The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1932
Page 4
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COURIER NEWS 00, - PUBU6HSR8 B«pr«*nutive«: . .- We.; New York, Chicago. »-.l#*. (MM Jaw City, UUIe ' fccept Sunday. can nutter it tb« post llljtt*eYill», 4jk»n»i», under act ol Oetotar ». isu. • . ; ftrrea by me United Pwsa ' '-' ••'^SUBSCRIPTION RATES Bj canter in the city of Blythtville, )Jo pu *f*k iv K£d per jear.ln advance. B> soil wlthia t radius ot 50 Allies, 13.00 pet •jr??w. |l» Icr'iU months, Six 1 , tor iliree months; ty mail, in posUl tones t»o to six, inclusive, f6.4fl per year, in-zones seven, and eight, 110.00 >-i j-rar. utygblc in advtnct. tf A Kc/ort/ w 5/ Results to date of the Literary Digest's .presidential straw vote, as reported thjs week, point to the elec- toton of Franklin D. Roosevelt over Herbert Hoover by a margin almost as wide as that by which Hoover defeated Alfred E. Smith four years ago. While the Digest's poll is fnr from complete ah impressive number of ballots —nearly- 2,000,900 — have been counted and tabulated. They are from 88 statesj including: most of the larger ojied, tnd' afidw: 'Roosevelt running ahead in a' ratio of about four to three, which , is : a' little better than $opver did.four'years ago. They show Hoover leading only in seven states, the six New .'England states and New Jersey, while Roosevelt is leading in 81, including ' such 8fronKholds of Re- p^bhcanism -as Pennsylvania and Michigan The 'states from which no ballots. have yet . been tabulated are Missouri, Texas, North. Carolina, Tennes««, Maryland, Virginia, Oklahoma, Wwtyngtonj Montana, and Minnesota, ajl of fchieh are virtually certain to IP for Rooaeveit oh the ; basis of the ^ment outlook;. • It therefore appears ! that unless %re ahouJd ;be an (mportarit change in sentimenj; Before election day Hoover IB likely to fad himself' as badly beaten as v?as' Smith in 1928. AH of which does not mean, of course, that Democrats need not put ; forth thejr be^st efforts ' between now and November- i'. The better the pros~ pects of victory the, more Reason for domg everything possible to make that victory csrtaih.' Arkansas, we may rest assured,', will take, care of herself, but Arkansas Democrats can do their farJj by helping to make doubtful states certain for Roosevelt. With victory in sight .the Democratic leadership handicapped in the closing weeks of : the campaign by lack of funds We can do our part by raising our local quota promptly. For tyhose Benefit "A sales .tax .for whose benefit? asks the Arkansas Gazette in point- ln * Out thai ri » Ir °ads ^d other public utilities and non-resident land owners : 1° „ b f the Pl ' indpal bcneficinries should the people of Arkansas be so foolish as to adopt the sales tax amend- ment to be voted on November 8. Adoption of the amendment would red/ice (he : genernl properly tux for _ sfate purposes ?8,20 on each thousand dollars of assessed valuation, and would substitute for it a one per cent sales tax on every ( sata of almost every commodity nnd service used iby Ihe people of Arkansas. The result would be Unit the resi- • dent property owner would in almost every instance pay »s much or more in sales lax as he would save in general property lax, but the non-resident would get the IjcncM of the reduced property tax without having to pay any sale/i tax. It would place a premium on absentee landlordism, of which we have more than .enough in this .slate nl- rtndy. Its tendency would be to make it more profitable (o own property in Arkansas and' spend the returns of thfil property somewhere else, which is just