The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 13, 1937
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LE COURIER NEWS APT7O /"iCT kTj^nrm TTS i n,n i«__i»J_.. '. • F^^*^' VOL. XXXIli-^0. 283 Blythevllle Courier . Blythevllle Herald Blylhevlllc Daily News NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSA8 AND BOUTHEAS1' MISSOURI RNYTIIKVILU.;, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, PRniiUAKY~l3~lw~ : $s > I -! + SINGLE COPIES PiyiJ CENTS TROOPS CALLED IN NEW LABOR TROUBLE Floyd White Is Ca Floyd s A. White is Hoday formally announcing-that lie will be a] candldate ; 'for the office' of alder-j man, second ward, in the city \ election In April.", Mr.. White Is seeking 'the pjaccr; filled by Tomi W. JacKs'oii for ' ; n .number of lyears, wlio al.s'o announced today' 'that he will, not be a candidate W 'll' - Tl ' . r " -i • that he will not be a candidate ill IS vlhornlon. Explains j for reelection.- Loy Welch The ISSUE in fnntrovftxial ctl ! er nkle ™ an from the second losui. in v,omrovi.rsiai v ,. lnli was elected -'in isno for a Proposal To sound-out Ihc sentiment or Courier News readers on I'resl- <jr ' two year term. Mr. White lias been prominent In community affairs of Blythe- vllle for a number of years. At Courier News readers on I'resl- immuer. ui years. At dent Roosevelt's proposal to "re- l )rescllt he & most actively Identl- vainp the supreme court, the Cour-" " ed * ith , llie , w ° rk of «'» '<*«! Ifr Sews, in co-operation with 71HI Boi ; Sc , ou , tls "" d '" tlle Dll(1 Cason »lher U. s. newspapers served by P°7 °, f . t " e Al ""ican Legion. He NKA Service. Inc., is (akin* a poll '" ln tho shoc business, on the jueslion. A ballot for your use appears on rage 3. The ballot will be reprinted Monday and Tuesday so that oilier niein- lifrs of your family may vote. In the ' accompanying article, Willis 'Thornton, NEA Service staff correspondent, clarifies the question with an impartial analysis of the issues Involved and a brief summary of (lie arguments, pro and con. . , ' ' . '.' * • < • • • BY WILLIS. THORNTON' NEA Service Staff Correspondent At noon of Feb. 5, 1937, Presi- ,<lenl Roosevelt sent to ' Congress a -historic message. It strongly suggested that Congress eiinct hew laws in order that the Judiciary President Explains Views to Democrats'Opposing His Program WASHINGTON. Feb. 13 (UP) — Three senators, all outspokenly op cl Cross, However, Not Yet Ready to Return Refugees to Homes ' While the national Red Cross disaster office here Is still con- , , „ ,, i'"»*..i/ ujj- noisier oince Here Ls st II posed to President Itoo.seBelt's ccrned principally with e first p^rrwwrs sr^ «ra for nersonal rnnforpn/'/n; ,i._ t. _, . . ll - J »b t -'-.'>, pmns "may function in modern ^lecessities." accord with . . The message was accompanied hv a letter from AUorney : Generat Cuinmliigs backing up the su?- ge^ions majdj and a draft of a bill drawn in the Department cVT Justice | o make tl)5 plan effective. The message recommended several reforms 1 n indicia! l)rocecj- I ure and -1A 'the I conduct o f the 1 federal courts Thornton ' Chief p^moag them weie plans for "a constant and systematic 'addition ,'qf younger blood','.' to "vitalize the courts. Attention immediately centered on the . proposals .Which applied to the U: S.. Supreme Court, foundation stone of the judiciary, one of llie three co-ordinate branches of U. S. executive government, legislative. -and judiciary. These for personal conferences with UK I president today. White administration leaders In congress sought to enlist support I for the ., far-reaching judiciary program from those not yet committed