Springfield Leader and Press from Springfield, Missouri on February 20, 1977 · 46
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Springfield Leader and Press from Springfield, Missouri · 46

Springfield, Missouri
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 20, 1977
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Sunday News & Leader toe MM a. "I Too many ts cj TkgRev. Zimmerman one of finest Tbe pubae to kM ased aad atawi ate. sslliaosafeaears to aohate to (grosser at utnasJ aagBtato. Tie V as to me aohec ia the mam af passant aattMjOimwam. Tam an i all lea la the tort bates to fiseadaerthM story ato to Would Ike viewer dona faar ar fete boors af ta tha to to enintoer?? esalrf eat flie east Tar arras af srBeka t af to ynoadt. wvsncfe af ftfeang, WVSlira would. aadirecSy. pay y tnee$y Isr ft time yog wmi Therefore, ike aetwaaks ananas, in some way. nay Ar oiewer for to tear, ased by them to aaase their wmitHi very srsfitabfe. 1 1 profitable- Ask Barbara matter. ore ac aa tat i gne m nstara far i neMMbrawMrlifiati Da ? eas fliat OSTTIXt If ERA passes. . I toe ani. waS a fcenng af reseat- VBCCSt SCPIfSS wk? r, iwiMiiin the the ' af aaa af Springfield a finest Bew. t was started by a by the sa fe 36a. 1 s&asr peddler. Jack Aader-. Mast paaplr stew to garbage for ss. aai mOae Oat be is paid i af naery tor sauekrakiag. aai flfae man wiwrmoniW the better, but I ms sorpeaed ha de total press jjnaed m. T&ey should knew better. I toe kMM Ton Ztoaeraiaa for . Daring mat time I bave r heard, af hint ever illegal. . Ta the eaotrary. be fees ha aedtt to to God. his baatf. mat to bis eonv br to awed, aad served m snfl teases years, ai fcts euiet way. be to Base, bis vast skins that he t Springfield a better aflaf i Ta ttase af as ska read all af the bas sat beeu thing that TwsfcaswM gist Cegaf or oncthi-eat Oa dbr toto af Ike bets submitted. t ssaaeaxed to a dtffisrent fight. a the Sunday ouHaess page af tbe paper, and d tte sessan fcsssfaed had bees a pronu-amt total OimmMmiii.-ai could bave isvesenflrftoasrofileof an admir- larevej Sr feing moths to siata taefeaj ed aad respected businessman. Bat, as, becaase unnamed "sources" and "prominent church laymen" who didn't bave tbe guts Is use their own sames ia public print, chose ta arnear and attack The Rev. Zimmerman from behind tbe dosed door of "anonymous source" be was vilified, castigated, and made ta appear like a common criminal. Tbe motives of these little men were evident. They wished to smear him, and bold him ap to public ridicule so that they could weaken him and thereafter have more influence themselves in internal church affairs. With the help of a willing and eager press, they could bave succeeded with a leaser man for a target, bat it didn't work in this case, and doesn't ever work when the target is a man whose conduct is above reproach, and whose whole life has bees dedicated to principles that should bring out tbe best in all of us, tbe press included. I am not a member of the Assemblies of God, and have no direct interest in this controversy, but I hope that the chickens come home to roost in this case. Remember, all of yon who attacked this great man of God, from behind masks like the Ku Klux Klan. that when yon take on a king, you had better kill him, not just wound him, and that jackals never succeed in attacking lions, unless the lions, through serious disabilities, are nnable to defend themselves. DOUGLAS W. GREENE Springfield 'SIcCarthyism ' in our city? hi regards to those persons finr Che EKA, please si fcb gMwimi enocluaisua titat mat swat name to at iH as ratified as a Canst it ntiaaafl amwpftiannt. I AH employers will toe to ham am equal somber af women and san working at aS yaks Casa-dasflriDiBnafliasi)) e.g.: if ys dan at prases, tune a awn ia typesetter. yasstfBtoawe to fanes nan aad bare a woman to aefuare fans to comply ants the "1am at the lanf." the ERA ja ratified. 