The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 16, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 16, 1934
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Served by the United Press BETTHEVILLE COURIER HEWS / ;,_____ THK00MWANT NEWSPAPER OF NOKTHMw AttKANtUB AND BO^HKAJrT^WRi * M~A TT kj VOL. XXXI—NO. 208 , / .O • Oiily NCW» Blythevllle Ocurter ^ J Valley Under Dlyttievllle Herald SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS HUEHl^ COUNCIL FORMED "XSS'feldi* K° necra ' Memorial Dedicated by Roose^lT" HKRIPI WCCnC^^^N^ 'lirill I iij. nnir, OF m. Organi/ahon Embraces Forms of Business and Civic Activity. Organization of at) advisory council, made up of reprcsenttaives of various business and professional groups and civic organizations, to co-operate with the general committee in promoting tile purchase and use or relief scrip nncl stamps, lias been virtually completed. Two groups, Uic retail grocer.'; anil the retail dry goods,, and clothing merchants, have already mode arrangements to keep their members supplied with scrip and stamps. A similar plan is being developed for all the co-operating groups. The complete set-up of the scrip promqtion orjauizatiai, as announced by Oscar Fendler, general secretary, follow,: General committee:—Clarence H. Wilson, chairman; Charles Lemons, vice-chairman; W. J. Wunderlich, vice-chairman; Oscar Fen- MTTIJ5 HOOK, Nov. 1C (UP)— iNcw legislation id provide ailtlitior.- |ul revenue without raising tax: 1 ". •,'will IK given major considers| lion when the leglslnuire hiwti in .lanunry, Spcpkcr-nupWiiL llarve Thorn of Polnscu .coinuy told [he United Press today. ! ffe indicated lie would uimoimi:? a )i!nn soon by whidi I lie educational re:i(ljiis(inonts ctin l;e readied. Education, liquor, and horse races will be three major considerations before the general assembly, Thorn predicted. "It will all come out all right," he assured. Defense Witnesses Convict Defendant and May involve Themselves. 'i down on historic Fort llarrod nn "' "'"'UJV even tn principle, wllh "™ nm " mt Pioneers who won the midwest from the British and Indians during the Revolution are slmnllv ored in the memorial .shown above, at -HurrnUsburg. Ky., winch ms dedicated today' wi'tl, ^fookslike carnival men, res- of", ^^S^ ^ o7wh1oh STn'o.*^ t ***" " "" ^ idcnls and officers of the Leach- • • •- nu.n. mum i.cnigt HOJCI.S Clark l.s ville section may soon be all mixed up in one of those vicious cir- (J)er, secretary; R. L. treasurer. Advisory Council: Retail Grocers:—\v. B. McMul- v. lin, chairman; G. W. Moore, secre- v; Banister, Tliomas Medley, who allegedly >perated a gambling concession rben the carnival, now in Blythe- •ille, was in Leaehvllle last eek. • ....... — •-• —W.V.V. v. ur> iinvu oJ wj I iic tary; O. C. Barnes. G. H. Grear. amount, for exhibit In- J ,,, J. n. Parker, G. ' M " DCnUCy ' aSS C ° m ' ictio11 s court here yesterdav' t>ro ^"tin.; witnesses failed Wholesale grocers:—Fred Matthews, chairman; Leroy Huddleston, secretary. Jack Applebaum, chairman; Fred Sandefur, secretary; Herman Hess, Joe Appleb.imn, Jack Daly, Robert. Grim?", and Aaron Rosentlial, , . fleeced out of about 5100 „ , „ , • Constable Bill Haney and Magis- *f a ' SL!^M"?