The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 27, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1950
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JULY 27, 1950 Labor-lndustry-Agriculture Group May Aid U.S. War Mobilization BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS By MAX HALL WASHINGTON, July 27. W>~ A Jabor-fndiistry-agriculture committee was repoted In the making to- ds flf '° consult with the eovern- mem on war moblll/.allon. The committee would discuss policy questions like price ami wage controls with W. Stuart Symington. chairman o( the National Security Resources Board (NSRB), who directs the drive to get the home front ready for war. Symington's office would not comment on the report. But elsewhere It was learned that he has begun sounding out the big organizations of labor. Industry, and agriculture. Labor Ajrrees Upon Names Organized labor has tentatively agreed upon the names of three persons to submit as labor representatives: William Green ol (lie AFL, Philip Murray of (he CIO, and Al Hayes of the International A.sso- c'ntlon of Machinists. In addition. Symington has Invited the unions to someone to serve as a full-time official in the NSRB. There was a possibility he would choose tow people — an AFL man and a Cfo imri. Concerning this. Symington was expected ia make an announcement (otlav after a third meeting with a temporary committee of nine tabor leaders. ^^ Temrtorur.v Committee ^P^was this temporary committee that tentatively chose Green. Murray. and Hayes to consult with Symington on policy. The temporary committee is composed of three AFL men. three CIO inch, and one each from the machinists, United Mine Workers, and railroad unions. It Is not a policy- consulting committee, and so tar it has talked with Symington mainly about the best ways to give representation to labor on agencies that will be Involved in war mobilization. When Symington starts active consultation with labor leaders on policy matters, one of the first questions sure to arise is that of a "wape freeze." Yesterday Bernard Baruc'h proposed that Congress "put a cell- Ing on everything." Some government officials have (he impression (hat workers might accept a wage freeze if prices and profits were frozen at the same time. Vitamin B-12 Is Important natchability of poultry eggs. in A R*darmy «r<ni«dC«nto oltock cou •<aimt Hang Kong, colony. B,ii; 5 J» gturiio. oUO.OOO nw. WILL CHINESE REDS STRIKE?-TJ,e next few weeks will be "riTrs^o^^V^ Co 140 "" ," «•"«££ as-p' ?f sa^-r r^r SS"s£~ seasoned troops, pose the sharpest problem. Map si owsThere and how they might intervene W complicate the Korean picture There Four Red "a ,* northward .«">vement of troops [white arrow) south o? Am™ A a fler C H e ^s ers he 1 l?ed n twSV nya5i ° ? C ° aSt n ° rlh 3 Amoy Naliosalist government onVoVm^sa'orTcVed ii^n^y^ a" forte to go into action if Communists invaded the islands Industrialist Dies Beneath Coal Car FAIRBANKS,. Alaska, July 27 (X"l — Alaska's foremost Industrialist and wealthiest man—Capt. Austin Eugene Lathrop—died beneath the wheels of a loaded coal car yesterday. He was 84. The accident occurred as Lathrop inspected coal gondolas at his Healy River Coal Corp., holdings at Suntrana, 112 miles south of here Dr. Paul B. Haggland of Fairbanks said the operator of the gondolas failer to see Lathrop and released a loaded car down a slight incline. The industrialist either tripped or fell under a wheel. Taitan Island Attacked by Reds Nationalists Claim Capture, Killing of Invading Forces TAIPEI, Formosa. July 27. M>, _ The defense ministry said about 500 Chinese Communists today landed on tiny Tnllan Island, two miles off Amoy; but the Invaders were either killed or captured by Natlonalis defenders. Red held Amoy has been considered the takeoff point for an Invasion against Quemoy Island, s kex point in the Nationalist blockad'i of the mainland. The defense ministry communique said more than 200 of the invaders were raptured and the rest mmi'- hllated. It added thai, three Communist junks were set afire, eight sunk and 12 captured. Nationalist forces also seized t great quantity o f ammunition i said. The communique said the Reds landed on (he western beaches of raltan and dug in on (he tin of a small ridge in die northern part of the Island. Ground units, closely sunporled by naval vessels, clo-ed I" on Ihe invaders who resisted stubbornly with iiinchlneguil fire The Nationalists, identified the Invaders units of (he 39th Army ol Gen. Chen Yi's Third Field Army. An earlier government statement Indicated (he Red* had not, succeeded In making a landing. Although Taitan Is In no way necessary lor a Communist conquest of Quemoy U probably was a test ol he United states announcement that the Seventh Fleet will not interfere in operations outside the Formosa defense zone. Formosa Is about 100 miles ol Quemoy. 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A Kiiuramitlo'iial mitliorlty to supervise Hie merged production. 2. A Joint parliament, chosen by (he national assemblies of nieni- uer nations, to which tile authority would be responsible. 3. A court of appeals to hear member protests of authority decisions, 4. A committee of ministers to maintain liaison willii member Hover miic-nts. Baptist Group Urges Laws To Safeguard Minority Rights CLEVELAND, July 27 (,1'j _ A solution oj.>j)osiiiB "racial dlscrim- lation and segregation and urgiug aws to -.afpjjuard l!ie rij;(i(s of o[>- iressed minority groups intro- uccd today at the u'uiid Alliance. It mentioned iliscrlmluutioii a- ainst jews. Orientals and Mcxl- aus. and N'cgroes, The resolution came from n com- nisslon on social Justice headed by 1-. Benjamin Mays, prestilcnt of orehouse College, a Negro school u Atlanta, aa. Us introduction was approved bv lie executive committee oflhe Bap- :ist World Alliance, which Is hold- the .si.x-diiy Congress ending b ng odny. one major exception It fol- lowed similar resolutions approved by past liapllst congrcs-scs. It added this, however: , ' ••discrimination based on religion, culture and race provides fertile soil for Die development and spread or Communism. Fascism and other niid-socfnl programs." Dr. p. Townley txud, 5li-ycar-ol<l pji.stor of liltiomsbury liaptist Church in London, was unanimously elrilcd president of the alliance yesterday. He sweats Dr. c. Oscar Johnson of St. Louis and will be Installed lodny. The next Congress will lie held in London In 10,35, _ Dr. Lord Is editor of the'Baptist rimes and Is a former president of the British Haptist, union Soviet Papers Hint at More US 'Aggression' MOSCOW, July 27. Uf) - Soviet publications today rturged the united Slates with preparing tor new nggrcsslo.n beyond Korcn. One irmxnzliic said "the clique cf warmongers Is champing at the bit" A lop editorial In the weekly magazine New Times commented hat. -ti,, scale an(1 cdarnj,,,,,. of he war measures being taken In Washington Indicate that America's aggressive [mentions go beyond the (iimievrork or Korea." Oilier comments by Soviet Journals included: izveslla. official government newspaper: "Yeslcrday tn e American Coheres..! undertook new steps >n tiro mobilization of the nation aggrcs- slon Triul, (rule union organ- "Ae- ronlini? to press lepmls. ll, e mobilization of reservists (In the U.B ) Is proceeding on nil ever wider scale nltliouBh the exact scale of mobili- sation Is unknown because the mill- Goodbye Heartburn -Hello TUMS! Quick rcEitffor iour *ocn*ch. PAGE THREE tary U surrounding It with secrecy.- New '1'inies: "The (U.S.) aggression In Korea U a step towards th« domination of Asia." Some families or chickens are lo» In halchability of eggs. I* y»wr trwdc'f front «*>* M STRAIGHT? 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