exactly the opposite of what is needed for (he development and prosperity of the stnte. JIYTHEVILLE. (ARK.! SIDE GLANCES —- .. a TP1 OUT OUR WAY This Adoice Comes Four Years Too Lale It is unfortunate that the country did not have the benefit some years ago of Herbert Hoover's advice, given last night to the American Bar association, to beware of "false prophets of a /millenium." That warning would have been (ime- ly in 1928, and might perhaps have prevented the election to the presidency of the United States of a mini who went about the country assuring the gullible citizenry that victory for him was all that was needed to usher in a golden age of universal prosperity in which there \woiild be a chicken for every pot and two shiny new automobiles for every garage. The American people were badly fooled by a false prophet in 1928, and' it may be, ns Mr. Hoover apparently would have us 'believe, thai in their evident intention of election Franklin Roosevelt to the presidency this year they are again following a false prophet. But at least it is to their credit, although it j s Mr. Hoover's misfortune, that they will not be misled twice by the same false prophet. P,/ r^™ r-i i III Wegro Women .Rescued ByGeorge Clark 11 Aftfir AUempting Sllichk 13, 1932 r THIS CURIOUS 'WORLD -MARION, Vn. (UPj— Wes Wll; Ham:, night watchman for a Marion fiirnituie factory, one nl;hl I : recently heard a voice exclaim : i "I'm going to die like brother!"' ; Alter which ii ltrs „.,,. u ,, splasn ' o> a lipdy striking water ; Then another reunite vo!c» ex| claimed, -I'm golne' in die like : liivmia did." And another body the water. when men sum- inraed by Williams fished the 1 ( ""•> negro women out. they found j i Emma Traynham. who jumped ! fiitt unconscious from her head ; having struck a rock, and llie other. Lcttia Woodsfl sullcito'i Tom ihock. Taken into an engine house to " levived. lli e Traynliimi woman '.Td (o drown heisclf in u barrel ' of lubricating oil, hut w;is pfe- you ... —. — up fi-om the selling them insurance." Neither of the two would siv-? i any reason • for the attempted • , clcublo suicide. The rase is one i of the most baffling Murlon of- \ '•ncers have over atlrmpteri to solve. "last'iay^ From Police Force ST. LCUIS (UP)-TIie "last of (he Lawlero" is leaving lhe St. Louis police department, where a Liv.?r has teen on the force for ' ••• past 100 years. • pile-hundred and 'six years ajo.' William Lawler's grandfather i joined the police force. Before ' the grandfather retired, William's Intlii-r Joined, -ind succeeding the fnMvr'-was William. Asthenia Frequently Follows Severe Attack of Influenza | «>c last of the imrtere has turn! crl m his rcslBiialion. "I'm going ! toCal, tel!la , oraIiConuiEei . !!c in wt WQRW WAR. ATi5 PorATOES 1 THAr HAD BEEN PREPARED R3R SOLDIERS'OF THE BOER WAP. THE fttTATOtS" HAD BEEN COT INTO VERY THU-J CUCES AND DEHYDRATED, OR DRIED, BUT WHEN PiACED IN WTC-R., SWELLED TO THEIR, ORIGINAL size. tsr- WORK OON 8YTHE IN ONE DAY IS- EOUALTO LIFTINS /247DA/S A FOOT HIGH. , GETS ITS NAME FROM THS CURKXA- CREST IT WE WITH quaiS BEHIND HIS EAR.. ««*- since snakes for ^ and feet, ll, c bird deliver , uf , lhe m03t RCUVB suit By DR. MORRIS FISHKEIN ' idifor, Jeurml of lh~ America cal Association, and cf Hy- ;ia, the c and aihcr mcthc , ls /or i)n i i hE circulation of ~ the i, iml nf "" ' < 1C f. Causes Jnyes.