The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 21, 1944
Page 3
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FRIDAY, APRIL 21, .104-1 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Inoculate Seed, Spellings Urges Treatment Insures Soybeans Will Bring Better Dividends Mississippi County fanners were Purged today !> v A. C. Sellings, ' Chairman O f Mississippi County Agricultural Conservation Committee, to make sure lhal soybean seed planted this spring is properly inoculated, especially on land thai has not repeatedly grown Hie crop. "InnoculnUon is cheap and Is n simple operation, nnd Is one that usually pays good dividends In increased production and in maintaining soil fertility," said Mr. Spellings. "Yet it Is one that may tie pushed aside in the rush of farm work (His spring. The nlt- I'ogen-fixing bacteria which inhabit the soybean root system must be introduced from outside sources if tlie crop Is to be grown on new land. Even on land whielt has repeatedly grown tlie crop it is regarded by experienced growers as cheap crop insurance. , "Any practice which will increase soybean yield even n small amount is more than ordinarily impoi'lnnt tilts year, since tiie allied war effort is depending on the American soybean crop to maintain the vitally important stockpile of vegetable oils and proteins. Inoculation is a practice \\iiich will make, a decided increase In the average yield. "Inoculation by cither commercial iuoculants »)' by the use of properly inoculated soil can lie effective; bill Hie commercial IHOCH- Dear C. 1.0.-Love> A,' F. of L Rare 3irds Innts more readily vised." <i Half Moon News Women's Society of Christian Service met Tuesday niglit at the church with the Rev. Mr. Vowell, Mrs. Vowell and six members pres- nt, Mrs. Hawkins was in charge-of he program on "Social Evangelistic 'Work in China." The devotional was given by Mrs. B. F. Gay, ana plans were discussed for completing the church'pulpit and building mi altar railing. Members also planned to complete n friendship quilt on which they now are working. ' Women of Tmmnmicl Baptist Church ;nct Wednesday with Mrs. Claud Duncan with 10 members and two visitors present. Mrs. Dan Needham gave the Royal Service program, with each member participating. Prayer was offered by Mrs. J. G. Richardson. During the noon hour a covered dish luncheon was served. Tiie next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Jake Richardson. Mrs. Retecca O'Neal went to Wynne, Ark., Sunday, accompanied by her son, Hyson O'Neal nnd Mrs. O'Neal. Mrs. Hebeccn. O'Neal remained for n visit with jicv daughter. Mrs. Robert Gaines and family. Pvt. and Mrs, John T. Lindsey and Jerry visited Mr. and Mrs. Leland Hodge for the past week. Private Lindsey is-with'the : r.Iedtcal Corps stationed nt Sheppartl Field, Texas! i ' . " .. i 1 ' ' Tech. Sergt. Virgil Shatieyfelt, who has iJCen in service in the Southw'cst Pacific, spent the past week with'Ills parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sbancyfelt of Rt. 3. Sergeant Shaneyfelt, who has two ja'others in service, is anxious to pjft back inlo action. He has re- 'cclvcd two promotions within the past six months. BY PBTKU EPSON 1 Courier News Wislilngfon i Correspondent Labor leaders frequently protest that the so-called "cspitallst-owned- and-controlled press" doesn't print the Irtilli-about labor and Hint a labor-owncd-and-contj'olled-press is therefore necessary to give the working people Hie true fncts o/ life. Taking a leaf from l)\is book of precepts, It behooves every person who wojild t« well informed to scan the A. F. of L. and the C. I, O. press clip sheets nnd handouts from time to time to see which way the fur (lies. The two loj> editors and public relations ex|>cj-ts for these out/Its are Phil Veail for the A. F. of !