have ,..rtr-ri-J!" «•«.•<-»h" Tnctlan sigh over /. V^"_v»A,i, '-.""--^ )>i s been-pleas . . - ?t,»rt-. -t - i?tt tacHe Friday ni^ht end -bMvfntr to phi? a hole that was ".extremely noticeable in the : . Pheott-.'earns. The Chicks and ; Tech-lines should stack up on even terms but It is In the back• flfld '•fhat'the visitors are credited w[th th e : ; ^se. • • . . ,.'• vThe Ohicks haw hardly a man;match Epps, the ace of the • Memphis rackfleld, unless Tommy vSKcrt ruris through te Tech team. •;.;The other Chick backs are inex- • pejlenced and also lack the pounds/age of .the Tech rear works. I". -Wid Matthews of Caruthersville •.has been named to referee the Pri- . ,day. night tilt.- M. S. Burge. form; • erly of.Jonesboro A, and M. will .--act as referee. . As an inducement to parents of frade children fathers of grade Echool- pupils who attend the game accompanied by their father. V FuUiers of members of the fy^jsity team will be admitted to the game free as guests of the .'school; The game, .will start at 7:45 o'clock.- ; "..: ..":• !j| -L -' .-r— —-^—' •'. By Laufcr Myron Ubl, haltback at Minnesota, was tlie first Important casualty of the football season. A followed by • ' Ubl's mishap ' broken breastbone, pneumonia. The coaches say was just one of those things' that -.---•— .-— —~»v* fc.,1. B»"^ happen in football, nnd point out athletic board has decided to that a man'?can slip or... a sidewalk let grade children In free when and havfe->the same thins happen nfwimfMHiofl Kti ttmi.. /»iv n _- . . r *^- Toimijey Tonight T0 .'produce Season I Singles Champion ... .'..Winners of singles honors In '• : the;weekly,horse,shoe tournaments • ; rf;: the Shoe Slingers club, will ricct tonight In'a tournament to rrcduce'the Bason's singles cham- • .pipn of, the local club. .•"•,-Only members'of. the club .who have won at least one' weekly ringles title are eligible for the '.'rinsles - competition tonight. The ivsckly doubles tournament will be held as usual,. - Members 0} the club who have won one'or. more weekly tourneys and are eligible to compete in the seasonal -competition tonight arc: Jack Bishop, E. A. Goodrich W. M. Frazier. c. C. Wood, W. A. Dcb-ns, Ed Foster, Carl Ganske Chai-'es Ozier and John Burnette. to him. • • » CMS Out ..That may be. But the other night this observer happened 10 peer.: into a copy of "Tricky - Dick'" Hyland's book, "Diary of Line Smasher." The former Stanford star reveols some of the pleasantries lhat pass bnck and torth between rivals on the grid- Iron when the joins gets a trifle opirltcd. Hawk Dooley takes the ball on an end-around play, according to Hyland,-and a big end named Nia- kcrk 'dives straight across Hawk's A Kkk in the Face • ."He spun iikc a pinwhecl and both his feet came whirling around and square into Sykcs' face. CMC heel landed In mouth. TIM, IE, Pill lENNEffi Sutherland Also Names Ohio State. Nebraskp, Kentucky, Okla. to Win BY DR. J. B. "JOCK" SUTHERLAND Football Coach, University or 1'ittsburgh Cc-nyright, 1932, NBA Service, Inc. Strength was manifested in unexpected quarters in the Big Ten Inst Satin-day, while elsewhere throughout the country the chief surprise was at New Haven when? a well-coached Stage eleven tied Yale. Pitt. Notre Dame. Army nnd the strong: coast elevens of Southern California' and Stanford showed expected power. Tulane indicated li has another strong eleven by heating Georgia, whose showing was a Jlltle disappointing. Important games are coming up Oct. 15. Here Is my view of the outcome: MICHIGAN-OHIO STATE — Michigan had breaks to heat Northwestern and will need all •her resources to lick the Buckeyes. Given one point, or a touchdown] (o decide the issue, I select Ohio Slate. PITTSBURGH-ARMY -^ If Pitt gets past this one, which the Army has been saving up for,- we will have to play onr best football. But I expect Pitt to win. GEORGETOWN-NEW YORK U. -•The New York team has only to play up to its form of the Rutgers game to beat Georgetown. BROWN-YALE-The Chicago tic should be a lesson to the Bulldog, who has been slow getting started! "- is Yale. ...