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Springfield Leader and Press from Springfield, Missouri • 18

Springfield, Missouri
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17 aVSSUilg fBsJ lSa-fg33 Tools, van taken from electric firm Once upuii T-ta vetoed at aser a tune gifts to Meads Wednesday eveaisg, thea returned ta sweater their awa gifts had keea stalea. They tactasJed I the miutmol Ckrittmuu bird hat weekend omhr ii it '7 1 ffiiMhhijjaiiaaaftftoi sbiissIb iir BBiiliThare- dertog Ac year-eedkeUe compared to V2 last year. ebmervamee af the BietmtmmiaJ, it's Amdnbam 76. r. The Eumane Satiety ejfered, avmamg atken, 120-pommd SL Bernard, for Otrittma adoption.

In it ead of a cask, did coaae equipped wiih BPOaoauZ AmodtaxparinrfiatdMtharedl'ptae' betoeen the city andamaty eriiemdy hot been aolved by a Joint opiaion of tlie city attorney and the county cmauelor. I It nuut be the acaton, getting two lawyer to agree an any concrete propa- ok -k -a- Sailing fan toy they need a afferent cove at Fellow Lake, becamae of prevailing head triad. Everydme they try to pad out from Ute dock, they get put out. A policeman whom patrol ear. exploded in flame barely tad time to etcape with hi briefcam and wpeed 76 aperies wen 'X i rie fiUliwtn iV i 1 tC'JTS VeaWei1 c.i::ii:i Mi SA aa eiectrie bmJer, hraas eaadkstick, US ia cash, aad DaUiae Eassen.

2S72 East Biuett, reperted fiie theflaf a caia eoBectisa with a face val-ae at 31 to t. ant a $83 camera fram bis apartment Vedaesday Bight, and Mark Vassa, ta Seatk Sewtoa, told aefice a caaerete traweliDs; atacaiac valued at $33 was stciea bam a garage at S3 garth Albertha. Jae Apeieby. Rsata S. re-arted the theft af A $MN earm tamper tram the attest a aew' caarch at Hi North Eastgate.

aad a im Fird aidarn track was reported stefca fram Best Supply Cam-aaay. B5 East Kearaey. The sebide was later located aear Chanty hi Dallas Canity by the state satrai, palice said. Aaather staiea chide, a U7S Fsrd stattoa wagaa swaed by Dearl B. Beary, tX Santa JeOersea, was toeated aear KatU Taanday aad two per- aaa were takea hrto eastedy.

troapers said. The vehicle had beea takea fram ISO West Phelps early' Tharsday 7fco'87ho seven frcinfcere Sevea SpriagSeid sttMeato atteadiag the Cniversjly of Miiasml raiiiiiirn's larr hrrai aaraed hi Who's Who Among Stadeats ia Americaa Colleges aad CuiK-isities, Staadards for sefcctiea are addevetdeat, -activ ities aad caBtribatioas to irhfCL hsctaded i the 1T6-77 issue are Kart BTtoabler. sophomore, af 3445 Melbourne; Stephen Timothy Skiffingtoa, haaar, South Laster, Daaglas Lee Carter, aepbo-ajare, 2217 Sooth Hampton; James Lewis Gentry, sephe-aaae, fS5 Soath Westweod, aad Daaaid W. Myears. sspba-Bsere, 1183 ktarylagd, aO af the CaDege af Arts aad Science.

Abo hoaaied were Debra Lyaa Kao, junior fa Business aad Public AdmhristratiPB, 431 Valley Bead, aad Jacqae-hac A. Israel, sophomore hi edacatiea, af 353 Primnise CsarL gun. He tcould jmat aa well hove left tite tpeed-ckecking gun la the ear, compLua mom who like to burn up the rood. patroling li32isiBreatIialyser van for intozlznied holiday motorists af tma traffic tatat-atcab taet immlveit matonsta drmtoiiBj alc- TJsettr traffic toB, wttft jnst weeht. teumatag tma year, swseaamat2Bl T6aTs four BOKOSED Larry aa SMS student from Drexel, has beea.

