The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 27, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1950
Page 5
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PAGE FTVB MacArthur Shows Optimism After Surprise Visit to Front By DON VtHl'IEHEAD A U.S. AIR STRIP IN KOREA, July 21. (If) — General MacArthur 'wjay made his second surprise vls- l^fp the Korean warfront and expressed complete confidence "in ultimate victory." After conferring with his top commanders at Eighth Army headquarters, the general warned, "we will have new heartaches and new setbacks." "But," he added, "I was never more confident of victory—ultimate victory—in my life than I am now." The United Nations commander returned to Tokyo tonight. MacArttuir's flight from Tokyo tr Korea was completely unheralded He was accompanied only by r small, select group of his chief acV visers There was no advance won to the press as on his previous flight to the front on June 29. The secrecy vanished (rom today's trip when he stepped from his plane. He was wearing his familiar cap and suntan uniform, His corn cob pipe was between h'~ teets. He was nnlclilv recoqnized. Met With Officers He conferred with his htghesi ranking officers on the scene the Eighth' Army conducting the ground campaign, and of the advanced headquarters of the Far Bast Air Forces recently moved to Korea from Southern Japan, ^tf'here was speculation that higl 4n> strategy decisions were reached. LI. Gen. Walton H. Walker, commanding the 8th Army, said troop reinforcements were discussed in hip &0 minute conference with MacArthur. Tills gave rise to hopes that badly needed troops may not be fai away. "Feeling of Optimism" Just before leaving Korea, MacArthur told reporters: "T have a feeling of optimism after this inspection today." He said It "completely confirmed' the estimate he made last week to President Truman. In that statement he said the quick and valiant action of the 8th Army had "boughl the precious time necessary to build a secure base" and "ended the chance for victory by the Nortli Korean forces." Today, speaking deliberately MacArthur elaborated: "That does not mean that victory passes to us Instantly or without a long hard row and the most difficult struggle. That we will have ne« heartaches and new setbacks is inherent in the situation, but I was never more confident of victory —ultimate victory—in my life, than I am now." , . - ' Cordial (o Newsmen MacArthur spoke cordially to f wsmen who were standing beside t plane, Bataan. awaiting him. If has been displeased with news coverage from Korea in any way, he gave no hint. His appearance and health were a surprise to one who was seeing him for the first time at close range His face looks younger than his 10 years. He showed no worry Or strain although he had had a strenuous day. MacArthur lauded the work of the 8th Army commanders, the South Korean forces, the Air" Force and the Navy. He said Walker and his division commanders are "handling the situation with marked energy and superior efficiency." Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111., July 27. (AP)—OJSDA)— Hogs 1,500; barrows and gilt^ strong to .23 higher; mostly .15 to .25 higher than Wednesday; bulk 1EO-240 Ibs 24.- RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Thursday "THE CAPTURE" >ith Teresa Wright, Lew Ajres, and Victor Jorj Also Hems It. Short Air Conditioned By Refrigeration NEW "Tour Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sal. & Sun. Ph. 58 \ Thursday "YOUNG MAN WITH A HORN" with lJuren Banll an ^ Carmkhael Friday ^/'COWBOY AND THE INDIANS" with GK1ST, ACTKT C-47 Crashes Into Sea; 26 May Be Lost war correspondents—plunged into the sea today 10 miles south of Japan's Oshlma Island. General MacArlhur's headquar- srs announcement of the duelling iaid one survivor was picked up .ind others are being sought. The four war correspondents left che Tokyo correspondents club for identified in an unofficial list as: James o. Supple, Chicago Sun- Times; Maximillen Philoncnku, Agence France; Stephen Simmons, Hilton Press and London Picture post; and Albert Hinton. ho represented the Norfolk Jour- il and several other Negro news- Lpcrs. The plane was a regular courier lane bound for Kyushu. nal pa th . It left Hancda airport at 4:05 a.m. :05 p.m. Wednesday EST): There were 23 passengers mid ree crewmen on board. Hearquartcrs said, the third air scue squadron has been alerted r a search. Well Child Conference Held at Health Unit A Well 'Children's Conference, sponsored by women of the First Methodist church, was held yester- dny at the County Health Unit office. Six children were examined and received immunizations. Members of the sponsoring committee were Mis. J. C. Drokc. chairman; ijrs. John Foster and Mrs A. H. Boyd. The conference is sponsored monthly by various churches. Mrs Annabel Fill, county health nurse said. 25-24.50; top 24.50 for' very liberal share of weights up to 