The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 13, 1937
Page 2
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- '- • '-BLYtBEVtLLV(ARK.r NEWS ' " , , ' * { \ Social/ Calendar ! f MONDAY'S' EVENTS Woman's Auxiliary, First Pies- bjtcrlan" church,' meeting at Uie church,, 2.30 pm't, , Business and Professional Wo- imen's].club 1 " having 'paity'at home of Mrs * Gpoige Matthews, 1H7 W AslOslYcct , ' W M..U., First Baptist chinch, meeting al chXirch, 2 30 p,m ' Y. W A First Baptist church, meeting, 1 ! 30;pin. Circles of .Woman's Missionary Society,' fDret f Methodist church, meeting: .1, Mrs James Hill; a, Mrs iElloiu'W. »Klrby, 3 Mrs Marcus iBvrard;,) 4, Mis J. W. Adams ;jr, v .;\ - f •> t Woman's council, Fhsl chrlsllai) church* h'av|ng "pot luck" luncheon at home of Mrs.'J Cecil Lav,c, 1 p.m.)-" , .» -TUESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs Mtfx B Reid having Young Matrons Bildge Club Tuesday Brldgte dul> moating uiih jMrs. Hunter C. Sims Sunbeams meeting First Baptist church, 3 30 pjn Junior G. A meeting First Baptist church, 4 pm Intermediate G A mcctliif, First Baptist church, 4 pj« Maple' Grove Comc'ciy Association r mecllns with Mrs. W. M Burns, 2,30 pm ^Mrs,.Baker Wllwn having Wednesday, Bridge club WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS program of P<U- enl-Teachei^ Associations, hi8l r school auditorium, 3 15 p m THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs Harry W Halnes enter' taimng Mid-Weck Bridge club Mrs Ross D. Hughes having Thursday Luncheon club Thursday Contract club meeting Vilh Mrs O. W McCulchcn, CLijs Has Supper The Fldells Sunday School class ot the First Baptist chinch had -i "pat luck" suppci meeting Salui- day night at the homo of Mrs- J H Smart Jr, when 23 atlend- <*»•..', Alter suppc-i Mrs R E Blay lock, president, presided in >thi brief ttismcss session t * » . » Mts dark Is Endorsed For Sta,tp U. D. C. k-res.uciit Mis 'Jaines B Clark, long active in United Diughtcrs of Con- Bits of News Mostly Personal FANTASY " py Helen Wclsliiincr 1 THOUGHT of you awlnle today- Tlic sun camq through the door And laid a sliitili'i£ yelloW'tug Across the kitchen Hoot. A ND while I made the light, white bread £*• A 80»g from laic last sprmjr, A lllling, throbbing, sobbing tuuo .With words you used to sing /">AME bcatliiKdown tlie cobbled street, ^ I would ha\e sworn, my dear, Tlrat it was j eslerday you_passed Instead of half a year. v S O I leaned out to see if you By chaiicc were coming back, liiit only found a 'peddling man Bound southward with liissack. O H, maybe you \vere hevci real, A ghost diessed uji in clotlicb 1 Or could my riiM have matleyou.up Last spring, do you suppose? Completes Game Contract by Rare Double Grand Coup Mrs, Russell -Phillips-, and- chil drtn- have returned ':from Nashville, : Tcnn.; where they visited relatives for two weeks G, W,'Thomas, of Haytl, is a patient at the Memphis ' Mctlio dist hospital. Mrs. Hny : Hall and^ children-Nill arrive ihonie. tomorrow from Itfa Bfna, Miss, where they have been vlsltmg Mrs. Halls parents f<jr two weeks Mr Hall motored there for them today , Mrs. Eddie B David and Miss Emma Jo Toler will go to Memphis Monday for Mrs David, s mother, Mis B F. Potter who lias been visiting relatives "there for-, several weeks. Fate Tubcttllle, of Holland, has been admitted to tlio Memphis Methodist hospital • Mrs J J Lcdbetler uho has quite 111, Is now slightly Improved ,Mrs: Charles Reed,' of Haytl, Is a patient at St Joseph's hospital Memphis *• Mrs A E Erdman of ColumbH City, Ind., who has been quite at the home of Mr. and Mrs:»M