Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 26, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 26, 1896
Page 3
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Will Not PerformMiracles But It Will Cure. THE RAILROADS D K. MILES' RESTORATIVE NERVINE euros nervous prostration. Not miraculously, but sclenlineally, by first removing the pcrnis of disease, and then supplying healthy nerve food, Increasing tho appuUtc, helping digestion and strengthening the cutiro sysicm. Desponico cases require prolonged truatmeut as shown by that of Sirs. Jl. B. Reed, of DoltH, Iowa, who writes: "As the result of allslitninsstrokn, the piiysltiana s;dd I bud a light s'.robw of panuysis, my limbs would all draw up. I would nave throbbin^s in cay chest thai seemed unendurable. For three months I could not sleep and for thmo weeks did aoi ciosu mj eyes, I prayed for uluep, and lelttbntlf ru'.iuf did not conio I would bo dead or itisano. I took Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine :;nd the second uight slept two hours and from that time on my health Improved; siowiy at first, but .steadily and gureiy. I took in all 40 bottles, and I cannot' express how grateful I am t for I am now perfectly well, and have taken no medicine lor over tour months." Dr. Miles' Nervine is sold by druggists on guarantee that first bottle benefits or money refunded. Book on heart and nerves free. Dr. Miles Modical Co., i-'lknart, Jud. Dr. Miles' Nervine Restores Health...... Roads Will Carry C. E. Wheels Free of Charge. POWER HOUSE BEGUN General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. FROn NORTH DAKOTA. THE Muosoo typewriter Is a Good Machine.i; It will be pleasant -news lo those Chrlsliiin Emlttivoiws who own or rout bicyclos -that: the railroads iwve osriwl to ejir.ry t.iii'ir wlieelsi I'm? In spirlnl \v\x- t;;iKO ciii-s to ;iiud from the bi« WsisliliiK- tou Iftiornational convcntian next nioiith. Tliu "City of Msi^nJIicent Di«- tiinws," with lt'« iivllos upon inilos of piivi-d streets ;irul line ,ro;ul.i, is fiini-ply ;i:n Eileji for cyclers, and there will be inori>;siUM.u steeds there durl-u;,' the cmi- vi'tition of.ywin.ir people than luive ever heeii sei>n before. The Chitticu :uul IH- Inol'S ilelepirkms, sunif ."IHI .stl'oii^'. IIMS been lai^'i'ly r-o*i>Misibli.' fo.rtlr.s concession on l lie |);in: of the i-illroails. This ih'h^'iiliuiL will t:ike liiiichvon, ;i.t T-liirrts- bnrir en tiic jifternoDii of .Tuly S. It \vi'Jl tnivol in special trains over the rcun- svlvnni;). standard of eicollence. Man) iisers of tbe "JIUDson" consider It THE .BEST. You will find IE a valuable nsslstaut In jour of- lice. Addre^? for partlcnlars THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO MAXUFACTUBKRS. it* 0-244 Went L»ko St., Clilciiuo, 111. L. G. PATTERSON Has opened a Fire and Accident Insurance office at 410 Broadway, up Rtaln, and lollclts a share of the public patronage. None but First Clas» Companies Represented. OAUY JOURNAL FRIDAY, .TUNE 20. 1800. Two wheels, cheap.—717 North street. White silk parasols only OSc.—Trade Palace. Subscribe for the Journal, 40 centi per month. Hammocks at your own price at Geo, Harrison's. Linen crush suta ?2.!)8: were $5.00. See Otto's ad. Geo. Hnrrlson has the flnest line of hammocks In the city. Komi, .to Mr. and Mrs.-Hnrry Uelclitcr of Noble township, a daughter. Hot shot Otto has added—?G,00 patent leather shtoes for ladles and gentlemen, the finest for ?2.!)S, C. H. Stevens's gallery at 414 Market street Is now open. Competent workmen. Work guaranteed. A No. 1 Sterling bicycle for sale or trade. Cnll at Parker's grocery, corner' Twelfth and Spear streets. Avoid Saturday'* rush mwl fiet your waists today. !?2.50 dimity waists only OSc; OSc waists only 39c.—Tirade Palace. Grande-lottos' out sale of millinery, trimmed tats nnd Iwmu/t.s, very cheap for cash.—Spiy's, Broadway & Pearl st. Round trip rate to St. Joseph, $2; to Lake Mnxiinkuckee, ?1. Train leaves Vandulia Ktii.Wou evory Surwliiy nt 7 a. m. You need Hood's SarsiipuriUn to cn- rlcli and purify your blood, create an appetite and give sweet, refrosUiuj; sleep. . • I can be fouiud on nnd after today my new horse shoeing shop on Third street, formerly occupied by James H. Carney, between Market nnd Broadway.