__ c l?!" n J:- '™. lc 9: O-^nce of NeVtoS- tary. . P. Cooper, secre- Doctors:—H. C. Sims, chairman; I. R. Johnson, secretary. DeiULsLs:—H. A. Taylor, chairman; fir. Howton, .secretarv. Druggists:—S. C. Oweas, chairman; E. p. Dorum, secretary Ministcrs:-W. V. Womack. chairman; s. H. Salmon, secre- !ary. Barbers:—Tom Wliitwortli, chair- mnn; Virgil Williams, secretary Auto dealers:—Tom LiHle chair- Filling stations:— Clovis Crockett chairman: Mike Bombolaski secretary. Wholesale gas dealers:—P. B. .Joynei-, chairman; E. 3. Woodson, industry:—B. D. S. Bran- Hiijhes, Matt Scruggs, secre- Cotton trade:—O. O. Hardaway chairman; L. H. Welch, secretary. Hotell:—Mrs. Reynolds chairman. Restaurants:—Mrs. Moore, chairman: Mrs. Wright, secretary. secretary. Construction Ferguson, chairman; u. son. secretary. Cotton gins:—n. D. chairman ilarv. , Billard balls:— Fred chairman. Saliba, Hardware:—George Henry, chair'•»>: I. R. Haley, secretarv. Furniture:—R. J. Uorison, chairman; Norris Moon, secretary Cleaners:—A. O. Hudson, chairman; George Smith, secretary. Bottlers:—E. L. Jones, chairman. Beauty parlors:—Nell Harris chairman; Marie Caldwell. sccre- Draymen:_Homer Pusher, chair- in; Mr. Trantharn, secretary .Coal dealers:-A. I,. Dietrich, tary. man; . , ..... 11. LJ . UIL'II chairman; Dan Dunkin. secret,.,, Realtors and abstractors:-!* L Kirshner. chairman; G. G Cau- dtll, secrciary. • Fire insurancer-Iiarvcy Morris. Life Insurance:—Roy Walton Garages and black.smHhs:—Her- man Osborn. Boarding houses:—Mrs. John Long, chairman; Mrs. C. s. Stevens, secretary. County employes:—Mrs p n David. City employes:—Ross Beavers. Relief employes:—Mr. Martin Schools:—W. D. McCliirkin. Arkansas-Missouri Power Co.:— James Hill, Jr. Blythevllle Cotton Oil Co.:—E, B. Lymnn, Farmers Bank and Trust Co.:— Garrison lias returned A. Lynch. Theatres:-O. W. McCiitchcn. Telephone Co.:—Mrt, Ifenley. Water Co.:—R. K. Johnston. p - T. A.:—Mines, R. L. Bradley, O. •>• Rodgers. T. O. Seal, W. C. "igglnsoii. \v. A. Dobyns and Mrs. A. M. Wash burn the ilnununi gaming nclcnt frontier stockade. Hie/ chlel executive .ptirtlcipntcd In exercise:; commemorating (he exploits of George Rogers Clark and his band of early Kentucky explorers. At the conclusion of his address the Clerk, monument was unveiled, is a' plain granite block with .ghly carved figures of tin- frontier heroes. fiors In Tnmc.we The president, after Interestedly is the veplica of General Clark's hea,U,,,arte,,. witlihi ihe old' „,, stockad". Co^^pp^rS SlOO.OOfl to honor Clart: for His groat military achievement. Call Courier News for Result of Today's Game (Leachville), obligingly but ' out New Installment Made Yesterday by Water Co. Another to Follow ;tand where patrons won or tat on lhe throw of wooden cubes. ' Apparently coasiderably upset by the outcome of the .trial, Constable Haney unsuccessfully sought warrants from the "municipal clerk- charging two state witnesses with fumbling. It Js likely that Haney can still rants for witnesses on Schindler,, "engineer "and resident.' manager of the. Elythcvillc Water! "o. ' • "| Tlie HB«' pump was ordered a,' week ago and was Installed yes-1 terday.- Mr. Sebindler .said an or-1 der had also been placet Local foottall fans who were j unable to make the trip to Car- agould today for Hie Chick-Bulldog game may ascertain the result of tlie game by telephoning v the courier. News. ; ] rjuiig Insull and Govern- rhe result of the game will i , i . J: probably not be available until TieiH AltoVilCVS in Dl'S- somc time after ft o'clock. The m .,; f| i ; i- i Courier News ' tclsphone numbers mallc Llas!l ' OClay. are HOC and J07. : ' ; CinCAGO, Nov. 1C (.UP)—Sam- icl Insull and his 10 co-defendant.^ today. ,cpmpl^o.(l ihcir de^ , fciis"e against" ctmrge.i at' "perpetrating B SM3,OflO.Oan 'swindle after ment attorneys nml smnucl .sull, Jr. der had also been placed for a U,, ,, ' nk new. pump for the other well which i New Manager, Former he v.