Jontz, is now bettci but is yet confined to, her: bed. Beulah Elizabeth Mull ins daughter of Mi and Mrb U W Mulllns, is ill with mumps Mrs W M McFailand has re- Lurncd from a visit in Cape Gh ftrdeau, She was accompanlei honic by her daughter, Miss Grac McFarlaml, and Miss Grace New som, who attend ; business schbb there, and Miss Wilnm Johiison; of Sikeston'also a student there,' who B) WM. E. MCKENNEY Secretary, American |irh)pe League The \\oild of bridge lost t one of Its most brilliant players, keen analysts and facile writers, when Louis H Watson died on Feb 14 last scar He had attained the heights of championship fame as i player, and his books were recognized as among the best mitten federacy vvoik, was cridoised by I m bridge. tho L local .' for the president '„ An these achievements, he had crowded Into, 28 years, and had reached the top without acquiring, so far ns I know, a single enemy, of the 'stajej group, to be clecltci at theiflate''convention nest Ocl- ober, u\ fa, meetiiig ThufsdayVafl- n»at^tlje hohie.of Mrs A M, Butt Mrs'V D. Barksdnlei was also hostess^- * ^ • ( JA ^ [ It vtal [Moted to secuio^ k *ihc "Jewel Cow- Boys" radio aitists, for n program here in the ncai future f,Mrs ' Charles Alfoid pic- slded m the'business session Mrs *J, W. Badei was leader of the program' She'told of the first White Hou^e, Mrs Henderson C Hall played a tribute to Sidney Lanlcr,' Miss Cora Leo Colenmn giue a paper on "Gen Joe Wheeler's Home, 1 ' and Mrs Ramsey Duncan and Mrs J Mcll Brooks plajed a pluno duet ' Marche MiUtaire" Sousa Mrs W. M Taylor ami Mrs S P Martin assisted the hostesses In serving refreshments, which carried out the Valentine motif It was announced tha|. the ne\t meeting will be held March 11 at tho home of Mrs Biooki. * • • Church Women Observe World Day of Prayer Church women of Blvlhevillc, like women in othei cities throughout the world, observed "World Day of Prajer' with a program Friday afternoon at tho First Presbyterian chuich The 70 present, contributed nine dollars, which will be used for union work In foreign fields Mrs, Stuart H Salmon was leader of Ihe program on "Thou Art the .Christ, the son of the living God'" which was prepared by Miss Mabel 'Show, northern Rhodesia, ^Africa, i and used in all the meetings ^Coft'mialc \vas played,by Mrs F. B'' Joynei^as the women ns- sembled. The 'call to .worship was given bj .the leader yritn ftirs H Lynn Wade,-of the First-Methodist cliurch,giving the- response. Tins was .continued with a pra>cr by Mrs.XJ.^D.r Bar Wale,' of the First Methodist church,'after Mrs Paul L- -Tipton, -and Mrs George M Le.e sing- a', duet with Mrs. Russell Farr> at the'piano In taking up the meditation and pra>er, Mrs .Jverson Morris, of the Lake Street^ * Methodist church, gave the* scripture reading and prayers v.erc^off^rd'by Mrs A L Hagaiv-Mrs'JM 'N Johnston, and AK6 »AQ109 » AK103 4842 > *4 V8642 # 9762 + J1098 AQ983 V753 • 854 + AKQ * A J 10 1 5 2 f QJ *753 • Duplicate— N and S vul South West North East Pass 1* 3* Pass Pass Puss. 3* '1* Pass :Pass Pass Today's Contract Problent •Norlh Is playing the contract at s'x spades, He has lost one trick to the nee of clubs and, t • before touching trumps,-leads ; the ace and then the queen of • diamonds. Should West cover? + A963 AAKQ/ \ VK63 (1 • AQJ42 + 8 E & W. vu! Opener—V 9 'solution In next issue 13 FLAPPER, FANNYX v ,', By,-Sy!yjp ( < Q W NU etmiK, M. T. M. Ufa. U. S. ttT. Off. \\lll spend the weekend heic While, in Cape Glrardeau Mrs. McFnilnnd was the guest- of the Rev. and Mrs. J. L. Ncwsom. Mrs. 