-J. M. Elliott. "Got it" is good advice but "Take Simmons Hirer Regulator" J.s better for your health, and happiness. Everybody should take a liy.orTemedy occasionally and especially in tli« Spring to wnke vp the toiT>id liver and keep up a healthy circulation of ffood rleU blood, free froia poison a-ml full of nourishment for the body. "We would no keep house without Jt."—H. G. G. Fink, Springdale, Pa. Children Cry ror Pitcher's Castorla. ,\ KEMA1!KATU,E KECORD. Memioello MiM'ahl: lliwgr Young, wild lias boon in (lie employ <it' l!n.- Pa.n- liaiidli 1 ar tills plai'O for many years a.s bridgi.- waioliman. pump man and .«nic iiMiiliM 1 , n.TOivod notk-o Tuesday inor.ii- iug rha.l his ollk-e had been abolished and offering lii-rn another job on rlio Chicago division. Ilav-ing boon so long Ideiililied wllli M'oni.iocJlo and having ;;li his pro-pony in (wests here ho i? naturally inclined t» look about liim awhile lii't'oro deciding TO go to a new place. His record is ri.'inarkable. having been in the employ of.-the Panhandle company ovi-r twenty-eight, years ami nover having lust a day in tin. 1 whole period. For twen.ly-six years lie lias resided liere and during tlia.L time lie lias built live hoiuws and contributed liberally to various public enterprises, though always in a quiet and uriprcten- tfonts way. Ho is a citizen of genuine wortli. ami those who know him will hope 't-iutt lie may ucn be compelled to move a-way to ihrd employment. (iA.S CELT ELECTRIC ROAD. Work was begun yesterday building tlie iiiammoth power house for tlie Gas Belt Electric railroad, now l>em.g built botween AiLdersou and Marion. The power lion.se will be at Jone.sboro and will be a 'mammoth affair. Baker & Woolen, the contractors, state Mint they arc satisfied -thivt the road will be built, and that -the.ma;n with whom- they s!gnad rho contract was several times a millionaire. NEW FREIGHT ENGINES. William C. Arp, jsuperi-ntoudunt ot motive power of Mie Vaudalla line Is In Pit is burg to confer with tlie Ptttsburg locomotive works ofHtinl-s about tlie>lr new freight engine* of which rwenry- two arc to l>e built and delivered by Oct. J. Mr. Ai-p says Wiey will weigh 1-10.000 pounds, 120,000 pounds resting cm the driving wheels. He says they will have toilers much after the istyle and dimensions of the big passenger en- ginfxs whicli the Seheueemdy. works built for The Big Four and the Vau- dalin. RAILROAD NOTES. Tin-re i* some talk of anotli-er new fast train on tho Pennsylvania, railroad, but there its nothing definite as yet concerning the matter. The Va.udalia. or St. Louis division of tho Panhandle, will soon be tlie best equipped road per m-flc in the West, so far as power te concerned. Jerry ClowoJl bus been, la-Id up with a numboir of broktai- ribs for several day*. He desires that the members of the Engineers' Insurance call nt his residence. He is still unable to visit tbe shops. Many observant people have noticed that the whoels of all the hand cars used on the Tan-handle Jiave wooden spokes. Tiiis was inade.iwceswary by flic numerous lUitoiiMitic electric signals along the road, which would show danger wlieu a car of. nny kind with iron wheels was belm: run over the -tracks. The wooden spoke breaks the circuit and obviates the delay that -might be occasioned when a section gaaig got behind, and tlie la.titer might be disposed to take their ••time when they-knew that their little [VHM'-wJiccl car had turned the red block on tbe limited express at some distant point. Moosiers Located at Courtney Write of New Homes. Courtney, Xo. Dakota, June ?3 "M Editor .Totrt-nal: I-Iavl,ng -noticed several accounts In Ca-ss aaid Howard county pa-pei-s coincer.uing N&rtli -Dakota, we wiil write a liittlc about the part of tlie country to which we are, whicli yon may pii'Mirth H' you wish. \\'ti mtiy state (In*t t-Jiat we are Hoosiers from 1.1 ic couiulfes named aliovc. We havu boon lioix,* only since last March but have lisul time to learn a good ,d(.