-ould proablv be installer! *„,„„ „,, . . b ' ' "' """' " lc however ™ I he 'pro c, d action when .luiion ttnen exhibition time next, week. Wlicn' both new aiti ' nnd n 0! a gaming device came within his personal knowledge the pen ally for which is a fine of not tes than S!00 and removal from Office. All in all it looks like parties to (he gambling episotie can have a pretty interesting time of it if (hey want to. Medley, thc defendant in yesterday's case, is already very much in it, being in - ™ colltlt y -jail and facing Hie »!00 fine plus costs. Defunct Caruthersville Bank Will Pay Dividend CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.— "Santa Clans," the whiskered gentleman who brings gifts and good e capable of (he fitnoiuit one will Mcmphiaii, First Class-Hostelry. ,. a dramatic clash between govern- In- Assistant Attorney General Leslie Salter claimed "damaging admissions" from young Insull that Securities com- --—I •«*m VPl J1VJ UJIt- \\lll ,. produce more than enough water, e Cllcn ' for the city's requirements. ! '"'" Tests made yesterday afternoon showed tliat the new pump was producing- 67C gallons of water per minute. ' las llssllm «I niaii»scincnl ot ,-...., wos insolvent eight months » before it crashed with losses of $H3.000,000 to Investors. The youthful "crown prince" of the Insull empire, shouting defiant answers to a bitter cross ex- animation, was' the last witness operated strictly .,, „ ,„. hoslelry. according ( 0 Mr John 'The LatoiTa family of Chicn TO UK. „„.„.,, ,,. ccnsisls of 21 persons, father, his interest in Links Hauptmann And New Jersey cheer, visit certain citizens of Caruthersville and surrounding territory about one month early this year. Worrell DoRelgn, receiver for' lie defunct Citizens Trust bank, "ns n circuit court order to pay n 12 per cent dividend. This payment will be similar to dividends paid on two other occasions, December, 1930, and December, 1932. This third payment to depositors will aggregate about $36,000 DeRelgn staled. He hopes to have the checks ready for distribution shortly after the first of December. Francis Biddle Named Successor to Garrison WASHINGTON, Nov. 16 (UP)— President Roosevelt today ap- i Francis Biddle, of Phlla- lo succeed Lloyd K. Garrison as chairman of the national labor relations board. liost as dean of the law school nt the University of Wisconsin Biddte. who will join lhe board on Monday, Is a member of Hie famous family of Pennsvlrairi Biddies Edmund general. Sternterf and Professional Wo- a number of years experience in hotel work anil was recently connected with the Holcl Prabodv at Memphis. ROOO Awaits Dentist Lost 25 Years Ago NEILLSVILLE. Wis. (UP) _ An SB.OOO estate awails Dr. Leslie Pitcher, former dentist here for whom search was "resumed recently. 25 years after lie disappeared while living j n Michigan I A 118-year-old mother. Mrs. Pitcher, wlio mourned Ills Prison Head Declares Slayer of Four "as Sane As Any Man Ever Was" sanity hearing for Mark H. shank, SS=.^.vs .is s=s ,-ira= :• —— nuiii-i, »iu> mourned his «MUH, u., poison slayer ot lour <,H r rrv i oss so deeply (lint her mlml was j Siipcrliitemlcut S. L. Todhunter of arv n i mpaircd. died recently in an asy- Arkansas prisons told thc United The ] him. Friends wrote hundreds of Pf ess this afternoon before atlor- • ne ys for Shank had submit to / . • ii letters for her in an unsuccessful ! effort to find him, For years she visited thc post, office after the .orrival of each train seeking a ieller that, never come A*sd Mother and Son Reunited After 29 Years "I haven't changed my mind a CHELSEA. Mass. (UP>—Ai, ,i?ed mother and her son were reunited here recently after 20 yean Twcnty-nlne years ago, oe,,.