The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 14, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 14, 1934
Page 5
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NOVliMBliK M, 193j BLYTHMVILLB, (ARK.)' COUKfER NEWB CLASSIFIED SECTION - g Directory of CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dully rule j*r line for COIIMCU- (|ve insertions: (Five average words to a line) One time per line lOc Two times per line per day .. 08c Three times per line per day .. OGc Six times per Ihic per clay .. 05c Month rate per line 60c Minimum charge Due Ads orflerefl lor three or six times and stopped before cxplra- uou will bo charged for the number oj limes the ml appeared and adusttnent of Dili maao, AH Classmen Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside oi [he city must be accompanied by cash. Rales may be easily computed from above table. No responsibility will Uo taken for more than one Incorrect insertion of any classified a<3. Advertising oraered lor irregular Insertions take the one time rale. PHILLIPS' USED CARS THE •so roitu i-onuou SEDAN 5195 UKST USKUCAHS IN TOWN C'llKVItOf.LT Kumljlc Heat . c 1 o u r> E. •:n CIIEVKOLET COACH .... ?: 'XS FORI) TUDOK SEDAN .. SA15 '33 CJIEVHO1.ET C O t' 1' E. Rumble Sent S183 ''M 1'Oltlt UE LliXli CO ill'b'. Huniblc Scat S17o 1'KUCKb anil TRAILKKii '3'2 CHEVROLET TllUOK. 157 I n eh Wheelbase, Du.-il Wheels $298 "M CIIEVKOLET TKOCK. 151 1 n t- h Whcelbase, Dual Wheels S1G5 '2a CIIEVUOLET TRUCK. Closed CaU S 58 K1MUHAM TllAlUill. Dual Wheels. A ISargain — ?: iN'ABORS TKAII.EK 5-10 \VI? I'AY CASH FOR GOOD USED CAKS PHILLIPS' USED CAR LOT Curlier Walnut ,t 1st Streets" riioiic 813 OPEN NIGHTS UNTIL 9 J\ M. Business Dii-ectory | u ea j Estate SEE OUR DISPLAY OP Arkansas Pottery I/west prices—Lovely fc'l'l* Parkhuvst's Farmers! You furnish the corrON, \ve fui- iiish the labor and 8 w.. tickinii :ind make you an excellent- nnit- Ivrss iov $6.50. SATISFACTION OUAHANTIvBD J. W. Jenkins & Son Upholsterer 111! a. n. R.—Phone 139 RITK 1'KICK (,'KOCEHY HUV <JKOCEKIKS KKiHT A COMPLETE LINE OP FANCY A STAPLE GROCERIES, FRESH MEATS. VEGETABLES, PRODUCE, J.'LOUK, MEAL, ETC. In Old !'. O. BMg. Phone 234 We Deliver WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY CIRCULATFNcT HEATERS WASHINCTMACHINES Gas and Klectric AMMUNITION (Juail, dutk & squirrel loads HARNESS our stock is complete IMPLEMENTS and repairs for AVERY, MOLINE VULCAN & BLOUNT Pay us ii visil and be conrinccd PAULBYRUM V'» -Bast JIain I' % A«AIS I'OU SALK Why Buy Coa! From Us? "' u ' ," l '"' sh <llscollllt nt - r> mits • '' " r10 '"' nrsl ' U '° (ons ot COA1> Ihno the order is I ram us home or invesunent, ilou'li'' *'"" wi " l<1 " 1LS Ulc ms °n you Ijonsht It (roni this' nnn, 'M to see (hea- iiitiactive lanns in the wsl pan iif|)|>i County. » A, alwiil -1 miles Hum either Iiiii'hvlllc or Manlln. : ', mile (nun I'oplav Corner, V mile oil paveil load. OI the l;elh-i l.vpi. heiivie.r sand loiiin whitli makes Ins crap.. —Some 1-31) years in business. All high Male iMilllciilioii, Inn. I 'J-aci-i! «-uyd-Jot rcsci'vcd tar tiiii-l Why You Hliould Trnde Wllh Ul Ii—i'rorapt wivicc. 