23U Ibs- 240210 Ibs 23,50-2455; heavier weights very scarcex 150-170 Ibs 2200-2400120-140 Ibs 19.00-2i.OD; 90-110 Ibs 16.00-1B.M; sows .25 to :50 higher; few light sows 20.75; bulk sows under 400 Ibs 19.25-20.50; Over 4K> Ibs 16.50-19.00. Cattle 1800;. calves 1000; opening trade moderately active on steers and heifers and about steady little done on cows and • virtually at standstill on bulls; venlors steady; few medium and good steers 26.5030.00; medium and good heifers and mixed yearlings 25.03-29.00; good and choice vcalers 29.00-33.00; common and medium 22.03-23.00. BLYTHEVILLE'S ONLY ALL WHITt THEATRE Thursday & Friday —DOUBLE FEATURE— ROMANCE ROARS OVER GUNS OF HATE/, U. S. to Guard Against Atomic 'Trojan Horse' WASHINGTON, July 27. (/)>) — The House voted today to erect against Hie sneak entry Without opposition', it whipped through a bill authorizing the President to search and'control move- menu of all foreign flag vessels entering American waters. prevent a potential bribing the A-b i, aCd enemy fr shipping. b Into Am *" merchant Fishermen Find Negro Youth's Body in River The body of Willie Cannon, 16- year-old Negro boy of the Golden Lake community, was recovered from the Mississippi River at Pecan morni COIllrner < :1 al fishermen this According to. the report of Cor«™,1 B ,' M ' Holt °' B| VhevHle, who n- -r, Peccin Polnt with Deputy Sneriff Herman odo m of joiner o investigate the boy's death, the boy drowned while swimming In OoWen Lake near Wilson Monday. Oolden Lake is formed by a chute Passing around an Island between it^and the main channel o f the The boy lived with his parents on^Earl Morgan's farm at Golden Film Is Shown At Kiwanis Meet A turn. "The Last lo Feet," which was produced by the nation's oil industry, was shown members of the BJyllieville Kiwanis Club at the meeting in Hotel Noble yesterday noon. During the business .session which preceded the film, club members voted to contribute Jloo to the outpatient polio center campaign which the club is sponsoring. Tom A. Litle, president of the ivvanis Club, announced the t'ie meeting that the polio drive was still far short of its J3.500 quota and that solicitations would continue for another week. Joe Evraj-d was inducted a- member at yesterday's meting Guests included Jimmy Lowe. Jim Davis 'and •LYTHEVrLLE,JARK.) COURIER NEW8 VA Urges Veterans to Plan Now for Schooling Next Fall WASHINGTON. July VI. (AP) _ The Veterans Administration today urged war veterans planning to study under the GI bill next fall to start malting arrangements immediately. Veterans who plan to continue the same cour.-:e at the same school they previously attended should make certain that the school has loom for them, Va said in a statement. They need not contact Va at all, however. ' Veterans who want lo continue the same course but at a "dlflcrent school must obtain a supplemental certificate ol eligibility from VA. A similar certificate will be re- Qulred of: 1. Veterans who wish to mike their tint change from one geneml -'ield of study to another, as from law to engineering. 2. Veterans who completed or dis- continued GI bill training and now want to make a first change to a different general field. Veterans who have previously changed general fieids of GI bill study, and now wish to clrinee again, must apply at VA regional I'KOPO.SKII BUDGKT OF KXfKNniTVHKS KXiKinm VFAH i^ 1 *"; ."••<»'*' l! *i*AI. 1951. TO AND lNCI,UI>INCj''i JU\E 3«, 19.v> v The Board of Directors of Drink- ley School District No. 62 ol Mis- Plmucc wilh Vhe'requl''^'!!^.^'''^^ *0 to the Consti- CHURCHILL (Continued from page 1) J2l airplane engines from this country "to places like Rnssia,, Egypt and the Argentine," he added : "We are more defenseless than we have ever been and f find this a terrible thought. We mast never rto- ipair. We must never give in." On the brighter side, Churchill expressed the opinion that the United States still has "a measureless superiority' 'over of the world in atom bomb stocks. "I adhere to' my feeling that so' far very few have been produced by Russia," he said. "The extraordinary : efforts which they are making to obtain even small quantities of uranium seem to Justify the hope- ! fill view. I "If this be true, there can be no doubt, that, the United. States pos-I sesses superiority In so vast a ; measure that Russian aggression is still subject to effective and even, perhapj, decisive deterrent." "I warn the house," Churchill said, "that we have as great dangers I to face in 1950 and 1951 as. we had ten years ago." . •-". >v LU Llle L.O1IS.1- I tution ot the state of Arkansas adopted November 2. 1048. have pre- I'nred, approved ,and hereby nv>ke public the proposed budget ot cx- nemllturcs together with the tax rate as follows; General Control, $350.00; Instruction $12,372.00; Operation of School Buildings. »1,000.00; Maintenance of School Plant and Kquipjiicn 003.03 ' Charges. «300.00; Capital Outlay WO,OOO.W. To provide for the foregoing proposed budget of expenditures tlie Board of Directors proposed a tax levy ol 30 mills. This Uix levy includes the present continuing levy lor the retirement of present Indebtedness. Eleven '1111115 ot the above pro|X«ed tax levy of 30 mill.