The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1932
Page 5
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OCTQBEK 13, 1932 BLYTHEVILLE. (AltK.) COUU1EU .NEWS Organization's Benefactions Repaid With Interest Each Election. The Tammany Tieer growls . . . a »<l Ms growl Is hwd not oaly In Ncir lurk's five populous faoronfhs "ul in voting booths oti far-dlstani •I'""!!! Streets of the l» N'hai makes the wheels to 'round in I he unparalleled political ma- tfoiiie that is Tammany Hall? How Ins it sustained tlself and grow in power Ihrouirh years of politi cal turmoil? Who are its leaders, IKisl and present? . . . These questions are .answered in a series of three articles (his Is the first, written for The Courier News and XEA Service. BY GENE COHN NEW YORK, Oct. 13.—It is not by accident that "The Sidewalks of New York" linppens to be a tune recognized and cheered by tlio throngs at a Democratic convention. Nor is it by accident that a crcat party figure turns out to bj an Al Smith, with a picturesquely Wanted cigar in one corner of (lie mouth and a brown derby tilted in the opposite direction. For Al is from the sidewalks of New York and his entrance is usually accompanied by the "East Side, West Side" refrain. And there, was Jimmy Walker's clinil* from an obscure figure in Greenwich Village. There are dozens of others. For years this has been part and parcel of the Tammany legend: that chieftains rise" lowly backgrounds. from Under-dot: Has His Day ALL OF WHICH is part of a talc which began way back when old New York was young. It came to pass that there were born some shrewd politicians ivho awakened to the fact that the vote of an oppressed, ignorant and exploited ' immigrant from Europe was quite as Rood as that of an aristocratic and bewlgged fellow who happened to be two leaps removed from the American Revolution. Massed down-town in that section of New York, known as'tile Five Corners, the immigrant vote grew so strong that sometimes there appeared to be two votes instead of voter. What unit brow of a presidential one per Charity Foundation of Tammany Strength Grand Sachem John Curry, upper right, presides over the destiny or Tammany Hall upper left head quarters of (he politically pre-eminent Democratic - parly In New York City. Lower right you =eo Turn many district leaders arranging Christmas gifts for the children of the neciiy-nn example of the neighborhood benefactions which adil up In votes on Election Day. Long a target of cartoonists the "Tarn many Tiger" is shown lower left as he was portrayed many years ago by famed Thomas Nast'in Harper's Weekly. tient, a good adviser, and he makes copious note. Thus does he make friends throughout a neighborhood. Beyond mat, he becomes a bountiful host. In warm weather he takes crowds of children lor boat rides. He stages excursions and picnics and clam-bakes. Food is distributed to many of the needy, children are given Christmas parties and presents are distributed. Thus tiny become the friend of Tammany almost from he cradle. Women 'Have Holes DISTRICT LEADERS are named accordng to assembly districts. There art 35 such leaders. Sines women have had the vote, there are thirty-five feminine co-worker;:. The women are given much ,,„! ., . , , ,.,. , rl — *«<: women are given mucn hat is this powerful political responsibility but not a great deal u-ch brings wrinkles lo the' r prominence. They are used 5 and has K power to change m.uiy lesser political destines? How docs it function and how do the :n ( 's fit together? First you'll have to consider the under-dog. Tammany has always centered its strengtii on those mass-populated areas where the poor and the middle class dwell in tenements and cheap apart- i«;nts. The east and west fringes of Manhattan arc the Tiger's strongholds. Scattered everywhere in such nreas are Tammany Clubs. These are loaded in residential buildings and halls. The basement usually si a combined pool and card room. There are offices and dance halls nnd meeting roon:s on the other floors. t a 6 Busy Days at "tlie Hall'' THE TAMMAKY CLUB is Ihe headquarters of (be