%aHon i VI.SAUA. Cal. IUP> - A sleepy : rlc-phoiie orjc.rn!or sat before her ' board at :i a. m. Suddenly bird, a its chief focd. '-•a yd kick that soon The wings are e deadly cobra CHURCH EXCUSES BV GL'OKGE W. IUKHAM From 10 to 15 per cent or the population or any prkon at any (|n,e safely may be released on parole. -Oscar Ue,' warden, Wisconsin Stnte Prison and president. American Prison Association. The only thing to which a racket can be compared accurately is t|,at equally revolting and deadly tl.itig-a cancer, it is callng Us way into the tissues of our industrial nnd commercial lif e . -Gordon r, Hofstetter, director Employers' Association of Chicago. * * I had come to the -onrtiislon that a husband t is a sweetheart with |, 1s nei . vc ukcn om hul I am wii;i.i-> to give this one i chance. -Texas Giilnan, actress nnd m g ),t c l,,b hostess. * * » H is a task for (he educator In England to- dny to popularize the doctrine that the cracker nt the top of lhc batting averages is na t really ka great a man as the prime minister —H. Ramsbotham, ii. p. MlUitional Hiadcaujcy. to disturbance of the lhy*Kd gland, to low blood pressure and to similar c"e- partures from the normal state* There are some cases In which It has been found that the adrenal gland does not function adequately, "'Ul the people who have this fail- re are always weak and tired. Drs. E. L. Bbftz and G. M. Piersol describe a special form of insomnia which afTecl.5 such peopl" They go to bsd and fall asleep Such patients shcui-j li.iv:> a. mn-r complcle and careful scientific study m c.-cier t3 discover any specific -lo- encies in the function-, ot the' Paul Finley buckled on rpvcvJvcr anct set out (o find , . l * u unu , . cause of Uie (ronb!?. He J 02 ^ silly notions ---- ~, kin. HUU-iJ. .. thought it must be caused by 1 '-. robbery at " ov« , 1. that lf a P 01 ' 5 ™ b ^»""S to evei make her v/ant to be presl-| their particular church anything to.' th ™' ;l ° ! = n " right. Mother says thai is the whole trouble with says it it was in he make ,:c=pl ? do baptism. : nrlPllPlPtt ill tK t L- I-, , I -i "-•• fj « --- - -- -~ nn.j m iivi tiUi-,t;i nciencleb in the functions ot their i ; -" l!i I'cnbery at Iras!. to make i:ccpl? do ns s h> thinks tissues so that those may ba bol-1 n ' lc ; : '" th = exchange, the lights I they should, she would "call all slcrcd when deficient. Above -wrv- i f Rsed to ™l qucerJy. Tli? opera- of Joe's kind in arcteivc hem thing dse, however, the conduit . l ° f "»«• lhe police station. "What ^ a very short wl-ile t-, Ec t riant M not be tJten lightly simply •«•«?•• sho asked. i BK d if thc-y aw no' oh'y her Dffnnca nn M.-tr-tr,^, .11 '_ * : "Oil fOtr " --*;,! r\tr: ,-- . ' . J " WU^Jf I1U1 . ausa no certain diseas- or d°- : " Oil rat -' uctfon of tissue g !lad • i " st •or organs i^ • , , ,, *"~ 3 = And Umt's '~^i' to wire - ofri w Finlev,'. ccmmand • I cf them would set up one . -- „!„. .nng guillotine, or it was. The of- whatever they were called, and tho ] run it day and night until whole outfU j the members of Jce's chuvch and I that is especially true in what they Ihought about baptism t^it If she ever did go to congress she would work day ana .,. ,, £ cr get a law passed prohibiting all baptisms except one kind.' -i,, that extent she would at least, have all the churclu-s alike. Joe if mother ever went to TC5S it WHlM bO jllSt t03 •''— o™ - . They go to tad and fallseep A l^th,nle or neurasthenic is tc^hcM ^tc .J"*"" 1 ^ 0 ", lfc ° T U day ™* fli « M un " ^Sn, -t" 0 "^ ""' w *" 1 ro promptly arouna 0 or 10 o'clock : l f " 0>:coc:il »?lr unbajjoy n^on met- slore tlownton-n I wl.-ole out Of was wiped off the ' fP S v, , l ™ lld te jllst to;) bad ' but they awaken at l- O r 2 an•]' ,V U no ' rcrov -'' a "normal" comli- _ .