-.-il of Non-til Dakotn. We are located bo.twoen tlie .laines a.nd Cheyenne rivets, In Fos'lcr county, about a Irimtlred milles south of Devil's Lake I'liniitry. ThaiOcoim-try. as the rcturn- irt.i,' Hnoslrrs si:M. Is no goinl. anil niiucli more of th« State te equally bad, but/nll of the eatsforii third of the Stiitu south of Di'vil's I-ake Is a tine conmtry, well '-suited to 1'armlitg. This is level prairie l;i.iKl. IxivJng evwywlierp rich black top .soil with clay sn.bsoil.. N'ortli of Devil's Lake there was so much rain a,nd so ma,ny cyclones tlial no crops cimld in; met iin tills Spring. Here, ;hough, there was a great deal of rain. Ilii.- crops wcro put . in i-n good linn. 1 . Tlu-.rc an 1 pmspi-cts for big crops liere this year. Th-cre have been imini-u.si' cri'jps here Mie last Three- or four yours, and It has lii-en a. long time, since then; has been iijiiyt.liiiiiR near a failure. We wonJd a-dviVi! intondiiig si-tTlt-rs to come to tin- valley of the .lames river. Fostor. Snu.esma.il a-nd (.irig.u'i; countios an- i.-xeelle.nt andf other gooil cuiiuties :\iv Ba-rnes. L:iM<iuro. Cass and Sfeole. Af. E. rniil C. 0. STONEHHAKEB. MUNYON'S REMEDIES DOCTOR YOOBSELF Mu'nyon's Improved Homoeopath in liuinc'dfe net alnKwt instantly, spec'U- Jily tiu'toitf t:lw? most obstinate eases. Mirnyu'ii's R/henmaltism Cure euros R'houmia.tiism ilu u fe-w days. Muuyou's DyspeiMtW Cure cures ;iJI farms of stoui- ;u:h tiwiitok's. Muini.von's 1 Headache Cure slops lieadatilH.- in 0 minutes, NUITOHS <Ks«i:se$ pro-nip-lly cured. Kld- uvy troubU.'s, Miles, NeuraljJisi, Ast-luna and ;i-ll Femak 1 Ci>nupljihife quickly cured. Munyon's VinrllKcM' imparts new vigor to weak men. Price ?]. Per.soiKi.1 -lewors to I'nrf. Munyon, ]~>0ri Arch stnvirt. Pbiladt.'liphiji, I':i.. an- swcred \v*li -('rot; im'illcal advice for a'uy disease. A Sepa.raiti" Cure for wioh disease at ;i.ll driijfA'sst'S—25c ;i ln>:t!o. THE BIG MEETING, THE BRITISH ARMY. Obtains Cofl'oc Direct from lite Plantations. Tho British Government formerly brought flic coffin initiaidrd I/or the army direct from die coffee phi.uiat.kms iii .Tjiva ami riie 'lonii "OUT Ov't .Tarn" is t'amiilUi.r to all. Mr. P. M, HaiMK'y now ma.nager of r.lie jjroceiy deiMitment of the jn-ejit luinse of Solgel. Cooper & Co., Chit-ago, was located In Java for about nine years puircta.--'Jliif; coffee 'for Her Majesty's troops and life ability to judge of tlie quality a,iul flavor of coffee -will hardly be ques'fiioned. Experts of Tea, Coffee, Tobacco and Whiskey are not always froe users-of the rtrtkJe f:licy judge so keenly of. Indeed Hit 1 revolt* is frequently'true. In Mr. Haiiuiey's family. Postum, tiic health coffee inado by the Po^tum Cereal Co.. Mm., of Ra;ttle Creek, Mich., iU used In) place of coffee. The immedi- iilte cause lielug '(that the wife had trouble .lin digesting coffee ar.d Mr. H—, kmnving tat >r.foe grate beverage which looks so nnioli li.ko coffee and whicli fits The coffee dritnker's taste, was a pure ami 'UOUii'Wh-lug drink Introduced it to lite family with the result that the old ailments which were directly attribu- able'to coffee-drinking, have materially disappeared. Proper adjustment of food nnd di-iuk morons good bodies, clesir minds and tire ability to inisrti to fflje front ami make a success of lll'o, wMlo those who insist upon nsiing such d'terary artkOe.s a.« they know check dtgesrtou. anil lm- pjilrr Hire hoalitfli, wlill lag in Hie race for prosperity. The law of the survival o£ the flttcist is plivllnly marked, "Just .as goad" as Postitm Cereal arc words used to defraud tlie public. Merchants supplied by .T. T. Elliott & Son. Notes on the Christian Endeavor fleeting at the Capital. Press noiici. 1 .^ are being widely ilii; irilmtiHl IVir flic big inleni.-itional ClU'is lian Endeavor •uiircting to lie held a Washington. O. C.. July S-1.M. l.e.s.