district leader. Tlie district leader i s everything from Santa Claus to an adviser of the love-lorn. He's a fixer and a provider. To him come men out of work. They get a card, or a note. It hasn't been so simple this year. The widow whose husband was killed in an accident conies to ask help in arranging a funeral -or she seeks information on compensation insurance. Someone els? waits outside lo get aid in filling out an income tax tax rc- iwrt. Others ask "what can be done" aout 501110 traffic charge. Others ar c interested in getting cue of th? 195 licenses that the City of New York issues to various trades nnd businesses. A sick fireman wants to be transferred, and a street cleaner can't stand the v.inler' breezes. The district lender hears everyone on every subject. He is pa- chiefly at election time. New York does not'have 35 assembly dist- leaders when the population is I be. Vast particularly great or if dfstircts have been merged. Each district leader has a captain. Each captain has a staff of lieulennts. Most of them arc locally prominent in public life. Most Tammany Club members hold city jobs. At election time it's up to the captain and his staff to get out the votes. Rewards and punishments await the varied results. A captain who can get big results will go far. One who doesn't will come to a hasty finish. These votes, of course, are Democratic votes, since Tammany is nothing more nor less than county organization. Democratic organization, however, has been gradually changing and its strength ims been shifting. If the Tiger's skin shows alterations, it's because tie face of the city has been lilted and altered. The old tricts, but many districts have two East Side is not what it used to RCA Victor With Micro Tone Control millions iiavo moved, with Brooklyn ns Hie favorite chfljiBiiig ijoint. Tie Bronx, too, has taken tens of tlioiisancis from the old tenements. The power which once rested In the Ensl Side has shifted largely to Brooklyn. Brooklyn Grows in Tower TIME" WAS when the Tummiuiy organization was limited to the urea between the Harlem River and the Battery. This has stretched. Ami John NfcCooey, Brooklyn chief, Is noiv n mighty figure.' But it's another John—Curry— who reigns in Tammany Hall. One day a week Ls "open day" for Curry. lie was Mayor Walker's choice. And Hi? two threatened to go down together when Walker was removed from office. The more recent nomination of Surrogate Judge O'Brlsn for the mnyorship revives Curry's hopes of remaining "in the saddle," how- ever. For choice. O'Drlcn wits Curry's 0 iMinnuny Groups TAMMANY HALL, having been born In 1113 ghetto ronr, looks oul on Union Squuvp, wlu'rc the Un- derdo)! sijunts on benchi's or, Brown lailknl. nnhls wllli tho rops. In ktvplnif ivltli Us truilltlons. tlio Hull Is of Colonial design. 'Hiero Is n (ouch of (la S(:IKC set about Cuiy's ofllce In "the llnll" re- finblrj ihe dirrclor's room of » bit; coilie-ration. He Is shielded from tiic outside by n (Hick and loni: ^"« piiillllon. Tin' only ua'ttlrnl sign Is provided by a do- roiailvo iwrcelaln tlijor, tin- ultt of a loyal lirnrlimnn. The "chlot" Is, pin- so. 11 dlMrlcl lendi'r bul dominates the olhvrs. The TuinniRiiy Soclely. u distinct und si'pinalc group, with monitors who iin- not of "llm Hull." cuvrles on the Ulrns nnd fiiucllnns of tho or^hnil Tnmmnny orgniil/.nlion, which can dnt^ buck in Coor^e Washingtoij's times. Tills Is tv 10C-)u>r - cent - Anierlcnu. p.iirlollc socli-ly, given lo Fourlli of Jtlly 1 Niinlliir iuiictlaultigs. H.i snrheins wear tricky, gay ribbons on their straw hats on fr-sllvul oc- raslous and ntfefl piuiuU' dress. It lias brunches which rMiiinpo In miMIc rhurlly uud worthy cuusi'S. It denies ulflllnlion willi "the Hull." Once the (wo wnv biinricd. but "Honest Jolm" Kelly. :me- llmo bo.s.s, demanded n sj'n.'iirt,- tion. * » • VKU- 'Hound \Vorkrrs WI1F.N ALL the district leaders gi'l logether they mnkc up Ihe County Executive' Commllloe. 