„„.. ,.•- — - ••--, STATE-HARVARD-Perm be good from then on, but on the state has not shown much this year, and Harvard should, have no tliould be 7. battle. I choose Syracuse. COLGATE - LAFAYETTE—Dartmouth could beat Lafayette by only one touchdown, but Colgate should Improve on Dial performance. OKLAHOMA-TEXAS—Oklahoma flioiild win another, even though Texas was far supeilor to Mis- CARNEGIE TECH-By all means | Washington Stale a more c Carnegie Tech. • able opponent and should NEBRASKA-MINNESOTA-Nc- ! biaska has Its usual strong team i this year, nnd lhat means defeat j for (he Gophers. I DENVER-COLORADO AGC.IES ' —Tlie Aggbs have what they need to win tills 'one. WEST COAST ARMY-STAN- ' i FORD—The Army has a ' strong •CROSS-Holylclub, but Stanford is stronger and to beat on its knows more tricks. I pick Stanford. LCYOLA - UNfVERSITY OP; SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA —An ns 'I 'ioiild and Regan was. up and coming • toward liie.' Syke's ' was on 'the'• Eround holding !hls face) »••" n»o m < Mcst/oMiis front, teeth were gone. M » « uess is sourl last week. DETROIT-HOLY Cross will b f . hard .„ home grounds, and I doubt If De- tr-jit can do It. NORTH CAROLINA-GEORGIA, «. —.-,„. —This week should sec an arous- °"'er victory for the powerful u ' .?cl Georgia Iramplc Ihr Tar FI?e!s. s - C. team which has many plays I TENNESSEE-ALABAMA-Ten- I tnat hare llot l)ecn ««" this sca- nefsce should add one more lo its ] 60n ' ' . I loin Etrcak of wins. Hill ihc game [ CALIFORNIA - WASHINGTON vill be close unless Tennessee de- I STATEAflcr the tussle wilh St. vises some way to s!on Cain. ! Mary's, California should find WASHINGTON & LKE-KEN- ' TUCKY—This one will be Ken- Dicky's. TULANE-VANDE R IB 1L T — think Tulane will carry on over Vandy by a close score. MARYLAND-DUKE - By on? touchdown, Maryland. NORTHWESTERN- ILLINOIS — Zuppke Indicated lust Saturday that he will be heard from, but I don't think Illinois can beat Northwestern. WISCONSIN-PURDUE—Either a tie, or a very close victory for Purdue. IOWA-INDIANA — .If Indiana gels breaks such ns the Hcosier school got last Saturday, Iowa cannot win. UTAH-BRTGHAM YOU N G — Utah, by a close score. NOTRE DAME-DRAKE — Did you see what Notre Dailic did to Haskell last Saturday? Drake's only hope Is to hold down the score. MISSOURI-KANSAS AGGIES Caridbo.still hns a. lot of work to do at Missouri, and the Aggies will show him one of his jobs. BAYLOR-ARKANSAS — Arkansas. TEXAS AGGIES -TEXAS CHRISTIAN—Th? Aggies will find too much power against them. WASHINGTON & JEFFERSON, . "Rcgah promised me ' that he'u om then on, next, play I came up with this , eye (a shiner), and he was oil j tro "^ winning this one. en another vendetta. ... CORNELL-PRINCETONU.what ...... ,. Columbia did last Saturday. Cor- "We.marched straight down Ihc Mll snould ^ Me (o do • thls field with the ball and . Al sent [ his fifth man out of the game' 9 Extraordinary ijuaiity has swept the Gillette BLUE BLADE to overwhelming leadership. This is not a trick advertising phrase. It is an established fact. Try the Gillette Blue Blade and learn •why it is the nation's favorite. tat tlie scoring play." ... Well, there's a. picture of some Ills i sprightly football action for you I by a man who was an All-America "I drove through the'. hole and | selc'ettpn six years ago. Sounds - ' a rough . . yards before I -,vas as ' though It might be stopped. I looked • around as soon DARTMOTJTH-PENN-Pcnn has met no such opposition as Dartmouth this year, and . while it should have trouble, I think penn will win. SOUTHERN METH O DIS T SYRACUSE — Both these teams were .upset last week, ,.,and" it Why buy any second-choice tire when a •. /^v\ : face, and pulls his knee up. .