The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 31, 1931
Page 6
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•AG1; SIX Winners of First and EETfllTLt First and Second Half Winners Play Thursday; Frisco and Hi-jackcrs Tic. The fnst Hutlnml qi:iutot wen the E«ccnd half race 1 of l!ie City Cage league Inst nl<sht by succcis- fully hurdling the Apes, finnl Inr- rlcr's between the lurtUuue Uoiip? and the championship for IV.e bsl hiiir. '•Emerging victorious In the s-c- ond halt (.!•.« Hubbard five will nl:iy 1)11) YOU KNOW THAT— It would have'meant, $10,000 to Mr, srul Mrs. Frank Cohiloiil If Sun lleaii hnil won the Atfiia Cnllente . . . you might -W that Jockey Spec O'Dcnnell, who rode .a winning race 0:1 Mike . Hall, reached fight hjlo Frankle's pocket and ]ielj)fd lilniwlf to 10 t'land . . . allm- the nice, i-aid Mrs. Coltlloltl: "Fraukle did Ills b?sl. Yn.i couldn't ask for more. I'm s ry we lost but there Is no one 1 would rather see .\vliv that Spec: O'Oonnell." . . \ • nice little speech . . . live days tR'fore l!ic rare. Sun Beau picked up a Hun; ... it may Imve meant no dilierencc in his running, however . . .' yuu will have' tu ailrnil that Mike Hall, In scl- linj,' n new'track record, d!dr cheat anyljjily in winning.' the fat! Into amplifier* and cut 'that U:i> youiH'lf classed as a Ijlt .s<iulu'?lly. ture. Kvi-ry Rohl>!< Tlip Many-sided ltul>l,lp. , k|nd , y v .. iy _ .,„,, „_, t . JM „, .,, ,,,,,,.., Of nil tlie managers in the lw; | as u pint,, of pancaki-a. On t.:c Inil leagues Uxlay, I thins Uncle H'jb-'IU-ld li is tlie most liunninly Interest- j lmpul.= makes Is :i pic- piensniitiy on t'~.c l;i iich, micon- !•: a s'.m-y. i ccrne.liy rattlin;; cff lu<:cl)all gc-n- v-ry :;ri'ff In '., : fralilles In an amazingly t«ii-: b!c udden worries ILue i:if! <mtbll:'s:t.>; l!i?t dif nv.-iiV lug. Walter Johnson is u splendid ' EI.S quickly as 111'.- t:r!ef flame of n character with qualities you just i match. lieU'ceit ilirs--, have to adiime. Hut every move I the clil-f of tlie l(<jl>in<: ppu'h'-: : Hi' remains ar, a relic of other | baseball clay;'., rowdy days. Ji Is nut imtd to Sin?.riue him behind : Hie bat for tlio old Oriylvs of bloy;- !ctl nr.'jv/jrv, pi!} j ,Kitiy dov.'ii to ciiird I niu-re :'l:ii! y»:nii Jalin McGr:iw v.-alted to dap the ball on a .rash i'umi»i'. lie has Kept the fine oj'.l fighting spirit uf baseball tibout.-hlm. 5 hope he will nlways tye jnan- ngor of the'Brooklyn- hall- team.. - : ' Tvvcnty-tJHCje nesroes have scrv- { ed 'u Congress since 1870—21 in ihei Jlour.i' of Representative-.': mid two I in the Senate. | Keiser, Manila - Win Titles in Junior Tourney Minib WD.i ttv boys' till" in th« four-year junior hii;h comity tour- th? na::ic:r. played Ki'iser iillimii:v.!'j vl-ion. The iifai'ili boys w the Whitto-i :c;t!n in £hip aam? b'i: th.e ic-3:-i from t"1' west end uf ih? r™-!l!' '-vis IQ-3 miicli I'M the Whitt^ii ::•••••- -Oliisi. Kciser trinnned til" YauTO "•'•''•$ -n l!ie C'.her c!ri!:ipi"n'-''ip ?'*'.:'-a- Standings Otis Hounds . . Company M .-• Dixie Fliers . . w. ... n ... 5 ... 3 ... 2 ... 2 •) L. 1 7 4 4 5 b 5 Pet. .857 .714 .714 .429 .429 .285 .280 .280 the original Gas Hounds, winner? of the first halt race. Thursday night, lor the league championship. 1'mciuil N'olcs or A Ite.'iPball Trivt'liT If we didn't know Shottcn was a smart Imxti that trade whei-euv Hie Phil 1 ; Iliat Hurt An agreement was finally reached Thompson n ml O'Doul to the nob- lost nieht. alter much dlscussbn! lns for E m6 Ui Dudley an:! I^c among tlie league managers, for i ni|( , lu m;lkc Mr alloUon lrak „ hil the championship came. Since the | 1( . c a srip Iiut wc (to kno , v first half the Gas Hounds have lost nil but one member of their once finished formidable quiulet and well down the line in the second half. It wns finally agreed that tiie original Gns Hounds, composed of the personnel of the fii'st half team, should piny Hubbard for the title. In a preliminary giime Thursday nlelit. stnrlin? at 7:50 o'clock, til? Frisco railroaders and .the Hijackers, who finished in n lie for second place honors the last half, will play oft (heir dispute.' . 'Hie hardware boys definitely exploded the hopes of the Hi-Jack- ers and Frisco to gain n tic with them for the second half title when they trimmed the Apes.,The Fristo beat, the Merchants iiv the second game. 1C to IS, the third gome was forfeited to the Gas Hounds by tlie Dixie Fliers and (he Hi-Jackers took Company M into camp in thu final game. 18 to H. Tr:c Anes were decisively beaten by the llubbjrd five bnUplaycd n consistent game against .the. leaders and-were not swamped ns completely as some other opponents of the hardware team had bean pre-. viously. At the half. Hubbard leS j 10 to 2 after each team hnd but one field goal in tl« first quarter. Hubbard easily stayed tn front the rest of the way oud tlie final score was 22 to 7. Kinningtiam, Hubbard center; led - tlie scorers with 10 points. Play See-Saw Game The Frisco railroaders nnJ the Merchants staged a see-paw battle in the second contest witlt the railroaders spurting to finish ahead. 