on either side of tl nn i pi 11 r. - l""" 11 " "" ejuler s 'ic of the con- flM Llirr lloversj1 - Mr. noasevelt scheduled Ml! I I U-l r eo " rt '"' IICCS with,.Senators William UJ1 LLKLL "• King-of-Utah. Frederick Van _^ jNuys of Indiana, and Edward R CL IL r '" ' ii, i , : Burke, of Nebraska. Shelby County Workhouse! caiis Wek-End K M «S Will Release 100 Pris-jmT hiST^fe 11 ,^ 0 : oners Tonight '"" ' MEMPHIS, Feb. 13 (UP)-One hundred. Shelby county workhoiise prisoners will go free toni»ht-a icward for their labor to save Memphis levees from 'Mississlnni backwaters. ... E. W. -Hale, workhouse chairman, said today: ' Re-ihzmg that Shelby coiintj [Sressional opposition to the presi- I dent's program, particularly that portion which -contemplates in are being, made . for the rehabilitation of those directly affected by the disaster, 'the second nnd final phase of-the program. So far the Kcd prog Cros Ims not Pcnriscot. Couple, 1)1 voreed 2'"Weeks Ago, Marry Again , STEKL-K, Mo. — Mr. ami-Mrs.- "lay Lewis,' who wore divorced iiboni two weeks ago after a seii- «i:ntlon of than n month, were reunited In mnrrlacc. last Wednesday In n ceremony performed in Ihc homo of the officiating minister, the llev. D. K. Fester of Cnrillliorsvllle. They are now In Memphis on Ihclr • second honeymoon. Upon their return they will make their home in Stccle. .Mr. nnd .Mis. Lewis were first married eight years ago, when Mrs. Lewis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 0, 1>; Howard of Steele, wns 1C years old. They have two children. Mr. Lewis, son of C. L Lewis sr, .of Braggadocio, (s lii the trucking; business' at Slcclc. Find Giil Slaiiv Hold Party Pals pctually returned refugees In the Chickasnwba district of Mlssissip- |H county to their homes,/though a number, hnve voluntarily left refugee camps nnd returned- • ! Miss Henrietta Wilklns, head of I I lie national Red Cross, ore'nnlni-' ol lie national Red Cross: organlm- In, mrr. - Uon here, estimates that a total I JlVLD flf ol li.800. persons, 1,705 families " to J ' fl I i K T be. exact, have been registered In ULII I L M Ul refugee eamixs • in this district of the county. Fc iiuiuun vviiicn -contemplates in- • Few Uefugccx in Counlv crease In supreme court incmpci-,1 Most of them have since been removed .. to large concentration camps outside the comity, only 339 refugees being in camps here nnd at Dell last nighi. i n addition "rniir^notCt i 1 S r (ii i gtook ^ '»»- just and right Uiatte^m-ison I r S '" U StUdi '" Ule W ' litc ers should be a,™* 0 ^"' 2™* P . m ™ «' R °o^>< M- be allowed certain good time on then fines ind sen Unices'. Fach prisoner will ha\e three days laken off his sentence for each da> he worked on !e\ees Oov Gordon Browning said that ship. , Accompanying the three senators to the White House were Senator James P. Byrnes. (Dem S_ C.) mul senator Pat Harrison ^^-.^ t ,.« w urass pntlents In (Dem Miss) Harrison has given! Ihc Blyihcville' hospital 34 In the MI- nnnsA^it. p.ogmm qinlified j emergency hospital at the citj ball and foujv in the Msnlla emergency hospital. -The Red Cross "' also providing food foi 2154 Ml appro\ il he an """"ve order to carrj out this ED 10 SUITE- proposals .were immediately rec- ognized'us the most far-reaching effort in many years to alter. Ihe U. S. Supreme CoiirL ; i In considering 'President Roosevelt's proposal . regarding the U. S. Supreme. Court, it is best to start at the beginning. What is the supreme court? The United States is governed Mrs Howaid Proctoi .Will Begiiv Duties at' Little 'Rock Monday : •: • •', Mrs. 