'J. Cecil Lowe Is 111 with Influenza at her home on the Ynrbro road Mrs May Ciilbcrtson left todaj for her home In Flint, Mich;, aft er having been the guest: of Mr. and Mrs. E. Ri Jackson and other Mends since Thnrsdav having come down for the funeral of h,er. sister. Mrs: J. B. Hyland. Wyall VirglHo of Dallas, Texas Who has'been the guest of Mi and Mrs. Samuel P. Norris 'since Thursday, .his sister. Mrs. 'Vena yirgillo Henley of St Louis who has been the guest of Mr and Mrs E R Jackson Albert Burns and daughter Miss Frances ar\d son, Stephen lancel of St Louis •who have been visiting -jMi mm Mrs J G Barnes Miss An!«i Strncke,- (imp other friends.' will return to St Lo\ils tomorrow, They came down for the'funeral of Mrs. J. B. Hyland, mother of Mra Henley and ' Mr. Vlrgllio, and grandmother of .Miss Burns and her brother. IKS1 CHURCH OF Eurha D Beaslcy, pasto^ L Eiindayj school,'9 45 am E L Jvans, sUpt. Morning worship, 11 a.m. Scr- non subject: "Baptism Wllh the foly Spirt." NY PS 6 « P m Church 7 Vi p in Subject ' Im lossible' Gain." FIUST CHRISTIAN CIIIJKCII Carroll CloyU, Pastor Bible school. 9:45: W. O. Giier- n, supt. Our school Is showing an ncrcasc each : Sunday. Don't let ho weather stop the Increase. Morning worship, 10:50: Sermon, 'As a Man Thlnketh.' Evening: worship, 7:30.- Sermon and song service. Young people have Ihelr"meet- ing at 6:30. Miss Leila Beck Is .he leader. Council meeting Monday afternoon at 1:00. 'This Is the 'month,y social meeting. Everyone'In- vited Mid-week service Wednesday evening at 7:30. We had • a'-'good group lost Wednesday 'and 1 we had i good time playing 'Dart Dull after • the program. Let's get regular in our attendance. PILGRIM' LUTHERAN CHURCH Sixth and Walnut Streets 11. J. Klcindlenst, Pastor Sunday School,' 9.a.-in: Morning worship, 10 a. m. Sermon ' theme: "What if:God. Would Take-His Word Away froin.Us? 1 The Lutheran. Hour, coast-to- coast network.' Try WLW at - 12 noon'and KLCN or WSM, at 3:30 p. m. Lenten Meditations •: over.- KLCN Wednesday 3 30 p m Write in for- free devotional booklet. Midweek Lenten seivices Wed 7 30 p m Chnst before I'llate Is Ihe topic Plctuie given to those-vvlib; attend. Pilgrim' Guild: meets Thursday, 2 30 p m Sunday 'School'Teachers' 'meet Wednesday after Lenten service A-cordial welcome awaits all. Adm—Always 10 & 25c—lo 1 Show I very Night i Alafinres Friday, Saturday, Sunday Friday & Sunday. iilalinecs—2; 15 Saturday Matinee =-2- Continuous!" 1 Showing: — I 09 Till 11 00 P. Mj Last Time Aruit joutouiRlo ind Clunk .1 V ilcntuie' '.'Aw, why .waste oiic I tan send to another filler? .Cliuck knows I'm liis girl.' ' Mrs.- LoUlso Crane Hiler; Primary, Mrs Roy Walton Juniors Mrs Ross Stevens: intermediates and up,- S. B. Vail, General Superintendent. . Our School welcomes you,; and will help you. Come to Sunday Church School! FULL; GOSPEL CIIUKCH Lilly & Vine Sis. :W. O. Singlctcrry, I'nslor Sunday school, 9:45 a.m. N. W. Tr'ahtham, supt. Church, U a.m. P..-Y; P. A. for young people, 6 30 pm Special message by the pastor, hands but one involving [he larc double grand coup to fulfill the contract ' Three rounds of clubs were Uken Immediately, and East, not wishing to put his partner under the hammer with any honors in hearts or diamonds, plavcd a trump Watson, who,sat South, won wllh Ihe ten. He returned a bump to the East '81111 with Opening lead— *J 13 This does not mean that he was colorless But he was fall and courteous to opponents, and so understanding as a partner that all the bridge world loved him. He was the "favorite partivr' of more than a score of bridge experts an honor no other bridge plajcr ever achieved. His