2-Qmility oi coal hiindlcU. •l--Courk > ous Ucalniml, S—Von fiel, nil you pay lor. "QUALITY GROU!" u, Distributed by GAY & BILLINGS I'hour '(O iier. •> honw.s, barn. An rsivlk'nt fiU-ni, I'jh-e 5CO.OO atrf. Joint Hlocl. Land Bank loan $3.21)0.00, ma.v ije assumed. $1,UOO.OQ i-asli. HiU A. on II Look at This! ! 40 Acre Farm 'I'll'.- best buy in Uic lenilojy ttlicrc locitlcrt. llluck t,lll lunin . has rctiord of producing hulr One larti- nlles lrom I'oplur corner, ' i'i',' f"," ™ s rc ""' (l " f i"' 0 ' 1 miles from either Uaehvllle or U Cf>Uo " |ln ' : ' ca '' Mtinila. Alt high stan. cultivation 6 ''„""" <I « 1< -' 11 '"B & "»';". a '-'-\ A gootl 7 room residence al-o'""! ! "" llul1 limiac ' S "" U1 mcb 'l -I room tenant house uarn'; •ui'd."" 1 ' wt " (1 '' i ' i "«'. <>" l'°«! ™ :II M other ontlniilclings. Thi.s is inoici ';,'"'', n " sl <>f H'Bliway (il. ni'ai | ,i ,. •• . •••••' !-• uiv j i_ ,\T('linivtlri '^Ifn'i' nfii«• rv.n.*in< •,. Iliiiii » rnrm; it is ii nictty liomo, ,.'.,'. ,° |01L " l< " as well.! Price S-IT.fti) |;rr act.-,' " lx ' gmvcl so0 "- lialt tush ami twins. Killing Stations Southern Service Suiion Slcelc, Mo, l'liilli|» till I'raitncui ANTI-KNOCK UA6OL1NK lie I'AIl) £0 A :i inile.s soulh uJ Lc;irhvillc. 'L mile oil Highway N<i. in. Th,<ta-p Muck linlTalo Creek lanil Dial makes .such bij; crop^. fi:! ai-ri-s ek'niTil, L!8 cut-over woods. Prite Si3.50 [jer acre, cash. BC.C5 A 1'C- miles south ol l.uacli- villc on Highway No. 18. All higu sliite eiiltiration and u KOOC! producer. Fair house and ixiin. This farm is. in :1 very diwirabln loca- (ioii and price, compared with others, is low. Price M5.00 Hn -c A loan of $1,800.00 with Joint Block Land Bank, may lie assumed lir- inaindcr cash. hut have parly who can on land. \V. M. Bums, Agency Price $2750.00 Cash j -Ji-'^Ui!!!^. Shoe Kcpairin HALU :i t-:> milM of Dell, (jowl land, good house and small barn Owner non-resident and oilers ii cheap. $1750 gels II. Sla.v \V<: 0)1! rnur Shoo? HKK OUI) HAMVL.EB E. E. Ratcliff Aciuss from Hubbard Ildw. Co. as an Co. - .Rent Try our :iOOO mile BOLES—proof of jl)i<; pudding h (de eating. When IS'ou get a goo;l tiling icmcnibcr j whole you E ot it. •I I'nOGIlESBIVK SUOK SHOl ica Kouth and si. NJCIiLY House ul Gift Chickasiwba. llic kl'J BEDROOM, steam heat. Men preferred. 911 W. Ash. Cull tt»-_ Otk-B 3 room PUKN1SHEI) ~APAUT- MENT, garage. 131S W. Main. 2-ck-tf "TRUE VALUE" RADIOS Battery & Electric Scte Best Value for the Price Oberst Store Co. 4U A 3',-t mile.i nprthwcsl ol Manila, -,'i mile oil paveil load Brown Spur. All cultivation, hous" barn. Price $1,800.00. Terms. S500.0(l eash, talance in five annual pay- nienls. with interest. 