'Howard Proctoi has been appointed assistant to E I M c Kmley, state commissioner of labor and statistics, it hns teen an : nounced. Airs. ..Proctor and dnu«h- ters, Belly Lou ami . Rob , r t Ar ,^ ?h. C1 r°V, d Proctor ' S'-year-old la- lowing ins usual custom of not going (o his offices in the execu- tne wing on baturda\ After 1 the conference the White House repealed Mi iRooseUt plans to call n lecess for the week end in his series of personal intimate conveisalion? with small groups of semtoi-s icnardlng the pudi- ciaij proposals hmf May Change stand ' Tile the senators left the White Hdlise atESu an'IiouV aifrT'i -hiflf- conference* with Mr Hoo cvelt; •'> Indications weie that the scn- ntora tlnce pieviously opposed to the "leisure and two supporting it had not changed tlieu stands wilh the possible exception of Semtor King King, who declared'ngainst the piogram slid "I was-.very much .pleased with the president's views and am giving them serious consideration" Burke said: '..''.' ..... ....... ^..n,-, ,.-, BU v t ,,,«, h. r, ' -- a- under a written Constitution That' "J . ll ' e Iatc Mr - Proctor. . niov- is our basic and. 'fundamental ,£„•?•'""£ Rock ,'oday and MJ., law, adopted by the people 15o!;T° , r wf " t(lk « »P lier 'work >i» ngo when the resen o^ "'° Ill1a >'- - . fight it with,ever possess." Van Nuys said: , "You have certain courtesies in these things. Some 'senators', have - ,- n go when the present gov^ ernmcnt began. Everything Congress does, everything the president does, everything executive officials do, comes as n result of - - . . As "Distant to Mr. McKlnley ne of 'duties will be to in- one of vestijatc the , * the Jength O f women's ... .. 01 .... . -.- !lours ' '" Industries in powers given them or denied-them '£, . llollra nrc limited by slate by the people in adopting Ihe ' Constitution. An Arbiter Necessary None may act counter to tliiF- written nnd basic law. But. as always in Ihe case of written v.ord.s. people differ sometimes on ) exactly what the Constitution means. When there Ls a differ- B1 - ml|w mcm<jM1 _ , h( .ence somebody must decide who ami has. spent much , " 8 "" , '"-? out the programs, si The Constitution provides for'also taken an active role ii establishment of a supreme court. | ous other clubs of the city Mrs. Proctor, who has lived here .a number of years, has long ocfn prominently ittentifled with civif Kiid club affairs. Her most oiitstandin? work has b*en in "| P American Lep.ion Auxiliary, bom ^ tl :L^ l , a -L Sla ^.«™^- She of both " carry- The Little Rock nddress'is uon J O.'i-M. ... -* *^W W. Sixth street It has become generally recog "izctl during the last 150 years that this court shall be the final arbiter In disputes over what the Constitution means, as well as a final place of appeal of citizens • wno believe that guaranteed rights NEW. YORK. Feb. 13 (n P) irl P,°" tnkcn BWal ' tr0111 »i™. fading . lightened on liic stock HOW I'lan Wrti.i.i n n o-^i_ 1 °. ,° ,_, .. . . stock Closing Stock Price* ay r .How i'lan Would Operate —""'tumm tioesn L say how many monitors of the supreme court there shall bo But It seems lo Indicate that members of the .supreme court are to be to-some degree independent ofi £"l.:i! n . metlilit e Pressure, today's short session r>«~ ,-. . ~~^«I,KC .111 HAIUJ h bliuit, S{ oonsllUll| on doesn't say and prices moved irregularly an •• t" «» 'uiity 1U1AI IO1 persons In .this district of county who 'arc living I n t|i c | r own water bound homes or In the homes of friends or relatives The local office has had no Information as to when the geneml returns ,of refugees from the large concentration cartips 'to theh Homes ..will. 1 begiri.- .., iWhile, numbers ••* of refugees ivhosCj,!!pmcs,ire..