2 M aabkc eeatraanos atdD tow to as sexually aoegrated eg. as wdms Che same Qrpe af cigBto am sWawwl t Segrses seder the Mtch aVDMSBttnaaat ia tm. Bate test. Hay amtaA to sal aa d tbat, meat lama saamed to ase tat tame restrsssns as satnes. as at faXaass that tkat wiS be I ERA by oaae ttberal OA and the up faai Caattaf flat C.S. aaa rate 1 amwriWd City Canneil meeting aa FtOL ML BCI. A barge groan of persons ansed vat to sratoat what they seemed teflhivAasaeevrBBtoeity adnun-CEaOBai reganflna: recently publicized sexanl hnorwpneties mvoiving two SpnmjfieM sBlleensm seanoierfeaceptioBs, the people : city administratkm sanctimoaious. I ides of what they arykEg; to sav They were typical of land fife, aad ana We . The police department is a mmot skjote symbol af gov-emmwHCai auchsrity, as they attacked it, tteimtty, I sunpose, relieving their frus-tliracumHi- Tfoese jeuot were demanding "otai" Casmfiftnan) Redfeam gave ttbRB an esseaent rxpianatioa of what tad fcaonened aa the situation. They Irfhfit fiatsem. Miss ianrfoflthIe of alt was i Barclay and bis calf for an i by the Missouri Attorney ; office. As be is aware. Tm , tifskbwa fctvestigatioa by the about only are extremely serious sit- I locally. Sock is not tbe case here, and I am sure Mr. Barclay knows this. also. This was obviously a grandstand play, stupid in conception and sickening in execution. The fact is. there was indeed a complete investigation, as was evidenced by the fact that tbe situation was known to police administrators who had taken disciplinary action. Mr. Barclay's entire point aeemed to be his disagreement with disciplinary action taken, not with tbe investigation. This idea got lost and so did any rational perspective on tbe situation. I don't know why Mr. Barclay did what be did. Whatever tbe reason, it was reminiscent of what happened some 20-odd years ago, when Sen. Joseph McCarthy, a vicious, petty man of no principles and no morals, recklessly accused anyone and everyone of being communists without any evidence. Hopefully, tbe spectre of a McCarthy-type circus will not rear its ugly head in Springfield. It is time for us, as a community, to say to Mr. Barclay, as someone should have said to Sen. McCarthy, that enough is enough. The incident is closed. TERRY L. WALKER Springfield Oar ls3 tours some visitors Wftsats awn af to your city fassr. Tkat wdl aesso&fir ' Suieette' which are tradttHmaDy all snaOeu ansae they punreatst teamed craftsmen, flaxy wifl lase jafes anee they osdfl toe to be sse-kasT wastes, orb wtiB mtt jpss replaemg ikear ssaue enfiiUkws, (anas puffing asaas auemlans ftmaot salt of work. Seeaas to ase sane peague start protect iter mArnmU. I fesae ftas at ft because -fte Law af Che Lanfl mOBX3ttA.TaTTEXStiX Stparta ERA aJaaWe. aartdrtoaHy. to met aai am lean. W'c r L Is a Where are all those wunaea That sfagaed as yesierftT The prwhtoai yiaaiwd wathwd a httdb ASd the worries went away . Ss let as ast aa. arsimd amd ftnst About pesdmg tasks nsMnw. Just laagk, dig sa. mt aaam ta amsk Instead af warp ing atod The jsss toat ie atoead. Lash asdt at ysir acoinjttnijmnC. Thus esse aaajg awnr doead. Thank Cad we feaac aility Aad the ffiwagrk to a$p mm sum Aad the fadfc to to9 m arfto; Ta laosr witkaat sa WHIM. i. Konr we bad After we were sheriff's car e wheeling in on behind. werer Tbe ofltor onse to the window and for my husband's driver's B-Tnere we sat wondering what we toe done as we passed through the J us til endL After waiting for a few aunuttt sty snaoand gat sut and went to (fee swand cor, got kt, and asked what ww going so. Tftey sBted kun if be bad used an CrediC Card at a Standard stale fttbJ mens we sse no credit canfi. fWe &ad cask receipts for all our gas purchases wkurk they didn't ask to we) They aatd tarn station owner re-parodl a Wamebags type motor borne wtrAassatebCwes4iandSs,bavinga femuflr laaiuan w, aaased a credit card. sbernTa sfficers the guilty party. Tbey fttsiard as there far suite some tune. TJr Ibw drove ayuvmlmatery one-half atngk to servtersfsthsi tosses phone wnafltnaersneruTkcarssdieeung in to agaua enntaus ss. After more ques-Sums Obry soul this was a matter for the $ patlne and! we would have to wait for tun to arriscu Flnaily tbe city police icame. MC fin point Hie SherifTs Depart-nnm aUD hfk. ftnagiwe this city ps-tonftraaa tomn; to see mtw something Hike Ohax. Be csfled the police statwa mam contacted tbe service for a further description. Br saus dt was a Winnebago type motor knnH'. Ve had s Brand sew 30 lost Cobra andtir Imsse, bright green and yellow nrtpes I ans sure once seem, it wouldn't fee aargmm mat certainly isn't a innenowm Hbe tXf sstroknasj spologized for the BWnmKnc. We were detained. Tm auveu in raceas of one and one-half bHoam. We anneertaee the ink the law officers have to do. We