named president of the Phys- fcal Edacatiea Honorary Society at Southwest Missouri State University. Other newly-elected affieers lactone Ctody PembertoB, Lee's Sammit, vice-president; Aanette Sel-moa, CreighUa, secretary; and Peggy Hackney, Granite City, treasurer. 20 orf tite-se1 mare Qua aS 1975 Sprmgfleid fatalities. The highway patrol aba waata drank drivers off the streets. The drinking driver ia always a problem.

said CoL Sam Smith, superintendent ef the Missouri State Highway PatroL "I strangfy srge motorists to stay ff the streets and highways if they have beea drinkmg Bitoncating hevera- Today's safety Up from the patrol reads: -A trip hack home for Christmas coald ead ia disaster snless yea allow 'plenty of driving time. Pretest speeds are always accessary for traffic safety. Take year time, est year lite." Springfield police reported they eifd four persons oa intoxicated driving complaints late Wednesday and early Tharsday, hat sane last Bight. At 1LI5 p.m. Wednesday, 47 year Aid Kenneth H.

Dorrel, yetmg afaat ttae laanlliir afl ttctflic emtoiaiiato ftMi mv enaaasKtmslnasncttegnsati BrmD stajB trGdOtc eaastta-iOMat aatee asssm lwv mees iheeteaas). dte-iaweje iiie aeaimaiyaer wr ssatl ttadas. See aMas thee mafltcUwiaasji. dMus, aeccaiSlsm; tto Sroar, aad its aaaaateg tan atosaeat spveilms. aval itntostsiH 4rtnii3nsj)eems- gakeemea -ii taanmrtoi jbsj eoai jeehtmstfianaKtBaftm imotatMtt aw itfUyKeoaUar (ffimthaixan) tmtt att Has ae-laeamtJIaatetaf; ttae yikee msrtiHtl saw atiav fteaimtftojgcwai Btiwa awee aisr- asaal das Beau-tteoaiit, aho amatttfa Oar, WATFOOFZCOL 5T Daya'tiaet taat Traffic I i'JN- rataatyla SarmKBeld toi The CJty Tbas a TmaaTlmarmf Tirr Sa Caaatw TMa Tear.

25 maaasTmae -tamtam. SaamTtam beat Tear IKI tnmms .25 rvaadSoreas BtBBaaBbaasjaBiaBal v. lassaMiBBmaaBaear (wt Fd taia ctlsitai UCshdfclnk SiraftfltshCa SUM miim km beea takea fram Southern Sa Electric CesBpeny at 285 East Drnstoa hi knkk. Mike The toss carry Tharsday I-, daded a retary timr. Meter, -two drills aad a torge atunberef head teeb owned by the Cm end aa esnptoye; a cash box eaataazbg $bUb.

and a UO CMC aa which later vat heated aear Ozark by the stale patreL Other arratsns ar adapts were reported Tharsday at Springfield EaftiateiiM East Trafficway; Northern Lights Ice lfll East TrafSeway; iraa aad Metal Caarpaay. 1511 East Trafficway; Matter. Aate Trim Company, III Berth Delaware; KiadaB Out East Trafficway, and BE. Gesdrich Tire Company, tm St Lens. laveaUry at aadervay at Goodrich to eetermtoene lass.

Believed to iadade 15 ar If track tires earned at 111 eeea. Desks were mostaf the police said. Palice aha are toarstiRAlmg the theft at a ran eerJecttoa, several decks, jewelry, a pto-tal. aad a aastber af Christmas gifts fram the Clay Adams heme, MS Berth Oak Grave, Adams laid officers he aad his wife left heme la oVttver Four inCsssitj guffer injuries in roHln cuto KEOSBO Fear beea hrjnred wbea miles aarth of here. Traopers said Darid Eagrae Lee, 25, Beate 3.

Ceaway. Ark, was astthboaad aa C. S. Hat 4:45 pja. be attempted to vehicle which paOed eat to pass a third car.