-.'HoL actihlly u,< tne flooded; areas" .'.but'weie in sec Upns bordering .tlje : flooded zones oi->,cUt-ofr,froin.' v contact with the outside,, world by.Iflood Caters ire being; cared.for by tile Red Cross now. ' the rehabilitation piogram will provide'.only .for those whose homes and .' « cu . lc tu ally damaged. The Red Cross, 'in its emergency work, has provided for many families without, .an accurate check of their condition because of the imperative necessity of relief but the rehabilitation program v.'ill be carried "but: on a mucl Holcomb Roaclliousc,Prop- rietor' jailed on Murder Charge IIOLCOMB, Mo.—Carl Friel 27 Piopiletor of a loidhousc soutli of hero was lodged In Jail at Ken licit jesleulaj to awiil uin] f 01 the murder of his wife, Pearl 28 whose bullct-iiddicd bodj '\vas round in the 1 rid home jesleidai moinlng Hiellmlnan liLailnu hns been ictroi rebiunn 17 at KciinUt The niels who were man led wo jeais ago nt Warden moved hcie and bought n tavern and o-mcc hall some time ago aflci a Place which they opcmted at Waidell had been closed bj court ordei in Pcmlscot Counts Prose, clitoi R W Ilawkln, cnmpMgn against dlsoulerlj loadhouses an Jatice halls - •> ,-j " Tcsllinonj ut an InmiesL ic- tenled that Frlcl left his wife fbl- lotting a qinnel a week ago but returned Thmsdny nl t ht nnd beat hei He ngain appealed nidiy morning but sh" forced him to at the point of a raolve Will Put Administration' Agricultural Pro g ra m Before Congress ' j WASHINGTON, Fi>i>. 13 (W>)_ 1'roposed leglslalldiv. for cimcliucnt of tin. ndmhilstmtlon s new long rnn'go fmui piogum Is bUny drafted by detiiirtmcnl of -'agrlcul- i tnrc ntloineys It was lemned to I day. Dills imbodjing the cvn noi mid tiannij, ciop Insinnncp nnd farm tenant aid will | )0 sent (o congiiv, won In the foim which Secnlnrj of AbiluiihuG Henry A I Wiilluct billtus thcj should he' enacted I Dy dhcctlon of Mr Rooseult Wallau Bliendy has completed hearings on the pioposfd leglslu- lion and has picpaud lecom mcndnlloiK which Mi lioosevelt! will submit to congirss piobahh early next week | : < "mot hud '11 nancy I Clialimnn Mnuln Joius of (he house Agricultural committee Ii-omiscd swift action on the ml mlntitiution farm teimnt IcgLsln Uon lit said n bill In. intiodiiced earlier In the session would be revised on the basis of President Roosculfs Miigcstloni Wallace If. clmlinian of commit tecs appointed bj the pieslduil (o studj fnim temncj and ciop In- •suraice Mi lioosevelt asked that Ihe committees pitpare iccom nirndations foi legislation At a two daj meeting this \vcck n nnnl draft of the lepoit «as agiecd' upon and piepircd foi submission to the White House ' Wallace has lejcctcd nni Inite scale fcdiml i loan •.valcin to n[r| ^cnanls to purchnso fnims Ilc- estlmnted It would take mi pioprlnllon of $100612000 l>** When police found Ihc body o( pretty. Gcnevlcve Legiion, 17, above, Ij Ing on Ihc pavement In front ol n roadliousu near Donaldson, .La., aflei- : a drinking' pai-ty, they looked for bloo<l- stains, found none anil charged five persons with her "murder, dcspilc their stories of a -hit-run dmei 'Ihe glil's slviill vas fractured Held incommunicado v«cre the fixe charged, tlucebo>s members o( piomt- ncnl familk't, and two girls. Violence Develops in Al- fempl !o Unionise G. M. C. Factoiies ' ANDERSON, Ind, Pel) \t. (UP) —Natlonnl giiaidsincn. ordered to repel n mass' Invasion i,r men fiom Michigan to tnku sides in n. feud between union and non-union foiccs. lenoikd today they had halted n caiavuh of 70 nuto- | mobiles noi Ih of Anderson Mllttaty ollicers rc]H)itcd to Police Chief Joseph Carney that the cais nil bore Michigan llccnw plates