••. and ten Do Caiix for the C. I. o. Both have offices In Washington, both used to be newspapermen themselves, both are welt snd favorably known to the minions of the capitalist press, both are nice E»ys. They are even friends, and collaborate on many Joint labor publicity stunts. Also, both write columns for their house organs—par don, labor newspapers. « If ilicre is anything to this line that, only the labor press tells the truth, you would therefore to find the pure truth, the unvarnished truth, the whole'truth am nothing but the truth'In the writ- Ings of these two columnists. Oi this assumption, we shift you now to our listening post In the American Federation of Labor News Service. PEARLS FROM PEARL The next, words you read will be a selection,from the column, "Pacing the Facts With Philip Pearl." Mr. Pearl: "No matter how clear, consistent and forthright the policies of the American Federation of labor, may' Ire, the Communist brain truslers In the C. I. O. and their brothers in' intellectual pansylsin.on the Daily Worker find no difficulty In distorting and misinterpreting them. "That's no trick at all for thesi! boys for they have been trained ;n' a school of mental prestidigitation which can denounce the war ohfi day as n sordid imperialistic struggle and embrace the cause of the United Nations next day as a holy crusade for freedom. "With the same magic, the G. I. O. Communists manage to slap the polltaxcrs in the south with one hand and grasp the paw of Frank Hague with the other. "Caught right in the midst of vll- lifying the BadogMo regime in Italy by Stalin's sudden recognition of. Labor, Is beyond us." That, ladles nnd gentlemen, was ilr. PhlHj) Pearl of Hie A. F. of L SAYINGS BY I)K CAUX We shift you now to the C. I. O. Union News Service. The next words ,'ou rend will he n selection from .he column, "Looking Ahead," by Len PC Caux. Mr. De Cnux: "Tills column has always been kind to misunderstood A. F. of I leaders. "We know that brainless bluster, l>tghcadedncss, emotional tantrums omi apparently aimless malice ar often symptoms of some psychological maladjustment. "\Ve ecu appreciate the inferiority complex that must develop In those who vainly seek to compete wllh such a vigorous and inoden movement as llic u. [. o. . . . "Most of the aislnis hierarchy of the A. F, of L. executive council Is us much o\il of step with Us own rank and file us U Is with the times. "Tlie scurrilous, abuse of lUe C. 1. O., the disruptive attacks on labor unity, the kowtowing lo reaction that mark so ninny statements Issued in the inline of the 'A. P. of I,.' represent lliat movement about as much as Hitler represents the American people." Ladles and gentlemen, you have Just read two examples of fearless, .honest Journalism us practiced by the labor press. You arc urged to believe every word af It, because U\- .bor newspapers say they don't pr;ni anything that Isn't so. More than 100.000,000 feet of in- '<l»strla| training films sponsored by the U. S. Office of Education and distributed through Castle Films, Inc., will be iililined In this country this year, .•.,... In 1G9G New York's pioneer coffee home,- Ihe King's Arms, was opened by John }liitc)iins on Broadway between Church and Cedar Streets. Hutchins was later arrested for speaking disrespectfully of King George. Black*>atcr 4-H Club Holds Meeting April 1 1 A niccllng of Die Jlljckwuter I. Chib wns hold Tuesday April vJtli Hobby u, Roberts presiding. . I'wi'iKy seven clul) members, anil one loader were present, At Iho beginning of Die meeting l)o group s»n? "Swing Low", wli|ch «'us led by FVy Elen, Bong cuptnln. Ucijorl.! were given by Ihc different captains, Kenneth cnery, pig cnpttili> reported on M members, J. R. Kolchnm, calf caplaln reportpcl on 3; Fannlc Mae I'hll- Uiw, clothing cnplaln rox>rird 3; Av» Jewell Chibb, poultry