The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 8, 1955 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 8, 1955
Page 9
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SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8, 19M BimfETILLE (ARK.) COURIER IfflWS OUR BOARDIH4 HOUSI — By J. R. Williams OUT OUR WAY M.j.r HM*|« lEST TIME I'VE SEEN THAT.' US KIDS USEDTO JUMP FEWC.ES.TOO, ID MAKE SHORT CUTS" A FEW KIDS KIM HAVE HALF TH' TOWN) DOlW THAT TO KETCH BUSSES AM'STREET- CAESAN' SCHOOL-- 2PI1P^ ,T,A^^^ 0 WA^ LOT IDEAS ABOUT FAP.V WhtEM A WORKHORSE COMES 6ACK TO TH6 AT MOST LISTED TO THE IMSOP THAT ELEVATOR 3<?.B TWO DAYS OPERATION.' HAvie YOU THOOSHT OP TAKING TH6 TO WdekT AMD MAK- IKlS YOOB (TAGS R5TYJ6EM THIS is MURDER./ STEFETH6 BULLDOZER. LETS WAS JUST LINCOLN! Jusr |BEGINNING LOOK AT WAT SKY—THOSE «{W T«l«V«io« — Tonight, Tomorrow — WMCT Channel 5, & WHBQ Channel 13 WMCT Channel 5 6 00 Perry Como Show 7.00 People Are Funny 7 30 Jimmy Durante 8:00 George Gobel 8:30 Your Hit Pnrade 9:00 City Detective 9:30 The Millionaire 10:00 Father Knows Best 10:30 The Vise I TOO Mystery Theatre 11.30 Drama Theatre 12:00 Sign Oft Sunday, Oct. 9 S.50 News * Meditation 10.00 The Christophers 10.30 This Is thr Liis 11:00 American Forum 11:30 Catholic Hour 12:00 American Inventory 12:30 Youth Wants to Know 1:00 Dr. SpocK 1 -3f> Zoo Parade 2 .00 People 2:30 "1976" 3:30 Captain GnlUnt 4:00 L.OIK: John Silver 4:30 Roy Rogers 5: r '0 Curtain Call 5'30 Color Spread "Show Biz"—In color 7.00 Television Playhouss 8:00 Douglas Fairbanks Presents 8:30 Science Fiction Theatre 9iOO Soldiers of Fortune 9:30 Highway Patrol 10:00 Paris Prectnct 10.30 Climax 11:30 Sign Off Monday, Oct. 10 6.50 Meditation 7:00 Today 7:25 News—Memphis area 7:30 Today 7:55 Weather—Memphis 8:00 Dint; Dong School 8:30 Storyland 9:00 Home Show 10:00 Tennessee Ernir Ford 10 30 Feather Your Nest 11:00 Shopping at Home 11:15 Homemakers Program 11:45 Charm with Cathy 1200 News 12:15 Farm News 12:30 TV Movie Mallne* 1:30 It Pays to he Married 2:00 Way of the World 2 15 First Love 2:30 World ol Mr. Sweeney 2 45 Modern Romance* 3.00 Pinky Let 3:30 Howdy Doody 4:00 Movie Time 5:00 Cartoon Carnival 5:15 Interesting Person 5:22 WrcsUinp Interview 5 25 Weatherman 5:30 Tony Martin 5:45 Nrws Caravan 6:00 Caesar's Hour 7-00 Medic 7:30 Robert Montgomery Presents 8:30 Boston Blackle 8:00 Dangerous Assignment B.30 News Reporter 9:45 Big Playback 10.00 Wrestling 10:30 Weather & Nea-3 Headlines 10.35 Tonicht 11:00 Mvsifiry Theatre 11:30 SlRn Off WHBQ Channel IS 6:00 pinner Theatre 6:30 Oznrk Jubilee 7:00 Lawrence Welk 8:00 Million Dollar Movie P:30 Topper 10:00 News 10:10 Weather 10.15 Late Show Sunday. Oct. 9 12:00 Pro Football 2 50 Player of ihe Weei. 2 55 Professor Pel 3:00 Lassie 3.30 Super Circus 4 00 Kit Cnrson 4:30 Rln Tin Tin 5:00 Confidential File 5:30 Famous Film Festival 7:00 Chance of A Lifetime 7:30 Life Begins At Elchty 8:00 Brrnfc the Bank 8:30 9:00 9.30 9 --55 10:15 8:45 9:00 10.00 11.30 12:00 12:05 12:J5 210 2:15 3:00 3:30 5:00 6:00 6.25 6:30 7 00 7.30 H'OO 9 00 9.30 10 00 10:10 10:15 10 20 11.50 What's My Line The Whistler News Weather Les Paul and Mary Ford Brit kell Institute Sunday Evening Theatre Monday, Oct. 10 News cS; Weather Romper Room This is Hollywood Trouble With Father News Lnnchtlme Theatre Early Show Amy VanderbiH Miss America Matinee Foreign Intrigue Bozo and His Friends Gene Autry-Roy Ropers Mickey Mouse Club Dinner Theatre Do You Know Why Ramar of the Jungle 1 Love Lucy Medical Horizons Studio One M.G.M. Parade TV -Reader's Digest News Wenther Les Paul and Mury Ford Lato Show Weather Best Grade Illinois Coal and Kindling Nut Coal 1 or more tons $10 per ton B&CCoalCo. Phone 3-8612 For All That's Good in