Fach cu can led an avei- n«o of live peibons Hie tioops, inmer command of Cnpt Jtff K Mclnlosh, enforced strict nmrllil Itiv, 0(ci nil of MndLson colmty (Andciion) nnd blocked all highways leading into the city Tioopors elected innclitne (runs nt Ihc IntC'iscclln of 'W; 3Lni meiely-td lake care .of U lit inmmMncrcnse In'Tlic number of tenants If a. $4000 fain pm- . chased .for each. Heller Tcnint If some wnj wire- found to'nnll the increase of tenancj it would Inke an annual appropriation" of for 230 jenrs lo wipe n o a raolvei jears o wipe He returned latei in the morning I ollt lcnl >»c> Wallace in Id ihe and shot her sl\ times Piiel [ £olllllon lips he believe', In the claimed self defense but officer, I dlr(lctl ™ of aiding tenants in be estif ocer, estiflcd that i rc\ohci in tne lco ' ni " B suMalnlnf and In c\oci n tne nf an bosom of Mrs rrlcls dicss was improU "8 »ieli economic , - • -y« o \ti \:i not. in n position - to be qulckl) •• ,, - ~ ~ v « .«UV! wn a IIUILn OlnckK |hn K n 1 I would rather bo right tlinn I' norc . U'Pi'ough basis with cachltlic-buit down agree with, the president. I w in I fnmi| J"s - problems being carefnllj I T i,e ,„„, 1 ngnt it with. nvArv v,ih -' n r ~.,' »lcheckerl nii/1 oEvmi t.^^i,.i.i.._i _• I _ L inquest \cii l? dllc »Uonul status: 1 and "«"1 - r . — guklnncc moi Limn they do flnnncinl aW. Wa] thai acc tlc clired Mnny farm rumiH . I IPS I PHI Oil til lltn * «.„„ „ L > _ - . -- given Individ ml a M" C T "T Crt ' cullct ^ ll "H , Mnny farm rftnlili ilentloii. ..naivmiiai at Mrs I riel came to her death due ' lenlei1 ln lhc ^""nt system, | The purpose of the rehabllitn- - S ' X 8u " sllot wounds infllcteH h'v I hnve Become so used to wnvs hr lion program will be to put the -j— •—--in, 'JVIIUIUIA - 11UVU talked too much. I have nothing families in the . flooded ., within reach of their pre-disastcr condition, Miss Wllklns states The Friel. The Frlcls hnd-no children.' Mrs. . was the mother' of : 'two program.'is' to provide help for husbnnri «• •he small landowner or renter who r cannot, obtain credit rather tlmii or the'large landowner, it is said. • Will Hnsc Aid on Need ' Within the range of individual cases Red Cross representatives will have' broad general authority to aid refugee families. While it will be the job of the family and saiiiinry workers, probably provid- . r o wo children, 13 and 11 years old, who re in the custody of her former i<:hiti<-I »..!._ it... . -- . . " es nt " nyl1 - —"..V«..T »k*Kn,i;>, piuuauiy provitl- Oroanizalion Will SppJr f *?' othcr , llgcncies ' to clcan u i> w; Z omes tll!U |11>VC «c"mlly been Waler Control'Program ? ami>ge<1 ' the R ^d.cross win aid {_.. .C....1 . l "fe ldm in providing food and replacing for Southwest LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 13 (UP) —The soiilhwesfs eight-state water conservation and flood control meeting was concluded today — .eplnci livestock, such as needed coivs and work stock, that' may be required to make families stTi-sus- (h* with election of officers forma-1 lcs wllllm reach of lion of the Southwest Va'llcvs ai-' djsaster condition, wll sedation and adoption of rcsolu- on 110<;ci f 3 ' 1 '" than talning again. > . —'- -" »•<• i.i..ui»sii^ii 'Hie rehabilitation program I ' " vcr nt Barnrlil loil.ii- wns 2C7.- w-hile it will seek to place fnmil- i,'" '"" " f •* ° r a r °° ( '" ^ ics within reach of their pre- '• ' ' ovrr B r "° l lldo " '111 be based _ ->- .,.„,,.„ ,,„., ii<[Liid( ;(5 II]V iwrmanent headquarters of tlie new organization, which replaces the Arkansas Valley 'association and Mayor R. B. Overman of Llt- i i — «»w>o itiij.