•I Captains to Be Appointed Martiueltc' University's 1932-33 thcre in front of us.' Hyland writes, "Hawk's face disappeared. It .flattened otil like a. pancake. There was no nose. You couldn't sec where 1 his eyes were or had been, and blood was all ever everything. -Hawk let one groan out of him yon could hear in the stands, rolled over twice and then lay perfectly still. Jifjan Takes It Up " thought', from llw way lit relaxed that he was dead. Rules or no rules I j»mi>cd oft Ihe icnch and ran 0111 onto the field. Jumbo and Regan were rib':'. »llh me." A! Regan becomes the avenging .angel. An opposing tackle We have just received a mixed car of'Cabinets. All Colors, all kind?, of at the .95 new price. Ranges and Stoves ?>i»>-»>^ viii>ciaityj, I3,J^-.W | "'o .«"6* ;1 - flu uppu.img Ifl basketball captain v.ill not be elect-1 named Sykes cnallengcs with: cd vmil the close of the campaign.! "Look who's here, bays. Am- Beccusa. the regular election last I blln '• A1 Regan. Muldoon says vt spring' resulted in a deadlock, c »n'l »'la if he plays. Come on, Coach William Chandler decided to Aniblln'l We'll send you bacfci with Dooley. pronto." That turns out to be Mr. Tykes' mistake. Regan takes the ball on the next play and tears into Ihe line at tc,p speed. But after breaking through, Instead of Heading tor the open field, Am- blin' Al leaves his feet in the general direction of the enemy's roving center, R fellow called Bit- fens. name a captain before each game. Parents Check Children*' Marital Aspirations KANSAS CITY, Kan. (UP) — Parents are taking more of an interest in the marital aspirations of their children since the business depression began, according to I ... Henry Meade, judge of the Wyan- • A nllr for Btffens 'cott-5 county probate court. | Als knees come up Into Biffens' . .-.Kansas City is only 40 miljs from j ^Mdle. Al gets up, bat Blffcns ?• .Lawrence and ths University of. * 5 ' s down. •-.Kansas.- Many university couples 1 " Th -"c you arc. big shot." says . •who decide to get married hurry i A:rll) ' ln ' *!• "You asked for it MM for the ceremony. I Alld Sykes, you yellow ape you're •- But when school opened this tall! " cxt - Thit >k you can put me wlih • r Judte Ueade had a list of some Dco ^S'. do you?" • twenty students whose parents said they fcared the young people were • iota* to elope, and »«ked the jad«t not to Issue a license. • Parents are particularly anxious -this year becauss they don't want to support-any new sons|;ta-law or dautfiters-ui-ljfw, the 1 DClKVtfS. ia 4* Yean — Although miles apart, yt War* and hU —, of w»- beld their the K amc It was learned was . In to make the hnTp ;•! saw Sykes take-a U, at head rtm that u ^ "«. writes iii.]^,,j -----., -nd as the play 'was h« dove at the ground ta « sylcea and turned a com wmersault. m .We. still have a few of .'the Allen Ranges at Bankrupt prices. We are getting our last load today of the Allen Special Range at Allen Parlor Cabinet Heaters, 4 room 5 Room Size - - - 22-Inch King Heaters' - - Oak Coal Heaters - - - 50-Lb. Rolled Edge Mattress - - .95 size Bed Room Suites $29.75 3 pieces, new patterns. Come and see l.hese suites. 9 x 12 Congoleum Rugs - ... s Hubbard Furniture Co. costs no more The experience of tire-users is that Goodyear Tires give greatest value at every price—every year the public buys MILLIONS more Goodyears than airy other make. That's a pretty definite indication of superior value. But also it's important to £et tires of the right /ypeand size for your particular driving. Here's where our Tire Experience helps you save more money. 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