Wheat Lee swerved to the left hto amao left the taad aad rolled repeatedly before stopping aa as tap. He saffercd a "head tse-eratiea, body braises aad abraaaas; bis wife. Martya, J2, recened a scalp toceratiaa, pariible caaeasatoa, braises aad abrasions; Lee's sister. Linda, 18 suffered and passible back Bttones, and his ssa, Kevm, aaaatha, was treated far a severe scalp laceration. All were takea to St.

Joka's Medical Ceater hi Jopfia. Thieres bit tireconipsay harglary they BMratog at ft I Tare Ceea-paay. 2811 West $eaaaawe. Officers reported eatry was gained to the haasaeas thraagh ar. Cash was from a safe.

A person fram the Mam Use weaEhy aad sedaBy praaaJ--aent, bat a maialiaer is iatraveaoasty. atearamg ta the Dictawsary af Slang. iavestlgator had evea etrhsaged notes aa the case. Lamb said hb letadsaafcto with Bortoa seated wbea be refused ta arrest the persees Bortoa easutcUd. I was to arrest the different people to Kxsa he asked ase to.

he'd he a ratot DIALTHH 030-1109 To place your ad in the News, leader Press od i 1037 West Walnut, was ticketed at Sunshine and Schoolcraft (US. 6) following aa acd-dent, polke reports said. Cited at a m. Thursday was LaVern Katherine Harp, 61, af 153 South Luster, whose auto was halted, in the 12M block South Gtenstone after it was observed traveling at aa erratic manner, policejsaid- An' hour and a half later, officers reported they ticketed Bay Allen Sheltba, 3. of 17 West Chestnut Expressway, after ke allegedly was speeding in a vehicle with no lights oa.

The car was stopped ar Golden and Kearney. David Michael Emerson, 17, Route 2, Niza, was cited sa aa intoxicated driving complaint at a.m. Thursday at Grant and Kearney. His vehicle, ae cording to police, was observed weaving. Police quiz four suspects in tico cases Possible charges were pending today against four persons arrested Tharsday night in with aa armed robbery and a burglary.

Two Springfield men, 27 and $, were takea into eastody at 1:15 p.m. sear a breakia at Lady Baltimore Wholesale Grocery Company, 1635 West Walnut, police said. They were taken to police headquarters for questioning about be bar-' gbry. Two 17-year-old Springfield men, arrested at 7:35 p-BL. also remained ia police eastody They were being quizzed about a Dec 3 armed robbery at Scenic Package Store, South Sceaie, where about was takea by a yoatk armed with a cap and ball pistol, officers reported.

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Uh iyb fTHEWOFaJ)lr4l97 Body of Carol Blades found Chrulma Day, 1970 ICS West Bavrtsaav was is fair at th hospital with MTpassinie TBree? uauuhua of a Sea Ml ilawtmilyweretah- earts St Johafs Bospttat here failmatug at tw-vehicle LUttaiaa P.SL 65, two milea aarthrofOaarb. TBa HgjMwjr pstral said am-taadrtvew br Lesser Basby. 2v Dee HaSaeav aaat Lena Hofcha, eafBdeet at pin. Tmatsaaas That toeaf resident wa eat repartee! isrjared: Offinia jsid Baahw was aaV acitteit to the baepital for arrvwttoK ma JTeaFoht wife; Evefre, saffereat fractured arisryi aa eMCsaau Leaser; received a fhsctareet skull a me to that' caaav he replied. -Weffi waarT say that." Tliapalsg saeaetburg ami aertiaqr at satved to two dtf- admit aav detrjr he saapeetedt anyone at paetlraiar.