-vi wuiKins EJvertOn finnnnnrprl Little Rock was named as the T^.S^^^ <*rort|foday thnt Ihc ovcrnowcTS- ermaneiiL honcimmri.™ „. .,;. ° r u "= mdnidual families, Miss slppl river and Us backwaters had Wilklns emphasizes. Most-or the leaders made small ' - W<IS " amC declines after an irregular^ open-' r " SU ' ng y " r ' ing. steels were depressed bi\ fears of labor difficulties. Mrs. Beatrice Weber of the Pa-1 ertv a total a cine coast branch of the national j phis alone !„.., —_,, whQ 1)M , ~ '" ">- 1 «ti4Lll Hid; I , • ** »»-«iinHf OJ.TLt-ltl, six gunshot wounds inflicted b'v ' ve beco 'ne so used to ways of -' "- : -' M waste and ignorance-that they no longer possess the self-reliance or managing : ability to run their own farms successfully, he said. The tenancy system — not the mere (act of tenancy—is threatening economic disaster to .1,000000 tenant .families, 42 per cent of'all farm, families, Wallace said. He advocated concentration on improving tenancy, not removing It; Morrilton Man Plans Funeral Home Here Preparations arc being made for the opening of a-funeral home In the Simon building nt ill North First Street by U B. Hamia of Morrilton. The new establishment will be kiiojyn as the Hnnna Funeral Home and will be under the personal management of Mr. Hanna. who has been engaged in the undertaking business In Morrilton for 28 ycar.s. Associated In the business will be Fred Hannn, sou of the owner, who also has had considerable experience In'this work. lioth nre licensed undertakers. . '. The building has recently been redecorated and Mr. Hanna said Mayor Eslirnales Loss at $1,250,000; Plans Rebuilding Program | The slnjfc of the crest. MEMPHIS, Feb. 13. (UP)—May" ' Overtoil announced ..- - waers a "imaged private and public pron I .. , ~*~.,i.wii ui j_iu-.p w i p rri r q i,.h« i i ." I ".~..~. init-uuninjii iu.Li i^ii. tiLiiina said te Rock was named president for s sine Miss Wilto.u T ns 'I Ov «ton at the same time re- nil new equipment and furnishings ,Ll."J "'f.J. V : Iki . ns '.. W!ls !rans-|Vealed plans to resell le approxi-J will be installed. The. establish- American Waterworks Anaconda Copper **nm,i. y l "»Mire, nnucuinia ui n". "">: .1 u s \ tulion Provides thatlBeth. Steel . hey shall hold office "during good! Chrysler .behavior" and lhat their payl Cities Service shall not be cut while they arc Coca Cola '.. °" u ' e J<*. . lacn . Eneeirij Profoundly affccling this r»w- rrfiil court. President Roosevelt now proposes that whenever one of its justices, 10 years on the ' bench, reaches 10 years of a°e and docs not retire within six months, another justice may be appointed to the court, up to a total of 15 members" Six members of the present court of nine are eligible to i«. ( £°? a ?* r ' PWVIslons of the pro -. 25 7-8 55 1-4 89 7-8 132 1-4 Gen. Motors Int. Harvester ... McKesspn-Robbins Montgomery Ward N. Y. central ... Packard Phillips PeL ..... Radio !=t. L.-S. F. 09 3-1 107,7-8 G2 ' ' 44 5-8 11 1-2 56 3-8 11 5-8 ,4. Simmons Beds 5i i'-4 Standard of N. J. Studeb?j>cer 72.1-4 An . Oklahoma political fight echoed during the morning over adoption of a resolution to shift future flood control from states to the federal government • Representatives from Oklahoma ' said it would affect appropriations for Sl.OOO.OOO for four 'reservoirs now pending In their state legislature They failed in an attempt to attach an amendment. ^^^- is i:: Skelton of Houston, Tex, and Mr. Klamke of the Little Rock office have been assigned cause of backwaters up Wolf er. The rehabilitation steps will include cd .soon. I ^l\H Six Red Cross nurses are nlso the ,,, llyur cxoinmea co n unty. ty '" " liS dlSlriCt °' the i,-- V . c .. want J°. a ™>1 ™^»Z I Hold Rites students, using typewriters fur nished by the school nnd indl- ( f-- — • -«.