game was versatile. He was at home with the most involved squeeze. His defense usually, was mnstcrful and his bidding vas vciy fine As a memorial to him, I have taken not one of his most difficult church, who \veic 'A Child from .he Orient" and "A Migrant Child " Mrs C R Babcocfc, picjident of the First Prcsbvtcriim church ou\- nari, and the Rev stunrl H Sil- non, host paslor, gave the offer- king, and found that held the queen and nine afford to lose no more Ir Hoi- now led the ace of diamonds, and folio the i ten. He ruffed will of trumps and then led of hearts, overtaking will 'The., last diamond was trumped, thus reducing h to the hce and jack. Di entered with the queen and/East was helpless. Watson fulfilled his co shortening his trumps to number as those held and'-being able to lead f my on, the twelfth trick. Moore, Sara Lou !i Pegfcy. \yhltc, Thcda b Workman, Evelyn Jordai Jackson, Naomi Jean Hugh: Nelson . Thorn pso Stcvynrl, Bill Chambl White. .Tames:" PoimrT<: by East 'oni dum METHODIST CIIURCH II. • Lynn Wad c,' Pastor Sunday School at 9 45 S K Garrett, 'Supt. rile open dooi class will be by tho pastoi, Fob 14 Preaching service ht-ll.a'.'m.", fnc pastor using as his theme tn- during •- Foundations. The-. Senior-Young . Peopl e's League will meet it 6 45 The Junior League under the direction of Mrs Jack Bishop vull meet at 6 45 also The evening pieiching seivicc will be 'conducted by the pastor at 7 30, using some evangelistic theme with old time songs bj the oiigregatlon *>• "' '' LAKE STKEFT METHODIST M.;N.•• Johnston, 'Pastor Church School 9 45 Stlrt the unday right by being m your lace at jour school Preaching 10 40 A good congie- ation inspires the pistor and he, turn can be moie helpful to „.« . , m n >C S ,? nd Mss c! " rflbe »e Sims' and Jlmmle Morgan McCutchcn Berrymai n, , Bryant In, , Dick Hunter , church, said the closing prajei Bapjls( Business Women Hare Meeting" Mrs Lillic sisk 'was leader of the program at a meeting of the Business Women's circle of the First Baptist church Tlnirsdav lllllll ^ rif tl,_ -1- . J Baptist The refreshments vveie In kcep- PS with -tho Saint Valentine motif. th same congregation Mrs '- " ' , e R6w Mr.' 'Johnston, of the Mrs '-ife and" 'Mrs Tipton fang again bcf6re -Mrs v K. D Carpenter, of ;ll the" First, Presbyterian church, 1 f r ga\e -.aSbislorical talk "1936 lancU Before.-;. This was 'followed ^by'i'medftalloiis and 'Inter- ccssionAbyMhb'-Rc. Eu D. of the x First Church ( "of.tli'c,,Kaearene, featured with prayers Tarid responses ' i," tit the church. There present first chapter of book — , — -- « Missionai-j Lessons of the Bibl was given by' Miss Cordelia Wil- hlte, guest speaker. This book will w studied bv the group this scar Another guest, Mrs Harry Fni- zius, sang a solo "Give Me the Best" with Miss, Luna B. Wilhelm at the piano Reports given by ofllccrs In the business session * « » Celebrates .Blrlhdaijr'i Mr and Mrs J E McJ-all a Valentine party Saturdaj nliht in honor of 'their daughter, Alice Jo, who was H jears old Games and dancing entertained the bo>s and girls, Marv Helen Son Born, , A son was bom to Mr. and Mrs. Victor Craig 513 Madison street, Thursday The baby, who weighs nine pounds, has not bc'cri named. Read Courier News Wont Ads MIND Your MANNERS Test your knowledge of correct social usages by answering Iho following, questions, then checking against the authoritative an- swcrs below: 1. Should the host carve enough meat for everyone at the table before he starts serving the plates?: 2. May>a man be excused for removing his coat while'eating in a public place if he Is uncomfortably warm? 3. May one cat the garnish served with meat? 4. If the salad follows the meat course,-where should the salad fork be placed? 