^ 'Kit*, now of Senttle. Wash., left Russia for ihe united Slates Five years ago. Mrs. Sarah Katz cro.«- l co from Riifsia to live with mi s ?•£ •£ S^3-r"c.55i'- *•* «"«^vi, of lo live with n daughter, Mrs Eu"— Balzmnn. sympathy and ask me lo let them submit. testimony regarding illCcessful Sea! Sale inank's sanity but I am going to deny that 'request. Shank Is as sane as any man ever was." Todhunlcr denied a petition for H ,, lv . »^iucu ii i^iiuun tut OSCEOLA, Ark. — A stlccesvSful .««,.! " ty lienrl "B s <»" a"" he sale of tuberciilosus seals In son- orge wns appointed superiiueiident of them Mississippi comity this vear i"t state prisons last July. A court is assured. Mrs. j. E. Edring'ton action seeking lo force him to chairman, believes. Unusual Inter- llnlrl ft l,nn,.!»Mv r^ll^.t l._r .,-_ __. I ,.._.. ., . . '<k^-* hold a hearing of Max Hulblalt (above), proprietor !_*_ .. v . .' men's club:—Mrs. J. G. Barnes P. E. O.:—Mrs. C. R. Babcock Delphlans:-Mrs. James HIM, Jr U. D. C.:—Mrs. H. B. Hall, chairman; Mrs. James Clark, secretary firet nttonicy ft a sporting goods storo lit I'na- saic, N. J., is hailed by authorities as a new witness to retiilo Ilruno Richard Hautamanu's Glaiemeat «e had not been in New Jersey lo 1932, year ot lhe Lindbergh nmr- nw. Ruthlalt Issued a huntinst license to "nichard Hauptmann" on October 24, 1332. ' At the reunion. Mrs. Katz fnll- rd io rrrogni^e her son. , follrf T lbcrs of " 10 Alv family near Malvern supreme ttourt. C,... AJ,- »i i '"">' IKtltlon for a sanllv hcsriiw Odys rtrKansas Weeds and the subsequent appeal to the Social Welfare Board UTTI,E ROCK. Nov. 16 (UP)-Dr. Charles W. Pipkin, d«an c.f , e ene o clinics for August, 1933. Since that lime he testing school children for tuber- has been sullen and nncommuni- entasis. A successful seal sale will calive in prison. Ills execiilion assure nddilional funds for con last summer was hailed by the tinning the health program n-siclciil, IMI Tennessee lo Vn I ley, Speaks at ilarroclsbtirg. 1IARKODSDURG, Ky., N ov . Ill (Ui'j—fleforc a crowd of more limn M.OOO psrsons President Jioovevclt today iippculed for a new pioneering lo meet clumping vorld conditions. Under n Warm sun thnl Iwat '"Theoretical" Navy Equality Suggested • LONDON. Nov. |C (UI')-O mi t Illltaln. ucllns as mi'diiitor in trir naval negotiations, hiis • pwiiosed thnl Hie united Slates r'ct>"ni''f llironillcnl .lupnumn navni iKim.lliy Wi.ll) I in- MnderslandliiK Uliiit'. ",Tup:.-n would not iivM.mlly''.'hiitl^ 1 to thi' Ainerlenn level, ii wiis leiirnnl today. It was believed that the proposal WHS In ih,. liiiniis of President Uoosiivi'lt nnd Hccretnry of Suite Cortlcll Hull niter havinr ugeii forwnnlcd to Washington by (lie American naval delegation. WiishiiiKtun Cool WASHINGTON, Nov. IS (UP) -The United Stntes remained definitely cool today toward any proposals for Japan nav- io Ills special train anil hciulcd Tor Coal Creek, Tenn., to Inspect the TVA development, Mrs. Roosevelt, garbed in blnck and wearing a big bunch of yellow chrysanthemums, wns with tlie ..president, she Joined the party.nt Hiirrodsbiirg after a (light from New York. "We are carrying on, we .shall carry on the purposes of these men and women of Harrodslmrg," the president said, con we , "They wsre its people, more truly than any thai, lins gone before the fulfillment, of security, of freedom, of opportunity, and ot which America osks and Is entitled to receive." 