40 A y:. miles northeast of u-ai-li- °'!l! in -i n" r°°" SfM]ca """'• "" SIjrON APARTMENT: in ciilhvalion, 2 houses, oarn Price $1,100.00, half cash :nid terms. 100 A on Highway No. I, northeast, of Joiic.s-boi'o. excellent stock fnnn, pasture will hold. Above average Improvement*. S30 00 acre cash. L. \VIIJ, U'liclivillc, Ark. Coal & Wood Hai'diii-Ban'oii Coal Co. Yards nl SIcrnheiK Chn I'hone llti ICIll OIIAUU KENTUCKV OOAL, II sixes; ALABAMA ItED ASH ft QUICK Kimi ALABAMA. VOOU, K1NDLINU, CORN, HAY If yon urc down In iln> month, think of Joimh] ho came out ulrleht." W1NTHR IS MKIIK! I-'lll four lilii.i noir n-illi Hie I a- ions JUurne. Kcil Ash Coal—high 11 heal, loiv in a.sli; or .Mjijesilc (iinllty Circle Illinois Coal, Lest nallly from Western Kriiliirhy. DRY WOOD-KINDLING We sollelt your patronage on lite '"Sis ot lilgh iiuiility products, low •'ish prices, prompt service jiml lonesl dealing. Von get what you pny [ 01 i wr ,., Farmers Cash Feed & Seed Co. J. W. Parker, prop. . uno, JOHN DUOIM.VAN.- 1'HONK 'JO/' QAIr ! 11G v/1 -----BEST COAL TO It MONKY me- Alabama - Itoyal Kentucky '- W. Tranlhaiii Co;il Co. See Us Admit Blyllicvlllc Gin Co. I'KONH 9(11 "Jliulwiil Alabiinia" "Premium Kentucky" CALL 211 Parks Bros. Coal Co. I'ltONK 1)77 1'Olt "IH-Lu Alabimiu" "UliU'lt l(o.v;il Kentucky" AJ3LKAN COAL - LOW I'lUCUU J'or Sale I'- '"• "i 1 before 9:30 u. tn. 10-pl?-H EAT 'J'lllS IS THi; l'i,AUE WJIDIti; YOU (JAN BUT ANYTHING VOU WANT, I'Ycsh Crnppio, l''n)in lU'l'ITuot l,;i|(i> Oysters Ilifth (,'nide T-Kunc / Klcsiks 1'Vicil Chicken Ituasls of Alt Kindt; (.'old l'!a(o Lunches BARGAINS In Used I lutibmd Hclw. Co. OH ik liTOVK; ulmiokum KUt'I Onil JIKATEH; HED- j HTEAOS, fprinus, inattressi'i!. CIIANOC or MKNIJ UKOKGK WK1GHT, CilEF HARRY BAILEY'S Slate U/ic Swvice Station. Faclorv Authorized KKIGIDAIRE SERVICE I'ai'lory Trained Aleehaiiics Day U7—Pliinic—Night 382 •107 Slain SI. E. H. GEE SALES CO. Clutvvood & Weidman Cotton i ELECTRICAL WIRING Sheet Metal Work Metal Flues I AM PAYING DEBT PRICES FOB PLOW UP OPTIONS J. E. HASSON Grand Leader Bldg,—Phone 429 Automotive "WSNTEIl AUTO SI'KCIAIS" J'rrilonr, Alcohol, Heaters, l)c- froslcrs, \Yillanl lialteries. LET US PREPARE YOU FOH WINTER Hubbavcl Ilclw. Co. AUTOMOTIVE DEPT. Photic 470 Phone I I.K YOim CAR roll WINTEK Cheapest Prices r«iii|. joljs, Knv.iiriiis Ixulirs, .Si- moiiiziug. (;iKingihj: Transmissions, Washing ft Grrastn; with iMarfak Grease «• (Jujkcr Stale oil. John tlwirn—Jininiii: Bhiklry BARNETT AUTO SALES CO. Phone 88B IIAVK YOUR JlATTEIlY Ut;- CHAUGED BBV'ORE COLD WEATHER J. Ben Ciunc. BATTERY SEHVICi; At Tom w. Jackson's Station Ash & 2nd Plioiic 8—Residence 277-W SPECIAL PRICES Between P. O. & Crcvrolct Bldjj. Phone Xliti Let Your Rent Pay For A Home We have V, homes to l)c told for CASH OR From $500 to $3,000 All are priced lit less than hiilf of their present replacement costs. This offer will last hut a short time. ACT NOW! PHONE 12. I TI AUTO GLASS AKK-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 PEKMANENTS Nunc Uctler - - Special I'riccs Barrett's Beauty Shop ' 60S N. 5th - - Telephone 580 Cobb Undertaking Co., IDC SERVICE & QUALITY AMBULANCE rbiiic- 26 CTPO THE Nf.