would not have minded being stopped and informed they were checking ah motor homes due to the fact of the misuse of a credit card. But that wasnt how it was done. The SherifTs Department knew the second they saw us we were guilty. There was no need for questions or defense. This is why respect is lost their own doing. We are upstanding citizens and feel our rights were denied. MRS. ROY BURCH Havre, Mont. Fire 9em all Has Lily gone soft? Last week over 100t employes were out on a wildcat strike, and a multi-million dollar business shut down, because of one person. When a company allows the employes to dictate policy, its own future is in jeopardy. Why was not everyone who walked out fired? A lot could be said about a union which collects dues, but does tittle to stop such shenanigans. Do they bave no control over their membership? Where was tbe business agent? No, I am not a member of this union, nor do I care to be. A few people can sure cause a lot of trouble. I only hope Lily doesn't some day join tbe list of businesses which have pulled out of Springfield because of continued labor disputes. A SALARIED EMPLOYE Springfield Time to forgive In regard to letters sock as E. A. Rosaer, Springfield and others with similar views: I shudder each time I read such mail. To find such cold, callousness here, in what is supposed to be a Christian. Godfearing nation frightens me. I had four brothers In World War II, overseas, three in active combat Two spent time in tbe hospital One received a monthly check until bis death, from his injury. Tbe injury itself, was minor, but be still had his monthly check above his regular check. My husband, likewise, was in active duty, spent time for his injuries in the hospital. He helped deliver a baby in a muddy ditch, under fire. He served on a burial detail, picking up and sacking pieces of bodies. Who knew what belonged to whom in many instances. He could only stand the bloody, smelly mess for three days. He saw the terror of tiny children running screaming through the streets. Blood flowed deep around the military hospitals where the wounded were brought Now, this is just a small part of war. He can find no fault in the pardon. Nor can my brothers. If a 29-year-old man, now in a wheelchair from that war, can forgive, as well as a mother who toot her son can go on public tv and say, forgive, then how can we say otherwise. Christ, our greatest ambassador of brotherly love, forgave those who killed him, now how can we not do likewise. Congratulations to Goldwater my foot! If only we could divert our war efforts toward peace! Peace be with you. KATHERINE WILLIAMS Verona Minister puzzled I was among the number of supporters who went up to Jefferson City to hear the testimony, pro and con, regard-' ing the Equal Rights Amendment. I was saddened to find that most of tbe opposition came from Springfield, and that they were mostly church groups! I want to be as fair as I possibly can, but regardless of who I hear in opposition to the amendment I just cannot understand how they, as Christians, can oppose something that can move all of us just a little closer to equality and freedom. God has called us to freedom, and we bave responded one step at a time. The Equal Rights Amendment is one of those small but vital steps. It is a step which can help us run with open arms to a loving God who has sought our freedom since the time of Moses and the Exodus. I am convinced of this, both in terms of my own understanding of the faith, and in terms of what the Bible says. I am also convinced that to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment in Missouri we would just as surely take many giant steps away from that love that pulls us into the future. REV. MARK STOUB Pastor, Gibson Chapel United Presbyterian of Ozarks Northside proud m tbe building section of the Feb. I edition of the Springfield News and Leader, you carried an article about the new mall located on tbe northeast corner at the intersection of Kearney and Glenstone. In this article the person being interviewed stated that tbe new mall would be located on the northside but would not be a northside business. As a lifelong northside resident I would like to know what kind of disgrace it would be for the new mall to be a northside business. Northside residents happen to work, pay taxes, eat sleep and spend a