- tlian. lliree weeks will elapsi: until ih opening of the lit'ieentli animal intor national convi-iMinn of riijf iv.m.'ii'k.'ibli organization of young pi'o;>le.Two ye.n 1 . of preparation have been givwi lo HIL isiiti.'i't.'iiiimnit of tlie vast, concourse o doleg.'MTs wlic will be present. Ar ningi/iiiccitji aix' being rapidly cumplet ed for tlie care of the visitors. Even guest will l>e registered. Cards :o tin estimated number of afremlHnis. liavi l.ieeii mailed to every Pvaie. These will l.ie (lllod out by delegates oti :he way, Tliftsc wlio i.nlend going to a hotel or ti Hhc homes of frieiwls, can comjilert 1 the filling out of the cards. Delegates wil be met outside of the city by mc'inbcrs of the railiwd coHiniiffee. with oilers of ass-lstajice in .the maiingement of bi delegations. Each Suite will have head- (]nartei's. whore representatives will bt eondnctod by another welcoming committee. Everyone pro-enth;;,' a card, will be given an olfidal program and -the caaveintlon badge. Board has; been secured at tlie rate of from $1.2?i to $2 for room and three meal.s, .<! to JjU.'iO for room and break- .fa.xt and T.'ic to -$l for room alo-ue. M«in- bers of the working committees will be •designated by *traw lints with, red white and blue bauds, bearing in large letters tlie .iia'im; of rho committee. A beautiful map of Washington I). C. is provided. ON THE WEST SIDE. Circus to Appear on Last Year's Grounds-Street Car Warning. Tlie Buffalo BiJl show will pitch Ms tents Sa.turday at the grounds on the Wostside where the show of Baruuni & BaiJey appeared last season. There has been a report Him the show would be jjiveu at 5Jp<'iicer's park, but rliere Is not sufficient room at that place, even if it had beeu considered. The 'West-side grounds will be tlie winter of attraction Saturday. The management of tlie street car line has n noon need that the cars will rui no further cast than Twen.ty-1'ou.rtl street the day of the bijr show. Patron- 5 will govern: themselves accordingly. Clearance Sale of Ties. Commencing WEDNESDAY, .Tune 24th, and eonUnuing for 10 days, or until closed out, we will sell for CASH, choice of any tie in house, consisting of TECKS, CLUB HOUSE, FOUR IN I1ANT), DEJOINVILLE, BOWS, etc., for 38 CENTS Cheaper lines o£ TECKS, FOUR IX HANDS, BOWS, etc., wtB be sold as low as 19 CEiNTS IQ order to close out. Call early and take advantage of this great TIE SALE while the opportunity is presented, as you are isiire of getting a BIG BARGAIN, no matter what you buy. STRAW HATS Commencius on same date, we will sell any straw hat iu stock at cost to close them out. II ere is your chance to get good values for little money. SPECIAL KNEE PANTS SALE Do not forget the line of knee pants that we are closing out for from Oe to l!)c per pair. So me excel loot tilings to be had for tbt price. AH Goods Chargedjriust be at Regular Prices. JOHN D. FERGUSON & CO. 322 MARKET STEEET. J. J> FERGUSON. A.. P JENKS Inventors and Business Men. s~ -^ • - —4§^fetS^W;iA <WS- 1 .::"~2S|^i^vjjf;-^|f^ ^" " f:.i Designs for Istter Loads, bill heads prepared for business purpose*. Drawings of all Uiuds prepared for newspapers, etc. Claims for Jetters oC pa.tent prosecuted. • ' i • j • i ' i ; 3'.-!i - : :i 3 '. ll'IfJ BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman &^Patent Attorney. Spry Block. Logansport. L FOK FALSE ARREST. In the i-a.ilrond strike of 1S04 Clias. A. Ta-ynnk, of- Hannmoud, ^'as cap- hired by the federal troops and tnkon to Chicap;o, wlicnco.lie wns taken, to led! a.n-apolfs. nnd rcculvcd a light fine from Judge Ba'ker. Pajimk was arrested at the insiraucc of E. C. Field, at tlie L, X. A. it C. road. Chas. P. GrKfin. .is Pay- link's attorney, has brought suit against the United States jrovernniODt nnd .the railroad company tor false imprisonment. THOMPSON-CO'STEXBORDER. Harry M. Thompson n-cd Miss -Dosslc Cos tun bo i-d er were united in holy wed lock at tlio home of the bride No. 617 North street Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock, the Rev. E. L. Semans oiTiciut- Inj?. Mr. Thompson Is in the employ of tlie Panhandle railroad and with his bride wHJ co-nttu-uo to reside In tlie city. THE MODERN BEAUTY. Thrives on good food and sunshine, with plenty of exercise In the open air Her *orm glows with health and her face blooms with Its beauty. If her system needs the cleansing action of a laxative remedy, she uses tbe gentle and pleasant Syrup of Figs. Made by the California F'- >rup Company. Persons who liave a coughing spell every night, on account, of a tickling sensation in the throat, may overcome it at once by a dose of One Minute Corush Cure.