\MEMtHT OF vJftSH f\M\> UTWf\T 5Ht SENT 110 CftSteGBMA K /VWi, 1 OIPH'I DIEN I KMOV1 VlHtR£ SOO \ ^6R£. \v COULt) I? I FOR BEAUTIFUL FLOORS RENT OUR FLOOR SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO. Help Wan led WOiVDEIirUL OI't'OKI UNITY to make $240 a month, M5 week. Be a yroccij r dealer I furnish yon complete. No capital need- C <1. Write Albert Mills, CCC8 Mon- nionth, Cincinnati, O. 12p kli Personal . l-ui 1 information leading to llu in 1 rest nnd convietion of parties who smashed Guard's window Mamliu-. Nov 12, v. E. Toniltnson, Chief of Merchant's patfol. nc 1; 12- 13 BUYING IiV CAR LOAD LOTS MAKES CHEAPER PRICES FOR THE CUSTOMEHS. J. F. LIVINGSTON SKEUS. FEEDS, GHOCKIUKS WHOLESALE & RISTAIL TRUCK BEDS PANEL BODIES TRAILERS OP ALL, KINDS I3UILT TO ORDEtl BARKSDALE 2'JO N. Second MODERNIZE YOUR COUNTRY HOMK WITH A DEMINO WATER avaTEM. $*o up. HUBBARD HDW. CO. SAW FILING . , of nil kinds Wilh automatic lUlim machine BARKSDALE & PAGE 300 N. Second COPPKK WEATHER STRIP Saves fuel at small cost Arknio Lumber Co. CIKCttiMSTANTlAl, IOV IID"l-I L O°?, i v ! 1 ! E ,«: ,T^ IS TRAIL TOOK c; Rieyr 10 Til 1 KA\CK CMTHANCB ° Of.W MOOVIAN UOYAL PALACE /• \ inarte all kinds of shoe; for ABNORMAL feet, dm rcpnii shoes to correct ABNORMAL lee'. mon . Lcc Olde:,l shoe muher In comity "'nnde With A Pioneer" 111 S. liiillruact '•mmmm;, , .,- ^^I^^^AliM Large house; wilii ACREAGE. Clnr'r-. Railroad. Mrs. Lillian Nash. r OH, HO .'so TMAT'S MOW TH'WIND BLOWS/ Tk KA.VF. RETURNED TO TH' SCENE OF THKIF-i Position Wanted O.M; adjoining bath. Men, Will do STENOORAPmc^wariTiit "'" W ' Kc """*>- '™ ''W' 1 - nearaiirtto rate Call SW TWO nicely FUHNISHI5D DED- ROOMS '.notlerately ]>riced. Mrs E. A. Fisher, 101 K. Davis. 24-p|;-2g WANTED: Men roomers un ; (win hccis. Cull 82-l-J Holly. U-ck-tf. Aparlnmnt . lifter Kovciiiber '2'i. Mrs. A. Weil Uoiigaii. H-c-k-19 WANTED TO HENT OR BUY— 40 to 80 nife fnnn. Absolutely sober. Cure for pliice and, Fur- Ilest Oysters S, Kii-cr Cal i'lsh nish sclt. Write P. O. llox 764. Dinners- Kvcry liny O'Brien 105 S. Sccorul KEMINIHM! PRINCESS JADA IHSISTs FOR HELP WELL, THE TARIFF ON CHEESE - IF vou TRQUBV.E DON'T FORGET VOUR T3 S5UT NOOP. NAME'S SIGHtP TO IT, >IOUR UOU'IS ANUHEK BUDDIE CWAV.VCAM PLAY TWW VJftY,XOo'.<bUE'i DOW Vita BtW TVKP B\\.V.V WMt Srtt'^ AFRWD V Ml6HT PUT \M SASI fc'MoM,Si.OOJ POKE, ~\ ^^ j RLE 'EM ON TH' ( (/HID, H')LDv HIGH'!' UP TO I US NKCK! (SHELVES/ I'M OETflM . I-URKV ou^ iT'REO OF- HWPIN' 'EM// SHGULIW HIRED UP TO VA f / V A 6WNT FEK

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