-, Is lor a proposed bond issue of $30,000.00, estimated to run 20 years for the purpose of erecting and equipping new school building. Given this 26 day of July, 1950. .Board ot Directors, Brinkley School District No. 52 of Mississippi County, Arkansas Jl.v T. A. Bom-land, President and Miumcring Towles, Sec. 7)27-8.3-10 NO TICE Proposed Budget ol Expenditures Together with Tax Levy lor Fiscal Year Beginning July 1, 1951, to and including June 30, 1952, for Burdettc Bchco! DLslrlcl No. 35, of Mississippi County, Arkansas. The Board of Directors of said school district, in compliance with the requirements of Ai)iendir,i;i>L No. 40 to the Constitution ol the State of Arkansas, adopted November 2. 1048, has prepared .approved, mid hereby makes public the pro- Anviii™ A - •' :" "•" I >osc<l '""'set of school expenditures Auxil ary Agencies (incliid- for the fiscal year ucniimlnfi Julv importation), $3,50D.OO; J'Jxi'd 1. 1951, to and including June 30, Atlantic Pact Groups Hold Secret Meetings LONDON, July 27. W-Atlantic Pact committees, apparently charged with writing out details of Western defense plans, met with unusual secrecy this morning. Spokesmen at Die U.S. Embnssv and in the offices ol American delegates to the Atlantic Council deputies' sessions, acknowledged that committee meetings were being held but said "the subjects of the meetings are not being dis- In an average, more than billion metal cans are used to pack meat In the United States. OPEN 7:30 EACH NIGHT THURSDAY & FRIDAY DOUBLE FKATtiKK ;U»* ~ REGINALD GARWWR • JAMES BARTON ' —PLUS— Thunder in the Valley \i/- i i " With P«9gy Ann Garner & Lon McAllister _____ _ A/so Cartoon FREE PLAYGROUND FOR THE KIDDIES ALL CHILDREN 11 OR UNDER ADMITTED FREE 1952, together with the tax rate, as | follows THURSDAY, JULY 27, 1950 General Control Instruction '.' Operation of School Building . Maintenance of School Plant and Equipment . Auxiliary Agencies (Inducting transportation) . . Fixed Chaises Capital Outlay | Dent Service To provide lor the forc>>oiHE scd budget ol expenditures.'the Board of Directors proposes a tax cvy of 30 mills, divided us folUms: 2 mills is a coiilimilng Ux voted for nonet, ,u>, v oiiutai.din e , 15 mills is lor the operation of the schools md 3 mills will be a tax lor a nro- poscd bond Issue of $20,COO, which will run for approximately 18 years (o be issued for the purpose ol com- pleting gymnasium, 4 ' 8W Jlllf., 2 ...!" 1 " 1 ".*! 11 constitute » w.oco 7,150 750 3500 1.650 1KO 8,2.50 .. . • •"" " '*' vvil-SLlLUte & continuing annual , evy untlj (h principal and interest of the proposed bonds are paid In full, with ihe provision that the surplus revenues from the building fund mill- OIVUN this 28 day of July, 1950. Hurdelte School District No. 34 of Missi.'-sipjji County, Arkansas. By C. F. Tomnklnj, President and HollLs Jumper, Secretary HOMEMADE PIES We Take You* Order r- 1 *' K. J. Humphrey Call 2359 SKYLINE DRIVE-IN A definite must picture for every parent or adult Now you can see tliis picture in the privacy of your own car. No children under high ichool age admitted except with their parents. Regular Admission Last Times Tonight I'M KITTY I, too, contributed to the tragedy! VIOLENT, SHOCKING AND ENGROSSING.. CONVINCING PROOF..IT CAM HAPPEN HERE-TO YOU! NO PRETENSE ... JUST FACTS ... IT SCORCHES THE SCREEN! NO CHrUMIN ONOM HIGH SCHOOt AM IMMEDIATE DELIVERY WE HAVE EVERY MODEL OF THE GREAT NEW 1950 INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER REFRIGERATORS AND FREEZERS Choose Your Home Freezer Rccrnl (cs!j slinw an lnlcrn:ition;il- H.irvcster t'rccicr cuts Hie food bill of • n averajt si/e family $74 > ycar- »nii MOKE! Much m.ire If you can freeze your own garden produce, fruit, Poultry and mral. Enjoy foods at their "«<, save 80 shopping trips a year. **ve hours of work by oxiktnj. I,, a ,|. Tance . . , md sure enough money In a few years to fay for your frce/.cr! So why nol stop In and select Ihe model b«sl suited for your family. Priced as Low at $ 229 95 Choose Your Refrigerator All the. Intcrnulinnal-llarvcslcr models have hujjc freezer lockers, big crispcrs lo licc|> fruits and vegetables dewy-fresh, ami iinbrlievably huge shelf arras. The ijuict, trouble-free Tight-Wad linil saves electricity the hanrly. buiil-in Bottle OIK-IIIT l.i m convenient . . . anil the smonlh, liorcclaln eiumcl interiors make clcan- i"E easy. All yon want in » E ood rt- iriccrafor li yoiirs with an Interni- tional-Harve.slcr . . . just choose the siV.c you want. Priced ot Low as s 199 95 EASY PAYMENT TERMS INTERNATIONAL' HARVESTER 312 South 2nd Phone 6863 STOP IN AND SEE THEM TODAY

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