'I'lie leader of Tammany Hull Is ciiuseu from this cuninilllre und holds Ihe tlllc of chniininn of Hie committee. And. when all Is suld nnd done, much ot their power UPS In the fact that they work (he ycnr round. They do not ui'l InirelUui 1 merely at election lime; they are Jicliw In their district from one senson lo nnothcr. 't'lius It functions—iT ulinU \ chlue which overlooks tew bcis— and knows every doorbell by heart. Which, whatever else nmy 'to said of Tammany, Is tho basic secret of Its power and stretijjlh. minutes before Ills Wrtli mid found licwu lauded betoi'o Ihe local flrc brlg.nie hcad([uar(i;rs Instead of tlio maternity hospital, i An obliging live chief, on havlns his uKentliui uttructnl to (he ex- mother, Imnicdlaluly ordered his fasiodt nmbulnnce (ruck put ul lli-r dlsjMiiil for u i|iik-k run lo (lie tnnlcrnlty clinic. I.ltile Josef's slork outruccd Ihe truck's motor, however, nnd presen^d him to his niollier halo, .litiirly ami squiuvkiiiK liustlly Mvi-rnl mliuiles before Ihe liopyillnl could be riiorli- od. Zoo Officials Seek Buyers for Buffalo ST, LOUIS tV I')-Unless 111? H!. 1-ouls '/a-j uniclnis llnd buyji-s Mr four biilliilo tlicy wnnt to sell fur $75 each, the zoo workers urc i;u- u (o have n foiist o[ billlulo meat. Ollklals wild lluil UIL> zoi> Is wslcK-ki'd wllli buil'iilo, mid U they cfiii'l M.|| die untni.ils lln-y will Iji) shuuhU'rccl mid u biinqwL tendered llic workers. Stamp Sale to : Aid War Invalids VIENNA. (Ut')-As net, profits On Llio suit; of u sijcchirivjue of 100,001) IxwIfiKe Mumps bcr.rliiB ti pho- liwiplilc likeness und comniemo- m\ng ||ii> patriotic service's of her fiimotK posl-wm 1 clinncclor, the talc Monslunoi,! or. igiuux Solpel, Aus- Ul:i lioiw.s to ifsttlMj iilmasl $70000 fm tho IjelH'IlL of ]IOT war Invfil- lils. Tlio sliimjis will each have u iioiiiliml worth of Unit n sclillllnj; 'SO (jro-wheii) but will be sold at •loiUjlo.Uils price ns n plilink'ltsllc Iri'iiMirc—at. u | ir oill of half it nill- lo" an Hiuioimwincnl oi tho Austrian i>o.slal ndmlnlslru- l!on. the slnmiM will |)L- i-.xlrciiiffly avlMUi, |hi; coppi'i- plan- Mnr di" sl«iir<l Ijy liofrnl Hiidoif i-\ m k ami tho sliX'l die: bolm:; nit by l^rcll- iiuiKl Ixirlw, both of whom uvo Wily tmalliu-d f or their Garqlcd Constantly. Had Breath Still j.JHc.mtait'C MIHlrML:,,,,! Ihi-n-iUlvr. .. lc. Al tl . lu fell Ltrppml up, rcinn<lr. Ami Q M sptinx uir. TJwl'it U- ivitlwi-niUc lutcalmil kDTO-NICHT IT\ •j-v-Oiv. n»icirt "Tl IKAC" Oulik i«lldlor urM imllp^-• ' I UIV«3 lion. Ucalrtnilll. Only »*•• The Tum»i:iii.v 'I'iyr OH . through '[Irrliii; imjes in \CH- Vork's history. Baby Is Born on Fire Truck Enrtoute to Hospital VIENNA. (UP) — Ti-.e youngest person ever to experience U greatest of boyhood plcnsiiiw. ride on (lie local- "fire-wagon," Is iincloublcdl)' little Josef Bosset of the Auslrlnn Industrial cciUer.Wie- ner Nenslndt. He wns born on one (lire lo the lucl that his mother had taken the wroiig sired tar n fow Bennett's Pasteurized Milk 10c Qt. Delivered Phono 74 Bultfiiriun Jtuttcrmilk 15c Qt. Go to Church Sunday EXTRA SPECIAL 10 Days Only Regular Price $66.50 45 .50 For real travel savings, go by Greyhound — anywhere in America. Low fares good every day, with roundtrip returns good TWO MONTHS. Luxurious coaches— frequent, con- vcniently-tinnd dafe trips. Low Round-Trip Fares MKMPHIS ........... S3.HO JACKSOX, Miss ...... 10.80 ORLEANS ...... 16.80 CHATTANOOGA • CHICAGO mo UNION BUS DEPOT 2nd ti Ash Streets. Phone 600 GREY/HOUND Model K^ 7-TUBE Superheterodyne Just received from Radio Headquarters, the finest radio built for !he money. With RCA Victor Micro Tone Control that allows you to change the tone to suit your own tost* . . . continuously •ffecHve variation, too, not •Imply a few points. Also equipped with Ihe RCA Victor 10 Point Synchronized Tone System . . ; Pentode and Super Control Radiotrons . . . Rubber Mounted Chassis. We'll be glad to demonstrate this great radio for you at your earliest convenience. And when you come in, b« sure to see the built-in proof of superiority . . . FURNITURE VALUES ttlylheville offers you umisunl values in Furniture. Come {» mir store \vlien in town and you will be convinced. 50-lb.R.E. 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