—.«- V4... mt pi u" i-Jiuucwcj^ci |a law. If Ihe law as pro-i Texas Co. c 4 o i IS OaSSCd. all SlV mlolil cnltT S RmolH.i^ ' " .- ^ Is passed, all six might so!u. S. Smelting In that case, the president. U. S. Steel . appoint six new members Warner Bros. 89 ,_. «-«----••• ui.i. new muuLutJi ,~> i IT nn in uiu^, ,,, k - i j« (Continued on page three) Zonlte ,......'.'.'.',' 8 1.4 vice-president; Nathan ' 'Adams Dallas. Tex,, second vice-president- John H. Wolpcis, Poplar Bluff Mo., third vice-president- H H' •nicker, Little Rock, treasurer. ' One vice-president and three directors were named to represent each slate. L. J. Ariiett, Paris Ark., was named vice-president for ', * ,r ' Uf - ' A " M "««ws f . Pine mass of routine clerical work that ;hns accumulated at the office. Sues" for Divorce 'Gene E. Bradley of .this city has filed suit In chancery court here against Mrs. Elofsc Bradley askiin for a divorce on the ground's of ' ' ' '"""'' . houses. We do not want pco- school|l)lc to go back into old unsanitary living conditions." Meanwhile the Mississippi river continued falling here. The rlngc here was 48.1 at 7 a.m., a fnll of -3. The river was stationary nt Helena, at G0.2, Indicating the crest had reached that city. rectors tor Inrti£iillics. ' '••».• l : -'ii^ di-1 Claude F. Cooper Is attorney for ., . i !the- plaintiff. ;•. ':-i.'.; Wdl r Known" LociilResj-, dent IFouncl Dc|d Hanpibal,i Mo.' • '' O B Bocjiie i 04 one-lime candidate for mayor of nijrllunlllo. died suddenly earlv tills moinlng nt Hannibal, MO., where he hud been for -scverid manths i According lo reports received here Mr. Dnonc, who was employed as n ; rnllrond crossln? wnlohman wns found dead hcai his post. Mr. Boone,had made; his horn? In Blytheville for a mmibsr of years. . llc.i hntl. been temporarily employed in the.Missouri city. Hf liad nn'active Interest -in politics and besides his -campaign .foi mayor wns also at one-, lime ;n candidate for the Democratic nomination for magistrate of Chicka- snwba township. ' He Is survived by his widow "arid 10 children.- Including 1 two sons. S. B. and Daniel, 'who live here; Others arc C. G. Boone of Chnr- lotlc, N. C., C. M. Boone of El Dorado, Kan.<, O. IJ, Boone jr. Walter and Billic Boone of Murray, Ky.. Mrs. A. A. Konvent of *Q C r . 7 T~ T Hnnnlbal, with whom he had ^D fine Assessed In , made his home recently. David Boone and Howard Boone, also of. Murray. • ' Funeral services will be held nl the ' Main , 2 o'clock with the Cobb Funeral 0 and 28 nt 'Alcjvaiulrfa, about 13 mile!, nbitli ' of Anderson, nnd stood (jlmid with nxod bayonc's Violence hioke out eaily today In n long standing quaiicl rc- sulllni! from ntlcmpts of United Automobile Workcis to organic two ClCncial Motors slibsldluiv plant* Shotguns ronral and ut, least five were Injured, two seil- olhly, in the outbreak. It was expected ,tlmi .stale pn- Mce haired bj' hUilo law from mixing In labor llisputrs,' would he wlUjdrnwn .as .soon as 1 tho full foice of Uoopcis anl/ed. 1 - S(t,Uc qltlclals explained that IMlicc wein called in earllei to piescrve life and proptily" ' The cltj was tense butyrtitlct ai the nmitlal Inv/ordci w6nl Inlo eircLt g ^ > The Guide I^pip plant, .Oiineral Molbrs sulisldtaij , aiid tappartnt, center of thS Dispute, did-."not open nt 7 nail, 0.1151 Corkers made no rl aUcinpt to (,ntei\ % -- . Pneumonia Claims Young Mother, Flood'Refugee Mrs I una , Gertrude Brock, 23, \Ufc of B II Brock, died at the BljthcUlle hospital nt 5 o'clock this moining, a victim of pnm- •monia, , f .