- i; 031 "'- J"o says mother reminds j' m ' eh h ?, wou!d likc "> see her remain awake the rest of the iii-t l: ' Uii Ule "'Klsrlyiug :listiirh- T*—^ ar = «ir! m h~ ; " of ;l lot ° r |M °P 10 tllat want IS, ! fJ, nCBhcre a:lli stay-when, she There are, of M ur S =, ^d^ £«*!'« '«»> investigated and y ^T ,, Geir" "ti an in aT ot"^! r! T'T their ' dMS alld n ""^ ! °' etiEes In which weakness is a nromi- 001Uroll '<i. stftt/1 ueor » u u ' an ln an i ether, people do a s they think, that a ! — In which weakness is a prominent symptom. In such a condition there may be a lack of red. blo-d cells, failure of certain glands to supply necessary secretions, or similar, disturbances. These, however ore not. of the same type as the various asthenias, although , ule , nil , nnd IOH- Wood pressure may ba associated with true asthenia * 0 •» Obviously conditions of this lyr,° must be attacked not oily bv the t-evclopment of excellent personal hygiene, and by the use of ballis . . do as they think, that a! let of church members seem to i fiead Courier news \7ani A:Ts f. ri By Williams TODAY n™.?* uZlS'*?»£*% *;1S inr.-u-lfi-f nnil <if hnvin;; u U 'n *li«ii vi-ho My (u fhcrk tip on hi 1 * iiiMtil- flirck nnd l)el<> icllji him In- \vlll I'L-r.snrmiljr prcvt-at It, l/pnn Ir:iv- ln;r llpln'n wITIci? linll K.IVI-S 1]H\A. ICn. Ktipx jnniy iTlirn he fimla ulio' "he- IN. iclllnc her Mt nnmc In STA.VMCy HlutCKi E>V11M-:V XVIXTKKS, In tovc with Dditn. jrcr.i with r:ri- in Tlirc-p I,, > in ALLIKS D1UVE ON On Oct. l:». IBIS, Americans advanced on both side.i of ih? MeuEe. tafcin ? all their objeclives. The Frenrh tcok Lnon v.H.-iovit ii fisht nnd also tcok LaFc-rc and occupied the massif of St. Gobain. ] CrKlsh troops advanced in'.o 'lie suburbs cf Dotiai. In the Balkans, the Allies toak Nisli. Prcsla'cnl Wilson replied lo Germany's note, which partta-ly j accepted lib peace terms, and I sskcd for n mixed commission or. I the evacuation of invaded Ifrri-' lory. The prcs.-cionl declared (lu-u> ' would h; no armistice so long as 'lie Germans continued ruthless • v«rfnr.'. tlut there would be r,o aereeinent wllh an autocrntir-- Germar. i;ovcrr.inciu and (hat allied mlhlpry chiefs alone wo;il;l direct ihe evacuation of invaded i territory. ; . - lll INr « K Ii| with II:, II. II,. < r ;.,, Kft (irr en innrry iinn im ifur ny ns n iiii-an.^ tit Bellini; Iloln lo vc 1111 litn |,lr.iia. Ijuiiji u.irniirlv rii|ir» ,MI:ii; (his l>y in.-clitic ill t)n )iN tv«y In litr thnlipT I:I\I. Tlicy flnj If:tl? ;i,'ciisril uf lllriK .-] ^-ti.ucr. AH|icr Is M.iutiJ- l frtiTit ,'ki:)Ij| Iml rr'nvrv t» :i5 in hrJ. Donn irH.i Mill sljc :> Ji:.-:l innrriril nii;llr>; lu hrvu ni ,,f UK- lit:nl. Ei:ill i-ointu In Tor .Mi|i[ilir« :in.l €-.i!i:iir.-:l by SlVi:H(JI.\. |>i.>,,-» -; rhntirr Imx*. Ilo t-^t':iiu-s .-ir:vr nrlnK Moil:! Icll licr f;it[iiT xhc Sh rMr . r lull llnn.n h Milt fo » r< . If v.Im . ll:In!,^. H :n mlnil Illvrr. .s), r nircl.t lilni nn Ilic Irnil. l;nim- Inir br i-f (Inll. lie \irimiixi-i |ii ria Ids- rr.ti'^v nf Nmn (Jnll. o-i the r.ililn intil ^rr« i» Nl.-inlrjr llliu cln In r liink.« V,:,i,UU not carneii thai at my bantu-. | her and h-.icheil for Hit, tin ol ton I suppose you want me 70 grant | "Humble b»'. Tbo'psome" li»' '^ you immunity?" Dona's eyes blazed. I marked. "I have no bfs- - -I" ,'.,r "\ou ccrlainly will have to swear (bulky to carry." If e add»il this l-j not to reveal this hiding place, l way of «-„-'=£±11!?™ ,'" ." SC ',' £everai llays Cjl!a look l ""> "'<* '"I. which was ruorp In orilcr to malte a get-away. her allotted j.lece ot silver. She would he as goo;l na he anil as able Stan's voice was level and hard. "Ami I won't promise you nny-jto ,„„, „„ („„„.,. 