"I caat say." Obj the day of Krsv Blades' Dee TMsV dome; kvjndry att at Hixat beamhiiiiiaf, Her to the fX ft IN oaj fhw edge of OrTVere beastd three per-saaat wwe reparted they were di 1 1 issj'aese the htithwei whew Oav'sane rhe- Blades ear covatasj frosa the ssatb, drtvea by nanav that the atea stoBaeaT the car; temped oat and raw dtieeajagy across the eraair field toward tkc reaant 1 ef ale fhrav her toveatigatlow Wheat asaeat to bitty wa sorre? (tteistmaetjgma'Maiw Mum dsnmMBmi tatr att ieaatt auwan isemoBS aruiredil TTasnsaty Atgltt ibti asatiar jaailraturt aiiasauTitrmTltrarttaatss. A oacaeaar satap? afff mWktamaaltmm cental inTJBMas ate Ssrraip-ffieal aamiBn.attaig)ac. ttuasatas aaWB flawae WU-llanafi, 28, off 3KH WMSbm, salffecell eaaBBWaaajl ftaetaveas aaiMmatimmnmatitmam auto on wrhmh sthe aaa rtaistf ttwWattlatissjsro mhuriuiwljaatlraaaiia ai leave tfhr aman aanii rtii, ease crrtkotl emaOOmx intensive eater amtt. TPs diwtr off thee eart, 2ZJ-3FatMa1 Medwtl W- Satwr. (QZtSlS WHean Cartstlaari (Smote aShetXC etcett ft.

E. tBiim) Uamt) rtetanac afSrar iiiamarpyafaifaaBr--yjtvaT imuraer uuaai aehiahiaaaiatiaTi gMgatmMijaaaaiiiBaa stfcerffl. nMt wwek anetieati ther weveatii atuanwsaig off the? BTtyatotoaas itUataaaiTaae off (Caral BUaaas. Wteeva Xim Miauiaalte etsaar tdy ems rhanal asswr flban jwar IisMrw(Qrasmariar'lJinn rallate aw iiaaliw rhe? easar fTignwH DataarHs dMatt He? ptitmw Mtttmm, matmny uriteeattanthr svw elect stseTffl.flJue.htiiLitit. tthe aivoiili eeeef reeveaeal aaatl nrmtr-rArm till iBsasaleai ttae tepian.

"H'jve asever eastt eetakaaj; ew dtrmrstodl. -Tae' at Hot met esaar eattUemti ii inlaeiel Beaw-awtoH toe asatl MuevelJtor off tmate mmWB atsacesi off Oar k. aswtt oeetioMf! Please tend 1976 at eaob to 25pMo. ar mort oXx ptymtim in 1 Taw Christmases later a Poace de Ltea farmer searching; for stray cattle found Mrs. Blades' body to a glade Bve miles west of U.S.

1M in Stone County. Mayberry said that during kto tenure he's had several feeds, but sot enough to develop a case that would bold op, to court. Tve raa a tot of suspects," said Mayberry, "but I caat pot anything definite oa it" "I think I know pretty well who's behind ft, but we can't, say," be added, explaining' that "anything that's gone as brig aa that youe got problems with." said he's raa about IS persona thraagh fie detector tests, most recently a boat a year ago, and that one man the lest twice. But. observes me sheriff, that's sot enoagh to build a eeart case.

Asked whether he planned to ofTer any information gathered during the past four years to the new sheriff, Mayberry said he felt it weald be Lamb's Rspansibility to contact him (Mayberry) if he were interested. Lows Bortoa. Mrs! Biases father, remains optimistic af-. ter seven years that some notation to his daaghter'a disappearance aad death will someday develop. Be keeps la touch with the sheriff's office.

At the time ef the original mvestigattoa be hired a private detective who was dismissed, Bortoa claimed, at Lamb's tesbteace. Bortoa has kit share ef theories and suspects but, like others, be awaits some solid break. Be was unhappy with the erigiaal lavestigatioa. contending that it was set thorough. He also notes a petition drive requesting a grand Jury probe, a drive which brought ao results.

The sheriff -elect denied fior-tba's charge that Lamb had told him to get the private Investigator out ef the county. "I did sot leO him to get eat," Lamb said. "He (Barton) Bed." Lamb said he and the I Springfield (Mo.) Newspapers P.O.B.G4 TEANECK, N.J. 07666 ri I i i I Enclosed Is t- copies The World in I Nam Address IOty and Stfr peasa maka cic Tim Amociafa emt Bsladtol.

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