'Seeds .Billions - '•-••ABOARD ROOSEVELT SPECIAL TRAIN, Nov. 1C. (UP) — Public Works Administrator Harold L. Ickes said today that with five or six billion dollars In one ytnr he could, give employment to all employable men out of Jobs. Ickes, who is making an inspection tour of the Tennessee Vnlley ivllli. President Roosevelt, when asked where .the. money was coming from, replied: "Well, somebody has. to Invest capital. Capital all comes from lhe same source, whether through the banks or through the government." , United States. POLICE BlTflE Tim-art Attempt to Kidnap Son of Connecticut lillionai DAHIEN, Conn,, Nov. 10 (UP) — Two policemen were shot and one of three btnnUts was reported wounded toduy In what was described as .an attempt to kidnap thc Jion ,'ot Robeix Wertlielm Dnrlcn millionaire. A heavy police guard had linen stationed at the Wertheim estate for 72 hours. ^Threatening letters hud been received. Police met the suspected abductors with drawn gu»s ns they broke into the residence. Free- for-all firing followed. Police Chief Edward A. Tinker was shot.In the leg and Lt Amos Added Patronage Powers Will Strengthen His Grip on Louisiana. BATON ROUOE, ta., NOV. xrur I )— In a two-hour session today he Louisiana legislature rammed through 44 bills gi V ],,g senator llucy Long's stale administration sine' 0 |XWL ' r "' Kl thc " nd '°" rn ' etl H ivns one of tlie shortest aiid , swiftest moving sessions hi Lou- ; Islann history, Long's , re )l :$..: sanlwd majority in both houses mil rough-short .over n small gioiii) of op|K)nents. The session convened last Monday night nnd con- tod . Wcrk n(; I1:M A:'JM.- Ullls passed by the special s«si °" 8lvo Ihe Long machine ' wit horlty over municipal police of New Orleans nnd all other cities' nml tow,,., where they ,„•«, hot elected; empower the state public service commission to fix .u'lllllv I'Jites, nnd provide for a two-year moratorium on dsbls. " Klettlons 1'osliioMd " : * The bills, all drawn by the Kingnsh. contained many "jokers 'designed to place securely in his hajuls patronage and re-' move liis enemies. They also gave him power over he slate that body r over slate bar commission, taking "••-•• *- - • a n , g by popular vote. from attorneys officers elective . Repeal of the corrupt practices law removes the necessity of , po- . Anderson,. >.Darlen'a l>|ghVv.y;."Bci|!!l. ^ •."lone, wolf W>" of-, r previous fhaotlns, nlso' re'celccd leg .wound. Tlio thrco suspects were captured. Their Identities were ,v, ln ,,e« and police refused lo discuss Ihi. kidnap notes.> Industrial Payroll Tax Plan Is Favored WASHINGTON, Nov. 1G. tUP) —President Roosevelt's economic security advisory council Is in tentative agreement that an intftis- Irlal payroll tnx Is tile best melli- ax s te best melh- Ickcs estimated that it cost SI,- od for piling ul> unemployment 200 per year per man to employ Insurance reserves, It was learn- Ihcin directly on public works but cd today. explained that for every person The payroll tax method other- given such work it provided In-,wise known as the contributor riirr.M n,,minumr>,,i r,,,. ,,.!„ .„ system, it, Is estimated, would bring hi $1,000.000.000 to the federal treasury In the first year If dirccl rmploymcnt tor tw'o three others. He added thai lie favored federal, financial aid for development of power lines in rural areas on condition that reasonaljle rates be charged. set at 5 per cent. Scottsboro Negroes Win Stay of Execution MONTGOMERY, Ala., Nov. 16 (UP)— The Alabama supreme court 8 rant « d a s ' a v of "xccu- ion for Hcywood Patterson and Clarence Norrls, negroes convic>'- OLACE BAY, N. S. (UP)—Nova Scotia's famous sword fish fishing fleet Is buck home ngnln nfler one of the best seasons In years. The fleet returned with more than 135,000 iwunds of sworclfish. until I'ebru- was order before the United Slates supreme court. He notified ths state trib- pcrfecled by December 7. Predicted at Osceola Cardinal Given Golden Chalice , . before the cst has been shown oiid a ' ....... - ....... ».