great deal of money. I was looking forward to the completion of this new mall as I live within walking distance of tbe mall, but now I feel as though I have been slapped in the face. I'm not good enough to shop in this multi-million dollar, shopping complex. There are many northside businesses that are thriving. I would like to suggest that in the future public relations personnel think twice before issuing a statement tbat insults a whole section of Springfield. I'm proud to be a Springfieldian but more important, I'm proud to be a northside resident. MRS. CAROL DRAKE Springfield Story unfair to Kickapoo Only on Sunday A MAJOSTTTsf J reply to ft. tone daart gpwp at a - anfless or a sannl car Oy'ie aaaaiwg a s a A ST. L0OSA3 restarts warfcr weather to tmmti tounraa at to awwd mryde lot Tea, wtca ssww mm Bur 1 as hard to pedal amyttung TEE E3S$ wanes things done right . smwk. Br" as ante-erastmator mm THAT the HeenCriniiat is over. jm tote to gs back to spotting good eatHmg pHuns by the tracks around (Steam Kit (he covered wagons. w mum SATS his kid is ss lazy bis bunny as csuerrma; dust KASK BILLINGS In reply to tbe recent article published under the headline. "Bad Night for Kickapoo." it seems that the stab aimed at Kickapoo waa unfair. Tbe fans, especially the adults, might have been rowdy, but this attitude of fans, is a problem shared by more than one school; the writer left tbe impression that Kickapoo was the only offender. According to several sources, the fans were not rowdy. Tbe writer apparently covered tbe fans when bis coverage of tbe game was minimal. Staff writer Kirby Arnold's style of flowery writing and editorializing should have been on the editorial page instead of being a filler on the i ports page. He did not back up any of tbe accusations with clear facta, and this is a great example of yellow journalism and sensationalism. Tbe sports editor, whose job Is to screen tbe copy for such mistakes, should be reprimanded for a job poorly done. Evidently some prejudices were put into writing, and the Springfield News and i 4 .4 ?t r 1 i i- Leader's quality suffered because of it An article this poorly done is a crime to the readers and to Kickapoo High School. The timing was perfect; this was written as the state competition gets into full swing. Hopefully, the girls will go on without the story bothering them, but will the supporters be as willing to cheer after such a stab? Time will tell how low the blow was landed. Kickapoo needs support, not a slap in tbe face. Surely this will never be ' repeated; it should have never occurred. Coverage of games ia the needed force to inspire the girls to victory, not coverage of the fans. Possibly Mr. Arnold should take high school journalism to learn the basis of good sports writing. ART BLUME IV Sports Editor Kickapoo Prairie News Editor's Note: Aeesrdisg to several other sources, Ike fJckapes lass WERE rowdy, dlaeosrteeas aad a at parts at as-like, as sportswrfcer AraoM pointed oat. 'morals j .n-ruivrvlODOWinj f C7C. . ' - . ' ' ' .4-'-'- a " Js- f - i'aiV - i r ' Mi n i iAh' --rK4ks yotunwns -Staff 1 A siga of the ttaaes at a wild aad wastry Springfield Oty Coaadl toeettng. The week's diary... On E OF THE city's longest-running stories tbe winter's freeze disappeared from the headlines as Springfield experienced warm days most of the week of Feb. 13-11. But another continued to make news: power plant calamities. This week's emergency was tbe result af the collapse of a coal hopper at tbe James River plant. By-week's end. a large portable conveyor system had been rented to fill tbe bunkers which had run dangerously lew. And a contract had been prepared with a firm which waa to dismantle the explosion-damaged No. 4 out at the same plant but it ran into aa insurance road block. Appeals far power conservation had met with little response, bat power production was limping along well enough that the city was able to meet its full commitment to Southwestern Power Administration. A matter of morals overshadowed tbe other news. Police officers and protesters packed City Hall Council Chambers during an effort by councilman Wayne Barclay to reopen a sex and gambling case in the Police Department. Mayor Pro Tem John Pratt chastised the crowd: I am ashamed for your hypocrisy and bigotry. I cry for you all. "You say you have no personal knowledge