5. If a salad or dessert fork h the only sliver on the lable, 01 which side Is it placed? What would you do if—You arc host at a party and ; friend who has not been invitee stops by to call? (a) Not mention that you have ; party and invite the caller lr (b) Tell the caller lhat you ar having a party and insist lha he. Join the group. (c) Explain that you are entertain Ing and give him a chance d withdraw. ANSWERS I. Yes, unless there are vegcta bles on the platter making it im ixisslblo. 2 No 3. Yes, most garnishes arc cd! We. 4. Between the dinner fork an .dinner plate. 5. Right. Best "What Would You Do" so- lution—"c" •': icin. Young Peoples meeting at 6 30 Evening scnice at 7 30 You will nd i welcome at any and all erviccs at Lake Street Church 7 45 p m CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICES 'Soul' 708 W. Main is the subject of . the Lesson-Sermon which will be read ih-all.Churches of Christ, Scientist,' on'.Sunday, February 14th. The Go|deh Text is "Truly my soul waitelh up God: ;rom him coineth my salvation." Psalms 62 1 Also Cartoon and Serial— Ihe Figh(mg Mimics 'Among the citations which comprise the. Lesson-Sermon is I he following:,from (he Uible: "Shew mo thy uajs O Lord teach me thy paths Psalms 2o 1 ' The Lesson-Sermon also includes the following passages from the Christian So ncc textbook Science -a.nd .Health with Key to the Scriptures" by' Maiy Baker Eddy: 'Whatsoever inspires with wisdom, Tiuth or Lou—be it song sei- mon, or Science—blesses .the human familj with crumbs of com fort fiom Chnsts table feeding the hungry and giving living waters' to the thirsty.". Page 234. The Reading Room is open ey ery Tuesday and. Friday .from-2 to 5 p. in. ay from-ten'days visit In.Mem 1 phis with i Mr. Driver's sister. 'Mrs. P. Winton and Mr." Winton. Viiile there Mr.; Driver was 'confined to h'ts room with'an attack f flu. Mrs. Alma Morrison - returned 'esterday from. Memphis where she has .been at the bedside . of Miss Geraldinc Liston deputy oil cult court clerk; at the Methodist hospital. Mrs. Marshall Liston, a sister-in-law, of Houston. Texas, arrived -in- Memphis yesterday to remain with Miss Liston. Mr and Mis P E Tompkin"; accompanied their daughter, Jean bhcrull to the Biptlst Hospital in Memphis Wednesday" for an emergency operation for appendicitis. She is improving satisfactor- ilj' George H. Deer drove tq Memphis last night to meet Mrs. Deer and. the children, and^her mother, Mrs A P Lamb vho were re turning from two weeks \isit with relatives in Malver'n. Mrs L D Massey ind teib Chailme ind Anna Merle are expected home Sundiy night fiom an extended visit with Mrs Mas«eys sisters at Ihnlde, Italj, ind othei points m Texas Sunday - Monday URiT BAPTIST CHURCU Walnut and Eighth Alfred Carpenter, [ Tastor. 3:30 a. m. Bible VSchool. 10 SD a m uoiship scivlce Pas- or's sermon topic: • "Building a ihiirch: 6:30 p. in.'Baptist-training un- on. Call meeting of the -Board' of Deacons, 6:30 p. in. 7 30 p in worship service & as prfs-sermon topic:_"Is.It Possible To Reslorc the Dead to Life?' Osceola Society — Personal FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Sluarl II..' Salmon, Pastor 'Intelligent Kingdoin Building 1 Is the subject for the sermon of the Pastor in the Morning Worship at 11 o'clock. tomorrow. in these days of stress and strain many nre asking, "What have we of good, what for which to be 'thankful?" '-Thank God for God" is the pastor's answer in the Evening Worship