„.„., organization has been formed to - conduct Ihe drive. , Ml5Sta| PP» ™<«y "«* «l«.dv in had the benefit of clinics for Working wilh ° f 1 -°" isiati:> Edrlngton Spanking Wife Cost $50 POOATELLO, Idaho. (UP) —It cost Arthur Marllta $50 to learn that man is not always king In his board for Arkansas today at a statewide conference oi focial workers here. a »'-•>'-' own home. He was fined that sum ,.,..,,.., guilty to giving his wife "a good spanking." In the seal sale campaign are Mrs p T P'. •v H ,, >0k ' w i \V. J, ------ >,,, •••iii^- -ic^UllWJ expenditures and sources of cnmiiaign fimOs-a point that has troubled Long before. \Vith Uic s tions 'fiiitil' .-I'jjfi'.' position -to consolidate his followers in such a way that future' opposition would- be - futile' ' Muey Tunis Censor BATON ROUGE, "La., Nov."*lG. (Upj-Sennlor Huey p. Long's tllclalorlal powers were extended In still another direction lodayl when he cattssd suppression bran article destined for publication in "The Reveille," Louisiana" State University student paper;-' Ever vigilant for attacks on the equatorial dignity, the KingfLsh was among the first to grab n proof of the paper last night. He found Hint a student who signed himself D. R. Norman had dared attack the senator's "nwck'-elec- tion" of Abe Mickal, L. S.-U's crack football player, to the Louisiana senate. "This here won't do," Long was reported as saying ns H 5 called in tlie student editor. Jesse H Cutrcr. of Kcntwood. La., and ordered the piece suppressed As a result thc paper did not appear on schedule today. u was being .made over and - the offensive article ivas eliminated Cutrcr refused to comment oil the matter today but admitted that Norman's letter had ^een taken out of the paper. Students were busy remaking lhe publication and planned to bring it out either late today or early lomdr- row. Long denied tlie entire story »H the facts were verified from an authentic source. . ; _. rrcsentntion of a goldeti cliallca , , Taylon Jr " ( " Wtlilam Cardinal O'Connell, . , j r and A, P. Bar- archbishop ot Boston, was part M Rhenl± C "° lmcM V MM- H. of the ceremony markim/ 60 R ' b S , ..»i lllv \.nait mull; Mrs. Bob Kenctrlck, secretary A \V. Young, L. c. B. Young nnd Miss Estcs, speakers, and Mrs, w E. Hunt, chairman of (lie, seal 'sale for negroes. priesthood for tho venerable prelate, who la shown here with the communion cup daring the ;rltea at Calholla University, i \Va«Vi(n«t AM T\ /~1 ' 'Alice in Wonderland" ; Dies in England at 82 WESTERHAM, Eng., Nov. 16 (U P>—Alice In Wonderland is dead Tlie fair haired little girl of the famoi« took lives on in immortality but Mrs. Alice Liddell HarKreaves, who as a child in- ' pired Lswis Carroll to write his beloved faptasy, passed nwav at 10:30 P. M. Thursday after an Illness of two weeks, she was 82. Cannon Ball Buried in Tree THOROLD, Ont, (UP) —An old cannon ball was found imbedded In the heart of a tree here. It is believed the ball was fired during the War of 1812. As the treo grew, it was completely hidden by the bark. It was found when the Ires was cut down and sawne Into pieces. WEATHER ARKANSAS — Cloudy, probably, showers in west portion tonight' and Saturday. Warmer tonlfhfc and in east portion Saturday. Memphis and Vicinity—Fair and warmer tonight. Saturday cloudy. Tim maximum temperature here yesterday was 62, minimum 24, clear, according lo Samuel P. Nor- lls. official K'etfther observnrt

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