Insurance Fire. F.xWndtd Coverafe, Aulomobile, Fire, Theft and Liability, and surety bonds (or your employees. FOB Sound Insurance protection and dependable service, you are In- rited to call at our office. W. M. BURNS AGENCY 219 W. Walnut Phone 3-3361 XXXIH LYNCH wont on: "Karl Vogel, in his injured and retarded brain, has apparently appointed himself through Uie years to protect the treasure of which he alone in this hemisphere knew the hiding place. As an added, and imbecile, precaution Vogel at some time had piled stones against the door of the fourth chamber. The natives of this district, having no suspicion of the familiar ruin containing anything of value, mncl no significance in this act. "Mr. Dibble, Meer, Deane, myself and the unknown then returned to the yacht. "Vogel had seen the man who had tried to kill him and three strangers with their attention fixed on the door behind which the chests lay. By a labored process of his poor intelligence, with the slyness which so often characterizes the mentally defective. I believe Vogel decided t would throw those who were ntent to seize his treasure off the scent if he moved his stones to the door of an adjoining, and empty, chamber. That pitiable ind useless gesture of this one faithful man chanced greatly to 'acilitate what followed." Lynch was speaking swiftly, with the precision of someone dictating a report. "In the interval, Mecr was . u m m o n e cl to Braun's cabin. There he was given a dressing lown for having made so little trogress and for letting himself ie observed while making "it. il.-er concluded the interview by addressing Braun as 'Mein ! Fuehrer'." . . Meer was glaring at Lynch v.l'h a haired diluted, in spite of himself, with amazement. "Meer had two items of evi- clrnce that he did indeed know where the chests were hidden and reach them. A key and a ring lift bolt which had been threaded to fit a particular socket. Braun demanded that as an earnest of Meer's continued good intentions. Mecr leave those with him, Meer did so but with bad grace. "Braun, remember, already had in his possession the chart ; and written instructions which i would lead him without difficulty I to the place where the gold was cached. When the whereabouts of the chests was verified, Meer would not longer be needed. Braun, I have no shadow of doubt, intended to kill him. In good time Braun would return to Haiti, or manage to remain here, and make the gold his own." Meer's pnle blue eyes were literally blood shot. But the Englishman's flatly positive statements about Braun fascinated him. "Braiin underestimated Herr Meer. Ober-Lieutenant Ha Her. He secretly kept watch on Braun's movements. Meer had nourished the dream that that great sum was to be used for the reconstitution of the Nazi party. He sincerely believed it was his duty not to allow it to be diverted for any private end. He followed Braun. He waited until the traitor in which he had believed had lifted the concealed trap aod descended to the lower chamber. At some sound above him Braun looked up. Meer shot him in the face." * • • MEER leaped to his feet, his fists clenched and flailing helplessly at his sides. "Lies! Lies!" "Sit down!" Because all his life he had been accustomed to obeying, Meer sal down. "We will now consider," Lynch suavely went on, "the case of Mr. Sand." Our host looked startled. "In Mr. Sand," pursued Lynch with complete detachment, "the love of money which we all to some extent possess reaches exaggerated heights. He is com- pleiely ruthless. He alone among our suspects knew that Braun was in possession of the chart which would lead him directly to the treasure. He had only to keep private watch on Braun and bide his time. "As owner of the VHtoria- he could