16 to 13. At the end of tile first quarter the railroaders led 5 to 4 but the Merchants swept into a 10 to 7 lead at the half. The score was tied when, the third quarter ended, 1'. all and the Frisco called upon itr reserve power to forge aluad in the final period. Bint ShoKon Is a canny man, ami wilt just Inive to ask you to wall and see how Flliolt and ' Ducllev pitch for the Phils hi league qames befoic icariilni; any conclusion. Anciher wise trader is Jud^e Filehs of the Braves. One'of the baseball managers in (lie south said that you lm-r> In holil en to yoilr watch" when talking' business with the Braves' 'owner. * • 4 , ' ' Criff's I.IKlc Tlral Still another smart trailer is Clark Griffith. When he sol Man- iifh and Crowder from the Browns In exchange for Onsltn he lv made I'liiliu LJr-UMcsby Ball look like a great blc philanthropist. Not cnly that but he piit the Senators Into'this year's pennant race.-and that deesii't mean maybe, either. A number of McGraw's .trades have made the manager of. tlie Giants, look bad because many of Ihe men hr jenl hither and vnn have turned out to. be stars. That 'locsn't worry Mc6ra\v. however. When a ball player, either by tlls- ivsltion or playing liablls, (nll.4 to fit into the McCirnv natterii! John 'imply sends him on 111", way, lak- init a lojs. often, but lioHliiis to his course. • • • r *••»:> lion-.Bobbie Dflcs Tt. Unrter tlie' musk of a guililess uersonality. your Uncle Wlltert Rabliison has 'picked up some pretty good ball players for his Brooklyn bnll team. It is not hnrrt to remember how lie >:avc 'Cincinnati Pitcher Douglas McAVecney tor an i asrd and Indigent senor named I Adolfo Luqiie. nml how Adolfo kepi the Robins right up there during mcst of last sunimrr. It is Just ns easy :o recall how t:e ,(ook Oleim Wright from the Pirates in exchange lor Jess Petty and Harry Rlcoiula. and how Glenn u-ith his shoulder patched up. be- c-imc one of the two greatest sliorl- Holland of the railroaders, wilt- | stops ,„ n , p N - n ti om ,i League—the eight points.^and Vanzant of th? O . hcr b: ,j llg i-ravls Jackson. Merchants with seven, led the- This year Uncle Robbie lias pick- scorers. o;l U p i^fty O'Dotil and Frescn The Gas Hounds and Dixie Fll-1 Thompson in exchange for a coin ers decided their game on the tins ( ,,< p 0[ pitchers and Hal Ix-e, and if of a coin. Managers of both teamsl yol , c h P rish n secret notion that failed to present a full line-up and | ( i,i s ] n t cs t bargain doesn't put your uncle at the top of the National League,. don't go around shouting the Gas Hounds won the toss, with the Fliers forfeiting. The Hi-Jackers led all the way in their gsme with Company M bill their.margin was never large and the game was interestin; and amusing at limes. At the end of the first quarter the outlaw gang led 6 to 3 and increased their margin to I 7 to 6 at the half. When the third quarter ended the score was 15 I'll in the Hi-Jackers favor. Th? final score. 18 to 14. Warrington of the Hi-Jackers led the scorers with 10 points. First Game Hubbard (22) Pos. Apes 17) j Tatum 4 P Stevf ns 1. \ Michael 2 F Taylor 3 j Kingham. A. 10 C Boatwrighl 2 Grimes 2 G Adam^ i Burgb 4 G Smith j Substitutions—Hubbard. Blank- | cnship. Henry; Apes, Wcsttrook. Rewind Game RITZ THEATER Tuesday. Wednesday nnd Thursday Grcla Garho and Robert. Montgomery in Inspiration' Comedy and News-reel .Matinee—10 and 30c. 1 1 Frisco (101 Pos. M'chants Holland 8. . F Harris j Northern-2 F ynison- 4 , , M , Carman 2 C Ti^nzant 7 [ — Osbqrne 4 G Isaacs 2 i Brogdon G Baker Substitutions—Frisco, Mosley. ' Third Game Forfeited to Gas Hounds by Dixie Fliers on toss of coin after each team failed to present a full lineup. Fourth Game C'pany M (14) Pos. Hf-Ja'crs (13) 'F WarrinHton 10' F C G G Night—15 and <10c. Wright 3 Bone Wiggins 1 Colston 0 Craig.3 . Suistltutions-Hi-Jackers. Bos;?-, 3, .Wilson. :.:..' <. Beierecs—Orcctie. games one and •-.(«?;'-.Northern, game fckir. ' Scorer— Sudbury. Timekeeper— Elklns Medlir, 1 Rayder Stewart They HOME THEATRE Tues<fay-Weflnc?day Thursday Tho great mystery play 'Dracula' Comedy and Travel-logtio Atlm.—Matinee & Night— 10 and 2-5e. Y J.C ou're hearing it all around you You' u. 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