—Jno. M. Johnston, HOW'S THIS! We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure! F. J. Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, 0. We, the undersigned, have known F. j, Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe him perfectly honorable In all business transactions and financially able to carry out any obligation made by the firm. WEST & TRTJAX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. ' WAUDING, KINNAN ,& MARVIN, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O, Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of;the system. Price 75e per bottle. «old by all druggists Testimonials free. THE STUMP SPEAKER. Waliash Tribune: It. i? now that mo- uieii-tuoiis time in the history of American poltics when the stump speaker will make his; iipjie.'iriuico. They will soon be found-all over the land hurlin their flery deiiamci.-uioris u.t tlie opposing party in assembly halls, cross roads, school housus, on- the village green and every place wlan'o tiiero is found a voter. Tim silver question will be re hc-nnsed aiud presented from every .possible point- of view aiul when the day comes to vote not one i-n a hundred will remember a single item in the intellectual ro|ias'ts with which they have been regaled but vole as itlicy have been in the habit of doing despite the heated oratory to which they have listened. IT WAS A SAD AND SLIM AFFAIR. Delphi Journal: .Tohu- Green Tlui- mons's picnic at Rockfiekl was a sad and slim alTalr. There was scarcely .•Luyoce present. Most of, th'ose wlio went were attracted there by curiosity. Tlio attempted fraud Mr. Tirnmous attempted to practice on the people by advertising Judge Baldwin as one o£ tlio speakers when he was In fact never consulted about the matter disgusted everybody. THE EDITOR. - .Canwlcn Expositor: Editor Morrman ot the Idavlille .Observer, has bought property at that place. We wonder liow he did .it—it hustles u.s to pay rent.. Dr." Barufiekl's office, over Ben Fisher's drug store, 311 Fourth street. Natural and Artificial Gas Bills due the Firs of each month, ten day's grace, All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Spacial—Low rates on heaters during the months of May, June, July, August and September. Are built in the Largest and Best euipped Factory in World. Built For Service - they MUt to stRnd for renra, WB have (i reputation « st »' ) ' l « ll 5? 1 "?'J , Deuce can not allord to supply unjthlnB but the ban thjtbralti^aiM| mmef'oin produce. Tlio Waverlers snow 1C. Scorcher. 8 nelefits, «&>.00. «""• •J6 anU as Inch, $75.09 und 985.00. CaU ana set them. Ball* Vide b; INDIANA BICYCLE CO., Indianapolis, Ind. CLINE BROS., Agents* CLIP THIS OUT. Tlie following are legal holidays iu this State as to commercial paper: New Year's day, Fourth of July, Christmas :lay, February 22d. Memorial day. Labor day, (first Monday in September.) nny general State or National election lay and Thanksgiving day. All negotiable or commercial papers falling due on said holidays shall be deemed as laving matured on tlie Saturday prev- ons. The sale of liquors Is positively forbidden, by Indiana statute on all the lOlldays above named except Memorial day aud Labor day. Subscribe -for the- Journal, FOURTH AT THE LAKE. We have received the announcement of a Fourth of -Tuly celebration that promises to aclipse anything of the kiml ever triod n.t Lake Maxinknckcc. A patriotic oration tin the morning, music by tlie band and incidentally by the mammoth cannons that are known 10 be In the neighborhood, with bicycle and house races nit the fair grounds, make up the program. There will.be. a display of fireworks in the evening. Pitcher's Castorl* Children Cry for

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