copinln rrporlrrt A Miss Corp Ijcc'coleman gave a nOnslVttUon, on ho\v to make measui'cmenl.s in cookery. Kellh J. Hllbi'cy, county i\Rcnl, gave tv tlcm- of Identifying seed nnd who wns rined $50; Neal Warren, fined f25; Mpry Jnnc Ulm, \yhos« JIO thin was suspended; George V/, anlllni-l', Swnln Adtims, Tinn: : Mae Tlwmns, Fred WJilte, Dora Lee Slnndalil, Imogcnc Hlsliop, Bartoii Culhcy, J/milse. fjpltlcs nnd Hester Morris, nil of whom were ftucd $10. ForfelUnu bond.on the snmc charge «m> John Winters nnd Luther Thonms. : : dim-god with speeding, a soldier, Jnfk ]>ii)j>scy wns lined t\Q wlilcli won svisponrted. 11, 0. Blunltonslilp pud Tomnilo Webster cadi were lined Jfi tor llic sumo charge. Tin? U. B. Mnrijic Con's observed Us imili bli'llulsy on November 10 • COURTS Pictures of Jap bodies piled up in shell holes nre ti lot more coiri- mon thati photos like the one above, showing Japs who preferred to live and threw in the towel when Yanks attacked. Tulcen prisoner by U. S. Marines on Knlwetok Atoll, they huddle in hole, awaiting arrival of Coast Guard-manned assault transports which took them , to nrjson camps. < . - • i Among the cases hemd in Municipal Couit this week wns u»e Involving it malicious mischief elmrtje ngninst Robert Trent Johnson imrt Jnine.s Adolph Hancock. Holli men pleiul H»Uty nml vfcrc ' tlncrt 525 inich, Fttimil «villt.y of driving vtlille InloxIciUcd, Floyd linruoti was fined $'2G, He appealed ivm! his \>oml was set nt $100. Sixteen persons were charged with iltstmbiiiit the peace, 'lliosu lilCTilim: guilty wcva. OnrUan Tntc, BOUGAINVILLE Lorgcit of Solomons; co is 3500 iq. ml. WARNING ORDER „ " ' ' ' In Hie Chancery Court, CHICKA- ' SAVVBA DISTRICT, Mli&lsAppl ' County, Arkansa?, /''''• l ><> Andrew Kushoi, 1 Plaintiff. *•' •„ ' " VS |fo, 8575 '- •-„. - , Kallireen Rusher, pefendant. >i-, t <" ' 'llic defendant, Kalhrccn Rusher, ' Is )wby v (yurnesJ to appear wi(hlji' '* thirty days lif tlie court named in " Dio caption hereof and answer the ,^ complaint of the plaintiff, Andrew^"" Hiislier, T Dated this 13 day of April,' 1944; '" HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Doris Mulr, D. O. '. " G. W Baiham, yuty, for Pltf, 1 ' Percy Wright, Atty, nd Lltem. '' 4JI14-21-28-5J5 - HEAD COLO GETS THE AIR 2 fliopa In each no»Wl 95*0 coM-c[cejedH>»,youbr?jitfce freer quickly. Caution: Uw only as directed. 1 Demand PENETRO N05C MOPS Ixicuted 2s miles south lowsUnic National Park of Yul- In the To.lous of towering mountain peaks, the Jackson Hole Nfi- llatuil Park is more Hum WO sdiuue miles and Is encircled by the great 'Grand TcLou National .^Park of Wyoming. Rvclcn peaks hi'the aroup nre of sitcli height ami pVpiiiliiciice (hat .they nearly equal •'the 13,160 feet top o[ Grand Tcton called "Mountain of the Sky." - Read Courier News wpnt Aas Rend Courier News Want Ads. that regime, the C. I. O. Cojnmim-, ists, with reptilian ease, squirmed- out. of the hole and found complete 'justification for Soviet Russia's ac-', Hon. / "How such completely unprincipled and thoroughly, hypocritical puppets of Moscow can ever hope to turn the workers of this country against the American Federation of Yeasts having high nutritive value nnd meat-like flavor have been dCr voloped as possible human foods. The first shrine and monument ever erected to tiic memory of Robert Louis Stevenson stands in Portsmouth Plaza, San Francisco. SKIN ERUPTIONS CHECK ITCHING -BURNING ntiseptic-stimulating way jWitK fa-' Jutq Ointiaejif. ling. Ity, 2»^, &0;. Mohe'y bact guarantee. Use only .13 directed. CJeanae ' j - nioul Bluck nucl WJu inot«3 healing . Pro. . . daily with Black and White Skm Soap.' O'Steen's ho 105 W. Main 6 PICTURES and One Enlargement COPYING and ENLARGING a Specialty, Bring Us Your KODAK FILMS tor Enlarging & Printing THE TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL co. Jllasler Exterminators Allen BIddle, Manager Free Inspection & Estimates Goff Hotel Phone 2028 Midwest ICE CREAM Pints 20c; Quarts 40c When You Buy Your Groceries — Take Home a Carfon! CECIL LOWE Grocery & Market Park We Deliver N. Hwy. 61 Phone J97 Apparently impressed by (he pensive pose ot Kodin's "Thinker," this San Francisco youngster sits at the famed statue's base, nnd ponders the problems of the cosmos, which probably includes '. lhat of pulling the slug on his old man lor a nickel, MARGARET'S BEAUTY SHOP 1H B. First Phone 2532 Bring Us Your Beauty Probltmt By FOR SALE: 800 Bu. Ralsoy Seed Soybeans 1T- Seed from stntc certified breeder. Ralsoy is tlie only variety grown on my farm in Ihe last fotir years. 50 Tons Alfalfa Hay 3-3 Yr. Old Mules Iir " ken 562; Tax Assessment This Is the Year for Assessing Personal Property,and Farm Lands ASSESS YOUR PROPERTY NOW AND MAKE SURE IT'S RIGHT // you fail to assess your property the law requires me to assess it tor you. You know the value of your property better than anyone else. Please help me to fix the proper value on your property. W. W. (Buddy) WAISON County Assessor THE OLD JUDGE SAYS. "The wnr stories I like best, Judge, are fi the oricsfliyv the special writers overseas • \\vho live 'right will) our troops! They give us a beUcr idea of bow our men react to things going on over there and back liercat Jiomc." . , " I agree wil)i you, Sam, I never miss one o[ those slorics in the papers or magazines. Ant! llicrc's one Ihing those writers Bccni to agrecon no matter where they are stationed : with our men...and that js that the men who have left their homes and families to go away and fight this war don't wnnt to coma back and find Ihnt'pr'oliibUion has been put over on them while thty were away... cillitr upitonally or locally, Tliey liavc heard about the allempts being made and they resent it bitterly." "I agree with (hem, Judge, even though 1 don't bnppen to drink myself. Furthermore, I don't (hink it's fair for 113 nt homo to be making any major changes while )0,000,000.of our fighting men are awny and Jiayo'no chance lo'cxpress (lieir opinions.'^ ii, Jt\t. For Your Winter Clothing Let us protect your precious woolen garments from the ravages of moths and hot weather. We'll clean them, store them in individual bags in our storage rooms, then return them when you call next fall, . . Prices on this service are reasonable. Call 2612 For Service HUDSON Cleaner-Tailor-Clothier 1-International Tractor 2-Row Planter. 7 Horsedrawn Turning Plows.._, 2 Horsedrawn Middle Busters. 1 3-disc Tractor Plow. 1 Bush & Bog •Small Johnson Outboard Motor. OhlendorfGinCo. Phone 8-F2 < Oscoola, Atk. ATTENTION SERVICE MEN: Plenso bring proper identification pnpyrs from your commanding officer when buying bndge^, ribbons nml : medals. We haye complete stocks. For KHAKI nnd TROPICAL shirls mul trousei-a, sco us. HUDSON Cleaner—Tiiilor—Clothier Try ow"0wn Msde" ! ICECREAM Olc Hickory Inn Acrou from Dljh Sch»el Spring anil Summer TUNE-UP' Snve Gasoline . . . Sav? Tires. Get Ail-round Better Performance! T I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler pnler fmrti * SenrlM 121 W. Aih Phone lltt REFRIGERATION SERVICE Hcpalrs On All-Makes r By Expert Workmen. T. F. WARREN Phone 3310 PRESCRIPTIONS Stock Guaranteed Besi Kirby Drug Stores Elmer Cunningham VULCANIZING Tire & Tube Repair Cotton Belt RJU * 8, Hwj. O (Formerly with tn»l« A*. PM.1 BOB MflLONE Platter, Stucco, Cemetl W.rk Pkoae 88Z CLOCKS REPAIRED Electric or Stein Wind, Work Guaranteed. A. B. FORD At p»t O'Bry«nt'» Electrical Repairs & Maintenance HOUSES EXPERT1/Y WIRED J. T. (Charlie) Stakop Phone 2993 or 2598 Safe 50% On TRUSSES Steel and Elastic STEWARTS Sttf,r< Main & Lak* Phone 2822

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