as to whether these matters are true. Consider then why you would be so un-Christian and insensitive as to come here and make sack allegations." v After the council session, the shouting and the tumult died down at least for the time being. Here's how it went day by day: MONDAY FBI and Army personnel searched aa area south of Fort Leonard Wood for tbe bodies of two tees-agers missing since October. The missing young persons are Alfred Elmer Marshall and Teresa Joanna Gossage. both 17. Their car was found in an isolated section of the fort aa Oct. 10... A 17-year-old youth, Stephen D. DeFord. fell about 35 feet while rappelling on a cliff near Springfield Lake. A kneecap and ankle were broken. Said the youth: "I just prayed all tbe way down. When I got to tbe bottom. I just said some hymns."... City Utilities was to receive proposals from firms interested in stabilizing and dismantling the explosion-damaged boiler of Unit 4 at James River power plant CU officials were fearful it might topple in sigh winds. TUESDAY - City Utilities officers feared that lock may be running out after tbe entire west side of tbe coal hopper at James River power plant collapsed. There was as interruption of electric service. The CU manager was told to inform the public of what to expect if Southwest power plant should be lost and to move quickly to provide a plan tsr power curtailment Damage to the coal conveyor belt bad not been determined. The Southwest plant now generates 150 to 160 megawatts a day; the city's average daily peak demand is 180 to 200 megawatts. . . Councilman Wayne Barclay's motion for an attorney general's invest igatioa into tbe morals of Springfield police died for lack of a second. The council chambers were packed as accusations were heard of tbe truth being hidden in connection with the recent discovery of some sex and gambling cases in the police department. City Manager Don Buscfa suspended three male police officers and asked for, and est, the resignation of a female police employe. Mayor Pro Tern John Pratt chastised tbe crowd for what he regarded as its sanctimonious attitude, saying they chose which Christian principles "you will, apply to whom" and said he was ashamed "that you didn't see fit to carefully consider the source of your information." He said they ignored a baste religious precept: "Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor." Barclay said tbe sexual activities described in the report Included sodomy. Several ministers charged the sex case bad been glossed over and police ta the audience cheered when the piety and moral indignation of the speakers was questioned. . . Assistant Police Chief Lea Reynolds said be thought police morale would improve since tbe Issue of a "cover-up" in the investigation ante sexual and gambling activities apparently was cleared ap at tbe previous night s council meeting.. . Council i through $0.7 million of requests for $3.3 millioa af 1 munity Development funds and gave moat of tt to die 1 Clearance for Redevelopment Authority for projects at Silver Springs and Grant Avenue. . . The "peaceful"" wildcat strike at Lily Division of Owens-Illinois plant was marred by rock throwing. There was no change kt the walkout which began over a dispute in tbe plant's print shop. . . Council approved new gas rates expected to raise the average customer's bill by $3.30 per month. It passes sa to customers a series of rate hikes by CU's natural gat supplier. . . A weekend rain caused six inch rise la the levels of Fellows and McDaniel lakes. Both lakes are dawa about six feet. . . Springfield ians will vote April mm separate bond issues for 11.430,000 in street improvements and $1,713,000 In sidewalk and pedestrian overpass projects . . . Kevin McAndrews was named general anas-ager of KOLR-TV. WEDNESDAY - Overlooking objections from the Springfield City Council, tbe Missouri House rated to transfer all authority over municipal elections to the eewoty clerk. . . Jefferson and Central and Beaton and Central are the most accident prone intersections in the dry. according to a study by tbe Public Works Department The former , recorded S.M accidents for every millioa cars which passed through it, the latter bad 3.31. . . 1 deal think we're serving the people," said Sheriff Mickey Owes hi calling for

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