sermon. Sunday. Church School • will begin promptly at 9:45 a.m., as always, each age group meeting in Us ov.n department for both worship and in st met ion. Depar t nicnt superintendents are: : Beginners, P. 1C Betts, Red Cross director of. St. Louis, stationed in Osceola timing the hlj,h Niter crisis is m Wynne for three days this week on -business. Misses Catherine Harwell. Cor- Inne Slbley, Sarah Frances Moore- nea'd,"and John Kciser were h Memphis yesterday. Mr. and. Mrs! E. S. Driver and daughter, Flavia, returned yestcr YOU GET A BETTER ^i =.j>-v t ~ i— j~~- (he First Chnsllanv church, ~ presented tho missionary phase" by discussing the ^wJrk among young people She„was' assisted bj\MiSs Eliza - Thompson,''-of \ the First Baptist church,.--srho, told-'of the work CARD; OF'THANKS , among ,thc Indian -south, Mrs The family of the late Mrs J Salmon who told of,work among!B llyland Is deeply grateful to the children, and Araie Cloyd, of all friends here for the tais- ' the First Christiari church, and cs they have shown In so manv Betty McMullin, of the Episcopal wiys In its recent bereavement SPECIAL TOMORROW! ST. VALENTINE MENU AT THE NOBLE A ..delightful dinner in: our dining room 'tomorrow will more than please "the object of your affections; 75c lip Special Plates for Children 35c HOTEL NOBLE I USED CAR ^> FROM A ' BUICK DEALER F:\TR v SPECIALI 34 Master Chcvrolc.1 Coach good condition $32o car re-_ 'duccd to •BEKNAT"- KNITTING YARNS FREE INSTRUCTIONS New spring and summer yarns Latest Styles • Classes, Friday, 2:30 P. M. MUS. LESLIE HOOPER 1100 Chickasawbs Babies Gulp Digger Coins" PASADENA cal (UP)-l^ffq't'Hcr udlC'xtlon of improving limes ac ordmg to local hospital luthon les, is that babies are s\vallo«m<* igger coins thin fOTmeilv Baby honia 1 ! Green 4"/ gulped a leg u'ation sIiM quaiter To clean and remove slims rom enamel rub noil with rough ialt moistened with Unegai Read Courier ,News .Want Ads Liquid Tablets UE 1 An A f UtJC Salve Nose HLADACHES Drops Trice, 2oo Now Open for Business Our New Service Station 24 Hour Service Tires Repaired - Gas Delivered Wrecker Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co Phone 033 id look over bargains JW. A, EDWARDS At Joyner Motor Sales Co. for Whiter, longer wearing clothes 0m bcicutific methods of cashing yom clothes in ^eio haidness \>atei \\ith puie soap, e\etj gaimcnt handled \>i, cxpeitlv Uaiiiecl launch y \\oikeis assuieS jom clothes being i elm ned to you snowy while .and. : perfectly ironed .:. '. tho gentle caie thev iecei\o assifies then \\oai, too 1 All buttons sewed on and minor ic- pairs, undc. YOU'LL LIKE OUR-CLEANING SERVICE, T00t> DISTRESS | A COLUMBIA PICTURE Also Fo\ Mo\iclonc and Comedy NciVs Everything For Your EnterUm- v mcnt and .Comfort: Saturday Only r; Pick Koran in "Guns of the Pecos" With - Anne JNagel, lioriton Hart and Joseph Crehin. , :t's Elnngcrous work' But, Ibal's'' Ihe hind Dick likes l)cst:..aneV [hat's why.action-fans acknowledge: 1 \\irn - "(be host in the .-West.'* Also Cartoon ami Serial— 'Jungle Jim" —Continuous Showing— —Admission— Until 5 P. M.—10 .t 26o •After 5 P. M.—16 '& Sic Sunday - Monday .Lucille. Boll; ' i.Frank'ienks. , ' • Oirciltd ty le'ishJiitn.'-Mji-c b ? - , nan. pjjirffo S. Se^rfi fWjffrt".'-. '•'. •'; [ R K O'1 XAOIO ; PICTURE' 'Also -Varammml News, Major..,,) 1 Kowc's -Amateurs '-anti^ -M"' i<! Snapshots .Paraniount News—Slory of Aiilp-' 1 mobile Strike • SclUcmcnl. • \ ; .Sinulay—All.:i)a.vrr-!.r. 'S-Mc-' .-i.6 >fc.3Gc.' C ..,.,. T—r— ~'\ / FEB; IlU §150.00 "BANK NIGHT-!, 1 v

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