return at any time to pick up those 20 cases. For an additional profit of three and one- haff million dollars Mr. Sand could well afford to wait. With the precision—and the stupidity —of a bird dog, Braun led him directly to it. With Braun disposed of. Meer would present no problem." The, big man had,. turned a pasty white. "I trust, Mr. Lynch, that you are joking?" "Quite," said Lynch noncom- miUally. "Dr. Lund?" STARTLED, the Norwegian doctor jerked his head around. "Yes?" "You were seen on deck this morning by Miss Wyndam between 3 and 4 o'clock. That is correct?" "I did not see Miss Wyndam, but yes, that is correct. I am a bad sleeper. The pulse of my patient Heitzig had faltered. I had gone to see him. It was not serious." "You are a poor man." Lynch was no longer asking questions. He was making statements. "A physician, unless he,has special reasons for it, does not ordinarily accept a post as a ship's doctor unless he is in need. As a Norwegian country was invaded, you have good reason to hate any survivors of the Nazi party. You are at an age when it is ciifticult to start afresh. To recover that vast deposit of gold for yourself would not only make you rich, it would repay, at least by proxy, some of the hurt your country had suffered during the war. Also as a physician, the fact of death, even of violent death, has little meaning for you. You had the means and the opportunity to follow Braun ashore. To make away with him." (To Be Continued) Asked me to hold the end of the string to they could follow it back! Said it was easy to get lost in th«s« , super markets J "Are you sure you're in love with this girl, Johnny? Did you ever see her shopping at a bargain sale?" 806, OOM3U SMELL SOMETHIN6 BUENWe? IDC.Wtf) v WITH PAT FLASH.! THOUGHT ITOLDVOUTO < OVECAT HIT THE BOOKS J HEE HOUSE/ TDNKSHT/ HE WAS STUMW6 WITH ^1Z PAT ROBERTS/ A DOUBLE SIKPfilSE/ WHV.SHFSTHEFRST CESKLHE'SSOWE' -•AND HOW *-x DO VOU LIKE t. BABY-SITTING) MY BRUSSELS REPAIRING - CLEANING DYEING 112 S. Broadway .V.V.V.W. LIST6W.TO THE Cf»0 THAT SOE5 WITH THE BOUOU6T FOR AMS& *5HLEV. "SCOP LUCK IF 1 SEE^ PIPFeRBNT, NOTHIM® TO ANYONE NUWZIO. fftK. 0ACCI/<TH^KJK YOU, MR.FLINT. I 6OOD LUCK JHOPE VOU WILL COMB. KJUMZIOV, -iDu'LL SEE THAT IT -< OF COUR5E, MK. FLINJT EEP<:HE5 Ml55 LANS.) ft LOVELV ORCHIp POR SV FOUR? rnnrtf A LOVELV LAPV/ THESE SPECIWSM6 WERE TOO CUB9Y TO CARRY OUT ON HORSEBACK. AUP I PRWISEP ll"& HOr FAR. TO AM OLP CAMP, ABWJOOWEP WHEN THEY WOV6D THE SETTLER50UTTO BUILD TW6 PARK THIS IS A PAKMJISB FOR GEOLOGISTS i DINOSAUR ELEPHANT TEETH... FOSSIL OUSTERS 30 IN CH65 ACROSS, (\WD FOUR-FOOT CLAM5! Give'Your Child Something Educations! and Entertaining for \nias, a set of Child World Books. Call 3-1152 for Demonstration. . ISH'TTHAT I IABXICAM SEOlOfflST WHERE KOftt V NEAR WCJUIU.A*. 15 PLANNWQ TO HDE? THE SECOND OF THREE DEEP ttUYONS CUT6Y THE RIO GRANDE... PR.MEWOZA WUJT5 IP P!C< UPSOMF055II K CACHED IEA RADIATOR WORK • Boiled Out • Repaired • Flo Tested • Re-cored MY GOSH, OSCAR, I YEAH! I'M THAT ICE-AGE /SORRY NOW MAN IS j-"WE EVEE VICIOUS! /TURNED 1M LOOSE IN MOO.' RIGHT.' LOCK... /* BLOOD/ A V MU5TA • FEW DROPS/ BEEN QUITE YEAH... BUT HERES SOME I NEVER / I DON'T SAW TH' LIKE OF BEFORE/ THINK ANY MOOVIA.N MADE THOSE PRINTS' THAT AivVFUl CRY... IT MUST HAVE COME FROM A HERE! ANYHOW.. A ROW... SEE TVT SCUFF I MARKS? RADIATOR WORKS IT'LL START WITH A LJ'L 1 POM'T <NOW \ SHOVE.' HAMS ON, WHAT'S WTONS I PETUNIA! WITH MV CAR ! Men of the 461st Wing! Hudson Cnn Supply All Your Clothing Needs Uniforms Belts i Caps Hies • Slacks • Shirts • Cheverons • Jewelry 6ASS- W. SOWS* X» TWS 01Kk «>- CWYtSV \<=> MORNIN GLOttV I Cleaner • Clothier • Tailor Blythcvillc, Ark.

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