1J10 ,„ m;; except that l will escape at 1 good and she would cat it the first chance anil tbat I will stop would deplete his store -oon'er Ht UntllilK* *.-. Invn ..*,, ?.ll...... " [ mi. _ i- .. - That at " 0tl " 1B Tho first l convinced her toward lhe entrance of the cave, Willi her head up Dona entered lhe dimly lighted interior. Stan I.-ushcd her ahead of him and struck a match. Bv its flickering Hsht the girl maUc ou: the nido interior of IhO place. An old oil lamp slco.-l In ,- nce er e cave ..••?<- -"".. ,..":"' '?."• " <at .. sl>c '"" >' ou E re '">' R"=sl n«d I want !ng at Three R!T=T§. 'fsje hooks nero all sccil literature acd ihe iragaiiues of the bjttjr clasa. "You apnrovc of ray readic??" There was a lisht of aransr-.-Ker.! i.-i his Bi-ay syes. "Von probaijjy haven't oytncj any ot them," she ansv.-crcil coli!'-. "But they make uice decorations.'' he Insisted Uona ahruggcii her slenilor shoul- dors nnd refused to reply. ..... |">ivj\;iii> i'. j Jol 11HU I was >.c-ry huhgry. n, silence Ihcy you to h-= ccmfoi'iablo nud to nte ,-nul drank. Stan sat dote lo her on lhc stone bed. The handle uf his revolver wns a scant 11} inches .1.,-- .-ui i w, from her hand as sho laid down (be nmkc yourself srcou, hut she diil not allc-nint to "I ,-,m a jerk iho sun free. Dona knew the | ho with a tcrtaincd." n.ili cast su amused eye over tho stiffly erect figure on the cot. "I would siiSEest that yc'.i . .- n e. o,-a o- the bo vi la ™ ai,chDini: :C vvall. Stan lishted it cat-like speed or thr- man sho Had Doni" n ap£™ ni>rt turnr/l « n II. A ««^,* */\ r!/,it ^.J.i. ru_ _ . . . .'"|j|i.n. 1 turned up the flame. I Jo deal r.-ith. His b , "13e seated while l ge t suiiper." I move like lightning. hand would S 1 Listened to Own KENTON'. in. iui'J-Stevc P.U- ' Ion, who listened to his own funeral sermon bsl yrnr, Mill t-iVs uuon II as -ihe risy ol'mi- '>''•• K-, \:v ciiiirs his HI 'year. ' Patten. -„, fi t „.,, CVP1 . - ,.._ braiuri his birthday tpiHlv 1-, -. H-coiitl}-. The funeral' ,':r m .in prcachMl | 3J .t year a'tr-ictcd ro-i slrterable i.nblicily. Patton .vai. 'in tho room and listened to th- r-];;- '• <l.::nce of the preacher, viewed tho • V'n[t]:ili;i- rcc-nrUs nrp Mdlci, Irr>rn «tnU- (h:-ni. A*;irr Orln *\ Vcirli.'i:^ nnil rcfusr.t (J U-nvc \s h Dnun null llusUr). A p<ts\p ct-l-. ,>n linll'-i tr.lll luul It IN!! 1,'c Ift t-mtirrril, S:OT;:I rirlt-^ utit uliTi n r.'llr. Mip ^cc.* I.-;:II stli.iiinc nntiy rroiii (tip |nis-<r m:d -tliiM.tH lilni. lit- f:i!<c-i tiring ivinin^ril nut) NOW CO <>.>> UTl'll Tilt: STOIIV CHAf'TEK XXVI I"JON!A faced her capu:r v;ith flash- tj \r\K eyes. Sla;i ['.all relumed t the ileliant slance with .-i '.rim smile.. C:trhif,:\ "My quarter? are p:.s=allo Iliousb isido thn liosKihly a trifle, priniiiire for one | ttoa of ', necuslomcd lo luxury." Slau mo- :( ;nccda tloued^to^cirfl lh-> ruo-.ith <,\ a cave. : He ^lirv "V.'lll >oii eulcr or LUI.^I T ra;-rv : s'-vr-i . ...... - , ...^ nu <;i t " 1 '" 11 ' 11 l! ° u ' 1 i lli£ll:ti!l{!:Ii >'e a i:i,.d m-in I would ,-,-it Flc nodiled toward a stone slab cov-! Stan reached for her plate anrt eroil with blankets to servo 113 si gathered up lhc- lew dishes. Il c ''"^ j turned his back squarely upon her Dona sa:;k down on Ihe pile of | an 'l "Ued a can of water for dish- blankets and crossed her less. Sho washing. IJcna sat still and •.van watchful ajid ready to lake any watched him. She was not foolish chance. Her eyes look stock of the enoush to bslieve that this was her interior of Urn icniii in a ararcb fnr n rine or other weapon. There was no Kim in the room es- chance. vva j t (or a bct . . tcr opening, one that was sure. any girl co-.;lrt ir kiiul about," it a great favor if you would so nut- siile where you could ivalch llie ea- Irance ami leave me nloue," CTAN nodded anil sot i:p. "Mak-i yourscif at home. I will tako care of my lady outside." He tient low lo keep from humping his head on the ceiling of the cave aud ills- anpearcct. Dona sat for a long tftl'in without ,..