^ Mrs Brock, wlffi ,hei husband, and two sons Hciman Gene, 3, 1 and nnn Hny, 0 moiltliu Ijnd hjcn.'-^ fc-ccd from tlie ra°i)ll# home southeast of Dell by flood waters They were being cared (of at n Rcd Cross refugee camp when Mrs Brock became- seriously ill. She hnd been in the hospital since Sunday V* Mrs Block is .survived bv her parents, Mr. and Mrs HI yj. Slough, of Mnplevl'le, Aln, and four sktcrs Mis Uertha Walllnoi) of Jlnimcrson, Ala, Mrs. Pliima Ktng of stanton Aln, Misses Jcthie Maud nnd Oln \ Stongh of Mnplevlllc. *, Funeral nrrnngemcnts, In cimrgc--- of lhc Cohb nmcial Home, me' incomplete. Gas Tax Evasion Case The Goodwin company was fln- 'd $25 m municipal court this family home • here, 70S Wesl ° ci S , 25 '" mi'nlcipal court this in L street. Monday afternoon at n ' ornl >^ <>" i c.iargo of gas tiv ; I'clock with" Ihn PnMi Fiihr'nil c;!u ™ n ^ Home In chnrgc of arrangement^. rf ,!"" ki , dr !> c , r for tllc company _° | admitted Uiat he had brought 10 New York Cotton YOHK. Fob: 13 (UP)— . Cotton ..closed steady. Mar Ma;' 1 Oct. Dec Jan <' open' • I] Igh'. low • > tl ose-' .. <265 12CS 12C1 1261 ... 1252 1252 124G, 1240 .. : 1238 1239 ,1233-. 1233 .-::; 1196 1196 1192 1192 ..-,-1190 1190 1181.ill87 A truck driver for the company mitted that he had br gallons of gasoline into . in his . truck tanks, in excess or the 20-galloti limit allowed by law, but claimed he was unnwnrc ofi such a'limit. The court held that undei the statute upon which the iKarge was based ignorance of the law or lack of intent provided ho defense. S. 1 : H.: -Gilmore wns 'bound over to await action of Ihe grand jury on n charge of-false pretense. Ills for Mrs. J. W. Howe II i guilty to a charge of public ' f\ , „ .. .drunkenness and was fined $10 Orleans COttOn] Will Toltmd nnd, John Toland —^_ were docketed on charges of pub- NEW ORLEANS Feb 13 (UP) He drimkenne&s and Argo Toland 1ricCK sH s' 1tl >' STEELE, Mo.-Funcml services were held Friday afternoon at tlie Denton Baptist church ;for Mrs Emily Howe, wife of J. W. miy Howe wifp nf T H • »= I —_..»., |j t ii,L.i nuotn dii^niiv • ~ i lower. Cables were fair bill there I P^'ce. '|ccnlliiucd to be a litllc hedRiti? 1 ' A ell£ against loan cotton and traders yet'awaited word from Washhig'- tqu On tlie loan policy. Tlie goV- on %.,charge of disturbing - the of operating T truck » » , _^ l'st church', officiated and IntCf- ChlCaaO Wlieaf l mcnt W!> « made at Maple ccme-: open high low close May 1353-4 1381-2 135 3-4 138 July 1171-4 1191-8 lfM-4 118 7-8 tery at' Caruthcrsvllle. Mrs. Hov/c, who was about -'65 years of age, fell several months ago' and'broke her hip and had . "is .... f'ltin'rinn /**»„ ' , en HI ever since,' IsnlCdffO LOIII :..,: | Besides'her husband slid'-'i'li May 1091-8 1101-2 108 7-8 109 5-8|SUrvived by one:daughter and tvfcl July 1031-2105 103 3-8 104 5-8 sons, .:-..>..i .,: ... Y.J.'JV . -- — .^ as saying it was 684,000 bales against 693.000 in December nnd 590.000 In January last year. open high low close Mar. 1252 125j-1252 May 1245 1246 'l245 ; 1245 J«l '•: 1233 1234_i230 1230l> Oct'^. 1192 1192 1190 1188b P«!-"i..:.. 1195 1187 1195 ug-fo 1195b ... " .. '. i!9lb .. ... closed quiet at 1300; off 5. without license vr.s u ^^ clt ,, agafnst^M. B. Carter and a charge of--operating an automobile while under the Influence of lltiijor was lodged against'A. V.'Narlmorc. WEATHER Arkansas —Cloudy . and somewhat coldei. ralnMn estreme cast poll ion tonight Sunday partly cloudy, colder In south and east portions , ' Mchiphls Olid. ,vlcitill}—Cloudy and somewhat colder tonight with rain Sunday v cloudy"' fo pirtly clouni and''collier.

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