„.. nl ' ° fU ' r ' , , , cior to send the fumes JEmohc. llK ' m nwn> ' rarcflltl - v - Tl ">" "« "t dnwa on tho slab of stone that liri<1 ssrvec! .is a l.ible. Wlih dc.'i!). crate cave he sifted a little tobacco cisar ° l " n P pr i "" 1 < al M o I oiu i:>roiii;|i a crevice in the ccilin;;. ci-.d. Indian match, lie- ice was a liltlo rollcc-' Cool nir begun lo crei'i) t;jo cnve. ir.dlcalins lhat cveuir.T at Iiaml. Dona slretchsil her iCT3- autl tried (,- seo out into i!ic clearing hi:! .1 curve in iho <:nlrywa"y made it impossible. She ml t>ack I'oi-.a moved flighlly. A picture 1 3 » (l W° herself np ;o tiller •;!>!• fastened up en the bare stone wall' lempiaUoa of her fate. "•"ight her cy c . u was a nholo-! ' sll « v; ™ a Prisoner but lhat did ip!> of herself, tnl;on n'hcii she | n P' »'°rr. v bcr. she was in dc ^ .It (llllcTli..,. m!.» A . n . . nrv.Vdr nt Cll fl t! PT|- n U!lln_ .1 ; _i . r bacon ami si, :i of water uc - a;on "' ' "' fi " 1slli:ll: • ri!co1 ' , •' '' "• " a ' v1 "'" '"" ^^ .lid not say - »cr eyes : ()< - „„, , , . f, , ff ii '"i UI! rliiing the i.i , She was not sure rte crs." Ho said "if people arc goln» to i say nicf thing about me, I want to hear them. It won't do me any .cod for them to say H aflcr I'm ; SEATTLE. lUpTI^e Pacific ortrnvcitK long-awaited summer arrived in Ssptcmbcr thh year T'e mercury tot;:he.1 SO dogri-s-a rcc- o-j l "" rk f ° r j° y2tl "' ' lllc )' ri!v 'I on the VEtll In ;02il, ' " ' 1 ' or " " !< """'- Her deter- 1 r .,,ne,l it hack from tho names ami her captor ivcalieiicil. "l liaie yen and loathe you! assiflc " "• lining the 1 trout several limes he arose and I • pulled a wide slab of stone over be* uAll stood with his fc' wide apart, for a full i looked at her. "I'll see f hack safe at ramp In the To let you i;o tunljl-.i »vc lhat you would In Ion in tiij 5 from his lj;i-. "Von take what you want, don't you, Mr. tell?" There was a eut- ling ul:re to the girl's voice anS a sarcaslir note In it. "Even though it can 1,0 you nu good." b-is done me nuich good." an;ri7 twist o[ recnn Sail had shot her (a mil v.'as responsible t High:. From the firs Stan stated simply. His answer than a banteri planted >,! spoon, his entire stock of silver. nnin i. A T.,.» *,_ _ . . • ...... rn »S tin table and The trout wcro ho r T' v. angered her more reply would have to a pile s n btan atld wvenl" b"^ of Slan jlai:, a killer, ilid not worry licr either. What did mai;o her -jneasy was the thought of her father. She rememtercd u-iih ;.n ans>7 t |v ist or memory that Stan ifr (allicr and lhat iiWe for her present . . the first he had been llie cause cf all her trouble, she mat!« a vow lhat she would cxnct iho last drop of revenge against Inn: wheti lhe chance came. SLan emerged inlo lhc yellow light of llie cave, (fa had taken care of his horse anil was back to ssa how she was selling along. 'Time to tun> In." he said shortly. "We'll have a heavy day tomorrow If things break right." Dona met his eyes with a level gaze, "i happen to bo sitting ny Of rilr.S;i il( ,^ a HllQ 5 gy clfa | fotjc.^ fcdAt.-. X HdlJlJCU IV UO arc very helpful to a fellow who tonight," sh« said daily. Dona's eves illckerccl ever so \\l\\c 'things for you!" he stated and be- 1 "'"' '-'••• - "- "• '--• wa» scarf

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